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  1. Everytime i watch Mbappe he is completely shite
  2. Love it. I like how its on their mind to execute every set piece correctly. They are such mindless exercises for players a lot of the time. By their very nature they encourage you to switch off as you are getting a rest from the flow of the game and can then end up going through the motions. The one I heard from McPhee last night was when defending a freekick "Jaden, Jaden, Jaden, Jaaaaaden...get to the f**king ball" Its such a massive edge in its own right but the benefit spills over to open play. You're not playing well or with much confidence in a game and the opposition has taken control of it... you win an innocuous freekick create a dangerous chance from a set piece routine and it can lift the team, the fans and puts some uncertainty in opposition and throw them on the backfoot. That momentum can shift to open play and i think that's what's been happening in a few of our games this season.
  3. Cant get in either although probably doing me a favour at those prices.
  4. He just blurted it out tbf no problem with it myself, there was no criticism of the manager, it was just away of saying hes come to the club to play (which we know) and was frustrated at not being able play (which we want). I like Old Craig but hes no politician and will be taken out of context easily enough. I agree that the weekly 'whats going on in Mr Butler' s head' doesnt need a weekly update in here. For the record hes been very complimentary about the club, the coach, the academy and Lange.... in fact all he has said is good things since Bailey joined!
  5. Amidst explaining that Leon was unhappy he was on the bench, Butler made the comment that one of the reasons for signing for Villa was because he'd get to start games, that was it. Nothing about promises. Cant post the link atm but i remember it being dead on the hour mark if anyone wants to watch it.
  6. Aside from the performance what i like is he seems to have the perfect combibation of humility and unwavering belief in himself. Often players with the latter can lack the former (that goes for people in general too) He doesnt come across a superstar in his interviews but speaks with a genuine appreciation of the moment and the opportunity. I just like that.
  7. Thats very reductive though..532 in the tough away games, 433 in the more winnable home matches. Simple game eh? None of us have studied the opposition to the level of detail that the coaching staff have, none of us know the gameplan, the matchups and the areas where we are looking to nullify and hurt them. Its a bit cringe hearing fans talks about tactics a lot of the time.
  8. Just hit me how strong our squad is. Thst bench, 9 subs and its without Chuk, Sanson and Philogene Bidace.
  9. Brilliant, Brilliant. Watkins, Ramsey, McGinn, load of them brilliant
  10. Ability aside (which i still think he needs to show more of) i dont think hes got the confidence/bollocks/arrogance whatever u want to call it (yet) against this level of opponent. Would love to be wrong though.
  11. Long balls to Ings and Watkins then. Cant see anything in that midfield 3 to get us up the field or hurt them on the counter same with wingbacks
  12. In my head the theme song to Minder kicks in every time i see that picture.
  13. West Brom on his CV. He'll do for me.
  14. McGinn been good. Stood up and took on the creative responsibility which he needs to do in a 442.
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