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  1. This really is classic VT, wanting everything to be right and perfect in our second season in the PL absolutely laughable. We will have poor games this season it's unavoidable. Drop the midfield, what if that doesn't work drop Smith for dropping the midfield pretty pathetic really.
  2. Friggin hilarious do you read posts? It's why I felt compelled to call that shit out! You liked the post calling for all 3 of the midfield to be dropped?
  3. Your post doesn't make sense you are getting carried away in the moment, realistically we shouldn't be in 8th we are punching above our weight and you are happy to drop all 3 midfielders to 'kick them all up the arse' because of some average performances. We are doing well for a reason and it's a settled team, we don't have the strength in depth to 'kick players up the arse' it really is nonsence!
  4. Retain our Premier League place on the last day of the season. Convincingly beat the League Champions 7-2 early on in the new season Playing great football (mostly admit we have been off the boil a couple of games) 2nd best defence in the league 8th in the league over half way through the season with a game (or two) in hand on most the teams above us Lets drop our entire midfield to 'give them a kick up the arse' Love it!
  5. I'm starting to get concerned now he is proving to be our best summer signing teams will come knockin! I really hope we are paying him well!
  6. Becoming such an integral part of this team, glad he's kicked and proved the recruitment team right (again)!
  7. Really don't get the Nakamba love in honestly think he'll be moved on in the summer, seems a really nice guy but just not good eniugh for where we want to be.
  8. No chance DS will make that many changes I reckon one at most.
  9. So never to early to speculate and get the wish list in. I can see this being a very busy window considering how well this season has gone so far, we have a few players coming to the end of there contracts Elmo, Conor and Taylor. Realistically I don't think any will see contract extensions Conor has obviously already gone out on loan and best of luck to him. Taylor and Elmo could still both cut it in the Championship and both will leave on free in the summer. Ross Barkley's loan will end in May and chances are he will go back to Chelsea personally I don't see us signing him. So
  10. zab6359

    Keinan Davis

    I think Wes will always be ahead of Keinan, but Wes is a long way off being in a match day squad unfortunately!
  11. Comparing his social media posts to VVD is like chalk and cheese VVD already seems far more mobile and advanced in his recovery.
  12. As much as I'm not a huge Wes fan judging by some of the comments on here we really have been infiltrated by noses!! Shocking!
  13. Not bagging Smith at all but that's a silly statistic to roll out.
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