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  1. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Just noticed there's a GT companion app on the Play store which tells you how close you are to raising or dropping your DR and SR ratings. Seems like I've a while to go till I raise my DR
  2. dubbs

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    Oh FFS pass me a gun!
  3. dubbs

    God of War

    It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me but I found gow 3 really difficult. Tempted by this though.
  4. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I'm still no closer to winning a race although I think I've only done 35 or so races. And today's daily races don't appeal.
  5. dubbs

    Easter Midweek Football 2/5 April

    Really don't want city to win. Liverpool need a couple more I reckon. At home city play total football.
  6. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Don't give up dude. It's good to have someone else on here to talk about it to! In the daily races tonight I had a few goes on Monza and for the very first time someone messaged me after the race to apologise for ramming me during the race. Almost restores your faith.
  7. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Just had a blast on this in VR. They've added time trials to vr mode. I swapped the graphics setting from frame rate bias to graphics quality bias. It makes a big difference. I imagine playing this in VR with a wheel and peddles would be brilliant fun. Glad to see they are adding to the vr mode. Would love a few more opponents or a way to change the difficulty when racing them though.
  8. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Come on dude! It's like £20 pre-owned now
  9. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Yes I have to say the match making does seem very hit and miss. Sometimes im in the top 4 when qualifying then the next race be in 12th with a similar time and the guy in pole is like 10 seconds quicker. I do like the fact that racers who you're about to lap ghost out. At least, I think that's what I've seen happening!
  10. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    You won't regret it. Best racer I've ever played by a mile.
  11. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Just been running time trials at Monza tonight. Gotta love that track! Have seriously been considering getting a wheel and peddles - that's how much im enjoying this. Pity i haven't got anywhere to set them up if i purchased them!
  12. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Was just about to ask if anyone had played since today's patch so cheers Stevo. I'll be on tonight.
  13. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Yeah 5 seconds for hitting the wall in a car that drifts everywhere - only gong one way! Still love this game !
  14. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Just can't seem to raise my driver rating. Guessing I need to jump on more and practice.
  15. dubbs

    Gran Turismo Sport

    I swear it's nearly impossible to get a clean lap on the Tokyo city track. Today's daily races were just one multi car pile up after another!