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  1. Djemba_Villan

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Any idea what the situation is with the other players we loaned out last season? Gil - at one point his Loan->Permanant clause was said to be nulled by Deportivo's relegation. Is he back at ours at the end of this month? Vertout/Sanchez/Amavi/Elphick - I'm assuming they were all sold permanently. First three have gone on to be top players elsewhere De Laet - Persume we're stuck with him again after his loan in Belgium?
  2. Djemba_Villan

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Its driving me mad the number of times I' reading (mostly on Social Media but also on this forum a bit) that we need not sell Grealish and just focus on shifting the dead wood. I just want to scream ITS NOT THAT EASY!!!!! Who the hell would want to be saddled with any of the rubbish have on bloated wages e.g. Richards, McCormack, Whelan, Hogan, Lansbury, Jedinak. The biggest problem is the first three and they are old and on PL contracts. If we tried to flog them we'd end up paying them the majority of their wages, never mind various loyalty bonuses etc. and FFP doesn't help since the books will show an asset loss which undermines the intend to get rid in the first place. Of course, if someone out there was happy to pay a decent slab for them..woo hoo. But it isn't happening! Feels to me like the only realistic course of action is to take our medicine in the short term by bleeding younger players, selling Kodja/Grealish and Chester when we receive decent fees...which might not be until the January for all of them when the hysteria dies down and we aren't seen as a source for bargains. Also ban Bruce/Team from buying anyone else over the age of 28! I've read about a possible renewed promotion push this year. No chance...if we still had good team spirit and was able to keep the core of a push...However, with the uncertainty around the club, there is no chance of getting to the same level of team togetherness, let alone quality for a good while yet. Keeping Bruce (IMO - but do see the other opinions) seems sensible to me in order to avoid a nose-dive. But if that comes with selling our best players and only recruiting more Whelan' thanks!
  3. Djemba_Villan

    Tony Xia

    exactly my thoughts. Right then, back to transfers. Do you think we'll need to replace Hutton or will Bree/Taylor step up....
  4. Djemba_Villan

    John Terry

    According to a crappy paper claiming an ‘exclusive’, he’s set to take a huge pay cut from his 60k/week here to join Derby for a year to link back up with Lampard. I’d be a bit gutted to see us facing him next season.
  5. Djemba_Villan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    First time poster to this thread but.... I've been invited to a (long-time best-mate's sister)'s wedding in the summer. The ceremony is on a Monday. It's a 4.5 hour drive away for me, UK Based, and they've booked a barn or something and need a minimum number of people to stay over for 3 nights (Sat, Sun, Mon) to make the numbers work and secure the place. As it's a best mate I can't really say no and genuinely am happy to be invited to her wedding and respect her family, but 2 days leave for me and my partner is causing real issues for various genuine reasons, other weddings we're going to and more selfish ones such as our own holiday plans (this year is a significant birthday for me). I've told her that my plan is to travel home on the Monday evening (which will be a mission! - and no drinking) but still happily pay for the full 3 nights (£200) which has been met with a long silence so far...which experience has taught me isn't good with her. If it was just me I might just about reluctantly be able to swallow the 2 days leave but my partner has much less allowance than me (no flexi time unlike my ability to build flexi time) and if roles were reversed i'd be floored! I feel guilty even asking but shes been a good sport so far. It would be very different if it was my best mate, or her best mate/sister I think.....or am I just being really really miserable, since I've been privileged to go to the last 3-4 weddings I've been to.
  6. Djemba_Villan

    Tony Xia

    There's a WBA forum I have taken to peering into for a few quick laughs in light of their implosion (and I have mates who have stopped texting me about football lately despite obsessively keeping me updated with our own implosion 2 years ago) and it seems one enthusiastic Tesco Bag has ascertained the Recon Group Accounts. Obviously they look terrible. The irony that they are in the same predicament next season (and have similarly obfuscated accounts with their own Chinese owners) isn't lost on all of the people in the thread mind but this might be useful reading for some - here, by "Kit Kat chunky" There's a bit more on the link - various baggies talking about the situation.
  7. Djemba_Villan

    Tony Xia

    Brighton are, rather than us, according to a random Danish article I found.
  8. Djemba_Villan

    January transfer window 2018

    not sure if anyone else has already posted but us agreeing terms with Bournemouth for Grabban is a yellow ticke thing on Sky Sports News edit:..oh.
  9. Djemba_Villan

    January transfer window 2018

    A move I’d like to see is Rangers to sell their main striker Morelos and replace him with McCormack. If any player is destined for the SPL it’s him!
  10. Djemba_Villan

    Keinan Davis

    I know it’s a massive risk but I for one would not hammer the club if we somehow lost him to tribunal if the demands are anywhere near those being mentioned for several reasons:- — Motivation - How many tines have we seen young players sign such deals at villa, fizzle out, then only start trying again when that deal runs out - Precedent - if Davis gets £20k. After a few good games what would stop O’Hare, Green, Steer, <next young hotshot) etc asking for the same or more after a bit of form. It also raises the general benchmark for salaries. - Sustainability - we must remember we are in the Championship and FFP will hammer us next year if we don’t go up. It’s an enormous risk to throw money around. I can’t imagine anyone saying ‘Just pay it’ will be happy if we have to flog a good 1st team player next year when we’re over the limit. Also remember we still have a number of ‘stars’ on PL Wages on the books which we can’t just give away. - Experience - Stefan Moore. Luke Moore, Nathan Delfouneso, Bannan etc. Have all looked as good if not better than Davis (at a higher level also) at some point. By Saying the same will happen but we need to do everything possible to keep Davis grounded.
  11. Djemba_Villan

    Park Life: AVTV Live

    so mine seemed to let me pay okay but when I log onto 'match day' I'm restricted to autio stream. The video tab is greyed out. I definitely paid for the video stream and can see it in my account! Edit: you were...
  12. Djemba_Villan

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I lived in Bristol for a couple of years until recently...couldn't praise it enough. Fantastic city.
  13. Djemba_Villan

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    lol. His uncle is his pseudo-agent. His dad formally represents him but his uncle is called upon most of the time. Apparently the family are big Liverpool fans one side and Villa the other.
  14. Djemba_Villan

    Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    I was drinking with his uncle (and agent) last week and we are watching & have spoken apparently. But so have a few other clubs. He seems a down to earth kid too.
  15. Djemba_Villan

    Birkir Bjarnason

    6-8 weeks. Could have been worse.