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  1. He will never have the physical side just like Hourihane. Hes lightweight, light on his feet, great skill but can easily be knocked off the ball. For that reason needs to work on being clever with his body position and trying to protect the ball to at least win more fouls like Jack does. I like Traore though and I'm sure he'll get better. As a team though we are badly lacking a big strong player in midfield. We could do with a Toure or a Vieira. Don't make em like that anymore!
  2. Makes you wonder what Dean sees to chuck him on when you have Davis who busted a gut the other week to help earn the win? Baffling. I don't suppose we'll get an explanation. Ive always supported Ross in giving him a fair crack but it's increasingly difficult when you see clips like this. I know videos can be edited to look worse but even so...
  3. Looked like he jarred his left knee badly near the byline. His reaction is concerning but hopefully it's not as bad as it felt initially. Almost scored a cracking goal too but looks like Ollies bad luck has rubbed off on him!
  4. Traore will always struggle when we play teams who have all the possession and he has to go chasing (or not). In a way he's a better version of Hourihane in that when we are on the front foot he is much more effective. We weren't even trying to get the ball to him in the first half. In fact I don't know what the plan was! That observation aside he wasnt great today regardless however nor were the rest of the team so I don't think he should be taking a larger proportion of the blame. Had we been even luckier today (if you can't be good be lucky) we could have won let alone draw. A frustra
  5. Lacking a bit of confidence perhaps. When the team goes through a period of struggles even the basics seem to very hard to get right. Just look at how poor we are with passing the ball! First half of the season that wasn't an issue.
  6. birdman

    Keinan Davis

    Barkley didn't deserve to come on. Smith said that Trez deserved a start after his goals against Fulham yet Davis who also changed the game doesn't get any reward for his efforts? Very strange from Smith especially as we needed someone with some physical strength willing to carry the ball forward more than two yards! Something our pathetic midfield struggled to do!
  7. Definitely struggled today but then he rarely saw the ball first half. Team passing was atrocious. We fully deserved to lose despite some improvement in second half.
  8. I dont know about that, it genuinely seems like Dean and the medical staff can't put an exact date on recovery as its down to how Jack feels and responds to training.
  9. Safe to assume then he's out for the rest of the month now. Still plenty of games in May to get himself in contention for the Euros. Really want to see him play this summer!
  10. Won't be playing this weekend then
  11. It costs us when we don't score goals too.
  12. Just get a shin transplant he'll be right as rain in no time.
  13. Brilliant response from the mistake. Not sure why he felt the need to pass back to Emi given that he had a load of space on his left to touch the ball into and then clear it down the wing. Of course the passage of play leading up to that incident invited the pressure on the first place. Our passing in generally was sluggish and negative until we got our act together with the subs.
  14. Yes I think his chin dropped a bit out of frustration with the way we were playing. He wants the ball and he wants the pass and move but our movement and passing was awful up until the subs.
  15. birdman

    Keinan Davis

    That's what a few of us on here have advocated in recent months about Davis being able to play behind Ollie instead of writing him off. He has the physicality and hold up play to enable Ollie to stay in the box more. I hope hes given more chances for the rest of the season because a couple of other regulars don't deserve to be playing.
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