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  1. More interested in looking good and stroking himself off than doing his actual job.
  2. I recall now. Great banter by a pair of plebs taking the club for a ride this season.
  3. Best player in a Villa shirt tonight. **** me.
  4. Would have been better going with Kodjia. Woeful.
  5. Needs to shave some of his ego off. Not half as good as he thinks
  6. Are we going to fine him for not being fit for purpose?
  7. Maybe dont spend lockdown getting pissed and crashing cars in the early hours. Maybe get your head down keep ticking over and you dont come back like a sack of shit. Him and McGinn. Pair of clowns
  8. No way do we go into a new season with him in charge. No way. Not a single player giving one ounce of effort for him
  9. Miscontrolled a ball in the box after a few minutes. Cleared by Konsa. Didnt look arsed. Didnt look worried. Didnt look to rectify it. I thought at the time it was odd. Not now. Does not give a ****.
  10. Shoulders more slumped then the players. Jog on you loser.
  11. Absolute garbage. Disgrace to himself and the club. What was he doing during lockdown. I have kept in better shape. Fine him.
  12. Garbage. Strolling about. Again. **** off.
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