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  1. Mate we scored five at home and still only came away with a point.
  2. Thank god for that! Would be happy to let all of them go - get them off the wage bill.
  3. I'm concerned that we are starting to get MON and Big 'Eck-era levels of deadwood again. Even aside from McCormack and Micah Richards in the summer we've potentially got Hutton, Jedinak, Whelan, Lansbury, Hogan, Tshibola, Lyden, Gardner, Bunn and arguably Steer, Elmo, Elphick, De Laet and Adomah to clear so we can revitalise the squad and clear up some of the massive wage bill we must surely have. Who is going to pay any of the aforementioned anywhere close to what we are?
  4. wedge

    Pre-match thread

    Which would - quite frankly - be ridiculous.
  5. wedge

    Pre-match thread

    We really, really, really need to win this one. We can't afford to stumble again after chucking away leads in our last two league games. Sorry for stating the obvious but to me it is obvious! Assuming Tammy is a goner and we haven't signed any new players before Saturday, I'd be tempted to go with two up top: Kalinic Bree Elphick Chester Hutton/Taylor El Ghazi/Adomah McGinn Hourihane Bolasie Hogan Kodjia Subs: Steer, Taylor/Hutton, Adomah/El Ghazi, Bjarnason, Lansbury, Elmo, Davis
  6. wedge


    Especially after the game a few years ago at the end of the season when we scored early on and dozens upon dozens of Villa fans were revealed in the home sections. I can't remember a time when we haven't sold the whole stand at Wigan plus overflowing into the home stands, Blues made a song and dance about doing it the other week but I suppose that's quite the achievement for them.
  7. wedge

    Pre-match thread

    How certain are we that Kalinic will play?
  8. wedge

    Dean Smith

    This is exactly how I feel. We're never all going to agree 100% with every single decision he makes or post-match quote he gives, we're also not going to win every game, but his honesty is refreshing and his footballing philosophy is a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of Bruce and McLeish whom we've suffered through recently. Even at 2-0 up at HT against top-of-the-table Leeds we still came out and tried to get a third to kill it off and I hope this doesn't change. If Bruce had of been in charge we'd have sat back when Tammy put us a goal up and lost 3 or 4-1. I'd rather us lose having a go at teams rather than just trying to nick one and cling on for dear life.
  9. wedge

    Pre-match thread

    All the teams around us have very winnable games this weekend so anything less than three points here will be a massive disappointment. Our 3-0 win at Deepdale last season in the Bruce era was one of the most complete away league performances I've seen from a Villa side in recent memory so a similar display on Saturday will be more than appreciated!
  10. wedge

    Pre match thread

    I fear if we play like we did v Stoke we'll lose comfortably. I'm even more pessimistic now that Jack is out, we are noticeably less creative and enterprising without him in the team. Super John McGinn needs to have the game of his life and Hourihane needs to have one of his worldie games.
  11. wedge


    Only three single seats left according to the online ticket map - and one of those is in the corporate in the Trinity Rd. Never know how accurate it is though.
  12. wedge

    Dean Smith

    I can't recall a more attack-minded, 'let's extend the lead rather than sit back on it'-type manager since the days of Big Fat Ron's claret and blue army. I actually enjoy watching my team play football and it's been a long, long time since I've been able to say that. Win, lose or draw - home or away, you know that DS will never play cagey for a draw, we'll go out to win the game by as many goals as possible and I for one love it. UTV.
  13. wedge

    Pre match thread

    Another Derby performance please!
  14. wedge


    Update: Aston Social opening at 8am - confirmed Square Peg open at 7am (no alcohol until 9am) was all Villa in there last season the guy on the phone said they're expecting it to be on Sunday too, as it's a Wetherspoons I'd imagine The Briar Rose will be the same If anyone else gets confirmed opening times or info feel free to update UTV
  15. Today marks the 44th anniversary of the IRA Birmingham Pub Bombings. On the 21st November 1974 two bombs exploded in the Mulberry Bush and the Tavern in the Town public houses in Birmingham City Centre. The families and friends of the 21 innocent people who lost their lives that dreadful night are still fighting for justice as those responsible for these awful crimes have never been brought to justice, can we ask all supporters inside Villa Park on Sunday to put rivalry aside in the 21st minute and show that Birmingham as a city, whether claret and blue or blue and white, can unite for this cause with a minute's applause. Whilst nothing has yet been announced officially by the club, the AVST (Aston Villa Supporters' Trust) today via their Facebook page called for a minute's applause on minute 21 to show our support. Many thanks and Up the Villa.