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  1. Both local lads as well. Just a shame Potter played for SHA.
  2. The sad thing being, you ain't joking.
  3. I think that's almost a guarantee.
  4. Listening to Ian Wright's views on the racist chants. He questioned the wisdom of the UEFA officials. Called them something akin to a monkees tea party. Not the greatest choice of words, Ian.
  5. I don't doubt Uysk will hit him, I just wonder if Usyk has the power to deal with the top heavyweights.
  6. Another way to look at it is, how will AJ manage to hit Usyk
  7. I guarantee a convincing victory, we have now found our groove and I'm, from now on, firmly of the belief that no matter the opposition they'll be no inferiority complex from this Aston villa side . Onwards and upwards. Keep the faith.
  8. Did you know that Aston Villa once fielded the most black players in one game. It was against Everton when big Ron was in charge, which is quite ironic.
  9. I think the the owners should applauded motor showing patience. I can't think of another club who would have shown such faith. I hope Jones goes on to prove his doubters wrong.
  10. I said we'd win convincingly . It was only a matter of time before we found our groove. Another three points next week and then onwards to the Etihad to prove we are back with a bang..
  11. I think we will win this one convincingly. That first half against Burnley gave me a lot of confidence.
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