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  1. We could end autos for Leeds if Brentford keep this going
  2. This is what's giving me the fear. We could derail autos for Leeds or Norwich, then face them in the play-off final. Not a fan of that sort of motivation for the opposition..
  3. Leeds and Norwich are now free hits, I think we rest a few against Leeds (inc McGinn and his yellows) and then go full strength against Norwich.
  4. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    He'll never make it here, he was just a cog in the machine at Brentford
  5. Can't see derby winning their last 3, and can see us getting at least a point fro next 2 games - so WBA it most probably is.
  6. All eyes on derby, the only team who can prevent us getting WBA in playoffs.
  7. Sooo, M'boro need to score 3 to stop our play-off confirmation today. Think we are there!
  8. Nervous now, I think 2-2 as they need to stay up.
  9. Ok, Brizzle and Derby lose today and we win = play-offs. Make it so.
  10. Jareth

    AVTV 2018/9

    Just purchased the game through AVTV from my holiday home in Germany. If for whatever reason it doesn't work later I can take the helicopter to Luxemburg which I believe is in one of those countries that AVTV can supply all games regardless of other broadcasting deals.
  11. Hate to say it, as it seems complacent, but I can only see another win given our respective places in the league and goals scored/conceded, and then also our form, and also the fact that every part of the team is playing good football. Thought those Fulham fans last season were too cocky, but on reflection they had every reason to feel confident having gone on a run like ours. No matter a question of daring to believe, I do believe.

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