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  1. 4 defeats in 5 games. What's worse is watching Villa makes me angry as hell and is a horrible experience rather than enjoyable.
  2. CVByrne


    Cheers lads, been stupid profit in past few months in those handicap chases. Bad run will come at some point as it's inevitable betting at the odds I do but this is a nice buffer to get into the meaty part of the season with.
  3. CVByrne


    Time to buy that watch Zak
  4. CVByrne


    IWC Portuguese is a top watch. Right way to spend winnings
  5. CVByrne


    Ha Cheers Zak. I would be wary of getting carried away with those two great wins. Normally Nov is when the wins start racking up.
  6. CVByrne


    Hi Snowy, yes I will be but mate you have to follow me on twitter. I always post a tweet to my jumpadviser selections so it's best way to follow my bets. I won Galway Plate and Kerry National already this season but I only tweeted the winning selections as season only gets going proper in Oct and sometimes I don't have time to do a write up on site. Just as an update. For the 2 years from Sep 2014 my profit on turnover has been 29%. But that jumps to 61% if you exclude all bets of 5/1 or less. So I'm focussing on the bigger odds only bets now to cut out the losing ones. I'm hopeful of a v
  7. CVByrne


    You can only get decent sized bets on closer to the start of races when there has been ample time for prices to settle on the true price. So your margins get squeezed tight if you try use betfair. You need to spread bets across non closers/ factored accounts or do walkers bets around 11am (bet in shops). Logistics is the tricky part to making pro or semi pro gambling pay.
  8. CVByrne


    97% of people lose money long term betting. Of the 3% who win long term bookies put effort in to reducing the amount of money they can get on to reduce the size of those losses.
  9. You would imagine Lotus Health sponsorship would be a way to pump funds into Villa and get around Financial Fair Play.
  10. CVByrne


    The snoopy, love that watch. I need a speedy on a brown leather strap. I've cut down to 3 watches. I'm adding the VC Overseas back into the collection as it's a stunner and I just want the trinity of sportswatches. I might sell the Royal Oak Boutique edition (centre), 15400 or possibly go get an aftermarket blue strap for it. I fancy a ROO, the safari. My 3 atm / upside down
  11. CVByrne


    Sentimentality is priceless. So I'd respect that, wear it with that it mind. But still wear it.
  12. CVByrne


    Tell your parents to wise up. It's worth £500 so why are they so worried? a beautiful watch should be worn not hidden. I really like those 60's Omegas, I had one a few years ago very similar to the one you have there.
  13. CVByrne


    The design took him 24 hours it took a year for AP to manufacture 1000 watches (those are worth small fortunes these days). They had to make the prototypes in white gold as they hadn't built tools and processes to work high quality steel yet. http://www.timeandwatches.com/p/history-of-audemars-piguet-royal-oak.html
  14. CVByrne


    It is the continuation of the watch that invented all stainless steel sports watches and designed in under 24 hours by the genius Gerald Genta to show as Baselworld 1972. They are hard to find as normally a 3 to 4 year waiting list to buy one new. btw KHV, great choice on the Explorer. Too many people get the Sub.
  15. CVByrne


    Picked up a watch I've been after for well over a year this week. What I consider the ultimate sports watch. Royal Oak "Jumbo", 40th Anniversary Edition. 15202st
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