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  1. Derby’s game in hand isn’t until the penultimate week of the season. We could be out of sight by then.
  2. A fraud of a footballer who always looks and plays) like he’s just smoked a lot of weed. Looks like he gave up trying a long time ago.
  3. The comment was about being hard to beat not whether we drew games. The facts show that we are incredibly difficult to beat. sort out the defence - as you have correctly stated - and we’ll be hard to stop.
  4. First team left back First team defensive midfielder Cover for Jack If we achieve this and keep Tammy it will have been our best window in a long, Long time.
  5. DakotaVilla

    The NSWE Board

    The choice was ultimately Tammy’s to envoke the loan recall - if he wanted to go to Wolves. Most players would have gone to play in the premiership. Clearly, a number of people at the club have been in Tammy’s ear about why he is better served by staying with us. Smith, Terry, other coaches, players etc and maybe even the owners. Everyone involved deserves immense credit for convincing him to stay. Even if they didn’t directly intervene, the owners deserve a lot of credit for creating an environment that facilitated that.
  6. Linked with Allardyce and Moyes - yes please! Either will gut them within two years.
  7. DakotaVilla

    The NSWE Board

    More to the point it’s not as if ten/twenty million is going to make a meaningful difference to the wealth that both owners already have. its not like Xia who, comparatively speaking, didn’t have a pot to piss in.
  8. He might need some help picking a front gate for his new pad in Sheffield.
  9. None of them were gainfully employed - because of how poor they were - within a sufficiently short time period or with a decent enough budget to do so. I doubt Bruce will resist the temptation to go with his old formula and I’m sure that he’ll be knocking on an open door. Even if he just takes one or two off us it will help free up some space/Budget.
  10. Apparently it’s because he wants to watch Cricket in Barbados. You could not make it up!
  11. Time for Steve to get busy and buy back some of the rubbish he bought here.
  12. Great to see Bruce get the Wednesday job. Surely he’ll be active in lining up deals for some of his former players. Hopefully it will accelerate the exit door for the likes of Elmo, BB, jedinak and Lansbury. May also mean bids for the likes of Hutton , Albert and Kodj. Should free up some funds and space for Smith to make some bigger moves in the window.
  13. 18m is nothing for him. We just match Wolves offer pending promotion and then back date his contract to ensure FFP compliance. if we don’t get promoted Chelsea probably have an even more valuable asset and Tammy could probably have his pick of more teams in the premiership come the summer.
  14. You can’t coach Hutton to be a left back because he’s not a left back. so basically you’re saying he should play anti Football ala Bruce until he has the players to play his preferred style? Google Gary Neville’s comments about Arsenal’s new manager after they lost at Chelsea earlier this season. Basically, he said that the minute a manager starts adapting his philosophy to the players he is finished. Going to take a while to fix the significant short term focussed damage that Bruce and Xia did to the club. It’s as simple as that.
  15. Defenders - at least we had covering defenders last year. A blind person could see that we have had a serious downgrade in this department so far. midfielder - at least we had some cover for Jack last season. Bolaise and El Ghazi - were totally unfit/unproven before they started hence the inconsistency. The rest of the midfield - Bruce essentially used them as a second line of defence hoping for some miraculous attacking play from Jack or Snodgrass. The fact that none of them (Jedinak, Whelan, Hourihane, Bjarneson) can pass a ball and don’t have the athleticism to get past a man or move into space is hardly smiths fault. At best the only one that will still be here in 12 months is Hourihane. Attack - agreed, that this is a serious upgrade on last year.
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