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  1. Simply because the accused is found not guilty does not mean that any witnesses or accusers have lied or broken any law.
  2. Those British Isles lockdown questions answered
  3. Hold on. Don't you spend a lot of time working from home anyway? This is surely your normal routine?
  4. The end is nigh - Raab is due to be taking the Downing St press conference.
  5. I don't think there is a mechanism for doing that. I think they can only follow Article 7 procedures to suspend rights of a particular state (which the EPP voted to do over a year ago).
  6. Whilst I might have disagreed with you on some aspects of this particular discussion, I absolutely agree with this.
  7. Though as a comment made by a Prof on twitter says about Hungary: It's not really been a democracy for a while (also see Turkey).
  8. BrightHouse and Carluccio's into administration.
  9. Even if there were, I'm not sure there are many avenues left to them to voice those thoughts.
  10. It's interesting that the tweet says summonsed rather than issued with a fixed penalty notice. Whilst I have had some sympathy with the message underlying some of the tweets (though not voiced clearly enough), e.g. perhaps Kinnock could have made clearer that he didn't just pop round to Neil to wish him a happy birthday and perhaps the police talking about people driving from Sheffield to the Peak District could have explained that if it's okay for a few to do it then it becomes okay for loads to do it and we end up with the scenes from the other weekend, the above just risks the whole thing collapsing. If it becomes people being summonsed on the whims of individual officers who can't be held to account or who themselves are using the flexibility of the regulations (in their view) in order to issue a summons or a fixed penalty notice then we risk being in a situation where no one takes notice of the reasonable and sensible overall advice and it becomes a free-for-all again. Also, longer lasting effects upon trust in the police applly, too. More sense is needed by the general public in understanding and adhering to both guidelines and regulations/legislation, and by the police in administering the guidelines, regulations and legislation. Edit: It also risks overwhelming already-stretched court resources either in the immediate future or at some point when the restgrictions are eased/lifted.
  11. Grauniad live business page: Edit: Goldman suggest that on-shore production sites may well have to be turned off as there's limited storage available and the transportation networks needed to access that storage are not able to cope. And whilst this may lead to a further collapse in the price, eventually (when things return to some normality) it may lead to a spike in the price of oil because production won't be able to ramp back up quickly enough or, perhaps, at all (as some of that supply will be permanently lost).
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