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  1. Ticket Info

    Shouldn't have laughed but I did...
  2. Ticket Info

    SOLD OUT An hour and a half before I was eligible. If anyone has a spare please let me know, desperate!
  3. Ticket Info

    Apparently after some of our fans behaviour at the same fixture last season (i.e. smashing the toilets and concourse to pieces) we weren't given the North Bank quadrant again.
  4. Ticket Info

    Yeah I know I was there unfortunately. About 50-60 of us left the Aston Social around 10:45am and caught the train to Duddeston, absolutely nobody around until we arrived and half of the UK's police force were waiting for us and were drawing batons at anyone who tried to nip off. Blues tried to have a pop at the McDonalds island as they usually do (wasn't their lulus - don't think they exist anymore) so we had a good laugh at some of the toothless, smelly mutants for a while before we were marched in the Sty. Game was a bit of a non-event, atmosphere all round wasn't great (like you say it's been completely sanitised now with midday Sunday kick-offs) and after an hour and a half of being kept in their cess-pit and marched around Digbeth and Nechells (with a half an hour wait under the bridges before the White Tower/Moriarty's pub where apparently there were a handful of scary B-loosers and WBA fans waiting for us - one Villa fan politely asked WMP to step aside as we would be able to do a much more efficient job of clearing them) you just wanted to go home. I can see why they do it as all of the adrenaline has completely gone and the boredom and cattle marches had many saying they weren't going to do it this season. However, the thought of Gabby nodding in yet another late winner in front of the away end drags me back...
  5. Ticket Info

    I've only been to three aways this season so fairly certain I'll miss out officially so if anybody has a reference I could use please please let me know.
  6. Pre-Match Thread

    A good friend of mine is a Brizzle City fan and he said on Tuesday Bolton made it difficult for them at times but they're not good enough to be in the second tier. However we are Villa after all and it would be so like us to slip up in this one. I agree that an early home goal is key to winning this one. GK Johnstone RB Elmo CB Terry (c) CB Chester LB Taylor RM Snodgrass CM Whelan CM Hourihane LM Adomah ST Kodjia ST Davis Subs: Steer, Hutton, Bjarnson, Hogan, Onomah, Samba, O'Hare. Can't really change anything!!!
  7. Pre-Match Thread

    Got to be: GK: Johnstone RB: De Laet CB: Terry (c) CB: Chester LB: Taylor RM: Elmo CM: Onomah CM: Hourihane LM: Green ST: Davis ST: Hogan Subs: Steer, Bree, Bjarnson, Adomah, Whelan, Lansbury, Jedinak.
  8. Social

    I'll be out in Brizzle afterwards and on the last train back to Swindon I'd imagine.
  9. Ticket Info

    Does anyone know how many are left? Got mine but few mates who live in Swindon/Bristol area have to wait for criteria drop so wondering if they'll have to go incognito in the City end or not.
  10. Ticket Info

    Sold out according to online ticket site.
  11. Ticket Info

    As I said in the ColU thread, how are the map and AVFC Support be so far apart?
  12. Ticket Info

    How can they be so far apart in their figures?
  13. Ticket Info

    258 tickets left - if the online seat map thing is accurate which I'm dubious about.
  14. Ticket Info

    705 tickets left - if the online seat map thing is accurate which I'm dubious about.
  15. Ticket Info

    211 tickets left - if the online seat map thing is accurate which I'm dubious about.