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  1. Im not concerned by the upcoming fixtures. You have to play these at some point in the season so it doesn't matter when. We're not going to go on a long unbeaten run like last season but we're going to pick up points to keep our heads above water. And in January we'll definitely buy again.
  2. About 3 hours in. The story is definitely WTF? Loving it so far.
  3. Truly stunning so far. Not far in though.
  4. Im really tempted to get this just because it's different to anything else out there at the moment. Having said that there reviews suggest the moment mechanics are a mind f##k to start with.
  5. dubbs

    Tyrone Mings

    Only a matter of time till he gets knocked down then...... A revelation in The Sun this weekend I reckon.
  6. @lapal_fan I know you haven't played this for ages but if you've still got it I'd suggest you have a go on the remake of Operation Metro. It's insane, great fun and just what this game needed.
  7. Until he scores a hat trick!
  8. Horrific looking injury though. Hope he fully recovers.
  9. dubbs


    Treated myself to an LG SL9YG and the SPK8 rear speakers last weekend. It's a beast of a bar - huge! Fantastic sound quality, which combined with the rear speakers gives an infinitely better surround sound offering than our previous 5.1 wired setup. Haven't found too much to demonstrate the Atmos setup but what I did download blew my mind. Can't wait until Netflix or Amazon Prime start broadcasting with an Atmos soundtrack. I've not got Sky, only Virgin but I believe the BT Sport 4k channel offers this?
  10. PES 2020. Master league up and running. Plays soooooo good!
  11. Before the game how many of us thought we'd get anything from it? Can't have been many. Maybe a point? Yes it's a blow not to get anything out of the game but we'll learn a lot from this I'd imagine. Remember a lot of these players haven't played a dozen games together yet.
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