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  1. We've had some donkeys and cloggers but i am not sure I have seen someone as naive and clueless as Richards when it comes to actual defending. Played like he had a brain injury.
  2. I haven't seen football like this since Bruce came up against Ryan Woods. Wenger died for this.
  3. Cavaleiro with the no look penalty miss. Club is a farce.
  4. Like I said big club big game top side he is on it, focused, defend first. We play other sides and we concede for fun. It is no coincidence when our leader our big buy CB thi is he can stroll about like he is Pirlo. The ego on this guy
  5. Nyland. Wrists made of rich tea biscuits Hutton. Just for the sheer longevity and money he took out the club. Along with the fact the shitter we got the more I had to listen to how good he had become. An absolute paradox. Would sprint 90 yards to put a cross into the stands but not jog 20 yards back to track a runner. Absolute chancer. Richards. Just a brain dead defender. Tactically inept and clueless. Arm flapping a highlight when the majority of the time someone scored in the box it was his man. Much worse than Lescott and less effort but pocketgate has forgotten that. Elphi
  6. Should never have started but that's Deano for you. Should have been tested when 3-0 up against Arsenal but that is Deano for you. Bloke couldn't make a sub from winning position or rotate to save his **** life.
  7. Lol what? El Ghazi's play off final goal off his shoulder was chance. Chalk it off.
  8. Spends more time strutting and chewing gum than actually doing his job.
  9. He's **** shite. Unless it's a big game he might aswell play with his slippers on. You're not a midfielder or Beckenbauer. Just **** defend.
  10. Players have their own personal insurance. The FA has insurance for players getting crocked on international duty. I presume clubs have insurance against the value of a player should a career ending injury occure but wages I would be very surprised
  11. Michael Owen syndrome. Too fast for his own good that's the root cause of all his muscle injuries. Seriously though how can he keep getting muscle injuries?
  12. Virtual events and virtual parties. Just jog on. I love a party, I love a drink, I love a dance, I love making a *** of myself on a night out. ...but sitting in front of a monitor having a tot. Do one. Just do one. Leave me out of it.
  13. And yet gaffer doesn't sub him when we are 3-0 up...or 7-2
  14. If he leaves now he could be in Sheffield by about 7 am....2023. Seen erosion move quicker than that ugly bastard
  15. Small print clauses? He's a player not an insurance policy on a flat screen. There will be no small print clauses. Or any release clauses for that matter. Its Grealish, not some mercenary from another club. He wouldn't have insisted on one and we wouldn't either for obvious reasons.
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