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  1. One in the eye for Oldknow - glad. The alleged leakers of a controversial Labour party report into its handling of antisemitism should not be named because it would risk harm to potentially innocent individuals, the high court has ruled. The case was brought by the former senior Labour staffer Emilie Oldknow, who had taken the party to court in an attempt to force it to disclose the identity of the leaker of the report, which contained hundreds of private WhatsApp messages. Oldknow has been ordered to pay the Labour party’s costs and has been refused permission to appeal. https:
  2. I'd deffo be purchasing Tammy if the opportunity arose - young and tons of experience - no brainer.
  3. Anyone else notice Bielsa having fun and japes with Emi? Yes I know they are fellow countrymen but you could see the desire in Bielsa's eyes, he wanted Emi, with a burning desire, but knows he could never have him.
  4. What is it with all of their players' **** hair styles? The absolute state of the man bun malfunction.
  5. In the hunt and able to cope without Jack - couldn't ask for much more.
  6. 10000000% - it needs to split and where possible agree to stand down candidates where a Tory can get in, preferably under a wider pact with the Lib Dems and Greens. Sounds like suicide but the current electorate still back the populist even after he fumbled 100k needless deaths, Labour cannot win the old fashioned way so it's time to try something new - doubt it will happen under New Labour 2.0 sadly, they are stuck in the past.
  7. I think Starmer's main problem is that he's allowed himself to be the front man of a commitee of New Labour figures and they are pulling the strings in a rather disjointed and out of date manner - it has all the hallmarks of a massive balls-up and it's quite painful to watch. Grow some balls Kier and steer your own ship.
  8. Am getting serious Jeremy Hunt vibes from Starmer - the future is inoffensive conservative-leaning middle ground. Yuck.
  9. Decidedly less confident about this now.
  10. I wonder why Wyness hasn't got another job yet and is sat at home picking fights...
  11. There's certainly a right leaning bias in senior positions at the BBC that has become unashamedly overt. Emma Barnett's combative tone with the new leader of the Muslim Council of Britain hinted quite strongly at an editorial line you'd expect from a local Surrey newspaper. Tim Davie then went and failed to apologise for any offence caused and that was even more alarming as it had Boris Johnson's 'never apologise' mantra all over it. One of the key criticisms put to the BBC was about their recruitment of Muslims in BBC studios which could barely be registered as a statistic - and they have no
  12. OMFG the lack of self awareness with that particular sub-heading is JP in a nutshell. At least she doesn't need to grind her teeth when she's sh*tting out all her media pieces this year.
  13. There was more media time devoted to previewing this speech than there will be in reaction to it.
  14. I got about one paragraph into the Guardian's preview of this and went and clicked on the neighbouring advert for men's pants.
  15. Not sure how much sympathy I have for this bloke, despite the unfairness re leaflet drops - hardly a case of Police harassment, they're only doing their jobs. Quite like Drakeford's buy one pizza get a leaflet free idea - there's a man who knows how to reach folks..
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