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  1. Whatever happens I'm reassured in the knowledge that we have a manager who will go out to try and win this game not just try and cling on to the aggregate lead we have. Attack is the best form of defence!
  2. Yeah considering we were on the verge of going into administration pre-season things have turned out surprisingly well haven't they?
  3. This is exactly how I'm getting (and I'm only 25 years old), the more I'm appearing calm and carefree on the outside at matches and when watching (sort of a defence mechanism to myself) the desire to see us successful and fighting at the top end of the Premier League is getting more desperate with each passing season down in the Championship. As sad as it may seem to non-Villa or non-football fans, the feelings I experience when watching Aston Villa are indescribable to anything else in my life.
  4. I'd probably rather go out in the semis than have another gut-wrenching final defeat again, I don't think I've ever been so despondent traipsing out of Wembley in May after that pathetic 1-0 loss in which we never turned up, pure sadness.
  5. Yeah it doesn't even make sense for his narrative, how many times has Steve Bruce been promoted from the Championship? Villa lad's logic should have meant that was a formality with us, no?
  6. Tell you what then lets sack him, shall we? It's worked really well for us so far changing managers every 6-10 months hasn't it?
  7. Are you really this dense? Yes I must have forgotten that all football clubs have the same budgets, players, fanbase, opponents, directors, coaching staff, training facilities, ambitions and expectations.
  8. So you thought Smith would take over and instantly we'd be winning every game playing Barcelona 2010/Brazil 1970s football with the same players? It doesn't work like that my friend, it takes time and supporters like you are part of the problem most managers in the modern game don't get enough time to make an impact. It will take at least 12 months in my opinion for DS to get a squad assembled to suit his style of play.
  9. wedge

    Tom Carroll

    Yeah - Iniesta, Xavi and Messi used to struggle with their lack of height.
  10. Martin O'Neill's last game in charge of us I do believe.
  11. Fingers crossed they get dumped out the cup so the game against them can remain a 3pm Saturday KO, what a booze-up that will be.
  12. I'm coming from Swindon station so the stop before, Bluenoses wet dream
  13. wedge

    Ticket Info

    Note the inverted commas, their words not mine, cringeworthy isn't it? Can't wait to see them in action on Saturday.
  14. wedge

    Ticket Info

    I've got a Wiltshire postcode so I'm fairly confident I won't have too many issues sliding in the home end under the radar for this one. Inevitable given Reading's stupid decision to only allocate teams 2,200 in the league as they have placed their 'ultras' in the other half of the same stand to try and improve home atmosphere. I can understand it against teams with poor support but as we have sold out the whole stand for as long as we've been down in the Championship it seems a bizarre business decision to forgo the revenue to have swathes of empty seats.
  15. Is the Upper Trinity open?
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