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  1. I don't think we will lose that many if we go down, Jack is most likely to go regardless but we are fairly fortunate we don't need to sell players.
  2. Buy cheap buy twice! He's simply not good enough for the PL. Will be OK if we go down though.
  3. I think the strategy will already be in place, list A and list B, list A for if we miraculously turn things around and stay up but most likely list B should we be relegated. List B will be a lot shorter than list A. Completely disagree on Smith needs to go if we are relegated (should probably go anyway) but that's for another thread.
  4. Pretty much where I feel we are at, I felt before Covid hit we were to reliant on what other teams were doing and not good enough to get ourselves out of trouble. I don't see any reason that will have changed due to the lay off. Have hated this season we've been so poor for the majority of it!
  5. Training in small groups from tomorrow, I reckon an early June restart!
  6. zab6359

    Wesley Moraes

    You really think that? And don't think Wes is garbage? Genuine question.
  7. Just signed a new 2 yr deal fairly happy with that.
  8. I have Irish parents so GOD doesn't count!
  9. zab6359

    Wesley Moraes

    Watching Wes's rehab is interesting he moves like a block of lard. Never going to be a decent CF!
  10. Has lots of quality about the man, potential head coach somewhere one day. Palace fans are gutted!
  11. Loving all the 'sign Albrighton' posts what the f*** absolutely hilarious!
  12. zab6359

    Dean Smith

    Arguable Dyche is the only real over achiever there! Rest are mediocre/poor PL managers!
  13. zab6359

    Dean Smith

    Shit teams attract shit managers, shit teams being all teams currently below Everton in the league (arguable yes?) we are currently a really shit team (bottom three) and need a manager to take us to the top of the shit teams...so just below a top 10 side? I don't think DS can do this and has reached his level he's a Steve Bruce but with nicer football. No great shakes is what it is. Strange times right now with Covid-19 lets use it to recruit a decent long term manager.
  14. zab6359

    Dean Smith

    Disagree Howe is pretty shit too!
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