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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-52667502
  2. This actually made me laugh out loud, which today is quite the feat. Thank you. (Also I may steal it like a good meme) It's great how flags can spell word removed these days.
  3. I think that's the key word myself. They'll pass the buck just like has already started to happen re: the post about Jeremy Hunt blaming the scientific advice in the commons. And like many on here have called from early on.
  4. Patient care pathways are boring though. It all adds up to contribute to the decisions, which all ultimately mean nothing at all if there is no room at the inn. The point (in reality) around the advice discussed yesterday is surely that once the room had been made in the system to accommodate higher numbers of admissions that the advice was withdrawn or changed and that's the thing getting lost I feel while everyone riffs off people's individual previous posts. (Including me).
  5. I genuinely don't know. And that's not to be obtuse or obstructive but, as ever, it's complicated. I don't believe you will find anything like that written on a government website if that's what you mean, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not part of any triage guidance for clinicians. If that means you can 'win' a semantic argument on the internet with someone, go ahead and claim your internet points if it serves a purpose, but individual clinicians at individual trusts may well have different guidance. Don't forget the conversation moved some time ago to one of protecting finite resources and away from care at the point of need. (Helped in no small part by the Lansley reforms but a discussion perhaps for a different time). Define 'policy'. Government advice provides a part of the framework. What should be absolutely obvious to everyone is that people, primarily the elderly, but also those with underlying health conditions, those that ambulances didn't collect (for a myriad of reasons), those who decided to not bother the nhs and stay at home, as well as those that filled out forms to say don't waste time and resource on me. Have all died. Without receiving care at the point of need. And they've done so in their thousands. Somewhere along the line triage decisions have been made in some of those cases and they will have been made, in line with guidance led policy decisions be that at government level, trust level, hospital level etc. What should also be obvious is that residents of care homes have indeed been left to fend for themselves en masse. It's borne out in the statistics as well as in individual accounts. How this all started of course, both the national situation and indeed this conversation, was off the back of the government advice that was, freeing up capacity as @LondonLax said, and as I very much agreed with. That's a strange logical conclusion to my mind.
  6. Why are you wilfully ignoring the rest of that post about how your change of tense changes the context?
  7. Hilarious. You seem intent on winning some imaginary argument. You could, if you were being genuine, actually engage with what I've said. That might get us somewhere conversationally. I am not the other posters. I have not made the claims you keep referring back to. I am not here to engage in cyclical arguments about things I didn't say. I haven't dodged anything. You appear to have conveniently glossed over the point I did make though, about different words and changing the context. Which I felt added value. Unlike this back and forth.
  8. No. What I think, is what I said. Not whatever you rephrase it as.
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