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  1. Unless it's for an inflated price that Ashley wants, why on earth would he sell the club. He makes a gesture of a signing every summer window, somewhere between £20-40 mill, employs a manager who whatever anyone says, keeps them up - and then Ashley gets the other £75m of TV money - every single season. If it were me, I would not be selling any time soon.
  2. They're really going for a big conference showdown aren't they - this could be legendary. I mean we all saw exactly where Change UK were headed but it didn't stop them going there - it was excruciating, but also fun to watch. The top of the Labour party is demonstrating similar levels of delusion.
  3. Twice? Crap luck mate - get lots of rest and well soon. I'm starting to think the tests aren't at all very reliable - our eldest had classic symptoms, and has continuously tested negative on PCR and LFT, yet her school has had a Covid explosion and all kids have the same distinct symptoms as her (high fever, fatigue) - I'm in no doubt that despite testing negative our kid has had it.
  4. I agree we won't do a Man Citeh, short of the Saudis taking over a club nobody else will. But I do think it is very easy with Jack going in the way that he has, to be pessimistic. There are a number of high potential young players at our club who will get the time and space to develop at the top level, and we will be able to buy talent in to support that in every window - it might sound like a pipe dream but we are genuinely poised to grow the club to the point when the likes of Citeh can come in a pluck a player but the net effect will make us stronger. We're not far off what the likes of Southampton have done in the past only with the owners and will to see us past the setbacks of losing players like Grealish. And when the success comes, albeit with the assitance of big money from NSWE, it will feel like we earned it and that's a feeling Citeh fans will never feel.
  5. Tough one. I'd be happy with Buendia starting and Ramsey on second half. Sure feels good to get Martinez back though. Edit - also Ings nailed on to score given he didn't last game - as night follows day.
  6. Still reeling from the Grealish sale, it is difficult not to come across salty - BUT - every instance of the likes we are discussing now actually makes things like the Grealish sale more bearable. Football is about ups and downs, success and despair - not to be too dramatic, but life and death (in a metaphorical sense). Citeh are the equivalent of a vampire, all powerful, but without a warm beating heart, reliant on taking blood from others, aloft in a high castle, yet lonely and unloved. I've had too much coffee.
  7. Same here - half the class are positive - but not shutting down
  8. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    I reckon NSWE might be looking at the continuously upward trajectory of Villa under Dean and conclude that he should keep his job.
  9. Looks like Gove must be positioning for the top job again, he has many enemies.
  10. I actually don't hold it against Starmer for the situation with Corbyn, Jezza did put him in a difficult position, albeit Jezza is entirely correct in his statement - but the timing was a challenge to Starmer and so Starmer had to take action. Only problem is that by doing so he crossed a line in terms of leadership interference and instantly became a hypocrite. That Mclusky is lying in this instance is IMHO unlikely, he;s drawing full attention to it - that he lies at other times, well entirely possible. All in all, the stage is set for conference, they have Jezza talking at an alternative event that could cause large numbers of delegates to vacate the official conference - and then there's a litany of other thorny grudges present in the membership to navigate like that daft old Forde enquiry (yeah who cares about racism at the heart of Labour HQ afterall, unless it smells of AS) and then that mahoosive void where policy should be, currently occupied by a 14,000 word academic explantion of Keir's philosophy on life. If Starmer could cancel the conference this year, he would.
  11. Can't help but think Len's helpfully publishing this in time for conference - will be interesting to see how that goes.
  12. Her opponent was spitting because of the injury pause, she'll be kicking the shit out of something round about now - her entourage often looked like they expected her to win - have it!
  13. Doing A Levels 3 months ago in Bromley. This is mental.
  14. Oh come on you bloody north americans get her off!!
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