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  1. Funny thing is we have different referee’s every game who all think he is fouled so either they are all wrong or he gets fouled a lot.
  2. I don’t dislike Tammy but Gayle is the best striker in this league has been for years
  3. 1-0 after two legs. Can’t give sides like West Brom a head start they will sit on there own box for the next game and a half
  4. Hernandez the most creative player on the pitch. Wtf
  5. Seems very laboured and lazy today this performance
  6. Massive sympathy for the supporters seeing the issues with this club. I think along with the premier league money killing teams that once were established premier league teams, Bolton like Wigan and others in greater Manchester are starting to suffer crowd wise from the man city effect. I imagine it’s hard enough to stop supports going to watch united but now they have city to contend with too.
  7. Our goal difference is 11 better than anyone near us so that’s worth another point
  8. A goal for Davies would make it a perfect afternoon
  9. Great effort from all involved much the better side second half. Big shout for Davies when he came on excellent could have bagged at least one on another day.
  10. Poor first half and looked like a different player in the second half
  11. Just a mention for Jed Steer. I thought he was excellent and he made a save about 15 minutes from the end with his left hand that I think almost went unnoticed.
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