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  1. Uber

    The reference is from Falling Down (85c for a coke - though there's more than a hint of a xenophobic tinge in the first part of the scene). Isn't it[ the whole point...]? No, it's about exploiting the consumer. Information is the power here and it's the controllers of the data (i.e. Uber) who hold that power. They use that power (the data about the entire network) to set price and the consumer's power to judge whether that price is (suddenly) correct is correspondingly minute. Edit: I used 'correspondingly' and though that seems the right kind of word, I don't think it is. Apologies for that and hopefully someone will supply me with an appropriate alternative.
  2. Uber

    No, it isn't.
  3. Uber

  4. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Forest

    Nice to get home and see that we won again. No idea if we were any good, obviously.
  5. In other words "all the stuff we've been saying for six months is still the same as before". The useful lifespan of May's speech and the "offer" it was supposed to contain lasted about as long as it will have taken her to get back to the airport. Isn't it also saying, "Before we get on to future relationships and all this 'creative' business, we've not only got to come to an agreement on the stuff we already knew about but also on this transitional period that you [Mrs May] now appear to have officially requested".
  6. Statement by Michel Barnier We look forward to the United Kingdom's negotiators explaining the concrete implications of Prime Minister Theresa May's speech.
  7. I see she managed to shoehorn in a 'control the internet' comment within a couple of minutes. I gave up about twenty minutes in when she was still waffling on with 'as I said in my Lancaster House speech' and crapping on in vacuous terms about closest of friends and allies. Then claiming that they've made concrete progress on a number of things, that all the citizen stuff is not a problem and no EU citizen should worry about the government changing rules, the Home Office implementing them as they see fit or the Home Secretary being useless or ignoring the judges and that everything was about being creative. I gather I didn't miss much. I know she's suggesting a two year transitional period but to what end? Is it just another two years to not really have an idea about what we want when we leave - other than something 'creative'? The bit that I actually watched made me embarrassed that she's our PM. The bit that I missed but I've read about just has me asking, "What the hell do you want, then, and when are you going to tell us or the EU?" Edit: And whichever cockwomble thought it appropriate to reuse the old 'leaving the European Union, but we're not leaving Europe' line deserves to be shot.
  8. London Terror Attack

    Man charged over Parsons Green attack On the last line, this was a piece from yesterday (which doesn't appear to have been given the same level of prominence as either the initial reports or today's brief announcement - I may have missed it, though): Parsons Green attack: Two men released without charge
  9. Marco Pierre White does not like this.
  10. May makes generous offer to remain in reality for further two years
  11. Aargh, the bloody 'poker' analogy has reared its head again (Norman Smith on the Beeb just).
  12. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    They revived it recently with Sandi Toksvik playing William G Stewart.
  13. Speech by Michel Barnier in front of the Committees of Foreign Affairs and the Committees of European Affairs of the Italian Parliament From above, as highlighted by David Allen Green:
  14. Villatalk deadpool 2017

    William G Stewart.
  15. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    How long have you been saving that one up for?