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  1. Video is still there! Last thing club needs is another potentially negative news article such as this. He's gonna get roasted!
  2. Yeah I've just seen this. Why are our players so effing thick when it comes to driving?! That Insta post will get deleted surely?! Obviously someone else is with him so perhaps he's finished isolation now but the phone in his hand, not really concentrating on the road while driving quite fast (by the looks of it) is beyond stupid
  3. Meanwhile, Meatball is prancing round in his Xmas turkey costume lol
  4. birdman

    Ezri Konsa

    Yes agree but also think everyone can benefit from mental coaching. Training your mind should be considered no different from training your body. Simple example, how you react to losing possession of the ball. Have a quick mope or go and get it back again? It's surprising how many professional footballers will simply give up if it's not going their way. A negative attitude can be like poison and spread within youself and others around you. Some players are naturally mentally strong I think, like McGinn and Martinez where it reflects in their style of play. Some players have it naturally and ot
  5. The people I know that have had covid have struggled with their fitness during recovery. Shortness of breath, reduced stamina etc. You would hope professional footballers being supremely fit would be able recover from it reasonably quickly but even so a two week turnaround is asking alot!
  6. The thing where he just stops in the box with the ball.... occasionally I would like to see him continue with pace and shoot. Opposition expect him to stall now so if he could mix it up a bit more it would bring some unpredictability to his game. Not saying he's becoming predictable but....actually yes I am lol.
  7. Yes agree with this, without a doubt converting more of the chances he creates is a far far bigger issue than Jack scoring a few more himself but that would be simply lovely too lol. Don't ask for much do we!
  8. I follow villa official on Insta but missed this, have you got a link?
  9. birdman

    Louie Barry

    For those of us who voted remember NOT to swap your shirts with the Tsaroulla voters.
  10. Once he's on the ball is a joy to watch. Great feet, good passer and very creative. Nice to know that if Jack can't play we have someone else who is comfortable with the ball.
  11. Amazing stat. As good as he is though makes me think that he should be scoring a few more goals to go with it? Or at least we need to do better as a team with all the chances he creates.
  12. An observation of instagram comments in general is that they are inhabited by alot of very very stupid people.
  13. birdman

    Louie Barry

    Watkins and Grealish are rarely in a one on one situation unfortunately (must be the way we play). Grealish had that one against Arsenal I think? I think they are both very capable in these situations but regardless it was class from Barry at such a young age. Before that game I was very much in the loan him out camp but now I'm not so sure. Is he good enough to given game time this season? I think he could be and if he hits the gym a bit harder...
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