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  1. Djemba_Villan

    Dean Smith

    When he joined. A lot of my Walsall supporting mates from home fell over themselves to tell me to expect ridiculous ups and down. Every single one of them told me Smith was a ‘streaky’ manager so expect runs of wins followed by inexplicable runs of bad results. Looks like we’ve been through the first loop. Hopefully this is the end of the down swing!!
  2. Djemba_Villan

    Ratings & Reactions: Wigan v Villa

    I honestly, in 30 years supporting Villa cannot remember a worse performance than that - taking into account the opposition especially, whom were absolutely dreadful themselves. The basics were not there. That was league one standard players, playing with no system as though they hasn’t trained in a month. The subs I can ONLY assume we’re due to injuries.
  3. Djemba_Villan

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    My stream seems to have broken but I’m sadly not too bothered.
  4. Djemba_Villan

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    Agree with the consensus here. not calling for the manager - to be clear but this is with him now. We don’t seem to have the tools to play his system. we play very 1D football. Very reliant on wing play and deep crosses which has been sussed out now. BB and CH offering nothing again. Without Jack we are a mid table team at best. Disgraceful considering the money spent. F****** annoying club.
  5. Djemba_Villan

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    absolutely awful sorru but it’s been about the same level for 3-4 games now. So much work to do. Basic stuff.
  6. Djemba_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Think you’re probably right. He’s a player who is immense when a whole system is designed to accomodafe him - similar to Benteke. He doesn’t suit the smith system as he’s not a workhorse presser nor a natural wide man.
  7. Djemba_Villan

    AVTV 2018/9

    Same here. last time this happened it turned it there’s 2 levels of subscription. International and International + . Some games randomly are only for the latter subscribers
  8. Djemba_Villan

    Jonathan Kodjia

    Commentator suggesting he’s off to France to speak to a club. If there’s anything in it i’d be disappointed tbh. Closest thing to a player with the raw ability capable of playing at a high level that we own IMO
  9. Djemba_Villan

    Tammy Abraham

    I can only assume at the time of getting Abraham i.e. last embers of the original transfer window and against other teams, with he himself not being 100% convinced over the move IIRC, that we weren't in any position to dictate terms..just a fact of life being further down the food chain rather than being able to call the shots.
  10. Djemba_Villan

    Tammy Abraham

    Wonder if there’s any correlation between Smiths comments about not particularly liking loans and us needing to prioritise permanent signings a week or so ago and this situation? i fail to believe these things genuinely happen out of the blue suddenly, so either we had wind of it or has there been a reaction of some sort? I agree it’s looking likely. nothing against the guy IMO. Will watch his career with interest. Can’t help but think he can do a lot better than Wolves but I’d rather he go on to make it rather than fizzle out. anyone but an overpriced journeyman replacement please.
  11. Djemba_Villan

    Tammy Abraham

    Has DS said anything on this in any post game interview?
  12. Djemba_Villan

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Swansea FAC

    Performance of a team who've just realised their talisman striker is off, and not even to a particularly exciting destination Felt like a 'going through the motions' game...same old lazy dribble up the wing, pumping in an invited deep cross and hoping for something to happen. The only logic I can see to playing McGin today was to 'bed in' a back 6 i.e. McGinn, Back 4 and Keeper. The 30k+ fans deserved more. We seemed like we tried to make something happen - even at 1-0 but just lacked any real spark. Just bang average players playing a bang average system with sub-par levels of energy to do anything different.
  13. Djemba_Villan

    Steve Bruce

    Love all these comments about Bruce having some sort of press hareem. Didn't a load of people accuse Sherwood, DOL and MON of the same once they left (of course we had to bleet on about what awful people they were when they left too). I don't see this press/media Bruce love-in others see other than a couple of his former teammates which is understandable isn't it? He's also a fairly likeable bloke IMO regardless of whether he's a good football manager.Why wouldn't Sheff Wed be seeing the Glass Half-full with Bruce's appointment - 99% of our fans did too - given his promotion track record - which hasn't really changed in anyone's mind. FWIW I was 'informed' at the home game v Preston that Bruce categorically wouldn't be taking the Sheff. Wed job - apparently taken directly from a conversation between Bruce and Tom Ross. It wouldn't suprise me if Bruce ruled himself out but Sheff Wed have pursued him as their #1 target and making allowances.
  14. Djemba_Villan

    Tammy Abraham

    Well...annyoing, but that's what you get with loan signings fundamentally. Will be interesting to see whether Smith can get the best out of Hogan again...
  15. Djemba_Villan

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    Another reminder we aren’t serious promotion contenders. Hourihane and Hutton shockers but Tammy, McGinn, Bree, Elphick were decent. You can’t go into every game needing to score 2 just to draw. Especially against teams like that. Will judge properly when we have some more bodies in.