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  1. Remember when we went to Sheffield last season and got dicked 4-1. Dark days they were. A reminder for us all to enjoy the ride.
  2. Pretending to be KO'd and arm flapping.
  3. I made a post in the Nyland thread....tbf his finishing in the goalkeepers warm up borders on outrageous at times. He has great technique. I'd have him up front instead of Wesley. Am I joking? I am not sure anymore.
  4. rodders0223

    John Terry

    I also attended Dean Smith's pre match briefing with the players. That instruction was right after he told Mings to keep getting the ball stuck under his feet iirc.
  5. Seriously though, I think the players we should be targeting in January are old experienced heads who have been there and done it. I don't want to trot out the "real men" yer da talk, but honestly....we need real men. Get Glenn Murray on the blower.
  6. It's a tale as old as time. "I'll take 17th right now." "If you had told me we would finish 17th at the start of the season I would have bit your hand off" ...yet whilst in the process of finishing 17th.....some people go bloody mental. They seem to forget that to finish 17th you will inevitably have some right old rough patches.
  7. Could have should have had another assist. I like him a lot, he probably doesn't have the engine a modern fullback needs but I think he is going to get better and better. For a 24 year old he hasn't played a lot of football - he needs a good 30 games and get his fitness up to speed, I don't there has been a game this season where he hasn't gone down for a sustained period or picked up a knock. The getting sick on the sidelines here and Southampton, and yesterday he went off after a mad sprint back on the Vardy goal. i don't even think he was injured, just physically done. He needs work, a lot of work on his physical attributes. He's a footballer though, he's a proper footballer.
  8. It won't be long. I think the turning point yesterday was when we were 4-1 down IIRC and he had the ball just centrally inside the box, free chance to shoot and he elected to pass the ball onto El Ghazi.
  9. Up until Saturday yes, a few grumbles here and there but I think certainly around me he has lost any goodwill.
  10. In his prime 20x and 10x by the time he got here ( and when he got here he was absolutely finished) I wouldn't be opposed to cutting our losses in January, taking a hit and bringing in another 2 strikers. He has a million miles away.
  11. Oh yeah and he spent the entire time after the goal flapping his arms and pointing at the defenders. He continued this as we kicked off with extra arm flapping. I think the team are done with him and I can understand why.
  12. It isn't going to happen is it. Kodjia isn't even getting junk minutes now. He is gone and will not be starting for us.
  13. One man press today from Anwar , left hung out to dry at times by his midfield. Felt bad for him, getting mugged off.
  14. I am not sure he would be a threat in the Championship tbh.Genuinely, he is a defenders dream. He isn't going to run off you he isn't going to rough you up he isn't going to go in behind. He isn't even a Daryl Murphy or Madine who will at least rough you up. He does nothing.He brings nothing.
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