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  1. villaglint

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    First assist of the season, not even kicked a ball. That’s how Elmo does it.
  2. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Is it just me that would rather have Thierry Henry playing upfront for us than being our manager.
  3. villaglint

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Trying to explain FFP to a 6yr old is no fun at all
  4. villaglint

    Villa and FFP

    Ah the magic of the game... Give it a few years and we'll all be cheering signing some new hot shot FFP lawyer rather than the players.
  5. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Interesting that the deal values Aston Villa FC at about £55m. The entire club is worth the same as Hulk, or John Stones and slightly less than Oscar.
  6. villaglint

    The Film Thread

    I'm happy to take it back. It's more than possible that I'm getting it mixed up for the 2nd one. Anyway its a day of joy so no matter how small if I've upset you in any way I heartily retract it! The joy will no doubt turn into horrifying pain and misery of course but I've learnt enough over the years supporting Villa to drink in the joy when you've got it.
  7. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Off topic but in what was an otherwise awful film I really loved that character. Helped by the fact it was played by a very good actor.
  8. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Was reading something earlier about him. "The construction and fertiliser company’s shares fell almost one-third during the protests leading up to former president Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in February 2011. They later rallied to pre-revolution levels, but recently slipped again, due to the travel ban that was placed on Sawiris and his father. Sawiris is the 4th richest man in Africa and also owns big stakes in cement giant Lafarge, and Texas Industries." So another situation where our fates are dictated by markets around the world. I guess that is the fate of everyone now but football has certainly come a long way from the game I knew as a kid. Anyway always worth keeping optimistic especially when it comes to Villa otherwise we'd have all topped ourselves by now. He seems several factors richer than Tony which is a decent start and has even partnered with someone who knows how to run a sports business. The proof as always is in the points total at the end of the season. But I will take a few days less depression and a glimmer of hope!
  9. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Anyone else wondering if this was the contingency plan all along? If we didn't go up we would be so far away from ever being able to comply that selling the club was the only option.
  10. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Cheer up Giza might never happen.
  11. villaglint

    Time for a takeover

    Getting really nervous about whether the deal will be done in time to pay our taxes or whether we'll go bust after all. Think I need to call my Mummy
  12. villaglint

    The Rebuild

    Yes you might be right. I've seen that written elsewhere. To be honest the formation was really confusing me for most of the game. Hutton was very wide so I thought he was playing LB and it was a 442 with Lansbury on the Right of Midfield but he never seemed to be holding that position which was baffling me. So it was effectively a 361 although Grealish was pretty much given licence to do whatever he wanted. Interesting I suppose preseason is as good a time as any to try these things. Neil Taylor is never a wing back though. He is a solid defender (some of the time) but I dont think I've ever seen him go past a defender in an attacking sense.
  13. villaglint

    The Rebuild

    I watched Neil Taylor start a game for us as a left winger the other day. Don’t tell me there is further down for us to go!
  14. villaglint


    Really feel for the lad. After all this time he finally gets a run in the same position, gets himself in the form of his life and then spends the next season out injured. Think he could have been a big player in that system for England in Russia too. Big shame for him.