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  1. zab6359

    Said Benrahma

    And you had me all excited. Damn you!
  2. A ruling that actually helps us rather than the top clubs, so glad that's gone!
  3. And what an awesome bit of business that was!
  4. It is for an unproven one, good return this season but Hogan also had a good return once. Not against Watkins but wary if we need to make 100 mil stretch a long way.
  5. I know it shouldn't but it does wind me up seeing Jack post pics on instagram of him and SJM getting hammered. When our foriegn players are enjoying there break but training too.
  6. As much as I acknowledge he has had a great season 18 mil? ....a little to much risk for me . If all we have is the reported 100 mil.
  7. He's also visiting Bayern Munich this week apparently as they have shown an interest and invited him over. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out, just the type of player we should be looking at to improve the squad and develop them for the first team.
  8. Yeah IMO quote me when that is not the case
  9. Tammy will never leave greater London, Crystal Palace have more chance of getting Tammy than us......... I'm confident we'll secure some top players absolutely certain!
  10. Not saying he's a fit for us just so many knock him when he really is a decent manager, agree he's probably not what our owners want. But totally disagree about Smith whilst he has kept us up and I fully support him because of that and he deserves to stay on next year, I will be amazed if DS is our manager 3 years from now.
  11. Tammy will be at Chelski next year, think we need to turn our attention elsewhere he's not coming back unfortunately.
  12. Robbie Fowler says Hi ..............still got a locker at Elland Road apparently?
  13. And people turn there nose up at Dyche......amazing!!
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