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  1. This. Its absolutely painful watching him. Heads should roll for this signing alone. He's not a footballer.
  2. We were always gonna be **** with those 3 non entities up front. No way you're going there and doing **** all with that piss weak joke of an attack.
  3. Jesus h Christ. Wow. Happy for him though.
  4. I've bitten my tongue on this gimp, but he's absolutely taking the piss this time round. How the hell is Grealish up against Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford and Callum Hudson-Odoi? Even if he is, there's only one of those three who should be ahead of him. Its clear he'll never rate him. He has this obsession for steady eddy players without any outstanding attributes cos it reminds him of himself probably. "He was very close and just has to keep playing the way he is." Well how the **** does that work?
  5. There's obviously a technical debate but his cardio is astounding. In the wolves game in particular he was going full sprints charging keepers and defenders down in the 90th minute without seemingly losing much puff afterwards. I know some have observed that he seems to carry a bit of timber and I think he's like one of those boxers who always carry a bit of fat and don't look amazing physically but can go hammer and tong for 12 rounds no problem because of the extra energy stores it gives them.
  6. villanmac

    Dean Smith

    He's doing a great job considering his style of play is severely hamstrung by the limitations of our center forward. I'm convinced that was more of a Suso signing than his, but he sanctioned it so he has to live and die by that i guess. I just hope we can stay above the relegation zone until January (particularly pick up points in those big games around xmas), get a top striker in and then i'm convinced we'll really see what a Dean Smith team is capable of. I honestly think he will become one of the very best managers in this league and turn us into a top 6 club in the process.
  7. Did someone in the doug give So Ghazi a bit of stick? Looked miserable there.
  8. I'd back Smith's judgement over mine too, and pretty much any coach out there which is why for the life of me I can't understand this signing. He's the antithesis of a Dean Smith player in every possible way. It's bizarre.
  9. Hes absolutely shit, you can see the rest of the players know it as well. Reminds me of Andre Green last season who isnt football league level yet fans were always deluding themselves he would come good and were basically making up attributes that werent there.
  10. Maupay was fantastic yesterday. Did you miss the two chances he put on a plate with through balls through our back line?
  11. Telling the Norwich fans behind the goal to **** off when they were booing him getting treatment was a particular highlight for me. Good lad.
  12. I think those talking about 2 in 6, and him being a new signing who will get better etc. are missing the point of those who think he needs dropping. You can't afford to keep picking a player who isn't even showing the fundamentals of being able to win a header, attack cross, or seemingly get himself in front of his defender to receive the ball. It's damaging to the other 10 players on the pitch and severely restricts the other 10 players ability to retain the ball when pressed by the opposition and for the team to create chances when the opposition sit back. I think a lot of problems we've had would be remedied if we had a forward to relieve pressure and move us up the field 10-20 yards from time to time. I totally understand that fans are saying he will get better with time, which is fair enough, but if you want to keep Wesley in the team to give him time to find his feet then I think you have to take that into account when critiquing some of team performances so far, particularly in the 2nd half of games.
  13. villanmac

    Set Pieces

    We play short corners against the bigger (taller) sides. Did it last season too. Smith and the coaching staff will have all the stats to back it up. I really don't think it's an issue.
  14. The performances of Wesley are actually the one that gives me hope for the rest of the season. If we can be 'in' games with him upfront as a human mannequin doing **** all then we might actually be a decent prem team.
  15. Totally agree with those saying that Sunday was his best game. He's metronomic for us, and you see that each game is getting more in sync with the pace of the league. For a player who's all about releasing the ball at exactly the right time and taking that extra touch to get a yard on his man there was going to be a period of recalibration to the pace of the league. Now 6 games in you can see more of that off the cuff style which makes him so talismanic for the team. I think he's gonna be crucial to the fortunes of the front 3 as they struggle to get themselves into game at times. With Jack getting the ball to their feet in space and playing the one-twos off them (which I think is probably crucial with Wesley) hopefully he can get them firing too.
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