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  1. With the summer coming, I think it’s worth considering our shape. We went 4-2-4 for the last few minutes against United. Definitely think we need an alternative to the 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 we’ve employed every match for a year. One option is a 3-5-2 with Cash and Targett as wingbacks, and then some combination of Luiz/McGinn/Grealish in the middle. That would require a new CB, and opens doors for Abraham (who I really rate) to partner Ollie up front.
  2. Enda

    Tom Heaton

    After the injuries he’s had, I for one delighted Heaton’s found himself a nice move. I dislike the club he’s moving to, but I’m happy Tom can get up every morning knowing he could be playing Champions League next week. Beats a final payday playing for Bolton or wherever. Good for Tom. Best of luck to him.
  3. His name reminds me of Henning Berg, and it’s been ages since we had a good Norwegian player.
  4. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Massive exaggeration. What is it with you and extreme positions? This summer if we go and sign Tammy Abraham, Emi Buendia, Axel Tuanzebe, Rico Henry, Mattheus Pereira, etc then that’s a solid improvement on our squad and under no stretch of the imagination could it be called a massive failure.
  5. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    Fair questions, thanks for asking. There’s a few reasons. First is people are not appreciating the facts here. Douglas has achieved a very high level at a very young age. He turned 23 yesterday but we’ve been watching him aged 21 and 22. Full international for Brazil. Remember that he’s still very much learning his trade, he’s younger than Keinan, and three years younger than Matt Targett. There are people on this site disparaging Dougie’s poor form who will then hand on heart say Keinan needs to go out on loan for a year to build up confidence. Mental. Was Matt Targett PL-ready three yea
  6. Enda

    Douglas Luiz

    I think Douglas Luiz is an excellent footballer. He is still very young, younger than Keinan Davis, and has a fantastic career ahead of him. It would not surprise me if we see him playing in World Cups and Champions League finals. We are lucky to have him.
  7. My mistake, Dav. I still maintain the UK is full of over-reacting hobnobs though. Sticking to my guns on that one
  8. The highest levels of the British government have consistently used inflammatory language and war-like rhetoric in relation to the negotiations. Johnson compared the EU to the Nazis, and said he'd rather be "dead in a ditch" rather than ask for an extension to the negotiating deadline. Home Secretary Priti Patel suggested a food blockade might be used against Ireland. Village idiot Mark Francois called Brexit a "truly epic struggle" for freedom. The DUP have been courting paramilitaries in relation to the NI Protocol. The ink wasn't dry on the Protocol before HMG reneged, admitting doing
  9. Is the British media so biased that people believe this? Surely you can’t be serious?
  10. I like Elmo but he’s about 47 years old. We can’t be extending that contract. Time to hang up the boots or go for a last hurrah in Egypt, or whatever.
  11. ^ Konsa and Targett are twice the players they were last year.
  12. From The Times, “Each year clubs draw up bonus schedules for their team, which act as incentives for performance. Villa’s scheme is expected to be one of incremental bonuses with payments rising with each position they achieve above 17th in the table.”
  13. Not ITK but my understanding is a good chunk of that would go in player bonuses.
  14. 9th versus 12th doesn’t really matter though. We’re well outside the bottom six, well outside the top four. Smith has moved us from Championship to bottom 6 to midtable. That’s the big picture. Don’t sweat the 9th versus 12th stuff imho.
  15. Enda

    Dean Smith

    To be fair, attacking strategies against Rotherham and Barnsley are less dangerous than against some of the best sides in Europe.
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