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  1. bournmouth are worrying me sounds like everton arent in teh game :I
  2. HAL

    Pre match

    Was hoping never to see reina play again Im assuming steer is still out injured ?
  3. HAL

    Dean Smith

    should have gone months ago. Out of ideas only plan seems to be hoping grealish will do something
  4. Damaged he's career for a long time if true
  5. HAL

    The NSWE Board

    our current owners saved us literally from bankruptcy and the abyss they get alot of free passes in my eyes
  6. HAL

    Douglas Luiz

    Dont see city taking him back with these performances
  7. Why do we always take so long to change it
  8. If only our summer purchases where slightly better
  9. Nyland earned hes start in the final . Wouldve been shocking if he didnt start
  10. Slightly annoyed el ghazi is starting after the last game
  11. HAL

    John McGinn

    Should be nowhere near the squad for the final. We need him so bad for the run in
  12. Saving himself for Wembley like others said in the match thread along with someothers
  13. HAL

    Kortney Hause

    yes engels first games for us he looked like a very good buy then seemed to go down hill .
  14. HAL

    Kortney Hause

    Problem is engels who would replace him drops just as many clangers and does not have the same heading ability
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