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  1. villaglint

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Yeah it’s Bruce out too for me. First time I’ve said it. Hate changing managers to be honest, endless transition seasons. But he’s completely clueless when it comes to getting the best out of what is a huge amount of talent at his disposal. The Jedinak thing and not making sure we got a CB to replace Terry was truely criminal undid the good work on every other signing. We always look likely to concede and you’ll never win games if that’s the case. I said to my old man 10mins before they scored that the 2nd was coming. Everyone in the stadium could see it so why didn’t he make a change. Jedinak was an absolute horror show today. The worst part is I don’t see them getting rid of him. Think it will have to get a lot worse to the point where the season will be gone again. Currently he hasn’t got a scooby what his best team or formation is. Changes it every 10mins hoping for something to work.
  2. villaglint

    James Collins

    Well unless we are signing Collins to play RB. (Which admittedly could be the case) then it’s not that strange. Not sure how to feel about this one. Never liked the guy but my bar for who could improve us at CB is set incredibly low. Will need to see the current state of him before getting too excited.
  3. villaglint

    Technical Team/Player Recruitment/Scouts

    To be fair if our scouting team weren't able to identify a talented up and coming CB that we could actually sign in the transfer window then they blooming well deserve sacking.
  4. villaglint

    Conor Hourihane

    I think a DM or a third player in midfield will be needed at times this season. Sometimes its not so much about extra defensive cover but more about being able to dominate the ball. As you say we certainly did dominate the game first half. However second half it was clear that their manager got into them at half time. Told them to get tight to McGinn and Hourihane and force our full backs, CBs to play it long (which is pretty much their default setting). Suddenly the 4 in midfield looked very rigid and we were struggling to find space to get on ball and play through the lines as we had in the first half. It meant the ball spent most of the time sailing over their heads until the game got slightly more stretched in the last 15-20mins. At times a Whelan/Bjarnasson/Jedinak type figure will help us be more attacking as paradoxical as it sounds. Other times they might not be needed and McGinn, Hourihane and Grealish in the middle might be the way to dominate a game. Other times we might be able to blow teams away with a 4 4 2. It nice to have the option and now a decent player in the right role to make all these systems work.
  5. villaglint


    May well have been a mental thing given our recent results but it didn't feel like that (to me at least) when watching it. Felt like we were inevitably waiting for the equaliser and I'm pretty sure they had one other really good chance that didn't make the highlights for some reason. Good block from I think Chester. Actually thinking about it there was a header from Wood which missed by an inch that also didn't make the highlights. In truth we had some chances to put the game away ourselves but second half was classic Villa. No urgency (except from McGinn) to get the goal to put it to bed. Defense in the main did OK. But Rotherham I thought were pretty pants going forward even though they did try to give it a go.
  6. villaglint

    Ørjan Nyland

    Agreed but at this stage each game that goes by without an error that leads to a goal is one I'll take.
  7. villaglint

    Ørjan Nyland

    Two games no ricks! Yey exciting times.
  8. villaglint

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Been a long time since we've seen him in a two and Abraham looked like a perfect partner for him. Should have got a goal in first half.
  9. villaglint

    Mile Jedinak

    Credit to him I thought he played well tonight. I think he also played well against Reading but then inexplicably let a cross go which required to worldies from Nyland to bail him out. So this is the first game where its been properly error free which is all you can really ask for at this stage. I think both he and Tuanzebe are generally a bit worrysome but for different reasons which doesn't help. On balance maybe not a huge amount in it. Personally I think I'd be trying to get Axel up to speed and putting my bet on him but I accept your point. Really hope this doesn't cost us too much though. Hopefully it can get us through to Jan at least.
  10. villaglint

    Tammy Abraham

    This. Looks the closest thing we've had to Benteke since Benteke. Not so much a beast but more that he's a proper physical presence who can hold it up bring others into play and isn't a complete donkey.
  11. villaglint

    Anwar El Ghazi

    I thought he did fine first half and then disappeared second half. In his defence I think he struggled to know what to do when we stopped stringing any kind of passes through the midfield and it was all about challenging for second balls. I dont imagine he's had to do that much playing for Ajax and Lille. First half he looked pacy, had bit of a trick about him and put in a couple of decent crosses. He looks like he needs time to adjust to league but given his attributes I'm very confident he'll contribute well for us this season.
  12. villaglint

    Yannick Bolasie

    Hadnt realised quite how quick he was/is. Still a way to go fitness wise but looks like a player who can do real damage in this league. Great thing is with him, Adomah, El Ghazi, Grealish and even Kodjia all offering us an option wide we have the quality to keep every sharp and raring to go, keen to make an impression. Big difference to asking Adomah and Snodgrass to win us every game like we did last year. As we saw over 40 odd games it just doesn't happen.
  13. villaglint

    John McGinn

    So much love for Super John McGinn.
  14. villaglint

    Pre-Match Thread

    You have to laugh really. To play devils advocate for a second. Tuanzebe is a bit pants aerially which is surprising given his size. Bruce obviously felt he’d go for it against Blackburn but gave him the extra protection of a Jedinak in front of him to help with the high balls. Tonight he’s gone for a more attacking front six all round which obviously means no Mile to provide the screen he feels Tuanzebe. Is it what I would do? No I’d be doing pretty much anything to never see Mile play CB again. I also thought overall Axel did well and had some soft hopes we could move on. But it’s what Bruce wants to do that counts. Fingers crossed it works for us tonight. Nice to Elmo not being one of our main attackers though! Swings and roundabouts.
  15. villaglint

    Pre-Match Thread

    I share your lack of faith but would certainly be pro the idea. We did it for 30 mins or so against I think Ipswich away and it seemed to work quite well even though it didnt produce the winner. One reason I like the idea is because I've got a sneaky feeling McGinn would be really good as the slightly more defensively minded of the three. Where he loses out to Jedinak in height/aerial ability he wins out over Jedi, Whelan and Bjarnasson in almost every other area you could imagine. If that means you can get Hourihane back in the team who is an obvious goal threat then it seems logical to me. Come to think of it I wonder if Elmohamady could play CM.