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  1. Dean Smith, pretty clearly stated we got him in early due to finances, but it gives him chance to settle and expect to see the best of him next season. He was a 30m player with lots of clubs interested. I genuinely believe we will see the best of him next season.
  2. The agent knows, at some point he's going to make a good 10-15 million off Jack. With Covid finances and his injury this season, he won't get maximum amount. If Jack has a good euros, stays injury free and plays how we know he can next season, expect him to be touted absolutely everywhere.
  3. West brom, Norwich etc their best hope is to become a lower mid table PL club like Palace. If they go up next year, then a full season with Big Sam in charge would probably keep them up. Like us, if they can stay up just once they can reinvest in quality and stabilise.
  4. Their core group of academy players is every bit as good as ours. We've turned the tide, but they've still got a good core of players. Expect a very close game in the FA youth Cup.
  5. Yeah. Leicester about to get the Soumare for about 25m. A couple of years ago I would have thought 40,45m for a player of his age, athleticism and quality.
  6. Possible a NSWE post but, realistically how much may they invest this summer? What are the possibilities? Purslow made it clear with Sanson that if there's good business to be had, the the owners will always back them. Theoretically with whole season of Covid, TV rebates, couple of big clubs maybe not getting into the CL there's every chance of some absolute steals. Clubs will definitely be balancing the books. 100m could buy you 150-200m of players.
  7. Believe it or not, I believe JWP at that fee is too old for our structure. A 60million fee and a 5 year contract would take him to 31, therefore no resale value. We are not commercially mature to be signing players for 60 million, plus 100k+ wages with no resale value.
  8. pas5898


    So? We've won the league 7 times, FA Cup 7 (I think) and the EL. Doesn't mean it's an insult that we aren't in the champions league.
  9. pas5898


    Been getting pelters on twitter, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Arsenal are historically an average, upper mid table club. They got lucky with a generational manager and team and are now back in, what is probably their correct place? They are a business being ran accordingly. They can't compare to Man U and Liverpool. Man City and Chelsea are affectively play toys for rich people. What do they expect?
  10. Fans clamouring for Sterling and the like clearly don't understand the sustainable concept. Sterling is nearly 27. We would pay 50 million, high wages with limited resale value. Commercially, we do not generate enough to throw away 50 - 80 million on 1 player. We need to treat players like assets. Spending 37m on Watkins is fine, because he's worth 40 to 50 now and young. We can get a contract out of him and sell for more than we paid. That's sustainable. We are slowly building towards the Leicester model (with a better youth system). Expect only players 25 or under with high poten
  11. Leicester have basically sold their best players, except Vardy. Its just not noticed because their recruitment is good. They sell 1 very good player for a very high fee each year chillwell, mahrez, Maguire, even drinkwater and reinvest in younger players like tielemans, Fofana, Justin etc. Our fans need to be realistic and understand that eventually a Grealish, mcginn, Konsa etc will be sold for a ridiculous sum then have confidence in the recruitment to replace with a younger alternative.
  12. Anywhere near "best of the rest" is a very successful season. Maybe even sneak a europa league place.
  13. I don't get the hype around Potter. They pass the ball nice, but they are also 4th from bottom on less points than a Steve Bruce team. As mentioned on other threads, I genuinely believe Spurs have been overtaken in every way (except commercial) by Leicester and Everton. They'll end up with Roberto Martinez or someone like that.
  14. The failed attempts, to me shows there will be a clear transition of power in the coming years. They (the big 6) know it, which is why they tried to shut up shop. In the PL, Leicester, Everton and us are coming and with the financial backing are now ahead of Spurs and Arsenal. When Kopp goes, I expect Liverpool to consistently drop out the top 4. Napoli and Atalanta are replacing Juve and AC Milan. Real Madrid and in particular Barca are almost bankrupt. They will come again desperately, or the clubs as we know it will just become run of the mill teams.
  15. I'm not a finance expert. But the asset value (players) and increased value of the club would easily offset against what NSWE have spent. Should NSWE "do a Lerner", they'd easily make 250m for Grealish, Mcginn, mings, Konsa and Watkins. I expect us to copy the Leicester model in a few years, whereby we sell one big player each year for an inflated fee and offset against youth and clever acquisition. Thats sustainable.
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