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  1. Only he wouldn't play Jack!
  2. I was annoyed that I've got to drive to Croydon from Birmingham at 2 today - not so much now!
  3. Morning Mr Southgate.
  4. They're resuming the match at half 7. Good knows how the players will manage.
  5. So is the 1st episode of Loki enjoyable then??
  6. dubbs


    Its a pity really cuz it is a good game but I can't replay it just to get back to where I was. Apparently its happened to a few people since launch.
  7. dubbs


    I've just lost EVERYTHING progress wise on this game. Back up on console and cloud are reset. This is total sh#t so I'm getting rid of it tomorrow.
  8. With all the excitement over the signing of Emi, can you imagine the scenes when we sign an absolute world superstar !
  9. Will defo be getting this when it comes out. Like that they are taking advantage of the new gen consoles with larger lobbies. And the possibility to have AI filling spaces on half empty servers could be great
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