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  1. Didnt seem that upset in the tunnel with Deeney after the game... what on earth is he doing
  2. grobs

    Wesley Moraes

    A true donkey. Makes Luke moore look like crespo
  3. It's too late for us now. So many teams picking up form and we are in freefall. Imagine the beating burnley are going to give us
  4. grobs

    Dean Smith

    Think the damage has been done now that's the problem.
  5. What quality loan players will be out there in January?
  6. We are down no doubt about it. Can't afford to bring in quality in january because we wasted it in the summer
  7. grobs

    Wesley Moraes

    Today we all saw the difference between premier league quality strikers and a fraud who cost 22 million.
  8. grobs

    Dean Smith

    Sick of hearing his excuses. Wish he'd just say he needs to change something.
  9. We wont win our next 2 please stop saying that. We are the worst team in this league
  10. grobs

    Dean Smith

    Spineless and stubborn. Unwillingness to take wesley off shows it all
  11. What was his injury like??
  12. The problem is our next 6 or so fixtures are rancid too. Cant see us being out the bottom 3 come January
  13. Useless and greedy today. Not cut for the premier league simple
  14. Our return and our upcoming fixtures.. we are going down
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