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  1. spiezels

    Ørjan Nyland

    As bad as the lads in front of him were, think he just needed stronger hands on 2 didn’t he?
  2. No way Southgate says that. Not only is it not needed, it would be incredibly disruptive to the player and the club he plays for. Pure bullshit
  3. Yeah, lovely, switched play so quickly. He did look knackered at times, he can’t carry us all season or he’ll burn out. Need McGinn back to share the running.
  4. Do you think he’ll put a shift in for us for the season? Or is his head gone? Was utter shite against Burnley, looked like he couldn’t be ****
  5. spiezels

    Ørjan Nyland

    I don’t want to make a decision until I see a few games, I’ve read a few times the staff all have faith in him and that he fits our system better distribution wise. Think after his shocking start in a villa shirt his confidence will be his biggest killer.
  6. spiezels

    Ørjan Nyland

    How was he at Fulham? Not tested other than the 2 screamers?
  7. Let’s get Bruce back then, **** it. preferred the footy and being mid table championship
  8. Completely ignoring what life was like last time under smith in the Championship? 10 game winning streak, pathetic stuff like that? Go after Leicester, happy without more games at the moment. We don’t have the squad, much much much bigger things to worry about
  9. spiezels

    Ørjan Nyland

    I hope he gets given some time by the fans, I remember one of his first games, was away somewhere I can’t recall where and after a dubious save he was getting called a word removed by some villa lads on the front row, about 5 metres behind him, you could see his shoulders visibly drop, was horrific. Nice welcome to the club!
  10. Purely a commercial buy do we think?
  11. Past it and doesn’t care about the club. Refuses to put a shift in. Please get rid.
  12. Can we all agree Kodjia isn’t the answer!?
  13. spiezels

    Dean Smith

    Also, if you take out the dumb errors against Bournemouth and give us the point agasint Palace we’d be up the table!
  14. It’s the **** faux excitement commentary he does when we score.
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