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  1. Embarrassing losing to a team that’s already beaten Citeh at home? Premature overreaction alert
  2. Saw plenty of positives yesterday, Targett’s injury changed the dynamic and limited Smith’s options. Had Kodja and Lansbury been available I think we would’ve comfortably seen the game out. I said before the game we needed at least 5 and ideally 7 points from the games against Burnley, Norwich and Brighton so a win next week will set us up nicely.
  3. Awful appointment, sums up Xia’s reign. His Champions League success/ managerial credentials were as misleading as Xia’s wealth.
  4. Bumped into Simon Grayson at a gig in Brum on Saturday, he was very complimentary about his time at the Villa. O’Hare’s last minute winner for Poventry against Blackpool put a dampener on his day though.
  5. Fair to say not the best start to his Villa career.
  6. Agreed. The system is flawed - referees will not hang their colleagues out to dry. It is a complete waste of time.
  7. I doubt it, he comes across as an arrogant smug prick. Accepting he made a mistake of that magnitude is admitting he’s not fit to referee.
  8. They haven’t got the balls to publicly admit Friend is an incompetent bell end.
  9. Yep - it was clear we’d get a red today, and Trez was anonymous so it was an option. Hindsight and all that.... The referees’s integrity should rightly be questioned after today. Verging on match fixing.
  10. On the train heading home, and like many others I’m fuming at the disgraceful performance of the referee. Up until we were down to 10 men I never felt we were under any real pressure, and the sending off was the game changer. The shocking decision at the end very nearly caused a riot, whilst not condoning the trouble that went on at the end the authorities need to demote Friend because he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with inept game changing decisions like we saw today. His performance stunk from the first whistle.
  11. No, just a general chat and to be fair to him he was with friends so the last thing he wanted was a chat with a middle aged Foos fan who’d been enjoying the Somersbys
  12. Bumped into him at the Reading festival yesterday, took the time to chat with me and came across as a decent guy. Seemed genuinely surprised to be recognised!
  13. Robbie09

    Wesley Moraes

    Must’ve been the price tag
  14. Robbie09

    Wesley Moraes

    Yeah i wasted all the effort in getting coaching badges. Should’ve just gone by the price tag.
  15. Robbie09

    Wesley Moraes

    His first touch and movement are good, once he’s adjusted to the physicality of the league he’ll be fine. He just needs a goal to settle him.
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