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  1. He can aim much higher than the Turkish league, he's more than good enough to start for a bottom half Premier league side, especially in one that sets up to defend. Wins everything in the air, the likes of Bruce would love him.
  2. To be fair at city he wouldn't play for a team wich values attacking play, which is a far cry from the current England model.
  3. He's there because of his history as a footballer and charisma (of you can call it that), but as a pundit if he says something that's correct it's usually trivial, and if he says something that's interesting (from a viewer's perspective) it's usually something controversial which he doesn't defend with solid arguments he just acts macho about it.
  4. I'd rather we prioritise the spending elsewhere. With a bit more luck Ollie could've scored 20. Yes, we need a backup striker for him. No, we don't need a 40 million pound back up striker. And no, there is no guarantee that Ollie is a good enough left winger to start for us in the Premier league. Quite on the contrary, he made a name for himself as a centre forward. Prior to that he was a decent championship winger. Quite a difference. How about we spent 40 million on a defensive midfielder?
  5. Come off it Tom, you know full well you're not going to get a sniff at first tram football, you'll just play a few cup games here and there, and only in the early rounds. He could have easily found a club where he could have actually played. Disappointing from him.
  6. Completely forgot about him My gripe with him is that he doesn't seem to have an attribute which stands out even though he seems decent at doing a bit of everything. it's hard to tell what his role in a starting 11 would be, and how bringing him on as a sub could impact the game.
  7. Nope, 100m MIGHT get you 20 Kantes, but the odds to even just get one for a 20th of the price are very, very slim. Most likely outcome is it'll get us 4 quality players who lack that x factor that Jack has, and that might just be the difference between making breaking through and failing to do so.
  8. I'm all for this signing. The ability is there and so are the mental attributes (unlike barkley). It seems like his fitness levels are still good and he can play on both sides both as a full back and as a winger. He might not have it in him to start 38 games, but we don't need him to. Even having him as a player to bring on when chasing a match can be a big bonus. And he can probably take a set piece better than most in our squad. Welcome back!
  9. Good thing his form dropped off!
  10. But can you get better value at the right price? That's the issue really, as the priority spending shouldn't be on Cashy's back up option
  11. They're bound to get something right, statistically speaking...
  12. Regardless of weather he should be there or not, telling him by text just shows how mediocre one can be as a man-manager. Shame on De boer
  13. On loan in the championship he'd be one of the best players at the club and that would give him a lot of responsibility, which would make him grow a lot. Looks like Carney can take his place in the squad, get involved, and possibly go on loan when Ramsey comes back the following season. Nice cycle
  14. We didn't even get a replay of that little turn he did. Had it been Kane doing that we wouldn't hear the end of it....
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