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  1. West Ham three goals up. Bad old result for us, you’d imagine. Wolves shocking today.
  2. “England quality” means in or around the English squad, so I’ve always taken “world class” to mean in or around the hypothetical best team in the world.
  3. Amazing we still need to explain this to the young kippers.
  4. I think this season will be a lot harder than many of you suspect, and that we will flirt with the relegation zone for a good chunk of the year. I further expect many of you, the thread starter included, to completely over-react when it happens
  5. Five years ago 20m would get you a Darren Bent. Today, it gets you one-half of a Sebastian Haller.
  6. It’s entirely unclear. His body language shoulders didn’t rotate much so that suggests a shot. But the natural thing to do there is hit it hard, which he didn’t do. He hit it about as hard as you’d hit a ball across the face of the goal. So it could be a gorgeous shot, or it could be a slightly miscued cross. Both have fair arguments, but anyone saying it’s obvious either way is deluded.
  7. It’s completely obvious, so much so that anyone who disagree with Kenji is clearly blind and deaf.
  8. Ryan Bertrand and Adama Traore, both formerly of our club, meaning our new signing the second time Bertrand Traore has played for Villa
  9. Fantastic at Keinan, but lolololol at the defending.
  10. You can deport EU citizens you don't like. Previously you needed a good reason (e.g. they're unemployed). You can subsidize any company you like. Previously you could only offer subsidies to industries (e.g. all solar panels manufacturers) not companies. This means you can set up Big British Government Solar Panel Company, subsidize it, and then fight any battles in the WTO rather than in the relatively free trading EU system. The EU has a tendency to choose the high-cost high-quality model when it comes to regulations, e.g. tracing your steak to the farmer. This has benefits
  11. Is “ties” not an American thing? I remember making fun of the British pronunciation of “score draw” when I was kid (in Ireland). Anyway, don’t give statistics to the Yanks.
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