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  1. We should. We won't even get the chance to talk about it in the ensuing shitshow. The 'hostile environment' is very much a blueprint.
  2. Yep, I think this is the point that Sam is making. If you intend to go along the level playing field line then it may well be possible to do an FTA, i.e it's not impossible. Are we going down that route? Are we bollocks...
  3. I liked the post as it seemed to acknowledge the caution but I'm not quite sure about the content of your post.
  4. It's sensationalist because you didn't include all of the data and facts. You just threw out claims without them being put in to an accurate context. All you did was say: one person killed someone and got 21 months and someone ' didn't declare the find properly ' and got a number of years. If your issue is that causing death by careless driving doesn't attract a sentence that is severe enough or that this particular case should have been prosecuted as more than careless driving then fine - that's for you to put forward, explain and argue for.
  5. There needs to be caution here. The point is that there could be some sort of FTA concluded by the end of next year - it is not impossible. It is unlikely that doing so would be optimal.
  6. I'm sorry but this isn't good. It's sensationalist and it appears to avoid, or distort, the facts in both cases.
  7. You mean people like James Purnell who hired Lord Fraud (he of the Fraud Report*) as an advisor at the DWP who then moved pretty seamlessly to being an advisor for the Tories and thereafter a Tory minister? *Torygraph article from 2014: Edit: Yes, Tory policies are worse but the genesis of their policies is Labour policy/policy interest from 2006 onwards.
  8. You don't need your voting card. As long as you're on the electoral register then you're sorted.
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