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  1. Is there a video anywhere of this interview with him saying its his last job etc. I'd like to see it because I'm not sure I've ever seen anybody refer to themselves as a tactically inept cabbage head! It's the kind of thing that would be written on here, not said in public to a journalist. Struggling to believe its real but its being reported everywhere.
  2. Sorry thing is they are probably our main competitors this year.
  3. This is a very strange website some times!
  4. Yep that’s were I am too. It’s a frustrating season so far if anything because of what could have been but there’s plenty of positives to take. Bizarre so many people desperate to go back to 4-3-3 off the back of a performance we were utterly dominant in for 80mins.
  5. I think he just worked really hard which is why he was gassed after 70mins. Wanted to impress and did impress. He’ll play more mins after a few consecutive starts. Not everything is a sign of systemic apocalypse.
  6. A sickening result but how most describe that as a poor performance from Smith is beyond me. We were bar far the better team for 80mins against a strong side (who I thought we made look poor for the most part). All the subs were enforced and made sense to me. We let it go through lack of nous in important moments, defensive errors and a bit of bad luck. Don’t see how Smith is responsible for any of that. People are angry, I definitely get that.
  7. Agreed I thought it was a good performance. We’ve all seen loads of England sides struggle to break teams down in those types of games. I thought we looked dangerous throughout the game.
  8. Agreed I said almost 12 months ago I wanted to see him there. What we lose in defensive solidity we gain in keeping the ball better and having more cutting edge. Hopes it’s an experiment that gets more game time. I basically hate anyone who plays for a super knobs team these days and it was against a pub team but he was a joy to watch tonight.
  9. Anyone know what Chrisene has done (injury wise)? I seem to remember him featuring in a pre season but hasnt played at all yet this year. Hope it's not too serious.
  10. Maybe a little but probably says more about how Spurs have dropped off in recent years. Thought both sides were poor, it was an opportunity to put a win on the board against a rival in the section of the league we want to see ourselves in. That’s the disappointment. I thought the shape did us no favours yesterday but agree it’s difficult for Smith to change it for yesterday. Hopefully now the horses for courses route will get more trust.
  11. This is 100% true but its nice even for a couple of weeks to think we could go a window without having to be glued to this place.
  12. I am genuinely asking here as I'm not 100% on the rules. I know it doesnt have to be intentional but does the simple fact his arm is away from his body then make that a penalty? Is the unnatural position a thing or is it just distance from body? I don't see how he can move in the way he is there (ie trying to run to cover a cross) with his arms by his side. I feel like we are in danger of having defenders running around looking like penguins which seems like an odd road to go down. I think if something is intentional or arms are "out" making the body bigger then it should be a pen. But if the arms are where they need to be to play football it shouldnt be a pen. Maybe I am out of step with the rules.
  13. Well it was a penalty but I struggle to see what he was supposed to do there. He hasnt intentionally moved his arm, I don't think its in an unnatural position given the way he is moving, it comes at him at real pace. I don't see how he can avoid that and I also I don't think he has aimed to block it on purpose. It's just hit him. It was a penalty because the ref gave it, if I was the ref I would'nt have given it. But I except I wouldnt be an ideal choice to ref Villa v Utd when we are 1-0 with 2 mins to go.
  14. Do we think we’ll get the full 90 or will highlights be our lot?
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