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    World Cup 2018: Russia

    Tells us a lot but means very little at this stage. Spain won in 2010 and lost their opening match 1-0 to Switzerland. Spain, Portugal and Mexico have impressed. Russia and Croatia have beaten some really poor teams so it's hard to really judge Uruguay, Serbia and France have struggled to victory. Denmark did a real smash and grab job on Peru. Who, like Germany and Brazil tonight and Argentina would be alright if they shot on target and not at the keeper and didn't miss penalties etc. All of them could easily improve. Iceland and Switzerland will be happier with the draws than the South American giants but none of them lost their opener either. Iran beating Morocco seems pretty inconsequential in the great scheme of things. Egypt offer little without Salah. Australia miss a Cahill/Viduka type focal point. Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Costa Rica have been pretty poor. 2 days to go till the second round of group games kicks off with Russia Egypt on Tuesday night. Salah had better be fit really or Egypt are off home. Sweden v S.Korea should be feisty after Mexico's shock win. England and Belgium get stuck in against Tunisia and Panama and I'm looking forward to Japan v Colombia much more than Poland v Senegal although Lewandowski is one of those players who could set the tournament alight with goals and more goals as is Mane and that Senegal team is no Nigeria. Still bloody love the World Cup me

    World Cup : Group E (Brz, Swi, CRC, Ser)

    Curled a fair way that one

    World Cup : Group F (Ger, Mex, Swe, Kor)

    And we know how that usually seems to go....

    World Cup : Group F (Ger, Mex, Swe, Kor)

    Always a treat watching Mexico. I would love them to win it one day.

    World Cup : Group A (Rus, KSA, Egy, Uru)

    Russia and Uruguay sitting pretty after round one then. Saudi Arabia are looking like they're going to be the whipping boys, hard to see them grabbing a point on the last showing. Egypt simply need Salah fit enough to play. Tuesday's game against Russia is huge for them. Russia need a win to go through. Uruguay should be all but through by the 3rd round of matches although an Egypt win on Tuesday might make it interesting.

    World Cup : Group E (Brz, Swi, CRC, Ser)

    I take all the excitement back this game has been an utter snoozefest with one moment of sheer quality so far

    World Cup : Group E (Brz, Swi, CRC, Ser)

    Must be an official sponsor then

    World Cup : Group E (Brz, Swi, CRC, Ser)

    I think the other guy is called Joe Speight