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  1. Or how about 60m on the transfer fee of an exceptional young player? You could realistically get Zaha for transfer fee and wages for the same outlay a - half fit with nothing to prove - bale. Which one would you go for?
  2. Bale is on 600k+ a week. Best case scenario you’d get him for us 300k a week on a 4 year contract. That is a 60m+ contract. Add on an additional 30m for extra wages when all existing players form a line asking for a rise. For that reason I wouldn’t take him on a free. Far better off putting that money in a younger player who would want less wages and see them appreciate in value.
  3. Aguero hadn’t played in the Premier league before Man City signed him so I don’t understand your point. My comment was slightly tongue-in-cheek as it was really anti Sturridge as opposed to pro Maupay. Sturridge is a man made of glass, with nothing to prove and will be significantly overpaid. He is the exact opposite of our clearly stated transfer policy and that’s without even trying to imagine (chortle) him working his backside off trying to press defenders. According to whoscored.com, since 2014/2015 he has scored the grand total of 24 goals for Liverpool and West Brom. I’d therefore contest that he doesn’t even particularly know where the goal is. Realistically, Maupay would be £20m and I’d have him in a heartbeat as he’s bound to work hard and score goals given the opportunity. It’s open to question how many he will score but it’s guaranteed to be a damn lot more than Daniel “where’s my dog?” Sturridge.
  4. Id sign Maupay for 30m if it meant stopping this incessant sturridge tripe. If I was a betting man I’d reckon Sturridge will end up at Newcastle playing for Bruce. That’s tells you everything you need to know about his potential fit for us under Smith.
  5. If anyone offered me 17th I’d take it right now. Top end of expectations would be comfortable mid table with no relegation fears and a decent cup run. Next summer will be the one to really kick on and target the upper half of the league.
  6. The point is that you build a squad of your own players and youth to be able to deal with any such gaps. This seems to be what the club is doing by genuinely trying to have at least two players for each position. Being forced to loan a player with no option to buy is tantamount to admitting complete failure in the clubs ability to spot gaps and build a squad effectively.
  7. There would never be any realistic “right” circumstances where a loan without an option to buy would be the right decision.
  8. Unfortunately Kodj’s work rate just isn’t what it needs to be to succeed in the Prem. Hopefully Bruce makes a stupid offer and we can sell him to the Geordies.
  9. Bruce’s dream job Is any one that will give him another pay off in 12 months time. Him and Ashley deserve each other. The inevitable car crash and resulting relegation almost makes me feel sorry for the Geordies. Almost.
  10. Phillips is a good player but 30m is a ridiculous valuation. Instead of him we’ve basically got Douglas, Konsa and Jota. Not exactly a difficult decision.
  11. Confirmed by Kristoff Terreur on Twitter. He’s basically the main authority on Belgian players.
  12. I have a better chance of getting game time this season than BB. Time for him to leave on a free to a second rate Italian outfit.
  13. Smells very much like Leeds leak interest from other clubs to drive the fee up.
  14. Cracking signing and a bargain at 12m. Might have work to do on heading but his ball carrying stats were better than Axel’s last year.

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