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  1. Yeah don't know what he was waiting for with the free kick. Maybe he was waiting for others to make a certain move or something. Looked very frustrated and fed up though.
  2. He defended really well today but offers little in attack. He is capable as shown when playing with Jack. Seems to lack confidence.
  3. A match is totally different to training and he hasn't really played many minutes this season. If he was unable to give 100% fair play for speaking up. Today will have helped though and hopefully he starts next week too.
  4. Ollie worked hard today but for me still lacks match fitness and sharpness. Also needs to pass the ball much much quicker. Dithers too much. Not major issues though. As others have said the partnership with Ings hasn't clicked yet. Of course things seem all the worse for throwing away a 2 goal lead! We can make up for it next week anyway. UTV
  5. En route to Villa Park! Come on boys another 3 nil!!
  6. Southgate has taken him off. Jack not happy. Bizarre!
  7. Correct. Jacks realised no one else is really trying to create so has taken the bull by the horns and is now drifting all over the pitch. His teammates not really on the same wavelength. Has had a really geat half and it's the Jack of old we all know too well.
  8. I don't think he's anti villa as such and I'm not really sold on the fitness excuse either. He could and should of played a bigger part in the final. I would rather have a not 100% fit Grealish over Mount not doing much for 100 mins. Other than that I do take your points haha.
  9. We're in a very good place for sure! My post sounded a bit negative but I absolutely don't expect us to stagnate and lose players. We have everything going for us right now. Sharks will always circle and try to destabilise a good thing but we have to combat that through success.
  10. It's blatant baiting! I'm not gonna read it lol. Southgate made a complete mess of the Euro final, one of the reasons being Jack supposedly wasn't good enough to play a part. Now obviously he's like the second coming of christ cos he plays for City. He's a muppet! Yes I'm triggered again
  11. Yeah definitely. To have wanted players is a blessing as well as a curse but it's a problem I'm happy to have. We simply have to progress and meet our goals or suffer the consequences - obviously we have some leeway in terms of time frame but decent players won't stick around and stagnate if more attractive offers come along.
  12. He is a good guy but we can't expect to keep him long term unless we miraculously get Champions League football next couple of years! I would imagine he has a taste for trophies now. Hopefully he'll sign an extension and we get alot of money for him when the time comes.
  13. Yeah a brilliant throw and credit to Jack for initiating it as he bombed upfield as soon as Johnstone caught it and Sam saw the run.
  14. Great assist and great goal. Wasnt an easy chance at all.
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