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  1. I think the government mean that they're not going to play Corbyn's silly games. They've cerrtainly been playing silly games of their own. I'll be interested to see just what form the returned to meaningful vote debate and subsequent vote take (and the business motions concerning it).* I guess the business for the week beginning 7th Jan will be set out by Leadsom this thursday? *Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if it's not quite on the terms that everyone assumes it will be, i.e. just carrying on where they left off.
  2. Why would only the 52% get to vote on the second question? The result of the first ballot simply determines whether there is a second ballot and, if there is, what the options are.
  3. Is it the indicative votes thing that's talked about in this article? I certainly don't think it's a bad idea to have Parliament look at and vote on all of the options but I can't see the government (for which read Mrs May) going for it. If these votes were to happen then there ought to be a clear indication of the process for taking them in to consideration before they happen. Unfortunately, much like the first referendum, any future referendum, the various votes on various parts of the Brexit process in Parliament, &c. I doubt there would be. We'd probably just see arguments about what these votes meant after they'd taken place which would just use up more time.
  4. I'm not sure what is being suggested. What kind of votes are they talking about and how and when?
  5. snowychap


    Yes, it matters greatly in the context of attitudes towards dealing with children in a teaching or pastoral capacity. I'd suggest that the 90s was much more in tune with today than the mid 80s and before not least because of the sea change about outdated attitudes to the disciplining and the development of children, teenagers and young adults through the early 80s that led to the banning of corporal punishment in state schools in 1986 and the voluntary withdrawal of it in many other institutions around the same time.
  6. snowychap


    Farrelly was in the Villa youth set up from 1992-1995 from what I can see. That's not 30+ years ago.
  7. Yep, always worth reading his tweets. Not sure about the Del Amitri reference, though.
  8. No. No deal is the default if there is no agreed deal before 29th March 2019 and there is no extension to A50.
  9. snowychap


    He saw what went on between Kevin MacDonald and Gareth Farrelly? Hadn't Farrelly left Villa three years before Cahill joined the youth set up?
  10. You're making a very different case here from that made earlier, though. If your case was that you don't think she has any particular convictions and that she has just chosen to continue to keep her focus on immigration post the referendum vote because she feels comfortable there just as she was for the previous six years then I'd be less inclined to disagree. My issue is with this idea that her positioning in the last two and a half years has been a response to the referendum result.