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  1. One thing I'll say about Trez is he's very good at controlling a ball that's coming from a distance over his shoulder. The touch he had to set up Luiz effort yesterday was very good. As anyone knows who plays the game that is not an easy skill at all. Seen him do it before for us and in his YT reels so clearly not a fluke. He's pants at everything else mind.
  2. villaglint

    The NSWE Board

    I'm king of in between. I actually much prefer the Championship as a league so much more fun than the Prem. That said it's a tough league so I don't see us bouncing back as a given. It took 3 yrs last time. It looks like we'd be better positioned this time but who knows sport is a funny thing. I'm also very mindful of how we got on last year without Grealish. Not good. It'll be a rebuild and as ever in football if you rebuild with feces you get worse not better.
  3. Don’t get a home gym unless you spend mega money they are awful. Just get a rack, bar and some weights.
  4. Don't forget McGinn. I'm his biggest fan but he's been a non entity since he returned. We are carrying him at the moment and no where near good enough as a side to do so. We are stuck inbetween a rock and a hard as we desperately need him fit but can't afford to carry him through to get fit. Right now Nakamba/Conor are bringing more to the team.
  5. That did occur to me tonight when considering Jacks comment that Keinan was “unplayable”. Only three games but all those sides seem to be able to contain him.
  6. Not a strong piece of scouting. If you look crap in YouTube videos then you must be really crap. Mad that we thought him and Jota would be decent 1st team players at this level. I don’t believe playing Jack wide was the plan coming into this season. One thing that was odd about his performance tonight. He played left wing but every time the ball went wide Jack went and got the ball and Trez moved into CF position. Don’t remember him getting a cross in all game.
  7. It was classic PL Conor today where he can’t get near enough to an opposition player to make a tackle. The main problem today though was he seems to have taught the rest of the team how to do it.
  8. Agreed. He was excellent when we first moved him out wide but I’m struggling to remember the last really decent game he had in that position. Losing him from the middle has weakened what was our main strength last season in CM. That said though our biggest issue is nobody can get within 3 yards of an opposition player to make a tackle. Don’t think wherever Grealish plays will make a difference to that.
  9. He'll come good for sure. For some reason I didn't expect him to be as rusty as he was but that was just dumb optimism I think.
  10. Weights for sure are super expensive right now for obvious reasons. For ages you didn't seem to be able buy any plates but they seem to be back in stock now. I bought 2 x 20kg plates the other day for about £130 which brings me up to 185kg overall so I can pretty much do what I want now. I reckon I am within a few % of the strongest I've ever been and on certain exercises I am the strongest I've ever been. I've always been pretty disciplined but the lock down routine seems to leave good periods of time for exercise. Managed to stop drinking for 4 days a week too which is helping with the slow weight creep I had. Now lost 1kg a week for the last 4 weeks. I have also done three 3hr courses in the last few weeks on Shoulder Bio Mechanics, Tendon Health and Rehabilitation and Strength/Conditioning Programming so I'm feeling a lot more knowledgeable about my training now which will hopefully help moving forward.
  11. That That is a fun game. I got A Florida man has been arrested after he was accused by multiple people of having sex with a miniature horse. And Florida man accused of fatally beating uncle's dog with a shovel
  12. I did this the other day. There was a long queue outside the shop and I was the only one in a mask. Got a lot of looks but who cares. After being stood in the queue for a few minutes I realised I didn't have my wallet. During lockdown I hardly ever need it. Felt like a right plonker as I then had to trudge back to my car and go all the way back home.
  13. Been a lot in the meedjya about how we rely on our home form which is true but if empty stadiums could improve our dreadful away form then that would be just as helpful.
  14. I was 17 at the time and spent the night before getting hammered at a mates house. At the time it was the most expensive house in Coventry, proper mansion. Everyone got a bit carried away with the excitement and as 17yr olds do I had too much and ended up throwing up all over a white fluffy carpet in this mansion. I have vague memories of seeing a multi multi millionaire (my mates dad) getting on his hands and knees to clean up my sick in the middle of the night. In the morning I made a sharp exit to save the embarrassment and waited on the road for my old man to pick me up to drive down to Wembley. I was a bit worried about how I'd explain the state of me to my old man. However he'd been at a party the night before also got steaming drunk. He "didn't speak to my Mum enough" so she took a cab home without him and he had to walk about 5 miles back home on his own. Proper pair driving down to London.
  15. If you have access to monkey bars then surely pull ups?
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