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  1. sheepyvillian

    Keinan Davis

    There's a tint of irony to that statement, it was a lot of the " old fashioned centre forwards ' who held the ball up for the " inside forward ' to do his thing. Stapleton, Withe, Toshack and many more. It's refreshing to see a young forward with those under appreciated skills, he certainly brings something positive to the side. Kodjia has talent to excite, but not often enough, hence his familiarity with the bench.
  2. I think he means he lacked the confidence to get fully behind him when Smith first came. Why would any self - respecting Villa fan not want the manager to succeed ?
  3. Sid and Grealish, I'll give you them. As for the others none had the natural skill of Walters. In my humble opinion that is.
  4. No we haven't, but I get the feeling we're about to make history. Either way you look at it ,what an achievement. In Deano we trust.
  5. I've yet to see a more naturally skilled player in a Villa shirt. The season we won promotion under Taylor he was absolutely immense. And when he played for England schoolboys. He was head and shoulders above everyone. ...
  6. Did anyone notice my little piece of reverse psychology in regards to the goalie ?
  7. sheepyvillian

    John Terry

    I think you've mistaken life for football.
  8. I believe the first season was filmed in Birmingham.
  9. Compensates for his terrible football.

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