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  1. Steve Bruce

    When he came in I thought he made us harder to beat and more organised. I knew the football would make my eyes bleed. But like many on here the constant lack of fight or desire was grinding me down and I saw and still see the logic in a Bruce type of manager. Warnock and McCarthy were the other 2 mentioned at the time I seem to remember. Maybe it appeals to me after witnessing our last trip to the second tier and the coming of Taylor, ok we then took a punt on Venglos but Atkinson came in and added a bit of sparkle to a solid base. He inherited a team with an ingrained work ethic. I genuinely think this is what we need to get out of this mess. Especially when Lansbury and Gabby stroll around like yesterday. I'm still embarrassed this morning after watching that. We got schooled by a hard working unit AGAIN. This is just repeating the mistakes of last year. Why play so open though? why not, with our appalling away form and striker injuries play 3 across the middle and one up top? Why not, when 20 mins into the game it was obvious we were overrun pack the midfield against warnock? It defies all sense and reason. We have no divine right to go up. We had no divine right to stay in the PL. We're suppose to work for it. ALL us fans know this. That's why if they try hard and fail we'll cut them some slack. Johnstone, O'Hare and Onomah deserve a nice Sunday off. The rest of them should be dragged into work today and made to explain a few things. As others have said 2017/18 and Gabby and Hutton are starting games? All summer I've been expecting awful football. I was thinking he might have been the guy to teach these idiots how to take a throw in though, or score from set pieces but then it's not like the last 5 managers have bothered either. Not that 2 games in is a time I thought I'd lose patience either. But yesterday was appalling.
  2. Josh Onomah

    Utterly baffling that he came off. Best player on the pitch for us
  3. Match Thread: Cardiff v Villa

    is this what that feels like.
  4. Match Thread: Cardiff v Villa

    did he really just take our best player off? speechless.
  5. Match Thread: Cardiff v Villa

    Our throw ins just wind me up
  6. Midweek Football 8/10 August

    Well that helped no real surprises tonight except Preston going out really. We've got one player in the next round anyway, Tshibola's Milton Keynes Franchise United went through.
  7. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    So still rumours of Amavi, Elphick and McCormack doing the rounds. Amavi and McCormack were pretty conspicuous by their absence on Saturday I thought. Neither will be leaving for peanuts though imo. Be nice if we saw some movement early enough to get someone in to cover for Taylor at LB. Don't want to see RDL, Hutton or Bacuna played there. Glad we're apparently out scouting a left back. If we could get rid of Gardner, Bacuna and Elphick, find somewhere for McCormack to go and replace Amavi at LB if/when he leaves we'll be having a great window. If Bunn or Richards go anywhere i'll be amazed. Happy, but amazed. If Elphick leaves with Richards still kicking around. I doubt we can afford to do much in this area unless they both go. Are Suliman or Bedeau ready to be 4th/5th choice? No one wants to see Richards again but if he doesn't go somewhere then he may be our financial cross to bear. Bacuna, Bunn and Gardner are all surplus to requirements too imo. But I can't see them leaving changing anything squad wise. Do we need/want another striker? That's all down to what Bruce makes of RHM and Davis I suppose and whether we can get a full 90 mins out of Gabby on a regular basis and whether he's planning for Gabby to battle it out with Green down the left might be the defining factors here for me. The need for a left back to come in when/if Amavi goes is obvious imo. After that to have a couple of decent options everywhere on the pitch I wouldn't be overly surprised if we got a left winger and/or a striker in. We're having a good window so far imo, just some of those squad fillers to go now and the way the relegation squad will have been transformed in 3 windows will make me very happy.
  8. Steve Bruce

    You're right it's fine margins. He definitely made a good decision bringing Green on. shame it wasn't 10 mins earlier. Or 70
  9. Leandro Bacuna

    Scapegoat? What the hell are you lot on about? He's bearing the blame for his own actions not the actions of others.
  10. Leandro Bacuna

    I'm not suggesting it's ok or helpful for the crowd to get on the players or the managers case. Or the owners for that matter. But if British sports crowds are to be berated for sarcastic cheering I'm done. Many of my favourite memories from attending all kinds of sports are from those moments of humour from the crowd. Are we also suppposed to get all concerned about the crowd groaning when a simple pass goes astray? The effect could be just as negative on the player and they'll still have minutes on the pitch. It's not his fault there was only 1 person in VP yesterday that thought Bacuna should be on the pitch and that that person was Bruce. But Bacuna's relationship with the VP faithful broke down a long time ago. As I alluded to earlier though when 20,000 people are all frustrated with you and some of them express that through a cheer surely your reaction should be to wonder why that many people are holding the same opinion of you. I fear with Bacuna he truly believes he should/could be playing CL football and if he's going to bib about the crowd getting at him he doesn't seem to have the humility required to use criticism as constructively as he could.
  11. Chris Samba

    Samba came on for Lansbury. Bruce brought Onomah on for Hogan. Agreed it was all a bit baffling though.
  12. Andre Green

    genuinely interested to hear who in our current squad you'd start ahead of him.
  13. Leandro Bacuna

    Oh come now, it's far from one game, he's been shit over a hundred times for us hasn't he? Also far from the first time he'll have been ribbed by Villa fans. Perhaps he should take a hint. Assuming he is very upset like you say, If I were him I'd be more upset over my own performances. He should try looking inwards for answers instead of outwards for excuses imo.
  14. Glenn Whelan

    Personally I liked what I saw today. He may well have tired but he never stopped running, made a few memorable well timed tackles and much like Jedinak last year it's a good job too imo.
  15. Scott Hogan

    Would seem like the sort of player you'd want on the pitch to snaffle up any Samba flick-ons and knock-downs to me if that's what you were thinking of doing. Just saying.