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  1. Quite some crying itt. Football has ups and downs. Accept and move on. That being said, what an awful loss damn XD.
  2. Missed the game but conceding 3 goals in 15min to lose? Wtf?
  3. I think we might see a few from other teams' fans
  4. Personally it makes me a little disgusted seeing some Newcastle fans cheer on this takeover. My wife has family that have lived in and fled Saudi Arabia (she's of Eritrean decent). I spoke to one of her cousins who lived there who had witnessed many public executions as a child/teen and he's scarred from the experiences. Had this been Aston Villa I would feel awful and be very conflicted about supporting the club under such a regime. Football is so capitalistic and gross in general these days that it's becoming harder and harder to enjoy it as the years go by. This is just another event in football that has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. My wife has family that have fled Saudi Arabia. Great day for football yay.
  6. osmark86

    Keinan Davis

    Think that it's time to part ways with Keinan now. Really hoped he would start pushing for starting places but it really hasn't happened for him. We have better options now and he won't get near the first team as things stand. Poor guy always seems to carry an injury as well.
  7. Sulberto & the Saudis did angular guitar riffs the best agreed. Franz Ferdinand who?
  8. Lets hope it comes back to haunt them.
  9. Will be missing the first half minimum today unfortunately. I have a pretty good feeling about this game. Looking at form we should be the favourites here but Spurs are no pushovers imo even though they seem very flat under Nuno. Would take a point honestly. UTV!
  10. He isn't exactly denying it mate. He also did face troubles as a consequence so no need to get more on his back imo.
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