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  1. ? Maybe watch the games rather than just quote stats, addressing points ? i notice you haven't clarified if the tackles makamba makes includes the ball ricochets from an opponent to him back to an opponent and back off him then back to an opponent, and if that classes as 2 tackles. Because if it does then it explains why on stats, he has decent tackles, yet in reality he has not been good enough. So before you try and be high and mighty, proclaiming I'm not addressing you points, try answering questions which were directed to yourself first.
  2. I dont care about other teams stats, when our team lack the willingness to tackle and head the ball yet a player signed for the championship for not much more than a 3rd Douglas Louis cost, pretty much most games comes out as top tackler and normally when he tackles it's out of play or he keeps possession, it shows just how poor our midfield are, sticking a foot out or shoulder players instead of having a bit of bravery. Shameful to see for our midfield, where most games are won or lost.
  3. 7 tackles today nearly double the entire teams effort in the last game. Progressive with nice interplay with el ghazi, defensive duties still done and despite being slower than trossett or what ever his name is, didnt sulk and shrug his shoulders. Another good performance, we have a good right back at last.
  4. Attacking wise, today is an odd one for people to be critical, he certainly is not my favourite player, team work wise does very little to help when we dint have the ball, wont press wont chase the majority of the time but attacking wise was decent. Unfortunately we cant afford more than one player in our team like that and we have 4 or 5 which is our downfall at the moment.
  5. I think the majority of us just expect the dm's to be strong, put in a tackle and pass it on to keep possession and leave it to the more progressive players. If you watch him, a tackle may just be he goes for the ball it ricochets off him back to an opponent then back to him then back to an opponent. Does that count as 2 tackles ? At the moment he isnt up to the pace, just like a lot of our players. And that means at the moment he isn't good enough for where we find ourselves. Stats are a very good indicator, in fact deano states he is stays based, but sometimes you need to add in what you see as well as stats. I highly doubt anyone looked at any of our summer signings and said oh no. We want them to do well, some are doing better than others, he just needs to keep things simple speed up and concentrate the whole game (again, like several other players)
  6. Defensively was extremely poor from my view, they just passed the ball and zero effort made 4 or 5 times. That's in the limited time he was on. CH gets pelters for only scoring or assisting, yet one good assist and louiz is a world beater ? I'm not saying you said that, you didn't, but others are very easily pleased. He gets too high up the pitch too often and point blank refuses to track back leaving us terribly exposed every game he plays. I dont think he is a dm if he is he is a lazy one.
  7. Louiz and makamba have had 9 times more games this season and both probably have played decent in 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 games, so its nothing different than how it's been most of the season. At least with drinkwater he knows what is expected by the fans and match fitness will come back. Not ideal but we are juggling 2 average and one unfit player for 2 midfield places
  8. Maybe theres a stat for most unforced errors ? Because today every time he won it or passed, it went to a brighton player. I have time for hause, he is one of the only players we have who heads the ball but today 1st half especially he was guilty of almost louiz type gifting. I enjoy seeing the stats side of things so if you have the unforced errors stats to hand it would be quite interesting. I expect defenders hoofing it would have the worst stats but we dont play like that.
  9. Thought trez played ok attacking wise, he was a liability chasing or tracking back mind. Konsa when he attacks rather than backs off isnt too bad, same with hause, give them time and they start falling apart. Fred, fred, fred, fred. If we had 3 more players with the intensity and desire to get the ball then we would be mid table, good show young man. Mings decided having held all game to attack the loose ball a few times and they backed off him, dont think he has fully recovered from his injury but the couple determined challenges shook Brighton. Target improved 2nd half but was drifting too much Makamba may statistically win 'tackles' the majority I would not call tackles when the ball bumps off their player into him straight back to their players. Slightly improved before he went off but good god was not what was required. Louiz nope, I watched his movement when he came on, almost statuesque when we dont have the ball, they played through him 4 or 5 times and he just stood there, no chasing no challenge just nothing. Any CM should have the energy and will to win the ball or at least track the player. Good pass for the goal but that apart, again sadly not good enough for me. Looks to support the attack and then refuses to track back, like hes too valuable to have to help when the ball has gone. El ghazi, well done, clearly seeing fred has got him chasing, knowing fred behind him will also chase. Decent game, some good skill and link up with frederique. Jack, match winner or drawer in this case, starting to remind me a bit of Ronaldo the winker not the fat one. Started to win headers get a little stuck in, take players on and seems to have developed speed wise. Mom Hause must be the luckiest or worst passer ever. Until around 70th minute most his passes to brighton. He improved and at least tries to tackle or head the ball. Just please god change your boots for ones that you can pass the ball to a villa player please. Reina was decent, thought he could have done better with their goal and another shakey moment but he produced a point saving save from maupay CH didn't do much but took one for the team by dragging their player back when they broke. Indiana, hmm, he is 18 and probably wouldnt get on in the championship so expecting big things from him in the premier league with a below average team is too much. He ran around, harried them and tried to get stuck in, something some of our players could look at. We look half decent when most of our players challenge for the ball, we look dog shit when we stand off and are passive. I can only guess but I bet fred did more tackles today then the entire team in our last game.
  10. Terrible, hause at the moment cant do anything right, be it unlucky or what ever. Any time in the ball it's either back to mings or to Brighton. Added pressure not required, clip it down the channel for target or el ghazi to fight for rather than negative passing. Makamba ? Wut ? The ? Funk ? Show some actual football ability for god sake. Konsa needs to sharpen up too. Yet again, only fred tackling and challenging. He knows he will be out paced by trossard yet doesnt just stand there like a mincer which half our team keep doing, he keeps going. Target has been invisible, pains me but no better than taylor today, no fight no forward thinking just backwards passing. Drinkwater has had a couple lapses, booking being one and caught in possession for another but has improved as the games gone on, slightly. Would take makamba off hes the opposite of a destroyer hes a nothing today, dont know what his problem is but dont bring that onto the pitch when you wear a shirt with a lion on it. Either the very inconsistent give a goal away a game doug or even Elmo on the right and move fred into the middle so theres some fight.
  11. I'm an advocate of heading and tackling, indeed my fave player at the mo Is fred, because it matters to him, he tries to win every challenge, 50 50 or 60 40, header or tackle. But realistically we only need 3 or 4 of those on the pitch at any one time. Winners of the ball who can mix it but have energy and skill too. A forward who presses, 2 midfielders who attack the ball and at least 1 defender. You will always get you none physical types, your le tis, lineker, owen, gazza, Beckham, they should be the focal point of the team, allowed to create their magic and let others win it for you. At the moment we have 1 or at a push 2 tacklers and far too many none physical players. So people like CH have a place, as long as there is those 4 fighters.
  12. Now we have even less strikers, it's time for dean to either get the player HE wants long term which means buying them or at the very least another forward of good quality on loan and come the summer reevaluate the whole squad.
  13. Good for him, he got his dream of playing in the premier league, maybe not quite how he wanted it to end. Was vital for us and if not for injury I think he would have still been great for us in the premier league. Get the bucks in now, will be the only place other than china who would pay the wages he is now used to. All the best Jimmy d
  14. Which is what loans are for, dont see anyone saying we need to purchase 5 or 6 players ?
  15. If samatta signs, still 4 more signings required. Another forward Another wide player Another CB (so hause can cover for left back if targett is out) Another midfielder ideally a big fast tackling midfielder Dont mind their age or if on loan as long as they are decent quality can head the ball/ actually tackle and want to play
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