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  1. Well, Dem's post kind of hinted at it and there has been talk in political circles about it as a possibility. I think a few MPs (maybe to get a bit of air time but still) have also mooted it. It may not exist in most countries at present but it has existed in the past (in the UK and elswhere) and the issues with it are multifarious. Sure and that's obviously more of a carrot approach. One may make life more difficult, even close to impossible, if one doesn't get a particular vaccine or treatment but if that's still a choice (even on with potentially serious social and economic
  2. I don't think it's something that you can nail down in advance, i.e. I can't say that one specific measure will stay in place. At a guess, perhaps the mask wearing will become more prevalent (as a wider reaction to any potential respiratory disaease), perhaps requirements for taking temperature tests and so on to enter establishments when there's a large case of a particular bug going round. The App(s) take up may not have been universal but the idea of checking in to places and venues with QR codes would be a good bet to become quite standard (possibly required by places on some sort of
  3. Man fined for breaking French Covid lockdown to 'smash a guy's face in'
  4. I think you missed the point of my post, Dem. Let's hope no one (with anything close to any power with regard to the situation) suggests a program of forced vaccination.
  5. There are a couple of things in there, firstly: So, not either Covid or Brexit related. And then there's this: 'At the moment' and then 'certain there's a long-term trend'. The former seems a relatively objective judgment, the latter merely her punt.
  6. I think it depends what one means by 'largely back to normal'. I'm not sure that some of the measures introduced will be dropped that quickly (even allowing for the likely clamour that @HanoiVillansuggests) or even at all. Even if the vaccines have all of their desired effects and work brilliantly, I don't think that you'll see the pre-covid world completely return.
  7. It may be a bit arguable if you want to go down that route. That you're bending over backwards to find ways of excusing people from the responsibilities of how they cast their vote rather reinforces my prior objection(s). I think it's grim, frankly. But we're just going round in circles so we may as well stop.
  8. It wasn't about kindness. It was that projecting on to others a way of looking at the world that you may hold isn't necessarily the boon for discussion, debate and democracy that you are making out it is. Indeed, I think it's often a problem. The whole evil/not evil stuff is, really, a red herring. If someone voted for this government then they voted for all of the things that come with it. I don't need to call anyone anything in particular to be able to put the case that with that vote comes (some) responsibility for the actions of those for whom that vote was cast. Of course t
  9. I don't think I said that Tory voters are evil. I joined the conversation to point out that it was quite bizarre to say that until people have decency dangled in front of them you'd shrug your shoulders and not blame them for what they do vote for. You want to concentrate on this 'Tory voters are evil' line which someone else has said and ignore the point that I made because it's an easier discussion to have. I'll repeat that attempting to be all Kofi Anan about it helps the bastards - whoever they may be, i.e. some bastards may be Tory voters, some may not; some Tory voters may
  10. The point is that you give people a massive out when they don't deserve it. It's all very well not to want it to turn in to a hugely polarised world where people are just calling each other all the names under the sun but effectively permitting all sorts of shite under the guise of not wanting to ruffle feathers is no sort of proper or just alternative. All you end up with is a scenario where people are hoping things don't actually become as bad as they have already become.
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