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  1. Would seem odd that the sole signing of Bertrand Traore and nobody else was enough to convince Grealish to sign a new 5yr deal.
  2. No idea someone else in this thread said £30m inc wages.
  3. It’s an eye watering loan fee but I guess the thinking is if he helps them get top 4 they can then buy him properly. If he gets anywhere near top form they have a top 3 to match anyone in the league. Actually excited to have him back. Obviously he’s been on his hols for a while but an outstanding player on his day. Whether he can get back to that I don’t know. Along with Thiago the PL is looking very exciting this year.
  4. Luckily football fans are so fickle the bar is relatively low for things to go the other way too. Equally it’s important to remember sentiment on VT has very little causal influence on the players performance on the pitch.
  5. Hopefully the Jota thing doesn’t mean Wolves come in for him and complicate matters. He’s not Portuguese so hopefully not their type.
  6. Don't worry he is filthy rich. If you have that nothing else matters.
  7. Yes exactly this. Edouard on top of Watkins whilst extremely exciting just doesnt make any sense. Someone up and coming does make sense. Rhian Brewster actually makes a lot of sense even though Shef Utd seem to be in the lead for him. Although if we are interested even Wilder himself has said they can't compete with us. Only thing with Brewster if Watkins picks up and injury and Wesley is still not back/fit. Can Brewster lead the line on his own in the Premier League. I have no idea as I've never seen him play but he doesn't look the strongest player at this stage in his career.
  8. Funnily enough I work in the SaaS/software start up industry and I attended a virtual event a few weeks back that was kind of like Dragons Den for SaaS companies. Basically pitching to a bunch of VCs and then answering questions etc. There was a company on there that had an AI solution for doing Customs checks. Basically it learnt from customs officers currently doing the job and could do a 5 min job in seconds making less errors than a human. Wouldn't solve the need for a border but would solve the turning Kent into a car park thing. Be interesting to see if it goes anywhere or whether there are any hidden moats they are missing.
  9. Agree 100% with the analysis if not quite with your view of him being "so bad it's unbelievable". Deano played him high up the pitch because we had very little goal threat and SJM was one of the few players who looked like he had any kind of threat to the goal. I agree its not a role he's well suited to. Hopefully with more attacking players this year he can focus on doing what he does best. Not sure if you watched the Utd freindly but he did exactly that. Played a more true box to box role, breaking up play, driving forward and playing good passes. Getting into the box where he could. Best I've seen him play for ages.
  10. In order to leave the EU we have to have a border somewhere. It can be in sea between UK/Ireland - Breaking up UK It can be between Northern Ireland/Ireland - Breaking up Ireland It can be between Ireland and Europe - Breaking up EU It can only be one of those options. 4 years on and we still haven't decided which one.
  11. Interesting that nearly all those highlights are with him coming from the left. Maybe he's a been a victim of Jack moving out there. He's struggled to be effective playing on the right and has subsequently lost his confidence and that of the manager. He struggled with consistency even in the Championship.
  12. I wasn’t thinking of Jack. More thinking Conor, Lansbury and Nakamba. If Dougie continues the trajectory he’s currently on he looks like he’ll be a far better player. Difficult to compare him to SJM as he didn’t have the best year last year.
  13. I remember seeing him play vs England and he definitely stood out immediately as a decent player which is unusual for me at least in a game like that. Never thought he’d be a Villa player a year or two down the line.
  14. Hi Nepal, Thanks for your contributions. Interesting to hear someone who has actually seen him play a bit even if it is not encouraging reading. Out of interest who are the pacy left footed right wing options available for less than £20m who are available and interested to move to Villa who would be better options? Genuinely interested. My thoughts are that the number of players who meet all the criteria are probably pretty low and Traore comes out on top of the list. For out recruitment team if not the posters on here.
  15. Never been a real fan of Barkley as he's always struck me as a pretty robotic player trying to masquerade as a flair player. However he is definitely better than pretty much everyone we have in midfield and would certainly contribute to us being not relegation candidates so its a yes from me. FWIW I think we probably wont add a CM at this point. Haven't seen Percy mention it despite several articles talking about other targets we have. Only person who has discussed it is Gregg Evans and if you listen to him its pretty obvious it was something he was just making up on the spot rather than based on anything solid.
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