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  1. Nothing to do with that I just cannot stand watching him play. Same way i hated Westwood. Always moaning at everyone always pointing at everyone else always cowardly himself.
  2. Barkley and Rashford. **** off Southgate you dour tactically inept clearing in the woods.
  3. The guy just looks like poison miserable mardy always shoulders slumped always moaning about everything.
  4. Jobs for the boys. Southgate can get to **** if this is the future we have to look forward to.
  5. He is an awful footballer, and it's no surprise he hasn't been snapped up, but because he had slightly more legs than Whelan was bloody heralded at one point as Pirlo. Bizarre times.
  6. So I have managed to get an extra ticket for every home game this season when it has reached season ticket holder additional ticket category....but because Liverpool is in town it's sold out well in advance of that. Bloody gloryhunters. Suck my balls.
  7. Southgate must really not rate him for whatever reason. Had him with the U21s for a small time, maybe a hangover of something he didn't like there.
  8. Been utter shite for several years, spent a modest (in today's terms) amount on a pair of strikers and expected to rocket up the league and make a promotion push. Championship doesn't work like that.
  9. Pienaar dusting off his boots as we speak
  10. I don't know....sometimes honesty is the best policy.
  11. I don't know how someone with such a bad record as him could be so cocksure of himself. More power to him I guess.
  12. He gets caught under the ball an awful lot. Needs to get his eyes checked.
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