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  1. Parked up outside the Hawthorns, nerves are shot already!
  2. Feeling very confident about this game. Just got a sneaky feeling we’ll give them a hiding and make the 2nd leg less nervy
  3. It's envy - he's far better than any player in their team, best player in the division by a country mile.
  4. I seem to recall him feigning he’d been hit in the head in a previous game against us when replays showed no contact. Odd for someone who allegedly would head a brick
  5. Roberts age has nothing to do with not putting the ball out. it was a deliberate attempt to cheat. Your players targetted Grealish yesterday, end of. Can't remember McGinn falling over but of course your players are as white as the shirt they wear. Jansson has never tried to deceive a ref has he?
  6. Just Bamford? How about Roberts for his deliberate cheating and Jansson for trying to tackle Albert? All part of the game is it?
  7. Fingers crossed Derby kick lumps out of the dirty cheating chokers as they tried to do to us yesterday.
  8. Cooper set out to take the player and the ball. despicable tackle, he knew what he was doing and there's no defence of him. Leeds set out to stop Grealish at all costs. I lost a lot of respect for your club yesterday as a result of your players actions.
  9. He's young, he'll improve under Smith's guidance and his pace frightens full backs. As long as the asking price is sensible I'd snap him up
  10. All over social media, seems the Leeds neanderthals are using this tactic to distract the disgusting behaviour of their players. If Hourihane gets punished for this then i bloody well hope Bamford, Roberts and Jansson also face action for their part in the fracas.
  11. Grabban as good as Abraham? Ok......
  12. Better than us? Can’t recall us being under the cosh except for the last 5 mins when we were down to 10 men.
  13. And credit to him the way his team played, especially first half.
  14. Win tomorrow and we’re 4 points off Albion. No guarantee they stay top 6 if they continue to play the way they are tonight.
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