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  1. I can see target coming in for Taylor and then I can see hause and konsa being on the bench as both can play cb and fullback.
  2. Sigh, taylor doesnt put a foot wrong defensively. So far that's pretty much a fact. However gives zero to the player in front, shown again with trez worst game for us. I can see him in for 1 more premier game with gilbert in before he is swapped over. Smith gradually introducing the new full backs. Defending? Great Anything else ? Poor. Yes hes a defender but in our system the importance of over lapping is huge with 1 up front. 4 4 2 I would play taylor, 4 5 1 taylor doesnt even get on the bench, hause over him I'm afraid.
  3. Jota wont, we've seen it when hes come on previously, with elmo at right back he was totally ineffective. Hes a clever player but needs distraction around him to create, he gets it with fred Gilbert
  4. Dodnt even notice he was on the pitch till he drove forwards right at the end of the first half and got the free kick. He is looking good and I suspect if connor doesnt start, he may take on free kick duties.
  5. Didn't see the 1st goal then ? sometimes you just need to hold your hands up and say the truth, we were far more attacking and dangerous down the right, our best attacker so far was trez, he had Taylor. How did trez play ? Fast fullbacks like it or not is how we need to play
  6. Me who voted gilbert Changed our entire right hand side. That is what overlapping does. Taylor I suspect is next to be switched, even slow on throw ins. Defensively sound, cant knock elmo or Taylor, attacking, well I think gilbert showed why people want a faster player who is willing to overlap at the back. Whole team well done 3 points baby
  7. Looking good again, needs to switch it abit as passing to mings instead of playing it out ... if I have to pick faults.
  8. Pushes hard every time we have the ball, has totally transformed our team down the right. Leaves gaps but also creates gaps. Swings and round abouts but we look far more threatening down the right. Need to swap out Taylor down the left and we will see Smith's formation and tactics come good. Not a dig at Taylor or elmo but active rather than reactive is the way to go.
  9. And how many of Elmo passes were forwards quick and relieving pressure ? I can guess less than 1 in 8 ? You cant obviously play every pass forwards or quickly but if you look at Bournemouth, they managed it. 3 quick passes in the floor and they were within shooting distance, they did that throughout the entire game as the defense moved the ball quickly. Taylor more so but both play the safety first game 80% of the time which means when we have possession, 80% of the time it will be a slow build up. With the new rule of playing from a goal kick, now more than ever we should be using the quicker playing and thinking players. I can see taylor being replaced before Elmo due to the support Elmo gives the attack over taylor but unless trez is going to be a superstar I cant see us damaging teams with great effect with the fullbacks as they are. It's about getting the playing system working as best it can and as mentioned several times, defensively both fullbacks have done their primary defense duties perfectly well, as reactionary players rather than proactive players. The system requires proactive players in each position.
  10. The speed in which BOTH fullbacks release the ball forwards is an issue. As I already said, neither have done much if any wrong defensively however their lack of speed impacts the entire team. Elmo less than taylor which is why I suggested swapping trez for gilbert. Slow build up means the other team are more likely to press. If they press, we are more likely to make mistakes. Sometimes a slow build up is required but doing it the majority of the time is far more effort and work because the other team have time to nullify. Defend from the front is what we used to be good at, with 1 player isolated it's never going to happen so we either accept we are going to be pressed back in pretty much every game or we change things around which involves either formation or players or both. Bearing in mind Smith has a set formation it only leaves a change in player to get the best from his system.
  11. Disappointed yesterday. It's his own fault. Jack has set my expectations high when he's on the ball. Just like when platt or Yorke got on the ball in a 1 on 1, you expect them to beat the keeper and score, it felt like someone was cheating if they didn't. 3 or 4 aimless passes yesterday is all it took for me to think he is not up to speed yet. Why ? Because I'm not use to seeing it from him. That stuck in my head far more than anything else he did because it was so un grealish. He shouldn't be dropping as deep now we have luiz playing that role but he still wants to be involved in everything and try and drive us forwards but midfielders are quicker and fitter in this league which is why if he stays slightly further forwards it puts their players in the mindset of not going forwards and leaving him.
  12. Needs to stay as the focal point, not go deep looking for the ball. We were left 4 or 5 times yesterday with no one in the middle when attacking. Its frustrating to watch and I'm sure for him frustrating to play as he is either isolated or drops too deep.
  13. If the team isnt clicking and playing as a unit in the style and formation we intend to use, then something needs to change. Our lack of pace predominantly down the left is making us predictable and easy to nullify. Neither elmo or taylor have defensively put a foot wrong, the lack of support going forwards means we are dropping deeper and inviting pressure and having to work twice as hard. Our speedy players after 65 minutes are then exhausted and we have no subs who I would consider game changers or impact subs. For what ever reasons, our full backs are not releasing the ball quicker, driving the play forwards to relieve pressure. I wouldnt be upset having gilbert in front of elmo and trez on the left as trez offers more than el ghazi,to make up for the lack of threat down the left and to add drive and solidity down the right. Leaving el ghazi as an impact sub, however we also need CH dead ball skills as we were wasteful and poor from both corners and free kicks. We dont have strength of depth so having 2 rb on the pitch is not ideal and probably swapping el ghazi for CH has less impact on the rest of the team while adding more attacking options.
  14. It would be easier if Taylor had played defensively badly in the last couple games. He hasnt, hes actually done very well defensively. Unfortunately Smith's system and the players we have require that positive forward playing mind set that is not natural to Taylor. When only 1 player is going down one side of the pitch and the fullback literally offers nothing such as crossing, overlapping or driving forwards, not only does it make the oppositions job a lot easier it makes us as a team far easier to defend against. I'm sure el ghazi is not happy having no options but to try and go it alone against 2 or more players the majority of the time hes on the ball. It also pulls our midfield out as they then have to give options, happened 3 or 4 times yesterday, big wes and all our midfielders got dragged out wide left and no one in the box. It's not an anti Taylor rant, its pointing out that the personel we used down the left to good effect last year is not working as well against better players.
  15. After some thinking... Trez on the left, gilbert on the right We then in theory have our right side with 2 who can cross. The left with trez and taylor or trez and target Not too much messing around but gives us more than what we have at the moment. Leaves el ghazi as impact sub which we do not have as it stands.

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