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  1. Not sure if this is the wrong thread so apologies Limpid if so! Does anyone have a link to the full 90min replay? I missed it yesterday as I was at a music festival but it sounds like a great game.
  2. Maybe they did and it just hasn’t been announced yet. That would be so amazing! I mean All or Nothing... the title couldn’t apply to anyone more than us
  3. You really feel like Amazon missed a trick by not doing a season on us through all of this stuff. Ending in us getting promoted it would have been Oscar worthy...
  4. I think one of the things I love so much about Mings is he looks almost exactly the same in every game he plays. If a cross comes into the box he's the first to meet it. If its a running race he'll be the first to the ball and deal with it calmly. On the ball he's pinging ball with a crispness that is really helping the receiver out with that split second extra time on the ball. He looks the same in the Championship as he does in Prem as he does in an England shirt.
  5. I know we are biased but the Keane/Mings thing is bizarre. Only explanation can be that that Maguire doesn’t want to/can’t play RCB. That said that’s the not the problem today. Henderson and Rice are stood about 10 yards away from each other the whole half. Czechs make that part of the pitch narrow and neither is good enough on the ball to allow us to play through it. One of them should be pulling wide to stretch the Czechs and either get on the ball or open up the space for others to play through it. They should be working this out themselves on the pitch. That they aren’t is a worry but fair play to the Czechs they’ve targeted our weakness (poor technique at DM) and it’s working for them.
  6. So Wesley’s 1st goal against Norwich I think is the first goal we’ve ever scored where I’ve not gone bananas. Wesley’s strange reaction made me thought it was going to get ruled out by VAR. It was a weird non moment and I didn’t like it. Overall I’m in favour of VAR I think but it’s as clear as day not right at the moment.
  7. He’s competing with Hourihane right now who got a goal and an assist. You get the chance as a sub and you need to make a mark on the game. Tremendous finish. The competition in the middle of the park is really excellent to see and gives me a warm feeling at the bottom of my testicles. Might need to see a doctor about that.
  8. Been very good the last two games for me. Surprised how well pushing out left has worked out. It’s worked because he isn’t being pushed out he’s effectively been given a free role. He’s a very smart footballer so he’s using that freedom very intelligently.
  9. 2 goals and assist and generally held it up fairly well. Still a bit slow on the ball at times especially second half which shows he’s still getting used to the pace he the league. For anyone who didn’t see the game though one new thing Wesley brought to the game today was every time he lost the ball he fully sprinted to track back and rectify his mistake. Excellent to see that. Cracking response to a bit of pressure.
  10. Part of it is service but a much larger part is movement. This is by and large the same team that was supplying Tammy last year. Different league obviously but the difference between the movement and general strikers instinct between Tammy and Wesley is pretty plain to see.
  11. It did occur to me during the game whether he could adapt to a striker role in the Arnautovic mould there is actually a few similarities to the way they play albeit El Ghazi is a long behind at the moment. Not sure but maybe worth a gamble.
  12. I watched it closely on the replay and he can Mings seemed to get caught between two men. It’s obviously an error in that being the danger man he should have been paid more attention but I’m inclined to say it was good forward play. That said the minute he dropped deep and played it wide I thought to myself he’ll be busting a gut to get on the end of that. It’s was obvious and we ought to have been more alive to it. Wesley should be watching that goal on repeat. I’m more angry that two men in Taylor and Grealish couldn’t do enough to stop Lowton putting in an inch perfect cross.
  13. He’s clearly a unit but he doesn’t really know how to use his power against defenders who are of a far far higher quality than he’s faced before. With regular games he will undoubtedly get better and if he keeps chipping in with the odd goal you’d imagine he’ll get that. Very little to choose between him and Davis at the moment. If anything I’d say Davis brings us a bit more to his overall game. Don’t think anyone is putting their quids on either to get a goal though which is a worry. We are pretty much carrying him at the moment.
  14. Daughter watched the game and asked who’s that? Bjorn Engels I said, we signed him in the summer and he’s really good. Been excellent for us so far. 2 seconds pass. Gives away penalty.
  15. Yeah that’s were im at. We seem to be sharing the mistakes around and getting punished every time. That’s the Premier League for you. It’s going to be a long long season and I think there will be a lot more days like this one. Hopefully there are 3 teams worse than us and we can try and rectify the weaknesses next summer. There are some good elements to this side but some really really weak parts to. You can carry players in the Championship but everyone gets a proper examination in the Prem.
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