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  1. Tried Enlisted today. Its a very poor imitation of Battlefield. Controls are clunky, visuals aren't great but on the plus side its free on PS5.
  2. The standing idea makes sense. If we get more people in that what did little expenditure then expansion of the ground in the future makes more sense.
  3. No I'm sure this was it.. but I am getting on and the memory isn't start it was
  4. Its just come to me - SSX was the one I was thinking of
  5. The only one of DMX I really know and that's because of a computer game!
  6. dubbs

    The Royal Family

    Its across the board ffs thank McGrath for Spotify!
  7. Been done twice. Once traveling to a customer for work down south, and then a couple of Christmases ago doing 36 in a 30 one quiet morning. Fined the first time, speed awareness the second time. All clean now though
  8. Two hours? Mine went on for nearly 4! So you think you gained anything from it though?
  9. If they reduce it anymore they'll be in minus figures!
  10. dubbs


    Ice packs and ibruprofen might help. Don't run for a few weeks and maybe try other exercise like yoga or swimming when the pools are back open.
  11. dubbs


    I'm using a Garmin watch and app, Strava was recommended by Garmin. Just interested to see what's behind the paywall in comparison to the free stuff. As you said I can try the free version for now.
  12. I'll have whatever he's smoking!
  13. I gave up on it after season 8 I think. Just seemed to completely lose direction and become a bit of a same old same old rinse and repeat type of show.
  14. Congratulations dude. You're in for one hell of a ride (a bit like being a Villa fan)but it'll be the best thing that ever happens to you.
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