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  1. I agree. We did not embarrass ourselves at all. Quite the contrary.
  2. Wow. Be interesting to see the decision on this. Will probably be controversial either way.
  3. thought Mings should have done better for the 2nd goal, but overall I think he played really well yesterday. Greenwood is a very good player.
  4. thought we did sound on the strategy part of the game yesterday. Individual errors and the officials cost us. Oh and Cavani. One helluva goal that.
  5. Bartie really can pull out some absolutely siiiick moves can't he? Such an entertaining player imo. That goal yesterday was about as good as it gets.
  6. A little less pissed off today XD. I was furious yesterday. Man Utd just always gets to me. What can I say, I thought we did brilliantly 1st half and threw it away in the 2nd half aided by some very suspect refereeing (no surprises here). Luiz should really have kept his cool and I wasn't too shocked that turned into a pen. Even if there was no real goal scoring opportunity that is a clear pen and it's on us. Man Utd will ALWAYS get those, we should know better. Mings also played very well for the most part but got turned way too easily for their second. Man Utd are a good team
  7. Cavani is one helluva baller, can't say anything other than that tbf
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