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  1. Jores Okore

    There goes our 50% sell on clause. He is being let go after a disaster of a season, just a handful of appearances. Well and truly finished now I imagine.
  2. Sam Allardyce

    That is what they all say but they can't let go, why else is Redknapp back in the game? Plus Sam loves money.
  3. Sam Allardyce

    Will be seen at Brighton next year, taking a huge bonus to keep them up. He has worked out that with all the money floating about you don't need to work full time nowadays, just hold a club to ransom desperate to stay up, spend 30m, do a few months stint and then **** off with millions.
  4. Nile Ranger arrested AGAIN

    In a world where even the most useless footballers are millionaires just for turning up to training and going through the motions, this thick **** is robbing housewives to pay the bills. What a thick sack of shit.
  5. Sunderland

    He is 35 years old the start of next season, I know he has really looked after himself but bloody hell, there is no telling at that age when the legs might completely go. Madness.
  6. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Yes, he would be a good one for the squad, sensible wages, talented lad, bad injuries halted his rise...not quite sure how much he has left in the tank but seemed to do well for Burton this year.
  7. Sunderland

    What a gutless sack of shit.
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    When people leave a place of work and decide to go to every single person's desk to say goodbye one by one. Mate, I have spoken to you 3 times in the space of half a decade, just get out will ya...but thanks, thanks for making me suffer such an awkward experience.
  9. Gabby Agbonlahor

    The statistics speak for themselves, but God, when you word it like that it really hits home. A sorry state of affairs.
  10. Keith Wyness

    Do not bite, Keith. Come on now..
  11. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Isco's breakthough season, he wins his first La Liga Championship, and is on his way to his 3rd CL winning medal at just 25. I do hope he starts the final this time and doesn't make way for Bale. I knew we should have signed this guy and not Joe Cole on a free pay as you play.
  12. Manchester United

    I bet Jose would have loved to have lost that game, then he could complain about having to field youngsters, the fixture list, how winning games in cup competitions means you have to play more games, how a squad of 25 internationals isn't enough to compete on several fronts, how spending £150m on 3 outstanding talents international footballers isn't enough. As it was though, he rotated like every other manager does, won the game and made him look a right mug.
  13. Chelsea

    A send off like that, in which Sunderland agreed, for John **** Terry? Has the world gone absolutely mad? I can understand that despite being a racist, cheating (football), egomaniac, cheating(homelife) scumbag that he has served Chelsea well and their fans want to honour him for his services...but Sunderland agreed to this **** charade? For who? John Terry John **** Terry? The lord out saviour. Get to **** Premier League football, you self serving pile of shite
  14. Arsenal

    Might be the best thing to happen to Arsenal in years, a massive wake up call as opposed to sneaking 4th each year and then thinking 'Cech will be enough' 'Xhaka will be enough'etc etc
  15. Sunderland

    What is the point in all honesty of even giving him a game? Moyes has well and truly became an absolute joke of a man.