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  1. It's no coincidence that since we got a solid CB partnership both fullbacks have improved as has the rest of the team. Now theres someone up the field who can hold and carry the ball it links the whole team and they play to their strengths. Elmo just like Taylor having to make last ditch decisions is now a rare thing which gives everyone confidence
  2. Needs these 2 weeks off desperately
  3. Pleased for him for his goal, if Axel gets fit quickly over next 2 weeks then hause can slot into left back Then we are as good as we can get with the defence injury wise. Solid player who can shift both himself and the ball also not afraid to hoof it if required.
  4. The wide men have been the weak link since our defence improved. Adomah was terrible and el ghazi was also average at best. Green at the moment just seems a mix of the 2, not poor but not reliably good either. He seems to try little passes where crossing would be the better option, crosses where passes would be better and doesn't have that acceleration you would imagine he would have. Hes done more than adomah for the last few weeks, I'm shocked at just how lazy Albert appears now. Green was on fire in preseason and I hope he discovers that confidence as we need big performances from now till the last ball kicked at the end of our season.
  5. That will be me then voting mings, faultless performance and the rock we are building our foundation on. McGinn got 2 goals and was busy but it was the solid defence that was the difference for me. Fantastic result with every other game going how my dream prediction went. Gutted I didn't bet on it but 9 more wins will see us into the play offs
  6. So far at least 2 red cards for Forrest, it should gave been, plus a pen to us. Elbow on Taylor 2nd yellow at least for their forward and 29 has already been booked took green out 2 footed when he landed badly and rammed into tammy in the box. Not quite sure what the ref is playing at,thought he was going to var for the penalty and the elbow but no var in this league. 2 no complaint sendings off and a penalty if there was.
  7. Thought it was the right decision, Whelan can hold his own and make crunching tackles in these sorts of games. Didn't deserve to be dropped but he kind of made it an easy choice after a 5 minute spell of wtf. Passed the ball straight into touch 3 times under no pressure. Enter McGinn full of energy and carrying the ball which altered our way of playing and put them on the back foot, we then had 3 or 4 good chances including the goal. Proud of all of them tonight even Taylor
  8. Left sided player playing against fast and physical players on his wrong side, new partnership, no goals conceded. Good enough for me especially under the circumstances. 2 clean sheets in 2 games, hardly the time to be complaining about him bearing in mind how rubbish our defence has been this season.
  9. The steward was right behind the fan, not much more he can do. The steward wont be a knuckle dragger, he will work for a security agency and work at several places. Points deduction and closed doors is the only solution to these filth. Oh and 4 years in prison for the scum that did it.
  10. Got to keep the ball on the floor and keep giving it to grealish to get him back in the game. As for the grealish incident... hes lucky mings was not close by. They should have all just kicked his head in is my first reaction. Lee Hendrie is still still raging about it.
  11. Needs 2 goals today. I'm going for a free kick and a header
  12. brummybloke

    Alan Hutton

    Kevin gage, not fancy but rock solid and more skilful than you would think. Was playing at a time I never missed a game and while Platt mcinally and co got all the plaudits he was a beast
  13. Gutted for selfish reasons. Travelled home from a celebration just in time to see goal 4 then I had the 2nd half ti watch. Missed all the main action Said to wife we need 4 by half time after the 2nd went in and was announced on talk sport. Was hoping for 2 or 3 in second half but firstly a win, secondly decent football. Well done team and manager today. Need elphock back as he plays it out or passes reasonably accurately giving us momentum.
  14. Another smith* performance *Smith meaning mediocre at best
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