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  1. Troglodyte


  2. GET IT FORWARD But yes, sounded great yesterday (bar the odd spell!)
  3. Troglodyte


    What the hell are you on about with brown envelopes? Get a grip.
  4. Troglodyte


    Despite being a huge fan of Klopp and admiring several of their players, I share most football fans' disdain of Liverpool. However, you can't really be surprised at the media response to such an incredible result and performance. This is football, and it's brilliant - even if it's not the team you were supporting. Barcelona were absolutely insipid, but Liverpool deserve huge praise. The sad thing is that it's so difficult to realistically imagine Villa in such a scenario, but there's no way we'd be questioning the media if we were. In fact, I think the term 'media wankfest' is universally used in a fit of jealousy as other teams/players get deserved praise for praiseworthy performances. Do we really expect "Oh yeah, Liverpool just turned around a 3-0 deficit against a strong Barcelona side, without two of their vaunted front three, by winning 4-0 to create another classic European night in front of their fans who created an incredible atmosphere... meh. Next game please." Anyway, I hope Ajax smash them in Madrid!
  5. I see they've put up a signal behind the goal to summon the help of the Batman.
  6. With his fragility he'd probably end up retiring through injury after playing this lot.
  7. They have been targeting Grealish for rough treatment but I don't think that anything warrants us screaming and shouting. Some decisions have been a little generous to us, too. However, I do think we've shown that we can very much get under their skin here. The next step is to prove that we can take advantage of that, rather than Leeds using it to build their own momentum. Bielsa will certainly be trying to spin it that way at half time, and we need to be the bigger side.
  8. I think that aspect of his game has massively improved this season tbh. It's one reason he's kept his place in the team.
  9. Getting sick of only winning on every single match day. Need to be winning on days where there aren't any fixtures too. Not good enough. Smith out.
  10. There is no "better than Jack Grealish".
  11. Okay so where's the best place to get caught up* with this? I'd rather watch something but without needing to get through a load of episodes again. Someone told me there was a two-hour recap on Sky a week or two ago but I can't seem to find even a mention of it anywhere - anyone got any ideas? Also I hope they all die. And Stannis comes back to become king, as he should be. *edit: Just to be clear I have seen it all; I just need a memory jog. Was considering watching the last episode of season 7 but if there's something that recaps more than that so I'm up to speed on where all the plot lines are then I'd prefer it.
  12. Clearly not official. McGinn's actual heatmap:
  13. I heard we once played two strikers at the same time, but it's probably bollocks.

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