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  1. Although it's understandable in the current climate, it's very frustrating we can't get our work done early. Using Douglas Luiz as an example is seems pretty critical thst a player gets a pre season or time to train for 3-4 weeks solid with the team.
  2. No he went to Southampton. For a modest 13 million.
  3. Favourites to sign Watkins and Benrahma via odds checker. Aston Villa are favourites to sign two of Brentford's star players, Ollie Watkins and Said Benrahma.   Former Bees boss Dean Smith on the hunt for attacking talent. #AVFC
  4. I call it the Scott Sinclair test. He was a bad player, sitting on the bench in our worst team ever. Went to Celtic and looked a world beater for a couple of seasons. 40 million for any player from the Scottish league is a huge huge huge risk. That said 25-30 million for a Watkins whose only played in the championship is as well!
  5. Birmingham mail reporting we are are in for Edouard from Celtic. 40 million. Birmingham Mail
  6. He takes a good set piece. With Jack earning so many fouls being able to capitalise on them will make a big difference.
  7. Agreed. Benhrama is a good player but he has absolutely no intention of tracking back. Can't be carrying a player in the Premier league.
  8. Left a Chinese guy in charge with no real experience or UK contacts. We all know how this ends.
  9. Pretty much every signing last summer (except the expected mings and el ghazi) came out of the blue. No clues, press briefings or rumours before.
  10. He is quick, technically good and puts the ball in the back of the net. He's also proved. When 40 million gets you joelinton and half of Harry maguire he's a steal.
  11. Werner had a release clause. Bayern came sniffing, essentially he signed a bumper new contract with a low release clause as long he he didn't go to Bayern. He's an elite striker, Chelsea worked wonders imo.
  12. West broms transfer budget is around 14 pence. They'll struggle.
  13. Their fans were on the radio last year crying about the club demanding season ticket money as early as March / April. They also pre loaned their future parachute payments. They literally had to go up this year. This season in the PL will be a case of catching up financially for them. They have a decent manager so they have a chance of staying up. If they go down it could get interesting.
  14. Not quite ready to give up on Wesley yet, although we definitely need an additional goal scorer to compete and compliment. Preferably with Premier league experience. Someone that's strong in the air, loves scoring at Villa Park, local lad. Someone who if they signed would make Small Heath fans go beside themselves would be ideal.
  15. Purslow and co's job is to do what is best for Aston Villa, not Jack Grealish. All this sentimental "he's too good", "he deserves the CL" doesn't wash. He freely signed a contract last year on 100k + week committing himself to Aston Villa. Reciprocally the club have to pay him his wages for 4/5 years no matter what happens. As much as I hate it, Aston Villa is a business, Grealish is a well compensated asset under contract. In order to let that asset leave we need to be compensated in such a fashion that we can buy better assets with the funds generated. The question is not what is J
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