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  1. DCJonah

    Villa Kit 2018-19

    Not sure its as special as the initial press release hinted at. I really like it. Regardless of what you think of the designers clothes, to have a villa fan design the kit is much better than a standard template from the big companies. Looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.
  2. DCJonah

    Lewis Grabban

    Grabban and Kodjia both fit and in the squad would give me hope promotion could happen next season. If we had this guy instead of Hogan from the start i think we would be in that top 2.
  3. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Grabban showing once again that the style of play and tactics is a weak excuse.
  4. DCJonah

    17/18 Promotion Charge

    I really don't want boro over 2 legs.
  5. DCJonah

    Jack Grealish

    Well said Bruce.
  6. DCJonah

    Pre match thread

    Guess we are resting players after the fulham result. Don't have an issue with it
  7. DCJonah

    New Manager Speculation

    In regards to spending, there has to be a few things taken into account when it comes to expectations. For example, there was no fee to pay for terry, but then i don't think any other team in this league could have signed him. Snodgrass, again no fee but again I doubt many other teams could have signed him. So he hasn't spent a fortune, however due to wages and the club we are at this level, he has been able to assemble a squad that is vastly superior to the majority in this league.
  8. DCJonah

    Jack Grealish

    We would be stupid to accept it. £25 million could not replace him and that amount would make little difference to us
  9. DCJonah

    Jack Grealish

    And england caps.
  10. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Yeah, slight problem with that system and thinking hogan will come good in it.
  11. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Does this really mean anything? Kodjia has had a serious injury and is trying to regain match fitness.
  12. DCJonah

    Josh Onomah

    I think he has been poor but he wasn't against leeds. Only snodgrass completed more passes than him. Only chester made more tackles Only grealish completed more dribbles. He was really good against leeds and pretty much did everything a good cm should do.
  13. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Yep. Said it before, pick any stat you like and its abysmal, not just poor but abysmal. Goals, assists, touches, headers won, shots per game, passes per game, pass completion etc.. Abysmal. "All he needs is service" has been shown to be completely wrong.
  14. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    I'd love to know what you have seen from Hogan to suggest it is the manager and system at fault.
  15. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Better managers than bruce have wasted money on crap players.