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  1. We will get to half time 0-0. Then on 65 mins two quick goals and it's 0-2 to Man U and we'll puff a lot. The end.
  2. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    I'd keep Smith because we are headed to a league which he is proven to be good at. Everytime we change management we might as well write off the upcoming season because it takes at least two windows to get a squad in place. I'd rather keep him, keep what we can of our squad, build, and go all out for promotion again - rather than turn it all upside down.
  3. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    We'll have a better chance of coming back first time if we keep Smith. Would not change manager - that's a cycle of crisis we have been in for years.
  4. Less fear of relegation this time for me and am actually looking forward to the championship. All the best loan options will come to us, all the best young talent who aren't taken by prem sides will come to us. No more big money on the Ross McCormacks of the world, we have surely learnt our lesson (?!). It's probably optimistic but I can see us keeping those that were injured for at least one season down there and regardless of Jack that will be a strong spine to fill out with quality loans and talent. It's not going to take all the money we will have at our disposal either. The aim must be to do a Sheffield United - now that we've done a Fulham.
  5. Oh yeah cheers for that - for sure it's not so simple, just that Watford's own survival hangs on them beating Norwich, they simply cannot afford to not take 3 points. So I do think they will win, in terms of one match with such stakes in play - but yes over a longer period there's no clear winner.
  6. I'd say a vast amount hinges on tomorrow's game - Watford should beat Norwich, but you have to think Norwich will be desperate to achieve something from this wrecked season and will not be afraid of Watford. God knows the result - but I have this feeling it'll be an absolute tonking 4-0 Watford and we all rush to the championship thread for next season contemplating enormous change at Villa once again. How cheerful.
  7. I wonder if Jack went to the pub last night, given they're now open again. Drinkwater certainly would have stopped by.
  8. Removing the crowd from these games has had a massive impact IMHO - it's all understandable but it has warped things. No game this season has had any urgency in the first half, let alone these drink breaks stopping everything. I can't complain because we're all in the same boat, but at these times of maximum tension, with no crowd these relegation battles are just drained of importance and the players are all looking like their minds are on their next move and not on keeping their club up.
  9. For sure - Watford hammering coming up - especially since West Ham. I'd actually bet on this one. 4-1.
  10. Feels a bit like the end of Sixth Sense - our best win was against the only team properly worse than us, but we'll look back on this as a vital year in our development.
  11. Unless Watford **** the dog, we are down. I hope this clears things up.
  12. Klopp has already been talking up the yoof - paving the way to rest some of his bigger names - so I think we'll see a much younger team who we'll toil against, possibly score against - but then wham - 5 subs - all megastars - and we're toast.
  13. If we stay up - I'd put a sneaky bet on Wenger - yes he's ancient, but don't our new owners have a bit of a thing for Arsenal of old? If we down - god knows.
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