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  1. Reminds me of living down the road from Lincoln cathedral. Possibly my favourite building.
  2. Even with ten men and lacking fitness, we should still be playing 15-20 yards further up the pitch.
  3. Oh Jesus he actually is making a defensive substitution.
  4. Best take Kane off now and get Coady on the pitch.
  5. Even less now... Walker's an idiot and has been poor today.
  6. The fullbacks aren't doing enough for me. They're the ones we need to really stretch the game so we can get the forward players more involved. Then again, our general passing has been too slow and lacking accuracy at times when we have found a bit of space. I suppose it's not unexpected in pre-season, but I didn't think the players would look this rusty given the context. Still think Jack is our best bet.
  7. Even if it were unlimited, I doubt we'd see Jack on the pitch.
  8. Yeah bring a striker on when we're not getting the ball into that area enough... brilliant.
  9. Bringing Greenwood or Grealish on for Ward-Prowse or Rice is exactly what England are crying out for here. I have no idea why he's waiting so long. Could even get both on.
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