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  1. If he signs I will support him until the very end. Should this include providing heat maps to all the doubters, then so be it.
  2. I was taking the p!ss. I know nothing about what's going on behind the scenes mate.
  3. I am as excited as anyone about Rocket Man, but I fear we are setting ourselves up for dissapointment here. As with any signing from a foreign league, he will need time to adapt to his new teammates and the intensity of the PL. The pressure from us will not help. Let's not make the step up more difficult than it already is.
  4. What is the VT equivalent of a statue outside Villa Park?
  5. Where in Denmark did Traore have his medical?
  6. What have you heard? Edit: Noticed "what do you know?" might sound like I'm accusing ypu of knowing feck all.
  7. They used to play them on DSF (Deutsches Sportfernsehen) after 10pm. I still know some of the jingles (and phone numbers) to this day Edit: They were really catchy.
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