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  1. Elmo could have come on for Trez at half time and slotted in at RB with Cash moving forward, Cash works hard and would have gave Elmo more help defensively that he was getting from Trez.
  2. If you compare man for man we are a better team, the difference is the manager much better in pretty much all areas Leeds, that young keeper has a huge future!
  3. No ones going to pay even half his wages in the Championship, he'll leave next summer and probably earn a quarter (or even less than) of what he's on a week now.
  4. We really didn't do that, after our 2nd and 3rd goals I was desperate for us to start playing long balls just so we didn't end up sitting deep and end up getting beat. Glad to say we played good football for the whole 90 minutes and won against a bloody good team.
  5. Disagree with this, the pressure of coming back into a team pushing for there first Premier League title will be immense just depends how he handles it!
  6. Sorry we must watch different games, he really hasn't looked poor he did a really good job against one of the best forward lines in world football right now. I do rate Fred and want him as back up to Cash........but Cash is a huge upgrade I admit I was dubious having not seen him much for Forest and the price tag but totally the right decision by the club.
  7. Traore has spent time as a CF though so should really have a better return.
  8. Quite happy with the fact he's not playing for England, long may Gareth reign!
  9. True just annoying they are a little nothing club!
  10. Will be disappointed if he ends up at wet spam! That'll be two highly rated Championship players we were very strongly linked to that ended up there instead of here.
  11. zab6359


    Hope not, Henri yes but the other two have a place in our 25 man squad.
  12. What an effing tool this man is!
  13. King isn't on silly money though and he hasn't done enough to demand huge wages when he next moves, will probably want a 4 yr contract though!
  14. 9 Mil a yr deal apparently so 175k a week ish. https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-man-united-wages-revealed-with-cavani-agreeing-a-two-year-deal-20201003
  15. Wellbeck isn't the answer though if he was he wouldn't have been released, Davis and Traore can both act as cover for Watkins for now, we need to re-access in Jan see where Wes is at, if he's not ready I do think we should bring someone in as it's going to be a tough season players are bound to pick up some knocks.
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