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  1. So strange. I just read the same article, read that line and was about to post the same thing! My conundrum is - who is likely to be the 'experienced boys' now? It has made me realise quite the radical turnaround we've had player wise over the past 3-4 years. We've probably had 2-2.5 entire squads over that time! How many other teams have had the same? Of the players currently in the squad who were there to witness our reputation for bad characters and big egos, I can only think of Hutton (last yr) or Bunn. I am assuming he's referring to the Ayew/Richards/Lescott/Traore/Gabby/Bent-era.
  2. All just lazy speculation according to my mate at the club. Cue a picture in front of the Holte End in half an hour haha.
  3. Djemba_Villan


    For anyone desperate, there’s a chap on a Facebook group I signed up to a few days ago (in desperation) who is selling his Club Wembley Corporate ticket for as close to the £390 as possible. i can’t link it but the group is called ‘Aston Villa Ticket Exchange’. The guy looks/sounds fully legit. He just happened to get 2 tickets through other means since purchasing.
  4. Djemba_Villan


    Well I’ve managed to hit the jackpot (lucky for me) as my mate who works at the club has given me one of his allocated tickets He did mention there were plenty left though so hopefully reports of whole blocks being fully sold are off the mark. He said it’s bedlam at the club though with loads of people turning up and being shown away (as obviously it’s online only to begin with) Makes me feel a bit sorry for anyone not IT savvy who might be missing out these days - who would have been camping o/s the club shop in years gone by.
  5. Djemba_Villan


    I've started the hunt in hope. Less hopeful this year than last year - curses living in the South West and being away many weekends! Last year i'm sure it got down to 1 game experience - Fulham fans were able to buy 5 hilariously. If we get Leeds I can see tickets being like gold dust.
  6. I’ve had to give up on a debate with my (usually very very sound and intelligent) West Brom supporting mate. turns out:- - Only reason they lost was because of the ref on the first leg - they had 2 stonewall penalties, Grealish ‘clearly, unarguably’ dived for the penalty and Gayle’s sending off was borderline corrupt because Steer just rolled around and there was ‘clearly’ minimal contact - Terry has created a ‘horrible’ Moutinho style approach whereby we ‘ref our own games’ over events that the opposition has done nothing wrong at all. This should be punished apparently. - Dean Smith is repugnant and they didn’t want him anyway. - At no point were they tactically negative except after 10 men in the second leg. Stats lie apparently. - Their approach wasn’t overly physical and our players are just cheats. Also they weren’t wasting time, the ref was just on our side all game. <moral high ground “but I guess those tactics work, sad really”> - They’ve had bad luck while we’ve had absolutely everything go for us this season. Barry and Gayle on the pitch and they’d have won ‘easily’. - JRods handball earlier in the season didn’t constitute cheating because it was obvious and baggies fans accepted it was handball. -Gales dive - which he got punished for was IDENTICAL IN EVERY WAY to the Grealish incident and the independent panel are corrupt - Our fans are rubbish and their booing of Grealish put him off. Except for the penalty and that’s because we got lucky with the toss ... again - Mings clearly wasn’t fouled by J Rod in the buildup to their goal. Hes accepted Brunt sending off was correct at least, but apparently the stamp was accidental. Ita ridiculous. I’m not saying i disagree with every single statement but Christ, it’s like taking to a flat earther. Every single incident assessed from one very parochial perspective! I even said to him we were there for the taking if they weren’t obsessed with kicking us in the air and hoping for lucky throw ins or mistakes. I haven’t even had the chance to mention their handball in the box - as he’s just so insistent they have been utterly robbed. It’s the holier than thou attitude that got me though. I don’t care about individual incidents as they happened and were called...it’s that we’re now terrible cheats and for some obscure reason their <punished> dives, 3 consecutive red cards, handballs don’t matter whatsoever....because John Terry/Grealish. FWIW I love having a manager and star player they despise. Shows they are good. It always annoys him that I usually quite ‘like’ West Brom. They’re innofensive and nice usually
  7. Djemba_Villan


    Another one, but it’s worth asking! With moving away this year I’ve not been able to make as many. If anyone has a spare ticket or FanID with good booking Ref i’d be very very grateful! Desperate to be there again!
  8. agh man. I've moved to Bristol and was considering finding a good pub today. Where in South West were you?
  9. Well speaking with my mate and looking at their forums, they are certainly very confident. I’m sure they will be making a lot of noise Tuesday too. We’ll need to take advantage of then being over-wound up on the pitch. Nothing like an early goal for us to sort that out...FWIW, i’d stick with the same starting team. As disappointing as Adomah was, he does put in a shift defensively and they did very little down the left last game. Whelan, he’s suited for this sort of game. If anyone’s being dropped for Hourihane it’s McGinn who didn’t have his best game on Sat. Nice to have options eh... massive game, we need them to stand up. We have enough big characters to do so but this will be the toughest game of the season. I hope we treat it so.
  10. On the off chance anyone has a FanID with history I can use, it would be really appreciated. was supposed to be going with a mate, but the ST I was going in place of can now make it unexpectedly leaving me ticketless!! Worth a go
  11. The article on sky sports paints a more serious picture of today’s meeting, suggesting Purslow is lobbing to disregard a rule to force all clubs to openly publish Profitability/Sustainability figures. lets face it, something doesn’t smell right about our position given how things panned out in the summer but all we can do is hope Purslow is right! it would be annoying to be held back by half thought through rules and handful of bitter chairman who’ve just realised their investment was bad.
  12. Got to be disappointed with that. Energetic start faded into beige as the game went on. Lack any cutting edge behind Tammy whatsoever when the opposition isn’t open as a book. + Defence looked reasonably solid. Good debut for Mings + Whelan had a good game. Several key interceptions and kept the ball turning over with pace - Boring predictable attacks down the wing. We are too dependant upon crosses headed goals - Subs too late and no one rallying the midfield - The fact we (including fans there) seemed to accept the result. We’re just seeing the season out aren’t we...

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