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  1. Inter were always my favourite Italian side. They had some fantastic players in the late eighties. Matthias, Klinsmann, and Brehme, with his shocking streak of blonde hair as he danced up that left touchline.. What a great night that was when we beat them 2 - 0 in the UEAFA Cup. Kent Nielsen's goal, what a screamer, reminiscent of Chris Nicholls in the 77,league Cup final. Shame about the second leg at the San Siro, if only they had VAR then, that first Milan goal would have been chalked off because the ball crossed the touchline before the cross. What an atmosphere though.
  2. Or, Samatta, o, o, oh, oh, oh. Just like Carbone.
  3. They were on fire and would have beat anyone on the day, Liverpool included. If their is one asset of their play we can learn from their victory it is is their uttter relentless attitude to score again and again.
  4. He's never going to put the young lad on in a game like that. The game was lost in a matter of minutes, in a game such as that, substitutes are an exercise in futility. If we haven't got a forward by the weekend, fingers crossed we have, then he may be tempted to try the young lad.
  5. He needs to drum into the players that they are playing for the supporters and we expect as a bare minimum 110% effort, that clearly wasn't the case today and if they can't comprehend that requirement then they need to be moved on asap.
  6. I've never known a player to go missing like Hourihane.
  7. The proof of the pudding and all that. He could turn out to be as good as Gary Shaw. We won't know until he gets a few games under his belt.
  8. Choosing a best Fargo is as difficult as choosing a best Villa eleven. Can't wait to see this one especially with Timothy Olyphant on board. Absolutely loved him in Deadwood and Justified.
  9. It's obviously not as good as season 1,but it could have been. Some fine acting though, just a shame it seemed, imo, to lose it's way a bit.
  10. Nakamba has one of them faces, if you said anything nasty to him you would feel instantly regretfiul.
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