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  1. I guess everyone's just crying because we're so hopelessly shite
  2. the stars have been lit, the history has been writ, Aston Villa and the PL just isn't a fit
  3. you'd think it would be a larger player like Mings marking him
  4. you just know this will end in heart ache XD
  5. Most likely. This season is looking really grim. Championship bound unfortunately.
  6. what's wrong with the radio? shit, where do I even begin...
  7. I think that El Ghazi is probably good enough to start even though he'd probably be better as a bench option. I'm not entirely convinced by Trezeguet yet, he looks clumsy and quite lost a lot of the time. Every now and then he'll do something brilliant but it's pretty rare imo. Maybe he'll develop I don't know but at best he's a squad option right now.
  8. I have more time for other things now than worrying about relegation. It actually feels pretty liberating lol. Given enough time though I will really miss the game... VTID
  9. he might not single-handedly save our season but by Zeus he will definitely make the task an easier prospect. can't wait for him to be back in action.
  10. whoever we play it's going to have to be 100% effort for each game from now on. we have to grind out hard fought wins and everyone has to feel their own personal responsibility in doing so. I liked the formation we played against man city and hope we continue with that one going forward because the playing 3 CBs experiment should be well and truly buried now. I think it will be really tight and be decided on the last day against WHU. make it count villa!
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