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  1. Troglodyte

    James Bree

    Is Will Blossom the new assistant?
  2. Troglodyte

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    I'd heard Purslow was a Christian, but I didn't expect this.
  3. Troglodyte

    Mile Jedinak

    We most definitely missed him today.
  4. Troglodyte

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    We really do play like no-one knows what anyone else is going to do.
  5. Troglodyte

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    We really are shit.
  6. Troglodyte

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    We're completely lacking composure on the ball. As well as lacking physicality, we're just so unbelievably sloppy. And Tuanzebe is crap. Why the hell we haven't made any changes yet I don't know.
  7. Troglodyte

    Match Thread: Millwall v Villa

    We have been totally dominated by them physically for the whole match. This is the type of game made for Jedinak unfortunately.
  8. Troglodyte

    New Manager Speculation

    Barthez is more likely.
  9. Troglodyte

    Steve Bruce

    Many would argue that the most important thing is just to get Bruce out so we can start Agnew.
  10. Troglodyte

    Steve Bruce

    If our target is to be there or thereabouts, I think we'll at least be there or thereabout there or thereabouts by about the end of the season, probably. The intelligent ones amongst you will see that.
  11. Troglodyte

    Media and punditry

    I think Lee Dixon's metamorphosis into Mark Lawrenson is almost complete. Shitty little moustache and some even bigger collars and he'll be there. Idiot.
  12. Troglodyte

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    Can we just get rid of him now please.
  13. Troglodyte

    Pre-match thread

    My mate's a Wednesday fan and is usually quite bullish, but this time he reckons we'll win 4-1. Not so confident myself, but it would be great to start seeing things click into place. I'm hoping to see a big performance from Jack.