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  2. What's the point in having three centre-backs if all of them keep backing away from the ball? We could have ten - it wouldn't stop them scoring if they all keep moving **** backwards.
  3. Great fans. Mings a leader and a colussus. Defence very good overall other than Taylor who is a shocking excuse for a footballer. Nyland absolutely fantastic. Grealish mature. Douglas Luiz very poor, and I've thought that a few times this season. He's got a touch of quality about him at times but so much seems to be lacking. Still not sure if the issue is mental or related to ability. Nakamba: some great interceptions. Woeful passing. We lost the ball way too often in midfield between him and Douglas. Pleased with the draw but disappointed at the goal we conceded.
  4. It's an easy game this football lark, isn't it? Can't believe we didn't think of that. You should be a manager!
  5. As soon as the ball goes to Taylor I just give up. Best you can hope for is a short pass that finds its way to a man a few yards away without holding up the tempo too much.
  6. Have to disagree on this one. We're not going to take the game to Leicester, or press them high up the pitch, and get anything. We're nowhere near as good a side as they are.
  7. Yeah we should step up the pitch and give Vardy a load of space in behind. Or just keep the defence deep and leave loads of room for Maddison and Perez to work in? I hate it when we drop too deep and stay there too; it happens all too often. But for this game, I don't fault the strategy. We've already been battered by Leicester once this season, and we'd still be 1-0 up in this game if we didn't make stupid decisions on that free kick. Also if a couple of our players were a bit more composed, we'd be more comfortable. Nothing to do with how deep they're playing.
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