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  1. Maybe there's no promo because Jack isn't featured in any marketing material which would cause mass panic. Or maybe he is heavily featured and they'll launch the kit together with news of him signing a new deal.
  2. So many empty words. Preece knows nothing. He was a guest on a Villa podcast last week and had absolutely zero information about anything transfer related. The whole show was pure cringe. "X is on Villa's list, Y may not be on the list". Charlatan - you know feck all. Stop giving these wafflers clout they don't deserve by spreading their BS, it's getting worse every window.
  3. I can see him doing really well for us and Luiz having to fight for his position when he's back from the Olympics.
  4. Can somebody please explain why we have a yearly fixture with Walsall?
  5. I agree that it's reasonable but apparently he chose to openly criticize the Jamaican Football Association via social media instead of handling the situation privately. Not saying that they don't deserve the criticism, just pointing out that he likes to kick up a fuss sometimes.
  6. Sorry, just meant to say that I'm monitoring the situation
  7. Spoke to two German mates who follow the Bundesliga. Skill wise he'd be a big upgrade on Trez and El Ghazi, but apparently has quite the temper and can be a d*ckhead off the pitch. Apparently had issues with the Jamaican national team multiple times. One time because they refuse to pay his travel and accommodation costs and another time because he demanded that his brother should play alongside him, but they had sent him home after a trail.
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