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  1. This is gonna look good on my holiday. FFS
  2. Whilst there may not be much appetite for buying jerseys less than 24 hours after another shite performance thought I'd flag that the JD Sports website is selling the away top, minus sponsor, for £38. (With sponsor is the usual £55).
  3. by giving him a three year contract extension?
  4. no idea what the theme of that was meant to be. well made though.
  5. not yet, any news on it from your side of the channel? Sadly I now live in Salford. Decided against updating my username [emoji23]
  6. Dodgers no hit twice in 9 days. Strong.
  7. Just call Hales up so Warwick don't have to face him again
  8. parisvilla


    The Times' 'Game' podcast is dreadul. 40 minutes of Gab Marcotti being a complete bellend dismissing everything anyone says. Should be discontinued.
  9. Massive game for Worcester tomorrow at Somerset in the championship. A win would be huge as Hants not playing and Sussex have Yorkshire so will probably lose.
  10. Disgrace the club haven't retired that number after all Delfouneso and Holman did IMO
  11. Tweaked to sure up defence Alright 'Eck. Jeez.
  12. Ha, have some faith! Great batting by Evans and Woakes and then Clarke's bowling and fielding was superb. Also, when Chopra hit the stumps from point surely the Essex batsman was out. The bail was just about disloged before his bat when past the line. Incredibly poor decision. Agreed. P.S Great result again. I should stop doubting us. Bring on finals day.
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