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  1. Given the ownership issues I don’t think they’ll appoint anyone that will be anything other than a yes man to the owners. SHA are the gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Unpredictable, inconsistent, frustrating. He’s a maverick and capable of winning a match with a moment of magic. He’ll prove to be money well spent.
  3. Not understanding the criticism McGinn is getting tonight. We were deserved winners tonight and every player played their part.
  4. I wouldn’t, as frustrating and unpredictable as Traore is he is capable of producing a moment of magic to win a game.
  5. I saw architects plans that were drawn up a few years ago and if the redevelopment reflects those plans then we’ll have a fantastic stadium. It was the same studio that designed The Holte!
  6. Like many young overseas players he needed time to adjust to the PL. The game at Turf Moor when he got injured he was dominating a centre half partnership that have been and still are on the fringes of the England team.
  7. And a couple of times Jack was in a great position to have an attempt on goal and Kane chose to ignore him and try to shoot from a ridiculous position. I think Kane is aware that Jack will outshine him and his ego doesn’t like it!
  8. My son’s mate played for Sandwell Town and marked Wes on Friday. He commented how rusty he was so I doubt we’ll see him featuring for the first team just yet.
  9. Up there amongst the posts I completely disagree with. SJM isn’t at his best but to call him lazy is borderline insanity.
  10. Speak for yourself. He’s just another name in a long list of SHA managers. Can’t understand why you think he’s a legend. He’s just a crap manager.
  11. I don’t think they’ll get more than 3 points at best. Having listened to the captain and manager’s post match interviews it sounds like they’re waving the white flag. This could be the year the turd is finally flushed
  12. Booked mine at the weekend via the Govt website and went to VP yesterday and got my jab. Felt odd being in the Holte Suite without a pint though. Feel rough now, I wouldn’t plan anything for the day after if you’re getting the AZ jab.
  13. There’s a few that live around me and all of them have some affinity towards Small Heath. Must be a small club mentality. Explains why a couple of them thought it a great idea to post a video of them breaking into Hillsborough and curling one down on the pitch.
  14. My son is 21 today, he’s at Sheffield Uni - can’t be anything other than an emphatic Villa win
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