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  1. Yeah actually it does seem horrifically bad. It's just that the scale of these fires had been on the decline and it wasn't uncommon for it to be this bad a decade ago - plus old pictures had been spread purporting to be recent. Bolsonaro is a dick.
  2. I'm not talking about global warming; it's preposterous for anyone to suggest that's not happening. I was specifically referring to the recent reports on this year's fires in the Amazon.
  3. Tarantino's great. He's incredibly indulgent but that's just part of what his films are. Having said that, I was a little underwhelmed by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In many ways it's a great film, but more one to soak in and enjoy rather than be gripped by. Has the feel of a classic in places but it won't be remembered as one, and not up there with his best. Wonderful though as a homage (with perhaps some questionable bits) to Hollywood and film in that era.The end was typical Tarantino so I loved it - I imagine others might react differently!
  4. Obviously it's far from great but there seems to be some suggestions that it's not as bad (compared to many other years) as is being reported - largely on social media. Two widely shared images for example are actually several years old. In fact, the trends more recently have seen deforestation through fire decrease. We're destroying the planet no doubt, but things get very easily spread (like wildfire HAHAHAHA) without context.
  5. I've been having trouble sewing recently. Whoops, wrong thread.
  6. But your mouth is more than happy to accept the D?
  7. Andrés Iniesta - probably my favourite footballer. Gianluigi Buffon - even though I don't particularly want to see Juve and PSG win anything, I'd love to see him lift the CL trophy. Jürgen Klopp - very difficult to see him at Liverpool, even if they are far less detestable as a club overall than they were when Gerrard, Carragher etc. were there.
  8. At one point the others started getting into heated debate and didn't seem to be making much sense at all - Neville was tying himself in knots and Souness just wanted to jump in at every opportunity. Mourinho just sat there throughout until they asked him about it and he basically shifted away from their dumb argument.
  9. While I'm not saying they'll necessarily stay up, you can't really compare any promoted teams to Wolves, as they were on a different level. I said one here, actually during the game we smashed them, that they'd finish top half and be pushing for Europe in the Prem. I also think many people are underestimating Norwich though. It's not just good team spirit they've got. But yeah, it could still become very tough for them with what they have.
  10. Troglodyte


    It's a shame for Ajax that they didn't get automatic Champions League qualification. Instead they have a couple of rounds to get through, the first being against PAOK which is no easy task and they drew in the first leg. Without going into the season secure in the knowledge that they have CL football though, it makes the already difficult task of trying to get their stars to give them another season even harder, while also making recruitment that bit tougher too.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place but we've signed an 18-year-old Kiwi goalkeeper, Jamie Searle. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/football-soccer/news/article.cfm?c_id=86&objectid=12256834

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