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  1. dubbs

    Douglas Luiz

    The point would be he's doing it for us rather than anyone else! We need to keep him desperately.
  2. Didn't think it would end up any other way. That's why the Newcastle takeover will happen as well. Money talks in any language.
  3. If at first you don't succeed, keep doing exactly the same thing
  4. We'll stick with Dean next season, no point swapping at this stage. I'm not overly bothered about relegation tbh, it's been expected for a while, we just need to see who sticks around.
  5. dubbs

    Dean Smith

    I'm wondering if the owners have 2 plans like they did at the end of last season? One of we stay up and one of we go down. I wonder which scenario means we keep Dean?
  6. dubbs

    Douglas Luiz

    Its just really disappointing that it's taken three quarters of the season to see what this kid can do, knowing he'll most likely be on his bike as soon as the season is done. Maybe he'll realise this and give us a 2nd season but it's unlikely.
  7. Sack Smith after this game, new manager bounce - season saved - simples!
  8. I took a 2 year break from Bloodborne because it was just too difficult at the time. Started again over lockdown and finished it last week.
  9. dubbs


    He sicked up a shard of bone last night and we thought that might have been causing the problem. Took him to the new vet this morning, who've done a chest xray and he's got additional foreign bodies in his throat. The vet said they'll try and remove them via an endoscopy but it could go either way. With this and supporting Villa, life can be pretty shitty sometimes.
  10. dubbs


    So we've spoken to the vet who we've been referred to, and now they tell us they aren't taking on referrals because of staff shortages. Couldn't they have told us when we spoke yesterday, and when the referral was made Monday
  11. dubbs


    Fingers crossed we actually get to know what's wrong with him very soon.
  12. dubbs


    Yes however it's not worth it once you actually start making a claim. We believed we had £2000 cover annually, however it's actually £500 per condition with a maximum of 4 claims per year. That doesn't include the excess.
  13. dubbs


    Quick update, no real progress at the vet. The specialist they wanted to refer us to quoted £3000 for a consultation and CT scan. That's just too much so we've been recommended a different vet who has seen what appear to be similar cases previously. The referral has gone over and we're waiting for a call from them. It's so stressful, the dynamic of the house has changed and the other half is in bits. Need a change in fortune ASAP.
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