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  2. I wish he was staying but don’t begrudge him moving back to fight for a place at all. Good luck Tammy!
  3. 100% agree, it actually did spoil it for me tbh, I just wanted us all to go through the chants and have the players join in, would have been a mint moment fans and players could connect. shit modern football at its best.
  4. Haha. I live in London, been in there a few times. Makes me love him even more, earns shit loads of dosh, but drinks in shit boozers.
  5. I went through A LOT of emotions in the build up to that pen. What a moment.
  6. I’m jealous, saw he was in soho last night and was tempted to go down there get on it with them. Deserves it! Crack on lad
  7. Best and smartest thing about that new Spurs stadium. one tier thing
  8. Been mentioned a fair few times by people inside the club how good he is to have around the place. Not that that is worth the wages he takes. Bruce and Smith would have banished him if he was a bad influence!
  9. Gotta say I always keep quiet at the empty seats bit... but I love the chant.
  10. Ticket came yesterday... shitting it
  11. Tbf it was incredibly awkward when everyone sung it at god at the boozer in Ireland pre shamrock rovers game. maybe just leave that bit out, it’s a cracking song, and gives tribute to other players now
  12. Wish on the piss my lord go sung more, it seems to be dying out. One of the only unique songs we have.
  13. spiezels


    Managed to get a ticket, left at 90 mins, now sat at stanstead sipping my first holiday beer. GET IN. UTV!!
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