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  1. January transfer window 2018

    I reckon we should stop pissing money up the wall and get a coaching team that can coach the players we have.
  2. January transfer window 2018

    Due to the fact we have spent dozens of millions on goalscorers but are still unable to actually pass a ball, cut teams open, create chances, or build any kind of system that would see a striker thrive. So now the money has run out, and we are just looking for some 6ft 2 for the cheapest price. "Get some **** snow on it!"
  3. Scott Hogan

    Even if we do it just isn't going to work, it takes more than putting a single player behind him. The way we go about our "football" across the whole side, especially with the calibre of players available is disgusting. Hogan is not going to work here, with Hazard, Messi and Neymar behind him he will still be competing for 90 yard punts from fullbacks and chasing lost causes punted into the channel,
  4. Leeds United

    Look forward to him playing one game in the FA cup and selling a shit ton of shirts.
  5. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    A good history of winning nothing. Amirite!
  6. Manchester United

    Dicking around in the corner wasting team at home to Bournemouth. How the mighty have fallen.
  7. Lets all laugh at Newcastle (again)

    Jonjo Shelvey has to be the thickest word removed to ever step foot on a football pitch.
  8. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Work's secret Santa. Last year I got a sat nav holder when I don't own a sat nav, obviously just something knocking around their house wrapped up. This year I got a silly straw. I went to great length (well some length) to get a gift someone would use, and because I don't want someone to open something crappy I spent well over the recommended price. I won't **** bother next time when all someone can be bothered to do is find whatever is floating around in their garage and wrap it up.
  9. Burnley

    I hope they are putting in some serious research into who they plan to replace Dyche with, because he won't be there for much longer. Brilliant job.
  10. January transfer window 2018

    He is probably coached, and instructed.
  11. Keinan Davis

    Been saying it for a while, against Norwich he was rolling defenders, getting in behind and giving them something to think about. Think he had more shots in that game than he has had all month. He is making it was too easy for defenders, giving them nothing to think about.
  12. Josh Onomah

    A footballer who is scared of contact. Well, good luck with that.
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Bacuna is **** shite.
  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We don't deserve to finish in the top 2 and we won't. Makes no difference, we don't consistently put teams away. We are average in every way.