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  1. He certainly doesn't deceive me.
  2. I was going to say " what a nightmare", but nightmares are fiction, this debacle, sadly isn't.
  3. Roy Keane, absolutely scathing about Mings costing us that second goal. He can't understand why he didn't close Greenwood down, and neither can I. Dreadful defending.
  4. The ball watching from Konza at times is absolutely criminal at this level. As for Mings, I've said all season that he isn't the player we thought he was. How many lost points has he been responsible for this season? Tbh, we really don't deserve this.
  5. I watched the Motown doc, Hitsville. Quite incredible how they just churned out hit after hit. Some truly great artists and has there ever been a more poignant album than What's Going On? I don't think so.
  6. I was going to retort, but then I realised.
  7. Exactly. At last someone posting with some common sense.
  8. I used to play for a few. It's probably a sub - conscious thing.
  9. Tbh, you're probably right. He would be first pick for any prison team.
  10. I know who my money will be on for the new manager thread. And, I guarantee he will be the first to turn on him if things go wrong.
  11. Whish I would of thought of that one, but my initial stab at humour was totally lost on the victim.
  12. Anyone but that excuse of an assistant manager.
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