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  1. villaglint

    Yannick Bolasie

    Three assists in four starts seems pretty consistent to me. Would have been four had Tammy not missed the sitter against the Baggies. He's starting a long way behind Snoddy because it took a third of a season before he could actually play a full game for us. Very different player, no where near the warrior that Snoddy was but I cant think of many if any other wingers who are. He is though a bull in his own right, he's hit and miss in the sense he is trying to do a bananas bit of skill every time he gets the ball. Sometimes that wont work but at this level I think overall he's good enough to score and create a lot of goals for us.
  2. villaglint

    Jack Grealish

    Clearly we missed him but I felt we made the miss worse than we needed it to be on Sat. In the second half time and time again Hourihane and Whelan were switching roles so that Conor was coming back to try and break the lines with his passes and Glenn was finding himself further forward in Jack's role. Now Whelan is no Grealish that is for sure. I couldn't understand the thinking of keeping him on if Conor was going to play deeper. Its the first time I've wondered what Smith was thinking. He's been so clear about square pegs etc so far. It may well be that OHare is not capable of playing that box to box role that Jack does for us and I expect Smith/Terry etc to know that better than me but I felt he deserved a chance because on the face of it I can't see why he wouldn't make a damn good fist of it.
  3. Not sure if this has already been posted but a bit of light Sunday reading for anyone looking to peep out of their bubble. Well worth the time investment in my view. And I read it with a 2hrs sleep hangover!
  4. villaglint

    Callum O'Hare

    Agree with most of that OBE. For me the comparison with Bannan is odd. He’s a true 10, I think what Hippo is trying to get at is he’s better at playing a through ball for the striker. I think there’s some merit to that. In the few games he’s played he was able to find Hogan more consistently than anybody else. Grealish seems great at picking a pass but it always the key pass rather than the assist. They are actually very different players but both with great strengths in different areas.
  5. villaglint

    Callum O'Hare

    I’d say that’s a fair enough observation and it’s debatable whether Ohare will be a success in that box to box role. One point I’d add though is that prior to Bruce trying it out last season Jack was a 10/LW and we would have been having the same conversation about him then. For me his work rate alone makes me think he can do it and be successful. Him and McGinn together closing people down could be a real handful. Bigger question is can he protect/ recycle and build the phases anywhere near Jacks level. Thats a big ask Jack is exceptional at that. We will never know unless he gets a chance and it’s something that he’ll certainly improve on with games. Its a tough decision because Hourihane offers a goal threat and Whelan has been playing well. It’s also a big game so experience counts. Personally id be very tempted to give Ohare a go. He will be giving it absolutely everything and his waspish nature and quality on the ball could really surprise Stoke. On balance I think it’s worth the risk.
  6. villaglint

    Jack Grealish

    Tis a big blow for sure but I don't see us imploding. You would imagine that Hourihane will be in more advanced areas more often so we should see a goal or two from him as if nothing else he is a goal threat. I would also imagine O'Hare will get some game time most likely from the bench so it will be interesting to see how he fits into the Smith system. The thought of him and McGinn sprinting around closing people down would be pretty exciting to Smith I'd have thought. Maybe Jack'll need a bigger pair of shin pads when he comes back. I mean who could have seen this type of injury coming?
  7. Pot kettle anyone. The British state will not erect a hard border because it will not leave the EU under a no deal scenario. There is no where near a majority for this in parliament.
  8. villaglint

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Just wanted to give a bump to Axel. I thought first half on the ball especially he was exceptional. The triangles he was creating with Hourihane meant time and time again he was able to move into our midfield with time and space to find a pass into advanced areas. It was clearly something they’d worked on so credit to Smith too but it only works if you have a player really comfortable on the ball and Axel is certainly that player. He’s also getting better in the air with every game which is very pleasing to see. We still need a CB in Jan as I never want to see Jedi play there again but I’m becoming less concerned whether it’s an instant first team player or a talented squad option.
  9. villaglint

    Gym Routine

    I do get it, but I’d assume what you are terrified of returning is fat rather than weight. Weight is just a number so can’t be terrifying. And if you are going to gym three times a week and playing sports twice a week you will have to eat an unenjoyable amount of food to get fat again. If you are self conscious about the way you look then going to the gym will almost certainly make you feel better about yourself because if you are disciplined you will look better. Also beyond a couple of passing comments literally no one else will care so it also helps to illuminate the irrationality of being self conscious in the first place from a different angle. Anyway all in all going to the gym - definitely a good thing. Do it! and enjoy the process!
  10. villaglint

    Gym Routine

    I’d agree with Stevo on the stronglifts as being a good place to start. I’d only add that it would be useful to either have some tuition or spend time watching YouTube videos, reading articles to get the form right particularly on squats and deadlifts. Get it right from the start rather than trying to relearn something when it gets heavy. With the weight thing I’d personally say don’t bother weighing yourself if you have a complex about it. I’d guess your complex is about the way you look rather than a specific number which is basically meaningless without context. If you are playing football regularly and going to the gym with discipline then the way you look bit will take care of itself. Whatever number you happen to be doesn’t really matter. I weigh myself every day but don’t give rats ass what the number says. I eat whatever I want over the winter and cut out a couple of bits of excess over the summer. To me that works and I feel I have my weight and fat level on a piece of string.
  11. villaglint

    Pre-match thread

    Think this is going to be another one of those mental games. They’ve definitely got weapons to hurt us as we have with them. I reckon it’ll be 3-2 to us.
  12. villaglint

    Jack Grealish

    Anyone else get the impression he’s enjoying himself at the moment! Walking off in that second half against Hull with tears in his eyes seems a long long time ago now.
  13. villaglint

    Yannick Bolasie

    To call him a bag of tricks almost does a disservice to tricks. He seems to make a new one up every time he gets the ball. The one in the first half where he went to touch the ball with his hand and then skipped past his man to get a cross in. WTF? mental and brilliant all at the same time. How do you defend against someone like that. If we can keep him fit he is a beast at this level. It’s been a long wait but starting to pay dividends now.
  14. Are know....”good” now?