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  1. Pre Match Thread

    I hate to be that guy folks but I do think (although it's not the end of the world) that this will be the end of our winning streak. Hopefully it's because we've drawn not lost!
  2. Ticket Info

    How am I supposed to sleep now?! Nice one Rugeley, talk about looking after your own!
  3. Pubs

    I''m sorry - I'm not having being called a moron for having a pint or two before a 12pm kick-off.
  4. Pubs

    It's always five o'clock somewhere!
  5. Ticket Info

    I wouldn't give any business to those robbing snides even if the ticket was £0 - they would still charge their £15.99 'booking fee'.
  6. Pubs

    How much profit are you going to be missing out on as a landlord by opening at 10am, come on. Opening at 8am on Sunday is like going to the pub for 11am for a Saturday 3pm kick-off, which I'd imagine most people do especially for away games.
  7. Ticket Info

    Too much to hope for I know but would love the whole of the lower bowl to be on their feet for 90 minutes (obviously Lower North and the Holte will be), would intensify the atmosphere even more (pressure on the away dugout from Lower Trinity) and look good on the box.
  8. Pubs

    You can't tar everyone with the same brush. For a lot of people having a drink before/after the game and the social side of it is a huge part of going to the football, even more so for a big game like a derby. I find a swift drink or two before the SHA games helps kill some of the pre-match nerves, the pubs are buzzing as well usually, almost an away-day feel for a home game which sets it apart... EDIT: By the way, Aston Social confirmed opening at 8am on Sunday but as is the norm and with other pubs in B6 if you're a non-member then a ticket for a home area of the ground has to be produced on the door.
  9. Blose pre match

    They enjoy having the numbers at the Sty and will try and whack any normal supporter man, woman or child but the lulus tend to get a slap when they turn up in B6. They haven't bothered coming to VP for years as we always have far superior numbers out...so I'm told.
  10. Blose pre match

  11. Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Burton

    What was Axel like when he came on?
  12. Blose pre match

    To be brutally honest they got typically lucky today, three goals arising from shocking Wednesday goalkeeping/defensive mistakes and for the red card incident it should have been the jumped up little Nose toss-pot that got the red not the Sheff lad.
  13. Pre match thread

    Presuming Grabban will be given another week before we see him in the squad: GK Johnstone RB Elmo CB Chester CB Terry (c) LB Hutton CDM Bjarnson RM Snodgrass LM Adomah CAM Grealish ST Davis ST Hogan Subs: Bunn, Tuanzbe, Hourihane, Jedinak, Whelan, Taylor, Onomah. Let's fill our boots!
  14. Ticket Info

  15. Pubs

    I'd imagine the Aston Social, Witton Arms, Aston Tavern, Manor Tavern etc. will all be opening 8am-ish on the Sunday morning. Am I right in thinking the Armada and the Brookvale are now closed permanently? I suppose there will be a fair few places opening in the city centre too (Briar Rose etc) unles WMP go full lockdown mode.