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  1. Would also add to the praise for High Score in Netflix too. Really enjoyed it.
  2. Literally had exactly the same experience a few months back! Loved that game. Was never a Champ Man but great fun.
  3. Last episode of S1 of Lupin for me later. Have enjoyed it so far, even if it is slightly daft in places.
  4. Bürki's been injured but yes, ideally he'd be replaced too. I think what's in front of him is a bigger issue though personally. I agree that Sommer is underrated. He's not very tall (for a keeper) buy a great shot stopper and has good feet. Has the odd mistake in him too but so do most. Definitely better than Bürki but I don't imagine Gladbach would let him go cheap.
  5. So what are BVB supposed to do? It'll be interesting to see how they do with Rose. Seems a better fit than Favre for the club. It'll be very difficult to put up any sort of challenge to Bayern without CL qualification, considering they'd most likely lose some of their better players. I imagine Sancho will leave either way though - unfortunately for less money than was possible last summer - but they'll be hoping to keep the likes of Haaland, Reyna etc. and invest some money in the defence. Akanji just isn't quite good enough and I wonder if they'll look to replace Hummels if they can shif
  6. It's gone very 'dads posting on Facebook' on here lately. Guess I'll add to it.
  7. Love a bit if Woodford Reserve (although I will shamefully admit I quite like it mixed with coke) - how does the double oaked compare? Be interested in your views on this - not tried American Eagle. Bought a family member the 15-year-old one as a Christmas present after seeing a great offer online late last year, and regret not getting one myself to sample.
  8. I find DMF a bit meh. I've had the pineapple one too and it's not as good as the equivalent one that someone got me from Aldi last year (can't remember the name) or the magnificent Stiggins' Fancy from Plantation - the king of pineapple rums. I got the Hazelnut DMF for Christmas too which, like the others, I found a little chemical-tasting. It does make a nice addition to a hot chocolate after taking the dog a walk on a colder winter evening though! Couple of other rums I've had recently: Took a little getting used to and quite liked it in the end. Not really what I expected - q
  9. The "I'm disabled ... leg disabled" moment is regularly quoted in our house even now.
  10. Watching Wall-E with the little one this morning. Such a good film and it always amazes me how much character they can get into him from the eyes and little movements. Possibly my favourite Pixar film but hard to compare with Toy Story because it's such a classic, and I love Ratatouille too (but haven't seen it in ages so will have to watch again soon and evaluate!)
  11. Finished Schitt's Creek this week. Loved it and thought it ended well.
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