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  1. osmark86

    Match Thread: Villa v Sheff Wed

    As I'm travelling I'm unable to watch, but a small livescore push notification just now makes that seem like a relief. Bruce out as I'm pretty damn sure we haven't even had a shot on target yet. Call it an educated guess..
  2. osmark86

    Anwar El Ghazi

    This. Thought he had shown enough to warrant a place, but we're consistently more concerned with defending.
  3. osmark86

    Conor Hourihane

    Absolute screamer. Fantastic goal!
  4. osmark86

    Ratings & Reactions: Blackburn v Villa

    Very disappointed yet again. We're far too unorganized and slow as we have been for far too long now. Bruce out.
  5. osmark86

    Pre-Match Thread

    Let the torture commence...
  6. osmark86

    Pre-Match Thread

    One more day. Very curious about this game. Unfortunately not through optimism..
  7. osmark86

    John Terry

    Whatever happens I will still hold him accountable for putting us in such a desperate situation regarding our defense. It could have easily been avoided and it just reeks of neglect.
  8. osmark86

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Links to Collins, seriously?
  9. osmark86

    Steve Bruce

    if you take time to analyze some of our games (which I doubt you will if you value your time ) you'd see that we really don't have a particular system which seems to hamper our team massively. we are extremely one-dimensional in our attack which begs the question, what sort of movements are we drilling into this squad? rarely do our players have clear passing options and our players look lost as to what to do. and in defense a lot of the time you see players hesitating to press as if they're waiting on another player to do so. at other times you see two or three players leaving their positions to press without any other players covering the lost ground (as if suddenly we were playing total football out of the blue). it's like these decisions have to be made by the players not off a basis of drilled instructions, but rather by their own initiative hoping that it doesn't leave the rest of the team exposed. we look very aimless with Bruce at the helm. I believe that a lot of them should be fighting more, but generally when we have seen players come in they've done this. they have fought a lot and showed immense promise. a few more games down the road and they look like shadows of their former selves. if we had a proper system then I think we'd see the full potential of these players, not always but a lot more often than we do now.
  10. osmark86

    New Manager Speculation

    whoever we manage to attract I hope we're placing a lot of emphasis on having a modern set of tactics and the capability of implementing said ideas. I really believed that grinding out results would work for us last year as we had a strong enough squad to make that happen. we barely looked organized in the majority of our games and relied heavily on individual skill but it worked probably a few more times than it should have. we can't keep throwing players at the problem of us lacking a true shape and footballing philosophy. by Odin, Allah, Jehova and Zeus, get it right this time please.
  11. osmark86

    New Manager Speculation

    agreed, which is why I avoid it like yersinia pestis
  12. osmark86

    John Terry

    Oh for the love of zeus make this happen.
  13. osmark86

    John McGinn

    His nic is thejoker...