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  1. GTA 5

    Considering they still release patches and new content for this you'd think they'd fix these well known bugs.
  2. GTA 5

    Has anyone had issues with some side missions not happening? Like Trevor taking strangers to the cult or Franklin not getting the VIP taxi mission? Both of these are trophies and I can't get them
  3. Yeah just saw that on the BBC website.
  4. What game you currently playing?

    Race the sun. It was on ps+ a few months back. Simplistic but really addictive. Definitely has the "just one more go" factor!
  5. Ross McCormack

    Isn't that pretty much what we've paid Gabby to do for a few years now?
  6. Battlefield 1

    Thought that might be the case. Think it'll be worth it. Need new maps to play on.
  7. Battlefield 1

    Anyone seen a good deal for the premium pass on ps4 for this? Cheapest I've seen is 36 quid.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Just completed my first Cauldron. This game really is brilliant. So many new things to do, side quests, and tasks. Loving it so far.
  9. Trackmania Turbo

    Tempted to get this again now they've added vr support.
  10. Battlefield 1

    @lapal_fanJust saw your Battlefield career stats. 119k kills??? Over 1500 hours played?? Do you ever sleep
  11. Battlefield 1

    Just started playing this again after a few months. Seems the updates have improved a few things. Thinking of getting the season pass. Has anyone got the first lot of DLC? What are your thoughts?
  12. General deals

    I'm sure they've been PlayStation Plus freebies recently!
  13. Rocket League

    Ok cheers Hogso. Pity there doesn't appear to be that kind of explanation in the game!
  14. Rocket League

    Congratulations! I've had a go and not got a clue