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  1. Agree. Continue our run and kick them while they're down.
  2. Their fans will not be so smug anymore. Watch Brentford do them one.
  3. We'll see in a bit. Entertaining fight at the top now.
  4. Norwich and Leeds both have everything to play for now so us securing playoffs came at the right time.
  5. that would really be a stinger for the other promotion contenders lol ^^. I'm all for it.
  6. I would be disappointed if we didn't manage to beat both those teams. they're both crap, we're on fire and we really need the points on the board.
  7. I think we could beat them. I'm just saying that if I had to choose between Leeds and Shef Utd in a playoff final, then I would choose the latter. Especially if they don't have Sharp. As other posters have pointed out Bielsa is one helluva manager and I think he'd have a few tricks up his sleeve.
  8. this. I'm still nervous about Leeds being in playoff contention. they have well and truly outplayed us this year and even though it appears that our fortunes have turned for the better, I wouldn't feel confident going up against them. Shef Utd without Sharp seems like a much more lenient prospect.
  9. my first girlfriend was a copt so can confirm. they're Christian. a quick google will help too.
  10. friend of mine is a die-hard Bolton supporter so feel kind of bad for him, but this is a must win for us so I hope we crush them. won't be celebrating to his face though if we win, that is for sure.
  11. Slipping up now. I can only assume you want them to win so they have nothing to play for on the final day.
  12. Doesn't that just add to the image?
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