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  1. When they played us at Villa park they played 3 at the back but the CBs were bombing on and overlapping to make the extra man, some of the midfielders seemed to be dropping back to cover. To be honest it was bamboozling and I have no bleeding idea what the formation/system was but I know two things. 1 - it was a system I have never seen before and 2 it was definitely effective. The Villa players looked more confused than anyone else in the first half.
  2. I think we've got a pretty decent chance now of making the playoffs so I'll permit myself a brief glance into the future. WBA would be a tough game but one I think we would ultimately win. I think we are better than them no doubt. Bristol - I think we are significantly better than them. I really hope we end up playing them. Leeds. A tricky one I think we've got enough to see them off but no doubt they have weapons to hurt us in the way that Boggies and Bristol dont really. Sheffield Utd. In my view the best side we've played this year. Absolutely battered us for 60 mins and home and 90 mins away. The crazy formation seems to cause us real problems. We haven't played them since we've been in good form and we have certainly been two separate teams this year. Relegation form and Automatic form. Be a very interesting game against these guys and one that would make me nervous. But then Leeds would too.
  3. He did the job for us last night. One thing you will always get from Mile is everything he has and last night that was enough. When he came on I had that feeling which I haven't had since Nyland got injured that a goal could go in at any time. Mile as a CB is great if the ball is in front of him and preferably in the air. Most of the time last night that was the case. If its down the sides or he gets dragged out of position which actually happened several times last night he struggles. I think Bristol will be much more focused on the latter than Rotherham so I'm really hoping Hause is fit.
  4. If he’s not up against a decent winger he’s a very good FB at this level. Being truely tested defensively is his weakness but luckily for us it doesn’t seem to happen that often in this league.
  5. A genuinely astonishing second half performance. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a better 45 min performance from a single player to be honest. That sheer force of will to say this is an important game and I literally refuse to lose. I’m going to win by giving every ounce of heart, athleticism and skill I’ve got. If anyone else wants to come with me great but it doesn’t matter because I’m going to win this for us anyway. Amazing, amazing performance. Like that Hibby said the bigger the moment the bigger he gets. Forest, Middlesborough, down to 10 away at Rotherham! Can’t wait to see what he brings to Wembley!
  6. villaglint

    Sky game?

    Slightly off topic but any ideas why this one doesn't appear to be on the red button while all the other 15.00pm games that day are?
  7. All that makes the frothing head bangers who are wetting themselves to sleep because we haven't already left even more difficult to understand. Surely as MPs they know this stuff and are being told it by their aides at the very least. 1 - They do know it and don't accept it as a problem. - Surely this should count as insane enough logic to keep them a minimum of 100 yards from any kind of levers of government of a 70 million people nation. 2 - They don't know it and refuse to be told about it. - Surely this should count as insane enough logic to keep them a minimum of 100 yards from any kind of levers of government of a 70 million people nation. 3 - They do know it, realise it is a problem and just want to talk bollocks because it applies pressure to the PM to do what they want, whilst simultaneously whipping up the true believer leavers into themes of treachery and national betrayal. ...........Weeps for ever into a cup of despair.
  8. To be fair if your going to spend over £1bn on a new stadium and then have it run over by several months its probably a good idea to spend a bit on PR. That's all that has happened here. As with any PR efforts just ignore and move on.
  9. I know what you mean. In general I find the Championship so much more enjoyable but I suppose a large part of that would come down to just being competitive again after a long long time. The obvious drawback to your argument is that if we don't go up soon we will become one of those teams that is forced to sell their best players every year and rebuild.
  10. Interestingly most of the free soloists who died that they showed in the film died doing other extreme things and not free soloing so it was a little bit misleading in the film for dramatic effect. The other interesting thing is that the number of deaths with free soloists is surprisingly low when they are doing first ascents. Most of them tend to happen on easier routes they do for practice and just get sloppy. Partly that statistics and partly it’s being less “dialled in” which is so important for free soloing. The question of whether Honnold will die doing this is interesting. He’s definitely a few sandwich’s short of a lunch box and he’s definitely a truely amazing climber. So so good. That combination allows him to do some of these really ridiculous achievements if you want to call it that. He’s clearly not an idiot though so it’ll be interesting to see if he quits while he’s ahead or carries on pushing it and eventually dies doing what he loves. Ps I am a regular climber and had been looking forward to watching Free Solo for ages before I eventually did last weekend. It was very uncomfortable to watch even without the jeopardy of knowing he lived. Thought he came across as a bit of a douche to be honest but I guess people who accomplish amazing things often do. I still have no real idea how to feel about it. It’s clearly an incredible incredible achievement but it’s so nuts I find it hard to think about it as an achievement if that makes sense.
  11. My 7 year old daughter asked me the other day why sun sets are orange. I gave her a very detailed answer firstly about how we evolved eyes to perceive different wavelengths of light and how our brain processes that into what we experience as colour. I went on to explain how when the sun gets lower to the horizon these wavelengths are absorbed differently by particles in the atmosphere which changes the colour of the sun. I felt like I had just delivered some really A grade parenting. "Isn't that amazing" I finished with. After a short pause she said "What were we talking about again?"......
  12. Agreed on top of all the other obvious additions (Mings, Tammy, much needed Jack backup), DM, LB I would spend whatever was left! Probably not much on two wingers/wide forwards. Absolutely critical in the modern game and ours are the weakest part of an admittedly strong championship team at the moment.
  13. @Chindie VT is always here for you pal. Have you read Johan Hari’s book Lost Connections? Also have you looked into any of the research being done on psychedelics and depression/anxiety? No idea if either will be able to offer the help you need but might be worth a look.
  14. villaglint

    Glenn Whelan

    I think there is more to it than that. He himself looks very different athletically to me at least. I remember watching him about 5 games into his Villa career and he looked like me trying to play 90mins after running a half marathon the day before. He looked like an old man who knew where to be but always seemed to get there a yard of the pace. Now no doubt McGinn and Jack must be lovely to play with but the guy looks likes he getting younger now rather than older which at his age is no mean feat. Maybe he’s taken up yoga which did so much for Giggs in his last few years. I’d love to know his fitness/recovery regime.
  15. villaglint

    Glenn Whelan

    Looks 30% fitter and more mobile than when we bought him. You’d have to assume Stoke had all the latest gadgets but if there is something like those cryochambers that we’ve been using and they haven’t it’s a hell of an advert.

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