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  1. I really wish people stopped using clean sheets to determine a keeper's worth. A keeper can play brilliantly and concede 3 goals, none of which he could possibly have saved, just like he might keep a clean sheet without having a single save to make. We really ought to use different stats, such as saves/xg, mistakes per game, ecc. None are perfect, but all are better than clean sheets.
  2. Yep, should have passed it. In his defense, after that run I suppose the fatigue and adrenaline can hinder your decision making. Shame, if that had gone in, one way or another, we might have gotten the 3 points.
  3. I doubt Dean will change that midfield, the only change deano might make is Traore for Trez, but even that is more unlikely than it is likely imo
  4. To be fair, when Traore came on we had already given up and were mostly hoofing it up to Watkins or looking for the occasional counter
  5. He got outsmarted today. Bielsa found out where we were weak and found a way to hurt us. Dean not only didn't pick out a weakness, but failed to counter Bielsa's tactics which would have eventually punished us. We were dire up front, our biggest chances came through a mistake they made and a set piece. When we were 3-0 we were still hoofing it up. If hoofing it up is the plan then you might consider bringing Davis on. Which leads me to the lack of subs and the lack of imagination in changing shape when things aren't working. It might have been worth a try to bring
  6. Unfortunately he has it in him at times, he just switches off and it's like he's somewhere else. The way he (but not just him) casually trotted back for their first goal is infuriating.
  7. Took all the time in the world to get back. The coaching staff will be furious at that
  8. Just came to show him some love, I've been massively critical of him and compared him to a few players of the Lambert era (and unless it's delph or benteke this can hardly be a compliment). On the one hand, it felt reasonable at the time, there were so many games were he was utter tripe. But it does make me look a bit silly now, and thank goodness! Though he's still limited, his decision making has improved massively, both on and off the ball, and rather than looking like a headless chicken he now looks like a trained pitbull. There will be games where Traore will be th
  9. To me it's very much the case of who we play against, for games like Liverpool and leicester Trez's workrate is priceless. In games against the likes of sheffield united, burnley or Newcastle that extra quality Traore has would create an extra threat and allow us to be much more dangerous from both sides, ideally opening their defense. Leeds would still be a Trez sort of game for me.
  10. WooJung

    Ezri Konsa

    Axel who? So happy we went for Konsa instead. I still feel he might have a mistake in him but he's really maturing. Crédit to Brentford for finding all these peaches. Wish they never found Scott Hogan though
  11. I hope that's the only time we will have to compare the 2 players
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