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  1. rodders0223

    James Chester

    Agreed, it really isn't a tough league. 70% of home games last year I am not even sure Chester broke a sweat tbfh.The myth that every team is Wimbledon reincarnated really needs to die. The truth is it's full of a lot of shite teams, with shite player, who try to play football but are too shite to every really succeed. The end result being a lot of dead passes going straight to our CBs over and over and over and over again. Bolton were the only real team to come and mix it at Villa Park that I can remember.
  2. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    and never played the ****.
  3. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I just hope this time we are sensible. We have been given a second chance. Let's not make the same mistakes of the past.
  4. rodders0223

    Players that you think are rubbish

  5. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    He was when he was at Swansea, but that was nearly 5 years ago. Huge question marks against him now, and I am not sure a player who has been in retirement for so long should hold much value or trust.
  6. rodders0223

    Time for a takeover

    Does it mean we won't be winning the Champions league in 5 years :(
  7. rodders0223

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Tim Krul is **** shite.
  8. rodders0223

    Time for a takeover

    **** JT.
  9. rodders0223

    Steve Bruce

    Not the time for rash decisions, there have been countless examples of new owners wet behind the ears coming in, not knowing **** all about football and appointing their own guy for the sake of appointing their own guy. Football is not like any other business.
  10. rodders0223

    Wes Edens

    Brilliant. Absolutely buzzing right now. I love these moments, the time before we realise they are incompetent and naive dicks. I for one welcome our new overlords.
  11. rodders0223

    Time for a takeover

    **** that noise. £12m bids for Wilfried Bony and Crouchie incoming!
  12. rodders0223

    Time for a takeover

  13. rodders0223

    James Chester

    Better than Varane, and y'all can go **** yourselves!