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  1. Useless and greedy today. Not cut for the premier league simple
  2. Our return and our upcoming fixtures.. we are going down
  3. grobs

    Dean Smith

    Why are we never on the front foot in games? It doesn't look any different to when we had Bruce
  4. Absolute rubbish. Slows every attack down, finally manages to win a free kick and then hits it into the wall. No end quality at all. 40 million? Absolute joke of a footballer.
  5. He was awful yesterday. Slowed the game down every time he got the ball. I also learned yesterday from one of my baggies mates that Robson Kanu has contributed to more goals this season than jack. Really think now is a good time to take him out of the team.
  6. Awful. Holds onto the ball too long every time he has it. Will be better without him in the 11 atm
  7. Got a problem with players who have no impact on games yes.
  8. What does he actually contribute to the games?? How on earth anyone valued him over 15 millions is beyond me. We will be a better team without him in the first 11.
  9. grobs

    Scott Hogan

    Davis has done nothing in the last 3 games. He was good vs Norwich. I go to every home game. Hogan got in the box and was somebody to cross to. Davis got in the box once all game for a snodgrass cross. Davis won't ever score. Hogan will.
  10. grobs

    Henri Lansbury

    Everyone in the crowd in the lower north were shouting for him to foul the player. I'm sure we was all thinking that he needed to take one for the team but nobody expected it to be a red
  11. grobs

    Scott Hogan

    Hogan was more of a threat in the second half than Davis was the whole time he played. Hogan needs to be starting games. He's a confidence player and he will only feel confident if he's trusted. Cant blame him for the blocking of that shot. The flash couldn't have got out the way of that shot
  12. grobs

    Keinan Davis

    I really don't think this kid is good enough. I'm not usually one for picking on the kids but he really is awful. Other than being able to hold the ball up, what does he actually do? Hes never in the box. His fitness is awful. He just provides no threat at all. keeping him on tonight for as long as we did vs 10 man really hampered us. He just simply won't score. The most frustrating player I have watched for a while.
  13. grobs

    Stan Petrov

    We've got this guy willing to play football for the club he loves after his illness and then you have Okore refusing to be on the bench. Stan is a legend! More people with this sort of passion and fight and there is no way we would have been relegated! Will be such a great occasion to see him return on the pitch if it happens! UTV
  14. No manager should go this long without a win. He's awful so are the players so are the board.
  15. I don't want him. He's as bad as the players. I want a British manager with a bit of passion and fight. Someone that can just get the players playing for the shirt.
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