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  1. Yeah a couple of people said that to me. I watched the odd episode back when I was at uni as my housemate really liked it, but I didn't find it very funny at all. Will probably give it another try though seeing as I've really enjoyed The Office - maybe watching it from the start will mean I'll get into it.
  2. I love the irony of them. You've got to be some quite specialist level of idiot to post how brilliantly you did in them.
  3. Joker is really good and I'm a fan of Joaquin Phoenix but I was still surprised at the level of accolades it received. Parasite was brilliant and I've got The Host to watch sometime soon - another Bong Joon-Ho film. We watched Snowpiercer before Parasite and that was pretty interesting too; I see there's a TV series of the former coming soon as well.
  4. I love Killing Eve. Jodie Comer as Villanelle is awesome. The first series was better I reckon, but still really enjoyed the second. And I can't wait for the new one, which they've moved forward - 13th April I think? I'm probably going to watch something short between now and then, finish The (American) Office which has been absolutely brilliant, then watch Better Call Saul S5 before starting Ozark. Still got the last episode of the recent series of Inside Number 9 to watch too (great show overall but a real mixed bag this time around). It's at least nice to have the time to watch all this!
  5. I've been playing a bit of Age of Empires II. Loved it as a younger teenager but mainly just played against my brother. Had another go probably about 8 years ago and became aware of build orders etc to be able to improve - could eventually (sometimes) beat the AI on its hardest difficulty setting. Now, despite trying to re-learn some of that stuff, I can't even beat it on 'moderate'. Thought about playing online initially but I'd clearly get my ass handed to me!
  6. A couple of my favourites:
  7. First time I've tried this. Lovely stuff. I want to get some of this because I had it in a bar a few weeks ago and it was amazing, but waiting for it to appear on Amazon or somewhere at a decent price:
  8. I get it. But repeatedly. Over and over again. On the internet. Reacting to the same people who aren't going to change their opinion either. Quite futile really, isn't it?
  9. I think the worst thing to come out of this situation is the endless sanctimony. It's as if you have nothing better to do with your time...
  10. It's almost like he's biased against most things Barcelona related and is a fan of Real Madrid...
  11. What was it that made you feel more engaged on the Switch? I kind of assumed that the One X would be the better experience because the machine is so much more powerful.
  12. Finished The Stranger last night. Was quite gripping but ultimately a bit disappointing and some of the tension was lost at times when the characters made unbelievable decisions/actions. I also swear that whoever owns the carwash in Cedarfield must be making a packet. Debating what to watch next. I love Better Call Saul but might wait for the end of the series. I think I heard there was an official season 1-4 recap, but I'm quite reluctant to search for it in case I see any spoilers. Anyone have a link? So while I'm waiting for that it's possibly Ozark (the wife doesn't really fancy it though), this Tiger King thing (but I'm concerned I'll be uncomfortable with the animal cruelty thing as has been mentioned) or Dark - anyone watched that? Great to see Killing Eve is back soon, too. Loves me a bit of Villanelle.
  13. Note on your edit @terrytini - it's still useful to me as I was looking to ask the same question! I just need to decide now whether to get the version for the Switch or wait until I buy an Xbox One X (if I do - currently thinking about it but haven't got as far as actually getting one!)
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