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  1. Favourites to go down because he was the manager. Their squad is not bad. At all.
  2. When it comes to handing out footballing talent the Juninho brothers were just behind the Bellon twins
  3. Admitted the bust up. Banned the journo who reported it. Man is 60 years old and still acts like a child.
  4. It's funny because he's a rocket polisher
  5. That blue haired lad is absolutely woeful
  6. 5 appearances 5 losses. 13-1 on aggregate. 340 minutes. 60% pass completion. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/32858/Show/Henri-Lansbury I think the poor lad is done as a footballer. Looked like a rolls royce though in the Carabao.
  7. Signs for Watford. Best agent in the game
  8. They are not a horrific team tbf. They have just bought bad and don"t have the quality. As a team unit they should not go down alongside the Derby and the Sunderland and the Villa in history. They ain't getting tonked everyweek
  9. He is 34 this year and has played a dozen times in a year. If he gets to the byline he isn't getting back lol
  10. He is alright ain't he. We will go again in the summer and clear out Elmo Taylor ElGhazi and the like maybe even improve the first 11 with McGinn and Nakamba in danger. I have no doubt we will progress again. I don't know what Smith's ceiling us I hope this isn't it.
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