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  1. Oxford vaccine really is the end of this thing - amazing news. Get your summer hols booked before the rush...
  2. We're a bit homeless this season, neither relegation anxiety nor top 6 contenders (barring some fixes) - possibly in need of a mid-table thread in which we offer no hope or doom. Personally I appreciate such limbo.
  3. A few missed chances from doing as well as anyone else this season. But we certainly need one or two good additions in Jan - if they are there to be got - hopefully Lange has got something interesting up his sleeve...
  4. Such a huge opportunity now for Jack, if England can get a decent manager.
  5. What a shitshow - I wonder if say the UK police are better in these situations with decades experience of hooligans, the DC police looked very slow to contain it.
  6. In July if Man Citeh come in with a £110m offer and massive wages, well, he'd have a decision to make.
  7. Loving the reaction of a salty Arsenal fan I spoke to today, immediately commented that we'd be selling Grealish. I pointed them toward Googling NSWE.
  8. Cummings might be gone but the vacuum in leadership that is the space Boris occupies, remains.
  9. Haha, yeah need to switch that back now Trumps gone...
  10. Sorry but this has to be re-upped
  11. Republicans have to win senate seats in Georgia in jan, if they lose them they lose everything they stand for. If Trump on his way out should threaten their chances they will act.
  12. Sky news doing a great job covering celebrations and one particular excited jumping female without bra
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