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  1. Cheers, @Tubby Another grand season, all.
  2. Likewise! I've had quite an inconsistent season, so happy to be in the final again. Always a pleasure doing a league with you guys. Happy to play 2 conferences next year too... but whatever we do is cool really.
  3. To confirm, I'm back in again this year! Can draft whenever
  4. Are we doing a Fantasy League this season?
  5. Another great season, guys. Content with 5th since it's been an uphill battle all season, haha. Congrats on the double, @maqroll I'm defo in for next season and second moving the playoffs forward a week.
  6. @kkr I'm still in the league! I've just changed my team name to Old Kodjias as it's a bit more relevant than the Xia related ones I've had the past two years, haha.
  7. Yeah, I'd like back in again too. Can draft whenever. Cheers, guys.
  8. Always good fun, this league. Until next time!
  9. Yeah, I agree 100% with this. Week 17 is always a bit sketchy.
  10. It's been a fun season, yet again. Good to see everyone remaining active all season. Now I have a repeat of the 2013 final to prepare for... only with 3rd place up for grabs...
  11. I wouldn't put it past him... I got lucky this week though.
  12. Damn these pesky bye-weeks. Turbulent.
  13. I have a blue Tony Romo jersey (replica) a blue Dez Bryant (authentic) an orange 'Colt McCoy' Texas Longhorns (replica) and I got a claret Montréal Alouettes CFL one when I was there last month, haha. I always like the Pro-Bowl jerseys though. I think they're going back to the original NFC/AFC format this year, so hopefully we'll get some nice ones again. I also like the Kansas Jayhawks merch, but only because of their mascot.
  14. haha, are we ever going to stop bemoaning the points system?
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