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  1. Football Kits 2017/8

    I think there boots have come a long way the past few years, but their kits still look like a carbon copy of the 2006 templates.
  2. Things You Don't "Get"

    Not me, I keep myself in the dark and refuse to read into new movies or watch trailers. One thing I do not get, why trailers nowadays show the whole fricking movie, twists and all.
  3. Manchester United

    Jose has realised he has a hell of a challenge on now to usurp Man City. Like all bullies, he is an absolute coward and is doing anything and everything to cover his own arse, protect his own reputation and force his sacking. He is absolute piece of shit. I have more respect for Tactics Tim.
  4. The Spanish Football/la Liga Thread

    Nah. he's finished. Will probably only just scrape a goal a game by the time the season is out. The clown.
  5. Players that you think are rubbish

    Gabbiadini. Like a shit Libor Kozak with a worse touch.
  6. Villa and FFP

    Will be a lean few years but if Warnock can get Cardiff promoted on £5.78 then we will be back again.
  7. Sunderland

    Signing alcoholics ( well known at the time) on long term deals. Nice one Moyes. Never understood it at the time and don't now. Nobody will take Ross,Micah or Gabby's contracts off us so why did Sunderand do that for Gibson. Everton would surely have been desperate enough for a loan? Bizarre. I feel for them.
  8. Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Let us not beat around the bush, he was abysmal and didn't even look like a footbaler half the time..but he should never have been chucked into a game with such season defining consequences at 1-0 down.
  9. Steve Bruce

    I want to like the guy I really do but he is utterly clueless. More abysmal game management and random subs all over the shop with no rhyme or reason.
  10. Birkir Bjarnason

    He is absolute shite.
  11. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    laughable subs. Laughable.
  12. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    Worse than that is he has taken away from our attack with poor touches and decisions. Awful, but should never have been brought on.
  13. Steve Bruce

    Inability to change games.
  14. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    **** desperate this
  15. Match Thread: Bolton v Villa

    That is what he does every week.