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  1. Is this a lazy amalgamation of the two keeper's names cos you can't be bothered to address them seperately?
  2. Jareth

    Wesley Moraes

    On paper I'd have wanted Gomez but for our team I trust that Wesley is going to be the right character for us, as well as the right talents.
  3. Jareth

    Wesley Moraes

    Never liked Tammy - too many selfies.
  4. That's all a bit sycophantic really - that said I'd like to marry Mings.
  5. foooooooooooooooook Steer, If it means we stay up.
  6. I don't, was just being provocative. For the record Terry has a sizeable place in our current history, I don't dislike him now, but did before.
  7. And if we lose in the Euros can claim Brexit.
  8. And a dislike of libraries and culture and pubs which do not have a chrome exterior. (I used to live there).
  9. Yeah but has he moved into an actual Villa? Maybe he's next into Mong (but I would) Island
  10. Prior to the newspaper reports and today I saw a random tweet saying he was odds on for Villa - which to me looks like insider knowledge making some money. I'd have ignored it if it wasn't followed up as it has been - it has every trajectory to be real - and if not then Dan Bardell will suffer, and I can't see him taking that sort of risk. Then again, maybe we're all just high from wesley...
  11. Keep thinking of the lyrics to YMCA (I used to perform this on the bar of O'Neills in Moseley as a staff member in 1998 - it was policy) And the first line of every verse - exchange 'young man' for 'But Land' - (I have no idea why I associate YMCA with Butt Land).
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