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  1. If Rooney can bo back to Everton, them I'm pretty confident Grealish could find his way back. I think it's more hurt than anger. I honestly think it will become a blessing in disguise. No more of the one man team crap. Maybe others will now flourish. I've a feeling we could surprise a few people this season. Time to look ahead. What's done is done.
  2. I was more gutted when John Gidman left.
  3. But, didn't Dean Smith say, when commenting about the fans, " They're an intelligent bunch" ?
  4. As Robert Nesta Marley once said, " All that glitters is not gold ." He had a special connection with us, a familiarity that he's not going to find at Citeh. Such is human nature, I think he may find a few teammates envious of his presence.
  5. Don't underestimate the value of the Danny Ings signing. It could turn out to be a masterstroke. Some of you will remember the signing of Peter Withe, who, at the time was considered nothing but a journeyman and will all know how that turned out.
  6. But not everybody gets the opportunity to fulfil that whish. Grealish is, ka sa ra.
  7. Maybe there's a glitch in the matrix.
  8. Started watching Fargo, season 4. This show sets a high bar and I'm enjoying this season as much as the others. Great to see Timothy Olyphant, quite ironic him playing a US Marshal.
  9. If he does go at least we might get the other Grealish back on VT. Every cloud.
  10. You try and pull the shutters down on this thread, and I guarantee the bolt croppers would be out in seconds.
  11. I can't stop thinking about his words after he signed that 5yr contract. And now one season after he no longer has faith in the ambition of the owners, or the commitment to get us where we want to be. If he goes, then those words were just empty ones and that will really leave behind a lot of hurt.
  12. That wouldn't be a farewell, more a total wind up.
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