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  1. Hmm, we need a midfield, targett can then go forward and still tackle more than any other bar nakamba, putting hause at left back. Elmo on right back with Gilbert infront, all of a sudden we have players who can tackle and move forwards while being able to track back. We have a right back who can cross from deep. All this needs doing because we cant continue with rubbish lazy midfielders such as luiz, we need team players who will fight for each other. Would have nakamba with drinkwater in the middle jack samatta in the centre. While not ideal, we have no actual midfielders bar nakamba who dare actually tackle or win a header let alone pass the bloody ball.
  2. Not a team player. And there lays the problem.
  3. Get luiz out of the starting 11, he literally offers negative in regards to the team. Taking up a place someone who wants to play in a teams place. Yet another gutless lazy play for himself game. I count that now as pretty much every single game hes started bar 2 ? Elmo in front of fred ? If you play both at least have the one who runs and challenges in the midfield and have the one who can cross from deep behind so he can..... cross from deep. I just hope to McGrath that drinkwater has been on a treadmill the last 3 weeks because playing with this piss week midfield each week is killing us. Super john needs to get his big ass back quickly because as it stands, the 2 Brazilians have been utter dog dirt the majority of the games they have played. But but but they have fancy names and someone once said luiz was great.... behave and give your head a wobble.
  4. Keep playing luiz no energy no fight no effort and we keep losing. Great stuff. Every single game without fail Name on team sheet = over run in the middle defence trying to tackle higher due to gutless midfield equals a other raping.
  5. Elmo off, the rare couple times he did have it in crossing positions he bloody passed it back !! El ghazi on in his place for some pace, jack needs to be involved so needs moving inside. That is all I would change at the start of the 2nd half. CH while not doing too much has delivered quality free kicks. We dont have the pace for long ball tactics. Would bring davis on with 25 to go for either luiz or makamba if things haven't improved. And reina ? Wtf ? Produces a couple good saves then hands them a goal from nothing. Makes the saves worthless if you literally desert your posts.
  6. Our midfield by not being aggressive make the entire back 4 vulnerable. Defending starts with the forwards chasing things down. Then the midfield winning the 2nd ball. We dont do that. Which then means the defenders are overloaded constantly.
  7. He should get 5 or 6 more before the season ends which would be a very good return. Puts him back in the shop window so 3 or 4 million should be the minimum we should get for him which is 3 or 4 million more than anyone thought we would get when he sort of returned from stoke although I think they loaned him out to the scum ?
  8. 5 more wins starting against Leicester on monday. This weekend is what last weekend should have been. We have had extra time off compared to most of the teams around us, hopefully we have been working on the midfield which for me is the biggest weakness for us.
  9. Was good today, the header would have given him and all of us a massive lift.
  10. Does look a finisher, a great goal that deserved to be the winner. Wasnt given the credit by sky that finish deserved. Should also have stayed on the pitch till the end and played along side davis. Fingers crossed he keeps us up
  11. Looks unfit, is slow, cant defend, offers very little going forwards slows down play when we aren't exactly fast anyway, lacks positional discipline, repeatedly passes it backwards when there are several options open, swans around like hes brilliant yet has been in pretty much all but a childs handful of games, below par. As mentioned. He seems to be given unicorn credit due to being from Brazilian, if he was from the uk he would be slated. People need to cut out the excuses for the half arsed lazy bottling performances he puts in when ever he starts. He needs to be on the bench learning this season, unfortunately we have lumped far too much on him too quick. Maybe if he had the odd start and mainly sub appearances I wouldn't be so harsh on him but he has from being one of my most hoped for promising players to being the one who I keep more of an eye on and notice just how bad he generally has been. That's down to our recruitment not protecting the younger ones by having an older bully in their to guide them.
  12. His form has dipped, but today he was back to the aggressive hard working fred of old. Made a few wayward passes but having to contend with 2 players most of the game, in sterling and either the left back or Silva, elmo did a job, clearly we were narrow, the problem is that they dont mince on the ball like we do, they play to feat quick. They only misplaced it hitting high balls to sterling. Foden on the other side raped targett in the first half due to the narrow formation.
  13. Tries to score when theres no chance, then tries again to score when no chance. Hes like gabby, give him no time to think he does more than when he does have time to think. Disappointed he couldn't just keep it simple today when we did have the ball.
  14. Took the ball with the outside of the boot, clean challenge. Went in hard which has been lacking most of the season and ends up with a yellow ? Commenters all crying for red, see replays and back down then the yellow then they say its justified. Yes it looked a foul but the replay I saw he took the ball cleanly with no studs showing. Was the only one trying in our cm today and played very well. He needs a strong none bottling player alongside him. I presume that's what drinkwater was signed for ?
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