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  1. pas5898


    Got absolute pelters on twitter for saying the 40m bid for Zaha was an insult and they should double it. Their fans are absolutely deluded. We are being quoted 25-30m for championship players! Zaha is probably the 2nd best player in his position in the league.
  2. pas5898

    Scott Hogan

    Baggies need a striker
  3. Its 15million pound investment. A medical will be required for insurance purposes, and to ensure he's not likely to retire after we spend 15m on him! I don't check a car out when i rent one on holiday. I check every single damn thing when i buy one for keeps!
  4. Im a 31 year old man, actually considering adding the PL badges to the kit next season. Does that make me pathetic?
  5. pas5898

    Neil Cutler

    Noticed in one of the warm ups at Rotheram away., rather than going through the usual motions of warming the keeper up he was still coaching Steer. He megged Steer on a 1 on 1, then spent the next ten minutes teaching him to bend his knee inwards when "spreading" himself to block a shot. He even pulled over Sarkic (I think) and did the same with him. It shows, that he is always looking to improve a keeper, rather than just "going through the motions", even when warming up for a vital match
  6. pas5898

    James Chester

    People have short memories in football. 17/18 he outperformed Terry and was a rock for us. I can see him coming in at CB in the premier league. He at least deserves a chance, depending on if he can recover enough,
  7. Tuanzebe, I think Man u would loan again in the PL. Mings purchase vital El Ghazi definitely Abraham or a new striker Steer / Lovre Hause Mings Tuanzebe Guilbert Milner / New CDM Grealish Mcginn El Ghazi . New Winger Abraham Abraham 20-25 Mings 20 El Ghazi 5-7 Milner Free New CDM 20-25 New Winger 20-25 Keep the young British spine together (all of which will only increase in value). Milner is a free, all the actual purchases will go on young players who will only improve and value increase.
  8. Can someone explain to me what could realistically happen if the Brexit party win many seats in todays election? Surely all this will mean is Farage gets to perform / rant in front of the European Commission / Parliament?
  9. Thought we played as well as we possibly could have against an anti football WBA. We were a little sloppy and ponderous in the final third, but overall controlled both games. Their 2 goals game from a mistake and long throw. We were never "opened up". Personally, i'm pretty confident against Derby. I can't see Lampard sitting back, and their defence isn't good enough to contain our attack. Cashley Cole will be at left back, who was so awful at VP he was subbed at half time. This is our best chance by a mile to get back to the PL.
  10. This never happens, and maybe I'm going mad but.... I'm 100 percent confident we will win today. Comfortably. We are clearly the better team, they defended for their lives and now only have 1 attacking weapon. 3 - 1 to Villa.
  11. Baggies have fell into the same trap as Bristol City. Instead of accepting they were AWFUL, defended for their lives, wasted time and were completely outplayed for the majority of the game - they blame the referee for what was a clear penalty. Instead of accepting they were negative, poor and trying to resolve the issue, they will cry about a perfectly adequate referee performance. A manager worth his salt, would have come out and said their game plan nearly worked, but they weren't good enough and will sort it out for the next game. Instead he cries about Gayles red card. Expect more of the same on Tuesday.
  12. Cant be bothered to work it out, but pretty sure it would be at least 38000 average if we had DS in charge all season.
  13. If you can, imagine being a Blues fan. You have literally NOTHING to get excited about. No future, no chance of promotion, no money in the club, small fanbase, half empty stadium every week. Literally the only thing they can cling too is us failing, that's it. There's nothing else.
  14. For the first time in a long time, we have a manager and coaching set up that are PROVEN at coaching players better. Pretty much the entire Brentford team were unknowns. Even if we were to make "uninspiring" signings, that may be because the set up has seen something in that player that can be coached or developed. Grealish, El Ghazi, McGinn, Tuanzebe, Elmo and Taylor have all moved on a step since DS and his team turned up. For me, and hopefully the club, recruits need to have Premier League potential, a potential that can be coached sooner rather than later.
  15. I hope not, i'm sick of loans. Unless there's a firm right to buy in there.

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