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  1. In a different universe Yarmolenko goes into be the best player in the world.
  2. Arsenal pay the best wages in Europe vs Expectations. You'd be crazy not to join!
  3. Good lad. Always rated him.
  4. Well Higuain I think is one of if not the most highest paid players..
  5. He's 30 years old, on PL wages and makes Barkley look nimble. He stank the place out at Swansea. We won't get anything for him. It will be a Lansbury continue to pay contract and get yourself a deal elsewhere.
  6. Ramsey really did get the right contract at the right time. Besides the misses, he moves like Hourihane on prozac.
  7. In my experience this is how it goes Young player valued at £2m with a handful of appearances to his name. You submit a £7m bid with additional clauses. They come back and ask for £107m
  8. Arsenal fans absolute rattled. You love to see it.
  9. Bring back Carew just for the bants.
  10. He was also playing in a vastly superior team, in a wing back position and security that we don't offer and he was never going to get exposed. I just don't see this making any sense at all.
  11. Let's leave the memories where they are and in tact. The dive was a disgrace but I still have great memories of him. Do I want to see a 35 year old Ashley Young get rinsed by some journeymen on the occasion he does play. Not really.
  12. Firm but fair. When you have players like Griezmann defending your final third and diving into tackles you're onto a winner Proper side. Not just offensively.
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