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  1. 16th-17th. And before you say it: No, we are not on track to achieve that goal. Not before the game but after watching Liverpool do f*** all for 70 minutes it was more than realistic for us to get a point. Btw, I never said we'd beat them but nice try.
  2. Can't believe some people on here are content with losing week in week out.
  3. Heads had dopped after we conceded.
  4. Fresh legs were all we needed to get a point today.
  5. He's just a mediocre Championship manager who is completely lost at this level. Used to clean the seats in the Holte though, so can't really say he's bad or I'll get lynched.
  6. I'd love to see him on the YouTube channel "The coache's voice" so he can explain to us all what the hell he's telling the players to do.
  7. I don't think I've ever seen Conor run with the ball. It's always one touch -> pass/cross/shoot
  8. That's exactly what I thought Nuno was saying during the drinks/tactics break.
  9. Plays like he's given up on the team. No tempo, releases the ball late, won't take players on or have a shot at goal. Not a leader on the pitch. What's wrong?
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