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  1. First domestic male team to do it. Pep said.
  2. dubbs


    The extreme tracks are a "challenge" aren't they!
  3. F### Man City. Still haven't manage to buy the CL yet.
  4. Going to struggle cuz he's been subbed.
  5. dubbs


    I wonder how much we paid him for that magnificent goalkeeper
  6. Actually quite liked this series of Dead Pixels.
  7. Imagine how bad it'll be when you're 44 like me
  8. Must admit I prefer the single player modes on most game. Getting on a bit now so my reactions aren't good enough for multiplayer
  9. So it might be worth getting world war z instead?
  10. I'm waiting for the reviews first but unless it's a train wreck I'll most likely pick it up.
  11. Much prefer that than the 10000th time listening to Agueroooooooooooooo.

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