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  1. Pre match chit chat

    If you read the 'Villains' book about Villa hooligans back in the 70s/80s we had a bit of a rivalry with them off the pitch. I'm sure something will kick off somewhere on Saturday but it will be isolated and minimal compared to the bad old days.
  2. Pre-Match Thread

    We're not going to go and win are we? This is Villa we're talking about... Please, please, please prove me wrong lads!
  3. Ratings & Reactions: Preston v Villa

    Well what a bloody joy to watch that was!
  4. Pre match thread

    Expecting us to lose so anything else is a bonus really: GK Johnstone RB Elmo CB Chester CB Terry (c) LB Hutton RM Snodgrass CM Jedinak CM Hourihane LM Adomah ST Davis ST Hogan Subs: Steer, Taylor, Samba, O'Hare, Whelan, Onomah, Grealish.
  5. Travel

    I think the coaches got let out at the same time as the walkers last year afterwards didn't they?
  6. Pre match buildup

    I creased with laughter when I saw these, anybody notice how there's an extra fold in them so they can be held with one hand/six fingers?
  7. Travel

    And the more people that use them the more grounds WMP have to make the game a 'bubble fixture' where coaches are obligatory and then the derby as we know it is over. It's playing right into their hands and enabling them to treat us like second-class citizens, dictating where we can and can't go.
  8. Travel

    You assume wrong, I was there. Half the fun is the walk to the ground!
  9. Travel

    This. Where legally does it say that the police can keep us in? Is it not false imprisonment?
  10. Pre match buildup

    What winds me up the most is the fact they genuinely believe they are the downtrodden, honourable, working class, multicultural, plucky underdogs who carry the flag for the city of Birmingham and we are the snooty right-wing, out-of-towners who wouldn't dare go near the city centre on a derby day as they run it. I suppose if you tell yourself something over and over you start to believe it. We were here f***ing first and Small Heath (which is as out of the city centre as Aston) went against a gentleman's agreement that neither team would take the city's name which says everything about their horrible little stain of a club that you need to know. It made me laugh on that Sky Sports documentary on the rivalry the other night when they described their League Cup win as the 'single greatest moment in Birmingham City's history'. It always will be...
  11. Pre match buildup

    Nope Should have given us more tickets...
  12. Pre match buildup

    Would love us to go with GK Johnstone RB Elmo CB Chester CB Terry (c) LB Hutton RM Snodgrass CM Hourihane CM Whelan LM Adomah ST Davis ST Kodjia I think, however, Bruce will go with one up front and pack the midfield to try and win the battle there.
  13. Travel

    You need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror if you go on one of these.
  14. Pre match buildup

  15. Pre match buildup

    I hope you're right, if we can score early they might implode. However, you know it's the only decent crowd they'll get at the sty all season and they always raise their game so in my eyes form goes out the window, it's whoever turns up/wants it most on the day...