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  1. Should have used the youth then instead of signing a bajillion squad players.
  2. Thank Christ for that. Party at my gaff tonight lads. Bring your own bottles and Covids.
  3. The Steve Bruce wet dream. 2 miles between defence midfield and attack, and 2 hour training sessions of 70 yard balls into channels.
  4. I thought he was average at the time, the best of a bad bunch but in hindsight along with Delph and Benteke, maybe on par with both of them as losses. It was the beginning of the end.
  5. Why though. He didnt blow over at any point before it even got to us?
  6. If he had spoke to me like he did that ticket/marketing employee on the side of the pitch I would have nutted the word removed.
  7. He is a 55 year old overweight smoker. I imagine he is in all sorts of trouble, but a lid is trying to be kept on it at this point.
  8. TIL Lee Sharpe is from the Midlands.
  9. Best 8 yard pass into the channel in history.
  10. No. Stripping him of the captaincy and the fine will be a warranted punishment.
  11. It's actually not. The captain is a representation of the club or nation. They have a fair bit of duties in the dressing room and when it comes to community and public relations, press etc.
  12. Fair to be honest. I am working from home currently and I presume the neighbour is too, their chihuahua or shitsu or whatever the **** it is has been yapping not stop for 10 days. I give it another 4 days before I hop the fence and punt it into the next postcode.
  13. Absolute moron who let's himself down yet again. Take the captaincy off him. Embarrassed the club dragged his name through the mud and can probably kiss goodbye to a guaranteed England cap.
  14. rodders0223

    Pepe Reina

    25 minutes without oxygen? You are going to need to expand on that one please.
  15. rodders0223

    Jed Steer

    Comes in and saves our season like last year. Better option than the current clown currently in sticks.
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