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  1. rodders0223

    Trains & Disruptions

    Straight onto the train at Moor St. No issues as yet!
  2. rodders0223

    Pre-match chat

  3. rodders0223

    James Chester

    My vote for body of the season and rear of the year. Phwoah.
  4. rodders0223

    Best combined Villa/Fulham team

    Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Hutton Hourihane Jedi Grealish Albert Snoddy Grabban **** 'em They're shit.
  5. rodders0223

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    You don't want to be wasting a sub after 20 minutes in a final.
  6. rodders0223


    29 games. 23 points. With a record like that you would think about bringing him back, wouldn't you..
  7. rodders0223

    Play-off final countdown!

    Luke Young. Vastly underated, good footballer, good defender. Did exactly what he said on the tin. Wanted us to sign him when he left Spurs. Wanted us to sign him when we left Charlton. Cheers Doug. Finally got out man, got a few good seasons out of him, but a pity he wasn't signed earlier.
  8. rodders0223


    Bought mine 5 minutes after they went on sale to season ticket holders and recieved nothing yet.
  9. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    The Delphmeister General was sneaking about back then too. Might struggle on that one!
  10. rodders0223


    38,000 Whites fans. Seems legit.
  11. rodders0223

    Players you've completely forgotten about

    .......Michael Ricketts too.......
  12. rodders0223


    Appoint a manager with about as much personality and flair as my Grandad's cardigan. Why change the habit of a lifetime. I am sure Merson and his Soccer Saturday will be creaming themselves at a "Brilliant Young British Manager" not being able to get a top job at a 'THOP THOP' club.
  13. rodders0223

    World Cup 2018: Russia

    There was a time I really rated Jones, and I think he could have been brilliant...but that time has come and gone. Injuries and lack of games at a crucial time has done it for him. Watching him run like a madman trying to catch Hazard, arms flailing and all form and technique going out the window was painful. The stride of a man who once had a bit of pace, searching desperately to find it, but it was never coming. I remember it when Bellamy cruised past Rio many a year ago.
  14. rodders0223

    Alan Hutton

    Even if we don't go up, is anybody really going to come in with stupid money for Alan Hutton. or even match his current deal? Anyone with that kind of money would surely be at a higher level, and have higher aspirations. I don't see why a compromise couldn't be reached either way,.
  15. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018 - Speculation

    In hindsight we should never have let him go, but was a big character and Lambert only wanted little children.