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  1. osmark86

    John McGinn

    bloody typical. why are we constantly struck with injuries to key players?
  2. osmark86

    Dean Smith

    We look like a totally different team under Smith. More of this please.
  3. osmark86

    Sveeedish fotboll

    Drömmar om guld...
  4. osmark86

    Sveeedish fotboll

    My home team AIK is one match away from securing the title with 2 points over second placed Norrköping. Last game, away against Kalmar FF, is on sunday and the anxiety is ruthless! Villa hasn't been about any titles or success of late so please oh Gods of Fitbah give me this!
  5. osmark86

    U.S. Politics

    yeah, it's as if words speak louder than actions. "unfortunately we have to impose these sanctions. we are terribly sorry" vs "deal with it! USA! USA!".
  6. osmark86

    Jack Grealish

    I think @lapal_fan sums it up pretty well.
  7. osmark86

    Glenn Whelan

    played very well last night and usually puts a shift in. he seems a little slow though, so I'm not entirely convinced he will be able to keep up with a higher pressing game for the full 90 minutes. seems to make up for it by having good positioning though, so maybe I'm wrong in assuming that.
  8. osmark86

    Dean Smith

    Or at all
  9. osmark86

    Scott Hogan

    And people speculated on the chemical composition of Bruce being mostly polytetrafluoroethylene...
  10. osmark86

    Jack Grealish

    It's like he's criticized for not being able to carry the rest of the team better. Even when he's underperforming he's still one of our best players. This reminds me a little of how the swedish press would hound zlatan in the national team.
  11. osmark86

    Ørjan Nyland

    Two goalies brought in and we're weaker as a result. Fantastic.
  12. osmark86

    Jack Grealish

    I don't disagree with that.
  13. osmark86

    Jack Grealish

    If he wasn't on the pitch today we definitely would have noticed his absence, let's put it that way.
  14. osmark86

    Jack Grealish

    This ffs.
  15. osmark86

    Ratings & Reactions: Norwich v Villa

    Count to 10 mate, then go to bed and have a good rest.