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  1. Agree Foden might not start but seeing Southgate operate over the last 4-5 years I would say he will pick rashford who for me wouldn’t even be in the squad on current form
  2. I wanted Villa to by him about 10 years ago. Always seems a good player to me and if a bit inconsistent.
  3. I agree with your second team with the exception of Coady who I think is garbage especially in a back 4 and Phillips who I would swap out with Bellingham. I also expect Jack to be nowhere near the starting 11 all tournament I can see Southgate going with Kane, Sterling and rashford to keep it all nice and predictable with mount in behind (I have no problem with mount and Kane by the way). I find this tournament a tough one because I want us to do well and Jack to star but I think Southgate is so out of his depth that I might take a poor tournament to get rid of him but then he is the FA yes ma
  4. Still not convinced this story has legs but I have noticed that the story does go into the detail of we are preparing/submitting a bid. I compare that to he Jack stories of “grealish changed preference to city over Utd” which are so clearly mad up. probably nothing in it but if I was a saints fan it would worry more than the grealish to city stories of zero substance. Assuming saints fans want to keep him which I assume they do as selling your captain is rarely a good sign for a club.
  5. Playing rashford or Sterling would be the over grealish and foden wouldn’t surprise me with Southgate. He is a lazy newspaper driven manager. If the sun predict 11 has those two in it that’s the team that gets picked. wouldn’t expect anything less from Southgate he should have been sacked for failing to get us to the World Cup final with the easiest draw and England mangers ever had
  6. Agreed good performance by mings, no idea why coady is in the squad
  7. Seems like a really good guy and i agree with most the abuse he got was unjustified. He wasn’t the best left back in the world but I don’t think you can criticise his effort. I genuinely wish him well where ever he ends up
  8. Depends on cost of course but I think this guy could be a very intriguing signing if we pushed ahead with it. Assuming Jack moves into the middle that would I imagine draw the usual 2-3?players to him perhaps leaving McNeil to whip quick early balls into danger areas for Ollie. Plus from what I have seen which isn’t that much to be fair he seems to work hard have a good engine and fairly quick perhaps without being rapid
  9. Something like this was always going to happen because the journalist hate good players not playing for man Utd Man City, Liverpool etc. Seemingly forgetting that we have hugely wealthy owners that don’t need the money from the sale. I imagine they will more likely priorities there striker situation with Kane given they have de Bruyne, foden, mahrez, silva, Sterling
  10. How long has Wes Eden’s been involved at the bucks? I feel he is fully aware of how much money might be needed to see this through but I think there is a whole sustainability plan in the background but I think these guys know that it’s a fair way off right now.
  11. Agree with this I think he looks a real player but a little casual at times which is perhaps a reflection of confidence and outstanding ability. I would like to see him a little bit more aggressive when not in possession to press and challenge the opposition
  12. Agree on this point jumping ability, positioning and timing contribute to being good in the air. Hause is not as tall as mings but I would say better in the air. It made me laugh yesterday when the commentator mentioned el ghazi being a big lad which he might be but very rarely wins a header against smaller players
  13. Love this guy. What a superb effort over the last 2 games and the games around Christmas time. Also love the attitude of this fella and I think you can see the other lads love him too. £3 million what a signing
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