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  1. Why are we moving wingers up front? We have two forwards ready to play.
  2. Yeah, and I got it to some extent. I was a ST holder for 15 years before relegation. Those last 5 and 6 were bad and I get why the place turned toxic. But it's as if we can't change that now. There doesn't need to be such anger and frustration, We're on the up, let's just get behind them.
  3. Not for me. There's a world of difference between this forum and actually sending the player abuse or tagging them into abuse.
  4. Absolutely. I can't wait for next season and probably more likely the following one, where are squad depth is going to be much better.
  5. I genuinely hate our fanbase at times. I'm convinced, he'd have been sarcastically cheered off today if VP was full.
  6. I agree, he hasn't looked great as a DM this season. I think longterm he probably is more suited as an 8. He's too good to just get rid of though.
  7. As a player in our squad. I'm not saying he should start every single game but I wouldn't give up on him at this point.
  8. An awful decision today but no worse than what Cash did a couple of weeks ago. He's just turned 23. I want him in this squad long term.
  9. I'd like to see Wes and Davis in the next game. I'd imagine though that Barkley's performance against Everton will keep him in for the return.
  10. You can't claim the team switched off and criticise the manager for it, based on one tackle by Luiz. If you want to argue Luiz switched off, maybe, however I still don't think deciding to lunge in means he's switched off.
  11. I'm just not sure what his strengths are. He doesn't look technically good. He doesn't look physically imposing, even though he's had moments. I'm really not sure about him.
  12. DCJonah

    Keinan Davis

    Looked lively. Should have shot though.
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