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  1. We were 2 0 up with 10 mins left with the 3 CBs. Errors are what let the game slip and the player have to be accountable for that.
  2. We have a good record of holding on for victory based on last season. Sometimes games like this happen. Yes the players lost concentration but at the same time it's a bit of a freak event. We were much the better team for 80 mins. Poor to throw the game away but it was the players errors nothing to do with how the the was set up. Tactics worked, we were 2 0 up and could have been more. Can't see how we can criticise Dean for this
  3. The players picked are capable of holding onto a 2 goal lead at home for 15 mins
  4. The players are at fault for the loss to Wolves. Not Dean
  5. Not that we'll be relegated. But to follow up the United win with two losses like that. Europe isn't happening
  6. Probably a season defining game like Leicester was when they won title and we were relegated
  7. Maybe take a defender off and put on El Ghazi and go 4 4 2 or 4 2 3 1 with Ings or Watkins playing off right
  8. We need to give up on the Ings Watkins experiment after Arsenal. We need to be going 4 3 3 at home and need Bailey, Buendia and Traore in playing behind Watkins or Ings
  9. Yeah means we need to keep the focus on the academy. Win the war there to keep getting the talent and keep the path to the first team.
  10. I think 4 3 3 Cash, Konsa, Mings Targett McGinn Nakamba Ramsey Buendia Watkins Ings I see Buendia coming in off the wing as he does behind Watkins with Ings pushing up so it's a 4 3 1 2 at times or a 4 1 3 2 if we really get hold of the game in midfield. I like this as with Buendia there and the 3 in midfield it could mean we get 4 centrally at times and win midfield.
  11. Agreed, Saudi Investment Fund is bigger than anything in football today. Football needs to fix itself but isn't capable of that
  12. I still feel a season on Loan or at least half season would be huge for him. Especially when he's full of confidence like now. I'd love to see him at a Championship club chasing the play offs.
  13. Play one CF so we'd drop him over Watkins. Ings Watkins Traore McGinn Luiz Buendia That could be an option. But Could have Buendia in front line and Ramsey in midfield
  14. I was thinking it's probably time to drop Ings to the bench. Drop Hause. Bring in Buendia and Bailey. I get the feeling maybe Bailey won't be risked from the start though
  15. Yes, but the 2 attempts by the Big Clubs to take ultimate control (Project Big Picture and then ESL) by cynically used the opportunity created by the Global Pandemic on club finances has shown clear as day what their aims are. To create such a financial disparity between 4 clubs and the rest of the League which cannot be un done, this is the aim for the Cartel as this will then allow profits to be made from football with reduced competition. This should galvanise the other clubs and Premier League into action. If we make the move to streaming via the Premier League they essentially have no real say give the 14 clubs out vote them. There is difficulties in fixing the inequality that is the current state as changing prize money to take away more from top positions of the League to give to the bottom is a complicated one. The situation I described is when moving to streaming all 20 clubs revenues will jump significantly, that is the opportunity to level the playing field in terms of 90% of income is split evenly and 10% goes to performance for example. There is no special revenue for "being chosen for TV" as all games are streamed live. This way income has grown for all clubs relative to their existing expenses. If the Premier League are the ones to do this they can reset the model.
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