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  1. Just finishing off a pack of craft ales from Christmas. Nice little pale ale here.
  2. Balls to them. They have a pen and paper and they're very lucky to have that!
  3. dubbs


    If I never saw real snow again I'd be happy. Hate the stuff.
  4. How much did Warner cost? Just looks lost at the moment.
  5. I bet Mason Mount wouldn't have reacted like that.
  6. dubbs


    Could make the drive to work tomorrow morning interesting. BBC weather site says -7 overnight
  7. dubbs


    Tbf I reckon you could come up with Neves or Moutinho - both are quality players.
  8. Played well again last night. So pleased he got his goal. The disallowed one was a good finish too. Commentary team complimented his work rate numerous times. We've got a gem here lads.
  9. Costa would have a low opinion of us from his time in the league when we were poor. Oh and he's a lunatic so wouldn't touch him with a barge pole.
  10. In Bruce's defence, we put 7 passed Liverpool so Newcastle performed brilliantly in that respect.
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