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  1. Yes, very worrying stuff. They'll be wheeling out David Blunkett and Vernon Coaker next to tell us how we should have had ID cards all along.
  2. Dieter Brummer, 45 - ex Home and Away actor.
  3. That might be the first person ever to go from one of my lists - apart from Bruce Forsyth, perhaps (though I may have dropped him for 2017).
  4. Can the Attorney General ask for a sentence to be reviewed if she thinks it's too high? Will the current government (seek to) introduce a law to reduce the criminal penalty for (murder or) manslaughter if committed in similar circumstances by police officers in the future?
  5. Obon? Only one letter away from lob on, which is probably what'Nick' for when listening to that song.
  6. It is utterly superb. Peter Vaughan was brilliant in it. Edit: Strong, McKee, Craig, Ecclestone, &c. obviously terrific.
  7. It is much, much deeper than that.
  8. Except, he isn't. For all the 'Barnard Castle' shit, he has been much more important than 'second rate numpty'.
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