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  1. Troglodyte

    World Cup 2018 Betting

    Yep, I've gone the match betting route with my free money because I'm exactly the same!
  2. Troglodyte

    Tony Xia

    ...but yes, I do grow increasingly more worried about Xia by the day. I'm not happy with the situation but won't be making final judgement until we see how it all pans out. Although I'm pessimistic, we can't know anything for sure unless we have inside knowledge (and if you actually do, fair enough).
  3. Troglodyte

    World Cup : Group C (Fra, Aus, Per, Den)

    Do people actually find him endearing in some way? Is that the BBC's thinking? Or are they just in some kind of Micah Richards-esque contract situation? At least we'll get some actual insight back in the studio from Phil Neville... ...
  4. Troglodyte

    World Cup : Group C (Fra, Aus, Per, Den)

    Oh and yeah, Mark Lawrenson, what a blustering, supercilious waste of oxygen that man is.
  5. Troglodyte

    World Cup : Group C (Fra, Aus, Per, Den)

    Aussies looking well drilled so far - better than I expected. I do agree that France look more like a team of individuals at the moment but there's plenty of time for them to click. They should be able to unlock this defence with some quick movement once they get on the right wavelength, and if they're still struggling early second half then Giroud will pose different problems, especially if the full backs really push up. The space is there out wide.
  6. Troglodyte

    World Cup 2018 Betting

    I've got £100 free bet credits at Bet365 and was going to use it for matched betting, but doing what NV has is tempting. Currently though he's probably giving me good reason to play it safe! Doing other bits of MB during the tournament too. I stuck a few small bets on for top scorer: glad Dembélé is starting for France today because I've got £2 on him @ 219/1. Unlikely but he has it in him to get a few so thought it a worthwhile punt. Also stuck a couple of quid on Costa (28/1), Mertens (109/1), Willian (409/1) and Higuain (84-1 but I'm less confident on that one!)
  7. Troglodyte

    World Cup : Group B (Por, Spa, Mor, Irn)

    Messi hasn't won the Euros though. (I've said it before and will say it again: the Messi v Ronaldo debate is tiresome.)
  8. Troglodyte

    Tony Xia

    He's scored more goals, earned a lot more money, played alongside Lionel Messi and won three league titles, four Spanish cups, the Champions League and the Club World Cup. So I'm going to go with yes. But anyway, this thread is about Tony Xia. I still can't work the guy out. If he does have the club's best interests at heart (which to me is how he comes across, although he could of course be a total shyster beneath it all), then he does not seem like a sensible businessman and I'm angry that the club is in such a state. We've not been run properly for years. That said, I'm sure we'd have been happy with the level of risk had it paid off, which it very nearly did. None of us seem to really know anything for sure about Xia's true motivations and background, though.
  9. Troglodyte

    Media and punditry

    True - he'd make a good doorstop.
  10. Troglodyte

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    I tried to convince myself for so long that it hadn't actually got that bad, because I loved the first couple of seasons so much. But it did stall in the middle and then spiralled downwards. I sometimes think about watching the first couple of seasons again - especially as I'm in the same situation where my wife hasn't seen it - but I'd then have to carry on and I think it would make me feel sad.
  11. Troglodyte

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    My wife has kicked me out of the house because of my terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. But don't worry... I'll return.
  12. Troglodyte

    Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    It's probably been discussed before but has anyone watched American Gods? Finished that recently but still not sure what to make of it. It looked beautiful in parts but at times I felt the main storyline dragged a little and I found some of the characters pretty annoying, although I liked Ian McShane's. Also Better Call Saul season 4 announced for early August - looking forward to that. The last season was very strong.
  13. Troglodyte

    The Film Thread

    I did have the soundbar turned up because I'd read that the audio was incredible (definitely true!) and was watching it in Dolby Vision, but yeah I do still regret not experiencing it at the cinema.
  14. Troglodyte

    The Film Thread

    Over the last couple of days I've got round to watching a couple of films I intended to see in the cinema upon release but never did. The first was Dunkirk, and I think it was a good time to watch it, without all the hype behind it. I wouldn't put it up there with my favourites but it clearly was a very good film and impressively made. The second was The Big Sick. Really enjoyed that - great story and likeable characters.
  15. Troglodyte

    Ultra HD

    Mmm, gimme some of that sexy 4K World Cup action. (Which, as a result of my insistence to the Mrs that I watch it, will probably be the only action I get for the duration of the tournament.)