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  1. Some of the comments on this thread are ridiculous. We’ve kept Jack and Luiz. We’ve significantly upgraded four first team positions with probably two more to come. Again, we’ve spent more than anyone near our size as a club in the world despite the pandemic and loss of revenue etc. Let’s see where we are in two weeks with probably another left forward and all action midfielder onboard.
  2. Samatta will not score regular goals at this level- for anyone. Google “smarter scout” and their analysis on Samatta when we signed him and it will tell you everything you need to know. I wish I could say that he did his job by keeping us up but he didn’t even do that.
  3. Surely we can’t be fortunate enough to generate some cash and sabotage two of our local rivals by giving them Hogan and Samatta? Samatta is a lovely guy but is no where near the quality needed.
  4. He’s a grafter and has earned the right to be considered in the squad. Many have crumbled for us under far less pressure and he’s the one that stood up - with Luiz - when we needed him the most. AEG out of the door well before Trez.
  5. An average championship striker at best who poses no real threat at this level. I’d say he played his part but he didn’t really. Let’s just try and get back as much of our money back as possible to help fund the incomings who we hope can make a difference.
  6. So does anyone have an inkling re who the number 8 will be? Surprisingly we’ve had zero links considering the importance of the position.
  7. Asked 5 Arsenal season ticket holders and they are gutted. They think he should start for them but they’re desperate for the cash to reinvest elsewhere.
  8. Of course the defence can be improved In multiple positions but are you really going to prioritise signing a cb over a striker, winger, GK etc? Those positions have much more of a pressing need for this window.
  9. You’re statistically incorrect. In the majority of games we played after lockdown we outperformed our opponents in terms of expected goals conceded and expected goals scored. The difference was that we didn’t have anything approaching a goal scorer and grealish wasn’t up to speed until the final few games.
  10. The signing of Samatta showed real desperation, the huge issues in our analytics department and was basically a roll of the dice. We managed to stay up despite this signing and appear to have fundamentally reviewed our approach to identifying players. His historical stats (see smarterscout) show that he was never good enough and will never be good enough for this league - no amount of application on his part or goodwill on ours will fix that unfortunately. He’s basically an average championship level striker. Lets get most of our money back on him if we can and throw it into the Budg
  11. The real question is what is the true ambition of our owners? If it is truly to compete at the highest levels then we would have an opportunity to attract a Pochettino, Benitez, Allegri etc. If any of those managers are Potentially interested We would be absolute idiots to not replace Smith and that’s regardless of whether we were comfortably in mid table. If the owners ambition is more realistic then we have three options. The middle road of sticking with dean and not backing him in January would seem to guarantee relegation as there is not much evidence to suggest that he or we are adap
  12. Unfortunately football just reflects wider society and it’s clear that racism is now back stronger than at any point since the 80’s. Politicians have a lot of blame to take for the lies about the reasons for the erosion of living standards for all working class folk.
  13. It’s been a good pre season but fearing the worst versus spurs. They were a Champions League finalist and have strengthened again. It’s a real baptism of fire. I just hope that it’s competitive and we come out of the game with something to build on. I’d be ecstatic with a point.
  14. Because they have two or three very good players and the rest are ok or bedding in for next year....when they sell their best two or three players again.
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