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  1. Over the past few years west brom have had more england youth internationals than most Prem clubs without scouting outside of the Midlands apparently. Dan Ashworth, who moved to the FA was the brainchild of the overhaul to their setup a decade ago but perhaps villa have seen Harrison's involvement (who would have implemented Ashworth's plans on the ground) and been impressed. It may be a case of wanting to steal what Ashworth did amd seeing harrison as the perfect man to implement it here. There's a bbc article covering their sucesss with some comments from harrison. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47766043
  2. Would love Phillips here. But tbh, as he is only 23, and a leeds fan (I assume) he should stay there for one more season imo, and leave if they dont go up. I'd be very confident they'd get promoted next year so that would seem like the wisest move to me. I think the player would see it that way too so can't see it happening. Still, us being linked with him will wind up the bitter Leeds fan who always comes on here, which is good.
  3. Iran into Dean Smith yesterday and asked him if we'd get anyone in this week. He told me to f**k off.
  4. God he was useless. He did go on to have a decent Korea after Villa tbf.
  5. Agreed. Window has just opened. Too many people Russian to conclusions.
  6. LOL what a fookin deal. Gardner is worth 500k tops. Bluenose next to me has literally lost the **** plot.
  7. villanmac

    Joe Lolley

    All this levels stuff reminds me of when we were appointing Dean Smith. From what i have seen of him, his dribbling and his shooting is top tier, even by prem standard, add to he is an intelligent footballer gets assists and is a mad villa fan. What's not to like? He would suit our style of play perfectly imo.
  8. Love this guy. Yet again a massive assist from right back. 8 assists and 2 goals in the season. Never stops running, you hardly ever see him get done by his man one on one and an absolute fighter. A huge part of our success this season. Nice one Elmo!
  9. Big time player. Won't forget his role in the play-off semi last year, or in the Rotherham 2nd half and Bristol game which was a pivotal time during our winning streak imo. Absolute luxury to be able to bring him on for a pen last night.
  10. Honestly don't think he's that level mate. Sure enough he was in and out of the Pompey team but he's in and out of ours and he sure as fk ain't champ level so that means little when assessing ability. His movement is awful, it's not even pro like, that's without getting onto his ability when he gets on the ball. As for starting him in a derby like that..its clear as day he hasn't got the mentality..
  11. Won't make it at any level, worst player I've ever seen come through our ranks and it's not reactionary to tonight, I'm just infuriated we played him in a such a massive game when he hasn't shown any capability to play on the big occasion.
  12. Interestingly, sun set is during half-time tomorrow, so i imagine they will have everything ready to refuel then.

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