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  1. Well yes I get that. But since Smith has been here he has played with 1 lone striker. While I'm sure we wanted another striker in the summer, I think the money spent on Wes shows he was going to be our number 1 option. So if the club feels long term that a striker like Wes is the way forward, I'm surprised that the opposite of Wes is seen as the way to save our season. I get that we need options but the focus put on Wes in the summer and now Samatta now are two completely different styles in leading the line.
  2. And yet to try and save our season he's signing a striker that doesn't play that way. That doesn't make much sense.
  3. Looks to be able to do all the things Wesley can't. Which makes me wonder why we spent so much money on Wesley in the summer.
  4. That's a shame. Seems no chance of it happening now.
  5. It has to be really. Renovations happen in the summer we just need to do enough to stay up and then build from there.
  6. I suspect there is a strong correlation between fans who don't like Kodjia and fans who think Hogan would score goals with the right service
  7. Run the channels, run in behind and can create his own chances. Glad we've identified a player who can do the things wesley can't. I'm fairly confident we will start to look better with this kind of player
  8. What proven top strikers are signing for a team sitting in 18th during the january window?
  9. I agree. It's a big part of the reason we are down there. But we've done enough with that to still be in with a chance. My point is we don't need him to be an absolute superstar to keep us up.
  10. Great first season and played his part in our promotion last season. Only time he has really struggled was after an injury and this year at a level he isn't good enough for. He was signed to be a top championship striker and when fit, usually lived up to that. I will never get my head round the levels of criticism he's had since being here. Good luck kodjia, I've enjoyed his time as a villa player.
  11. We've managed to stay in the mix for survival with a striker who has scored 5 but who went 11 games without a goal and 4 without a shot on target. He doesn't need to be messi to help keep us up.
  12. He can't fail really can he. He needs to be better than el ghazi as a forward. Surely he is.
  13. Decent goal scoring record. Looks fairly fast. Sounds positive. Hopefully we can get him in for the weekend.
  14. Benteke showed in the first few months against man u and liverpool that he potentially could be an absolute beast at premier league level. Wesley played quite well in a few games but nothing compared to the level benteke showed early on what he was capable of. This comparison should really stop. If you think there was a chance wesley was going to go and and score 19 premier league goals this season I think you're crazy.
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