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  1. Agree - I think Kodjia will surprise a few - including a number of VT posters. I think playing in the Premier League will suit his game and inspire him. We still need another striker though.
  2. Good. Their fans have become intolerable in the last few years
  3. Well said. The yam yams have had their 15 minutes of superiority.
  4. Both my lads have been through the academy system at Villa, Albion, Coventry and Walsall from the ages of 7 until 16. For every Louie Barry there’s thousands of kids that don’t make it. Clubs can release kids at any stage so for Barry to have an opportunity to develop at Barca rather than Albion is too good an opportunity to ignore. Those that criticise the kid or his parents for taking the opportunity need to understand just how brutal clubs can be if they decide for whatever reason they want to release academy kids.
  5. Pleased for him, decent club and local to where he is now.
  6. Went to the UEFA game in Bilbao and it ranks amongst the best experiences I’ve had following Villa. Despite all the political issues surrounding them, we couldn’t have had a warmer welcome. We went to Madrid later in the competition and their fans and police were awful.
  7. Hutton is settled in the village he lives in, his lad is on the books at Coventry so his next club will be fairly local to where he lives as he has no intention of leaving the area for a couple of years.
  8. Can’t quite understand all the negativity - for the first time in a long while we have a head coach and coaching team that know what they’re doing. Part of the coaching team is one of England’s best defenders in the last 15 years who will i assume have an opinion on signings. if these guys think it’s a good deal then I’ll certainly trust them rather than a section of misguided Saints fans.
  9. I’ve attended 95% of the away games for the last 20 years, and for the last 12 years my 2 lads have travelled with me to games. I’ve not been a member of the away scheme as I couldn’t stretch to the fee at the time they went on sale last season. Forking out for 3 tickets for each away game, 2 of which are for most games classed as adult tickets is costly to say the least so I’d be pretty cheesed off if there wasn’t a loyalty scheme in place. I understand this makes it difficult for those that haven’t built up a history of away games but what other options are there?

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