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  1. Daniel Sturridge, surely we wouldnt't?! Always heavily disliked Jack Wilshere too, would be the first Villa player I've ever disliked. Think I'll be safe though.
  2. I'm calling it now. Bournemouth will stay up and us and Watford will drop. I just think they'll win at Goodison.
  3. Where are all the people who were demanding Nyland should be playing ahead of Reina?! Dodgy as feck in every game.
  4. Agreed. McGinn is understandably so far off the pace it's hard to watch. Grealish looks like he knows he's got his transfer sorted so isn't risking injury (him being out on the left doesn't help) and without those two firing we really haven't got much.
  5. Me too mate, must win. Lose and I think it's curtains to be honest. Can't even bear to watch it, me watching won't have any effect on the result and we're not exactly bundles of fun to watch at the moment are we?!
  6. Reina Konsa Mings Hause Elmo Targett McGinn Luiz Grealish Samatta Davis
  7. Yeah, he's played like a man coming back from a broken ankle that's kept him out for months on end, oh wait, he is!
  8. wedge

    Pre-Match Thread

    Reina Konsa Mings Hause Elmo/Guilbert Targett McGinn Luiz/Nakamba Grealish Samatta Davis More chance of Small Heath winning the Champions League in the next decade than Smith going for something like this though!
  9. It's Trez's time to shine. If he gets a couple of goals and assists and is a threat that could have a huge hand in us staying up.
  10. Drinkwater shouldn't be anywhere near the starting XI from what I've seen.
  11. I'm not even going to bother predicting a starting XI as we have no idea who's match fit and what they've looked like in training since the return etc. I've got a feeling the fittest team will win, form possibly going out the window for these first few games after the restart as others have touched on.
  12. I think you're not far off hitting the nail on the head there Oxford. I wouldn't quite go as far as to say no other player has put any sort of decent performance in but I know what you mean.
  13. No doubt, by saying I would prefer Reina over him I wasn't saying I don't rate Nyland, he's been a bit of a hero for us at times considering he was left out in the rain to some extent.
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