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  1. 3 week promotion push over. Bowyer be out by Christmas
  2. This absolute tat. I'd rather get cancer for my birthday over a message from a dead eyed celeb. Memmo.me
  3. No. He's just a moron making the club look stupid.
  4. Deeney and Hogan up top shoehorned in again. 5 year deals between then. God knows how much they are picking up. How are they not going into administration.
  5. Assist. Tick. Clean sheet. Tick. Three points. Tick. Get in the **** bin
  6. Yes let him be like Gareth Barry. Wins loads of trophies. Be the all time PL appearance maker and make an absolute shed load of money. That'll learn him!
  7. 4 games 1 consolation penalty for Deeney and despise the weight loss surprise surprise he still turns like a tank and has the legs of a 45 year old.
  8. Absolute cringe. What is this garbage. Nakamba too apologising for missing a pen. Who the hell are you apologising too
  9. Mbappe makes Neymar look mature. Bloke is a rocket polisher.
  10. Sancho is an absolute baller playing under 2 clowns. He should be one of the top dogs for England and whacking up 15 assists 10 goals this year...but he won't.
  11. Whether Kane came back firing or not ....they really should have took that 100m
  12. Only Arsenal could make a 3-0 after half hour game look so difficult.
  13. 2 teams in 2 halves of football showing why both their managers are utter shit.
  14. Spurs might just have the worst back 4 in the PL. Think I'd take Hanley over these mugs
  15. You bring on Djenepo and Long to rescue soemthing you ain't going to win many games.
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