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  • Posts

    • Jack Grealish
      He's an immature kid with a load of money and qdos, of course this sort of thing is going to happen. Remember when you were 19. If you were as immature as me you would have been out enjoying yourself It shouldn't I agree, but he likes to go out and party...not making excuses for him but it's just a fact Not every footballer is going to be as disciplined off the pitch. Hopefully someone will give him some good advice before it affects his football career. Would be a shame as he certainly has talent.      
    • Albums of the Year 2015
      Drake's If You're Reading This You're Too Late is easily my favorite of the ~10 or so albums I heard this year. The year blew by, still can't believe it's almost 2016.
    • Midweek football 23/26 November
      I think it's pretty damning when a Villa fan finds your style of football abhorrent
    • Things you often Wonder
      Yes.. I'm tempted to elaborate but I better not.
    • Jack Grealish
      Man, if I played for Aston Villa I would be doing everything in my power to drag us out of this mess, the fact that I'm being paid millions to do so nothwithstanding. As much as we hate Delph, he should take a leaf out of his book for his work ethic. Delph's motivation was simply to be the best he could and eventually get his dream transfer to a Top 4 Bench. You would think helping save his club from calamitous relegation would be motivation enough to not piss his career up the wall. I get the impression he realizes how talented he is so he thinks he doesn't need to put in as much work and still be good. I hope Remi can get him back on track.
    • The Chairman Mao resembling, Queen hating, threat to Britain, Labour Party thread
      I've spent plenty of my adult life living in China, I'm well aware of that, thanks. Of course China looks nothing like it did in the 60's, neither does Britain. The Chinese Communist Party does have an official view on Mao, though. Mao is still hugely important in China, and venerated constantly in official propaganda. Not a night goes by without CCTV broadcasting soft-focus documentaries on his life story. Deng Xiaoping stated in the eighties that Mao was '70% good, 30% bad' and that is still the line used by the party today. Here's party mouthpiece The Global Times editorialising on it two years ago:   'We must admit that Deng Xiaoping's remark about Mao's life that he was "70 percent right and 30 percent wrong" represents the mainstream ideas about Mao. As the Cultural Revolution faded, most Chinese people began to recognize his mistakes as well as his achievements. That Mao is a great man has a strong foundation in Chinese society. Some think Mao has had an infamous reputation in society. This is only a naïve delusion of these people.'
        . . .  'There is no historical or current evidence that is convincing enough to denigrate Mao. Voices that completely deny or support him are both highly polarized. Currently, the demonizing voices are mainly from the West, which also criticizes China's socialist system.'   The Communist Party is still the Communist Party, after all.  -------------------------------------------------------- Why would Nigel Farage be quoting Hitler? If we're making a precise analogy, he would be quoting Hitler because another party was busy selling large parts of the nation's infrastructure to the Nazi Party. Do I think that would be worthy of comment? Yes, of course it would.      The reality is the point McDonnell was making is completely mainstream. It's no difference from the point chrisp65 has made in this thread many times. If McDonnell said it using words, rather than using a book as a prop, nobody would be talking about this at all. The man actually is a fool, you just happen to have chosen a time to make fun of him when he's actually making (badly) a very important point. 
    • Manchester United
      This pretty much sums it up