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  1. It’s gonna be like pre season games for sure, no match fitness in the squad, expect it to be boring.
  2. Gotta be fitness team hasn’t it, guilbert may not have done ANY fitness during his time off etc. Plus, 5 subs changes the game too, plan to use more subs.
  3. He may well be available, but if the lad has asthma, then I wouldn’t begrudge him not wanting to play if it ups the chance he could get an Illness that could kill him.
  4. I think we might end up seeing a lot of players saying they don’t want to be involved. Wouldn’t blame them at all. Risking themselves and in turn their families for our entertainment. Well within their rights to tell the league, clubs, FA to do one
  5. I’ve donated. Great cause and an epic shirt to win. Straight in a frame with the picture of him pointing to his name and the moment he got slapped in it. Then off round my mates house to show him... nose obviously.
  6. “Somebody else’s problem” do me a favour mate, he single handedly got us promoted. The lad deserves some credit. People make mistakes. I know I have, they just don’t get plastered all over the newspapers. People need to calm the **** down. McGrath is God, he made plenty of mistakes.
  7. Lol. Stop reading red tops
  8. Left details, no one injured, nothing illegal done. Really isn’t a big issue, aside from him not isolating, which again isn’t illegal.
  9. Also not illegal I’m afraid.
  10. Yeah you can leave the car if you give details so he hasn’t broken the law there. But it is odd, why not just drive home. That’s the normal procedure.
  11. Get your tin foil hat out lad
  12. Listen if he was pissed he deserved punishment... But have some perspective ffs, innocent until proven guilty and We don’t know he was pissed or not. The facts are... he had a minor crash left details went home. that isn’t illegal.
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