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  1. wedge


    If you can get two tickets in the same tier of the Holte as most of the occupants stand for 90 minutes you should be able to nudge in together somewhere even if you're designated seats on your tickets are apart. The whole lower stands and 70% of the upper does. I don't think I've stood near my season ticket seat for years.
  2. Apart from the odd person here and there the whole Villa contingent lower, middle and upper was on their feet for 90 minutes even in what I would call the second tier which is the posher seats. Don't think it will be an issue.
  3. I think you'll find you won't be the only Villa fan in the City end...
  4. wedge


    SOLD OUT (some time ago)
  5. You'll be with 33,000 of us mate!
  6. I'm training myself to expect us to get battered and be several goals down by about 20 minutes and me be queuing at the bar in the concourse by this time so anything else is a bonus really!
  7. wedge


    I can smell the green already so I hope we get that side. I've been to the current Wembley every time we've played there and we've had that side every single time.
  8. Going to be on a plane for the entirety of this, the on-board toilet is going to need specialist treatment upon landing! Reina/Nyland Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Luiz Nakamba El Ghazi Grealish Samatta Subs: Nyland/Reina, Engels/Chester, Davis, Hourihane, Trezeguet, Drinkwater, Elmo.
  9. I can't quite believe it mate, very surprising and poor.
  10. Had a brief look at some of their forums, the majority of them reckon all they've got to do is turn up and they're going to Wembley. One clearing in the woods even called us 'no marks', how I laughed, its amazing isn't it, they've won a grand total of two top flight titles and three League Cups, are the third biggest club in the East Midlands...'no marks'...pfft! Let's prove these happy clappy, plastic bunch of idiots wrong Villa and send them back clappers and tails/free scarves/hats/socks between their legs!
  11. I've just had a look at the online ticket map, there are only a few left really so it will sell out, just surprised there are still tickets available this late.
  12. Which, when you think 4,500 of that will be away fans, is extremely surprising, so more Villa fans attend a Tuesday night game at home to Watford than a League Cup semi second leg which is level?
  13. You Italians with your defensive-minded attitudes eh?!
  14. Reina Konsa Mings Hause Guilbert Targett Nakamba Luiz El Ghazi Grealish Samatta Subs: Nyland, Engels (if alive?!), Taylor, Hourihane, Drinkwater, Trezeguet, Vassilev. Just go for it lads!
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