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  1. So did we. We got out of jail with NSWE. Oh could have so easily been us. Same as Forest. Same as Sheffield Weds (Bruce).
  2. Problem with city, unlike Man U, Liverpool etc they don't get the tourist fans who go to just 2,3 games per season. Chelsea, Arsenal and spurs have the London benefit of 9,000,000 people a tube journey away. Therefore the brunt of the tickets is on the local original man City fans. I'm telling you right now, with my season ticket and £150 every other weekend for away games, I'd struggle to afford stumping up £65 x2 twice a month for the champions league. I'd go, but once the novelty wears off I'd wait for the big games, not because I'm a rubbish fan, but because I literally couldn't afford it.
  3. 2 years and 1 month. I have a 3 months notice period as well, so I presume that means I get at least 3 months salary as a "going away present".
  4. Advice please. Appears the company I work for (quite a large £1bn+ business), with thousands of employees are systematically moving as many admin, finance, IT and marketing functions abroad to the Middle East. I know that where I work (e-commerce and digital) is on the list. How does this work from a redundancy perspective? As we NEED e-commerce and digital functions they can't say the role is redundant, they are purely just trying to find people to do the job cheaper. Do they need to mutually agree with me a payoff? Or can they just give me notice and off I pop to the job centre?
  5. pas5898

    Louie Barry

    If he can't get into the Ipswich team then very clearly there's no point keeping him around sitting on the bench here as he's obviously a million miles away in his development. If he's still in a dead end situation come Jan, then I'm sure the club will recall and move him into a better environment where his attributes are appreciated. With injuries etc, there will be a fair few League 1 teams looking for a striker. Or even league 2.
  6. He will definitely be at Chelsea, City or United in the next 12 months. What surprises me is how he can play either of the 3 midfield roles (holding, box to box and attacking). Also love the fact he was shushing the Besiktas fans, showing he has a bit of cockiness and nastiness about him. As long as he stays grounded, he will be a superstar. As purchases are now amortised, at that age, even 120-140 million is worth it as you could potentially get 12 years out of him (just 10 million a season or sell in his prime)!. Just balanced against the risk that some younger British players fall into.
  7. Noticeable that the average age of the squad has reduced. They have a front 3 of Rashford, Sancho and Greenwood who could easily go for 10 years (and will improve). Shaw, AWB both take care of fullback for 6,7 years. Pogba, Fernandez got 4/5 good years in them. CB's going into their peak years. Ronaldo will pay for himself. If they spend another 100million+ on a McFred upgrade, then for me they have built a scary team with 3/4 years of improvement. As we found out, it's very hard to bring the average age of the squad down and remain competitive. Since Mourinho they've moved on Young, Blind, Carrick, Herrara, Rooney, Valencia, Rojo, Fellaini (all starters under Mourinho), For me this season and next season, that squad rebuild is 9/10 done and now he needs something to show for it.
  8. Adel Tarrabt. For a season or 2 at QPR he was absolutely unplayable. Actually made me tune in for QPR championship games. At Benfica now.
  9. I guess it will only ever be 3 from 4. Maybe even 2 from 4 in the 5-3-2 formation. It's the players jobs to earn their place, not for us to fit a system around them. Personally speaking I don't think Buendía has the athleticism to play in the centre, and looks best our wide drifting in. So Smith has 2 options Cash Konsa Mings. Targett Luiz Mcginn. Ramsey Bailey Buendía Watkins OR Ings Or the Chelsea away formation: Konsa. Tuanzebe. Mings Cash Targett Luiz. Mcginn Ramsey Watkins Ings If 5-3-2 is the best formation then Bailey just isn't going to play (although his pace could make him a good second striker). If 4-3-3 is the formation then its up to Ings or Watkins to earn that start. Either way going back to the topic. Jacob Ramsey and Mcginn are both certain starters however we play.
  10. Mcginn starting to look a lot better shows the balance is just right with the improving Jacob Ramsey. Mcginn can now drive forward with growing confidence in Jacobs ability and athleticism to drop back. It's kind of slightly unleashed him. He's not having to sit deep because Barkley couldn't / didn't get back. Luiz sitting, JJ and Mcginn both causing carnage both pressing the opposing number 6's, driving forward with the ball and both fit enough to get back and sit in. Quite exciting if all 3 stay fit.
  11. Agreed. We have a full strength squad, at home, against a team we need to finish above or on par with if we want to "improve". No excuses, let's see what happens and where we are.
  12. It's Jack Grealish's family. His dad. I love Villa, I go to every single game, obsessed over the club since 3/4 years old. But I love my son more, and I would do ANYTHING to make him happy or further his career when he's older. If I was in his father shoes, and that's what my son wanted I'd back him 100%.
  13. I think Greg Evans wrote a piece in the Athletic about this. There is nothing stopping us trying to get more out of Man City, in a negotiating format should the clause be confidential. Obviously we can't decline a 100million offer, but can try to extract more. Man City bid 100million and knew they didn't need to go higher, even though the clause was meant to be confidential. Villa called bluff, apparently even tried to involve European clubs etc to entice Man City to bid more. They also knew the exact date (the following Saturday) which the deal needed to be concluded by. However upon the 100million bid, Jack Grealish and his team instructed Villa to accept the 100million offer and we had no choice but to accept.
  14. Ole has done a better job than Mourinho and Van Gaal, all whilst significantly lowering the average age of the squad. Still think they need an upgrade on McFred, but everywhere else they are stacked. On paper they are slowly building a proper strong, lasting team. Young front 3 + Ronaldo and Cavani Defence solid.
  15. Poignant part that's often missed. Purslow clearly stated the 100million was a "Confidential" release clause. That's why when Man City bid 100 million (on the dot) we tried to negotiate for more, Grealish's camp kicked off and Man City knew there was a release clause of 100m and the exact date by which it would expire. Someone tipped off Man City about the release clause. It's that simple.
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