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  1. I'll direct message it to you. Trying to (for now, at least) prevent it becoming an open house like last year.
  2. Alright, all. I've set up the league for this season. I've been back through last season's posts too and have tried to fit all the suggestions in as best as possible and within reason. There are currently 14 places available, which was suggested at the end of last year. Email invites have been sent out to last year's players who didn't have their emails set to 'hidden', so look out for these. If everybody else from last season (listed below, not including the person who messed up the league) could private message me their email addresses, I'll shoot you invites ASAP.
  3. If we're in for a few short term (1 or 2 years max) veteran signings this summer, it simply means they are placeholders for the youth players who are a year or two off being ready for the rigours of the Prem. It's a good investment.
  4. This. It's not entirely about what he's physically capable of on the pitch. The big value here is the advice he can pass on to, not only our young wingers, but also our young full backs. For a year, it's solid strategy. Experience counts for a lot, especially when we had one of the youngest squads in the Prem last season.
  5. When Young left him for dead in the final seconds of the game and bopped it into the back of the net for the win. Always worth a re-watch. Everton 2-3 Aston Villa | Young's last minute winner! | 7th December 2008 | Premier League Vault - YouTube
  6. It depends if what is said is indicative (to indicate) or subjunctive (relating to something wished or imagined - this is always were). An easier way to think about it (because it's almost always correct) is this: If a sentence has 'you', 'we', or 'they', you should use were. If it is 'I', 'he', 'she', or 'it', you will then need to think about it in relation to indicative or subjunctive. For example: If you were to score a goal, you would be the top goal scorer. or If I was wrong about directions to the stadium, I apologise. I wish I were at the stadium. (a wish
  7. Imagine: Young and Super Jack diving all over the place. JWP (in theory) with the free kicks...
  8. Glorified exhibition game. Both youth teams on show as the 1st teamers celebrate European qualification.
  9. Being in Wales and with the Euros game on tonight, I'll be on whatever the pub is willing to pour into one of those 2-pint glasses. Had several 2-pint stouts on Saturday... rough aftermath, but totally worth it.
  10. They can learn from him too, but hopefully not any of the webcam stuff... In all seriousness though, the full backs AND wingers could benefit from his experience. Shrewd short term acquisition, even though there's still some ill-feeling there for some.
  11. Barcelona are willing to mess up their club by holding on Messi until he retires so they can eventually cash in on making some sort of Messi museum at Camp Nou. They're intent on it. It's bonkers and they'll go the way of AC Milan if they're not careful. They never really rediscovered their club identity after holding onto the likes of Maldini (and others) until he was 72.
  12. Some of you are acting like the SEC The real world applications for alt-coins are vast. You need only look at what Cardano is doing in Africa right now as an example. Also, a lot of financial institutions are teaming up with the coins which have actual uses (XRP, Cardano, Vechain, Zilliqa, etc) because, amongst other things, they provide the safest way to conduct large monetary trades. The elephant in the room is Bitcoin. Sure, you can buy things with Bitcoin, but this is just about its only real world use and, as such, has no long term value. Shops are starting to drop out fro
  13. The first one I played was Pong on my cousin's Pong Machine. The first one I played which I owned was Defender II on the 2600:
  14. Do you mean 2 bonus points at 100 yards rushing, passing & receiving? All three, yeah? Easily added. Kickers can be reduced. I think the 4 passing/6 rushing TD points system was in-place before RGIII joined the league and started this era of hybrid QBs. I suppose 6 for rushing TDs was once rare for QBs, so yeah, it could do with updating. Decimals is an easy switch. I'm noting down all the suggestions as we go, so I'll be able to implement the consensus before we draft.
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