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  1. Hi General Today was disappointing. I'm more concerned with the bigger picture, however. We are in the frame for relegation right now, with a poorer record at the same stage of the season than Newcastle had in the 08/09 season. After watching today's performance, I have a couple of questions: 1) Do the Board create contingency plans for relegation? Are you able to share some of what is included in those plans? Will it impact the modernisation of the ground? 2) Will Randy continue as owner in case of relegation? I certainly hope he will. I'll make my annual trans-Atlantic trip regardless of the division we play in. I'm just curious about how the club plan for darker times.
  2. Hi General First of all, please let me express my gratitude for what you and the rest of the new leadership team have done for the club over the past 18 months. The transformation is remarkable and the future looks fantastic. I am a long-time Villa fan and my wife and I are planning our first trip to the UK and to Villa Park in April. We're planning to see the Bolton game on April 5th. I'm not sure about ticket arrangements, though given how rare our trips are, we'll opt for the best possible options when they come on sale. What I'd really like to know is, are regular tours of the grounds available, matchday or otherwise? I couldn't find any information on it on the site. We would love to soak up as much of the atmosphere and history of the club as we can during our visit.

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