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  1. CVByrne


    The snoopy, love that watch. I need a speedy on a brown leather strap. I've cut down to 3 watches. I'm adding the VC Overseas back into the collection as it's a stunner and I just want the trinity of sportswatches. I might sell the Royal Oak Boutique edition (centre), 15400 or possibly go get an aftermarket blue strap for it. I fancy a ROO, the safari. My 3 atm / upside down
  2. CVByrne


    Sentimentality is priceless. So I'd respect that, wear it with that it mind. But still wear it.
  3. CVByrne


    Tell your parents to wise up. It's worth £500 so why are they so worried? a beautiful watch should be worn not hidden. I really like those 60's Omegas, I had one a few years ago very similar to the one you have there.
  4. CVByrne


    The design took him 24 hours it took a year for AP to manufacture 1000 watches (those are worth small fortunes these days). They had to make the prototypes in white gold as they hadn't built tools and processes to work high quality steel yet. http://www.timeandwatches.com/p/history-of-audemars-piguet-royal-oak.html
  5. CVByrne


    It is the continuation of the watch that invented all stainless steel sports watches and designed in under 24 hours by the genius Gerald Genta to show as Baselworld 1972. They are hard to find as normally a 3 to 4 year waiting list to buy one new. btw KHV, great choice on the Explorer. Too many people get the Sub.
  6. CVByrne


    Picked up a watch I've been after for well over a year this week. What I consider the ultimate sports watch. Royal Oak "Jumbo", 40th Anniversary Edition. 15202st
  7. There is no perfect solution, but simply put Assad government doesn't plan attacks on European Cities, or Russian Airliners. It may be unpalatable but UN involvement has to happen, at least with UN troops in Syria if / when IS are defeated and driven underground it gives leaverage in how the future for Syria looks.
  8. I can't imagine it'll involve Syrian forces. It would set out an agreed line with which UN troops will operate, specifically in the Eastern Syria. Syrian forces just need to set up a defensive line, possibly supported by Russian air forces. The Zone of operation is all hat needs agreeing.
  9. Question is will any of the Security Council veto a resolution to sent troops into Syria? Turkey said only Wednesday last week that they would send troops in if it was backed by the UN. If Russia have been attacked and France twice. US and UK are onboard. China will not stand in the way. The only way to resolve this is to impose UN backed border controls to stop the ease of access to Syria to and from Europe. While a comprehensive assault would be swift to drive IS underground in their base in the region.
  10. No more ifs and buts. NATO invasion of Syria and Iraq from Turkey. Isolationism doesn't work in a modern world of horror. The army are ready for danger, civilians are not.
  11. He really hasn't a clue what's going on. It's completely random every week. I think we just need to react quickly here while the majority of the season is still there to recover. Sherwood really hasn't a clue. Defo needs to be sacked this month if things don't change.
  12. No problem with him moving on to bigger and better things than relegation fights. But the way he did it, makes him utterly gutter scum in my eyes. Can't think of a more disgraceful way to act than how he has. I hope to get a chance to boo him. Scumbag
  13. Even the episodes with action in them are flat and boring. I personally don't care about any of this white walker nonsense, zombies are never going to be the ultimate winners in the game of thrones. Zombie episodes are complete snoozefest. 8 episodes into a season and it's been boring the whole way. The previous 4 series were good. What happened!!!
  14. There is, it's called Android 5.0. Talk about easy to move phones Google does it for you. It's such a great OS
  15. Is there an easy way to migrate all my apps and stuff from my G3 to the G4 easily?
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