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  1. Match Thread: Derby v Villa

    If you scrub out the freak goal it’s not too bad a performance. All over Em last 20/30
  2. John Terry

    Anyone think this might be the old fake metatarsal injury just before xmas to get some time off with the family. Secret footballer says it happens all the time.
  3. Joey Barton

    Flol, Cringe every time we sing that line.
  4. Ticket Info

    CANT FACKIN WAIT Great night out after too
  5. Away fans lock in

    I've never seen a pub so locked down as the white tower, must have been 60 police outside it and about 10 vans, but couldn't see one nose. little pub near the latour hotel had a bunch of lads outside staring everyone out so I just kept my head down and walked passed.
  6. Away fans lock in

    My bro managed to slink out at macdonalds island which was the right choice but for many of us we needed to get to town. The police then started saying on loud speaker we "shouldn't push police lines or they were authorised to use force" HAHA! I get it in one respect because I know a few noses who were updating me on where the groups of lads were waiting for us... so the police obviously moved them on. But on the walk they took us we hit the 3 big islands that we could have dispersed into town on, there were plenty of folk who had to catch trains out of Brum that will have been missed and cost em. Dont walk us 2 miles over 1.5 hours to a station to then tell us we can go where we want. Just escort everyone into town. Most people just want to go home. Shit stadium, shit fans, shit club, shit coppers. UTV
  7. Ratings and Reactions: sha v Villa

    We were all singing "Gary rowett, he's one of our own" and he gave us shit about it, waved us away, applauded blues fans and gave us the I can't hear you ear sign... played it it perfectly tbf, noses will love him more for it
  8. Away fans lock in

    Walked us all the way to dudderston over about an hour and a half to be told train would be 45 mins, so we walked back the same way and into town. Waste of time ffs. 3.5 hours after final whistle finally got a five guys down my neck
  9. Ticket Info

    Reduction is because they're not allowing noses in the stand above us. Saves getting hit by coins tbf
  10. Tony Xia

    I'd imagine it won't happpen, imagine how much you'D have to pay BT or Sky for the highlights package and rights to show their footage.
  11. Jack Grealish

    The other was off season in Tenerife. Same over play imo.
  12. Jack Grealish

    Can't believe the hate our gresford gets on here. Makes me sad.
  13. Jack Grealish

    Press do seem to have a hard on for him.
  14. Pre match thread

    Apparently the police will be in the toilets before and at half time so there will be no customary toilet smash up haha.