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  1. Weekends Football 18/19 February

    Gwan Lincoln
  2. U.S. Politics

    ..............And the fact that we've put up with it for so long. The mask is slipping with this moron.
  3. Libor Kozák

    Harsh on him and gutted for him.
  4. Steve Bruce

  5. Relegation thread 2016/17

    I mean I was gonna go back find the page with the original quote and bemoan the loss of the multiquote system when I realised it's the same page and the quote I was replying to is right there. Quite clearly it says we need a 'settled transfer window where we are not buying and selling half the squad'. I suggest nearly half the squad should leave. I think Amavi will be off in the summer but I left him off that list. If I had my way and at the back Jonstone, Bunn Hutton, Richards and Cissokho all leave and we lose Amavi, ideally we'd be bringing in a GK, LB, CB. 3 in 6 out, No point buying 'squad players' either. In midfield lets hope Hourihane finds his feet as Lansbury looks promising and hope Jedinak stays fit. Bjarnason adds depth and flexibility, Lyden covers Jedinak, leaving Tish, GG, Veretout and Sanchez battling it out for 1 squad place. So 3 of the last 4 can go imo. (Even then at this present moment in time there's a lack of quality there, certainly off the bench). 3 out (at least, but after that it's replacing not trimming) Gil and Grealish, all the skillz, both lightweight. Gil will be off imo. I thought I'd be nice to Grealish and make a pretend position for him so he gets a free pass. Not that we will/should sell him or owt. but 1 out. My absolute biggest gripe is the lack of width but I want to dream of a time where Bacuna gets to play at being a footballer somewhere else so Adomah needs competition. Green might just be an answer down the left, Grealish doesn't fit the bill here for me, I thought Bjarnason but obviously not, so Green too needs competition. In the summer I'd like us to focus on a ML and MR. 1 out 2 in. Up top ideally all our new shiny £10m+ strikers coming good would be great, Gabby can go out on a high, McCormack sorts himself out, Hogan and Kodjia click and they all score 20 goals each on our way back to the PL.... and the nippers provide cover. But realistically maybe we should be looking at replacing McC and Gabby? Maybe loaning Davis and RHM out for the year would do them good? Hard to know right now, we'll know a lot more come May. I'd be amazed if Gabby left, however at this point McCormack leaving wouldn't surprise any of us. I'll count 1 out and wish for more My opinion hasn't changed all season. I thought we'd finish mid table, I still think we'll finish mid table. I, like everyone is, am looking over my shoulder at the relegation zone with dread. I hate the football we're seeing, but I'm not panicking and really bad runs aside I think we're about par for the course. The reason I kinda expected a season like this WAS the wholesale changes and the fact that it was too much to do in one season. In both of Xia's transfer windows so far the club has exceeded my expectations, so I've been happy overall. As you yourself allude to none of the departures I'm suggesting would really damage us. But that's 12 outs and 5 ins there which is an entirely different thing from the people earlier basically suggesting we just need to tinker. I purposely avoid using phrases like "cancer in the club" coz that's not where I'm coming from. But we are less than half way through this mission. Having a balanced squad, rid of the majority of the payer base that took us down after 3 windows with the majority of them having a full pre season together would be excellent work.
  6. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

  7. U.S. Politics

    The Times of Isreal did a little piece on this Gorka chap a couple of days ago, seems like another great guy from the right wing Breitbart ****wit ranks.. Isreali fake news outlet
  8. U.S. Politics

    Im catching up with this news conference and he's literally just talking about himself.............In the third person obviously. He knows whats good and bad now apparently He knows whats good He knows whats bad "Lots of things are done with Uranium..........including some bad things."
  9. U.S. Politics

    what happens when you guys report on the stuff that's not ok? (What the bad things Donald?)
  10. Crap Hometown Clubs

    It's the way I tell 'em
  11. Crap Hometown Clubs

    I thought they only played 1980's Genesis.
  12. Ross McCormack

    Maybe he can't, but the fact that this board is full of comments from people all season saying he just doesn't look fit should count for something. Maybe McCormack's right because he's lost 5 Kg's of muscle mass due to missing training? Who knows? But the guy's obviously not behaved well or he wouldn't be playing for Forest and if that's his attitude towards joining my favourite club then for whatever reason or excuse he has, **** him.
  13. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    And the answers left more questions that are still unanswered
  14. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Stop trying to normalise yesterdays gem. Ultimately you got a load of people thinking about your colleagues knob all day. Admit it you're still thinking about it now aren't you?