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  1. I'd have been annoyed if that would have been our player and it'd been given as a penalty after review. Through gritted teeth, I agree it's not. Follow through wasn't exactly reckless or with excessive force. Guy got the ball... just. We were the better team overall and unlucky at times. All the same, we could have lost by more as we were sliced open on the counter two or three times, and that Grealish backheel was suicidal. In fact I was disappointed with Jack today - the talent was still there and he still played well overall, but I thought he lacked a bit of composure at times and his
  2. Apparently the sculpture is called 'Saved by the Whale's Tail', too.
  3. With no BOTW2 on the horizon, I'm also thinking of selling mine. The main thing that's stopped me putting it on eBay so far is worrying about what happens if someone buys it, breaks it and then returns it claiming it was broken upon receipt. Looking at eBay's policies, it seems I'd still have to refund them at least 50% if they sent it back.
  4. Trez made a big difference but can't see really how anyone can give someone other than Jack MOTM. Maybe it's just because we know pretty much everything goes through him, but as usual he was instrumental (once we actually started to play). Mings had a shocking first half but was better in the second. As I said in the match thread, he's a good player and leader but becomes far too complacent at times. His relaxed attitude can be a good thing but he needs to be 100% focused all the time. Not jumping against a Ward-Prowse free kick is criminal. McGinn was poor again. Still pushes and ha
  5. Mings has been very poor today and against Leeds. I like him and he's a good player, a great leader too (even though certainly not by example today) but if this run continues I'd genuinely consider dropping him. Then again, I did think the same at one point last season when he seemed to become similarly complacent, and was soon wishing for him back in the team! Shocking all round so far though from Villa. We looked so organised in the press early this season but we're all over the place today like we were in the last game. Seems like the players don't know where and when to push up a
  6. I'm looking for a new series to watch and I think it's going to be Dark. I'm just a bit sceptical about it because a lot of reviews saying how brilliant it is say that it's also pretty much impossible to understand what's going on, and I'm struggling to see how that would make it enjoyable! Also read that it starts quite slowly - there are some more negative comments out there about it too. I'm also waiting for the new season of Fargo to be broadcast somewhere in the UK, but I've heard it isn't quite up to the standard of the others unfortunately. Very sadly, I'm also glad that Hell'
  7. I've been looking too, and my main port of call has been avforums. This thread and poster are excellent. He advises waiting until around Black Friday and/or Christmas sales - new TV models are released each year and it's around then that the prices seem to drop significantly, then they sometimes sell out quite widely before new models are released the following year. From my own experience though, there's often a lot of crap that gets reduced on Black Friday to pull people in, so I'd advise looking out for particular models. I've decided to leave mine until next year when there's more cho
  8. Based on him playing a certain number of games from what I've read. And he's still a good defender and figurehead too. Obviously whether he's at the level they should be is a different question though. Today just exposed Barca's massive problems in moving forward even more - they're trying to bring through young players which is good to see (Dest in particular is looking impressive) but players who should be approaching or in their prime who cost astronomical sums (Griezmann, Dembélé) aren't even deserving of a place in the first XI. Interesting to see Messi playing an even deeper ro
  9. Was watching El Clasico on Bein Sports earlier and both Richard Keyes and Andy Gray called Tom Cairney 'Crainey' when they cut to his goal today. Both of them loathsome idiots from the dark ages, and thick to boot. And I'm annoyed at myself for forgetting the match and pundit in question, but I was watching a game the other day and the guy on co-comms described how a player 'rose like a powerhorse' when heading the ball. POWERHORSE.
  10. I know right - we'll be posing as fans in their forums next. How pathetic would that be?
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