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  1. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Yeah I said the same previously. Wes will probably play no part this season. We need to sign another striker.
  2. I think Hause is better in the prem, purely because of his athletic abilities.
  3. I have no issue with selling him and bringing in another back up. After a really promising start he just looked so out of his depth. His performance against spurs was shocking. We can't have defenders who are capable of gifting multiple goals in one game.
  4. Are leeds actually linked with him from reliable sources?
  5. I enjoy getting on bruce as much as anyone but what are his strengths to play to? He's not fast, he's not good with the ball at his feet, his hold up play is atrocious and his finishing is poor.
  6. I'm hoping its sorted so he can play against sheff u.
  7. An absolute panic signing Looking back it still amazes me how long some fans remained convinced that all he needed was service.
  8. They didn't want to progress. Can concentrate on the league now.
  9. Of course. But players like raschica and bertrand don't join teams that finished 17th to spend large parts of the season on the bench
  10. You can see why we are planning on spending another £60 million on attacking players.
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