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  1. DCJonah

    AVST : AGM with Christian Purslow

    We need to build something. I'm all for it. Nothing we have done since MON left has worked. It's just made more of a mess.
  2. DCJonah

    André Green

    Clearly has talent but just not sure he is ready.
  3. DCJonah

    Jonathan Kodjia

    I have never understood the stick this guy gets, especially when you compare attitudes towards other players. Amazing really.
  4. DCJonah

    Neil Taylor

    Should never play again. Hutton is poor but is a better option until we sign a lb
  5. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    What's interesting about them?
  6. DCJonah

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    From what i remember cahil wanted games after a very successful loan spell, at the time we were finishing 6th and giving the top 4 a serious challenge. He wasn't ready to start consistently in a team like that, hence his drop down to bolton. Albrighton was really poor in a period where everyone was poor under lambert and i believe wanted large wages or was offered money by leicester that he didn't warrant as we cut costs under lerner. As OBE said, it worked well for both of them, we just **** ourselves up during both periods.
  7. His role had little to do with how weak he looked. He was like a little boy playing against men. He wasn't and isn't good enough for first team football at the moment.
  8. I would love some of those players to be involved but if they aren't good enough i won't criticise smith for it. There were some idiots who booed his decision to sub o'hare. That's just ridiculous.
  9. DCJonah

    Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

    Unfortunately both players were not at the required standard for what we wanted to do as they broke through and wanted first team football. Both dropped down, gained experienced and took over where our club was. I'm not sure we handled them that badly.
  10. DCJonah

    James Chester

    Can't remember seeing such a drop off from a villa player in recent times. He just looks awful.
  11. DCJonah

    Yannick Bolasie

    Playing like a poor mans adama at the moment. Just no end product at all.
  12. Regardless of if they are good enough? The great next hope O'hare looked completely out of his depth.
  13. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    We tried the quick fix by giving 2 years to a man with a proven track record and throwing a ridiculous amount of money at the problem. This has now created a whole new mess. I'm confident Smith is the right man for a new approach, but if we aren't prepared to try a new way and give it time then we might as well have stuck with bruce and hoped for the best.
  14. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Today has me worried. Happy to give him time still. I'd pick smith over most of these players staying here.
  15. DCJonah

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    Haha you were the one criticising them