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  1. The dude seems like a bit of an operator but more than an element of risk to this appointment imo. Hope he's not averse to signing a couple of not so exciting veterans with plenty of PL know how in addition to his usual targets. Either way - welcome Johan!
  2. parisvilla

    Ezri Konsa

    Brilliant performance. So much heart.
  3. Don't think they qualify for Europe unless they win the Cup.
  4. categorically untrue for me clive
  5. Cuellar at RB was pretty remarkable under O'Neill. Don't think he was allowed to cross the half way line let alone put a cross in.
  6. As long as it says Search. Drive. Smile. on the shirts then all good
  7. Elmohamady actually injects purpose, intelligence and composure when he comes on. Quite how we've got to the point I'm looking to him as a key man is really something.
  8. Working really hard and showing some fight. Shame McGinn has been anonymous.
  9. You have to say it was poor - even when acknowleding it was an extremely challenging situation needing so many players to fill the squad. With hindsight we've fallen into a similar trap to the Sherwood summer when we bought with an eye on future potential and re-sale value (Gana, Adama, Vertout, Amavi etc) and didn't get the balance right with some PL experience. I wouldn't have thought much of it at the time but Gary Cahill would have been a brilliant signing this summer. We've lacked know how and leaders in the side.
  10. Good news if we've managed to agree a deal to sell. The guy desperately lacks quality. How did he arrive with the reputation of such a skilful inventive player?! Wonder how different the season might have been if we'd landed Benrahma instead.
  11. I think seeing a combination of Trezeguet, Nakamba and Jota try to capitalise on a late Chelsea mistake was the moment I realised we are gone
  12. This is gonna look good on my holiday. FFS
  13. Whilst there may not be much appetite for buying jerseys less than 24 hours after another shite performance thought I'd flag that the JD Sports website is selling the away top, minus sponsor, for £38. (With sponsor is the usual £55).
  14. by giving him a three year contract extension?
  15. no idea what the theme of that was meant to be. well made though.
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