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  1. Jareth

    New Manager Speculation

    I think there's a lot to be said for the new owner's wealth and ambition, getting narked off at Celtic with their penny pinching would put you in a certain frame of mind where Sawiris/Edens seem like good employers. Villa is certainly a big enough club for him too, despite the division - if it's good enough for Bielsa....
  2. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    Probably where I am on Bruce. Sort of have a nagging desire to upgrade him.
  3. Jareth

    New Manager Speculation

    I'm no Bruce outer - but I can't argue with his critics, when we win, we seem to win by individual brilliance and yesterday's game showed that without the individual moments we're not as a whole, a very convincing team - many have made this point for a while. I doubt that is going unnoticed by the owners - hence why I'm 'speculating' (adding this for those who often forget these are speculation threads) they'll be doing their research on other managers, despite the good start.
  4. Jareth

    New Manager Speculation

    I would be tempted to put a bet on Brendan Rogers being next manager, unhappy at Celtic, would want an ambitious club, has worked championship before. Bruce has overseen our best start to a season since the 60’s but who wouldn’t be up for such a swap?
  5. Jareth

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Not going to do it justice by reposting here as is just a speculative piece based on info already known - however as per The Star, what if we got Abraham, Bolasie and Snodgrass by the close of the window? Won't help us at the back but yeesh, we'd be something else going forwards.
  6. Jareth

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    So far +5 points better off compared to this time last season. It is on.
  7. Jareth

    Pre-Match Thread

    McGinn surely on the bench, maybe we'll see him for Hourihane or Whelan on 70 mins. Nyland straight in, and probably Tuanzebe also on bench making a late appearance. All in all a decent bench for once.
  8. Jareth

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I thought I read that a few weeks ago - that one of the main reasons to keep him at West Ham was that they would rather he was bought for a fee than loaned - due to running out of contract after this season. Was probably a Matt Scott report. Edit - must have been a reference to him returning and it being his last year of his contract. Which is good news as it means he technically would be a sell to buy.
  9. Jareth

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Snodgrass wont be a loan to buy, he'll be out of contract after this season.
  10. Jareth

    John McGinn

    Will help with the language barrier
  11. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    Page 3000 is going to be amazing, we'll have qualified for champions league and just turned down a £200 million offer for Jack from Real.
  12. Jareth

    Jack Grealish

    Jack's a Villa fan, a player and also our best prospect. The only reason he is still here is the new ownership. This is fate, happening in real time.
  13. I went through a point of thinking Farage had something to say (a few years ago mind) but since, and in all this whataboutery I have to go with my gut. Having grown up in Brum with Muslims and Sikhs as mates I cannot bear any political manouvre as we are witnessing today with BoJo - where it is normalised to be offensive and to create actual harm to people who do not happen to be well-off and living in Oxfordshire. The Tory party are handling it from what I can see and rightly so, should they lose control then I will fookin riot on this.
  14. Jareth

    Jack Grealish

    Hopefully Tuanzebe is back for good, babe, i can pray. relight my fire.