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  1. From what Deano said in his presser Kodjia twisted his ankle almost as soon as coming on but played through it. Actually agreed on Davis being the better option for that game though. Still hindsight and all that.
  2. Have spoken to someone who watched Bournemouth on Saturday he said they were unexpectedly poor. Not sure if that is because they got caught out by some Wilder brilliance (a manager I rate very very highly) or if it is just a slow start. Either way they will be absolutely looking for a reaction on Saturday just like us.
  3. Yeah fit enough to play an hour or so at max effort is what I mean. No point starting him if he's dead on his feet by half time.
  4. If Luiz is fit to start I’d go with him as well as Gilbert and Targett. When it comes to dominating the ball and creating pressure you are only as good as your weakest link. Elmo, Taylor and Hourihane all did OK on Sat but if we want to dominate the ball against teams who press we’ll we need to be razor sharp and to do that we need players who are capable of doing that.
  5. Probably the first @tonyh29 post I’ve ever agreed with word for word. Only took 10k posts!
  6. Obviously Norwich getting a painful lesson put Pukki should have had two. Very impressed by Cantwell everything good from Norwich coming through him. Looks like a young Lallana
  7. Seeing as it’s the day for going mental I’ll say it before anyone gets the chance. icardi on a one year loan which basically costs what Xia sold the club for.
  8. He’s on holiday apparently. Villareport had a tip off
  9. Yeah it is odd. The Turkish media have had a mixed record with us too. Obviously they picked up on Trezeguet deal first but they were also adamant we were buying that Galatasary CB and went on about it for days.
  10. The trouble with the Belotti talk even though it seems incredibly unlikely to happen it makes anyone else look a bit disappointing.
  11. What would that take our spend to? Well over £200m I’d imagine
  12. It’s a speculation thread and your speculation is welcome! If it’s true Belotti would be a truely jaw dropping signing.

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