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  1. A few years back when Salah played for FC Basel, somebody mentioned him in the transfer thread. Because I follow the Swiss league I was quick to shout that he's not worth signing and is a poor man's Gabby - all pace and can't find the back of the net. That aged well.
  2. Well it was your first post after the goal tbf.
  3. You're more excited about calling people out than than the goal.
  4. Davis for AEG and move Ollie to the left (playing close to Davis).
  5. That's why I love watching German Sky. More often than not they are biased towards us.
  6. Who do we have on the bench? Can't check on Twitter because social media is being boycotted (ohhh what a statement).
  7. It's all them now. Need to change something. Dougie on a yellow worries me especially if we're handing them possession all the time.
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