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  1. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Doesn't get involved enough and doesn't look dangerous. Him running into the box late on was worrying. No confidence or ideas and ended up softly kicking it at a defender. He's not ready to play week in week out in this league.
  2. On a positive note. We are meeting our target. Until we are miles away from 17th we just need to accept that this is what the season will be.
  3. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Just saw his dive. Disgraceful
  4. Good first half. Tried too hard second but then who else was attempting to make something happen? Jota too slow. El ghazi awful touches and wesley weak and not involved.
  5. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    All our wingers are poor. Change of formation needed in my opinion. Either Targett and Guilbert as wing backs or a diamond midfield and 2 up top.
  6. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Yep. Terrible decision when we invested so much money. Got great options in defence and midfield and nothing to change upfront.
  7. I hope the next 10 minutes proves me wrong. But our attackers are not premier league quality. Keeper, defence and midfield all sorted. We **** up with wingers and striker.
  8. My wife is a mental health nurse so I'd strongly agree. I think increased funding and care into mental health would solve a lot of issues.
  9. I thought he'd be much faster based on YouTube.
  10. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    And play 2 attacking mids central behind wes?

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