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  1. If he passed the ball or crossed it more often then he wouldn't look quite so bad. It's his refusal to use the overlap ( cash will slap him before the end of the season) and 9 times out of 10 fails to cross the ball by trying to do too much. If he added a bit of common sense to his game, we could afford his lack of physical and defensive presence. Until then, he is a liability for 90% of most games.
  2. I don't see anyone saying he doesn't possess skills that make him a bad player. The majority can see no effort, no willingness to participate in a team game, no fight, no desire to win the ball, no passion to challenge for the ball. It's a team game, he has not been a team player, rather like traore only traore can run a bit and when forced to, will actually pass the ball ( normally a blind pass towards the opponents centre forward). Barkley really hasn't shown he is fit to wear the shirt. Makes Warren aspinall look like a sprinter.
  3. Terrible news, gutted for him and our team. When he plays the rest know he will keep trying no matter how his game is going. That's how he gets his goals, just keeps trying.
  4. Because you dont agree with it ? Paha Open your eyes, the player we signed and played well for 4 games has become a total liability. You keep clutching to the hope 1 pass in a game becomes a good one.
  5. Yep, looked fantastic and was hoping we would try and snap him up. However that was over a short period. The longer period he has been total gash. Even trez can make a quality pass once in a while (for watkins header v Liverpool I think) ironically it was dross birkley with a quick feeling over the top for trez. It's like luiz but the opposite, was dirt until first lockdown but came back a worldy ( although has since gone backwards but still not as bad as the first 23rds of last season).
  6. Birkleys useless mess up directly resulted in them literally going straight up the other end and scoring. Even kicking it out would have been better than what he did or should I say, didn't do. Doesn't matter how good the goal was, we had a chance to attack and yet again its totally collapsed due to birkley slowing everything down thinking he can emulate grealish. Then to let them walk away with the ball while just standing there ? Brilliant. Multiply that scenario 5 or 6 times per game when he starts and you have a fair summary of what he has brought to the team in 80% o
  7. For birkley a 7/10 performance today. That equates to a 2/10 for anyone else. Utter waste of a shirt. Luckily those high wages will go towards something more useful next season such as free scarves for our first home game with a crowd, or free ketchup on half time chips. Or maybe swapping regular light bulbs for LED ones, they pay for themselves after a couple years. Or just pile up a week of wages we are paying him and set fire to it. Anythings better than him playing for us since his injury.
  8. Barkley isn't good enough to be a scape goat. Goats run around. His pathetic attempt at ... God knows what it was, when he had clear site of goal a decent angle and easily in shooting range just dithers until the defender removes the ball from him, they then literally go down the other end and score. It was a direct result of yet more lazy terrible birkley decision making. Since his injury he has been worse than traore and that's saying something. At least traore has been half decent in 1 game in 5. Birkley has possibly, being generous, 4 good or decent games for us. And it
  9. Still can't work out how smith and his coaching staff think that the first sub shouldn't be anything other than traore off for Davis? Traore was utter dirt yet again today and watkins could have moved right for Davis in the middle. But no. On, in slo mo waddles the fat lazy scouser. Then once the first wrong sub is made traore has to come off anyway. Then there's a chance to still bring on Davis but nope. Davis isn't going to score but against a timid Liverpool defence he would have shown for the ball, held it up, challenged for it, laid it off, ran
  10. Ian Taylor wasn't an exciting player, god how I would love sansom to be our next Ian Taylor. Hard working none stop running, pops up with the odd goal or two and pops up with crucial tackles and interceptions. Every good team needs an Ian Taylor.
  11. Another assist in strasbourgs latest win. Played 7 scored 1 and 3 assists 3 wins 2 draws 2 losses Moving strasbourgs points per game from 1.042 points per game to 1.13 points per game. Clearly a big improvement with him in their team.
  12. Davis direct running when they had the ball, trez being at the far post and watkins not having 3 defenders on him. Our front 3 NEED to all work hard, traore just doesn't and today elghazi didn't. That left watkins nothing. The formation changed to loose 4 4 2 and all of a sudden we started shooting. Deano needs to realise 4 3 3 with no jack doesn't work. Tripe game for 70 odd minutes then the slow ponderous laboured play stopped as the quicker high ball was an option with davis on the pitch. We should be changing things more often if we aren
  13. Watch the penalty from the least obvious angle only... no penalty given. Watch it from the angle the commentators first watched.. clear penalty. Watkins nips the ball and the player goes through him. Seems rather selective on what angle the VAR official chooses to show the ref ?
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