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  1. Our goal difference is 11 better than anyone near us so that’s worth another point
  2. Great effort from all involved much the better side second half. Big shout for Davies when he came on excellent could have bagged at least one on another day.
  3. Poor first half and looked like a different player in the second half
  4. Just a mention for Jed Steer. I thought he was excellent and he made a save about 15 minutes from the end with his left hand that I think almost went unnoticed.
  5. I’m sure it’s been mentioned but how can Southgate say jack needs to be playing in the premier league and then start a guy who has never been named in a premier league starting 11 in his career. I think Hudson-odie will be a good player but that’s a big hypocritical isn’t it?
  6. Wasn’t jack butland on the bench on Friday. I’m fairly sure he is still at stoke who are mid table in the championship.
  7. I’m pleased to see him given another years contract. Decent keeper at this level and I doubt he is on big money
  8. I thought they brought the guy for Brentford in to cover for that happening
  9. I think the article was saying that if Erickson is sold then they will go for Jack, Jared Bowen and anybody else that’s been playing well. Lazy journalism in my opinion, jack playing well and erikson wanting to leave adds up to spurs will sign jack. I doubt that without the sale of erikson they would be able to afford him. I personally think erikson will stay another year and leave for free and pocket the millions himself
  10. I think in the last two games have been solid I still think he lacks a lot with the ball at his feet but defensively credit where it’s due
  11. Classic away performance against a side up there in the league. Even more impressive given that goal after 2 minutes. everyone involved including the fans at the game should walk away with a smile at a job well done x2 for the game against the scum too. Especially with all that’s gone on this week too. UTV
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