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  1. What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Been listening to this loads since Chesters death.
  2. PES 18

    Might have to move to the dark side this year.....
  3. Spotify - an online music service

    Wish you could clear your listening history so you could get music that's only relevant to you. Other than that, Spotify is ace. Love the simple things like it alerting you when new albums are available to stream.
  4. Spotify - an online music service

    Had to get a family subscription in the end. Was previously sharing my sub with the family and my daily mixes are now just appalling
  5. Destiny 2

    Really enjoying this at the moment. Rank 15 at the moment. Playing the story first and lots of side quests. There's just loads to do. Haven't even tried PvP yet.
  6. Steve Bruce

    Each time I visit VT I hope to see an ex - manager tag next to this topic, and each time im disappointed
  7. Everybody's Golf

    Im rank 2 now and played my first turf war recently. Lots of fun! Im up for VT golf!
  8. Everybody's Golf

    I do like golf games and will be giving it a go tonight and over the weekend. Like I said, my comment was based on 1 hour with the game.
  9. Destiny 2

    Going to send the missus out today while im at work to see if she can find a copy.
  10. Everybody's Golf

    Maybe im missing something having only spent an hour on it but I just don't get the attraction yet.
  11. Destiny 2

    Gutted. All the local stores have sold out
  12. Playstation 4

    I need to hook up an external drive to my ps4 pro but as it's only got 2 usb ports i need a hub to increase the number available. Any cheap ideas? And why only put a 1tb drive in??
  13. Playstation 4

    got a stream of them for about a week just deleted them without replying.
  14. Malta v England Slovakia v England

    Nice goal from Rashford.
  15. Everybody's Golf

    Watched a few video reviews. Looks a bit easy tbh. One for the kids maybe?