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  1. I’d be surprised if any Villa fan who’s had the Highfield Rd match day experience would want them to be successful. They’re like the irritating, spotty, four eyed ginger kid at school.
  2. Robbie09

    Ezri Konsa

    The flaw in your argument is the criteria on which the current manager selects players. Who you play for and amount of letters in your name are higher on the list than current form. If it was form alone then Grealish would have more caps and Ezri, Targett and possibly Cash would’ve made squads by now.
  3. The sooner Southgate leaves his role the better. He really is a bell end, and before anyone spouts about reaching the final in the summer I’d argue that was the minimum given the talent available to him.
  4. SJM and Hourihane at the Gerry Cinnamon gig, SJM is being worshipped by a group of Hibs fans here
  5. Walked past his house earlier as he lives round the corner, safe to say he’s celebrating tonight as the tunes were on full volume. Been our best player so far this season for me.
  6. Just back from the game, absolutely buzzing. Today we outplayed and out sung them. Parked at The Lowry, as we walked back to the car there was a ball in the quays, Utd fans werent’t happy when I mentioned it was put there by Fernandes. They really are self entitled pricks.
  7. Magnificent yesterday, as soon as we exited Earls Court tube you could sense it was going to be a good day out. Expect more of the same at ManUre!
  8. On the way home from the game and can’t get my head around the negativity from some posters. The result doesn’t reflect the performance and the fans today were immense. No criticism of the players or the management, the only criticism is towards the officials and the negativity of the usual suspects on here. UTV
  9. Having already seen both, I’ll take the dough
  10. I beg to differ, he is a useless prick, a lucky one as well. Any half decent manager with the players available would have won the Euros.
  11. “Bowyer and Deeney both at Blues. What a time to be alive.” There in a nutshell is the ambition of a Blues fan. Anyone bitching about us not signing a defensive midfielder should spend 5 minutes browsing SHA.
  12. No definitely a Villa lad, as is Redmond.
  13. Yep i was in the Trinity with my dad and the sound of the break was audible.
  14. He wasn’t poor, I was at the game and watched him closely. There were too many players that were poor but McGinn wasn’t one of them.
  15. Why point the finger at McGinn? Young was more of a culprit than SJM.
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