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  1. Yes, not your place. I see what you're doing...
  2. Erm, sorry. I don't think it's, er, my fault.
  3. Why do people care about nonsense is what I meant. That you appear to care about these 'orders' rather underlines my point, yes.
  4. This is rubbish. The guidance/the advice was different from the law and pretty much always has been. All of it (but without making any sense) could be called 'the rules'. It's a real disappointment that this still fails to hit home.
  5. Name names? Other than binning Farrell and Ford, where might you be going? Edit: Not a challenge, btw. Just interest in suggestions.
  6. And yet we should have won. Therein lies Jones's utter failure: he can make really superb players in to a team of dross.
  7. Can someone at the RFU step up and sack Eddie **** Jones, please!!!!
  8. Someone ought to be checking telephone calls to bookmakers...
  9. I know it's just the wording you've used but the shielding letters are advice (the new ones are based on an updated risk assessment though, as per my post earlier, not on the most up to date data about patients) and it does say 'this means you can make an informed choice yourself'. It could and should, however, have that line much more prominently than it does (at the end of paragraph 5).
  10. I don't think it's going to be about what might be the most sensible or most practical thing to do - or the safest or most secure (wrt to actual public health or data security and accuracy). It's just going to be the thing that happens and I think businesses will drive it. And a lot of it will be for little more than psychological reassurance for their workers and customers - see 'covid secure'.
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