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  1. I think Grealish commits to next season with the hope we can qualify for European football, if not, then I really don't see him staying for another season. Imagine he lights up the Euros, you can bet your bottom dollar that the likes of Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona will come sniffing.
  2. Young Barry undoubtedly has potential, but he's far too lightweight atm for Premiership football. If Carney and Kessler can't get on the pitch then how does Barry ?
  3. I've been watching some old series from 2006 it's called Brotherhood. I'm really enjoying it. I'm now on the 3rd and last season. Some great acting from Jason Isaacs, who plays a criminal and Jason Clarke, who plays the brother who is a local politician. It's very gritty with some funny moments, but on the whole it portrays a very bleak World.
  4. I'm still trying to work out how Triple G didn’t budge from that punch from Canelo.
  5. I agree. The easiest thing in the world is to talk a good fight. The kind of injury suffered by BJ on Saturday night was as bad as it gets. Mark Tibbs, said he wasn't getting the right response from his fighter. That's because the pain must have been so severe, added to the fact that he probably couldn't see out of that eye. That's enough to frighten any man regardless of reputation. The thing is, all that silly macho talk has come back and bit him where it hurts.
  6. I'm sure the rest of the players must have been telling Luiz to just stay with him. I can't believe how impulsive he is.
  7. Far too many players who aren't imposing enough. Luiz, El Ghazi and Ramsay, although I'm inclined to give young JJ the benefit of the doubt on account of his inexperience at this level but he needs to fix up quickly.
  8. For me their penalty was a stonewall penalty. Proper schoolboy error by Luiz and it isn't the first time. He isn't imposing enough to be a defensive midfielder
  9. The sad thing is, if Luiz doesn't give away that penalty it's most likely a totally different game. That just totally changed the momentum of the whole game. I've said it before, Luiz doesn't do it for me.
  10. I'm not sure Ramsey is cut out for Premier league football. I do hope I'm proven wrong.
  11. It was tense. BJ had some good rounds, but like I said, ain't no way Mark Tibbs is going to gamble with the eyesight of his own fighter regardless of how the fighter feels, and rightly so.
  12. You honestly think Mark Tibbs is going to let BJS go back out if he says he can't see ? Don't forget it was Mark Tibbs father who was in the corner with Michael Watson when he was Let back in for that fateful 12 rd. You don't mess with a man's eyesight.
  13. Buck Chinn was also a bookmaker. He had a shop in Sparkbrook.
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