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  1. Was just bought for banter I imagine.
  2. He is a proper footballer. I absolutely love him. This is what football is about, having confidence and hope, and enjoyment, the anticipation that when a player receives a ball that something magical can happen. I would rather a Targett for all his faults, that Neil **** Taylor. Him and Jack are just on that wavelength. A new breed of footballer we should have been bringing to the club 5-10 years ago.
  3. He is Oyvind Leonhardsen. Absolute pap but good for a goal.
  4. I have seen some absolutely garbage away support in my lfietime, but these guys take the biscuit. Utterly pathetic. Tinpot.
  5. I would like to retract my earlier statement. That was one of the finest goalkeeping performances I have witnessed at Villa Park on such an occasion as a semi final or a must win. Up t
  6. The glorification of alcohol abuse in former footballers. Particularly prevalent on talksport, podcasts and on the circuit I am sure. Downing a few pints hasn't been impressive in my circle of friends since I was about 24. Just calm down mate.
  7. Jack is the only player who can keep the ball. Winning. Losing. He plays every single minute. (Would have rested him half hour against citeh tbf though, game was gone.)
  8. I'd rather put a coat rack in nets.
  9. Fancy giving an old dinosaur the keys to the war chest. You hate to see it, you really do.
  10. I'd start Reina and if Nyland kicks up a fuss I would give him a cheque for his remaining months and his P45.
  11. Ding. Ding. Should never have been recalled. A Brucey special. Ruining the development of one player in the small, small, small, small, small chance we would need him to sit in the stand for a few games.
  12. Another short term loan move at a club who will probably just see him as an option and will be in and out. I make that 3 6 month deals on the bounce now, it is not good for anyone. £40k is a lot of money to walk away from but he really would be best coming to some sort of agreement to tear it up, and getting a 2 or 3 year deal at a club. Someone who will see him as an asset and invest time, effort and resources into getting the best out of him again. He is not going to get that in these shitty loans, and he will be easily dropped with 2 or 3 games without a goal (which in current form is highly likely)
  13. It was ridiculous business even at the time, sloshing around money like it was going out of fashion.
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