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  1. Bit chilly in Birmingham today. Apparently its -9
  2. dubbs


    Looking at the article they reckon 8k at 120fps is their target. Pretty impressive if they manage it via streaming.
  3. dubbs


    Google have officially announced their new streaming gaming platform. Stadia announced
  4. dubbs


    It blows my mind that I'm really struggling with a couple of the easy races where you have to finish top 4, then top 2, then first and yet the ones which are a harder difficult have been completed quicker. Also still love the first skill game. Over 800 metres is my record. Targeting 1000 metres now
  5. Never a pen and offside but still progress. Its like the gods are on their side.
  6. Hope that's been reported. Absolute scumbag
  7. dubbs


    I'm stuck on a contract that you need to finish in certain positions 3 times to complete it. Its flipping hard considering its supposed to be only a medium trial!
  8. dubbs


    So there I was just showing my son this game, and who do I come up against ?
  9. dubbs


    100% agree. It almost makes the fact the ghosts are there pointless. Hopefully this'll be something which can be patched in.
  10. dubbs


    This is incredibly fun to play. Yes it's the same as Fusions but that's not a bad thing.
  11. dubbs


    Thing is I really enjoy playing these games but not sure I'd be to happy about the grind.
  12. dubbs


    Played the demo at the weekend. Seems good but reviews suggest the new contract system is a grind. Any thoughts yet - early days I know.
  13. Cheers bud. I've felt this way before and been prescribed anti depressants but can't say they worked for me. That was a few years ago and maybe this time might be different. Thanks mate.
  14. It's easier to say this here than tell people at home or a doctor but I think I've got issues. The smallest thing gets me down and not just for an hour or two but days or weeks. I didn't get a job I went for this week and it's got me so low I've just contemplated walking into work and quitting. I hate my job. But like everyone else I've got a mortgage to pay so got to earn . I went to bed at 8 last night just so I didn't have to be with other people. What's wrong with me?
  15. So many players going through the motions. Should be ashamed of themselves.

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