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  1. Rather have his energy in midfield than Drinkwater who isn’t match fit and Hourihane who offers very little apart from set pieces.
  2. Back from the game and feeling positive after the second half performance. First half was poor but with the exception of a Hause mistake we could’ve gone in at half time on level terms. Re Drinkwater he’s off the pace at the moment but there’s a player in there and more minutes on the pitch will benefit him. Mings was back to his best and Fred was also very good. Thought both Trez and El Ghazi put a shift in as well. Targett was poor - he’s ok going forward but dreadful defensively - lost count how many times both him and Hause either gave the ball away or put the ball out. Jack was as usual magnificent - a joy to watch. Roll on Tuesday....
  3. He does his best to hide. He may have limited ability but he could at least put a shift in. He should be embarrassed by his performance today. I’d move him on this window.
  4. Robbie09

    Ørjan Nyland

    Deserves to keep his place in the team. Think it sends out the wrong message if we bring in a keeper to replace him given his last 3 performances. His biggest weakness was collecting crosses, now he looks far more assured. If we’re shipping Kallinic out this month then it makes sense to bring another keeper in on a short term loan given Steer’s injury record but for me Nyland should be ahead of any newcomer.
  5. Robbie09

    Tom Heaton

    Nyland has improved in his recent appearances however we need another keeper - big decision now for Smith & co.
  6. Just home from the game and can’t disagree with you more. Wes terrorised their centre halves.
  7. You’d play an injured Targett and include Steer despite him being out until March?
  8. We’ve gone from having a manager who talked about setting traps and overloads to one who now blames VAR - he can moan about decisions but VAR doesn’t dictate his formation or decide to play his best player out wide.
  9. Just back from yet another gutless away performance. Time to be ruthless, Smith is way out of his depth. Smith out
  10. El Ghazi is either 2/10 or 8/10 - for the last few matches it’s the former. Trez is a consistent 3/10. It’s no wonder Wes is so ineffective when those 2 are up top with him. Both Konsa and Hause were very good however if Mings is fit for Watford I’d put him back in to deal with the physicality of Deeney.
  11. Unless you’re in your late 60’s or early 70’s it’s biologically impossible for you to refer to me as kid.
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