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  1. Can’t understand why so many are calling for SJM to be dropped. Dean has said in several interviews that they have asked him to play a different role. I think he has more than justified his place in the team.
  2. If you browse their forum it’s evident that the most vitriolic anti Villa comments are posted by over 60’s bitter bell ends. My area is mainly noses and there’s one in particular who’s approaching 60, every time I see him in the supermarket he’s wearing a Small Heath kit complete with a zulu face mask. He’s morbidly obese and I doubt he could punch his way out of a paper bag. He looks like a billy bunter full kit w****r. I sometimes wonder whether his special needs extend beyond his choice of football team.
  3. They continually refer to us as getting our bedsheets ready to display when we protest. Pot kettle black springs to mind....
  4. Crap atmosphere, long journey and need binoculars to see the players. Not the best of away days!
  5. Whilst i agree with your comments, The Cottage is a great away day. I’d rather they stayed up than the likes of Newcastle and Palace.
  6. And also believe they can attract managers such as Eddie Howe to take charge of their tin pot club. Deluded is a massive understatement.
  7. Pour yourself a drink and get over to Small Heath Alliance, the forum makes great reading tonight. Some of the Alf Garnett word actually think they could attract Eddie Howe as their next manager.
  8. They are the footballing version of the spotty, ginger, four eyed kid at school that nobody liked.
  9. When your 5 year old son congratulates you in front of your in laws for managing to drive all the way to school without calling anyone a Representative for Wellingborough or a retard.
  10. Special Needs is more appropriate
  11. As much as I detest players like Mee and Rodriquez I hope Burnley stay up as it’s a great away day. The away end is ramshackle but it’s refreshingly different from all the modern soulless stadiums.
  12. That forum seems to be full of bitter middle aged retards.
  13. This may explain their obsession with us. Small Heath are in a footballing coma, almost at the point where the life support machine should be switched off. The football under Karanka is about as dull as it gets.Their fans have nothing to look forward to apart from the hope that we may lose on match day. If it was any other club I’d pity the fans but those half wits are beyond pity. Someone needs to do the decent thing and pull the plug.
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