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  1. Jareth

    John Terry

    Got his white boots on again
  2. Jareth

    Ørjan Nyland

    Kicks like Bosnich, stops shots like Given.
  3. Jareth

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    No stand out teams this season - we can do it.
  4. Jareth

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Don't be daft, we write people off before they've even signed, tis our human right!
  5. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Got his team to rise to the occasion, they all wanted it, a brilliant start.
  6. Jareth

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    Considering what's happened this season, and that we were playing a recent prem side, we got the win, should have had 3 - but we won - psychologically this is absolutely huge - a win to start the new era is massive. Look at Tammy on 85 mins whipping up the crowd and hear the reaction. We are back.
  7. Jareth

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea

    1-0 up, Bruce would have thrown Whelan on for Adomah - but today we got Kodjia. Huge difference in attitude.
  8. Jareth

    Jesus Garcia Pitarch

    I think he just loves box sets. Working at Villa might get in the way of that hobby.
  9. Jareth

    Villa and FFP

    Must be confident to say that, I think there be some large sponsorships incoming.
  10. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Hey fuggedaboutit!
  11. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    I'm optimistic we'll see improvement quite quickly. This current team have shown in matches some very good play, I think the skill and ability is there for 2/3rds of the team - with some disciplined coaching and an actual game plan there's no reason they can't improve fast. Obvs we have a defence to sort properly in Jan, but I still think we'll improve a lot from the level we've been at.
  12. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Really interesting stuff on here lately - not sure I'm used to it. Sounds like DS's negatives at Brentford could be eased a little by working with a better calibre of player - no offence to Brentford but I presume they are getting 110% out of their players, whereas we have only gotten about 50% - yet we're at least on a par in terms of league success so far. A top performing Villa squad 'should' be capable of dramatic improvement under the right coach. And this struggling with teams who press high - well if there's anything we can bring to the party from the last 10 years it's the ability to hoof it over their heads! Plus we've got JT to organise us in that dept.
  13. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Hutton will struggle with these Rs.
  14. Jareth

    January transfer window 2019

    x2 cheap fancy spanish players who like to pass it and a solid CB please. Maybe swap 2 of our keepers for a good one too.
  15. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    On the Lambert comparisons - it's sooooo different. PL came in on a depressing downward curve - had to switch to uber defensive having realised the quality of the prem was too strong for him ever to have the time to implement a new way - and never recovered. DS comes in on potentially a well funded upward trajectory, can spend time implementing good passing football safe in the knowledge that we'll receive very few tonkings in the process in this league. Similarities yes, but personalities, timing and chance of success very different.