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  1. Thought the first 45 was his worst in a Villa shirt by some distance. They seemed to be getting through down his side time and time again. Recovered well as did the team in the second half so fair play to him. Got a good character for sure.
  2. Hopefully he’ll improve as he picks up match sharpeness. Looks a bizarre signing at the moment. Smacks of a Terry pick, knows him from Chelsea and he’s probably a good laugh on the piss in Marbs. Amazed that Smith or Suso agreed though. I guess with no budget left for a CM they didn’t have much choice.
  3. I think I'm the only person that thought El Ghazi was useless in the two games he's played upfront. He ran around a lot which seems to have been enough for some on here. In my eyes in both games we had about 7 % possession and one of the main reasons was we had no outlet ball just bounces of him when played long. I'll write Brightons game plan now it wont take long. Press the CBs and cut off the angles to prevent the ball coming through to the midfield. Force them to play long to El Ghazi, Trezeguet etc. They wont retain possession so we can build our attacks again. edit - I should add I dont blame El Ghazi for that it's not his role in the team. Just stating a fact that he doesn't seem well suited to it. Hope he proves me wrong and bags a hat trick tomorrow.
  4. Agreed the only disappointing thing about that rumour is the person reporting it.
  5. It’s amazing the mess teams can get into with a few injuries/players out of form. 9/10 the new manager bounce is just coming and playing players in their best positions. Significantly for us moving Jack forward to cope with Trezeguet, Jota and most of the time El Ghazi not being up to it in addition to losing McGinn has meant our traditional strength namely the middle of the pitch is now a major weakness. Luiz doesn’t look a box to box player to me. He doesn’t offer much outside of a long shot in the final third. Conor bless him because I do love him just can’t get with two yards of a player to make a challenge. It’s not lack of effort the games just two quick for him. losing the ability to play through midfield means most of the time we are either relying on Jack to do everything which he isn’t good enough to do or play long balls to El ghazi which he isn’t good enough to bring down. Anyway hopefully as you say some new faces which will change everything against Brighton. Couldn’t be a more important game and they will be bang up for it.
  6. It is very similar to the CB situation which makes it all the more frustrating as we made the mistake so recently felt the consequences and then proceeded to make the same mistake in the next window. It also shows my fees get inflated so much because if you dont make the correct decision in one window in can be too late by the time you get to Jan because you are often forced to wait until right at the end of the month. Remember that by end of Jan most of us though any chance of the playoffs was gone. Mings was good but too late. It was only a ridiculous run (one that wont be repeated in the Prem) that saved us.
  7. Part of the reason IMO. Is that you are only as good (in possession as your weakest link). We find it so hard to keep possession this year because the likes of Trezeguet, Jota, Wesley and most of the time El Ghazi are so loose in their care of the ball. In order to score goals that means the CM need to bomb on as do the full backs and we get caught a lot with too many players ahead of the ball. In the last month or so the midfield has struggled to make a simple pass and as a team we’ve become incredibly passive never get and kind of challenge in. So that isn’t the wingers fault. We’ve now got issues all over the pitch but without a doubt wingers are a major weakness. Getting quality there (maybe a big ask in Jan) would help us a lot.
  8. We could really do with some of those sweet sweet BS rumours to help take our minds off that. Maybe some talk of a rumoured £30m bid for an injured Jimmy Milner something like that.
  9. In all seriousness given he’s one of the best strikers of all time at one stage and obviously forty odd kilos overweight here. Would he improve or hinder that side we put out today. Its an interesting one.
  10. Why’s everyone going so mad at Conor? He wasn’t even playing. At least criticise the players who were on the pitch.
  11. Thrown under the bus a bit to be fair. Clearly not match fit and playing against the highest class. That said it’s difficult to remember a worse opening 45mins from a new signing. Maybe Tonev or that Czech striker we had. Both looked like competition winners but they didn’t have a direct role in conceding four goals.
  12. Yeah Targetts been pretty much invisible,
  13. Another link to Slimani here. Obviously not a great PL record but from the Monaco highlights he looks exactly like what we wanted to buy in Wesley. Ie a strong presence upfront who can score goals and put others in.
  14. Every win is a disappointment as Benrahma is the one I really want.
  15. Ok seeming like a go-er with the Jack and Gabby comments. People talk about ITKs but surely nobody more ITK than them. Seems a very surprising decision. If he’s one of two I’m relaxed. Given how little Smith trusts/likes Kodjia it’s difficult to see Benteke having less on an impact in PL games than Kodj as he never played. If he’s the main choice, then it’s buckle up time as it’s a helava punt when you’ve already invested £120m and have all future PL revenues on the line.
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