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  1. I hope not, i'm sick of loans. Unless there's a firm right to buy in there.
  2. Should do, they will have to play Craig then Im quite bitter, but as discussed above; i'd recall him and ruin the next (and prime) 18 months of his career for his KRO nonsense. Especially as this club has given him millions and millions in wages since he was effectively a child for very little on the pitch. Respect the club that made your career.
  3. pas5898

    James Bree

    Was our best defender on Saturday, he's definitely won the away fans over. He definitely deserves a run at fullback ahead of Elmo. Can't see Hutton being dropped because he's decent in the air.
  4. Was poor on Saturday. From the stands he looked absolutely knackered, along with the rest of the midfield. Against Leeds he was often pressing on his own, and looked like he had heavy legs against Preston. He will play tomorrow, then will have a chance to rest up a bit for the the FA Cup game!
  5. Can't see Motherwell paying a lot to his wages. When does his contract with actually end?
  6. There's a reason why Bolasie is playing for us in the championship, and not a premier league team. He's inconsistent. A good player, but inconsistent. Teams, such as Stoke, Swansea and Preston doubled up on our wide men leaving space in the middle; the difference in the last few games is there's no Grealish to take the ball 20-30 yards and occupy 2 players. When Grealish plays a free(ish) midfield role, he occupies 2 players leaving space for the wingers. It's no coincidence that Bolasie is struggling now his space is being swallowed up. If you think back to the Derby and Boro games, there was often a switch of play to Bolasie or Kodjia leaving them 1 on 1 with a full back. We could pull teams from side to side with Grealish often occupying 2 in midfield. If Grealish was left with space he is good enough to carry to ball 20-30 yards, pulling the midfielders over to him creating space for the wingers. Apart from the obvious defensive issues, its vital for our attack we buy a midfielder who can carry the ball 20-30 yards.
  7. Elphick was a good defender, captaining a good bournemouth team to promotion. Bruce has the ability to make players worse DS makes players better. He could prove to be a very good recall for us.
  8. For a couple of months DS alluded to his shin issues, saying he's playing through the pain barrier etc. Having had shin splints myself; all that can be done is rest.
  9. pas5898

    Dean Smith

    Now the harder games are over with, DS motivational techniques will come into play. It's easy to play to your fullest potential at WBA or Derby away. It's how we get on against team like Preston, Wigan etc. Every game is worth 3 points. If we can successfully put these to the sword and get around 20/24 points (a lot to ask), then we could play ourselves into contention. Preston A QPR H Wigan A Hull H Ipswich H Reading A Sheff U H Brentford A None of these teams are better than us under DS (baring in mind QPR and Sheff are at home). If we don't win these it will be a bad day at the office or poor motivation.
  10. IF we have gone Kalinic, this is another positive sign from our owners that they are serious about restoring us to the PL in a fairly sustainable manner.
  11. Gary Monk is third favourite for the job
  12. EFL will give them a 3 or 6 point deduction which won't do a lot in the grand scheme of things. Its sounds severe but not really. What will hurt them is 2/3 transfer window embargo. With Monk the favourite for the Southampton job, he will be off as soon as another decent job comes along. Almost certain to get relegated next season if that is the case.
  13. Disappointed with the ticket sales, but understandable. Another kick off moved, on TV, long journey, only one more payday before Christmas. I'll be there, just hoping we get a little push on sales when some get paid tomorrow / Friday.
  14. pas5898

    Dean Smith

    Wednesday will tell us a lot about the squads mentality, instilled into them by Dean Smith. As mentioned, last season after a great win (wolves), we went on to lose to QPR and Bolton.
  15. Shame for the lad, its been reported he's working his tits off in training as well. If the club is in an era of sensible spending, his long standing fitness issues coupled with his high wages make him unsustainable for us.

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