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  1. Really poor this today losing to a hard working championship side
  2. In the end I was pleased jack didn’t get on last night. The thought of him doing something good that gets Southgate out of a mess to then get dropped from the whole squad is to much to bear. I would say he is likely to get dropped for the next squad anyway so is the a player that got man of the match then never got picked again ? Just wondering given that jack was the best played on the pitch by a mile against wales yet others that played in that game got used again and jack didn’t
  3. So on that basis jack should have started on Sunday. Bloke was shit before he got sacked by Middlesbrough and is maybe worse as a manager now. 3-4-3 literally leaves you short at the back, in midfield and draws the very few attacking players we have all over the place.
  4. I’m staring to think Southgate has done jack a favour not picking jack today In this hideous formation. Although he will probably come on with us 5-0 down and get the blame
  5. Having ran the show in every game this season including England what price tag now the world is waking up ? £150 mill. New 5 year contract in his back pocket so don’t think he is going anywhere but would be interesting to see what people thought
  6. I’m not prepared to pay anything in addition to my sky & bt subscription. As much as I love the villa I’m not supporting a love to rape fans even more. I think this is the first step to ruining a competitive league if all this does is mean the rich get richer which it will. How long before we have a scenario like Germany where the same club has Won the league 8 years in a row or France for that matter. It end up making the league so predictable people stop watching or going to games.
  7. Well I won’t be paying for the pay per view games at all regardless of if it’s villa or not out of principle. It’s the beginning of the end i think with that method. Although am I right in thinking they tried pay per view games a few years back
  8. Really is the only quality player on the pitch looks head and shoulders quality wise above everybody else. Like he is playing a different game
  9. I assume the abuse had an element of racism to it ? when it comes to football the only colours I see are claret and blue the colour of the skin under that shirt is of no relevance to me.
  10. Didn’t see any of the stoke game so can’t comment on his performance their but I like the guy I think he earned his place ahead of Engels in our squad. I agree he is limited in areas certainly when it comes to using his feet but I don’t think I have seen him lose a header yet or many 50/50 challenges. Might not be the next Franco Beresi but he seems a good character to me.
  11. He basically does a lot of what Sancho does and done stuff he doesn’t but Sancho is worth £90-100 million and nobody really questions it other than Utd who think everybody should be sold on the cheap to them to allow players to realise there dream of playing for Man Utd. I think the clowns that say he is only worth £50 are those that a new to football and get there steer of the likes of sky who only think the are 4 big clubs in the country I think they forget how big a club we are although granted the 10 years prior to new owners didn’t help
  12. Really pleased for him. I think sometimes you can just see in a couple of minutes if players have that touch of Class with how they handle the ball and there movement around the pitch and he looks like he has that. been really impressed with the cup games and getting premier league minutes will do him the world of good. I think he needs to be permanently in the match day squad this season building up his experience and match minutes.
  13. I would add Leeds and Sheffield Utd into the teams we are better than based on the opinion that sheff Utd will find it hard to keep up the levels from last year with an ok but slightly limited squad. Leeds I just don’t get why people think they won’t struggle. No real transfer window or time to prepare is going to hamper all the promoted sides as the transition is huge from championship to premier league. They haven’t signed anyone of note and lost there best defender from last year so in many ways they are weaker this year than they were last year and although they won the league it
  14. I think ball the promoted teams will go down to be fair this is a tough year to come up given the circumstances. Looking at Leeds the keeper is poor full backs not premier league quality, centre half Cooper not up to much and I don’t know anything about the new Center back. Phillips in midfield looks ok but didn’t think much to him for England. Pablo Hernandez was poor when he was young at Swansea can’t see him doing much now. Bamford not good enough and the new striker has Rodrigo is 29 and yet to score 80 career goals. credit were its due the manager seems excellent but the squad is so
  15. A dire performance at the euros could well happen on Saturdays and today’s evidence unless the tactic was to play for a dull boring nil nil draw in which case it was perfect management other than a highly dubious penalty in the 90th minute on Saturday. On the upside the lad that came on with 15 minutes to go looked decent beating a couple of men and driving into the box
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