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  1. We mustn't under any circumstances do a Southampton!! After yesterdays events we need to pull it out in respect for Sir Ron.
  2. So sad a win today as a tribute would be so fitting.
  3. A loss will be easier to take as long as Southampton, Norwich and Brighton also lose. In fact a Norwich draw would probably be better keep Sheff U closer.
  4. It would be so good to get something against Leicester, manure have just beat Citeh ffs anything is possible. The games starting with Sheff Utd up to the Watford at VP will shape our season, we've played some tough games up to now lets see how we perform against the teams around us I think by the end of Jan I will be either sleeping a little easier or anxious as ****!
  5. Because he is not a PL level player.
  6. Those are great stats, I too would take a point right now!!
  7. We're in the shite if we have to start Jota..............no thanks.
  8. Watching Everton Chelsea and that Chelsea away kit is gopping!!
  9. I really hope AEG is fit for this one.
  10. Definitely both along with McGinn, for me Conor only plays in home games we are expected to dominate and win.
  11. If we lose this it will be a bit embarrassing https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/50668982
  12. zab6359

    Wesley Moraes

    Understand your sentiment but he shouldn't be starting as a lone striker for a PL team if he still needs developing. This isn't his fault I'd be absolutely astonished if the intention when buying him was to play him as a lone striker.
  13. zab6359

    Wesley Moraes

    I'm about as anti Kodj as you will ever get but I think he needs to be given a start! I feel the club ****ed up not signing Maupay he'd be scoring goals in our team, Wes should be on the bench and given time to develop.
  14. He frustrates me, you can't fault his work rate he really does give everything. I felt after a shaky start I was warming to him but after last nights game I've swung the other way really not sure he is going to cut it, AEG is a much more polished winger if we want to see Jack back in his best position we need a much better left sided forward than Trez
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