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  1. Game: Katamari Damacy Sports game: Victorious Boxers (insanely underrated)
  2. Some games were just designed to be played on CRT. This tweet shows a great example of how crap old games can look on modern TVs: CRT Pixels on Twitter: "Mega Man X (1993, Capcom) - SNES Raw Pixels vs. PVM-20L2MD S-Video Mega Man X is quickly becoming another one of my favorite CRT examples. https://t.co/igUHPverLf" / Twitter
  3. It'll be interesting to see if Carolina actually provide Darnold with any semblance of a team because he certainly didn't have one with the Jets. He could be good, given the right protection/weapons/system.
  4. The only one of the 150-odd characters which mattered was Robofish
  5. I still recall the games/bundles I initially got with mine: Spectrum ZX: CJ's Elephant Antics Atari 2600: Defender II & Pitfall Master System II: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (built in), Action Fighter, Sonic 1, World Soccer, Super Monaco GP Mega Drive: Mega Games I (Columns, Super Hang On, World Cup Italia 90), Mega Games II (Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi - possibly the greatest single cartridge of all time), Batman, Steel Empire PS1: Tekken 2, Porsche Challenge (underrated!), Adidas Power Soccer International 97, Crash Bandicoot PS2: T
  6. I wouldn't have it any other way. There was a particular magic about having the old consoles at the time. Everything was fascinating. Consoles have no 'heart' these days. It's just 'load times' this and 'frame rates' that.
  7. Yeah, I had to wait about 15 to 20 minutes for every game I owned.
  8. Those Spectrum cassettes were hilariously bad. I remember having my ZX hooked up to my dad's paint-splattered work hi-fi so I could wait 20+ minutes for a game to load... Bad (yet nostalgic) times
  9. My pre-ps2 journey went: Atari 2600, Spectrum ZX, Master System (which I still have), Mega Drive, PS1 (simultaneously, my sister had an N64)
  10. We had those BBC Micro computers in our Primary School. We all just used to use its primitive version of MS Paint and a game called Podd:
  11. I'd be quite interested to hear what everybody's pre-ps2 console journey was, actually...
  12. When I was growing up, the jump was pretty outrageous but, although I didn't own either, I'd seen/played SEGA CD, Atari Jaguar, and even the SEGA Saturn before the PS1 really took off in the UK. I feel these consoles kinda bridged the gap at the time. Totally agreed on what I consider 'retro' though.
  13. GTA5 on PS3 was a real technical feat since the graphics (enough of them to make a genuine difference) were uploaded in real time from the online server. If you played the game offline, it didn't look as good. Some of the night-time views of the city on this game, from a hill or other vantage point, were superb. Quite a fitting way to play out the console really. Burnout: Paradise was one of the best PS3 games, particularly if you had a PS camera.
  14. I'm trying to figure out why they made the player next to Shearer look like an actual lion... Also, I think it might be Paul Ince, rather than Daley.
  15. I thought this of the game Three Lions at the time... Three Lions:
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