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  1. Just slow and poor today, shame we had an off game against a team we should have looked to win but hey ho. Too many poor passes poor choices and just plain poor show.
  2. Slow to the ball, some lazy shocking passing and over all poor decision making by mcginn, grealish, barkley and Watkins our most reliable players this far. Let's try and fight at least
  3. Man City have 2 chances to sign him. January or June. For any transfer to happen it will be down to the player. If the player doesn't want to go, there is no transfer as I doubt villa would push him out. Hes 22 and playing 1st team football which has got him into brazils team. He will have been in Birmingham for a year to 2 years by Jan/June so will be settled for the first time in a good few years. If we progress into the top 10 this season, im not sure he would want to go to man City at this stage of his career. I would think it far more likely he would continue
  4. Thats a very good point, it may be that any other purchases are lined up now for January for anyone who would be considered a starter. Due to our spending, it may have to be a down payment and the rest due in June or loan from Jan to June with option to buy as ways of avoiding putting more money on this years budget. At least the selling club would know they only need to wait 6 months for the rest of the money.
  5. Voted him mom today, held his position some vital interceptions and some good runs. We need to keep him and luiz together as it helps both defence and attack with their energy. Good stuff Sjm
  6. All players who played from the start a 10. Effort, fight, skill and pride to wear the shirt. Thats what we long for, I can just about take getting beaten when a team outplays and out fights us and we show fight but are the worst team on the night. That game is up there with 5-1 against Liverpool at half time.
  7. It was relevant to the whole teams performance and being honest anger at the apathy of some players who get a chance to earn their 35k pw and get completely outshines by a 19 year old who looked proud to be playing a first team game. For me there were a couple players who for the time they were on the pitch gave their effort, thats embarrassingly poor. The hatred comment wasn't aimed at you, I cant be bothered checking who it was at but apologies if it was wrongly directed at you.
  8. I hate him ? See how many posts I've ever written criticising him. Probably less than 5 ever. The people I gave any half decent ratings for were the players who actually bothered and looked like they wanted the shirt. First half traore played for the team, 2nd half he literally went walk about. I'm surprised at some of the negativity towards our youngest player last night, he was our only midfielder driving us with the ball. The scores were relative to last nights game, I would say as a team player who looked like he was bothered and wanted the shirt , the ones I gave a 9
  9. If keeping the ball till you lose it positive ? Or maybe shooting instead of passing, repeatedly with little if anything going anywhere near the target ? Its a team game, not an im not passing it because I think I'm better There were 4, yes 4 players in the first half trying. Surprise yet not surprised that you fail to mention his cross which lansbury had a harder effort to miss than score ? Im sure if it were elmo making that cross you wouldn't have stopped going on about it. Or that he played on the right the entire second half on his own as traore had gone walk
  10. Yep I saw him raise his hands as if to say wtf ? Played the second half on his own down the right as traore decided he wasn't playing there
  11. How to ruin our mojo Play Taylor Elmo at centre Hause Lansbury Davis El ghazi All in the same team Then when we play utter dog dirt we bring on jota ? Ratings Steer 9 a couple great saves Gilbert 9 only player in defence until konsa Elmo 3 utter gutless but no surprise Hause 2 couldn't even stay on the pitch so wasted one of our attacking subs, total shocker tonight Taylor 4 literally zero and that is being generous that he adds to any team Lansbury 3 thinking he can float 40 yard balls instead of keeping t
  12. Doing well to be 1 nil down when we only have 4 players who look remotely bothered about playing a first team game. Steer Ramsey Gilbert Traore The rest of them have literally been dog dirt. Davis has the touch of a rapist tonight and carries his normal zero goal threat. El ghazi is thinking he can dribble and do what ever he wants, which he can't and has been greedy and poor. Lansbury has missed 2 or 3 sitters and poor passing Nakamba back to his worst, slow poor negative passing. Taylor is having a Taylor game of poor play generally m
  13. Or Gareth Barry, or Dwight yorke or Lee hendrie or vassell or other young players we have thought were good enough to play 1st team football ? Sending players out on loan such as ohare and gardener at 19 or 20 years old didnt do them much good for us did it ? If you dont try him you don't know. He has had minutes and has not looked out of place against Fulham. If there is no intention of playing him unless of several injuries then yes a loan would be beneficial, if he is sure to get 20 or 30 minutes every other game as a sub and has the chance to fill in if someone is injur
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