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  1. Enda


    Oh he had bags of talent but was, at times, pure muck.
  2. This. He's an okay midfielder, prone to a bad match. Bags of experience, puts in a shift. We're not going to get someone much better to come sit on the bench.
  3. Assuming we get Douglas then I don't see us getting another DM unless, as you say, we sell Thor, and Thor is fine as a third-choice midfield IMO.
  4. Enda


    I know it was only a pre-season game against a Division 4 side, but he looked like a 10 million pound player. Like Carlos Gil, but not crap.
  5. Enda

    Henri Lansbury

    Took his goal very well, but also lost us the ball a number of times. Squad player, a little lower in the pecking order than the likes of Neil Taylor. He's not going to pull up any trees.
  6. This video gives me epilepsy.
  7. There's something to be said for holding back a little bit until January. Add two more in January, knowing who has/has not made the step up to the Premier League.
  8. 1000? SGC could go all the way. Try 100,000.
  9. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Kalinic Elmo Konsa Mings Targett McGinn Luiz El-Ghazi Grealish Kodija Wesley Subs: Steer, Guilbert, Hause, Hourihane, Jota, Hogan.
  10. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Does your mother often compare you to a teenage girl?
  11. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Lads, Dean Smith's only job this year is to keep us up. Shut up with the "oh we might lose him" nonsense, yiz sound like a bunch of heartbroken teenage girls. Getting him is great news.
  12. Nice post. I’ll add three positive things. 1. Steer saved us with penalty heroics but was very shaky in that away semi-final. Nerves got to him and he was miskicking it. Their fans noticed and were getting onto him about it. That said, I think himself and Kalinic (a well-respected international) are a good pair to compete for the number 1. This isn’t our weakest position by a long shot. We don’t need Heaton. 2. All indications are that Conor Hourihane is absolutely gunning to make it in the Premier League. I expect him to turn a few heads. 3. Nobody seems to discuss Jimmy Danger as the solution to our winger problem. I’d rather him than Jota right now. He has been of the top players in the ACN, and he will have the beating of many left-backs outside the top 7 teams.
  13. Enda

    Tyrone Mings

    If the club turned an option down, then Bournemouth were almost certainly asking us to pay for the privilege. Otherwise why would we turn it down?

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