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  1. Admittedly didn't fully focus on the match as was on the beach, but didn't even realise watkins was playing for most of the first 25 minutes until he kept getting clattered. A poor performance from him yesterday. Mings again with soft non directional headers slicing passes, trying to dummy forwards and ending up giving corners or possession away when originally under no pressure. As soon as emi went off I was questioning the decision ( didn't have the sound on) and the same with Doug and with young. 2 nil up and we swap our midfielders for less composed ones. Why we didn't revert to a narrow 4411 to keep hold of the ball more I really don't know. We had either konsa or axel to move to right back. It isn't even a case of easy knowing after the event, it was crystal clear after the 75th minute we were getting over ran and they were going to keep on pushing. Poor in game tactics and all 3 subs not being up to their previous form cost us those 3 points Yes we are missing several players, the table doesn't give hardship points for teams going through injury spells.
  2. When it's not his day, boy it's really not his day. These performances need to be managed, it was clear after his 4th or 5th mis control that word needed to get to him to keep things simple. Unfortunately he does the total opposite and tries every pass to be a Hollywood ball, which 90% of the time fails and gives away possession. And that's what happened all game. It was clear to the majority that at half time things needed to change very early in the 2nd half, it never happened and we continued to play poorly.
  3. Well that was terrible. Martinez I put as motm as none of the outfield players were even vaguely good. Cash, 1st touch terrible, crossing terrible, poor decision making and lost his man 6 maybe 7 times leaving them clean through down the right. Konsa, don't think he did too much wrong but didn't see anything good Mings, some mings type play. Stops a goal on the line one minute, poor pass sets them clean through ghe next. Poor headers of the ball for his height, that oddly people were defending. Today under no pressure several headers aimless or out of play, no power or direction. Hause, did better than the rest at winning the ball but it just kept bouncing back to them whn he did put in a challenge. Target, he is missing the overlap and because of this, the expectation is that he crosses the ball, his crossing was not good today bat our goal. Luiz, looked like he was trying to get himself sent off at the end of the game, some tidy passing but several poor 1st touches giving the ball straight back to them. Mcginn over hit under hit mis directed you name anything other than perfect weighted pass and he did it all game. Holding the ball too long and giving it away was another trait today. Ramsey was poor 1st half, 2nd half bar flicking the ball to ings for watkins goal he was anonymous Watkins scored, thats the best I can sat in what was another repeat offender for miscontrolling the ball, not running the lines and when he did. Got caught offside. Ings had a couple shots a couple tackles and not much else Smith left it too late
  4. None of our 3 midfielders have played well so far. Mcginn with a couple long distance shots and that's about it, gave the ball away several times including for their goal. Ramsey is having a mare, needs to change his studs for longer ones, keeps slipping at vital moments, poor passing. Luiz, not really done much of anything other than poor set pieces. Add in watkins having another poor half and some comedy gold by mings, we are lucky to be 1 nil down. They can't all be as bad 2nd half so I expect us to be alot better. Give it 10 minutes then Ramsey off for emi another 10 to see if watkins can improve, if not watkins off for traore. Need to wake up as we were just so bad in our 1st touch today.
  5. I'm hoping the mcginn of the last 3 or 4 games continues his fine form.
  6. I cant see why clubs with rich owners can't pay a deposit for how much they will spend the following year ? If that money is already ring fenced for salary and transfers then that club is ' safe' for the following years spending, what ever that amount is. It allows teams with investors the opportunity to catch up and the poorly managed like Barca drop back. That's a fair way of doing things
  7. Hause can't be on more than 20 25k pw. An increase of 10k pw should keep him happy and us inline with ffp for a 4th choice cb ( who I rate as our best header at the club). Emi I think as long as we pay him the going rate and he stars for the argies, will be here till he is no longer the top keeper. I expect a good 5 years or hopefully more out of him and then him to get his coaching badges here so his family and he stays in the Birmingham area for 10 plus years. Top quality we have to keep
  8. Almost as funny as making something up pretending others said it. Desperate.
  9. It's weird and will take some getting use to, it's been a while since we had proper good options. When Bailey and sansom are fit again with emi and traore axel young to come in, it's only really right back/ wing back we are short on for this season. I'm happy enough with stear as cover for this year.
  10. It depends what is classed as win headers, mings for his height, is not great at winning headers, by which I mean clearing the ball in the direction you want. The ball may reach mings head first but he normally has no idea where its going and his headers while defending normally lack any power or direction. I have watched enough games to see for myself that while in the Championship, mings was dominant in the air, in the Premier league, not so. When hause heads it, the ball normally goes a good distance in the direction you would expect and he focuses on the ball, mings concerns himself with the player most of the time rather than the ball. If mings could head as reliably as hause, mings would be 10% better than he already is. Having 1 dominant in the air, one dominant on the floor and one with a decent mix of both seems a good combination if we play a 3 5 2
  11. Had a read of the thread, they seem a bit negative .
  12. He is never going to be guaranteed a start however our club needs a few hause type players. Players who will stay around the first team, not cause issues and will step in when required. He has been the only reliable header of the ball since we got promoted, something that cost us several times by not having anyone else who can win headers. His passing has improved although that's also to do with team movement and quality of player he plays with. Requires a new contract which keeps him happy and our squad happy. Against spurs I'm in 2 minds, axel is more mobile and quicker which helps when kane drops deep and the runners are going past him, on the other hand, we have 3 different types at the back, do we just play our own game and keep momentum and let the concern themselves with our formation? What a joy to have real options rather than who can we fit in to play 4 3 3 even if its the wrong player.
  13. Not before the trip, I need the cyprus sun
  14. Needs to be signing a new contract by the end of Jan otherwise we need to look at moving him on. Can't have players running down their contracts who play 1st team and we want to keep. A 4 or 5 year contract will do the trick. If he wants to go, which there isn't any sign of, then better to get as much as possible as soon as possible.
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