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  1. I didn't necessarily mean Cantwell. But surely he, buendia, Bailey and Ings don't all start as well as him. And I can't see Watkins getting dropped
  2. I'm all for having a strong squad and using rotation at times. But without European football are we really in a position to be signing players for £30 million and not starting them?
  3. I'd like him but can't see us signing more attacking players now. I think Axel on loan and one more midfield player and that's us done.
  4. If I'm honest I'm glad we are progressing to levels where the likes of Wesley are no longer needed. It never made sense after watching him play. But no teams gets them all right. I wish him luck if he moves and if he doesn't, not a terrible 3rd/4th choice.
  5. Ings got 20 premier league goals 2 years ago. We've never had a player do that. And some are not happy with this? We have one of the best strikers in the league just joined us. Wesley and Keinan Davis were getting minutes these last two years. We had El Ghazi play games up front, we had to sign Samatta. And now we have Danny **** Ings leading the line.
  6. Yep, this is exactly how I see it. I've also said before no way Watkins gets pushed out wide but that was when discussing Tammy. As you say, we now have a top Premier league number 9. You make that work.
  7. No chance he's on the bench. He will be one of the first names on the sheet. We will find a system to get Ings and Watkins in the team.
  8. Looking forward to seeing our attacking football under Deano this year.
  9. Could he be a straight replacement for Jack. Can't he play on the left but drift inside. Fits in with an attacking line that can fluidly switch between each other. What I love about this is he's an intelligent player. Him and Buendia together will be amazing.
  10. Wow. Squad is starting to look good. Need to be more than Jack grealish FC.
  11. Is this not the same thing? If its in the final stages and about to be completed then quite clearly we've accepted a bid.
  12. Mate, you and Nick have gone so far with the optimism that you now can't see clearly. It's done. Its over.
  13. Pretty much every respected journalist out there has.
  14. He's not staying. It's done. It's been inevitable for the last couple of days.
  15. Better than Engels. 4 solid cbs and he can cover rb. Happy with this. Sensible move.
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