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  1. Not being fully focused isn't a mistake, it's unprofessional.
  2. I could pick out three games where he has cost us. Man City, Man utd, and Leicester. Laursen called it right, he lacks focus and that ,for me, is a terrible trait for a centre- half playing in the premier.
  3. Sounds like the village from The Prisoner. Any giant balloons floating about ?
  4. Just watched the most uplifting film in a long time, Harriet. Wonderful performance from Cynthia Erivo as the protagonist.
  5. I don't know, haven't noticed her in anything before, but, yeah, certainly caught my eye. Had to Google your acronym.
  6. I quite enjoyed The Gentleman. For me, Colin Farrell stole the show. Charlie Hunnam terribly miscast, again, even without the terrible cockney accent ( Green St ). I liked the little nod towards The Long Good Friday at the end as McConaughey gets in the car with the Russians. I think Guy Richie as that Tarantino feel for dialogue.
  7. Little turned him into a centre- half and he became an England regular, but he showed the club little gratitude and Villa fans don't forget.
  8. Rimmer, Gidman, Paul the Dub, Alun Evan's, Colin Gibson, Sid, Jack, Mortimer, Little, Gray, Walters. Aside from Jack, I haven't seen a more naturally skilled, player in Villa colours than Mark Walters, and just like Jack, he came through the ranks. Gidman was the best right back I've seen at Villa and we've had some good ens. He had this great step over that fooled many a player. All the rest speak for themselves.
  9. Gave Mary Queen of Scots a go. I know it was a bit fictionalised, but I rather enjoyed it. Another fine performance with a prosthetic nose , this time by Margot Robbie.
  10. The last time we played behind closed doors we won 6 - 0, mind you, our opponents were from Iceland, and this was long before the 2016 Euros.
  11. Sad day for boxing yesterday with the passing of Rodger Mayweather. He has to take most of the credit for making Floyd the boxer he was, I remember the infamous video of Floyd Jr arguing with his father at the Mayweather gym and Jr was refusing to give his father any credit for his stellar career, saying it was all down to Rodger, which had some truth to it, but his father obviously played a large role in setting him on his path to boxing greatness. Rodger will go down as one of the very best trainers. He always talked some great sense about a sport that as had it's fair share of charlatans. I remember before the Jr and Hatton fight and Rodger was asked for his views on Hattons chances and in typical Rodger Mayweather style he said, " you can't win shit without a jab ". How true he was. That was the night Hatton learnt there are levels in boxing. Rodger wasn't a bad fighter himself, easily the best out of the three brothers. He held the World title at featherweight in 1987 and was widely known as the black Mamba and would always enter the ring in a Mexican Sombrero. He was only 58 when he passed, but had the look of a man much older. I think it's fair to say that boxing has contributed to his early death. He had all the signs of the onset of early dementia. He will be missed. RIP.
  12. In that title winner season whenever he was called on, it seemed he always contributed with a goal. I believe he came from Ipswhich, who, became our closest rivals.
  13. I knew the kid who happened to run on the pitch at the final whistle and get the great Pele's shirt, Micky Fair, true story.
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