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  1. So frustrating. Typical Villa we've shot ourselves in the foot again with that catastrophic opening 12 minutes. We completely dominated things after that, just annoying we couldn't quite get that second. Still, plenty of positives and we all know it will take this new team time to gel, Trezeguet, Wesley, Douglas Luiz and Engles have never played in English football before don't forget. If we can try and cut the mistakes out I'm confident we'll start picking up points, any mistake we make is twice as likely to be punished in the PL.
  2. These are Villa fans! It's what we do best.
  3. Thought before the game we'd lose by 4+ goals so can't be too disappointed with that.The gulf in class between the Championship and Premier League is indescribable, and the gulf between the likes of Spurs, Man City and Liverpool and the rest of the PL is too. We were brilliant in the first half, tactically spot on, knew we'd tire in the second and maybe we could have tested them a bit more but I think we were knackered. Heaton, Elmo, Mings, Engels, Taylor, Hourihane, Jack (mistake aside), McGinn, Trezeguet and El Ghazi were all decent>very good and Wesley had a thankless task in his first game in English football up there on his own but thought he battled well. Never feels nice losing but if anyone was genuinely confident of us getting anything from the game, especially after watching Liverpool v Norwich last night, then I'll have some of what you're smoking! I would have been gutted if we'd have been annihilated but the fact we competed well, didn't look out of place and held the lead for so long has given me confidence. Long way to go! UTV
  4. I'd give my right arm to go to this, damn annual leave allowance! Hopefully it won't be too long before our next European away day...
  5. If we compete and keep the deficit below three goals I'll be happy with that and we move on to Bournemouth.
  6. Can't knock Hogan, has had injury setbacks and been treated like s*** by Bruce but doesn't moan, just gets his head down and gets on with it much like Tommy Elphick did! Lovely assist from Wesley!
  7. You wouldn't be referring to the Birmingham Mail by any chance, would you?
  8. I missed out on a season ticket so paid the £35 or whatever it was and became a member, is my only chance of getting tickets and as I'm exiled down in rural Wiltshire and often work on Saturdays I wouldn't have been able to get to every game anyway so seems a sensible thing to do.
  9. I don't get the Villa Report dig, all they do is just re-post news from media outlets and quote the respective source. And no, I don't run Villa Report!
  10. Announce Julian Draxler, Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale!
  11. Tavernier is great on the ball, I could see why he might be a favourite of DS. Always wary of SPL players making the step up though, the gap in quality cannot be put into words.
  12. There is one solution...safe-standing. Imagine a whole-safe standing Holte End with all the most vocal Villa fans encouraged to stand in it and bring flags and banners and generally go mental for 90 minutes.
  13. It worries me that a lot of names being suggested have no experience in the Premier League (Lollley, Phillips, Bowen etc), I think we need to aim a lot higher to avoid a swift return to the second tier. Not saying that the aforementioned are bad players of course, I just think we need proven Premier League/top-flight quality to have the best chance. I'm not even convinced that Tammy, El Ghazi and Hourihane should be guaranteed starters for us, I'd be happy to have them as squad players and I think Tammy deserves another shot but it is a risk.
  14. Whatever happens I'm reassured in the knowledge that we have a manager who will go out to try and win this game not just try and cling on to the aggregate lead we have. Attack is the best form of defence!

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