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  1. Football insider are shockingly shit, so shit they are blacklisted on this site.
  2. Quality comes at a price they are all much better defenders if we are being honest. I'm happy with him in the squad as backup but he shouldn't be a regular starter. If we get anywhere near European football all of those you mentioned would be much better options.
  3. WTF! I want some of what you are smoking! Hause is a bang average defender at best, I'd be inclined to bring Axel straight back in just feel he is a better all round defender. Fair play great goal Saturday though.
  4. I went down YouTube rabbit hole a couple of weekends ago and ended up watching a matchday vlog by some bluenose and whilst his content was well presented there support really does have a lot of special needs amongst them!!
  5. Everyone has off days particularly strikers, Ings is a quality player and I'm absolutely chuffed we signed him.
  6. Scores PL goal of the month one week......Ings out the next that's VT for you!
  7. That is just reality unfortunately, probably not a player in our squad that wouldn't! If our home grown Villa supporting players jump ship for CL football at the first opportunity the rest certainly will. Until we are a CL club it is what we will need to deal with, is what it is to be fair.
  8. Found his level best of luck to him.
  9. Shouldn't be touching the midfield until we have had a proper look at Sanson.
  10. As few signings as possible bar any absolute emergencies, which I don't expect as we have much more squad depth now.
  11. Never heard of him but welcome aboard.
  12. Bailey will play on the left wing that is why he was signed, Guilbert was signed for a season in the Championship simply not good enough at the level not his fault we were promoted ahead of schedule. Whether we desperately need a DCM is debatable I can see both sides of the argument. Smith will definately prove you wrong we will not be in the bottom 5 after 12 games no chance, we have improved the squad it may take some time for them to gel and play our best first 11 but I'm expecting a higher finish than last season.
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