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  1. Enjoyable start to the England Argentina game.
  2. Can't believe people are unsure about buying England's number 2 GK. It would be a brilliant signing if they pull it off. Wouldn't have to move his family, knows the area well and we can sing "England, England's number one" again every time our goalie makes a save
  3. Don't know about buying players from The Championship though
  4. He'd also be a No.2 somewhere we trust and love him a bit


    They'll always have that one season back in 2018-2019 where they were the only W.Midlands team in the top division to laud over us eh
  6. Century from Root caps off a good day for England. Roy and Morgan picked up injuries though.


    what are major international winners?
  8. Keeper one is interesting purely from a turnover perspective. From my POV Sarkic needs to play some proper games somewhere. No one fell in love with Nyland. Kalinic seemed like the answer but hardly shone and IF there's been a fall out or just decided to move on then so be it. Steer stepped in and finally took his chance. Barring any new arrival the jersey is surely his to lose right now. His stock has never been higher though and if he wants to play as No.1 and he's not going to here I wouldn't begrudge him moving on. Having said that, if he wants to hang around as No. 2 to someone for a year (or more) then great. He's part of our history. Kalinic probably has the most re-sale value. I can't imagine people knocking down the door to sign Nyland. In Deano we trust.

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