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  1. I've used my entire holiday allowance booking off Wednesdays.
  2. I also like Deeney. And I think the ref is from Manchester, should anyone need that clearing up.
  3. Given the choice Starmer's wife is hotter, but perhaps she doesn't whisper into his ear the things he wants to hear
  4. Wes bloody Streeting does not deserve defending and he is not working class, he just is not - and as for Rayner, she forgot about the working class a long time ago - what is consistent in all this is the pit of gobshites that are stamping on each other in a desperate attempt to survive - the snake pit is eating itself and it is a disgusting thing to watch.
  5. This somehow does not disqualify you from being a thronging word removed.
  6. The death spiral Labour is diving into, because they do not have a clue, is quite an incredible thing to watch in real time. It is a fireball of doom that is speeding up. And then there is this- Foooooooooooooooooooooooooked
  7. Bloody hate Zaha. (unless he played for us). Edit - Oh crap, just realised he's 28! Guy needs to move.
  8. Timing is everything - perhaps it'll be third time lucky for Burnham as Labour leader. Previously saw him as a bit of a bland option, but he has had very public battles with the party machinery and is not afraid to say the wrong thing. Main problem with him is the natural guy liner, never trust a bloke with guy liner.
  9. Foil hat theory - Starmer's not actually a bad bloke and has spent the last 12 months doing what he was told by the likes of Mandleson - but will now go back to those 10 pledges. It's possible - given we don't yet actually know who he is or what he believes in. That said, I expect the imminent sacking of any remaining lefties in the shadow cabinet.
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