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  1. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    I definitely think the other guys know they need to get closer to Wesley. It's a bit different to how Tammy played last year though.
  2. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    I think once he's scored it'll be a platform for him to push on. But the longer it takes the more pressure builds and the more negativity will be aimed at him. The coaching staff really need to work hard with him.
  3. The PES 2020 demo is out. Plays pretty well to be fair. Be interesting how it compares to fifa.
  4. Early days. Settle and go after them. Crowd need to keep up the volume and drive the lads on.
  5. Will be good if we can get the three points today. A good performance and a win in our first game home please lads.
  6. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    I don't see what he would have differently tbh. Wes didn't have much to feed off did he? And his first competitive game for us couldn't have come against a much harder team to play against. Let him settle.
  7. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    The ref did too.
  8. It's not started well has it. Reviewing the SJM incident, but not even looking at the Rose v Grealish incident which the ref missed.
  9. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    This is why im concerned we didn't bring another striker in.
  10. Very impressed with him today.
  11. Closest young ladies get to having a bush nowadays!
  12. dubbs

    Douglas Luiz

    Looking forward to seeing how he performs. Luiz feeding Wesley with his back to goal, laying the ball off to Jack, SJM, Trez or AEG - sweeeet!

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