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  1. villaglint

    Do you read?

    Has anyone ever read a book called Gnomon by Nick Harkaway?
  2. At least there are some honest folks left in the country. Heard a lot about getting Brexit done not heard the phrase trade offs once. It’s crazy how little regard the political classes have for democracy. I fear they/we or possibly both will be in for a big reckoning.
  3. No he's way more than just a poacher. Even ignoring his good hold up play he scores load of different types of goals just look at his goals this year. Not exactly tap ins. He needs to keep improving for sure to keep his place at the very highest level but other than Swansea who were in a terrible downward spiral he keep on proving himself time and time again.
  4. He’s like Delle Alli in that he’s generally neat and tidy. Nothing to be too concerned about from an opposing sides point of view. But like Alli he has the happy knack of scoring pretty regularly. Last night being a case in point. Both of them are pretty much the anti Jack, don’t have huge influence on much except for the result. Jack runs the games but for the most part of his career doesn’t get enough goals assists (to get in the England team anyway).
  5. If your diet is right (ie more calories than you need/are burning, enough protein) and you are doing a progressive overload programme then you will get stronger full stop. If you aren't getting stronger then you are doing one of those things wrong. Find out which or both and change it. So much of going to the gym is trial and error. My rule is always lift more in total volume than I did the last time I went in there. So say I'm doing 5 set of 5 reps and I can't do the last two reps of the last set. Then I have to do a 6th set to make up the reps I missed. As long as I beat the "me" from last week I'm happy. It's a constant battle against yourself. It is baby steps, you will only be adding a few kgs at a time but add that up over a period of time and the change can be remarkable. Also change it up every 8 weeks or so. Different reps and set ranges. 1 8 week set could be 5 sets 3 reps, next time 3 sets 8 reps. Work out your 1 rep max for each lift and then you can figure out your weight for each rep range from that. Stonglifts is a decent programme to kick you off they have an App and everything! https://stronglifts.com/5x5/#gref Also anterior pelvic tilt does not mean you cannot do squats and deadlifts. I get it feels that way but trust me it doesnt. I have that and I felt exactly the same when I started. Pretty much everyone who sits at a desk all day has APT. Find a good mobility warm up. Things like Cat/Cow to get the hips moving. Then pay a decent PT to teach you decent form for deadlift and squats. It is highly likely a decent PT will not exist in your gym they seem to be rarer than you'd imagine. Luckily there are about 11,000 videos on Youtube to help you learn decent form. Compound lifts like squats/deadlifts will have a transformative effect on every other exercise you do. For years I did exactly what you've been doing working out on all the machines, doing some dumbells. Getting knackered but never really working to a programme. I did it for maybe 5/6 years I got toned I got fit but never strong. To be honest I wasnt that bothered I just enjoyed the routine of going to the gym. As soon as I started taking care of the diet (ie callory surplus and enough protein) and doing progressive overload I started gradually building and building the weights and its amazing how far you can take it and you will definitely notice it in the mirror and other people will notice it too. The work you have done so far isn't wasted. Think of a block of ice that starts melting as you increase the temperature. It isn't the 1 degree change that finally starts melting the ice its every degree of change since you started. Everything you have done so far is money in the bank and will help as you start to address what is stopping you achieve the goals you currently have. One other idea to through out there is crossfit. I am not a cross fitter and a lot of people on this page will have bad things to say about it. However I raise it because I think it could help solve several of your issues. 1 - It is an excellent way to meet people and find a supportive network of friends. 2 - If you have a decent crossfit gym you will get good coaching in proper form for the various compound lifts that will help you get stronger. They will also get you working to the kind of set/rep ranges that will have high enough intensity to promote muscles growth. Finally I would really find some elbow strengthening exercises online and focus on building the strength there. Sounds like you have a specific weakness there which needs addressing as its stopping you doing the various exercises properly. The tendons in the elbow can easily become overloaded if you are putting too much load through them on consecutive days. That is worth addressing first because it wont get better with more exercise it will get worse. If they are hurting every time you exercise (when properly warmed up) then you have an issue with the tendons and you need to stop wait till it stops hurting (ie 1-2 days) and then focus on strengthening your elbow tendons specifically. Then make sure they are super warm before doing any exercise.
