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  1. For different reasons, so do more than one or two others.
  2. Article about confusion regarding government 'policy' written by wife of Cabinet Minister and sister-in-law of the PM. (I know she's been at the forefront of pressing the issue)
  3. Depending upon which side of whose bed he got out of:
  4. Really? Massively better than the standard excessively over-priced cack you get at services (and I'm including ones with the M&S food franchises). What flavour? The lamb ones are normally pretty decent.
  5. Edit: He acknowledges he meant 31/10 later in response to someone.
  6. Absolutely. I've no problem with the pantomime booing of Smith et al. or the singing of songs about them (though I think the songs have reduced in frequency with the weight of runs he's scored!) but as he's going off injured or when he came back out to resume his innings? That's really shit.
  7. It needs to come well before the 11th hour because otherwise there would need to be a relatively hefty extension asked for in order to pass all of the legislation required to leave with an agreement (implementation bill/ratification/various other legislation).

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