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  1. I would be surprised if mitrovics new contract didn't have buy out or release clauses in there. Our forward line is far too passive. Mitrovic is an aggressive player, we need a bit more aggression as trez el ghazi and wes dont challenge for headers, they turn their backs, mitrovic while no Duncan Ferguson is still far better in the air than any of our players (including mings). Being able to cross into the box high or low and know there's a good chance our forward will be busting a gut to get on the end of it will make a nice change.
  2. Would like him to start his charges down the right again. Hes being holding back but his first few games he was bombing down the right causing opposition massive issues. Already my current fave player, good old fashioned english name too, fred gilbert.
  3. Maupay reminds me of Saunders (without the mullet) , that's why he would have been a good fit here with this team and tactics.
  4. I liked him purely for his aggression, when I checked his stats he still managed 11 league goals for a woeful Fulham team. It was more his style of play, fight, threat in the air and from shooting and chasing down defenders. Something we currently are not seeing from our only forward and I cant imagine davis getting 10 plus goals and he does put it around more than wes.
  5. Just checked mitrovic stats, I want him even more now. If Fulham are not close to the top 6 by jan we really should try for him. As a lone striker able to hold, run, head,challenge, score he has already done it in the prem. 25 years old so while not the strict find a bargain and increase his value mold we are trying to get, is potentially the quick semi guaranteed goal getter required to give us the best chance of survival this season. Would still cost around 20 million but could save us a lot more than that by the end of the season.
  6. Got to say it, he looks passive and lethargic. We need physical pressure put on opposition defenders and big wes just is not doing it. I need to watch him off the ball ? I have, he rarely moves more than 3 pr 4 yards. Doesnt muscle players, doesnt close down players and looks fed up. Not great body language and the lack of movement and effort is frustrating to watch when other players bust a gut.
  7. Well we are 3 points from 2nd bottom, goals give you a better chance of staying up. I would prefer us to not have to rely on other teams being worse, rather us get to 40 points off our own bat. Having a more aggressive striker like mitrovic who can fight up front on his own to me seems now more than ever required. Even if he is bought just for the remainder of the season to as best as possible, insure our safety. Next season we can look to invest again in 1 or 2 proper upgrades.
  8. He's a winger, wingers have always been hit and miss. The great ones are more hit than miss. I like his passion and aggression and think theres more to come from him with proper supporting full backs. Hes been playing wide with little support until fred and matt were introduced. Frustrated with his balloon shot which would have put us 2-1 up earlier but caused problems despite being his worst game for us. Doesnt help either winger when wes is not guaranteed to be in the box either.
  9. Obviously gone but maupay would have suited our system perfectly. Looked dangerous today and looks like he will grab 15 plus goals for bha this season.
  10. Scream of delite when targett smacked that in. Frustrating to watch at times as out cm without the ball seemed to consist of just marvellous. By passing us with ease tine after time. We missed CH when he went off and typically had the best free kick opportunities. El ghazi wasnt really on it today and McGinn looked lost at times on the right. We had several players not play great today, targett being one also but we managed to get the win, 3 points is there now. Var cant take that away ! And without jumping on the anti var bandwagon... we are getting bummed by it most games. Clear 2nd yellow for Montoya not given and goal ruled out to add to the list. Well done boys and despite jack not being in the position he should have for parts of the game until ordered back there by smith, he was a superstar.
  11. One of those players who stays under the radar, a bit like david platt used to, while not as skillful as platt he has that 'knack' the one of just being their and creating or scoring. If he was more dominant he would get more attention from the opposition and either keep improving like platt did and move on to another club or will become less of a threat. The guy gives us a 35 yard threat from goal anywhere either direct or indirect. Needs to be playing, while not new or trendy, he fits best into this system and 2 wingers dont. Douglas will feel unhappy he isnt a starter each week but it's a team game and McGinn will always pick up cards so he will have to wait like connor did for his chance.
  12. Yes, as I said in my post clearly, I only saw the second half and that's what I based my views on. I'm sure people have selective reading and ignore vital information on others posts, not sure why ?
  13. Oddly after scoring 5 I feel a bit deflated Only got to see 2nd half but marvelous was marvelous. Some proper strikes went on today, it's a team we have been asking for, what a difference 2 attacking defenders make. Fitting CH into the team and having just 1 winger looked good, EG starts over trez for me. Trez just seems unfit compared to everyone else. JG most attacking game yet, looks far better in that position than in the centre and stayed further forwards, in fact he was often more forwards than wes. Didn't see either wes goal, didn't look great 2nd half, no better than of late if I'm being brutal. Mings ? Seriously, give your head a wobble, gone off the boil since his england call up. Just hope engels is just precautionary. DS must have heard everyones criticism about subs timings, 1 forced and 2 were timed. We are a team rather than individuals and nice to see others scoring other than McGinn. Well done guys
  14. Should have been taken off once he got knocked over by the ball. It would have been ideal excuse and given davis 30 mins of game time. He couldn't really do any worse than wes 1 game in 7.
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