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  1. I think we do try a lot of set pieces and have clearly been working on some moves in training - you can tell by the movements made. The problem has been the execution.
  2. My next door neighbour is an inconsiderate arsehole. He knocked on my door at 3AM last night! 3AM!! Lucky for him I was still up playing my drums.
  3. I can only hope that in time to come I blank out a lot of this season too
  4. Did Roy Keane just say "I had a short time there" about us? Was half paying attention but that's what it sounded like.
  5. Douglas Luiz has developed loads. We're clearly going to lose him though with the deal we have with City - they'll just buy him back and sell him on. Grealish hasn't been good enough today and when that's the case we've got no hope. Samatta looks like he has no confidence at all. I generally can't stand Trez but at least he bloody tries. Bit of a headless chicken at times but at least it picks our pace up a bit, which just totally drops so often. El Ghazi on the other hand I think is a better player but affects pressing rather than actually doing it. Hates going in for a challenge and is a total bottler. Mings has been shit.
  6. I'm also thinking about replacing the door on the side of my garage. Believe it or not that's a true story; I'm not just saying it so I look really cool and fit in.
  7. If you have a bidet movement then you're using it wrong.
  8. Through a miscommunication caused by poor grammar.
  9. Not sure the Championship counts as a big European league.
  10. Is it singing or dancing he's good at?
  11. Leipzig should have a big picture of a lawn on the front of their shirt rather than bulls.
  12. That explains why all the Wolves players kept picking the ball up yesterday then.
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