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  1. Not complaining - as our spending is ambitious, circumstances dictate things and it’s not my money but... Barca apparently about to take Max Aarons for Loan w/ Commitment to buy for £20m shows yet again that there is value in the market. Mostly at the top end strangely. Couple this with Liverpool’s signing of Tsimikas for £11m. Makes Cash for £16m seem worse. We are in a very frustrating ‘phase’ to have money. It’s an age old dilemma that before we got relegated Fulham, West Ham, WBA and others were perpetually in. Spending inflated fees on the best players that are attracted to a club that has a risk of relegation and very minor ‘unique’ propositions.
  2. Yep, read the same and was about to post. Seems too specific to be bluster. Samatta is holding out for something that won’t happen. Just hope our coaches have a few ideas.
  3. Some slightly positive news I have consoled myself with on this one is a PhysioRoom article which uses Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Alan Shearer as examples who fully overcame the injury having picked it up at similarly young ages. Having read around ACL injuries, I'm happy we aren't rushing him back within 12 months. He stands the best possible chance of a full recovery by doing so.
  4. Looking at his goal scoring stats prior to joining us, even if it’s proven a good idea to sell him, I think he was very much worth the ‘punt’. he clearly doesn’t fit tactically, culturally or whatever. So moving on might be the right idea. I really hope it’s not to a rival though - just in case. Anyone categorically writing him off after 14 (mostly strange) games has a very short memory. I think many top players would have struggled with the situation he was thrown into.
  5. Scored another beauty for Cov last night. Their fans are completely shocked we let him go, many thinking he could play almost anywhere in the Champ - and is getting better. i just hope in years to come we progress so much this is not a regret.
  6. Not nice to think about but genuinely curious. Does anyone know how insurance works in professional football? We will have had some sort of cover for Wes, but does that just cover career ending? i.e. if he had to retire due to it, the insurance would pay his remaining contract. Is there any possibility that insurance will have covered some of his wages whilst out and therefore be the reason we have funds to chase another forward? I also am genuinely gutted. I hope he is mentally strong. It must be tough for him watching Luiz flourish, with them both having joined at the same time, Luiz getting another call-up for Brazil when they were both called up before his injury.
  7. BT would IMO be the perfect loan with option to buy at 17m signing. Would cost us a loan fee but would be win-win. Especially if Lyon need him off the wage bill if he’s so out of form.
  8. I am just clinging on to the hope that 90% of all of the rumours we’re reading are just tabloid nonsense. We just seem to be doing a trolley dash of ‘obvious’ overinflated English players having done no prep on the face of it. Rumours of Spurs being in for Watkins, Arsenal in for Edouard and now even backup Wilson preferring Newcastle is worrying. If we ‘beat’ West Brom to Ivan Toney for £16-18m we should officially just stop spending and just pray to stay up again with what we have. Probably losing losing Grealish in Jan as a result.
  9. Agree it could be anything - we don’t want to break our wage structure for him - couldn’t persuade him we’d develop him technically (probably less importance given his age) - couldn’t guarantee Jack will be around Wages seems the most likely. Wilson is 100% not worth breaking wage structure for and In the process harming team morale. imagine trying to explain to Grealish, Mings, McGinn, Luiz that Wilson is worth 80/90k/week and they’re worth 30-60k/week.
  10. Based on nothing more than the trend of links that seem to be sticking ... we have been completely let down by the previous scouting team. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we pull off some good ‘Unknown’s’ but if we do have £100m to spend - again, and if that money is solely spent on players any armchair fan has watched in the bottom of the PL or Championship, then we will regret this window for a considerable time I’m certain. The days of utter bargains in the Championship (used by Everton and Spurs in the last) are over. Look at any team that has built a new sustainable team from a low basis. There’s always been clever clever value signings from Holland, France, Portugal, Germany etc. - not household names but not complete unknowns either. Wilfred Bouma type signings!
  11. We’re all guessing at values though - as are the papers. There’s been nothing to really calibrate against as the main spenders are Chelsea - on another planet! Diangana to Boggies for £12-14 building up to £18-20 with a 20% sell-on is sticking and might be used as a yardstick for some other deals. by that measure Behrahama for £20m + some small add-ons doesn’t sound ridiculous.
  12. soithgate said it in the press conference I watched doesnt sound like too much though. It was picked up in our friendly and he turned up with a niggle that limited his involvement in initial training. Probably rules him out of Iceland but might make the 2nd game by the sounds of it so should be ok for us too. He looked fine in all the England videos so can’t be that bad
  13. Maybe we could be inventive with the deal like a loan with triggers for us to make it mandatory. skewed in our favour for the situation where Heaton does actually fully recover. Man I could recall mid season (they might fancy this if they get an injury to #1 or 2)
  14. Point being Mings was nowhere near a call up previously. it reflects well on our coaching, approach etc. It’s something to sell in a market with few marginal selling points.
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