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  1. In the main I'd agree although I'd add Southampton into that too. I do think he's been at fault for a lot of goals though and is a significant quarter of a poor defence. As with others there is probably a PL player in there its just going to take some time for the consistency to come. Probably too long for us unfortunately.
  2. FWIW I am still behind Smith but not behind Suso. It was a tough ask to put a squad together of players with no PL experience and expect them to all gel quickly enough to get the required results. Suso didn't manage to deliver on that task. Smith hasn't managed to get it to work either but I'm more inclined to blame Suso than Smith. The McGinn injury has been a particular killer. With a squad so light on talent and heart he was a player along with Jack and Mings we couldnt afford to lose.
  3. The only possible explanation for signing Drinkwater was Terry who thought he was a good lad. Can't see any other sense in it and thats proved to be the case. The year we got relegated was an utter embarrassment and we aren't at those levels yet. But we are heading in that direction.
  4. Yeah not that it mattered tonight as we didn’t deserve anything but VAR has been dreadful and just seems to get more dreadful with every game.
  5. Fixed for you. The only redeeming feature for Frederic tonight is that there were several other awful performances too. But even in that pile of bile he still stood out.
  6. I had a dream I was sat in the City end and my Dad was wearing a Villa shirt. We had a glorious chance in the opening minute that trezequet fluffed. Then an unknown 17yr old (Not Barrie) who was playing LB scored a screamer from outside the box. Most of the City fans left as they’d made a poor start. I woke up at that point as it was all getting a bit mad.
  7. I'd actually agree with all of that. Except for the last line of course! Not sure Guibert or Konsa deserve to start after Southampton. I can only assume Guilbert wasnt fit so that might effect things. I'd drop Konsa for Engels because that performance was unacceptable in my opinion.
  8. There was a point in the 2nd half on Sat when Grealish starting dropping deep. It's happened a bit recently where he gets so fed of the mess the defence and midfield are making of trying to build the play he thinks I'll have to do that for them as well. On Sat he pretty much picked up the ball off the toes of the CBs and then played a fantastic ball through the lines that took the whole of their midfield out with one pass. It went to Trezeguet and bounced about five yards off him his touch was so bad. Move over. As much as Grealish loves the Villa can you imagine how frustrating it must be to play with people like that in the Premier League.
  9. Thought he was especially dreadful on Saturday and that is saying something compared to the rest of them. Wonder if we might go with Davis and Samatta when he is fit. Don't think Trezeguet would cut it in the Champo let alone the Prem. For the £11m we paid for him and £2/3m we paid for Jota we'd surely have had a decent shot at getting Lolley. Feels like we went in the wrong direction there.
  10. villaglint

    Ezri Konsa

    Seems to have avoided any flak from yesterday so far. I’ll rectify that. I thought he was awful yesterday by no means the only one but it was his worst performance for us by a distance. Practically everything he did first half was wrong. He’s so passive in his defending sometimes looks likes he playing on a beach in Brazil rather than the peak of the profession. So many players in our side struggle for consistency and when they’re off it they show neither the fight nor the quality to compete at this level. That’s a bad combo.
  11. Bob Mortimers Train Guy series on Twitter has made an art form of exactly this. It’s brilliant.
  12. Interesting stat. Where did you see that?
  13. Yeah it was, angle on the TV replays doesn’t show it but angle I was sat at it ballooned off their full back. Great play still by El Ghazi for the goal though.
  14. I havent seen that replay but I'd guess this must be true as the one thing I think everyone can agree on is that VAR is pretty accurate when it comes to offsides! Without having seen it though its difficult to believe just going off the replays because by the time the ball comes through Bergweijn has a 2 yard head start on Engels.
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