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  1. Had it hit him in the head I'm pretty sure that would constitute as abuse? Either way I think he should have probably not taken jibes at the fanbase. Just ignore the loudmouths and be professional about it. He could complain about it off camera and it probably would have ended slightly less toxic than it did.
  2. Legend! I was even a bit emotional when he played his final game for our national team. Felt like the end of an era that will not happen again in my lifetime.
  3. pretty sure that was his first hat trick in a Leeds shirt too. just typical
  4. yeah but they all seem to have Mo Farah levels of running fitness. Come on Dean, send our team out on a marathon jog o' shame!
  5. He really did. Mings looked so tilted and that probably affected his concentration negatively. He needs to work on calming himself down sometimes.
  6. Gabby was just having a laff and bantering a bit. It's not like he caused us to lose ffs
  7. Was hoping for the exact opposite reaction tbh.
  8. Fair play to Leeds tonight, they really played their hearts out and it proved much too much for us. That being said it was concerning to see how quickly we fell apart after their first goal. It was a fairly even game up until that goal and then we completely lost it and just let the flood gates open. First time we've been in a losing position this year and I hope it's shell shock, but this needs to be addressed. We cannot concede a team that much space and go missing after going down like we did today. We were out-fought by a team that plays with 110% effort. In all honesty I hope th
  9. Agreed, we should have played like Wolves did. Shame we didn't since that seems like the Kryptonite vs Bielsa.
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