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  1. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Onouah is everything Micah Richards isn't. Mad to think he was rated less when they were at man City
  2. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    3-5-2 proper old skool champo that
  3. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    How many on the weekend?
  4. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    See, my imagination thinks we have a good record against him since 'the comments'. Dont know know though!
  5. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    3 goals in the second half? Never happens Come on Villa this is Holloway FFS! Stop proving him right!! Massive 45 mins
  6. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    was just about to say something similar. Blider at Loftus Road last year. Come on Villa!
  7. Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Not to a Holloway team! FFS Villa come on!!
  8. Mile Jedinak

    And at least the fixture list has thrown up an extra days rest after the international break for us Everyone else plays Good Friday, while we play on Easter Saturday.
  9. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Days like today when you just walk about smiling everywhere
  10. General Chat

    Also Carragher has always been pretty dislikeable if that's even a word.
  11. General Chat

    Another question though, before I answer that. Can I just ask if the girl in question has requested it because she likes it? Too much? I'm basically new here in OT I don't know!
  12. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Anyone had good ones? Anyone?
  13. Neil Taylor

    You are bang on with that. He's also the worst left back at the club. Left back with the most assists at the club and left back with the least assists at the club. Scored the most goals of any left back at the club but also scored the least goals of any left back at the club. He's either a real enigma or the only left back at the club! He did more than ok. He'll face worse players than Cavaleiro in international football and in the PL and got him subbed. I said in the Adomah thread but I'll say it again. Taylor and Adomah kept Cavaleiro and Doherty quiet and for me that was always going to be a key area. Adomah and Hutton got a bit of a roasting down that side in the game at Molineux. He aint pretty on the ball that's for sure but he knows where to stand and what his job is, and for me he offers a little more to Grealish and Adomah further up the pitch than Hutton - even though, even I'll have to admit Hutton has done a sterling job at times this season.
  14. Albert Adomah

    Whether it was a bit scrappy in places, Adomah and Taylor kept Cavaleiro and Doherty quiet. Every time Taylor was caught out Adomah was on hand to snuff it out (bar the goal of course). His best game for us imo and MOTM for me. The bit in the first half where he just holds off the wolves player, lets the ball go past him up the wing and just races on to it was brilliant. Strength, determination, application, creativity, end product and a smile as big as a house! What more can we ask for in a player exactly? A great signing.
  15. Tony Xia

    Best thing I find with letters is the post mate