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  1. Robbie09

    Sir Doug Ellis

    Having been a STH since the early 70’s I’ve seen the good and bad sides of HDE so I understand why some won’t remember him as fondly as others. I’ve been a critic of his however as some have pointed out there’s a family grieving for their loss today. Yes HDE probably benefited more from AVFC than vice versa but it will feel odd travelling to away games without seeing his personalised plate somewhere en route. There’s been many occasions on a wet and windy day when I’ve questioned why I’ve wasted a day out watching yet another turgid defeat but I’m 40 years younger that Doug and he still had the desire to follow our wonderful team. He will be remembered and I hope people put their views aside and pay the respect a 94 year old deserves.
  2. Robbie09

    Dean Smith

    pity his wife tonight
  3. Robbie09

    New Manager Speculation

    Maybe Dyche could be tempted, not much more he can achieve at Burnley and early rumbles of discontent amongst some of the fan base.
  4. Robbie09

    New Manager Speculation

    Unlikely as he died a while back
  5. Robbie09

    Glenn Whelan

    Rubbish. Whelan took the ball off Bolasie
  6. Robbie09

    Ahmed Elmohamady

    Beginning to think he's Bruce's love child, there's no other logical reason for him to be starting games, his performances aren't justifying his inclusion.
  7. Robbie09

    Ratings & Reactions: Sheff Utd v Villa

    I was central behind the goal and the majority were calling for Bruce. What was evident today was how quickly United moved the ball compared to us. Our movement off the ball is pathetic - we’re too dependant on Grealish, McGinn and Kodja coming up with something out of the ordinary to create something. I’ve supported Bruce up until now but I do think he’s taken us as far as he can and change is required.
  8. Robbie09

    Ratings & Reactions: Sheff Utd v Villa

    Best moment of the game for me was leaving at 86 minutes and avoiding the queue to get out the car park on Eyre St. would also like to publicly apologise to my 2 sons for subjecting them to a performance like that. Beginning of the end for Bruce, the fans have turned....
  9. Robbie09

    Andreas Weimann

    Pleased for him, he always put in a shift for us
  10. Robbie09

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    No. Makes Jedinak look cultured.
  11. Robbie09

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Pal of mine is a Palace STH and he’s always maintained Bolasie is a better player than Zaha. The injury he picked up was a ruptured PCL if I remember correctly which is worse than a ruptured ACL so he may never get back to the level he was at before the injury.
  12. Robbie09

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    Thor was slow in possession- got caught on the ball. Whelan, although slow, doesn’t get caught on the ball as often as Thor.
  13. Robbie09

    Ratings & Reactions: Ipswich v Villa

    Just back from Portman Rd. Had Kodja scored rather than hitting the bar we’d be 2 points better off. However second half we were too pedestrian, too predictable and all too often we bypassed our midfield. The keeper is a worry, the defence appeared to have no faith in him whatsoever. We need a left back to add balance to the team. Thor was too slow today, on reflection Whelan would’ve been a better option. Green is massively overrated - he’s too easy to mark. Make no mistake the current squad under Bruce will not get us up, we either add quality and quickly or we appoint someone who can get this team playing more positively. I’m not sure which is the best option to take but after nearly 2 seasons I’m struggling to keep defending Bruce for a performance like today.
  14. Robbie09

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    I was against Terry returning mainly because we lack pace at the back, but after watching the defensive horror show on saturday I would happily have him back. Last season he marshalled the defence superbly, so far we have looked shapeless and vulnerable. Maybe there’s a younger but experienced centre half that could fill the role but I can’t of one at present.
  15. Robbie09

    Gary Gardner

    Confirmed loan deal