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  1. snowychap

    Saudi Arabia

    "Shared values".
  2. I'm very glad that I gave up on both Question Time and This Week many moons ago.
  3. Did he? Was he not absent for a session of the Health Committee? You're probably right that it's about profile. It's about his profile just like this stuff about Universal Credit is. If the recent harrumphing was genuine then I doubt he'd have voted to remove the "work-related activity component" from the Employment and Support Allowance, for example. He, personally is not responsible for each and every failing of UC, no. Johnny Mercer has: Johnny Mercer has: 'Carry on'.
  4. Isn't yer man taking a bit of time off to be in a telly programme? **** off with no good reason would get you some sort of serious sanction on UC. The kind of thing that would put you on or below the breadline. Jonny Mercer is an utter word removed.
  5. It's nice to hear them looking for input from experts.
  6. snowychap

    Saudi Arabia

    The theme tune to Dexter?
  7. snowychap

    Corporate evil

    ^Platon Loizou - what a cracking name.
  8. snowychap

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    It would fit if it was written œsophagus.
  9. snowychap

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Or funny.
  10. snowychap

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    This thread's usual 'tone' is spank the absolute shit out of something and fall back on the 'that shouldn't'.
  11. snowychap

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Don't they do stuff about cooking from scratch rather than just substitute shopping? Don't they make a point about brand v own brand (or lesser brand)? Don't they talk about things like actually looking at the prices of things, looking at multi-buys as well as looking at things like price per unit? I'm a little surprised at the sneering. It's not your M.O..
  12. More on the piece from the CSJ bloke about Universal credit that Mercer used to defend himself - there's a thread beginning with this tweet: and ending with this one: