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  1. Seeing as the next level for us is midtable solidity and the odd venture into the Vauxhall Europa League Conference, yes he is absolutely good enough.
  2. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Yeh we both said Traore not AEG. Whoops. Traore maybe could have come off as well tbh, he looked tired after 70 or so. Aside, our central midfield subs today were Samsonite, Barkley, and Douglas Luiz. That’s one of the strongest benches in the league.
  3. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Have this conversation over and over. You can win a hand in poker going all in with a pair of 3s. It doesn’t make it perfect. I’ve also been saying we should drop poorly performing players. Was told to stop complaining there too. Dean Smith is a great manager and I’m very happy to have him at the club. I can still think he’s too slow to make subs, just like you can love your missus and want her to not leave the oven on. Is he above criticism? Has he never made mistakes? Is it apoplectic to think we could have brought Trez on after 75 mins?
  4. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Sanson was brought on after 80 and Bertie was pulled off after 88. I agree those were the right subs but too late IMHO.
  5. A couple of decent runs in his short cameo today. Nice to see him cheering on Elmo from the sideline as well.
  6. Faded a small bit with some stray passes in the last 15 or so, but excellent match from him. Lovely interception in last couple of minutes as well. Good on ya, Marvo.
  7. Enda

    Dean Smith

    Very happy with the win, very happy with changing the midfield. I’ll stay quiet about Dean Smith and substitutions
  8. Ah Jesus, really? Hadn’t heard that. Tyreik, if you read this, I too think racism is awful and want to say you’re very welcome at Aston Villa and I hope you have an excellent career. And as an Irish person I look forward to seeing you in green in the coming years, even if you are from Cork. Don’t let the views of a tiny minority put you off.
  9. Six goals last year (compare that to the career highs of the likes of Marc Albrighton and Robert Snodgrass) and 50 international caps at the age of 25. He was useless yesterday but chap is just back from a head injury and COVID diagnosis so give him a chance. He’s proved the doubters wrong before.
  10. Six goals in the league last year.
  11. Hugely risky, Rob. Respectfully, it’s madness. With three stocks and two of them holiday related you’ve massive exposure to another 9/11. You’re going all in with a pair of 4s. (The Irish government said yesterday they “won’t let Aer Lingus fail” and openly discussed that society might be past peak aviation. That doesn’t bode well for growth in IAG.) Aim for 30 stocks not 3, IMHO. You’re up so far, congrats, but look forward five years. What portfolio are you most sure will get you solid growth, given some level of risk? Given a target growth, it’s hard to think the risk is minimized
  12. Plus a risky punt on 9Meters Biopharma.
  13. Bought seven stocks today. Citigroup, Lockheed, Merck, Bristol-Myers, Pfizer, MDC Holdings, Kirkland Lake Gold. Let’s see how they do over the next while versus seven ETFs I’ve backed: VWO, SCHE, HTEC, ARKG, ICLN, RWJ, VIOO. For some sense of numbers, VWO is up 15% and RWJ is up 23% since I bought in December.
  14. Yeah, I’ve never invested in the UK system. The green energy ETF I mentioned earlier (ICLN) trades as INRG on the London Stock Exchange with an expense ratio of 0.65% rather than 0.46%. Same principle applies really though.
  15. I don’t believe my pick of 10 companies would beat 10 ETFs. Maybe over a year or two but not in the long-run. And I have a PhD in this.
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