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  1. Different system. Watkins can clearly excel in a wide left forward position as part of a 4 3 3 system. His attributes clearly mark him out for that. He isn't really suited to the left winger position in our current formation 4 2 3 1. Like, seriously isn't this all obvious to everyone? Something would be good to know would be is our current formation based on the players we have? Jack wide left because we got Barkley in? Or is this the way we will set up and we need to find the best players for the positions. It's probably the latter, but we don't know.
  2. I didn't ask if he was the same level as Mane or if we were the same level of quality as Liverpool. We have a system we've used this season, we had a couple of systems last season we used and again back in the Championship. It seems the system has evolved year on year you could say. So your opinion is Watkins isn't capable of playing a wide pressing forward role akin (but not to the same level as) Mane. Which means he's only capable of playing the lone CF role. Which if Dean Smith agreed with that assessment would have no interest in signing Tammy
  3. So can Watkins play in a wide forward role in a team akin to Mane with the high press and work rate? Is that an option in terms of a system change available to Dean Smith ?
  4. Even better, Mane on the "wing" always pressing the opposition and banging in goals from the left.
  5. 7th or 8th and in contention for Europe in May
  6. I agree we don't need Tammy as a top priority. But how often do you get the opportunity to sign a player of his proven quality, at his age, with his potential. So it's a decision on, do we let this opportunity go? It depends entirely on if Watkins and Tammy can play in same team If Watkins was left forward, Tammy in CF and Jack in 10. Jack would naturally drift onto the left with Watkins into the centre. Mane and Salah have scored buckets of goals from left and right forward positions for Liverpool. City have a more fluid system than solely the starting positions. It totally depends
  7. I think signing three key first team players can massively push us forward Sander Berge Matheus Pereira Tammy Abraham This would add some adaptability to out forward department and the needed steel in midfield. Watkins can play left forward or centre forward, Pereira right forward or no10, Jack left forward or No10. Wesley can play CF or no10 (Deano said he can play well as second striker). Tammy Watkins Grealish Pereira Berge Luiz Targett Mings Konsa Cash Martinez Bench would have players like Sanson, McGinn, Wesley, Traore, El G
  8. Exactly, especially for the Cup games he can play CB or RB and captain the side. We can't rely on Kessler as our only back up RB. If we have Guilbert back we have to play him ahead of Kessler in games Cash doesn't play in otherwise why bring him back? Kessler getting time ahead of Elmo if Cash stays fit or Elmo in as cover for Cash if he's injured. It's a trade off basically to back Kessler advancement at the risk of Cash getting a long term injury.
  9. 20 mil is fine for Barkley. Considering how much Traore cost.
  10. I'd sell Guilbert, extend Elmo for another year and promote Kessler. Elmo is a key presence in the squad and he would be a big help to Kessler. Go with the 3 RBs next season. I feel Guilbert returning would mean less chance's for Kessler
  11. If his form recovers and the price is right (which it won't be, Chelsea get top dollar for their sales) I'd sign him. There has been a wider dip in form since Covid outbreak for us. So he's not alone
  12. I think he was best when we had Jack in the team and Barkley was playing well. He was getting more space as a result of the threats across the front 4
  13. City will take him back surely. They love a big squad and he'll improve further with them
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