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  1. snowychap

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya... Arab Countries in Revolt

    Her family's lawyer says she doesn't. Reading between the lines and looking at the appeal that the Home Secretary lost last year about two other deprivation orders made of two British citizens of Bangladeshi descent, it might be that his lawyers have made the argument to him that she was automatically a dual national because she was born to Bangledeshi citzens and the Bangladeshi part hadn't lapsed (unlike the two in the appeal case) as she isn't yet 21. All that's a guess, though. He may not have taken any advice from anyone other than his leadership campaign manager.
  2. Nominal pay growth, not growth in real terms. ONS - UK labour market: February 2019:
  3. snowychap

    The Film Thread

  4. I am minded to agree with some of what you say but doesn't that feed back in to the idea that the A50 thing was a political decision made by the leadership of the Labour Party, likely without influence from the Tory party's thoughts on a GE? Again, saying that the 'election result validates...' is just doubling down on what you've already claimed, isn't it?
  5. snowychap

    The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    Did you think it was 1985? Edit: I want to stress the respect I have for your posts, Scott.
  6. Does the Scottish Green Party not give you an avenue for your complaint?
  7. I take your points though I still think that you write off the potential opposing arguments in the light of a truth already made. As far as the practicalities of supporting invoking A50, that was done before the GE, wasn't it? It was done when a GE was specifically ruled out by the PM, wasn't it? Support for it can't have been an electoral ploy, can it? - It was a political decision made by the leadership of the Labour party at the time.
  8. Again, that's their problem. It is also their problem if they choose not to go and see the MP that they didn't vote for to ask for their assistance. Our MPs are our representatives, whether or not we have voted for them.
  9. I agree. As I said in a previous post, that's their problem if they don't understand it, though. If they want to change the electoral process, that is, to a degree, in their hands.
  10. But that election was played out in the circumstances that were relevant at the time, i.e. that both parties had the same view about article 50 and leaving the EU. What if there had been an actual campaign against the invocation of A50? Sure, it may have played out as you've suggested but an actual campaign may well have changed things dramatically. Add in to that the idea that the 'leave constituency' thing now is being seriously questioned, i.e. it isn't necessary for a labour MP in a constituency that may have voted leave to advocate 'leave' in order to win that seat.
  11. Ooo, is this the one that had the SWP responsible for all of the killings of Stalin, Mao, &c.? How's your colleague's chair?
  12. Did you think about it when Frank Field resigned the Labour whip, or when John Woodcock left the Labour Party, or when Sean Woodward joined the Labour Party? I'm sorry but people vote for an individual as their representative for a constituency. Those individuals are then the MP for that constituency.