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  1. Jareth

    Jacob Ramsey

    Gave the ball away a few times but looked pacy and skillful, I will be glad to see more like him developing in our first team next season - the future.
  2. Jareth

    Kortney Hause

    I'm completely disillusioned now that I realise his surname sounds like Horse rather than House.
  3. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    I remember a few games ago after the break the team were told/agreed no matter what's happening in the summer that they've got to give it their all. I think we're seeing now what happens when the majority of your team pretty much know they won't be here next season - possibly why we've seen a 17 year old subbed on too.
  4. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    First thing Edens said coming in was that nothing was going to happen quickly - I think he's got sound judgement.
  5. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Honestly think those days are gone, and that these owners have a long term plan with DS as manager.
  6. Jareth

    Alan Hutton

    Firmly belongs at a mid table Championship club.
  7. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Good to see DS putting a 17 year old on, shows where we are going next season.
  8. Jareth

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Might just give him the benefit of the doubt this time, given he has no choice but to start Hutton and Taylor. Given the amount of times the ball is played to Hutton and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING comes of it - I can't quite believe we've scored so many.
  9. Jareth

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Not sure the players will agree.
  10. Jareth

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Still bloody in it. I think Grealish is literally the difference between all these draws and us going up.
  11. Jareth

    Alan Hutton

    I appreciate the team has been useless and we all need a scapegoat but the lack of quality from Hutton is just so saddening, his failure to do anything useful with the ball going forwards is like pure attacking football abortion.
  12. Jareth

    Pre-Match Thread

    Shef U win tonight and they are top, we win tonight and we're 8 points behind them. While I doubt we'll challenge the top 2, just shows there is much to play for.
  13. Jareth

    Dean Smith

    Juuuuuusssssssst get the feeling DS will be around for a very long time...
  14. Jareth

    Pre-Match Thread

    If Adomah starts tonight he'll probably have a good game because every time we try and predict anything with Villa it always ferks up.