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  1. Surprised Buendia is only 23. Would love him here.
  2. Mings is top class imo. Up there with the very best in the league. Alongside Grealish he kept us up when in all honesty we should have been cut adrift. Wins headers from nowhere, makes blocks he has no right to and covers up for cb and full back mistakes better than any vila defender in the last 20 years. For me as good as Konsa, Tuanzebe and Engels are they are made to look a lot better playing alongside him. Even Kourtney Hause looks like a prem cb alongside Mings! He reminds me of Laursen in that way. The sample size is there when it comes to some of our most at sea defensive displays..Soton at home (Engels Hause), Watford away (Konsa, Hause)..Spurs (Konsa, Hause, Engels). The Leicester injury when it went to shit after a good start..the instant transformation into a solid team against Burnley on NY day for which credit was given to the move to a back 3 rather than the fact we had Mings back heading everything and marshalling the defence. Like i say.. Konsa is looking good now and Im personally with the few that still like Engels but we arent talking about them as potential Prem CBs without Mings beside them imo. We'd be a norwich without him.
  3. Right...i'm off to the NUFC forums!
  4. Spot on. I've always said it, there is no-one out there like him. We'd get mugged off at 80mill. I kind of get why people undervalue him - It is hard to get your head round how good he is. I think him being English and the historic overvaluing of English players doesn't help as ppl kind of check themselves when talking about him and think, nah he cant be that good. He really is! That graph makes him look ridiculous but he is when it comes to carrying the ball and playing those short intricate passes. I've not seen anyone like him. I can't wait to see him play with top players (with us). Its why the likes of Joe Cole and Redknapp rave about him because they either had/or have an eye for that special talent on the ball and they see it in spades when they watch Grealish. He's a proper player's player.
  5. The whole thing reminds me of Vestergaard at Soton. I have a mate who is Soton fan and two years ago he was saying the same thing people were saying on here, 'He's too slow', in fact he said he was slowest player he'd ever seen and not cut out for the prem. However, the thing was Southampton were absolute shite at the time, getting battered every week and from 1-11 they were just awful defensively so it was keystone cops all-over the place. In that situation the weakness of every player gets exposed. After the 9-0 drubbing Soton sorted themselves out as a unit and he's been one of the best cb's in the prem. We have seen it with our own players this season. In fact its sometimes the 'worse' players who can come out of the shit better because they have the recovery pace to get out of situations they should never have been in. As said above, I think in the post lockdown team we'd have been seeing the best of Engels because he wouldn't be put in the farcical positions that defenders rarely find themselves in when the team is a well drilled unit. Vidic is a great example of a top defender whose lack of pace got exposed at times (Torres, Gabby for example) but in a properly organised unit those occasions are few and far between and his qualities as a top defender shone through.
  6. Love this from the press release: "But we will not be satisfied until we achieve our goal of bringing sustainable success to Aston Villa at the top tier of European football" We are not here to make up the numbers.
  7. People really are forgetting how good he was at the beginning of the season. He was outstanding. Everyone single one of our players bar Grealish has had multiple shocking games this season yet he is getting written off because of a lack of pace. There's many proven examples of top centre halves in this league not being particularly quick. The Soton game gets brought up but the whole team were at sea defensively and it showed again a week later against Watford when he wasn't involved but we were just as hapless. I'd put his best performances match up there with any of our signings and he was on the verge of getting into the Belgium side. As much as Konsa impressed me towards the end of the season I can see Engels getting back in alongside Mings.
  8. FFS..Amavi and Grealish on the bench.
  9. I assumed i'd be beaten to it but couldnt be arsed to cycle back 10 pages to check.
  10. Jesus getting absolutely crucified for our summer business.
  11. If you just backed those result all to happen its is 15/1.
  12. An acca of Bournemouth win, west ham win, arsenal win is 15/1 with 365 so its actually a shite price!
  13. villanmac

    Keinan Davis

    To have a striker who comes off the bench and almost always drastically improves us is a fantastic asset to have. Strikers often talk about how hard it is when your coming off the bench, not getting a run of games etc. Its pretty rare to have a player who can come on and instantly make an impact the way he does - i'm actually surprised when he doesn't instantly improve us.
  14. Nice to see the amount of goodwill towards him. He was brilliant yesterday. I too thought the question from the interviewer was unfair but he is a bit of poster boy for Sky, they couldn't stop putting the camera on him and talking about him before, during and after the game. I like how honest he is with his own performances admitting that he hadn't been as good as he was before the lockdown. He did the same earlier on the in the season. He has look a bit frazzled at times over the past few weeks but just like at the beginning of the season its took him 5 or 6 games to get back to his best and he is coming on strong now at just the right time.
  15. Just when city look like they might be getting momentum..drinks break
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