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  1. 36 minutes, Fernandes to stamp on Konsa and go down like a pissed-up Geordie lass wearing heels on a wet floor in a late night chip shop at 3am on a Sunday morning....oh wait, that did happen!
  2. Am I the only one that thought it was a much-improved performance and with a bit of luck we'd have won 4/5-2?!
  3. Yeah, it's almost as if beating the champions 7-2, steering well clear of relegation and massive improvement isn't enough for some? Not sure what they expected after literally being one point away from the Championship on the final day of last season...
  4. Jack's not going to be back is he.
  5. I genuinely don't think we'll see him until pre-season in the first team unfortunately mate.
  6. I'd be surprised, he was taken off in the PL2 game against Wolves as a precaution as he was feeling his knee unfortunately, really feel for him can't wait to see him back in the first team!
  7. Emi Cash Konsa Mings Targett Luiz Sanson/Nakamba McGinn Traore Watkins Grealish Subs: Heaton, El Ghazi, Engels/Hause, Nakamba/Sanson, Barkley, Trezeguet, Elmo.
  8. I would say so but considering how free-scoring we were in the first half of the season without Jack we don't score many. As I said earlier in the week, this has got Sheffield United (a) repeat written all over it.
  9. It's got to be Traore for me, even when he has a quieter game (Leicester (h), Sheffield United (a), Wolves (h) etc) he still creates problems for the opposition and has a decent goal tally behind him, he is capable of pulling something out of nothing as well like that brilliant jinking dance against Sheffield United that he probably should have finished.
  10. I'm 99.9% convinced Jack won't be back for Friday. Change my mind.
  11. I fear a repeat of Sheffield United away incoming if we haven't got Jack back!
  12. Aren't the lions in our respective badges the same? And aren't Villa Park and Ibrox connected in some way? Same architect or something? They are obviously massive off the pitch with their stadium and fan base etc but for the first time in possibly 20 years they are a decent side on it too, by which I mean they are competitive in Europe over and above just being far better than everyone else in Scotland, and most of their starting XI would get into Premier League sides. Well done to them, cheerio ten in a row!
  13. Don't fall into that trap!
  14. This will be an incredibly tough game at a ground we haven't done well at in recent years. I'm presuming no Jack as hopefully will at least make the bench for Wolves on Saturday, I'd go with: Emi Elmo Konsa Mings Targett Nakamba Luiz/Ramsey Sanson Traore Watkins El Ghazi Subs: Heaton, Davis, Engels, Barkley, Ramsey/Luiz, McGinn, Trezeg
  15. You can see how this is going to go. Similar to Brighton and Leicester, we'll pass it around the back five and be forced long when they press us and all of sudden they are coming at us again. I'm absolutely dreading this one, can't see us getting a result and don't think Smith will make enough changes to increase the possibility of us doing so.
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