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  1. Stallone: I'm making a documentary about composers. I'm playing Vivaldi. VanDamme: I'll be Mozart. Schwarzenegger: *takes deep breath*
  2. The Fenians were an Irish secret society that bombed train stations and stuff in Britain, but in like the 1860s. They weren’t all Catholic. Such a weird insult to use against a Scottish man a hundred and fifty years later.
  3. The first referendum showed it’s not really about coherent arguments though. Remain would have walked it.
  4. 1. It’s not the Irish Republic. Hasn't been since 1922. 2. If these boys think Leo Varadkar and Micheal Martin (who are very moderate nationalists) are “the enemy”, they have a shock coming when Sinn Féin get into government. 3. Dublin doesn’t care about exports to the North. Small change. It cares about Irish people in the North having access to the single market.
  5. Enda

    Dean Smith

    That’s funny. Last year you reckoned Moyes was “such an uninspiring manager” that West Ham would finish 19th (pic attached) and seemingly held that view for some time because in September of the same year (nine months later) you posted (Link) that West Ham’s “board should sack him” immediately... but then six months later (link) you were saying Moyes was doing an “exceptional job” and now they’re far “more balanced” than us. It’s almost like you’re routinely wrong and have zero consistency.
  6. Was absolutely savage for me on FM a few years back, sign him up!
  7. “Due to the disrespectful nature of his penalty against Barrow, I would sell El Ghazi for four pounds and a sixpack of Brewdog IPA.” — VT
  8. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there was something inappropriate said. Anwar is a PL player, is used to abuse. Hope it was nothing racist.
  9. They think his new facial hair is shite. And they’re right.
  10. Gregg Evans says Wesley not injured, club hoping to shift him out on loan. Pinch of salt needed when Evans says something, but looks like Wes is out out.
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