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  1. Purslow - I think the model signing for Aston Villa is John McGinn Also Purslow - Gareth I will match your 500k euro per week contract and welcome you aboard the good ship Aston Villa.
  2. My school did a trip to watch that game, there was about 30 of us there many of them had never been to a game before. A few new fans were made that day.
  3. Question that’s been bugging me for a while and it relates to this thread. If brentford are full of £20m players how come they are so average in terms of what they actually achieve. Watkins, Maupay, Benrahma, Swayers, Konsa all seem to get talked about as PL players. The remaining 6 players in the team must be really bad to pull them down to half way in Champo.
  4. There were links in Jan but not seen anything more recent? Have you? On Tomori he looked very good the 4/5 times I watched Derby last year. Would be a logical alternative to Tuanzebe, modern CB, powerful, pacy and comfortable on the ball. Plus he’s young and room to improve.
  5. It's almost like a tradition but I'm not sure we had it during the Championship years so it's nice that's its come back almost instantly now that we are a PL team! Also good to get it out the way early so we can move on and concentrate on the real stuff. Just in case - it'd be a definite yes from me for Milner!
  6. Whilst this is potentially good news wasn’t Moxley the Thierry Henry guy from the summer?
  7. Only the way the deal makes sense is they need to lose Jota’s wages for FFP/other signings. Overall I think it’s incredible business great squad option for us with basically just wages to cover. Knows and fits Deanos style and improves us in an area we are weak.
  8. If we are planning on spending a 1/10th of a billion pounds on players I'd the lot into a cloning machine and make myself 8 more John McGinns to go alongside 1 Jack and 1 Tyrone Mings. Can you imagine the chaos - it'd be like suddenly having 20 players just on our side. Call me crazy but if we are to break into the upper echelons we need some out of the box thinking.
  9. Not sure if he followed them in the first place but he ain't following them now. Seems crazy to me that they would sell him but it sounds like he and Eddie don't see eye to eye and I know how important that is to the Bournemouth. Most important signing of the summer for me, be incredible if we could get it done early.
  10. villaglint

    Joe Lolley

    I think I said yes about 5 hrs after the game on Monday. Absolute no brainer from me. Successful teams today all have a great mix of desire to leave it all on the pitch and great ability. The thought of Lolley and Grealish two immensely talented players playing for their boyhood team excites me immensely. Stick Mr McGinn next to those and it's all starting to get a bit damp down there.
  11. I'd be amazed if he isnt bought by someone in the summer. He's just been promoted and played a pretty full role in that so his stock will be reasonably high. No doubt he is good enough for most Champo teams but he'll get ripped to pieces in the Premier League. Can you imagine him trying to stop Salah and Co?
  12. I will miss AVTV. I know it was crap for lots of people but it was usually excellent for me. It was so nice to watch every game and not have to worry about a thousand pop ups, buffering etc. That and the winning of games, scoring goals and generally being competitive thing. I have loved the Championship. I always used to look down my nose at it. But after a few years I now realise it is a flipping mighty league with everything good about football in it.
  13. Said after the Rotherham game I was just waiting to see what he produced at Wembley. .......... The wee monster said it all
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