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  1. spiezels

    Pre Match Chit Chat

    Welcome to Aston Villa
  2. spiezels

    The Doug Ellis stand

    Gressford Stand
  3. spiezels

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Sure any of them would suit you Hun
  4. spiezels

    Tony Xia

    He didn’t play us for fools, the guy was **** by his own government. they were told to go out and buy football teams to help them have world beating national team, shortly after the Chinese gov stopped Chinese businesses pulling money out of the country.
  5. spiezels

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    You sir, were correct. Cant wait, UTV
  6. spiezels

    James Chester

    Got a lump in my throat! Thought i was over the depression of Wembley, England made me forget, Reading that’s taken me back again.
  7. spiezels

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    If it’s anytbing like their other waterproof, it’s banging. Means you can get right in the middle of the half time beer throwing contest in whatever shit hole concourse we’re on!
  8. spiezels

    Jack Grealish

    Free Gressford < Keep Gressford locked up.
  9. spiezels

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Love them!
  10. spiezels

    Jack Grealish

  11. spiezels

    Tony Xia

    That’s been auto translated by Instagram from Chinese... Why it says “see original”
  12. spiezels

    Going Under ?

    Sounds like Xia has put his trust in men with “football knowledge” and they’re **** him over while he’s in China. **** sake. This is going to get ugly.
  13. spiezels

    Villa and FFP

    I’m sorry but if Xia had come in with all his money and first season just gone, actually, you can only have £20mill, the plan is to go youth and over a period of 5 years, get us out the league. We’d have run him out of town. The plan almost worked. But shit happens. Now they’ve gotta sit down and make a new plan. I know we all want to know the ins and outs of the boards financial plan but they can’t just send out a press release revealing it all. Otherwise all the other clubs know our hand. Think a lot of villa fans need to take themselves off the forums and social media’s and sit tight for a bit. It’s not healthy all this bickering and speculating. No one know anything at the moment. Thats why the papers put out articles like the selling up one, not one quote in there from anyone about a take over or sale just the statement released by xia that had nothing to do with a sale. But they know villa fans will jump on it and the fear/anticipation does the rest.
  14. spiezels

    Tony Xia

    Wolves did it knowing they would go up...
  15. spiezels

    John Terry

    Haha! YES! well, if you saw the lad with the smoke bomb bouncing through, that was me. My bro got an amazing video of it. Goes OFF