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  1. I've got to the point where I just laugh watching him now. He's ridiculous.
  2. Out of form? Jesus lads, he's only scored 2 in the last 3. I do get what people are saying but for me his movement and what he brings to the team is still excellent, you take him out and the whole team dynamic suffers. He's a massive part of why we are so dangerous and you can see opposition defenders really do worry about him as soon as the ball goes out wide.
  3. Kodj takes pens for ivory coast where the fans don't take no prisoners if you miss. No nerves.
  4. El Ghazi can't handle the physical away days
  5. Lads, jedinak would get rings ran round him in the conference. Literally in there off his name and rep.
  6. Everyone one of our players is either pissweak or slow, or in hourihanes case both.
  7. Hes Villa so I'm not arsed if he meant it or not. He played well, was commanding and really put his stamp on the game. Got a good feeling about this one.
  8. villanmac

    Tom Carroll

    Fantastic, another nothing player.
  9. I think if coaches actually did that he'd leave.
  10. He is Rowett, Smith, Moore - don't matter who they're managing, they all love the Villa. No one can hide it.

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