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  1. Watching that GIF makes me realise Theresa May wasn't such a bad dancer
  2. We have had a great window but still need an upgrade at LB.
  3. The guy who scored our second goal vs Fulham. Still a good player who will push on with additional competition in the squad. Welcome Ross!
  4. A lot of clubs would like Manuel Neuer as their keeper, but get bitterly disappointed when they end up with Rob f###ing Green!
  5. dubbs

    The NSWE Board

    but they've got beer glasses that full from the bottom in less than 5 seconds - surely we need no better reason to demolish and start again
  6. Surely we can bring this to the attention of the PR team at Villa Park.
  7. Good win, ok performance. Got to say I can see why Steve Bruce chased Joe Bryan down the motorway. Good player.
  8. A goal early in the half from Ollie should settle the nerves.
  9. Number of times Ollie for the ball from Emi and nobody near him in a Villa shirt.
  10. TBF Fulham are playing some good stuff but it's goals that count.
  11. Tbf he said "earns", in which case I'd say about £300 a week!
  12. Yes comparing a guy who has played in England for his entire career, to a guy originally coming from Brazil, transferring from a club in Belgium makes perfect sense.
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