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  1. I am fairly confident that unless Man City come in for konsa this isn’t going to be an issue of him moving, it seems more like papers seeing a top player playing for villa while liverpool are playing a midfielder in the back 4 and Spurs are playing Eric Dier and we know how much the sun etc hate that. reality is I doubt Liverpool could afford him and they will have an abundance of Center backs when they get injured players are back. Spurs definitely can’t afford him and they are going to be going into Jose’s 3rd season which is when he blows the club up from the inside if he even wai
  2. I will respectfully disagree with you on that I thought mings aimless punt and lack of urgency to get out until it was to late to allow Antonio to bring the ball down and lay off for the first goal summed up the overall sloppy lack lustre performance by the whole team
  3. I don’t think the has ever been a club in the premier league ran worse than us for those 2-3 years prior to relegation. I know teams have gone down with less points but the running of the club to plummet from regular Top 6 to clear bottom of the league was inexcusable
  4. I thought Mings was fairly average and for the 3rd goal I thought he should have been more aware of woods pulling off the back of him and in all honesty for a guy if his size his arial ability against the better headers is not great however the 1st goal for me is on Barkley he made no attempt to bloke or change the path of Ben Mee so he was able to wander in with a free header.
  5. Need to learn to deal with teams that go route one to a big target man. Playing anyone other than Hause against woods worries me
  6. FWIW Barkley has had a mare as the blocker for that first goal
  7. I think a mings replacement is needed in the summer.
  8. Reminds me in his movement of Paul McGrath. Obviously not anywhere near that level as a player yet but the way he carries himself gives that air of McGrath about him.
  9. So presumably he can sit up in the stands and communicate by a phone or in this case shout or have shakey walk 5 yards to were deano is sitting by the bench
  10. No it doesn’t it’s called building a squad
  11. Your almost describing Jose there too. Set up to play for a draw
  12. Thought he played reasonably well on Friday unfortunately at 20 I think he and all the other 20/21 year old that played looked a million miles away from being ready for premier league football in my view. Where as i thought the likes of Barry and Hayden Kessler looked like they could play minutes already and sylla to be fair to him. I always worry when a 20 year old isn’t banging the door down to the first team.
  13. I prefer to think of them as football tourists. Must Utd “fans” these days are like Liverpool fans in the 80’s they supported the side that wins the league every year and now they are a mix of not liking the idea of supporting a failing team and belief that Utd have a devine right to be top of the league and pick any player they like. They don’t really understand football Just the little Utd bubble they live in. Probably the type that wanted VAR because the only thing that matters is the right decision not the entertainment
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