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  1. Has Terry ever left our bench apart from to and from the tunnel? Never see him instructing the players. Still at least he's good for our social media account!
  2. dubbs

    Dean Smith

    Unless they include Messi and Mbappe, we're screwed anyway!
  3. If he was a villa fan he'd resign. Doesn't deserve a payoff.
  4. I know this have was a free hit but it's too painful to watch atm
  5. Only Aston Villa could spend 120 mil in a window and end up with a team worse than when they started
  6. How quickly can we send this turd back to Chelsea?
  7. dubbs

    Wesley Moraes

    Please be back v soon. Best game yet. Koj just isn't going to lead the line well in his absence.
  8. I don't think many of our signings in the summer were known by the press before we made them so I think Drinkwater is unlikely.
  9. And being a villa fan he should know this and do these right thing. To quote Pulp Fiction "**** pride".
  10. Typical that the teams around us hit form and we continue to be shit. Smith out NOW.
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