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  1. Steve Bruce

    Bruce is walking the tightrope for me. Straight on to another huge game against Fulham. A win would go some way to proving we can mix it with the better teams in this league - which is by far and away the biggest question mark right now for me. A draw and it's another tentative step along the tightrope. Lose it and he may well need to go to the sty and win to keep his job. Still very fine margins at the moment and all of our own making. There's still work to be done to make up for the poor start. I am glad we have some width and some competition for places when everyone is fit out wide but in the middle our central midfield is still our weakness. Those looking in will see Hourihane's return and think we're ok but we know different. I think the 'Lampard of the Championship' is a good comparison. Not that I'm knocking Hourihane, but for me our problems in the middle - obviously highlighted on the weekend - are that we lack anyone with any real on the ball ability and someone who - like Neves did - can run the show. Still never replaced Milner in that regard. The problem that leaves us with is having to pack the midfield with bodies and how we generally struggle to create much with 1 up top. The way we tail off in the second half of games is still worrying, whatever is said about improvements in fitness. Personally I feel we spend so much time chasing the game that we're up against it from the start "they can't keep this up for 90 minutes Cotton" although in fairness it's been a high pressing game that's beaten the lower teams. Our away form needs to improve. 7 points from 6 games on the road so far (W2-D1-L3). It will be easier to point at the opposition and make a case for us playing decent teams away from home if we prove it's an anomaly and only then. At the moment we've lost 50% of our away games, plain and simple. And like I said earlier, we need to beat some of the top half teams. Fulham, Preston away and Sheffield Wednesday all up in the next 5 games Ipswich, Leeds and Sheffield Utd in the bunch after them. At the moment our record is (W1-D2-L2) and the solitary win against Norwich looks a little lonely. Of the remaining 11 games in the first half of the season I'd say Preston and Leeds away and Sheffield Utd at home look tricky as does the Fulham game imo but hardly unwinnable any of them. 33 points on offer. he needs 27 of them to catch up to any mystical 2 point average by then.
  2. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Big games this weekend all over the place as teams around each other all play each other in some fashion - except Sheff Utd who welcome Reading. In the top half, as the list says it's Villa vs Fulham, Wolves vs Preston, Bristol City vs Leeds, meanwhile for the teams just below us, Cardiff visit Middlesbrough. Ipswich vs Norwich is on Sunday. Derby and Sheff Weds keep up the trend of playing teams around each other this weekend slap bang in mid table. From Forest down (except Reading) all the teams within 5 points of Burton play someone near them too. We cant afford a bad run. Back on the bike quick please boys. Wins against Fulham and SHA before going to Preston would be great.
  3. World Cup 2018: Russia

    So Denmark take the 4th seeded spot for the draw by moving ahead of N.Ireland then. 1. Switzerland (11) 2. Italy (15) 3. Croatia (18) 4. Denmark (19) 5. Northern Ireland (23) 6. Sweden (25) 7. Republic of Ireland (26) 8. Greece (47)
  4. Match Thread: Wolves v Villa

    What about Davis and Kodjia though?
  5. Pre match buildup

    guess you don't rate Steer much then lol. UTV
  6. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Proper 6 pointer tomorrow. Win and we're 2 points off the top, lose and we're 7 points behind. Would be a good day to win after tonight's results
  7. Questions from Leeds fans

    Thought I'd just leave this here
  8. Pre match buildup

  9. Pre match buildup

  10. Pre match buildup

    the last 6 months must have flown by for him
  11. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    He's a bit up and down
  12. Pre match buildup

  13. World Cup 2018: Russia

    ok, so double checking myself the UEFA co-efficients are worked out differently to the FIFA rankings. The updated FIFA rankings are to be released a day before the UEFA draw. Still, might be a good indicator. Not entirely sure the UEFA ones involve friendlies and I think there is more weighting given to recent results in the FIFA one.
  14. Steve Bruce

  15. Nations League

    Yep, and the OP states "The overall Nations League rankings will determine the composition of the draw pots for the subsequent European qualifiers (European Championship or World Cup). "