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  1. I think he lives under a bridge.......
  2. He’s been indoctrinated by a certain Mr Trump....
  3. I’d like to see him performing in Turkey.
  4. Then you haven’t got a clue about Jack. Ridiculous statement....
  5. Ok so a player’s value is determined by the league position of his club?
  6. We wait until average blokes like me can go back to some sort of normality like visit my parents grave, get a haircut or go and see my partner. I have friends that work in the NHS on Covid wards and I know the fear they have going to work every day. I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 45 years, follow Villa home and away, it’s in my DNA. Until I can go back to doing normal things then frankly I find it immoral and obscene that football should be restarting.
  7. Please stop, it’s not even funny anymore, just stop.
  8. Brighton have an awful run in and under normal circumstances I’d back us to finish above them. However when you factor in behind close doors, how long it’s been since teams trained/played, neutral venues etc it’s an absolute lottery.
  9. Rent-a-gob is spot on. His comments are becoming more and more ridiculous each day. Imagine how salty he’ll be if Leeds are denied promotion.
  10. Do you have anything positive to say about our club?
  11. So we know you don't rate Smith and you believe we deserve to be relegated. What if we’d sacked him after Leicester and appointed for arguments sake Benitez, would you still bang the drum about us deserving to go down?
  12. Came across very well - Interestingly he refers to wanting the title to be decided but no mention of relegation. Happy he’s representing us rather than a number of his predecessors.
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