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  1. Still can't see Jack celebrating with the City fans. Doesn't compute with me! Don Smith seems very relaxed too. So I'm still in the Jack stays camp...or should I say green gazebo.
  2. Tickets booked A3 Trinity. Bringing the family for first time. Can't wait! Have always driven in the past but will probably train it this time. What's the best train from New Street? Witton or Aston?
  3. Thankfully I haven't heard that clowns dulcit tones! Just Andy Townsend and Durham I think.
  4. Oh here we go on TalkSport... up next...how will Villa cope without Jack
  5. Anyone checked Bluemoon for signs of a meltdown?
  6. That's Cash and Haus (he wears green boots)
  7. If he's such a massive United fan would be the ultimate trolling
  8. We've just agreed terms with Bailey subject to a medical Oi Oi!!
  9. Reckon it will hit 3000 by Monday at this rate lol
  10. Mount could play for the bluenoses and still get picked to play every minute of the World Cup!
  11. Southbore must be knocking one out over all the speculation!
  12. Expected to accept lol Written as if we have a choice. If we do have the choice surely its a simple go away he's not for sale.
  13. I agree hugely tough choice with all the pressure from most people to make that big move. I suspect his Croatia holiday hasn't been that enjoyable. The "easy" decision would be to stay with Villa. His club, his city. Respect for that would be phenomenal and would drown out the obvious "he's bottled it" comments.
  14. Of course but I'm just countering some of the posters who think he'll fail. We love Jack for his amazing talent and that isn't just going to evaporate overnight IF he leaves for Man City.
  15. Think he'll be a huge success at City IF he goes. He'll probably have less minutes overall due to Peps rotational style but that will probably help Jack and his stress injury issue. Southgate will make him a regular starter too just because he's not playing for Villa anymore lol.
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