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  1. Keep the chin up SGC, don’t be like that. I might not agree with you 100% on footballing matters but you seem like a good skin. I don’t think anyone here is laughing at you.
  2. There comes a time when you leave your details with a member of the public, grab that other slipper, and just walk away.
  3. It clearly hasn’t worked out, but it can’t have been much of a financial hit. A million or two. Compare to the ten or twenty we lost on McCormack.
  4. This will be all over by Christmas (...one for those of you who like the war analogies.)
  5. Enda

    Callum O'Hare

    That if you’re Callum’s age and not yet playing for the first team, ie still playing for the under-23s, you’re probably not good enough.
  6. I’m an economist. Got a PhD in it, about to go lecture undergrads (via Zoom). Everyone choosing to stay at home playing board games rather than risk dying is terrible for the economy, and will cause maybe the largest drop in GDP ever recorded. It’s also the right decision.
  7. Completely breaking the rules, but: Given Staunton McGrath Dunne Stevens Whelan Houghton Townsend Grealish Keane Cascarino (had to shoe-horn Staunton into a right back, and Grealish has played more internationals in green than white.)
  8. Kiraly for Marshall, Curcic for Dawkins, Sylla for D2, Balaban for Helenius. Micah Richards and Charlie Insomnia need inclusion in there somewhere. Taylor is a bit harsh.
  9. Dossiers of advice against the consensus of European neighbours, the UK’s approach to COVID–19 reminds me of Tony Blair and Iraq.
  10. GK: Bosnich RB: Delaney CB: Laursen CB: Mellberg LB: Stevens RM: Solano CM: Petrov CM: McGinn LM: Ginola ST: Waring ST: Yorke
  11. What a useless hand to be dealt. Very sorry to hear this, lads. As scant consolation as it might be, maybe you’re just getting a head start on everyone else for the job search.
  12. The “first come, first served” approach neglects that my 74 year-old mother with a bad hip can’t walk to 15 pharmacies.
  13. UK and Ireland excluded. Probably a Trumpian nod to Brexit, and included Ireland because of the CTA? Strange decision in any case.
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