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  1. Ratings & Reactions: QPR v Villa

    Cracking result.
  2. Whilst we listen to Davis talking to Kuenssberg, take note of the content and tone of this article in the ToryunlessyouareaBrexitmutineergraph: David Davis fails to convince German business leaders over Brexit free trade deal
  3. One would have thought that they'd care about themselves, though. There were specific criticisms from a number of their own side on specific points and it didn't seem like there was any intention to budge (on 7 waiting days, for example). Perhaps they're hoping that something can be cobbled together so they can claim to be reducing the minimum statutory waiting time from 6 weeks and that this will pacify these bods.
  4. Many good contributions on this (from all sides) with a general consensus from the Tory side of asking the government to make changes but not pause and other sides to pause whilst they make the necessary changes. The government response via Damian Hinds (Minister for Employment)? 'The reason all of these things are like they are is...' and things are all going largely as intended, i.e. no pause and (little or) no change.
  5. U.S. Politics

    February 29th 1999?
  6. There's a debate today on the Universal Credit roll-out and a report produced by the Work and Pensions committee . The opening two Tory speeches were a maiden speech by the new MP for Banff and Buchan which I don't think mentioned UC once (it was a typically jocular maiden speech telling people how great the constituency was) and the second which seemed to be an attempt to say 'make work pay' as many times as possible in six minutes. Congratulations to Andrew Bowie (the third Tory contributor and a member of the committee) for actually talking about the report and the issues that have been raised with the UC roll-out.
  7. I think there's a little too much concentration on not being impressed by the 'it's the Russians wot won it' line.* I've quoted both posts because the comments that you've made about CA and the things like the Cadwalladr piece(s) highlight that there's a lot being talked about (and looked in to) that seem to suggest that the political (and military) may well be seriously in advance of the commercial in this area. If this is so then a traditional view of advertising and its returns would be similarly outdated. On the mostly shared within an echo chamber line, that may be obviously true on the surface but echo chambers are no longer sealed-off units not only because of social media but also because of other media outlets use and reporting of social media. The noise in one echo chamber bleeds in to another; the louder something is shouted in one group of like-minded believers or the more provocative it is to other groups of like-minded believers then the more it will be shared amongst those other groups (as an example of what they don't believe in) which, necessarily, extends the reach of the original message and likely overplays the 'following' over the original message and its initiator. Whilst the 'wastage' here may be huge, that is rather unimportant. There are no costs associated with it (for the purposes of analysing any returns) and thus any marginal gain (e.g. from those accidently in receipt of this indirect marketing and vulnerable to its message who may not have been so enthused as to have been in an original echo chamber of true believers) is a 100% win (or as close as). So, whilst there may be a great deal to discover about the targetting of people on the fence that may have come about from the data mining and analysis of the data that CA (and others) have done - we'll have to wait and see the details if they actually do come out - in order to be able to take a view on how succesful this political nudging was or could be, I think there's a lot of secondary stuff beyond that. I'm not sure that it doesn't help, too, that this indirect stuff would be further from the original message.
  8. I'm sorry but you're not really making much sense. There is a lot to question in what you've posted (which I'll accept are largely attempts to be amusing rather than serious analysis ) but here are a couple of things: You don't need to influence the entire electorate in order to influence the result of an election especially a referendum vote that was as close as this one (and was throughout the campaign). Cumming reckons it was about 600k that did it. Twitter is not solely used by 'left wing people with too much to say' and it's certainly read by plenty of people with very little to say but a desire to listen (amongst many other vastly different groups). How big is this claim being made?
  9. If you're seeking to win an argument then you should focus your efforts on those you think can be brought over to your side - not those already there.
  10. VillaTalk Deadpool 2017

    Keith Barron.
  11. Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    The end of Mugabe. Though what comes in its place...