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  1. He was so much revered, that even going on to manage our hated rivals was of no detriment to this wonderful man's legacy.
  2. If anyone understood the importance of a successful Aston Villa it was Ron Saunders. He was a straight shooter, who didn't suffer fools as many a player found to their cost. He also brought some great players, our greatest captain, Dennis Mortimer, one of our greatest centre forwards, Andy Gray, who, despite scoring 30 goals in one season, was shown the door for having the temerity to question the training methods the manager was famous for. He was eventually replaced by some journey man called Peter Withe, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks, Sir Ron, for giving me some of the happiest memories ever, may you rest in peace.
  3. Your never going to win a game when you surrender possession so cheaply. The central defenders were appalling on the ball tonight. Mings gets more casual with each game, if Smith dropped him, I, for one, wouldn't raise a noise.
  4. I honestly think he will become a legend in the eyes of all Villa fans, even the doubters.
  5. If ever there were a blessing in disguise, that defeat is most definitely up there.
  6. He's a potential Galactico, if he goes to the Euros and tears the tournament up, then you can guarantee they will come knocking. The most naturally gifted,English footballer, since Paul Gascoigne. Imo, that is.
  7. I said to my other half, " watch this goal by Grealish", and all she could muster up, " where did he get that tan".
  8. I'm trying to figure out what influence Smith had on the reinvigoration of Snodgrass, especially when he was a hundred miles down the road at Brentford.
  9. Let's be honest, that was terrible defending which resulted in their first goal and totally avoidable. As good as he can be, the mistakes are becoming all too frequent.
  10. I should hope so, but our movement at offensive corners has been abysmal.
  11. Let's not forget when Stoke were showing an interest in his services, he made no secret of his desire to stay with us. Loyalty is a rare virtue in today's game.
  12. You can't indulge in the platform of social media without some semblance of thick skin. I can imagine Grealish relishing the abuse and seeing it for what it is, sheer resentment from inadequate prats. These pop stars, they yearn for fame and then find themselves in a world of horror.
  13. Someone once told me a great anecdote about Prince Andrew. He once walked into some officers mess and upon meeting with the chief officer, said, " you can call me Andrew" , to which the chief officer responded, " you can call me Sir".
  14. I agree. Imagine him in a top side.
  15. This club has always had a great affinity with its right backs. Gidman, Williams, Cox, the immortal, Alan Hutton and I mustn't forget Mark Delaney or Elmo, for that matter. All those mentioned seemed to hold a special place in the hearts of many a Villa fan. I think Gillbert is definitely going to be remembered for a very long time by us. That passion towards the Holte after his text - book slide tackle will live long in the memory. Imo, our best signing of all this seasons newcomers.
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