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  1. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    The thing is, if you're going to dismiss what they say, before they've said it, then it's just another indication that your mind is made up, regardless of how this develops. I would hope you could indicate an authority that you would believe? (Other than yourself).
  2. Jareth

    Micah Richards

    Considering he still counts to ten on his fingers he was probably just trying to spell something.
  3. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    Whatever the outcome of the meeting with Shaun Harvey at the EFL, I will 100% go with - that is the only authority that can ask the right questions and they say they are going to get to the bottom of it. I hope after that meeting we can all draw a line.
  4. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    You're possibly taking it all too personally. If anybody wants to share some properly sourced information, call it a smoking gun, that backs up everything they are claiming, then who would not look at that seriously? To simply say, Tony is dishonest (your claim) or that he's borrowed the lot etc - then prove it. Saying 'trust me' is not going to cut the mustard.
  5. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    Last time we had this discussion I had no choice but to ignore the evidence behind your claims, because you either wouldn't, or dare I say couldn't, produce it.
  6. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    If this viewpoint has felt muzzled it certainly hasn't prevented it from being aired, regularly and often without evidence.
  7. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    Are you getting fed up with this thread? Me too. When you're in a fix you have to knuckle down and get through it. This season will be a huge test and the manager needs support. We've had so many managers lately so it is no wonder we are expecting change. I hope Bruce stays for a few more seasons because we have to get back to basics, the simple idea of stability and constant albeit slow progress. Bruce can build something here regardless of how fans see it.
  8. Jareth

    Tony Xia

    Sorry chaps, and I would say this, but football is fickle. We beat Fulham and Tony gets lauded for gambling and winning, not one voice of dissent would be heard. Lose and he's the worst owner ever. I will not forget what this club was when we got relegated, or what has happened the last two years. And I thank Tony for that, regardless of how it has turned out. What matters most now is how we recover, and it looks like things are in place to achieve this. I will be gutted if we have to flog Grealish to pay for the Mcormack and Richards contracts etc, but it ain't all Tony's fault. Yes the buck stops with him, so I hope he knows that and makes sure that when he finally sells up, it is from a positive position, because he has stuck with us and turned it around. It is far to easy to point fingers when it doesn't go well.
  9. Jareth

    Birkir Bjarnason

    Worth at least 3 mill now
  10. Jareth

    Villa and FFP

    We've seen a few beautiful figures banded about the papers lately - bearing in mind that any figure they use will be exagerated, as that is what they always do, then the real figure is probably about half - as we've all assumed for some time. Nothing story.
  11. Jareth

    New Manager Speculation

    Leeds owner is doing a Wolves, he said as much after all that shenanigans was investigated and no wrong doing found - expect a load of foreign talent to turn up and be paid £20k a week.
  12. Jareth

    CEO Vacancy - who's next ?

    So you're saying Organ will grow?
  13. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    **** glory supporter!
  14. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    Never change fella!
  15. Jareth

    Steve Bruce

    There is something simply stable about his face, it's so craggy, and uneven, but you just feel if you rolled against it you would come to a standstill. Bruce embodies stability - he will not be manager in 3 years time but he will on reflection be the 'man' who stopped villa from going any lower and I genuinely believe he will be remembered for this, fondly.