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  1. Wouldn't it be Whelan's vacant position he'd play in? Fail to see what he is thinking here.
  2. That picture just makes me sad. Bad path that is.
  3. Make it happen already
  4. heard that Eliud Kipchoge is pursuing advice from McGinniesta ahead of his attempts to break the 2hr barrier in a full marathon.
  5. osmark86

    Going Under ?

    this season is already legendary for so many reasons. so many emotions, ups and downs. not just usual ups and downs but historically-goddam-critical-to-the-apex-maxed-out ups and downs. going from nearly being sent into administration to a record breaking winning streak and finally promotion after having discussed potential relegation. jesus christ what a season it has been!
  6. since 2017/18 he has scored just 6 goals in 47 games. no thanks.

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