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  1. Next season's fixtures will be released tomorrow 9am GMT. Who do you guys want for the first game? Predictions? I'm going for Burnley away first game.
  2. Give him a chance to get settled at least.
  3. Can see the game panning out already, 0-0 at HT. Takes off Phillips for Henderson, leaves Sterling on until 70+ minutes and replaces with Grealish and Foden for Rashford, then too little too late as we concede a late winner.
  4. Was on the waiting list last year so hopefully I'm able to get the chance to buy one this time round. Would've had one back in the championship times as I went to plenty of games but working in retail at the time meant it wasn't really possible due to working on game days. Same as last year, but just my luck my shifts had changed to allow me to go to games more often just after the STs sold out. But with my new job I'll be able to go easily. Fingers crossed..
  5. Leicester's new kit looks more like SHA's kit... Hope we don't get Adidas, boring templates.
  6. Brilliant end to the season, brilliant season overall with many ups and downs in between. So excited for next season, hopefully first game back can be in a packed Villa Park
  7. 24 and double jabbed now. Body aches again, nothing a good long sleep won't help, just happy to be fully vaccinated.
  8. Majority of them will have visited more local centres, myself included. Much less hassle trying to find parking etc.
  9. I do love the shape of it compared to the newer Golfs, especially with black paint and tinted windows.
  10. I literally live 2 minutes drive from the motorway so shouldn't be too bad, about 45 minutes each way.
  11. Need to start looking for a new car soon due to the 'Clean Air Zone' coming into Birmingham. Currently have a diesel '54 plate Golf, 2.0L SDI. Gets the job done, especially since I'm starting a new job in Leamington Spa, so the car would be perfect for the long journeys. But eventually will have to move on.
  12. Got a text from my GP Surgery to book my second dose, so cancelled my May 30th at Villa Park for one this Saturday 22nd elsewhere. Hopefully won't feel too bad after the second dose (AstraZeneca).
  13. What's the point in all the coaches when not one can **** see the midfield is getting overrun and bring on Nakamba for one of the midfield 3 before they equalised? Instead we bring on all the strikers when the game was dead and buried. Shit ending to this season can't wait for it to end now.
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