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  1. He isn’t even close to being good enough
  2. Why do we hear talk about needing a new left back and very little about a new right back. This guy is bad at everything he looks like a guy we sighed for the championship which is exactly what we were when we signed him.
  3. Why did we bring this guy in? Did he do a good job elsewhere because he appears to be shite
  4. Fred is shit at right back. Midfield can’t get a grip on anything
  5. do you think he get in ahead of drinkwater
  6. I’m not expecting a win but let’s not over play this Tottenham are average at best.
  7. The transfer window was a sign of giving up to me. Also suso what’s the point in him
  8. Not just him but Jarrod Bowen too, looking at the players we bought in during the summer and looking at the business some of the other clubs are doing makes me wonder what Suso actually brings to us.
  9. to be fair that is a LOL firstly Spurs couldn't afford him now given how his value has risen, secondly providing we stay up i see our level rapidly catching spurs as they are clearly on the start of a massive decline and don't have the history or club size of say a man utd to keep the current team together without CL football which they are not going to get with Jose running the club into the ground. Lastly on Jose again i think Jack has a bit to much flair and creativity for a Jose side.
  10. I really want this guy to work out well for us and him. I think he is fairly solid defensively especially in the air but also solid in a tackle. Not always convinced by his positioning but i think with Mings talking him through that will improve and hopefully with ball at his feet the coaching staff will be saying to him just pass it simple or hit channels and turn the opposition, thats all we need him to do. on the whole i just really like his attitude and effort, when he wasn't even making the squad early in the season he didn't moan just kept on working.
  11. i just did the predictor for the rest of the season and i had Norwich bottom, Bournemouth 19th and Brighton 18th finishing on 35 points and us 17th on 37 points. That will make the last day visit to west ham far more nervy than i would like but i think i was completing the predictor with an overly pessimistic view. I do think that the likes of Bournemouth are likely to go on long winless runs between now and the end of the season. Brighton not beating us and then losing to Bournemouth could have a real impact on them. i just hope we can kick on from the last to games and with new players coming in and getting fit we can get some bonus results.
  12. To be fair we only have a transfer committee to blame. Average work in the summer was frustrating but 20 days into a transfer window when you don’t have a fit striker and nobody is in and the one guy you are after needs a work permit delaying things even further that is criminal. Watford will be the 5th game without a striker! Is any other team that much of a clown show. If we go down the blame is On Suso 100%
  13. Negligent from the people in charge of this club on the pitch. No striker for 4 games during a transfer window. Suso out
  14. Is the any news on his progress ?
  15. If the coaches taught trez how to use his body to protect the ball he would be slightly better
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