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  1. Couldn't watch most of second half due to work but kept glancing at it. Wasteful is why we lost. We should have been 2 or 3 up before they got a goal. Poor today from barkley, he should have been off after 60 mins. Traore drifted out of the game dramatically around the same sort of time. If this subs had been made 20 mins earlier I don't think we would have chucked the game as we did. 3 huge points towards safety lost when we had them safely in the bag. Disappointed.
  2. Barkley needs to speed it up, he's guilty of messing far too much with the ball then we lose momentum. Some great interplay between the whole team at times and we are a pleasure to watch. We just need that quick 2nd goal then it could be 4 or 5 tonight. Well played so far, just need SJM to stop looking for the shield 25 yards our from our own goal, nearly lost it 2 or 3 times now. No need for such risky play when we should have the beating of them.
  3. Disappointed with the result, a slightly fortunate 1st goal and a mystery penalty for their 2nd. Traore should have been taken off as soon as he scored as that was literally all he did all night, a shocker probably to be masked because he scored. Once we got the formation right we were more than good enough for a point. Jack however should have stayed left forward to go at bailly every time to draw another yellow and for that, again I'm disappointed we didn't see the potential to take them down a player. Typical our last effort, which never got replayed, looked like a handb
  4. Traore has regressed back to the footballing mess he has been bar 2 games. Not sticking out wide giving utd acres down our right. We need to get closer and if traore doesn't improve after 15 minutes, get him off and put Ramsey on, shift Jack to left and elghazi right. We need power fight and effort in this game tonight and so far traore has lacked skill and all the above. And mings ? Come on, stop chewing and start concentrating.
  5. From the 3rd minute when Zaha got his shot away mings was trying to niggle him. He then spent more time trying to do that than just concentrate on the game. Sometimes a player just really gets under another players skin. It's then down to the captain or second in charge to warn the player to focus and forget the personal battle. Mings has held his hands up to his stupidness and more importantly he has apologised for it to his team mates.
  6. Thought benteke was suspended for a red card in his last game ?
  7. Will continue to score and defend from the front. Another good performance and another goal stolen from him.
  8. Had a good game, liked his goal and he owed us a half decent performance. Also about time we beat a bottom team as we normally lose or drop points. Still expect more from him, lots of wasteful attacking play slowed right down and had to go backwards even when 1 on 1 but a couple decent free kicks, some good but slow link up play added to his best by far performance for us.
  9. Going all out for eduardo in Jan gives us the option to move watkins out to the right if eduardo got up to speed quickly. Infinitely more dangerous than davis and Celtics money has drained with little income. Covers 2 positions if watkins is moved right, a position he played most of his life in. Power pace and grealish for the front 3 Just can't risk traore in too many games or that watkins can play every game this season.
  10. Miracles can happen. Luiz was utter muck for 2 /3 rds the season, comes back after lockdown the player we hoped we had. Its the injury I'm concerned about, it looked a career ending challenge at the time in slow mo and I would be surprised and indeed happy if he does come back from it. I sense we will be in for a veteran decent quality striker come January and best case for wes is rehabilitation for the rest of the season. Worst case is an insurance claim for both villa and wes.
  11. Needs to do better because he's shocking at the moment. Dont know if its his lack of pace, his decision making, his fitness or what but bar possibly 2 nice touches in the entire time he was on the pitch he was terrible... again. He needs benching and bringing on gradually when we are winning games until he earns his place.
  12. Traore not for the first time was total dirt. Mcginn needs to stop trying to turn when its not on Mings needs to stop trying to turn when facing goal being challenged Luiz poor today Thats the negatives. Positives were a great display from the keeper, defence didn't give up and Ramsey added much needed energy and a bit of fight in the middle. Oh and 3 points !!! Ref was dirt today as well.
  13. Little to no faith in today's performance from traore, done pretty much nothing but cause danger to our own team each time he's had the ball. Another duff performance so far.
  14. Had a feeling we wouldn't get a result when I saw traore was playing. Apparently he is rapid and works hard for the team ? Seems smith had enough of his rapid pace and team work and took him off ? Played ok, broke down several times due to slow movement or no movement from traore and that pushed watkins out of position. Should not be a starter or 5 minute sub at this stage looks unfit and needs to step up 1 or 2 levels before being considered for anything more than 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the game. Would have preferred the energy of Jordan Ramsey would would hav
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