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  1. Enda

    Jed Steer

    If we get promoted I'd be happy enough with the two of them seriously competing for the shirt.
  2. When Oliver Cromwell landed in Ireland, he was 5 foot 4. By the time he left, he was the biggest prick in Europe.
  3. First time I've seriously criticized Smith. They absolutely controlled the middle of the field until the sending off. We were calling out for subs. We were extremely lucky.
  4. If you can't see my point at this stage we'll have to just leave it
  5. Stamped on his head Here's the clip: All I'm saying is, at full speed, it's hard to blame the linesman for concluding there was an elbow to the face.
  6. He was fooled by Bamford. Obviously the linesman was incorrect, but I blame Bamford 100 times more than the linesman.
  7. Well, well, well. Dirty little scrotes playing on with a player down with a head injury. Hourihane had put it out for a throw five minutes earlier. Ref should have stopped it even. El-Ghazi's red should definitely be rescinded, and hopefully Bamford gets a ban (and an Oscar nomination) for that reaction. Hard to blame the linesman really. Well done to Steer and Mings. Heroes. After that reaction, Jack will want to hammer them in the final if we play them.
  8. Does this lad still play for us?
  9. Just gonna put it out there that I called 5th place a long time ago
  10. If we beat Leeds, it'll give them a serious confidence blow as they possibly face us in the playoffs. If we lose, we probably won't have to play them again anyway.
  11. Enda

    Tammy Abraham

    Looks very much like a broken arm to me.
  12. Nancy Pelosi comes out strongly in favour of the Good Friday Agreement.
  13. That Salah lad has some left foot. Sign him up.
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