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  1. That stadium has pretty much been paid off before it’s been done hasn’t it? NFL shit etc. They’re minted. The bastards
  2. Do you want football pubs near ground or just town pubs? Boozers all over town will have villa in, or there’s Aston tavern or Aston social near the ground, but they’ll be rammed. Great game to come down for fair play! Enjoy, UTV!
  3. Read the book mate, it’s insane. Only book i’ve ever read more than once. Seriously seriously good.
  4. I realise that joke means noones going to take the offer of a lift up, but it was worth it. UTV
  5. it’s the prostitutes i’m gonna pick up on the way home that are in the most danger.
  6. I’m now driving and have an empty car if anyone needs a lift. 3 spaces.
  7. Sure any of them would suit you Hun
  8. spiezels

    Tony Xia

    He didn’t play us for fools, the guy was **** by his own government. they were told to go out and buy football teams to help them have world beating national team, shortly after the Chinese gov stopped Chinese businesses pulling money out of the country.
  9. You sir, were correct. Cant wait, UTV
  10. spiezels

    James Chester

    Got a lump in my throat! Thought i was over the depression of Wembley, England made me forget, Reading that’s taken me back again.
  11. If it’s anytbing like their other waterproof, it’s banging. Means you can get right in the middle of the half time beer throwing contest in whatever shit hole concourse we’re on!
  12. Free Gressford < Keep Gressford locked up.
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