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  1. snowychap


    Freezing herbs in ice cubes/ice cube trays is a common recommendation I've seen.
  2. snowychap

    U.S. Politics

    Ah, no. I've largely stayed away from the nags since Cheltenham. I wouldn't be doing much more than wild stabs in the dark. Come to think of it, that may be better than trying to imagine I have some knowledge! May take a look, ta.
  3. snowychap

    U.S. Politics

    Fair enough. It was just early morning musings.
  4. snowychap

    U.S. Politics

    Might it also be where Trump sees his best 'deal'? Maybe pushing forward with a new conservative pick before the election (and sod the consequences for a second term for him) might be seen as a good thing for Trump if he can extract assurances and obligations from the Republican party for the political futures of his kids (and any other deals for himself personallly in to the bargain)? If he makes it another ten years, can be lauded as the President who was there when they gained this ascendancy in the Supreme Court and gets to see one or more of the sprogs taking elected political office then he might well judge that as a very good deal.
  5. It's not as though they've not had time to properly assess how the data is to be used, stored and protected. The point is about (not) following well thought through procedures and debate about the measures that are introduced and these are one of the fifty(!) emergency regulations that have apparently been introduced by the government since early March - without debate, without scrutiny and without thought. But they won't. Are they going to 'enforce' collection of this data? I very much doubt it. Yes, there may be a few who fall foul and have PCNs issued but it's not going to be rigorously checked soo I'm not sure that it will be able to be relied upon any more than the data which may be being gathered already without the legal threats. I don't think this is an accurate assessment of the current situation (the alarming rate again bit) or the actions being taken in response to the current situation, i.e. this is unlikely to have much of an effect apart from widen the data net and get people even more used to handing over their data on demand to an ever increasing number of business types - how long before it becomes necessary in every single business in to which we might go, e.g. supermarkets? If this were a comprehensive, well-thought out, well-regulated process that had been properly debated (in the months that they've had to do it) then perhaps one could simply disregard the issues that come with it but it isn't and, as such, we shouldn't. And the reason for that? Because what is becoming normal now will likely remain quite normal (even in an informal way) after any situation where it might be relevant and necessary has passed. Those running this government are absolutely wedded to the idea of the importance and value (to them and to businesses) of 'big data' and they are unlikely to want to let such an opportunity pass.
  6. Not how most people are wearing them, I wouldn't have thought.
  7. I'm not sure requiring everyone to give their details to people without any data protection assessments or consideration of proper compliance for places that won't have, don't have and couldn't give a monkeys about safeguarding people's data is a 'reasonable step'.
  8. A lot of places involved there that probably aren't taking details currently. Edit: It looks, then, as though it's a way of 'nudging' people in to downloading the app (launching next week on 24th, it says in the replies) probably so that they can sell this as a policy success when millions have downloaded it because the law says they need to or else give their personal details to a barber or the bloke behind the betting shop (or 'betting hall' as they refer to it in the legislation) counter.
  9. snowychap

    General Chat

    Opening of judgment linked:
  10. Three different braking systems or three different ways of employing the same braking mechanism?
  11. As long as they're properly maintained, surely? Indeed - which is one reason why using The Netherlands as an example might not be the most appropriate.
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