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  1. When you have two strikers with the work rate of Ings and Watkins I can absolutley see us playing 4-4-2. We effectively played it several times in our opening games last season as Barkley was playing so high he was more a second striker than an attacking midfielder and he, well... didnt have the work rate of Ings.
  2. That summer did cross my mind earlier today as well and then a shiver went down my spine because I’ve spent a lot of money on therapy trying to lock that season out of my mind.
  3. Just unfortunate timing I think.
  4. I want a LW/CAM to create. Someone to play key passes, progressive ball barries, assists etc. Too many years that all been on Jack don’t want it to be all on Buendia now. Bailey, Ings, Watkins gives us plenty of pace.
  5. Ha this is going to be a Villa summer to remember that’s for sure. I wonder how much of our spending is already done. Obvious now we’ve known about this for a long while.
  6. I’d he happy with either. As long as we add another creative player too mind.
  7. No idea if there is anything in the Ings rumour but I feel like he is a player who would like playing with Buendia. Excellent movement and finishing.
  8. Just wanted to say fair play for all the ITK you've passed on over this. I've been sceptical because of you getting things "wrong" over Utd but its clear why that was now. ITK is always a mugs game because even if youre right you can't prove it and will get dogs abuse along with all the other chancers seeking a bit of random attention and people desperate to believe one thing or the other. A big moment like this will always seperate the wheat from the chaff and fair play to you mate. Clearly a Villa fan just trying to pass on info in good faith. Lets hope we spend it wisely! UTV
  9. Been a hero for us for a long time but as soon as you leave you are one of them. I’ve no interest in the super nobs. I used to love the CL but it’s become more and more an irrelevance over the years. The only time I’ll see him play is against us. Spend this money wisely seen so many teams go backwards rather than forwards with this kind of cash. UTV really looking forward to the new season and a hopefully more rounded side.
  10. It is a relentlessly competitive league, every minute of every match and every day of the transfer window. I have no idea what we should expect. Somewhere between 5-20th would be my guess.
  11. It really is, I’m glad I’m pissed.
  12. OK so rollercoaster seems to be suggesting Jack is off. Tammy, JWP would take a big slug but surely not all of the £100m. Who replaces the Jack sized creativity hole? Emi partly but we were already too reliant on one player. Bailey hopefully adds directness but doesn’t seem the schemer type. If it’s Cantwell it’ll be … disappointing. I actually think he’s a good player but would be my choice to plug such an important hole. Surely if we had £30m odd left we could do better than that. The big ESR push really starts to make some sense now.
  13. Agreed it’s pissing me off if I’m honest. I love Jack, of course I do, but I love Villa a lot lot more. If he stays great but the sooner this is done either way the better.
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