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  1. I was gonna go to last year's but couldn't make it. Lucky me I guess!
  2. First time being at Wembley. What a game, what an atmosphere. Just felt so surreal at the full time whistle, still pinching myself now! Well done to all you Villa boys, back in the big time!!!
  3. Finish work at 2pm, then gonna have a nice long nap till 7.30 to watch the game. Bloody nervous!
  4. And what's the long term picture with big Sam in charge?
  5. If you understood football, you'd realise that Smith needs players that fit his style of play. He can't be playing his attacking, high intensity style with Jedinak, Hutton etc.
  6. After the disappointment of yday, we need to bounce back with a win to keep in touch with the play offs. Is Tuanzebe out of this?
  7. I thought the last goal took a nick off Tuanzebe, not sure need to watch it again. But my god, what a game. Really need to strengthen our defence.
  8. Can't say I was too sympathetic towards him.
  9. Fredericks out for the season too. They're cursed ?
  10. For anyone needing a shirt or looking for a Xmas present. Kitbag have an offer on shirts with printing (20% off i believe), so for example, I chose the men's home with GREALISH 10 which was £47 something. Add code VCLOUDBF for a further 15% off, so I got the shirt for £40.77. The home shirts with no printing are £50, the VCLOUDBF code still works on that too I believe. So £40 for a shirt with printing is quite good. Edit: I believe the offer ended at midday..
  11. Dominated the game, one stupid mistake cost us. Need to be more clinical, oh and think Bree deserves to play next game at RB.
  12. Chester has been underperforming this season.
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