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  1. UFC 266 was a good card, that main event was unbelievable.
  2. Forget the petrol shortage, there's gonna be a tissue shortage in the West Midlands today, everyone's gonna wank themselves dry after this!!! We've finally beaten them. What a performance.
  3. Yeah the 3-5-2 was good for Chelsea, but now that we have good squad depth we can adapt to different teams.
  4. Anyone know if he's arrived back in England? Or when he's likely to?
  5. Dominated first half, second half was more even, mistakes and poor finishing cost us. Full strength team for Everton and hopefully do much better.
  6. Him being given the number 8 shirt would suggest they think the opposite imo.
  7. Smith confirmed he's trained past few days.
  8. Seen someone show the 'updated' PS5 model, that's lighter. Someone opened it up and showed the heat sink being a lot smaller compared to the launch PS5. Not sure if it'll be a bad thing, or not much affect.
  9. I've got the current pulse headset, it's great with identifying player positions, but I can't really comment on other headsets.
  10. Was the teacher fit at least?
  11. Some clearing in the woods through an empty drink can out of his car on the motorway when he was in front of me... Pissed me right off!!
  12. Van de Beek would be very ambitious, not getting any game time at all for United, but wages would be a big issue I'd assume. And don't think we'd be a first choice for him.
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