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  1. I do get your point, but no it's not.
  2. Mikel only tried to foul Tammy about seventeen times then.
  3. He is probably imagining that he is peak Mourinho doing something like that. In reality he's... well, he's Tony Pulis. Doesn't get much more shit than that.
  4. I would rather have a block of Weetabix managing my team than Tony Pulis.
  5. This referee is dreadful. Middlesbrough are dreadful. Tony Pulis is a clearing in the woods. Let's get another before half time.
  6. Just need to make sure we make the most of our chances. We're looking good and they look pretty uninspired but it could easily be one of those where it slips through our fingers. If we keep up the tempo and the crowd stay on side, we'll be fine.
  7. Even the corner flag doesn't want to be there.
  8. Troglodyte

    Alan Hutton

    Absolutely, and I celebrated in the stands along with everyone else, and sang his praises very highly indeed. But taking all the emotion out of it, he's not a very good footballer at all. Far too many of his committed bursts forward end up in giving the ball needlessly back to the opposition (often leaving our right side woefully exposed).
  9. Troglodyte

    Alan Hutton

    Pity that his effort in running after the winger he's supposed to be marking hasn't quite been the same as bombing forward to ultimately do nothing, but yes he has looked more committed than most players who've worn the shirt in the last few years. Would be a shame for him to have played his last game, but purely in footballing terms he won't be a loss.
  10. I don't disagree with it at all - because it's clearly true and it'd benefit us hugely for the home support to be more like the away - but I wonder if that article has actually come from within the club.

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