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  1. Fair point, but I think Ings looked the more tired of the two and Ollie would have kept up the press a little more.
  2. Will also add that I thought Michael Oliver was shit, and not for the first time. That's not a reaction either - his decision to give a foul on Tuanzebe when Silva got through was a joke. No need to blow at all - VAR would have had it covered if it were a foul, which it wasn't.
  3. Possibly the worst game from him since he's become established in the first team. Very poor.
  4. Mings also making **** stupid decisions again. No need to time waste when he did at all, but shit like that gives a mental advantage to them. Then he goes charging into midfield completely unnecessarily when we have players there. Said it before, he can be a great leader but at other times the guy's an idiot and puts pressure back on us.
  5. One thing I will accept that others aren't having is that DL did need to come off. He was playing well but he was also looking jaded, even including the end of the first half I felt.
  6. I still love the guy and this is nothing like calling for his head, but a lot of that is on Smith. Three single subs gives him no further options. Young isn't the right guy. Why keep two strikers on, especially when Ings' influence is lacking, etc. Wolves were beat and we gave the game back to them. Traore had stopped trying. Thought Buendia was excellent and not sure why he came off - he was still putting pressure on them and running.
  7. That's what I'm leaning towards at the moment. I'm not too fussed about taking the -4 hit and have done a couple of times this season so far with success - just have the worry about kicking myself for getting rid of Ronaldo if he bags a few, particularly if Rudi comes back next week anyway. Then again if I don't swap, I'm sure Trent will go on to rack up three assists and a brace against Watford!
  8. Dilemma time with Rudiger injured. Options: 1. Just keep him. Means subbing in either Jacob Ramsey or hoping Raphinha starts for Leeds (seems unlikely - Ramsey not nailed on either). 2. Transfer: Rudi out for Chilwell. I think Chilwell will start, but that's not nailed on with Alonso there too. 3. Take the 4 point hit on two transfers: get Trent back in (I'd got rid when he got injured) in place of Rudi, raised by funds from selling Ronaldo and putting someone else up front: Wilson, Antonio, Jimenez, Vardy and Auba all options. I'd be leaning towards Vardy or Auba given the fixtures but that choice is another difficult one in itself!
  9. Does the green/red arrow thing refer to position in the overall ranking or is there more to it than that? This is the first season I'm playing properly - I usually put a team together before the season and leave it. Not doing too badly at the moment, ranking around 125k.
  10. Just watched the game. Fantastic performance - so proud of the boys. I was thinking with about 10 minutes to go how great we'd played, and was telling myself to remember that when we inevitably make one mistake and get punished. However, to get the win was **** brilliant. I've actually defended Mike Dean on here recently but he was a disgrace today. The fans, as ever, were amazing too. McGinn unbelievable and leading by example. If you're playing a high energy game with commitment and desire, he's exactly the guy you want as the heartbeat. Dougie was brilliant next to him and a great delivery for the corner. Ings kept running, Watkins was frustrating but we mustn't overlook the hard work he constantly puts in and did so today, and the guys at the back were incredibly well organised. Martínez fantastic and yet another unflappable leader. The boss. Again, so proud of everything about this club right now. UTV.
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