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  1. True as long as they turn out to be decent players and have a career at the club right now both Trez and Marvelous could be at Rotherham next season for all we know!
  2. Couple of ways to do it, firstly increase our overseas fanbase and secondly build a new 60k seater stadium (and fill it). Neither happens overnight or at least soon enough for us to keep Jack onboard anyway.
  3. Wow we all disagree about things all over the forum and debate it (within the guidelines) but dare to have a different opinion on this one and it’s jumped all over by admins? I’ll bow out and not dare to question it again!
  4. Probably one of the best teams to invest in! Huge fan base of proper fans single team city can't understand why some rich arab hasn't done it before.
  5. I remember you were concerned about Watford but form isn't the be all, I thought we had a chance against them but Spurs are a quality side despite form so I feel this is a much harder game but being at VP is a huge advantage, I really think if the team walk out with a winning mindset they are a step ahead!
  6. Hey when we're stretched they all need to step up!
  7. zab6359

    Louie Barry

    If he's as big a talent as is being claimed I'd expect him to break into the first team very soon, not sure on the rules for 16 yr olds and loans but 6 months at a localish league 1 club may be an option let him get kicked a bit and score some goals.
  8. I guess we all view performances differently I personally rated Guilbert much higher, and he's scored 7+ ratings on whoscored for the last three PL games.....but hey I don't go to the games.
  9. I think his general defending is fine, but the lack of pace lets him down. But still as already said our best left back in ages!
  10. Of course they are, they buy far to many guns and shit not to let them!
  11. Shame as he improving with each game, we need him fully match fit when he is I think he'll play a major part for us for the rest of the season, him and Marvelous play well together Marvelous as the enforcer the DD as the playmaker, you could see him getting frustrated with the lack of movement up front against Watford he was urging people to get in a position to recieve a forward pass. Going to be interesting to see if he gets back to his best whilst with us.
  12. Hope not we need to get Ally up to speed in the formation we are most likely to play moving forward.
  13. I'd still like to see him at Villa even if slightly over priced, what I'd hate to see is him end up somewhere like Newcastle having a worldie every week. Doubt it'll happen though we seem to be shopping in the bargain section.
  14. zab6359

    Louie Barry

    Any rules around under 18s and loans?
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