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  1. It was a sweet, disciplined defensive performance, but I would put our performance against Man City above it. I know we came away pointless, but for their controversial first goal, it was looking extremely likely we were going to come away with at least a point. I think the disappointment of that game was the catalyst for our recent slump. Hopefully, after Saturday's fine showing, we can now go on another little run, and who knows? Anyone fancy us to end City's fine winning run ? Wouldn't that be fun.
  2. What pride he must instill in the young ,football playing Zimbabweans. When they see their hero holding his own on such a stage. There's an enthusiasm about his play that is so infectious. He is a shining example that hard work and perseverance usually gets its reward.
  3. Just to rub it in. I just collected 129 quid for an accumulator . Had the Villa, the Baggies, Barnsley to win and Derby and Newcastle games for a draw. Even the sun shines on a dog's arse some day's . ( smile )
  4. Sabina was a really dry pitch and patchy in parts, hence my comment. Michael Holding = Whispering Death.
  5. The way Traore likes to play is not easy on a pitch as bad as this. It seems really dangerous in parts.
  6. Bielsa probably knew before Ramsey.
  7. Falcon Eddie, from " Rich Man, Poor Man ", scared the shit out of me when I was a kid.
  8. Wait to you see who plays his relative in season 10. He's a well known Hollywood celebrity, whose very funny and great for the show.
  9. To me, Luiz looks devoid of all confidence. He should be coming and demanding that ball from Mings and Konsa, instead they're being given no choice but to hit the long ball down either wing and it's becoming somewhat predictable. Sansom, looks to me, the ideal player for that midfield role. He has the vital ingredients needed for that position, confidence and awareness. We need someone who can drive at the opposition with the ball and create the space and angles to deliever the pass. We have to develop some intricacy to our build- up play, and to do that we need players who are to
  10. On current form, I would have Nakamba ahead of Luiz, who seems to be making a habit of giving away needless free- kicks around the six yard box.
  11. The lack of urgency to our play sometimes is really worrying.
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