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  1. I reckon there might be a certain other player who is actually the 'crown jewel' of Argentina. Aside from that, and his style not quite being the same as Aguero, there's no way we're signing Lautaro Martínez.
  2. And obviously that won't send people to their betting platform to throw money on him leaving...
  3. Nah mate think it's just those villareport frauds.
  4. I've not been to the dentist since I was 18, and I'm 32 now. Embarrassing really but other than pain from my wisdom teeth coming through, I've never had issues. I keep telling myself I'll get signed up but a combination of stories like these where I just assume I'll get shafted, the difficulty in finding an NHS dentist, and the fact that I generally just shudder at the idea of having dental work work done means I'm still in no rush!
  5. Poor on the men's BMX coverage as they cut to the studio after highlights of the semi finals before returning to the final, and the last thing the daft woman (didn't catch her name) says is that the British guy has done really well to get silver. There went the tension for the final! No idea why they didn't just show all the coverage together, then go back to the studio after.
  6. Troglodyte


    How are people feeling about the Football Ramble these days? I've just about got used to the line up except for Kate Mason - I find her irritating and so much goes over her head. They joke about that but it's usually just painful. Don't mind it being daily as I'll listen when walking the dog, but it's still not the same without the original four and I'd prefer a reduction in frequency if it meant getting the gang back together. Brassell is the best of the 'new' bunch but he's better on OTC. That was also better with Luke. I don't really like Dotun Adebayo.
  7. Do you worry that they won't be able to control themselves, or is it your own urges that distract you from the film?
  8. Bob Odenkirk collapsed yesterday filming Better Call Saul and there's still no news on his condition, just that he's still in hospital. Hoping he's okay - I love Saul!
  9. Enjoyed Lupin too. Bit daft in places but entertaining.
  10. Well everyone seems to hate Ben & Jerry's. Their 'Netflix & Chill'd' is **** amazing. Also agree on the Biscoff beasts on sticks. Amazing. Also not a fan of Mars bars but Mars ice creams are the tits. Can't only have one though because they're tiny.
  11. Start with Blind Forest or doesn't it matter?
  12. While I'm not defending Barcelona or anyone else, the financial rules are more arbitrary and they change over time and depending on the location. There have always been better teams than others, and some of the better ones are in that position because of an arguably unfair injection of cash. But a football fan can still watch games between those teams knowing that any outcome is theoretically possible. Upsets are rare but do happen and the prospect is exciting. In match fixing, the outcome is already decided. Do you seriously think Tony Xia's financial mismanagement is "as bad as match fixing"? The Villa equivalent of Calciopoli?
  13. Bought my wife a nice wrecklace for her birthday.
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