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  1. Simply because the police officers (one man and one woman) don't 'just murder everyone they meet unprovoked' doesn't mean that it's safe to assume that their initial reactions to any particular incident are reasonable, proportionate or necessary. It would, therefore, be a mistake to view any subsequent actions necessarily as originating from an interplay such as that. This, however, ignores my point that a failure of two lots of physical actions to secure their desired effects shouldn't be allowd to be any sort of reasonable excuse for feeling frightened.
  2. What kind of position are you in now? No judgement.
  3. Measured in £s. In other currencies, it's relatively cheap.
  4. I don't think that's right. If there's an intent to cause GBH and murder (death) results then that's sufficient.
  5. What? They were a danger because my first two punches didn't seem to hurt?
  6. It's an interesting situation, isn't it? A discussion about women looking for a date being bombarded with male dick pics, something almost universally unwelcome but that still happens all the time, has morphed into a chat about how welcome men would feel about getting sent random pictures of a woman's genitalia, something which happens almost never. I think I see an issue, here.
  7. Yep, I get that. Not sure that 6N form necessarily translates beyond the competition, though, does it? How many 6N top sides convert that to World Cup/southern hemisphere tour performances?*
  8. From what I've heard and discussed, women on dating apps and sites overwhelmingly get the bad. Over and over again. Disgraceful shite. Occasionally they get the good. Be the good.
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