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  1. A newly promoted team or a Newcastle could much worse than put 10-15m on ghazi
  2. Jack getting a new 250k per week contract is far more likely than him leaving this summer.
  3. Can we ask him what pressure the club is applying on the authorities - before the season starts - to ensure the successful use of VAR this year? The very successful deployment in the euros means that fans will not accept the incompetent deployment that we have had in the premier league to date.
  4. You’re right he won’t be happy….he’ll be like a dog with two dicks
  5. Excellent signing. He will have limited game time (none of it as a winger I suspect) but all of his contribution will come off the pitch. Hopefully he wants and is adept at a coaching role and can maybe take Terry’s spot when he ultimately leaves.
  6. Looking back I don’t blame any of our stars during the post MON era for leaving. Lerner had clearly given up, they were top players and had every right to push on and do the best for their careers and their families rather than circle the plughole of relegation with us and waste away the best years of their career because of our lack of ambition. I love young. He gave us so many happy memories and I’d happily see him return. He’d be a huge asset for the younger players development and I think he has a good affinity with us - after all we made him.
  7. I know we have money but we don’t have man city money. It’s ludicrous to expect every signing either to be 20m+ or a very highly rated young player.
  8. No brainer to bring in a model professional, a serial winner who has a soft spot for us to provide cover in lots of positions and to help guide the rest of this very young squad with their ongoing development. Could be as simple as a one year deal or a potential future coaching role depending on what he wants to do.
  9. I remember reading a number of articles when we signed him stating how much of a good fit he was for the premier league based on his style etc. Must also have been extremely difficult to move to a new country and basically be in lockdown for everything but your job. I find it amazing that we have actually been able to get him in 6 months early to start that settling in and adaption process. If he’s fit I think he’ll be an important player for us next season.
  10. On the first game I’d keep sterling but move him to the right instead of foden. You then have a choice of rashford or grealish (clearly should be jack) for the left forward position and foden or mount for the advanced midfield position.
  11. Hopefully McGinn does Jack (and England) a favour and puts a reducer in on Foden or Mount so that Southgate’s hand is forced. I suspect that’s the only way we will see Jack get any major game time and England find any genuine creativity.
  12. Foden was very average apart from hitting the post and got a silly yellow to boot. Putting Jack’s credentials to one side I’d definitely drop him and give Jack or rashford a chance v Scotland.
  13. I think Kane’s performance yesterday was more an indication of how poorly foden, sterling and mount linked up with him and failed to play to his strengths. He got desperate to get on the ball and started dropping deeper and deeper. I’m clearly biased but I think it would have been a very different story for Kane had jack played - both have spoken at length pre tournament re how they see the game the same way and play well together etc. Drop Foden, get jack in on the left and move sterling to the right and I think you’d see a much happier Kane. Hopefully he gets in Southgate’s ea
  14. Been excellent first half.
  15. He’s a PE teacher. That’s his level and somehow he’s England manager
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