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  1. Great goal too, has something of Hutton vs blues wins the ball on the half way line, drives forward and finishes with his weaker left foot from outside the box. Shame Dean doesn't rate him, I think he'd be ideal backup for Cash as they are very similar in style, and much like Targett, Konsa, Luiz and Nakamba he might very well have learned a lot from a season in the premier league and come back much stronger for it. Whereas Elmo certainly isn't getting any better and I feel has let us down in 2 of our last three games. Don't think Fred is too eager to come back, he's getting regula
  2. I agree, with the slight caveat that at times Nakamba's defensive attributes can be more valuable than what Luiz or McGinn have to offer so he gets the nod over one of them. Tonight clearly wasn't the case.
  3. He's great on his day, has streaks of great form, but then has even longer streaks of average/kinda poor-ish performances with occasional bright sparks, such as a great long pass. He's hardly ever terrible though and I like him overall. His crossing tonight was dreadful, but so was everybody else's. It's as if we were playing with a lighter ball than usual.
  4. He wasn't a problem, as many have said. However, through no fault of his own, he was a bit of a hindrance. We never really needed what he does best and really needed what he's less good at. Wrong decision to play him, no matter how harsh it would've been. Football is harsh. It's all about the next game, not about the previous game.
  5. This, weather it's age or just lack of regular game time, he's a shadow of his former self. His crossing has been abysmal too.
  6. No, he would have vanished in the first half with the intensity sheffield were playing with
  7. Professional Premier League football players and not one of them can cross a ball.
  8. Wasted a half of football with an overly defensive midfield. That's on Dean. This doesn't excuse the individual performances, mind you
  9. From the edge of their box all the way back to mings or Konsa. Again and again. Irritating
  10. Not from me, I didn't want Nakamba to start. Not the right game for him and it shows. Football should be about your next game much more than about your last game. I'm very much in the horses for courses camp.
  11. Ramsay has been a bit of a passenger, I like him much better coming off the bench, looks twice the player when he does. Hope he learns from this. I wonder if it's time for Sanson to start games, any configuration of midfield players we've tried lately has been very poor in possession. We only look comfortable when we have a lead to defend, and that hasn't happened very often lately.
  12. I like Nakamba but his limitations are showing when the opposition press is.
  13. I'm not worried, as long as we change quickly enough if it ain't working. But I agree with the "don't change a winning team" often being a very superficial approach to selection. A team can win a game with one or more players being absolute passengers, and as you pointed out, each game has to be interpreted on its own merits.
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