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  1. villaglint

    Tyrone Mings

    My work colleague reckons he's guilty and I see it the other way. Might be a bit of a blue dress syndrome this one.
  2. villaglint

    Tyrone Mings

    Accidental for me
  3. villaglint

    Neil Taylor

    I Thought he was pretty useless as always. He didn’t do anything that directly led to us conceding which was a welcome improvement over recent weeks but he is still a terrible player. I put not replacing him in Jan as on par with what happened at CB in Summer. An utterly baffling result for the club which will cost us dearly. A major black mark against Suso in my book.
  4. villaglint

    Joe Lolley

    Is it just me or are they not completely different players? Would love Joe Lolley as an Adomah replacement though!
  5. villaglint

    Tyrone Mings

    Yep good start, looked much more solid without Chester there.
  6. villaglint

    Albert Adomah

    He’s been poor for such a long time. I know Bolasie was in crazy money but I’m surprised we didn’t replace him, Green is not the answer. No idea what Smith sees in Adomah, Kodjia is a much better player even when playing in his weaker position.
  7. villaglint

    Tom Carroll

    I think he very clearly is the Woods option for Smith, whether he can do the role as well or better I have no idea. Hopefully he’ll turn out great but this morning I do feel a bit deflated as I feel the added physicality of Hayden/Fer would have been much much more use to us.
  8. What seems bananas though if we have bought Mings to play CB as Smith has said today. Why aren't we being linked to any LBs its surely the most obvious weakness in the squad by an absolute mile!
  9. Yes he is and he bleeding well bossed our midfield just a few weeks ago. One of the Swansea journos seem to reckon he was off earlier in the day too. Would be ideal for us although not exactly the young/market value profile but definitely a better option than what we have and a good fit for the Smith way of playing.
  10. villaglint

    Is Game getting moved?

    They said something on commentary on Sat about if West Brom progressed in the cup then our game with them would be rescheduled. Not sure how that works with them drawing and not seen anything about it elsewhere. Anybody have any idea?
  11. villaglint

    Neil Taylor

    I think that’s being nice unfortunately. When he signed I thought he was a solid if unspectacular player. Probably what we needed at the time. However his career has taken a real nose dive in the last 12months +. Guess it’s the age which gets everyone in the end. But he’s one of those where it’s difficult to believe he’s actually getting paid to do this for a job.
  12. villaglint

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Ipswich

    I’ll take some encouragement from that. We created far more chances than we have been doing and should have been a lot more comfortable. Ipswich were absolutely pants and yes we made it difficult for ourselves. Chester is so bad at the moment I cannot see the sense in playing injured, if he was putting in performances then fair enough but he’s so bad it’s untrue. If Hause is so unfit he can’t play then doesn’t seem he was the wisest of picks for us when we were so short at CB and in dire need of reinforcements WHO COULD PLAY. The Chester/Taylor partnership is killing us and we got away with it today because Ipswich are so bad. That said El Gazi, Hourihane, Whelan were all much better today. Tammy and McGinn both good as usual so it was a step forward. 3 points was a must, we got that we are still in the mix. Jack is back in next couple of games and hopefully a new signing or two. Dont need to be down beat after this one. There are glimmers of light.
  13. @TrentVilla do you think the Mepham stuff was all the usual media BS then? Because if that was true it wasn’t the move of a club with no monies.
  14. villaglint

    Cardiff player on missing plane

    The sea is well big innit.
  15. villaglint

    Dean Smith

    I think thats a fair enough view Stevo the only thing I'd add is that Smith is playing the hand he's been dealt. He's had to play an injured Chester for the last 5/6 games which has cost us a lot of goals and really stopped the playing out from the back game as he's giving it away so much. You could argue Hause could have played the last two but presumably he's not fit enough to play 90mins otherwise I have no idea why he isnt playing as Chester certainly shouldn't be playing injured in my view. On Taylor who has also been at fault for multiple games you could argue he should have played Hutton there but in fairness he tried that and it felt us short at RB. With Hutton/Taylor we are short on both sides. Maybe we should have filled at least the LB slot sooner but no easy in Jan. window. With regards to DM unless I'm mistaken he's only fit options have been Whelan, Hourihane and Bjarnasson. He's tried them all at times and they've all been pretty pants. I think his style demands more from a DM and you could say that's a fault of his. However theyve all been shown up as incapable of playing the role in the way we need.