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  1. Enda

    Matt Targett

    Useless haircut. Give me Alan Wright, bald at 26, over this JPA-wannabe any day.
  2. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    I really like Douglas but let’s be honest the lad has less than one season under his belt and only played well about ten times. He has made plenty, plenty of mistakes (Leicester and Bournemouth come to mind.) Its not top level but year in the Championship playing twice a week against bruisers from Millwall would give him all the experience he needs to make the step up. He’d come out far less green. That said, with those haircuts he doesn’t strike me as the sort who will stick around for those rainy evenings in Stoke
  3. Samatta would bang them in at that level. Ally was scoring in the Champions League in the last twelve months, it’s a different world but I’d say in the Championship we could be looking at maybe 15-20 a season. For comparison do you reckon James Collins (the striker, not the ginger defender) or Daniel Johnson, who are banging in a very decent 10-15ish Championship goals with Luton and Preston, could slot into a CL team?! Not a chance. IMHO you’re being much too harsh on a fairly new signing.
  4. You may be right, but I can’t see Smith changing the starting eleven.
  5. Northern Ireland is a completely fabricated, gerrymandered state, born out of sectarianism. It is two-thirds of one-quarter of a small island. That bloody border. Brits (no offence pal) have no idea the harm that border has caused. Innocent people, Protestant and Catholic and Other, murdered because of that border. And we’ve only made it right in the past twenty years. So please don’t screw it up again with Brexit.
  6. Great news. Only took ‘em a hundred years to listen to us
  7. Yet the Swiss-EU trade agreement has freedom of movement...
  8. No I’m from the south, and know plenty of people who previously or currently live/work either side of the border. Nordies are welcome to dual British-Irish citizenship to continue benefiting from freedom of movement but I’m not sure making Unionists apply for Irish passports was the Tories’ plan.
  9. For starters there’s a million people in Northern Ireland who rather care about EU borders.
  10. My scouting services are available to any Premier League club.
  11. I’d try McGinn on the wing for this one.
  12. Think we’d stay up if we got 9 more points. Don't see us getting 9 points though.
  13. Depends. What age is Januzaj now?
  14. More seriously: VAR is far from perfect but scrapping it isn't the answer. It makes mistakes both ways but take last night for example. Ref would have still given the penalty with or without VAR. We were bolloxed either way. The decision wasn't VAR's fault.
  15. Because McGinn's arse looks lovely.
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