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  1. so the tune today seems to be that he's defo off. I guess we lose a possible legend but get immensely rich in the process. Not all bad I suppose.
  2. Revered by us. But if he leaves for the monopoly then all that is forgotten.
  3. Or he's just sick and tired of the media circus and clowns hounding him from all sides.
  4. Intentions change when circumstances change. Either way I won't pass any judgement not having heard the full story. All we're doing now is getting worked up over gossip.
  5. People are pissing their pants over poor frontend work really
  6. Sure. But even then we will only know Jack's true intentions behind his actions if he personally speaks out about them. All else is assumption. Him choosing to leave (if he does) could be based on a number of different reasons. Ill intent for Villa is not one I would be banking on.
  7. You've assumed Jack's intentions. No need to berate him when we only know of hearsay.
  8. It's very common to have responsive websites. It's basically standard practice these days. Even this site is. Avfc.co.uk is not the greatest site though...
  9. Yes and it's official communication from the club. Check the OS.
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