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  1. WooJung


    I wouldn't start him, but if we are chasing a game against a team defending in their box he might find that killer ball to unlock their defense. Games like bournemouth or Southampton for instance. But it seems we won't have many more games like that, so....
  2. We had intensity... For 10 minutes. What infuriates me is that we CAN play good football. We just don't, for some reason.
  3. 140 really isn't a lot of money when you have to build a team from scratch, only Jack and Mcginn were good enough to be regular starters for us. So that makes it 9 starters you need to buy, which makes it an average of 15.5 million pounds a player. And that's without considering the bench. But I agree, they have been spent terribly.
  4. WooJung

    Tyrone Mings

    He'd be much better playing next to an experienced CB telling him what to do. But we're aston villa and we don't like experienced players. Cahill was available on a free, and we bought Björn Engels and Ezri bloody Konsa...
  5. For a defensive midfielder the ease with which he is outmuscled is alarming. And this is one of my gripes with our recruitment over the past 3 years - we keep buying skinny, short midfielders who lose nearly every 50/50 challanges. I want my cdm to be a powerhouse who puts himself about, wins headers, pushes players off. Is it too much to ask?
  6. WooJung

    Dean Smith

    It's easy to say now, but before the match I wanted him to go 3 at the back. It worked wonders against them in the league cup, they cut through us like butter. Some tactics work better against some teams and worse against others.
  7. I generally like him but this has been one of the worst performances I have ever witnessed. He ought to be ashamed of himself
  8. WooJung

    Dean Smith

    This is it for me. Smith out. Get a Sam Allardyce until the end of the season, he will tighten up the defense. He might even get us to do better going forward. How many shots on target in the last 2 games?
  9. Now get grealish off, no need to risk him getting injured. But Smith won't do that, will he
  10. Why the they pass the ball so slow? My God, can't do the bloody basics...
  11. Once again a 5 yard pass proves to difficult for Nakamba. Is Elmo playing football or hide and seek?
  12. WooJung

    Scott Hogan

    Never mind a few seasons ago, we were severely under stocked this season. We went almost a full month without a striker...
  13. We didn't get any natural right wingers. Had we bought samatta in the summer we would have had about 12ish extra million to buy a better player than Trez...
  14. WooJung

    Keinan Davis

    If he started games he would really help us retain possession, lump the ball up to him and it will stick to him, allowing the rest of the team to get further. Smith needs to find a way to play both him and samatta up front. Arguably a midfield diamond with Jack roaming behind the strikers would the what most suits our personnel. And our wingers aren't anywhere premier league standard. The counter to this formation is that we would be very reliant on our full backs to provide width, and defensively that might be a concern, but we would be harder to break through centrally, which has been a concern all season.
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