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  1. One game left, if they win and 2 other teams lose heavily they stay up, if they stay 3rd from bottom they play 3rd from top in league 2 in a one off game to decide who is in league 1
  2. Wouldn't imagine mings would be more than 8 to 10 million El ghazi thought it was a 6 million agreed fee ? Hause I thought was a 3 million agreed fee ? Tammy the numbers seem to be between 16 at 25 million. Let's hope we win our next game!!!
  3. Had a hard struck on target shot saved linked up with Elmo which while not dazzling wingplay kept us with the ball. I'm inclined to think the game plan was never to keep crossing the ball in, hence the shit corners but to keep possession and work the spaces for shooting anywhere near the area. That clearly didn't work but he was a million times better than green who either lost the ball, gave the ball away didn't track his man or completely biffed any cross he attempted. I would put Conner at right side ala snodgrass so he can either whip it in with his left foot or let Elmo overlap without the need to beat the player.
  4. We won which is all that matters...... But..... Green is a sub only Taylor possibly time to be swapped for hause for a few reasons, he is quicker more powerful and more attacking. McGinn and grealish NEED Whelan behind them. Right side we are screwed unless Conner goes there ala snoddy Mings and axel took knocks so touch and go on them and tammy We won, that's all I'm trying to concentrate on, forget any negatives till a few days from now, then be critical
  5. Lottery time when we had the game for the taking
  6. Haven't seen us be so poor in a good while Kodja on Taylor off We have zero attacking presence at the moment Come on you lions
  7. So far out jumped put battles and out fouled and out scored. Grealish and McGinn far too desp yet again. Taylor ? Ffs just **** shoot from now on if you get anywhere near their box because you are breaking down every single bloody move when you get involved. Green ? Come on hes frozen tonight, not tracked his man not attacked and makes huttons crosses look beckhamesque We're playing with 2 men light as it looks. We've become scared to go forwards. Mind you the ref has made it very clear that he wont hand out a yellow to any of their players under any circumstances. 3 yellows so far and that's being kind. None given. Either we play as we should or this wont end well.
  8. Think Taylor needs to be told of hes in those attacking positions again to just hit it as hard as he can towards goal or cross it in. Not look for the cute pass. Blast the mofo at goal
  9. He wouldn't need to, play it up to him facing away from goal and keep drawing fouls.
  10. Would play him in the next leg. And this sounds awful and I don't wish bad to any of our team but I would use him to draw fouls. Tell him first that's his job but i can see west Brom trying to chop our attacking players down and he is the one to sacrifice so may as well use it deliberately. Get 2 or 3 on yellows by half time and then take him off for green or kodja to draw the red. He had a very poor first half and vastly better 10 or 15 minutes second half. Sorry Albert but I want you to be the bait for a few of their players to get sent off
  11. brummybloke

    Jed Steer

    Mr reliable, that's all you need in a keeper. Someone the defenders trust and who keeps pulling out the odd worldly save.
  12. Unless fatigued, he should be starting Tuesday. Calm heads, bit of fight and a bit of the ugly, west prob will be chucking the ball in all night so he needs to be picking up the 2nd ball I did shout at the TV when he tried to over stretch and basically played Gayle through and his head went a bit after that as he lost any confidence to carry the ball and just stood there several times hoping to pass it rather than carry it. Hes got a new lease of life with a solid back 4 and starts for me
  13. Oddly, adomah second half in 10 minutes did more than he had all game, he took the ball to them and crossed it, won 3 or 4 corners and was what he should be. I did however say I would swap connor for adomah at half time as would rather see balls crossed in from the left and el ghazi on the right. Whelan, I feel for him today, he has been renaissance man for the last 15 games and that error rocked his game today. Connor going on moved McGinn and grealish further forwards, the passing was faster and we were more mobile. I was hoping for 2 reds and a 2 goal lead going into the away game as I'm sure they must have had 5 on yellows for a decent amount of time ? Jack probably needs to speak with John Terry and get his advice on being a top captain. Tricks like speaking to the ref, jeeing up the players and concentrating on the whole team and being vocal giving encouragement. Over all after a lack lustre 1st half I'm gutted we didn't spank them, we played well and the whole team did it's part. Well done boys, a clean sheet for steer and co in the return match is all I ask
  14. Whelan looks injured or just totally slow today, adomah the same refusing to make runs and overlap. Grealish too deep and McGinn not able to effect the game. Oh and I cant be the only one wondering why axel didn't throw himself in front of Gayle when Whelan played him through ? I would be putting connor on for adomah at this rate and swapping el ghazi to the right.
  15. Yet again left feeling meh. Will do something that makes you think 'ok that was good' but then instantly does something poor and then ruins the thing he did good. When you are on the wings in this team you get lots of the ball and lots of chances to create chances or cause problems. Green seems to 90% think safety first even when on the attack. Gone is his preseason form and confidence to attack direct and instead he seems scared to make a mistake and possibly lose his place in the team. No one minds an attacker trying to attack if they don't waste most of the possession or make consistently bad decisions. Needs to trust the talent he has and do more going forwards. Stop making me feel meh

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