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  1. I'm not on about physical assets, more the psychological ones. You either have it or you don't. It wasn't just small soldiers who refused to go over the top in the first World War. I know the comparison is a bit extreme but it comes down to the same thing. How brave are you prepared to be. Glenn Hoddle shirked a challenge or two, but he's only remembered for his sublime skills.
  2. There's been plenty of players who didn't like a strong challenge, but I wouldn't call them cowards. They just lack the tools needed to go in where it hurts.
  3. Imagine if neither scored after the first game.
  4. First competitive game of the season and plenty of players getting pelters. You couldn't make it up.
  5. I think it illustrates just how much of a togetherness there is now at the club. Even Drinkwater had nothing but good words for Dean Smith. The management team are developing an atmosphere that is conducive to creating a winning mentality and the pledge from Jack today will have confidence soaring throughout the whole squad. It really is an exciting time to be a Villa fan.
  6. I believe you're referring to the Hagler and Hearns battle. It's one of those moments where you remember exactly where you were. I was a YP in the Green listening on radio 2 medium wave. That truly was a great era. The names still stand out large. Argeullo, Pryor, Mancini, Duran, Bramble, Sanchez, Nelson and so many, many more. For what it’s worth, I gave Leonard the verdict over Hagler, incidentally, I was also in the Green for that one, we watched it the next day in the Chapel. What a fight. Hagler never fought again, such was the demoralising defeat. There is nothing more subjective than scoring a fight. Errol Christie would have been a true great if he had had a decent chin. I could wax lyrical about boxing all night.
  7. A bit sad to hear about the passing of Alan Minter. The reason I say, a bit, is because his reputation is somewhat tarnished by his racist comments leading up to the Hagler fight. The " no black man will ever take my title" comment. Well, the black man did take it, with one of the most ferocious performances seen in a British boxing ring. Hagler's victory was met with a shower of glass bottles and bigoted abuse no doubt fuelled by the racist rhetoric from Minter. It became the start of the great long reign of Marvelous, Marvin Hagler. As for Minter, he was never the same again and was knocked out in his next fight against Tony Sibson, who incidentally, was also systematically schooled by the Marvelous one. Oh, the good old day's of boxing.
  8. The Benrahma thing seems to have gone a little quiet. I wonder if Smith secretly has doubts has to him being able to cut it in the Premier league.
  9. What happened with the centre - half we were linked with last season, Christian or something. He was with one of the Turkish clubs, apparently, he was eager to come?
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