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  1. Maybe. Bruce can still turn the team around, he's only had two years, give him time
  2. Bit harsh on Tony there, snowychap. I think he was sort of thinking out loud in a "sure everyone is biased to some degree" kind of way.
  3. This has been clear since the EU announced its requirements for the WA. Obviously we can't just let the UK undermine the entire customs union. You joking?
  4. Not quite. Ireland, as part of the EU, will enforce a border if the UK/NI departs from EU customs rules. That's accepted as a reality, we don't care about the cost it's not that expensive in the grand scheme of things to hire a few hundred customs agents. The thing is we will not agree to a preferential deal (i.e. non-WTO) with you that will require a border.
  5. Enda


    I'm seriously considering just buying matches from other clubs' websites. Middlesbrough's streaming service offering the game today for a pound less than Villa.
  6. The bar closes in an hour, and the owner is preparing to close up shop. The British Parliament says it wants to keep drinking all night long, and told the PM to make it happen... but refused to sign the extension forms she brought back.
  7. Jack's beard keeps reminding me of this.
  8. Did that commentator just say "MON is well thought of at Aston Villa, having really turned the club around?" Lol.
  9. Enda

    Kortney Hause

    I think that's two matches in a row where he's mucked up his control and had to take a yellow card to prevent a goalscoring opportunity.
  10. Enda

    Tyrone Mings

    He is good at football.
  11. Forgot we had a match today, did I miss anything?
  12. As someone from a smaller nation, I strongly disagree that France and Germany run it for themselves. The EU is quite a weak institution. That's not an accident. It's limited in its ability to affect change outside of its narrowly defined remit.
  13. Schengen, EMU, "ever closer union". You boys got more slack from the EU than anyone. You literally even got a discount on membership!

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