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  1. Chris Grayling closes in on role as chair of UK intelligence committee Seriously? What a shower.
  2. It looks like a really, really shady operation from top to bottom.
  3. This (and your further comment about carrot and stick) would suppose that there is one 'authority' under whose umbrella a policy falls, i.e. some authority that could be progressive or is in control of both carrot and stick. And when it comes down to hospital visits and appointments, one has to provide a very large incentive to get people willing to take a 3 hour public transport round trip to a hospital less than ten miles away as opposed to a 15/20 minute each way car journey - even allowing for car park charges.
  4. Indeed. And we could do that with the last scheme that a government came up with in this area, or the one before that, or the one before that, ad inf.
  5. Simply because governments default to a standard response to a particular crisis or event, and have done for a significant period, is a very silly reason indeed to claim that this supports the notion that these responses or policies are therefore a good idea.
  6. Propping up the housing market may mean that some builders don't go bust. It's still just reaching in to the bag marked 'unimaginative' and pulling out something to do with the housing market as this government and pretty much all before them have done over the past few decades.
  7. It's pretty much a standard, go-to policy area. If in doubt, do something to prop up the housing market.
  8. Of relevance to the debate on Westminster v Scotland are the things in this thread: You're right, obviously, that allowing a referendum is a matter for Westminster (or, as per my earlier post, simply the PM's office - be it Cummings/Johnson) but one wonders just how strained things could get if Westminster has to row back on various devolved matters to create this internal market that it looks like it might need for some (or just a specific) trade deal. I think the difficulties will come for the Union in a post Johnson/Cummings administration and, due to the nature of how it will likely be played by the current government - with Gove especially trying to add as much fuel to the fire as possible, relations could be almost irrecoverablly poor.
  9. I don't mind if you ask. As it has the best part of nothing to do with the point I made in the post to which you were responding, I shan't answer.
  10. It's comments like this that suggest a lack of understanding.
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