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  1. Agree entirely - I thought in the main he did OK. For large parts of first half especially I didnt notice a major loss with Barkley going off which is a very good sign. He is also clearly not match fit which he will only get with games. He faded in the second half as he got tired and it was the right decision to bring him off even though he was a sub. It is going to take a while with him I think but Trez stepping up takes the pressure of him a bit.
  2. Spot on OBE, thought Andros Townsend made an excellent point earlier in the week. He said both Klopp and Pep are complaining about not being able to make 5 subs and saying it is directly leading to more players getting injured but then in Sundays game Pep makes 1 sub and Klopp makes 2! Can't be that worried about the players.
  3. It’s an opinions one which I guess is why there was some controversy albeit less than the Bamford one which was obviously bananas. I’d argue physics prevented Leno from being able to play the ball not Barkley. Ie it was hit too hard and too far away from him for him to have had any chance to reach it. No amount of “looking” changes physics. Not now quantum theorists.
  4. Thing is for Wesley is he is going to do well to get any game time at all. Let alone the 5/6 full game run he is going to need to get his fitness/sharpness back (see McGinn for how different players can look when unfit/not sharp). We aren't going to be moving Watkins out of CF position and by all accounts he's a bit of a fitness machine so shouldn't need resting. This is a tough team to get into FINALLY! Just ask Conor scored a goal and got an assist against Fulham and has not played 1 minute since. I actually feel bad for Conor but its a great sign of the strength of the tea
  5. Thanks for posting the wording and the part you have bolded obviously supports your argument but surely the other half of the sentence supports other peoples. preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision ie does Barkley obstructing Leno's line of vision prevent him from playing or being able to play the ball. I would argue no he doesn't so he doesn't fall foul of that rule. Another way to think about this is by making the situation more extreme and to imagine Leno had rus
  6. Out of interest didn’t we have a similar one recently against us where a goal was ruled out because one of their players was in front of the keeper. Who was that against ?
  7. Well he was definitely offside I don’t think anyone is disputing that. I guess the argument is around whether him being there has influenced the play or the goal. I’d argue a tiny drip of common sense would say no. I don’t think Leno could even reach the ball from where he was so he could have looked at it as much as he wants but he was never going to stop it. So if Barkley hasn’t influenced the goal should it be ruled out by him being offside. Would be interesting to see the wording of the ruling on this one.
  8. So which was the best goal for us last night? I really like the first one because it was so measured and patient. Barkley, Grealish and Targett knew they were in but it was important they didn't rush it. Trez with the great back post run and putting to bed those misses against Southampton. Second is fantastic all round. Cash clearing up the clearance and rather than just humping it back in he gets his head up and finds Dougie. Everyone could see the run Barkley had made but most of us couldn't play the pass to that degree of accuracy given a 100 tries. if that pass was outstanding B
  9. Don't see anything to get lynched about there. All seems fair enough, Deano said the same in his post match interview and I think Ollie himself would agree.
  10. Agreed we certainly started that way in 1st half and second half it seemed to be a bit more fluid with Jack hovering between midfield and attack. He is an absolute dog in the midfield though. Never ever stops running, seems to genuinely relish the continuous sprints he has to do to close down players. Sometimes when he gets the ball it looks like he wants to give it to the opposition just so he can run and chase them down again. With him and McGinn in midfield we have two players who cover a huge amount of ground during a game. Both seemed to have lifted their fitness levels so they can
  11. His best performance of the season for me. Excellent. What a ball to Barkley.
  12. I see a great performance and a clear win or we’ll get battered. Either way it won’t be close. No reasoning behind this.
  13. Been thinking a lot recently about how if you lose an election (as Dems did in 2016) then by definition you need some of your opponents to vote for you in order to win. When your opponents are so far gone in terms of irrationality and general ass hollery as Trump has sent his supporters it shows how difficult it is to choose someone who is going to speak to both Dems and Trump supporters from 2016. The fact most reps think Biden is a socialist just spells it out. It's partly why everyone is so unhappy right now I think. Just hopefully not so unhappy they start loading the bullets.
  14. North Carolina I presume but yes I was joking about Kentucky! It isn't a landslide and America is clearly still hugely divided with a range of problems that run deep and wide throughout their society. Join the club! If Biden does win I'll be happy they can focus on tearing themselves apart and not take the rest of the world down with them.
  15. This. Of the swing states the only one Biden has lost really so far is Florida. Were people expecting him to flip Kentuky?
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