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  1. We've come a long way, but I don't think we'll beat these today.
  2. Manager - Remi Garde
  3. Jack's on an upward curve, to become the player we all thought he would be - he'll have a big influence on this game.
  4. I went into the Man U game thinking we had every chance, because of Jack. He stays fit and I don't see why we can't do well this season - as tempting as it is to always think about relegation.
  5. Best goal diff in second half of the table, 1 win off the top half, but 4 points from slipping into relegation spots (goal diff advantage) - today's point meant a lot.
  6. Jareth

    Ezri Konsa

    Quietly going about his season as though he’s always played this level, can see him first choice next season.
  7. Jareth

    Wesley Moraes

    A young striker representing Brazil at the highest level? Yours for £50m minimum.
  8. And we enjoy conceding late on, oh joy.
  9. Absolutely, Wesley was bought for his current ability but also his potential, he won't develop unless we play him.
  10. I'm keeping my powder dry when it comes to watching the teams around us until the end of the season. That said, I would bloody love to beat wolves and stay a couple of wins and goal difference ahead of the relegation pack - just for day-to-day anxiety reduction.
  11. I say we stitch him up and force feed him red bulls
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