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  1. Maybe the headline claim doesn't stand up to proper scrutiny. Link
  2. I think there are, at least, a couple of things, here: It's not about asking in order to make accommodations for those who are medically unable to get the vaccine, it's about asking in order to dispense with the services of those who are unvaccinated. If it was just about asking in order to accommodate everyone currently employed (as we're potentially talking about dismissing people for being unvaccinated) then that might be a different argument. On the negligence angle, I'd have thought that it's about the assessment of the level of risk to others, i.e. what level of 'endangerment' there is and how serious the potential effects might be. If the vaccines prevented catching the virus and the transmission of it (rather than mostly reducing the likelihood of developing a serious condition oneself as well as helping to reduce transmission - by an uncertain amount) then I think there would be a stronger case for talking about gross negligence but this isn't the case, is it? Also, one needs to factor in the demographic of the average workforce and thus the inherently lower risk profile, no? IANAL (obvs, too)
  3. I'm not sure the silly situation of having to show 'proof' of vaccination status to eat in your local restaurant is the ideal benchmark against which to measure other things.
  4. Loads of empty shelves in the Morrisons/Asda/Tesco shops in Malvern/Worcester/Bromsgrove over the past couple of weeks.
  5. Yes, very worrying stuff. They'll be wheeling out David Blunkett and Vernon Coaker next to tell us how we should have had ID cards all along.
  6. Dieter Brummer, 45 - ex Home and Away actor.
  7. That might be the first person ever to go from one of my lists - apart from Bruce Forsyth, perhaps (though I may have dropped him for 2017).
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