  6. No idea what is wrong with your back so bear that in mind when reading the following. I didn't do deadlifts/squats for years because I suffered with a bad back. One day I decided to give it a go and slowly learnt the proper form etc. Gradually built the weight up and up to the point of hitting a 200kg deadlift earlier this year. Do you know what it completely fixed my back. I was in and out of physio/doctors/chiros for years trying to sort my back out. Not one of them said go to the gym learn to deadlift and get your back strong. I wish they had. Obviously this isn't the case for everyone but I'd bet that 80% of people who have back issues actually have weakness issues rather than anything structurally wrong. Daily Cat/Cow and weekly deadlifts have been a god send for me. From always worrying about that debilitating twinge that would put me on my back for a couple of days to no issues at all for 8 odd years now. BTW they are definitely not 100% necessary to get stronger but great all round exercises nonetheless. With regards to the elbow weakness that sounds quite specific and it sounds like you have an issue there which needs addressing specifically if its stopping you from doing a push up etc. There are lots of exercises you can do to strengthen the tendons in your elbows which sounds like it would be a good start. Finally what kind of programme are you working to? This is key because if you don't have the right level of gradual overload and intensity you will never get stronger in any significant way. You are really just toning unless you are working to a programme which is giving you the right stimulus to promote muscle growth.
  7. Off topic but I can't see a Ballon D'Or thread. Anyone else think Riyad Mahrez is very fortunate to find himself in the top 10 of that list. Above Sterling somehow?
  8. Indeed. Even more when you compare it to Taylor with 4 assists in 91 games. Most of which the side has been as free scoring as it’s ever been.
  9. I was once in a tent after a night at Oktoberfest and filled a 2 litre empty bottle with piss. It's amazing the volume you actually piss. As soon as I read Coffee Cup I laughed because I knew what was coming. When I pissed in that bottle I was terrified I wouldn't stop as it was getting to the top and I was still going. Luckily I just just managed to stop in time. I was in a tent with a mate of mine who was asleep so if it had overflowed and then I'd panic'd it would have been a hell of a way to wake my mate up!
  10. I thought it was good overall in the WC and was supportive of it being introduced. But I actually hate it, I was wrong. I would rather not have it at all. I didnt celebrate the Mings goal. It's ruined the game.
  11. I thought he played well last night. Hold up play was good and he also had a few nice link ups which is something we havent really seen before. For sure he should have scored. More concered with the games he doesnt even get a sniff of a chance. At least last night he showed the right movement. However misses like that in another game can be very costly. There is potential there but I make that about 3/4 good games out of 13. Weakest part of what is starting to be a team with good competition in most positions. Strengthening needed for sure. Whether that is in Jan is another question. It's by far the most expensive area to buy quality and I'm undecided whether we are better saving the pennies to do it properly in Summer or the needed for competition is real enough to do it now. I'm pretty confident we would stay up with Wesley, Kodjia, Davis but I'm not certain of it.
  12. If you mentioned this as your opening question to 1995 pub man it would make for an interesting look on his face.
  13. You also have to factor in one side has close to zero chance of forming the majority they need to end world hunger so their policies will be moderated somewhat by whoever they choose to partner with. The other side has a pretty strong chance of getting the majority they need to sell us for meat. Still will of the people I suppose.
  14. Imagine his horror when he saw you walking along doing exactly the same.
  15. I would be genuinely gobsmacked if its anything other than a Conservative majority. The line "lets get Brexit done" has been worked out by an algorithm and it is comfortably powerful enough to convince enough people who are now so disengaged with the political process that all they need is a tag line to make up their mind. I'd go as far to say we no longer live in a democracy. A democracy requires a public that understands the consequences of what they vote for and are engaged in the political debate. It requires politicians that tell the truth or are held accountable when they don't. We have a set of politicians who just lie at will and do anything but explain the consequences to the public of the choices they propose. In the face of that people just switch off, tired of being lied to so consistently. Protecting themselves from the hideousness of what our political system has become. If you constantly switch off, never listen then four words is all you need be told to feel you've made a good decision about your future. As far as I know Labour haven't even got their four words yet. Are they recycling " for the many, not the few" again? Genuinely don't know, which when compared to the consistent robotic repetition of "lets get it done" being garbled 28 times in every interview makes the point rather starkly.
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