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  1. Pre Match Thread

    If Hutton scores it's worth the five-year ban for 'encroachment'.
  2. SHA free coaches

    Which way will they be coming in? Have a glorious imagine in my mind of the front coach popping a tyre and breaking down in front of the Aston Social.
  3. Pre-game pubs?

    The main away pub is the Eight Bells, isn't it?
  4. Tickets

    Obviously the 3,900 will stand but I hope that extends further across P3/P2/P1. I can't be bothered with a jobsworth but friendly Fulham steward telling me to sit down for 90 minutes.
  5. Tickets

    Got there just before me Rugeley, I estimate around 5-6,000 Villa in the Putney End. There are five of us in P3!
  6. Pubs/pre (and post)-match drinking

    The next time I'll listen to a Blues fan mate is when two are visiting a family member who is in the grave next to mine long after I've passed on and therefore can't help it.
  7. Pubs/pre (and post)-match drinking

    I'd imagine the Briar Rose and the pub next to it (The Sun on the Hill?) will be. And 'Spoons like the Square Peg. Most bars on Broad St were showing the game in October and full of Villa. Few Noses got a slap in one bar.
  8. Ticket information

    We have done pretty much every other derby that's been on Sky from what I can recall...
  9. Ticket information

    Sold out according to the online ticket map. Not one seat available, not declared by the club yet though...
  10. Tickets

    Still stacks left in the neutral section...just got mine! https://www.eticketing.co.uk/fulhamfc/details/event.aspx?itemref=867
  11. Ticket information

    Find out where...
  12. Ticket information

    Only seats left in upper Trinity now, I'd say a sell out is pretty much nailed on with 20 days to go until the game.
  13. I presume all the usual haunts around Aston/Witton will be open pre-match? I was in the Aston Social at silly o'clock in the morning before the march to the sty in October so I imagine that will be open for the home game at a similar time? Police are asking for trouble IMO if they stop places opening or serving as will be en-masse drinking on the streets.
  14. Ticket information

    And if any Bloser mutants are daft enough to make themselves known in any home areas (they won't as per) they'll get slapped silly as we've seen before when the odd rat has strayed from the sewer...
  15. Ticket information

    Update - whole Holte End, North Stand and Trinity (bar upper) sold out. Lower DE sold out. If I had a penny for every time Blues were apparently going to be in the home end but are nowhere to be seen and quiet as mice all day inside and outside the ground I'd be typing this on a 24 karat gold iPad.