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  1. This stuff should be known by all!! Thanks bud.
  2. Is there a VT playlist on Spotify? If not, there should be.
  3. Thing is, as you've said Ten is 30 years old now and PJ's style has changed over the years. I'll admit some of the newer albums aren't great but every single one has a couple of epic tracks.
  4. Gigaton got released today. On pre-order from Amazon but not been delivered so streaming on Spotify.
  5. Yeah I had a text which looked Russian from a number called Verify. I didn't open it and deleted it. Phone seemed quite laggy afterwards. Probably nothing but just thought I'd ask.
  6. Can anyone recommend a good mobile security app for android? There are plenty listed in the store but I don't trust the star ratings. Cheers!
  7. The VR version of this is 17 pounds in the store including all the DLC. Seeing how we're all going to have a bit of time in the house for a while I thought I'd give it a go.
  8. I'll try and join but I will absolutely disgrace myself
  9. Anything? I'll ask around
  10. I absolutely suck at RL. Should be a laugh!
  11. If you've got equipment that can handle surround sound properly, I think it'll definitely be worth it. We went from a 5.1 surround sound system to an Atmos soundbar with rear speakers and sub and it's a huge improvement when you compare standard surround to Atmos imo.
  12. Battlefield, COD, Gran Turismo?
  13. dubbs

    Dean Smith

    Won't really matter if we're don't stay up though will it. At least this extended break gives players like SJM and JG time to get fully fit.
  14. dubbs

    Dean Smith

    In which case it's not going to happen.
  15. dubbs

    Dean Smith

    How do we know he's clueless? For all we're know he's advising Dean and DS isn't taking on board anything he says? Not for one second saying this is what's happening but just a thought.
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