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  1. U.S. Politics

  2. Snow Watch!

    Just had a bit fall from the sky here in Cardiff but not sticking
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42260814 Quite simply Mr Williamson your grasp of the English language is laughable. I get it, what you are saying then is that your view is that a person who engages in violence and/or intimidation of violence in the pursuit of political aims can't cause any harm to Britain if we kill them. And as Defense Secretary your job is to use violence or the intimidation of violence in the pursuit of political aims. Brilliant.
  4. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Nothing decided yet but it's Wolves' to lose. Everything else is up for grabs imo. Obviously we have to keep up our end of the bargain. Starting with a win at home to Millwall would be nice and hopefully another 3 points in the bag. We need to take as many points off Derby and Sheff Utd (twice) and at home to the top 3 as we can. 7 games there - 21 points - those games are huge. We have 3 of them in the next 6 games too. (Derby [a], Sheff Utd and Bristol City) Tricky looking away games at Middlesbrough, Brentford, Sheff Weds, Millwall, Forest, Fulham and Ipswich to come (along with the trips to Derby and Sheff Utd). Those 7 away games also look crucial. Away trips to Bolton, Sunderland, Norwich and Hull we need wins. - 33 points up for grabs on the road there (without counting the Sheff Utd and Derby games again) and while most of the teams up the top have yet to come to Villa Park, we have a lot of the middle of the table teams to visit yet. We need to put away QPR, Barnsley, Burton and Preston again when they come visiting Villa Park. Leeds, SHA and Reading wont be easy at home in the other 3 home fixtures. There's the other 21 points though. 78 left to play for. And we are 56 short of the 92 points of the mystical 2 ppg average.
  5. The Concert/Gig Thread

    Always been a weird place. Sports Bar........and live Jazz. More just mourn an historic venue gone like the Coal Exchange.
  6. Products you would like to see make a comeback

    Hersheys stuff does not taste like what my mouth thinks chocolate is supposed to that's for sure.
  7. Cricket: General Chat

    I'm amazed we're still alive near the end of day 4 to be honest. Woakes and Root have to survive to keep it interesting though.
  8. Products you would like to see make a comeback

    Nibb-its Wheelz
  9. Products you would like to see make a comeback

    Yes mate. And the Banana ones.
  10. Keinan Davis

    Ok he was far from great but he will not have to face defenders of the calibre of Jansson every week and I thought he gave as good as he got in that regard. He's learning on the job and it's fun watching him do that at the moment. Yep. quite. I agree. I think Grealish might make him and/or Hogan a few goals on last night's evidence.
  11. Robert Snodgrass

    Poor game last night and on a different day (and with more options on the bench) he may well have not seen out the full 90. After his performances of late we can probably forgive him a poor game. Don't make a habit out of it! He still got around but isolated a lot in the first half and his quality on the ball left him for the night, set piece delivery and all.
  12. Henri Lansbury

    Great little cameo last night. Chuffed for him to get his first goal for us. Need to see that sort of performance over 90 mins from him. And then the next game and the next game etc. Do that with any consistency and we'll all be happy.
  13. Jack Grealish

    Wants the ball. Keeps the ball. Just what we need. Especially in the absence of Kodjia.