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  1. Short of a call-up to the national team he is though.
  2. hahah yeah noticed that the table I looked at actually had updated already. that's fantastic :D!
  3. Agreed. this was a good result. plus we're still above the manure in the table on goal difference. edit: oh wait, they're only 13th lol.
  4. Still beneath us on goal difference
  5. both have been pretty good though you must admit
  6. hahaha and as I say that...Lallana of all people.
  7. well well looks like manure is going to take this one.
  8. to be fair, this one they got right. the other one seemed so damn obvious too. is VAR being used to fix games?
  9. yes, this is what I'm questioning. strange.
  10. is there a reason the ref should not watch the monitor themselves? judging by the calls made by VAR so far I would not blindly trust their decisions.
  11. there is. the opposite decision to what we all see is the likely outcome.
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