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  1. Can't see them letting him go to us after Ings. They'd be in a relegation scrap from day 1 if they did.
  2. Yeah same. Initially I couldn't understand it but now when thinking how the team are to set up it makes more and more sense.
  3. Being sober this morning is a big factor
  4. Interesting how Deano called Bailey a Striker, I think Dean sees Watkins Ings and Bailey as his forwards. With Buendia in behind them that's a potent attack whatever way we set up.
  5. Another positive about Ings is he scores more goals than his xG so he's a quality finisher, scoring more goals than he's expected to from the chances he's had. We should get 3/4 good years out of him and he'll always be of use off bench or starting games. Will be interesting to see how he does in a better squad.
  6. Yes, makes sense to me now. I can see why he's preferable to Tammy in this team/squad. We have overpaid for him though but sometimes you need to do that.
  7. Having read the Athletic article on Ings I can see why he is preferable to Tammy. If we are to go with a player who plays a bit of a false 9 and drops deeper to collect possession the way England set up with Kane and wide forwards. Ings does that where Tammy is your sole CF leading the line. So with Watkins and Bailey as the inside forwards and Ings the 9 who drops deep to collect the ball at times this gives us a new potent attack. Buendia has the tenacity and workrate for central midified. We need an improvement on the players who will play alongside him though. Luiz McGinn Sanson Nakamba aren't good enough in my view so a new signing there is needed before end of the Window I feel.
  8. From the Athletic article on Ings I can see him fitting in many roles. I think the main one will be in a central role in a front three like Liverpool use. Ings drops deep to pick up the ball a lot which with Watkins and Bailey as the two inside forwards they'll get in behind defences. He can also play a central second striker role if we go with a 4 2 3 1 or more like a 4 4 1 1 He seems to move to left more than the right. So if Watkins is on left he'll be expected to get into box more. So it's a world away from how the left forward plays in our set up last season. Jack primarily carrying into box to create chances. I can see Watkins playing a lot off the left forward position and Bailey Right forward. They have pace and very high workrate on pressures.
  9. I'd be happy with Sander Berge coming in and Axel back on Loan. That'd round out the squad very well.
  10. Old, injury prone. Tammy for a shade more money was on offer. It's just a bad bad bad signing In never thought the club would make. It's jolted me because I massively respected and admired how we've done our business. This makes no sense on any level and it feels like a panic signing. It's an Andy Carroll signing. We're going to piss away the Jack money
  11. Such bad business, baffling on so many levels. Not needed on any way at all.
  12. Worst signing in the club's history? I'm leaning towards yes. Makes no sense at all, injury prone, old and not needed in any way
  13. Grealish needs to try his best to protect his image with Villa fans. So being professional is the least he can do. His whole persona that this was his club was just a facade. When it came to it he left when an offer came in for him. For me if he just never said all this my club etc.. as if he'd never leave and then had gone like he has then I'd not have a single problem with this. 100m is a ridiculous sum of money and we're in an outstanding position now with that added to the club's finances. It's the manipulation of fans emotions he's done for so long, building a level of club attachment to him as a person which will rangle for me personally and for many fans. He leaves but without any blessings, he has made a decision to put his finite career as No1 importance. Which is what all footballers should do. But why say my club, my city, less than a year ago? Pretending you are different to others when you're not. That's the only thing I'll hold against him over this. I'd never boo him and it's only a minor gripe overall. But when it comes to it, Mellberg, Taylor and God are Villans a level above Grealish and always will be. David Platt is exactly what this feels like. Personally I would have moved to City like he has. It's the right move, I just would never have pretended to villa fans it would never happen and I'd be a Villa player forever.
  14. We sign Ward Prowse and we're a far better team next season than we were last. It's better to progress season over season rather than try skip a step and jump to top 4 and think you're a top 4 club. Wage discipline, selling players for fees that can be reinvested. Developing players. That's us
  15. Whatever we do, we better not make a "statement signing" as that means large transfer fee and large wages. We need to stick with the 30 million range of players. One more signing to the squad a Midfielder or forward and we're good to go next season. The Jack money isn't going to vanish. Itll be there to be spent if the right players are available at the right prices. We just need to look at the other teams who we'll leap next season. All bar the top 4/5 are now targets realistically
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