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  1. The best thing to happen to Rashford's career will be when United sell that word removed and split them up.
  2. You've got to be seriously lazy not to be able to make up your own bullshit. Villa are considering a swoop for Rangers Alfred Morelos. See. It is easy.
  3. I have seen corner shops run more professionally than that shit show. Ramblings of a mad man.
  4. Brentford are not going to pay Kodjia and Hogan salaries so it's utterly pointless.
  5. and even then, just like Leicester the balance will be swiftly restored. Football is a closed shop now. FFP has seen to that.
  6. Fumbled his way through a season, won a trophy, got out. I don't I rate him to be honest.
  7. Rate him, one of the very few players I was impressed with last season from the SPL. Technically very decent and great physical player too.
  8. Whilst a year ago also complaining he was getting paid less than players who have left Spurs, ignoring the fact he is constantly injured. I admire him for speaking out about mental health and racism but a lot of the times the bloke just comes across as a massive prick.
  9. He was England No.1 to be fair (for 8 minutes)
  10. Would have cost a good £35m I think, Stoke had the parachute money to back them up and were probably confident of bouncing back. Reality is setting in for them now and they will be hoarding money for the long winters ahead.
  11. Personally I have been scarred by the relegation season where we flopped between Guzan and Bunn a good few times hoping to get a performance from one of them. They were both shite and not up to standard, and our season was doomed. I don't want us going into a season with any question marks over goalkeepers. Kalinic and Steer for me are question marks at this stage. Butland is a far safer bet.
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