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  1. Done. Reminds me of the not-so-distant past where I did a similar thing as an undergrad at Southampton! Good luck Aston with your studies and great name!
  2. I always thought Michael Ballack was a useless cheat but I only really saw him at Chelsea. I know I'm in the minority there. Jack Wilshere, even when he's not injured doesn't score, doesn't get many assists, rubbish!
  3. I always try and tune in to Bayern - Dortmund and I can't remember the last time Dortmund beat them in the league? Bayern just seem to have a hex over them. Maybe Dortmund are grateful for the loan they had from Bayern to save them from administration years ago! I agree, I'd imagine the Bundesliga top dogs are quietly hoping for a Dortmund win so the eyes of the world remain fixed on the title race. They may see a drop in global viewing figures if Bayern start to run away with it.
  4. Exactly this. Proof that football without fans is nothing. I'm questioning whether I actually like football as a game or just going to the games!
  5. Not allowed customers to the showroom. Can do things online/remotely and take cars to people's home/work to view obviously adhering to social distancing. 'Click and collect' also available although not quite sure how that is going to work. It's not exactly like buying a toilet brush holder from IKEA.
  6. I'm in the motor trade. Part of 13-dealer group. I'm back tomorrow regardless of what Uncle BoJo says.
  7. @VILLAMARVHaha, I'll be happy with whatever is deemed safest, which still seems like the former! Was just wondering where the May 11 date had come from considering nothing has changed yet.
  8. No changes whatsover you don't reckon? I've been told to prepare to go back to work on May 11 (sales manager - car dealership)!!!!
  9. Getting back on track, predictions for May 7 lockdown review?
  10. Do you have a link for this at all?
  11. Interesting - according to Bristol Live it's not the manager it's a player, Alex Rodman who is their PFA rep.
  12. I'm a (currently furloughed) sales manager in a car dealership that is part of a wider group of 13 dealerships. Our group managing director called me yesterday to say that two of our dealerships had letters to indicate we'd be reopening showrooms (service and parts depts. were allowed to remain open for service/MOT/repair work for key workers providing they have the ability to follow govt. guidelines etc but sales depts had to close as understandably deemed non-essential) on Monday May 11. He was fairly vague about the letters but it just made me wonder where has this come from? From watching today's government briefing, and keeping tabs on the figures and headlines if anything it seems more likely that when the next lockdown review on May 7 comes around there is more likely to be an extension of the lockdown coupled with options on how we'll start to lift certain restrictions providing the 'R' rate falls below 1 and all the other criteria is met. Therefore a May 11 return for me seems a tad presumptuous and soon? Surely the government aren't sending letters out to businesses when the mantra in the briefings and media is, understandably, that we need to see how it pans out over the coming weeks?
  13. Absolutely no chance that it's falling through.
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