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  1. Remember when people wanted Hause to start over him.
  2. I love him, but he nowhere near the player Mings is. Great in the air, but terrible at playing the ball forward, almost Clark esque in shit floated balls forward. Mings stays and starts
  3. Jesus what a day, however, I’ll never forgive them playing **** shit music over us singing at the end, really ruined it for me, proper took a shine off it. **** corporate bollocks. How not to read a room.
  4. spiezels

    Ezri Konsa

    As much as I like Hause, his distribution is nowhere near that of Mings and we suffer going forward when it’s hause and konsa. Mings is a hugely important player to the way to play and are set up.
  5. She actually also gave some insightful punditry. Much better than some of the old favourites.
  6. I bet it from the end of promotion season. They all **** off to Marbs and Ibiza didn’t they.
  7. Thinking it’s probably from end of season we got promoted when they all went off to Ibiza and Marbs. CHILL THE **** OUT
  8. God, if trez could hit the target we’d be laughing
  9. An indication of how shit it can be at the football is that Birmingham IS very multicultural... but our fan base in the stadium is 98% white. A real shame in my eyes. Good mate of mine is British, Pakistani heritage, he stopped going to England games with us because he was sick of the abuse he got, mostly under handed comments that the rest of us didn’t hear and were oblivious too. And if that isn’t an indication of the issues and why BLM was was such big movement I don’t know what is, we go about our lives never having to deal with an attack on ourselves because
  10. He may well be available, but if the lad has asthma, then I wouldn’t begrudge him not wanting to play if it ups the chance he could get an Illness that could kill him.
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