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  1. So a government minister is telling the public not to panic buy fuel. That worked really well during the pandemic didn't it. So its a great idea to issue exactly the same advice again incompetent fools.
  2. Try telling that to someone with an imperforate anus.
  3. Love how OGS is complaining about referees being consistent
  4. Its definitely starting to click for me a bit more now. Lots of reading to do, not going in all guns blazing is a must. Good game
  5. Idiots who've got 3/4 of a tank but still insist on queuing for an hour to top up . Most will be doing the 1 mile school run in their Chelsea wagons so fat Tommy doesn't have to walk and get some exercise
  6. Really like the guy but so far he seems to be made from glass.
  7. Got to admit I'm struggling to really get into this at the moment. Played it a few times but it's just not doing it for me yet. I'll give it a few more hours though.
  8. I agree I'm just interested in the comparison.
  9. I was thinking it would be interesting to compare his goal to the one Grealish scored against Liverpool running from the half way line. See how the speed of the players compares, the control of the ball the two have.
  10. Lots of opportunities down the left so get Bailey on.
  11. 2 up front isn't really working yet is it.
  12. Picked it up yesterday but only had chance to play for about half an hour. So far so good, although far too early to get a proper grasp of it. Hoping to get a few hours on it later or over the weekend.
  13. So who's got it and what's it like?
  14. Yeah I'm definitely interested in getting this. Looks fun. I've seen a few reviews and the lowest score I saw was 8 out of 10.
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