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  1. @useless - especially when I get to catch up on 9 months worth of musings in the I often wonder thread. You had me and Mrsvm crying tears of joyful laughter at times last night, which given the current state of affairs is pretty damn cool. Thank you for being you and sharing it with us. We needed that.
  2. Down here in designated exercise sector 357x there's a parakeet nesting in a tree. Didn't know we had parakeets in the UK.
  3. Thanks for clarifying. Humour can be hard to detect I hear
  4. As an English born kid growing up in Wales I was always British first and English basically on egg ball day. Either that or "f#@£+=g Saes" depending on the region. The only time that ever changed was when I was in New Zealand. I got fed up of people asking where I was from, going round the whole "I'm British" thing landing on "oh you are English" and then being shunned. Claim a bit of welshness however and they buy you drinks and such and invite you into their sister etc. Lines on a map as a thing though was stupid long before I was a glint in the milkman's eye. Good for friendly rivalry and banter and little else.
  5. Mostly Some of us can be quite virulent
  6. try not to vent at your mate, he'll have a load of stuff going on at the mo. Childhood friends is kind of the standard choice in my experience. Just be a good mate and help out if he needs it. It's all that matters in the end. I did it once. The good bit was the morning of the wedding. "Don't let me drink anything Marv" "Ok mate. Would you like a double Brandy to steady the nerves though" "Yes"
  7. Been waiting for the rumoured green kit. I'm a bit gutted it doesn't instantly make me want to reach for my wallet if I'm honest.
  8. I don't really know how to start to respond here. I'll plump for - Opening line that is neither sneering nor combative. A strange response in the context of how the discussion has gone really from my perspective. More proof of what an emotive topic/thread this is. Sigh. FWIW I agree with much of this, but find the way it is framed towards me rather confusing and a little bizarre. You seem to be hooked on the idea of me using data selectively for some obscure underhand reason when someone else has introduced it into the discussion, other people misinterpreted what it said and I've weighed in, using the same quoted information, and attempted to stop that misinterpretation being used as proof of individuals being mistaken, as per this post So literally attempting to address the thing you seem to be accusing me of when you say "people jumping on a particular bit of data or report or conclusion to support their already held point of view". In challenging this I literally introduced other factors in to the discussion - while at the same time doffing the cap to the crudeness of my dragging two sets of research and comparing the results in the process! - I also made the point that solely looking at aggregated data does not provide a complete picture and literally say at the end I am in no way trying to ascribe any suggestion of causation. I notice you didn't quote any of this while choosing the phrase "people who talk about the issue properly" to make a point about 'other factors'. Like I've said. To me it is an utterly bizarre response to what I've written. But there's the bits I can agree with you on. So, it seems, we share much common ground around the actual issue. If you are particularly interested in my POV, perhaps asking what it is may be a better way of going about finding out what it is, rather than this suggestive nonsense presumably fuelled by some strange presumption that I would think any differently? If you don't like the thing I highlighted in the data that was presented to us, then feel free to disagree with it.

    U.S. Politics

    Does someone want to try and explain the appeal of Warren to me? I'm not getting it.
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