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  1. I’ve noticed this too. You can see why his agent would be getting excited right now.
  2. Living the genuine distain Keane and Wright have for each other. Wouldn’t Be at all suprised if they had a punch up off air after that.
  3. Got to feel a bit sorry for him on one hand. He isn’t responsible for some over enthusiastic supporters’ opinions. He is not at the standard of where we want to be though so doubt we will see him again. On the €6m agreed fee. Problem is I guess if he doesn’t agree to personal terms?
  4. Unpopular opinion but I do like Kane. Has a lot more about him than most footballers. Yeah it’s media training vanilla stuff but I’ve seen other players carry it off worse. You can tell he rates Grealish higher than Sterling
  5. I’m struggling to get too upset about all of this. All teams have poor form spells, we were in one before Jack was injured and now we’re missing the best player in the league. We are still picking up draws, we are structured, our pizazz going forward will return soon - we are a bit predictable atm. We will finish on 55 ish points - a massive improvement and will set us up well to attract more players to edge us on next season. Some of our players have dramatically improved this year which is good news, our coaching is in a better place. Let’s not get carried away with the poor spells just as we didn’t get carried away when we were flying at the start.
  6. Brighton playing well tbf. Tactical tweak needed. id bring on Davis for Barkley to take the attention away from Watkins. Sanson for Luiz to maintain the tempo/energy in midfield (and protect Luiz who is on a yellow). Then trez for Traore with 15 to go.
  7. If Martinez is making a mistake...it isn’t our day. Fair play West Ham - deserved. Onto Saturday...
  8. all I can think is that it's us trying to plant doubt into opposition managers minds? very strange, agreed. He can't even play against Chelsea so if he was close surely he'd have been on the bench over Ramsey at the very least. COVID?
  9. sacking Bilic in the morning to replace him with Allardyce according to Talksport and the Times. Depressing for them that.
  10. Enjoyed that. Thought he came across as a really decent guy.
  11. I can’t see any reference anywhere as to who is captain on either side. Maguire the only one with a different armband from what I can see.
  12. Something that has happened by stealth for me is I just genuinely don't cheer goals any more since VAR. It's like watching a different sport. Still care about my team but my intensity and enjoyment during a live game is 10%ish what it used to be. Not even cheering your own team scoring a beautiful goal like that against Arsenal in the first minute. Bleh.
  13. Sickening fake news. He’s never been capable of making so much sense.
  14. Trump is unnervingly quiet since that initial HOW STRANGE outburst. Oh to be a fly on the wall at Trump HQ.
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