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  1. Enda

    Team of the Decade

    Actually I’d put Heaton in for Friedel. Subs: Friedel, Engels, Bertrand, Downing, McGinn, Bent.
  2. Enda

    Team of the Decade

    Friedel Walker Vlaar Dunne Mings Young Milner Petrov Grealish Abraham Benteke with Walker and Young playing as wing-backs.
  3. While everyone claims Conor only thrives in matches where we’re on top, one thing I will say is they’re neglecting that Conor might be the reason we are on top. Take Newcastle as an example. Conor had a massive impact there. We mightn’t have won that game without him. Agreed that Luiz was miles better than him yesterday, obviously.
  4. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Was night and day between himself and Conor yesterday. Needs to start against teams we will struggle to contain.
  5. The result flattered us, but at the same time we had a couple of chances towards the end that could have nicked a point. We were absolutely desperate for a spell in the second half, Douglas showed his ability in calming things down. Credit to Smith for the subs. We’re a forward and a winger away from being a solid mid-table side.
  6. What’s unreal is you thinking I claimed our squad is as bad as the relegation side...
  7. But I read on VT that he was better than Mings?
  8. Jesus lads I said it reminded me of it, not that it was the same
  9. Hyperbole that it reminds me of when teams over-ran us? Even though I acknowledged it was only 2-1? What’s it called when people exaggerate The extent of hyperbole? The Germans must have a word for it.
  10. Jesus we had three players on that back post and nobody attacking the cross.
  11. I know it’s only 2- but this match is reminding me of the bad old days.
  12. I like Hourihane but that midfield needs changing ASAP. We are still in this match but probably won’t be for long.
  13. Bit harsh on Elmo, he has saved us a couple of times.
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