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  1. Had enough now. Get him Terry and his idiot staff out. Get someone in who has some sort of fight. Predictable rubbish yet again. Cheated for a penalty and then give up ? Wtf ? Show some bloody guts, scream at your players if they are playing rubbish. Take players off who are playing rubbish. I long for the day fred is allowed to actually play, someone with aggression and fight rather than passive rubbish. I can only guess that's why he isn't being picked, has too much fight for smith.
  2. Just embarrassing. More crap from our crap team
  3. What a load of dog dirt. No penalty but stamping on our players shin apparently is a pen to them. Mcginn is playing terrible trying to slow it down or play risky passes, zero have come off and every one has resulted in use attacking and leaving us short at the back. Grealish is guilty yet again of fkwittery on the ball and not releasing it. Those two have been shocking today, the middle of our team. Trez his normal rubbish self, el ghazi has this season deciding if he wants to play. I can't stand this gutless cowering instead of getting at the ref when that appalling decision for the penalty. I mean what the actual f ? Show some fight instead of just giving up which seems to be the standard position this squad has. Gutless
  4. Spurs throwing it away, played utter shite.
  5. Should never be more than a sub for the next 5 games. He does one thing good then does 2 or 3 terrible things, and the good very rarely ends in a shot on target. He must be like messi in training because how on earth he gets picked most games McGrath only knows. No pace, little skill and zero football brain.
  6. Toothless. Trez was dire yet again, we have zero pace and poor decision making from konsa plus more shite from crap corners. Would rather elmo than trez, at least you know he will out the ball in the box. Honestly can't see any goals coming from anywhere the way we play. Expect mings and grealish out for the next game. Our midfield is weak, I mean proper weak. Means striker is isolated or never anywhere near a cross if by an absolute miracle one is put in the box. The rare chance we get to attack from a free kick or corner our fkwit players yet again decide to play dog dirt stupid passes wasting any 50 50 chance and putting them on the attack again. I would be ordering every single free kick or corner to be hit to the 6 yard line. Stop this BS rubbish.
  7. Most improved player. Thats down to stopping all the silly flicks and blind passing and concentrating and being given a more simple role which is protect the back 4 and distribution to more forward players. Shame the rest of the midfield have got confused by him playing well and they are all playing substandard. Others need specific roles as trying to play everywhere and do everything doesnt work.
  8. Not good. Not sure what he has been told to do as he is neither a ball winner or attacker at the moment.
  9. Needs to be told to stay on half way line when we are defending. We have no out ball. From looking great and possibly saving our season he now looks unfit energy wise and lacking confidence like he is afraid to shoot.
  10. like playing in treacle yet again. All attacks instantly slow down because the team just look to give him the ball no matter where they are. Jack then holds the ball far too long and won't pass it unless he is forced to. Selfish and not exactly team playing and that is costing us any sort of quick break away. Gone has pass and move and in its place has come no movement and just give it mings to hoof or jack to slow it down.
  11. Every single dead ball, and I mean every single one was utter dog dirt. Every throw in dog dirt Tactic of giving it to mings every time is dog dirt. Clueless, just totally clueless. Congrats villa on spoiling every game since the restart and my day.
  12. Jack is slowing it down far too much and holding the ball far too much when simple passes keeps us moving. Nakamba has been poor so far. we just don't seem to want to attack, get the ball turn and lay it back, 90% of the time for a mings hoof, lose the ball and start again. Why we can't do simple pass and move, something we did well at the start of the season, is obviously not just beyond me, its beyond our players as well. Nyland ? Oh dear oh dear but having said that hause did something nearly as bad earlier in the game. Corners, Jack for inswingers one side connor from the other. Floating it is from corners and free kicks has not worked and has wasted all out set piece attempts. Some sorting out to do in the next 10 minutes because half the team look lost.
  13. Needed the win. Looked like we would get the win but 10 minutes into 2nd half it was 100% clear tres and mcginn needed to be relieved of their duties. Davis and Connor should have come on. That change would have forced us up the pitch as a team, given more energy and given us the best chance of gaining 3 points. I pray fred is back, he can go right midfield target left keep the other 3 as a 3 at the back. Targett and fred have the work rate that trez and el ghazi don't and are both more productive than tres. Samatta and davis to start Louiz infront of the back 3 jack and if mcginn is still only 50% then he needs dropping for Connor. Steer if ready in goal. While a few less hard workers with the majority being hard workers, we stand a bit of a chance to get out of this.
  14. Only thing that concerns me is smith saying he spoke to davis and samatta before the restart and told them they would be sharing the striker role. Not mixing it up sometimes playing together, sharing the striker position. So a predictable line up for the remaining games with 1 up front.
  15. No real support down the sides till elmo came on. For once louiz stuck to the simple things and looked decent. Davis played well and should have had samatta up front with him, think we would have been looking at a couple goals had they both played. We again though separate, theres too much distance between our players. Nakamba ? Simple forward passes not tryibg to mess around 30 yards out ! Over all it was meh, we had 4 or 5 players who can shoot from range and no one did. Far better result than it could have been
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