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  1. Idrissa Gana Gueye

    £20m midfielder.
  2. Adama Traore

    Based on raw pace he can go past 5 or 6 people in a heartbeat so not too surprising.
  3. Ched Evans

    Long time out, accepted, he hasn't exactly pulled up any trees this season. Strange one.
  4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    If ever there is a 35 year old footballer who can come back from a cruciate it is Zlatan. That guy is one single minded SOB.
  5. Tony Xia

    Didn't he give the man a golden season ticket or something? I thought it was a season ticket for life. If Tony gives me that then he can give me the magic finger treatment for all I care.
  6. Gabby Agbonlahor

    It all depends on the finances and whether he wants to give something back. There is no doubt this guy has a set of balls, isn't afraid to stand up to people and has influence. It is just a shame he has used these powers for evil up until now. If he plays like he did Saturday, even if his pace has gone then he will be an asset. I know even from power league football the boost you can get by seeing someone put everything into the performance. When you see someone show that much work rate, passion and commitment you can just feed off it. One thing we know is he is a family man, he does not ant to leave the city and probably never will. There is nowhere for him to go really that can compete with this club. We hold all the cards here, we can dictate his salary and the deal we offer (IMO)
  7. Henri Lansbury

    I appreciated them because I know the unsung work that they do...but Lansbury (with Jedinak behind him) I feel should be bringing a lot more to the party. He works hard and has a good range of passing but he isn't exactly inventive or dynamic...or he isn't showing it. I want a lot more from him or whoever is playing ahead of our reletively stable "back 6"
  8. Pre-match Thread

    I agree, play the kids and put Hogan in goal and Johnstone up front. Actually, scratch that...natural positions please
  9. Albert Adomah

    Yeah, he really didn't fancy it today against a geriatric Robinson. He does seem a really nice guy and I have little doubt he was intimidated. Still, you can't argue with his contribution over the course of the season.
  10. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I don't usually sit in the Holte but it was the only ticket so needs must. Lower, right at the back. This man who had to he at least 50 spent the entire first 20 minutes just randomly shouting abuse at the Birmingham City fans. If I didn't know any better I would have guessed tourettes. "**** off you words removed!" "Inbred clearings in the woods!!" "Inbred **** words removed!!" "You **** clearings in the woods!!" This guy had quite the vocabulary, but seriously...what are you doing? They cannot hear you, you are on your own with this abuse, nobody is backing you up, why are you so angry, what are you getting out of this? Why do you hate them so much? Don't you have a voice telling you that you are maybe going overboard? Don't you realise you look like a moron? What are you like in everyday life? How do you exist and survive in the real world? Anyways, he spent the rest of the time calling all our players fannies and words removed then went downstairs on the half hour mark, I presume to snort some cocaine to calm himself down and came back through the 2nd half to shout some more abuse. Back to the Doug Ellis for me, I may hear a group of middle age guys discuss the merits of Jamie Oliver's latest cooking show or book but it doesn't make me question some parts of society so much.
  11. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Real really, really don't want this title do they..
  12. Steve Bruce

    My question is that Bruce comes out almost every week and says how we aren't playing how he wants us to play, we aren't keeping the ball, there is work to be done etc etc..so why isn't anything even remotely changing? Is it the coaching team because from what I understand Bruce is very hands on. Something here just isn't right.
  13. Lets all stare at Manchester City!

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  14. Scott Hogan

    That is how I see it. I know Bruce or the club has come out and said we were watching him for a long time but I just cannot see how that is the case. In the words of John Gregory 'if you don't spend it the next manager will' This was just another multi million pound punt.
  15. Henri Lansbury

    Sorry to say it but he isn't the player I thought we signed. I think he is quite limited truth be told. I am not sure playing this guy most weeks gets you promoted.