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  1. Jokes on you when Gardner is captaining England. He still has time, he's a very good young player, and a funny guy.
  2. Will be off very soon I imagine. Not even 1 of the 3 in the warm up.
  3. Definitely. I am going to guess it was his right side because when he received the ball he rarely changed direction, just a straight ping down the channel or across the pitch
  4. "No angle on except a pass to Taylor, no angle on except a pass to Taylor, no angle on except a pass to Taylor, what to do, what to do what to do."
  5. Terrible player, bring back some of our recent legends like Bacuna, Gil, Zogbia and Sinclair. I can't enjoy this shit. Those were the days.
  6. Everyone looks up to Tyrone. I think it's pretty obvious watching the game, watching the reactions to events off the ball he is the true captain.
  7. I hugged a random man this evening. I find it awkward hugging my family but by God I hugged that lad tonight.
  8. Probably the most pointless club in existence right now.
  9. Against Bournemouth in the Doug Ellis upper, a men left 5 minutes before the end hurling about at the pitch along the lines of "you're all shit." He was absolutely raging. I wonder if he was there tonight. What a magical evening that was.
  10. Far more composed and measured today, a real mature performance.
  11. Well he should do. Whelan...over McGinn...in the derby!?!?!?! Can't believe he is still in a bloody job!!!!
  12. Did you watch the Netherlands game?

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