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  1. He took it up towards the end at Spurs tbfh. Absolute class but couldn't move and was still only late 20s.
  2. So £17k-£20k a week for a lad who is realistically going to play 2 or 3 games next season? That's a no from me. Love you Glenn, but not for me.
  3. Mclueless gone then. Mutual consent, all very honorable and amicable. They mutually agreed to pay him a decent sum to **** off. What a useless prick this guy is.
  4. Woods is a decent player at this level, nothing more. When you have a manager who without the ball, instructs 9 outfield players to retreat to 10-20 yards inside their half, you're going to look like Pirlo. It's easy. I could do it. Bannan looked like the second coming of Jesus. It's no surprise any team playing with that sitter has been made to look brilliant at Villa Park over the course of his reign.
  5. I don't think a player has ever been more culpible for completely **** a tie than Ederson in these two games. Utterly shambles.
  6. I don't think caps at any level below U21 are really a great indicator to be honest. I think he needs to drop out of the football league if need be, and work his way back up. He needs to be playing football, at a club that will be pushed to develop him and potentially reap the rewards. Last thing he needs is to sign on at a league two club, and not play football.
  7. Solanke and Ings went for £20m. I think Tammy Abraham is lightyears ahead of both. Second tier of football it may be, but his figures for a 21 year old are ridiculous.
  8. Steve "I can't keep flushing my dough down the toilet" Gibson suddenly concerned about adhering to ffp. He was Alan Boksic £100,000 a week in the late 90s ffs.
  9. I don't want us to go crazy with signings, if we make it up. I want us to be sensible. If we go down, we go down...but we go down in a strong financial position, with players not on stupid money, stupid egos and ready to fight. We "go again" Saying that, we shouldn't just resign players for the sake of being part of a squad. Nobody out of contract should be retained. Even Glenniesta. We'd be better off taking a few £2m Bacunaesque(shudders) gambles with the wages tbh. None of them would cut it in the PL at this stage.
  10. What the hell James. I thought we were friends. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/200685-villa-fans-today/&do=findComment&comment=3487029
  11. Great stuff, now to just announce the open top tour bus time and date.
  12. Bloody glory hunters. Where were you when we were $##T!!!
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