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  1. Anyone see Wes Eden loving it last night? Be nice if that translates to a big money signing....
  2. Jareth

    Keinan Davis

    I think Dean should just plunge him straight in, he's a big lad after all.
  3. Twitter ITKs fighting over credibility is one of life's tragic little cul-de-sacs.
  4. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    I agree, Brentford did the same thing with Smith, he wasn't really managing them, just putting out the cones and keeping the players chipper.
  5. Yes but if Kelly Brook had been sent out to procreate and at last minute was shunned by Brad Pitt and was rerouted to my door - well, you can imagine it would be quite alright.
  6. Got to be - the morning after that big win and Engels is in France, so he's been there probably overnight. Hell knows what happened - maybe he's got some little sexually deviant quirk like sniffing the used kits of the U-23s - that sort of thing ain't nobody want to talk about.....
  7. If Engels is in France he's either there for medical treatment or he's off. Given we've heard nothing about a big injury, I think he's off very soon....
  8. There's photoshopping heads on, and then there's photoshopping heads on, printing on a huge sticky backed sheet and plastering on the back of a bus. Fair play.
  9. Smith is showing huge faith in him at the moment, I think that could pay off.
  10. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    7 points from last 4 games, without a striker.
  11. Deffo not simple, but those teams around us are either playing each other or playing concurrently against teams who can beat them. IF IF IF we can beat Bournemouth, I honestly don't think we'll be in the relegation battle again this season.
  12. I can accept Deeney's smug face when he scored, it's fair game. But you have got to love the comparison with his face at the end. The good lord giveth and also, taketh away.
  13. Jareth

    Pepe Reina

    Probs enjoyed his holiday at Milan as back up but then several high class Italian models later he wanted to play the game again - big win for us.
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