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  1. Arguably we would have been better off keeping Green and using the Trez money to buy Samatta before the season started
  2. Hoping for four things: a) We stay up b) Norwich go down c) Brentford don't come up d) Leeds don't come up Heaton Aarons Konsa Mings Targett McGinn Phillips Grealish Buendia Samatta Benrahma Good strength in depth with El Ghazi, Wesley, Davis, Trez, Luiz, Nakamba, Guilbert, Hause, Nyland, Engles, Connor to rotate in plus hopefully a new back up left back in Rico Henry maybe
  3. 3-4-2-1 Heaton Konsa Tuanzebe Mings Aarons Phillips/Rice McGinn Targett Buendia/Eze Grealish Wesley/Samatta
  4. How about Nempalys Mendy? Not getting a look in at Leicester behind Ndidi and Choudhury, but is a decent dm who is positionally sound, and who has played quite a lot of premier league football in the last few years and I imagine wouldn't cost too much
  5. My real gripes today were: 1. Elmo starting instead of Guilbert. I was so disappointed to see this. Yes Elmo is fairly solid a player and can put in the odd good cross but there is no dynamism to his play which affects the whole team. Guilbert has been fantastic so far and his speed was definitely needed today, plus he would have been a fresh pair of legs compared to Elmo 2. Konsa over Engles. I like the look of Konsa but Engles bar a couple of errors in his last game has been brilliant and Mings and Engels have looked like a much more solid partnership than Mings and Konsa 3. McGinn position. I dont understand what sort of midfielder he is being asked to be. The game has missed him by for about a month now, he neither seems involved defensively or attacking wise. I don't think it is just fatigue, I think he is confused and the position isn't working for him. I think his strengths lie much better as a deeper midfielder where he can tackle other midfielders and drive forward with the ball. 4. Douglas and Nakamba together. Doesnt work. They dont seem to have any understanding, never pass to each other or seem to communicate much. Stop playing them together, one or the other in the deepest midfielder position. 4. Unwillingness to change formation. Leicester have won 7 in a row playing pretty much the same team and formation. Yet even after that success they changed their formation today and still looked very good. Why cant we change it up for different teams to make us be more solid when we need to be? I would have liked a 5-3-2 today 5. Set piece basics. This seems to have disappeared from our game, we cant defend set pieces anymore. What is JT doing with them in training?
  6. I think we go for Morelos in Jan and set up in a 3-4-1-2 which is essentially a 5-3-2 with wingbacks and grealish playing ahead of the centre 2 in a free role Heaton Konsa, Engles, Mings Guilbert, Marvelous, McGinn, Targett, Grealish Morelos, Wesley I think this would tighten us up a lot and make us harder to play through midfield. Wesley would be a deep lying forward which he prefers. Grealish gets a free role which he prefers. We have three good ball playing centre backs and Mings and Konsa have pace which is needed in a back 3. I think McGinn is better deeper in a b2b role. Targett and Guilbert have free reign to get up and whip in crosses to our two strikers. If Morelos and Welsey build up a partnership then happy days
  7. I want him sold in Jan. I just don't have a good feeling about him anymore. He reminds me of Gabby in his last few years where he is just going through the motions
  8. If we sell Kodjia in Jan which I am all for, and replace him with a wide forward that can also play up front and have approx £20m to spend which of the below would you go for? Ollie Watkins - Brentford man in red hot form. Playing more as a striker than a wide forward currently. Interest from Sheff Utd. Demarai Gray - playing limited minutes for Leicester. Used to play for the Blues. Very quick and skillful. End product struggles sometimes. Still young enough to improve with the right coaching Gerard Deleufeu - not playing much at Watford and may want out if they are still bottom at xmas. Very skilful and can be a match winner. Comfortable in any front 3 position Jared Bowen - contract expires in the summer. Plays up front or inside right. Storming the championship. Left footed. Interest from Newcaslte and Sputhanpton. Said Benrahma - more of a wide playmaker similar to Jack than inside forward or a striker. Very talented and skilful. Nathan Redmond - Would jump at the move I imagine. May not be available for 20m. Can play all across the front 3 and proven in the prem
  9. The 3 signings I would like in January or by the end of the season are: - Backup for Grealish in the AML position. Benhrama seems perfect for this. - Backup for Targett as an attacking left back. Attacking full backs are crucial to how we want to play so we need a similar player to Targett rather than Taylor - Replacement striker for Kodjia. Someone young and hungry who provides a different option to Wesley and Davis
  10. Worth a sneaky outside bet for a spot in the England squad next summer? The competition are hardly setting the world alight; Chilwell has been poor recently, Rose is average in a team in really bad form and Shaw is always injured
  11. Why do we look shattered after an hour into every game? A few of them played 46 games last year, and the rest of them shouldnt be struggling so much so early in the season. Either something wasnt there in pre season fitness wise, or the players aren't pulling their weight
  12. Why do we look shattered after an hour into every game? A few of them played 46 games last year, and the rest of them shouldnt be struggling so much so early in the season. Either something wasnt there in pre season fitness wise, or the players aren't pulling their weight
  13. I didn't like him first half at all. Very slow on the ball, gave it away a few times and was also at fault for the 2nd goal. Defensively his positioning wasn't good, and I also disliked his attitude a couple of times where he tried to block off a runner with his elbow or just a bit too aggressively. 2nd half though he was much better, put in a few interceptions and released the ball a lot quicker, plus his goal was great and his celebration made me feel better about his attitude. Hopefully he will keep improving as we can't afford any luxury players in the team
  14. The problem with Taylor is that whenever he has the ball grealish and el ghazi have to run towards him as Taylor can only pass it about 3 yards. This then slows down our whole attack and makes us easy to play against
  15. Ins: mings, hause, cahill, hayden, Justin, maupay, abraham, hamza choudhury, el ghazi, benrahma, lolley outs: elphick, jedinak, whelan, adomah, bjarnsson, loans out: Davis, green, o’hare steer guilbert, Cahill, mings, Justin, McGinn, Hayden, Grealish, benrahma, Abraham, El ghazi Squad: Kalinic, Nyland, hause, Taylor, hamza, lolley, kodjia, maupay, el-mo, chester, Lansbury
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