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  1. I'm more concerned about losing Martinez than Heaton. I think he's going have some interest in the summer.
  2. We are fine at CB unless Engels goes and then a suitable replacement would be needed.
  3. But Jude Bellingham was ready for first team football that's my point.
  4. Have to admit I really dislike it when fans call for the young academy/u18/u23's players to get game time it's one of the easiest ways to ruin a player. If they are good enough and ready DS will play them simple as. Probably why KD isn't quite the player he has the potential to be is an idiot manager playing him to early in his career!
  5. No chance! One of the few flair players we have on the pitch without Jack madness to drop Traore for KD. And I like KD!
  6. 30k a week probably less than 3/4 of the first team squad to be fair! But in reality much more accountable? Just to add though Levy and Woodward are dealing with HUGE turnovers and budgets compared to AVFC they are years ahead in that stakes!
  7. Doesn't deserve a start but deserves to come on earlier if things are going to plan.
  8. Start of a tough May. On paper just the Crystal Palace game where we would be expected to get any points with all those other teams trying to secure European places. Everton aren't unbeatable but are a better team than us on their day and we haven't really been turning up lately. Feeling optimistic though and think we might surprise them and come away with the 3 points.
  9. I find it quite disheartening the hate Davis gets from some Villa fans each to there own I guess.
  10. No thanks if Davis had as many minutes as Wood he'd score as many goals!
  11. Trossard no end product? he's a quality player.
  12. Two players from Brighton would transform our team Bissouma and Trossard and we'd be a top 8 team. Groß would be a good addition too.
  13. Dike is an interesting one certainly doing very well at Barnsley, Orlando supposed to want 20mil and 20% of any sell on price though.
  14. Fair enough have to disagree though don't see any more than 2 'better than we have' type players coming in.
  15. 5-6 first teamers? I don't feel there's a cat in hells chance of that happening I can see 2 first teamers at most we have Wesley coming back which will be like a new signing. I agree the owners are ambitious but don't think they will rush things for the sake of it, besides we can't just spend as we have to consider FFP.
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