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  1. dubbs

    New Manager Speculation

    Similar to when Xia came in with RDM. Thanks but no thanks.
  2. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    Really not sure about this. Didn't work appointing RDM and he had some management experience.
  3. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    The Evening Mail hates it when anything good happens for the Villa. Totally blouse biased rag. They must be fuming today!
  4. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    I also don't believe im going to win the lottery tomorrow......
  5. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    Because as usual everything is based on daft Twitter nonsense and click bait websites.
  6. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    I don't believe anything will happen regarding a takeover tomorrow.
  7. dubbs

    Virtual Reality

    There's some great titles available and more coming like Firewall Zero Hour and Ace Combat. Well worth keeping hold of the hardware.
  8. dubbs

    Time for a takeover

    I like your optimism!!!
  9. dubbs

    Xcom 2

    Downloaded it. Played it. Thought WTF is this after the tutorial, deleted it and went back to being crap at BF1
  10. dubbs

    Tony Xia

    To make it to the BLP the club needs to exist and the way this moron is going our club will not be around long enough to get promoted. If we go into administration we lose points so no promotion that season either.
  11. dubbs

    World Cup : Semi Finals & Final

    England were supposed to make us forget how **** villa are. Bollocks!
  12. dubbs

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Probably being sold to cover Richards wage for the month.
  13. dubbs

    Tony Xia

    Makes you wonder if there are ppl interested in taking over and he's just saying things to get the best price. If someone had bid to buy stake it makes sense to turn it down if you want rid of 100% of it.
  14. dubbs

    Tony Xia

    He would say that though wouldn't he. He's hardly likely to turn around and say he wanted someone else to take over but sold to this tool instead!
  15. dubbs

    Tony Xia

    Guess it shows how much Randy wanted rid of Villa. Or the process of DD is flawed as are the checks the PL and EFL perform.