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  1. villaglint

    Pre-match chat

    It's going to be very long tortuous wait this week. Can we please please win this.
  2. villaglint

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    I'm just waiting for Jacks Instagram post about how pissed off he is, that Southgate is a clueless idiot and he is clearly a vastly superior player to everyone else in the squad. All that being said I'll be cheering the boys on etc etc
  3. villaglint


    Going to make a conscious effort to drink less this time round. Was literally seeing double by the time the game started vs Arsenal only time that's ever happened to me. Think the Villa players had had more than me.
  4. villaglint

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Agreed but I still think Jedi has more experience, nous and no how to nullify that than Birkir. Pretty sure that Bruce will see it that way too.
  5. villaglint

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Baring injury to anyone I'd be amazed if he starts. Yes he helps us keep possession better but Jedinak was MOTM last night, he's a proven big game player, will provide a valuable screen to CBs and help stop Mitrovic providing the platform they thrive off so much.
  6. villaglint

    Jack Grealish

    Yep your right. Trouble is I think everyone in the ground knew where he was going to put the shot too including the keeper. I wish he'd change that up a bit either go for the other corner sometimes or even just put his laces through it. When he adds regular goals which I do think will come then he can be anything he wants.
  7. villaglint

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Middlesbrough

    Few thoughts after last nights game. 1 - statistics. Traore has been getting some phenomenal match ratings on Whoscored this season. Far higher than any other player and on a pretty consistent basis. He's obviously chipped in with a few goals/assists too. Prior to the game I was really worried about how we could stop him. That proved to be ill founded because while he is at times unstoppable in a one on one his end product is as poor as ever. One of the dumbest footballers I've ever seen. After contributing naff all on Sat he got 8.4 and last night 7.6. It's an algorithm which rewards things like successful dribbles and doesn't have any kind of human eyes watching the game. Statistics are a giant waste of time. 2 - character. I know @Michael118 is really fond of the relegation side but if he stopped watching the blues and took in some Villa games he'd know that that side had the poorest attitude and lowest levels of character of any Villa side in the last 30yrs at least. In fact I'd say it's the poorest of any side I've seen, maybe on par with the Sunderland side which followed us and kept on diving down through the leagues. When Tony came in and enacted the buy all the captains strategy it was an obvious way to try and address our biggest problem. This year we topped it off by bringing in probably the best of all the captains. Boy has that paid off. Two of the highest level professional performances you will see. Switched on, committed from minute 1-180, canny, keeping the ball when we needed to, pushing the game to get winner when needed. Yes even a bit of luck too. It was as perfect a second half as a nail bitter could have been. Amazing to see such a street wise Villa just over a year after we regularly folded at the first sign of pressure. 3 - tactics. A lot has been made of Bruce's tactical nous and failure to react to games. I've seen it plenty of times and I think especially going forward if plan A hasn't worked he struggles to come up with a plan B. That being said this guy knows football at the other end of the pitch very very well. In such a big game against a team with several talented players it is incredible how few chances they had in 180 mins. For me that is all down to the manager and how he has drilled this team in the year and a half he's been here. Bravo sir. 4 - chances. Yes Fulham are a decent side but if Derby can nearly beat them then we absolutely can. Every time we've had a big game this year this side has brought their A game and delivered. Yes they've got some decent players but they don't have Jack Grealish. I fully expect him to show Tom Cairney as he did to Rubén Neves that he's the best player in this division. So excited to see that. Cannot wait!
  8. villaglint

    Mile Jedinak

    Probably the best two games he's played for us. I gotta whole lotta love
  9. villaglint

    Derby vs Fulham play offs

    So this Sessegnon lad...: I've seen him play about 6 times. Putting his age to one side for a moment. He's obviously very very good at arriving in the box at the right time, being in the right place and generally has got some good composure when taking chances. On the ball he looks neat and tidy without much which is going to terrorise you as a full back. He rarely seems to skin people and doesn't look tremendously quick or skilful. Kind of reminds me of a winger version of Dele Alli. Granted to do all this so young is really exceptional and he can get better and can of course still develop physically. But as it stands today as an opposing player I'd be thinking as long as I watch him like a hawk in the box and make sure I'm less than an inch away from him in the area then he hasn't got a lot else to hurt me. Am I missing anything? Like I say I'm only going off a limited number of games I've seen him play.
  10. villaglint

    General Chat

    Almost every line of that is perfect
  11. villaglint

    Jack Grealish

    Given the refs performance I think it'd have been more likely that Jack would have been booked for diving.
  12. villaglint

    unread posts

    Just wanted to let you know this seems to have fixed itself. Thanks
  13. villaglint

    Gym Routine

    I'm doing cycles of 8 weeks this year. Started with a fairly standard 3 sets of five reps. Just finished a cycle of 3 sets of 10 reps. Doing squats three times a week (mostly) one each of front, high bar and low bar. Deadlift once a week then bench, OHP/weighted pull ups and seated row on alternate days. All 1RM which I retest after each 8 weeks improving nicely expect for the pull ups which seem to have hit a bit of a wall. Technically added 2kg to overall weight but we might of needed VAR to judge whether my chin was actually over the bar! My word will I be glad to leave 10 reps behind . Lifting heavy weights for that many reps felt like I was going to collapse after some of the exercises. As much of a breathing exercise as it is a muscle one. Going for 3x3 next so can really focus on each rep rather than the mind battle of endurance.
  14. villaglint

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    There is a road just off where I live that was absolutely ridiculous when we moved in about 6 years ago. It was as though the road connected to an isolated farm in Sri Lanka rather than two busy main roads in a town. It was genuinely ruining my car driving over it every day. Any I complained and no doubt others did and eventually the following year the council completely relayed the road. It was a thing of beauty! One quiet evening o walked down the middle of it marvelling at how lovely a new bit of Tarmac could look. It was a real joy to drive down it each day. About 4 months later they dug the bleeding thing up for road works! Now all the seams of the digging have turned into potholes again....
  15. villaglint

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Same thing at the beach. Always trying to drill into my littluns not to litter and cleared up loads of rubbish other people had left on Saturday. When it came time for us to leave a small spade we had taken had got covered up in the sand after I had dug a giant hole (as you do). Spent about 15 mins looking for the bleeding thing but it was as though the sand had dissolved it. It was the hypocrisy that hurt the most.