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  1. Grealish should have been in the setup 2 years ago, not necessarily in the starting 11 straight away but he should have been integrated into the squad along with Foden as a player we could build around for thís tournament. Once he **** around not picking him i knew all hope was lost with this clown. Lets not forget if it werent for covid Grealish would have been going into the euros off being in one england camp and might not have got picked in the squad at all.
  2. Hes used to having a full back with a brain playing like alongside him who instinctively would be there. It was scary how thick Shaw was, literally stands right next to Grealish, its those parts of the game that are so underrated, the likes of Targett and Chilwell make it look so easy you dont even give them credit for it.
  3. This is what **** me off, the inevitability of it all... wasting 160 mins into the tournament before bringing the best player in the squad on the pitch. It was glaringly obvious how shite England were last week and everyone was banging on about that prick getting it right.
  4. The only word removed in football who doesnt rate Grealish is the England manager.
  5. As much as I dont rate Southgate i dont begrudge him going Sterling Kane Foden with Mount behind and high press for Croatia which im certain he will go for. Its the first game against good opposition and they are often cagey matches and you want to be up and at from the start cos teams can tend to take a while to get going in these tournaments. The lack of any press in the first half of the Romania game would have made his mind up and made him doubly determined to make sure that doesnt happen on Sunday. Scotland and Czech are great opportunites for Jack to make himself undroppable if he
  6. Tbh i think he was just saying whatever he could come up with about Francesco Totti. It was a weird out of the blue question. "Great player, one club man, bit of a diver" wouldnt know what else to say apart from that myself.
  7. That is quintessential Athletic reporting right there.
  8. Totally agree. I sometimes almost pinch myself that we have him and that unique set of circumstances of him being one of us and one of the best in the world. Not just one of the best but one of the most unique and enjoyable players to watch i've ever seen. Whatever happens in this clubs history, we won't see it again. We could get lucky and another villa fan like Louie Barry turns out to be a top player and we get a bit of that feeling again but you could be watching Villa for another 70 years and there won't be another one like him (kind of sad in a way).
  9. Has to be easily. The other way i'd look at is.. say if today a player like Grealish was at Man City and hes one of the best players in the world but the craziest opportunity came up for 11th place Villa to sign him cos he was a huge villa fan and loves the club, that mad bastard Sawiris would put up the 120 mill to sign him no problem imo. The only wrinkle would be FFP obviously but in principle in terms of investment i think he'd do it because it would be a one off opportunity to get a world class player at Aston Villa and get us where he wants to be. By the same logic he wouldnt sell h
  10. You dont sell the heart and soul of Aston Villa for £120mill. The chances of having a player with Grealish's talent must be like 1 in a million, the chances of having a player with that talent who loves the club like he does.. 1 in a billion? NSWE will see it that way and at this moment is there a more ambitious Club in world football than Aston Villa? Even the rest of the football world (who never usually notice villa) are starting to say wtf at what they are doing. We are basically building a whole team around Jack, like the chicago bulls with Michael Jordan. What is 120mill anywa
  11. and hes starting. Although him playing the team for next week was way off base.
  12. If Southgate wants him as a starter next week he has to start tonight no? (even if it means taking him off after 60/70). You'd want to be playing your first 11 for Croatia tonight i would of thought.
  13. Him being so good at freekicks seems to detract from the fact he's a brilliant all round footballer. To be fair even Beckham got that so its not much of a knock on Ward Prowse. I used to be in the same boat but last couple of seasons when i've watched him i thought he was quality. He surprises me with how good he is winning the ball. 9 goals and 7 assists for a player who puts in the defensive shift he does is not to be sniffed at and he's be a massive upgrade on what we have. Is a bit of bastard too which i like. I dont think we'd get him for 30mill but i also dont think its a Jack
  14. Grealish, "we're shit at freekicks". NSWE.."heres 35 mill for Ward Prowse".
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