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  1. Ticket information

    On sale tomorrow for ST holders and Villa Cash members... Sky Bet Championship Sunday April 23 Kick-off: 12noon Villa Park Category A match Prices: £25 to £37 (adults), £25 to £37 (concessions), £17 to £37 (U18s), £15 to £37 (U8s), £32 to £38 (adult and junior (U18) combo ticket) Wheelchair Tickets: Available by calling the Consumer Sales Department on 0333 323 1874 Tuesday March 21 at 5pm online/Wednesday March 22 in person/on phone: On sale to 2016/17 season ticket holders and Villa Cash members Monday March 27 at 5pm online/Tuesday March 28 in person/on phone: On sale to supporters with an Aston Villa booking history Please note: Supporters will be able to purchase a maximum of four tickets per eligible client reference number To buy tickets, dependent on sales windows, head to our Villa Park ticket office, contact 0333 323 1874 or visit our ONLINE BOX OFFICE. Post: Only tickets purchased before 3.30pm on Thursday April 20 will be posted to supporters. All tickets purchased after this deadline will be available for collection only - or you can Print at Home if you book online and have access to a printer. Collections: Supporters are advised to collect their tickets as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of missing kick-off. Tickets can be collected from the Villa Village Ticket Office up to 12.30pm on matchday after which point, tickets can only be collected from the Trinity Road Ticket Office which will be open from 1pm. Do you reckon we'll sell out?
  2. SHA free coaches

    It's optional but my worry is in the near future it will be made compulsory. Surely if anything a huge escort of SHA coaches being paraded through Aston/Witton on the day will only serve as target practice for any wannabee beer bottle shot putters? If we did something like this for the game at the sty I'd be mortified, I quite enjoy strutting through Digbeth on derby day like a peacock considering myself lucky I don't have to associate myself with these mutants on a regular basis.
  3. SHA free coaches

    As funny/embarrassing as this is for them, is the next step a 'bubble' game? Would probably mark the end of the atmosphere and intensity that makes the derby such an occasion. Notice the WMP logo splashed all over it...
  4. Pre-match thread

    Will we be typically Villa and go on to lose or disappointingly draw this? Or can we turn a corner of sorts and go on to get another much-needed three points?
  5. Pre-Match Thread

    Ryan Woods is from Pelsall/Norton Canes area, as I'm a similar age I came up against him a few times when growing up in youth football as I'm from Staffs originally, we couldn't get near him either!!! Don't know how our scouts missed him although he was at Man Utd for a while before having his breakthrough at Shrewsbury.
  6. Pre-Match Thread

    Let's hope they get ran ragged at Chelsea on Saturday and ship seven goals!!
  7. Pre-Match Thread

    I've tried to get a ticket in the home end but I can't as I don't have(obviously) a Brentford booking history. As an employee of the Vorsprung gang I've also got free parking at West London Audi which is round the corner from Griffin Park lined up too!!
  8. Pre-Match Thread

    That's usually the case with me. I think when I was walking away from Molineux a few weeks ago and after checking my phone at work on Saturday to see we'd thrown away a two-goal lead in typical Villa style at home I was cursing ever being indoctrinated to support the Villa!
  9. Ticket Info

    Are they taking the p*** with that allocation? We'd sell 20,000 if they gave it to us.
  10. Pre-Match Thread

    Exactly this, all of Steve Bull Lower as per then a section of the North Bank behind the goal upper and lower. Villa's gonna get ya!
  11. Pubs

    WMP on Twitter advises that no Villa fans drink in Wolverhampton - nice try!!!!
  12. Lower North Stand

    Seemed like pretty much of all of the NSL was stood for 90 minutes yesterday? We certainly were in R4.
  13. Lower North Stand

    I was in the Holte End (K2) for the Burton game but will be in R4 Lower North tomorrow night towards R3, we prefer to stand, does the standing contingent stretch that far along the Lower North or do they usually sit down? There wasn't two seats together in blocks R1-3. Don't fancy a) being sat down for 90 minutes or B. being told to sit down for 90 minutes! Hopefully some North Lower VT'ers can advise...
  14. Pre match thread - Leeds

    Not sure of the official number mate (one of my fellow posters might be able to help out) but I understand it was well in excess of 20,000.
  15. Pre match thread - Leeds

    I wonder why 2,600 instead of the usual 2,900??