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  1. Agree that we can play Traore there, but we need 3 fully fit strikers this season with no firm idea on Wes's return - also I think John Percy said we were in for another striker - and he's often paying more attention than most.,,
  2. McNulty is clearly asleep at the wheel, he need only look at the potential moving on of Samatta and realise we need another striker. I think he's a bit in shock we've spent what we have so far and can't conceive we'd spend any more.
  3. Hmm, posts an old pic of him intentionally to show himself in full kit of our colours with the old eyes emoji underneath, days after removing all werder details from social media bios. If he's not joining then I'd sure love to know what he meant by that.
  4. It was Dean's creepy uncle with the wandering hands
  5. Traore probably has the easiest start compared to the other signings, folks aren't expecting a great deal - I think he'll quite quickly show us a level of quality we have not seen in that position for many years.
  6. I agree Watkins and Davis are dishy
  7. Given how much this guy just lies, I nearly didn't post it. But does this mean a new striker incoming?
  8. Nothing like announcing a player for their thread to come to a stop, glad we got to the 300 when we did
  9. This will either be a Harry met Sally style climax, or a complete anti-climax. Either way, we will know soon - I feels it in my bones.
  10. Pretty obvious where this stereotyping based on a players position on the field correlated with their skin colour - is headed.
  11. Oh isn't that where Traore was having his medical?
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