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  1. Matt Law needs to seek urgent pyschiatric help if he thinks that’s a great deal.
  2. Happy if we sign Watkins rather than King or Wilson. Even happier if there’s a bigger name coming in as well.
  3. I’d sell him now as I doubt his stock will be this high again. He’s played a significant part in keeping us up but he’ll never be Premier league quality and if we want to progress then he shouldn’t be part of the squad.
  4. Robbie09

    Tom Heaton

    I think it’s a struggle to get to 3.....
  5. Robbie09

    Tom Heaton

    He’s not good enough, why buy another keeper who’s best days are way behind him?
  6. Robbie09

    Tom Heaton

    Massive backwards step if we sign him.
  7. Watched it in a bar in Portugal full of Mancs and Dogheads. Wiped a few smiles off the faces of the dogheads watching their european hopes fade
  8. Watched the game tonight with my lads in a bar full of gooners on holiday here in Portugal. The smug bellends shut up when we scored. Gave Konsa MOTM as Aubameyang didn’t have a sniff tonight.
  9. Putting my tin hat on..... Both my lads have played academy level football and one has played semi pro. They both said you can tell who’s played football at a decent level because the Everton chance wasn’t as straightforward as it appeared, the ball was behind him which is why he connected with his heel. In their opinion the stick he got from the miss was unjustified.
  10. Robbie09

    Dean Smith

    Deano has shown very little to give me any confidence in him getting us back up. I think relegation will affect him badly. Time for change I’m afraid.
  11. Really? I’d say your reaction is embarrassing.
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