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  1. Meatless farm products are wonderful - been a non meat eater for 30 years and their products are unbeatable.
  2. Rather than focus on Jack they can now turn their attention to El Spastico tomorrow night before resuming their obsession with all things claret & blue.
  3. Never really had an issue with Sandwell Town until around 10 years when they developed a billy big b*****ks attitude. 3 of their fans started on me and my kids who were under the age of 10 at the time for wearing colours outside the Hawthorns. They’re well and truly obsessed with Villa, they make perfect bed partners for Small Heath.
  4. Given the ridiculous decision to call up Bellingham after the ridiculous reasons for not selecting Jack until recently I fully expect Southgate to ignore Jack for the forthcoming games. i absolutely despise Southgate, he’s a contradictory yes man for the FA and England will continue to under perform under his dull safety first tenure.
  5. Just so happens I’m working from my office in Islington tomorrow...
  6. Better than God, on a par with Sid. Jack is a phenomenal player, we’re privileged to call him one of our own.
  7. Bielsa is the Argentinian Keegan
  8. I’d prefer Walcott having a shot to Ward Prowse taking a free kick.
  9. Naivety cost us today. Giving Ward Prowse 2 free kicks was just stupid. Hopefully the second half performance is the real Villa.....
  10. He may not be Lewandowski but he’s certainly no Bamford who feigns injury to get players sent off......
  11. Speaking to a Leeds supporting colleague earlier today, he’s fearing the worst tonight. Unlike the vast majority of Leeds fans he’s not a gobshite and he thinks we’ll give them a hiding.
  12. Off topic but You forgot to add how many times they allegedly stormed the Holte and them being the last Midlands club to win a trophy.
  13. They’re only better defensively because he has so many behind the ball. They really are a footballing non entity, utterly insignificant. Surely Aldi or Lidl would be a better option than the decaying eyesore that is Sty Andrews.
  14. Yep, after our last 3 visits there It is a day out given the issues getting out. I’ve got home from Manchester quicker than I have from Small Heath and I only live in Dorridge!!
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