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  1. I literally said I didn’t have an opinion on him and of course good players can play for relegated teams. I was just making the point that someone who had been CDM for two pretty “soft” teams that both got relegated isn’t ideal.
  2. I’ve only seen bits of Anguissa so cant form a proper opinion but back to back PL relegations doesn’t fill me with confidence.
  3. A comment on Koopmeiners - not an opinion as I've never seen him play. He looks a bit like a Matic type to me which is no bad thing but as others have said how would he cope with the step up to PL standard. He looks to have very good ability on the ball so less of a worry there. The main thing is he athletic enough to have the same (or similar) defensive impact in PL? As we've seen with Conor you can have decent ability on the ball but then you get to the Prem and can't get within 5 yards of making a tackle in 6 months. That speed over 5 yards is so crucial these days. I have no id
  4. In terms of the summer project there are two asks. Improving the first team and then improving the squad. In order to improve the first team there are three players who I'd have my eyes on replacing. - Traore - He's got the ability no doubt and it'll be interesting to see how he develops in his second full season. My gut tells me he'll never be consistent enough and will be a mercurial squad player. - Barkley (the no.10 slot) - Nothing needs to be said. It hasn't worked out. It's a crucial position and we can do much much better here. - One of McGinn or Luiz (not sur
  5. Just to a look at the YouTube vids and his highlights include about 9 fairly dubious penalty decisions. For that reason he looks more like a Utd player to me.
  6. Yes just seen that and you are right. I get the Bayern, Dortmund thing and that certainly warms the heart taken in amongst this sea of greed. However PSG I really dont understand surely that is just a matter of timing. They seem more ready made for this than anyone else.
  7. But all of the players you mentioned are now part of the European "only ever play against each other" league. ie they no longer play competitive football, they are exhibitionists only.
  8. Genuine question. As of now is Jack the best player in competitive football?
  9. He's not injured I don't think but clearly not fit either. It's the classic, needs a run of games to get his match sharpness but isn't playing well enough to start in the side. Someone will take a punt on him in the summer and he'll get another chance to prove himself again next year. Hopefully it's not us.
  10. Fair play, not sure I’ve ever seen anyone try harder to earn a Premier League career, a lot of players in this league could learn a lot from him. He could learn a lot from them mind about how to play football but there you go.
  11. Agreed this will either be Jack is back we win 3-0 and plain sailing into the end of the season. Or he isnt back the trudgery continues we start bright for 13 mins, El Ghazi does a 7 min Ronaldo impression. We then generally look mediocre for the rest of the half. Second half the wheels fall off and it looks like 7 of the 11 have only taken up the sport in the last 6 days. Somehow Tottenham win 2-0 despite not having a single shot on target in the whole game. Mourinho is like that cat who got the cream at 90mins, proudly declaring Spurs are BACK in the post match presser.
  12. I get the pressing is important in the modern day game but we didn’t but Barkley because of his pressing ability. If he generally did his job tactically but didn’t “get involved” that much I wouldn’t be bothered IF he was doing what he’s in the team to do which is to contribute going forward, creating chances, getting assists and goals. That’s where he’s disappointing me right now.
  13. Exactly this and it’s always been his biggest weakness. In a tight game, with a defender who knows his trade he is simply unable to recycle the ball. When it’s played into him with a defender at his back it just bounces off him. Contrast that to Traore who is using his body to lean into the man, stops the ball dead and then has time to choose what he wants to do. If I was AEG I’d be practising nothing but that all day everyday until I could do it to a PL standard. If Villa are generally in top and can find EL Ghazi in space he has the ability to hurt teams. But it ends up being a massive
  14. When he scores the winner in the Euros he may be in with a shout. This will happen. It is known.
  15. I also think he'll stick with Barkley but it'll be interesting because in the home game although the scored a series of worldies they also dominated the first half by tucking in the two wide players and out numbering us 4 to 2 in the centre of the park. I wonder if Deano will combat that by sticking Sanson straight in?
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