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  1. Don't forget John Crawley. (As an aside, a friend's brother-in-law played in the same Manchester Grammar School team) The only real stand out one-day defeat that I remember from way back when was bloody Ramprakash saving Middlesex in the final in the late 80s. Tbf, I was a Somerset fan as a kid (Garner/Richards/Iron Bottom/Colin Dredge/Vic Marks) until Roebuck and his lot screwed Viv and Joel over in 86. Edit: Is this the one you mean? Benson & Hedges Cup, 1995, Semi-Final
  2. Apparently, he won the campaign for Leave, too. Probably also saved Wellington and captured the Eagle at Talavera.
  3. What would you do with the The The records?
  4. Hickie's 405* was a better knock.
  5. PM’s chief of staff did not act on multiple warnings about fire safety in months before Grenfell, new letters show
  6. It's not just TV and Radio. Please read the rest of the thread. And It's not just about whether you watch or listen to anything specific. It's not about people taking issue with you being critical of the BBC (most of the people taking issue with what you are saying are themselves critical of the BBC - me included), it is about taking issue with you failing to understand the organization about which you are being critical. It isn't Sky or Netflix or Amazon Prime. It is the BBC. If you don't want to pay the licence fee then you have a simple solution which has been outlined several times in this thread.
  7. Blimey, I've just read the last five pages of this thread and can't remember doling out so many likes in one sitting.
  8. And also to quote an earlier post:
  9. Just a reminder that the Minister for Housing from July 2016 to June 9th 2017 (I'm not suggesting he is solely responsible for the history of housing issues in the UK, btw, but there werre questions asked about him delaying a fire safety review in his time as Minister ) is the Downing Street Chief of Staff (of one of the worst 'Downing Street' teams of all time).
  10. I see that Matthew Parris has written his regular piece describing the character of Boris Johnson.
  11. Also apparently, in the skeleton argument from Johnson's side was the following submission: That seems to be his own side advancing the case that no one should trust a word Mr Johnson says. These words may get repeated in election hustings over the next couple of weeks. Quote above from this tweet:
  12. It doesn't make sense that you regard things such as introspection and searching for self-awareness as (only) religious. It doesn't make sense that you appear to necessarily regard existentialist contemplation as religious. It doesn't make sense that you regard human beings (I'm assuming that's what the 'we' represents) as the 'fabric of the universe'. If your answer to my question is that you see all of what you've posted as necessarily religious so that all those who may search for self-awareness through introspection, who exist (create and take life), who are 'we' merely reinforce a definition of religious that you hold then I think this is bollocks and exclusive bollocks at that. But then that's where religion leads people.

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