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  1. With our defence he will need to do this just to give us a chance of a point.
  2. At the risk of going round in circles. That's because you've missed the point.
  3. Toronto is a bit different. He was traded there, he didn't choose them over anything else. He won a title with them and as soon as he was a free agent he jumped to LA. Miami, while not a huge market like LA and NY, is still bigger than some middle america teams and is an attractive place for free agents. And like you say, he moved to join a team that was going to win things. I feel like we're making the same point just in different ways. Winning things and money. These are why top players move. Giannis might stay because Wes Edens can offer him the chance of winning. But he hasn't committed long term and just 2 days ago mentioned LA in an interview. We can't offer Jack anything close to the money or chance of trophies that others can.
  4. They can offer money. Higher wages and much higher exposure for sponsorship. They won't be a million miles away from top 4
  5. Players tend to go to the big markets rather than teams. New york, Boston, California. Superstar players tend to move, they don't stay in small market teams or choose to join them. The biggest one I can think of, which I guess is similar to Jack in some ways, is Lebron. He stayed in Cleveland and returned to Cleveland because that was his home town club. But even then he left to join Miami to win his championships before heading back and he's left again to join a big market team. At the moment, we can't offer Jack the glory or the money.
  6. A west ham hammering would be fantastic.
  7. No surprise you've missed the point.
  8. The stupid thing about demanding loyalty is it only happens when someone is good. No one demanded Heskey needed to be loyal. No one wanted Mcleish to be loyal and stay forever. Yet people would be disappointed in Jack and think he doesn't bleed claret and blue if he went. Ridiculous.
  9. I disagree. He is allowed to separate fandom from his professional career.
  10. And Giannis has just started talking about other big teams. The bucks haven't done anything amazing keeping him at this point. He becomes a free agent in 2021 and has not signed an extension or confirmed he will Superstars want to play for big teams. It's a huge challenge to keep them.
  11. Come on. You think Jack Grealish is going to make a career decision based on VT comments. Laughable really. How do big teams become big teams? Many factors but it's no surprise that the big teams have been the big teams for a long time. It's all well and good wanting to keep Jack but that's not always enough. Ronaldo wanted to leave Man u, Neymar wanted to leave Barca, Pogba wanted to leave Juventus and now Man U again. It's football. This is what happens. The wolves analogy doesn't work. They're on the cusp of that top 4 positions. We are miles away. And to be honest if Neves wanted to leave, like most clubs, there wouldn't be much wolves could do. I mean this isn't new stuff. This is basically football for the last 20 years.
  12. Haha, sounds like a scene from Wall Street. Brilliant.
  13. What use is that when he offers nothing creatively and gets walked past like he's not there? I'm not even sure you could say this is even that much better than Hourihane.
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