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  1. A CB of some sort whether that is a starter or back up who knows, midfield is loaded with average players right now feels where the imbalance of the team lies.
  2. He plays all across the front same as AEG does with his highest whoscored rating coming as a ACM.
  3. I do like him as a player he is developing year on year and is still only 23, whilst he's no Jack he still has room to improve with decent coaching. I'm happy for this one to go either way tbh
  4. Bailey will help massively with assists looking at his stats from last season, where as AEG chipped in with goals he didn't with assists LB will be a huge upgrade. Probably similar defensively, but if we can shore up the centre midfield that will help.
  5. If Kane goes to citeh can see Levy coming in for Ollie. Hopefully we are in a position to tell him go get f***ed!
  6. Even without Jack we are looking pretty potent up front, going to be interesting to see where else we reinforce.
  7. This is the signing we should have made instead of Wes back in the summer after promotion to the PL, got there in the end.
  8. Just woke up in Western Australia.......wow just fecking wow did not see this one coming!
  9. It is a brilliant signing and I am over the moon with this however........ Wingers are inconsistent in there nature on the whole, so I really hope we as fans give him time to settle and don't write him off if has two poor games on the bounce. He has huge potential despite not fully living up to the hype of a couple of years ago. Welcome Leon.
  10. Jack's 10 times the player Delph was, he'll be a success where ever he ends up. Will be absolutely gutted if he leaves.
  11. zab6359

    Matty Cash

    Haha OK have you seen the interview?
  12. zab6359

    Matty Cash

    Really? I think Cash after Emi was our best buy but not knowing where the team finished?
  13. zab6359

    Matty Cash

    Not good at linking but on Aston Villa fan club youtube channel
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