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  1. Heard nothing but good things about the guy from players that played under him here and Birmingham and elsewhere. Seems a brilliant bloke. Just an awful awful awful manager.
  2. I dont know. If Watkins gets 50 goals being supplied by Trez he might be off to RM tbf
  3. It is what happens when you play the same tactics and dont actually do any thinking or planning. Carroll was brilliant against WHU but up against a back 3 of Dunk, Webster and White got absolutely mullered but that is Bruce all over. "As you were lads" Over he course of the season will get results and wins because he has a good team
  4. That would be an incredible coup for us..
  5. Imagine hiring Jose as your manager and expecting success
  6. Dont think I have saw anyone as disinterested as Joe Bryan when it comes to defending.
  7. Impressed me early doors but let's be honest, and alluding to what Jack hinted at during his contract interview....we are planning to do big things. Guilbert. Engels. It is quite possible the club view them as served a purpose and has much higher aspirations the next 3 windows. Are either of them going to improve that much? Marginal I suspect. Good squad players but I predict we will adding much more quality the next 2 years.
  8. VP staff on that Saturday time and a half overtime pay. We really do mean business. Chuffed with this one. Being wrote off but he is an upgrade on both wings. Two footed. Pacey. Skillful ...erratic but what we need. Direct
  9. £5m player out the door for nothing
  10. I presume City's buy back would not be affected by a deal between Villa and Luiz. That would make no sense for them.
  11. Which rarely works when players drop this far down and play wit this calibre of football. Ross is probably searching for something that no longer exists for him. Contract will be ripped up in a few months.
  12. He is built like a brick shithouse but is a soft a a tub of spunk. Unless he is playing alongside you in a dominant team like Celtic or PSG you dont want a guy like Anwar on your team. The reaction of the team against Southampton said it all. I reckon they see it every day in training. They've had enough of him.
  13. rodders0223

    Josh King

    I fully expect this one to be a deadline day hold your never bid.
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