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  1. wedge

    Pre-game pubs in Central

    Think you're on about The Globe? Heard of a fair few going there.
  2. wedge

    Pre Match Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Where's everyone drinking beforehand? I'll be around London Bridge for 10ish, Bunch of Grapes probably.
  3. wedge

    Pre Match Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    I'm aware we can't but just for the laugh: Bunn Bree Richards Samba Taylor Tuanzebe Onomah Lansbury O'Hare Gabby Hogan
  4. wedge

    Pre Match Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    We can't go down to Bermondsey looking like a bunch of absolute mincers in fancy dress. That goes for the title of this thread too...
  5. wedge

    Tickets - sold out

    Sold out now only tickets available if any will be on SeatWave. https://www.avfc.co.uk/News/2018/04/24/villa-v-derby-sold-out
  6. wedge

    Ticket Info

    It's a bit annoying we can't have the (always empty) lower tier as well. Good luck to any undercover Villans in the home ends, I know of a fair few, don't order a Bovril loudly at the bar.
  7. wedge


    Talking to myself but The Bunch of Grapes at London Bridge is open from 10am Sundays and Belushi's London Bridge (actually nearer Borough tube and part of the same chain as the one near QPR) and The Pommelers Rest Wetherspoons at Tower Bridge are open from 8am Sundays. Pubs nearer the ground are The Queen Victoria and The Forester’s Arms.
  8. wedge

    Ticket Info

    You've been done by Andy Keenan
  9. wedge

    Pre match

    Official site saying 34,000 expected which is very impressive.
  10. wedge

    Pre match

    Wouldn't surprise me.
  11. wedge


    I think the normal process is drink at London Bridge then be frog-marched to The Den via a short train hop to South Bermondsey but I'd imagine a lot will try and avoid this as much as possible. I wonder what impact the early Sunday kick-off time will have on pubs being open etc? I guess a load will go down on the Saturday night anyway.
  12. wedge

    Pre match thread

    GK Johnstone RB Tuanzebe CB Terry (c) CB Chester LB Hutton CDM Bjarnson RM Snodgrass LM Adomah CAM Grealish ST Kodjia ST Grabban Subs: Bunn, Elmo, Bree, Hourihane, Lansbury, Hogan, Davis.
  13. wedge

    Ticket Info

    Surely we'll get more when these sell?
  14. wedge

    Pre Match Thread

    This, would be typically Villa to slip up tomorrow after the ecstasy of Saturday.