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  1. The direct national contributions to the EU are about 0.7% of GDP. That’s 7p for every £10. They’re able to find the 7p.
  2. I think people here are confusing “EU countries” with “the EU”. The EU’s finances are fine.
  3. This is a textbook case for Rules of Origin. Joe Public reckons trade agreements are about tariffs. They might have been in 1920, but in 2020 they’re about how much of that sausage has to come from Ireland to be called Irish. This is the “control” you lot (not you, @ml1dch!) are so concerned about. Bloody sausage fests.
  4. Getting involved in an accident while drunk, while already having six points on your licence, and having another charge outstanding for driving intimidatingly close to someone at 90mph, should have you looking at a custodial sentence IMHO.
  5. Statistical arguments are far less credible when you selectively choose your window of analysis. If someone drinks two pints in an hour, it doesn’t mean they drink 48 a day.
  6. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Massive claret and blue specs, I think. We went in 3-0 down at half time. Could have been even worse, they were 1-0 up after 2 mins but had a goal VAR’d out of existence by a whisker. And Cash could have seen red for the hand-ball, imho it was denying a clear goal-scoring opportunity. They must have had a dozen corners. We didn’t exactly peg them back after 3-0 after half-time, as they got a fourth on the hour. Four nil, with half an hour to go. Even when the clock struck 90 it was 4-1. Yes we had played far better for those last 30 mins and yes we got two goals in injury time, but c
  7. Enda

    Tyrone Mings

    Really like Mings, but I hate when an opposing player is shooting and he stands off (hands behind his back and all) rather than close the man down.
  8. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Leeds yes, but Southampton also slaughtered us. That score line flattered us imho. Could have been 4-0.
  9. I can see us losing to one of West Ham or Newcastle. West Ham took five points from Leicester, Spurs and City, and are on a bit of a run. Decent side.
  10. Richards was an absolute atrocity of a player. I remember us losing 3-1 against Luton and thinking Micah Richards, on £60,000 a week, was playing like an 8 year-old. The defending for their second and third goals was so bad it’s funny to watch.
  11. We should have a “Worst Aston Villa Photo” thread.
  12. Yeah fair enough, I was actually close to putting Aly “Champions League” Cissokho in there. But Aly always put a shift in, even if he was very limited ability-wise. Richardson on the other hand rubbed me up the wrong way. Seemed to absolutely not be bothered. Other strong contenders for my starting eleven included Gabor Kiraly, Nigel Reo-Coker, Scott Sinclair, and Ciaran Clark.
  13. I won’t give the full list of things you asked for mallett but I’ll start a template. Peter Enckleman in goal. Actually a half-decent keeper but only remembered for one thing. Centre-halves of Joleon Lescott and Philip Senderos. Micah Richards at right-back, with Kieran Richardson on the left. A midfield pairing of Stephen Ireland and Yaccouba Sylla. Smiler McCann and Daddy Cool on the bench. Alex Tonev on the right, Charlie Insomnia on the left. Ross McCormack and Scott Hogan up front. Grant Holt in reserve. Managed by Alex McLeish, with Tim Sherwood first-t
  14. Conor had a bit about him today. I was disappointed for him that Traore replaced Barkley.
  15. Is that still true after they ask him to look at it? Honest question.
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