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  1. Dribbling it inside our own box is absolutely mental. We do that against Man City and it won't be pretty. SJM, Jack, El Ghazi etc need to provide outlets 40 yards out so defenders aren't just hoofing it to opposing midfielders. We are so poor defensively in general. Set pieces are muck. You could see them lining up for their goal before the free kick was taken. Tyrone Mings should hang his head for that one. We'd eat Neil Taylor alive if it was him. Why do we always drop off after 60 minutes? Is it fitness? Glad to see Deano making changes though. VAR has been a disgrace to us. Conor Hourihane would break your heart. Does nothing, then fires an absolute belter into the top corner. That should have stood, and he'd have (I think?) three goals in his last four games. I want to drop him, but you just can't on that form. Maupay is some player, nice to see him making the step up. He wouldn't look out of place for Spurs. Aaron Connolly should have buried us. If Jack Grealish doesn't get a cap for that performance, we'll take him back in Dublin. We played muck and got an injury time winner. That almost never happens. One point a game is roughly where the relegation places are. We're three points clear but can't expect anything from the next two games, so we may well be right back in the poo in a month. Crucially important that we took the three points here. Love to see it.
  2. Correct! Treason, pure and simple. Roger Casement was hanged for importing arms into Ireland. The UVF boys? Some of them got knighthoods...
  3. Ah, ardent unionists: so dedicated to NI's position in the UK that they will use physical force against Parliament if necessary. Loyal to the Crown as long as the Crown protects their interests. Fun fact: it was the UVF who introduced guns into twentieth century Irish politics, secretly importing 25,000 rifles when Parliament passed the Home Rule Act. Some things never change.
  4. Those saying the backstop is gone are correct. Ireland/the EU has agreed to sacrifice the backstop in exchange for the permission of a majority of a functioning NI executive to withdraw from the deal. The key is functioning. Sinn Fein can collapse the Assembly whenever they want, and then NI are stuck in. So Boris "Churchill" Johnson has just handed a huge power card to SF, whose principal aim is create unity between NI and the Republic. Why would Sinn Fein of all parties ever ever ever ever agree to a hard border in Ireland? Yeah, we'll take that compromise
  5. Yes. I've always said the immediate impact of Brexit is the lesser of the impacts. You might (or might not) have a sharp recession for a year. What I think it a bigger problem for your country is decades of slightly slower growth than what you'd otherwise have. I know people speak of Global Britain and trade deals with the US and so on, but the reality is Brexit will likely lead to less competition for British firms from European firms, and that will slow growth. Over a decade or two, you might find yourself really lagging behind. This is part of the reason ye asked the join in the first place, way back when. The first six countries were growing faster than everyone else, and the UK (and Ireland, and Denmark, and so on) all wanted a bit of the action. This is a bigger issue (imho) than a six-month recession. Good question as ever, Tony. The best way to do this is called the "synthetic control method". So you've 27 countries but not all are equal and you might want to use Germany and France as more comparable to the UK than Estonia and Malta. The synthetic control method finds you weights (more weight to France, less to Estonia) that gives you the best comparison group, a doppelganger. If you do that, the graph still looks rouhgly the same:
  6. The Employment Act of 1947 required English people needed work permits to move to Northern Ireland. Please remind any and all DUPes that this economic border in the Irish Sea existed until the 1970s. Removed, ironically, because the UK joined the EEC.
  7. One controversial thing I will say is that if we do go down this year, selling Mings, McGinn and Grealish would cover the £100m+ shortfall. Obviously the team would be gutted, but we're well stocked in defence and Marvellous and Luiz would still tear up the Championship.
  8. Iceland, a country of 12 and a half people, did really well on FP7. They reaped in €70m and that made their contribution negative. I don’t believe that happened for more than a year or two. I’m being facetious saying they only have 12 people but it really is a small enough country that one or two projects can swing the net contribution Norway is eligible for research grants, but does not get “The Rebate” which is a UK-specific thing Thatcher negotiated. Norway pays on net about as much as the UK, with no voting rights. Of course looking at net contribution is fool’s game. Compared to how much the average worker pays in tax the the fact is the EU is not that expensive a club. Access to the single market boosts millions of businesses every year. Looking at the net membership fee is missing the point.
  9. Correct. Norway is also not eligible for any CAP payments. The UK gets a rebate from the EU on its contributions. It is literally the only that gets this. Complaints about your contributions being too high relative to other countries are bonkers.
  10. Fair question. Under the GFA, the British Secretary for NI has a legal requirement to hold a reunification vote when she forms an opinion that it might succeed. The DUP ceding the MLA majority to SF is an important step in that direction. The DUP currently have one seat more than SF. Five would be monumental.
  11. The only difference is I disagree with Sky News' assertion that it's "optics". The British media have a terrible habit of disparaging legitimate Irish complaints as mere political games. The finest example was Iain Duncan Smith saying Varadkar was only playing hardball on the border because Ireland's Presidential election was forthcoming. "Showboating", is what he said. Watch it: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/uk/british-mp-iain-duncan-smith-the-presidential-election-is-coming-up-1.3310792 But Varadkar's party, Fine Gael, was not participating in that election.Then he says Fine Gael, which is a centre-right party, was afraid of losing votes to Sinn Fein, who are very solidly left. "Showboating". Nonsense. So I reject Sky News' claim that Ireland's concerned about "optics" here, it's disparaging of the real problems at play.
  12. A border. But that's as a consequence of the UK's rights to do whatever it wants on its own territory, not an agreement. They'll lose 5ish MLAs. Emma Little-Peabrain will haemorrage votes next GE. FPTP will be her downfall.
  13. It's not even optics. NI is part of your territory so of course you can put border checks up there if you insist. We'll just never agree to it and are more likely to negotiate borders away if we play hardball. What's largely been ignored by the Brexiteers is the WA is just the first step. The second step is a deal about a permanent relationship and the fundamental problems about the backstop etc are still there. No Deal is just about where you're start the negotiating position in. It will look quite different when the DUP get an absolute bollicking from the NI electorate.
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