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  1. LxYoungAVFC

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Jimmy likes the spotlight. I think he'll produce some magic at Webley.
  2. LxYoungAVFC

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I'm terrified.
  3. LxYoungAVFC

    U.S. Politics

    If Dennis Rodman gets the Nobel Peace Prize my life is complete and I can die in peace. Seriously, that would be hilarious!
  4. LxYoungAVFC

    U.S. Politics

  5. LxYoungAVFC

    Jack Grealish

    But was Salah as good as he is now at the time they bought him? Could Liverpool have known he was going to turn out as well as he did? I think not.
  6. LxYoungAVFC

    Scott Hogan

    Still garbage.
  7. LxYoungAVFC

    Keinan Davis

    We should play Davis alongside Grabban. Apparently Grabban needs a Target man to play off up front
  8. LxYoungAVFC

    Jack Grealish

    What I like about him is that he's still kind of a flair player, just without the flashy tricks and stepovers you would see from Okocha or Neymar. It's his movement and balance that puts defenders off, almost like he's dancing over the pitch. He nonchalantly glides past players before feeding his mates with perfectly weighted passes. He makes it all look so easy, which is what I find most impressive. Now that he's stepped up his game by changing his attitude, staying on his feet when it counts and tracking back regularly, it is apparent that he has the potential to become a world class player.
  9. LxYoungAVFC

    Tommy Elphick

    Why is everyone saying that Elphick is awful? Looks like I missed something...
  10. LxYoungAVFC

    Chris Samba

    An absolute tank and has cult hero potential. Played very well today. Does he have a song yet?
  11. LxYoungAVFC

    Keinan Davis

    Is it that far of a stretch to compare him to Benteke? Although CB is more of an aerial presence than Keinan, both are above average with the ball at their feet and both have excellent hold up and link up play in the attacking third. Also, they have good vision and decision making skills. Anyone agree?
  12. LxYoungAVFC

    Are we on the verge of World War III ?

    War won't break out between South Korea, USA, Japan and North Korea. Neither will Situation deescalate in the foreseeable future. All parties in this conflict profit from the current tension. USA: The conflict helps them justify their presence in the area (military bases in Japan, South Korea and on Islands in the south pacific). It also allows them to let more funds dissapear in to the black hole which is their military budget. Japan: A united Korea's economic and military potential threatens Japanese regional and international interests. They must keep the conflict alive by tolerating US-presence. It would be far more beneficial for a united Korea to be allies with China, rather than with Japan and the US. China: They are NK's main supplier of goods and resources. They want to prevent a war. If the Situation were to escalate they would have to expect 20+ Million refugees crossing the NK-China border. South Korea: In case of war, Seoul would be reduced to ashes. SK politicians use the conflict to their advantage, securing (re)election by adopting a firm stance towards North Korea. The USA is an important trade Partner they don't want to annoy (more than 20% of SK export). North Korea: Kim needs the conflict to rally his people against a common enemy, so he can divert attention away from the shortage of resources and poverty that plague his country. Also, he must prove to the North Korean elite that he is a strong leader. He needs the support of his military. Dictatorships have often fallen due to military coups. Please excuse any mistakes. English is not my first language.
  13. LxYoungAVFC

    Next Aston Villa Manager

    Enough with the crap english managers please.
  14. LxYoungAVFC

    Steve Bruce

    Rude boy needs to go fam. Mad ting heez still here innit!? #realtalk