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  1. I do get that but surely if a player, who hasn't been training for months, says he doesn't think he can play, that should put an end to it.
  2. Yep That has really annoyed me.
  3. Just the impression given by selling all players and hoping for midtable. Why would they buy the club if their investment is so dependent on a massive challenge within 12 months.
  4. Haha. Pretty much word for word what bitter opposition fans said and hoped for last year, and here we are in the playoff final yet again.
  5. The same blind hope small heath and bristol fans are clinging to
  6. I don't get why these 2 wealthy, experienced sports club owners bought the club if promotion this season is as desperate as you've made out. It makes no sense.
  7. Shit Dean Smith, who according to you should have been fired, has got further than your dream manager. That is all kinds of brilliant.
  8. To some extent i can see that but i don't accept it and i'm someone who consistently defends kodjia on here. Its the easy way out and he is a £15 million striker. What if everyone doubted themselves and wanted out? We need players to step up in those moments. I could accept keinan davis turning it down but i'm very disappointed in kodjia.
  9. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    I think, given the circumstances, its an incredible achievement that he has matched what we did last year. Has shut a lot of doubters up and continues to show how terrible the last guy was. I bloody love him.
  10. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Bet you were furious with the pitch invasion last year.
  11. Yep he 100% bottled it. Hourihane did a double take when he was shaking his head
  12. I think at the moment he needs to be coming off the bench. Such a shame adomah is useless.
  13. Its ridiculous. I've never known anything like it.
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