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  1. I'm not sure we can compare it to SARS. Didnt SARS kill less than 800 people worldwide? We're now close to 80,000 people for this in just 5 months.
  2. With 800+ people dying a day are we going to manage to stay under 20,000 total deaths? It looks unlikely.
  3. DCJonah

    U.S. Politics

    Article in the guardian says that some nurses were told to hold their breath when treating COVID-19 patients because of lack of equipment. I really hope there is some sort of public enquiry after we get all through this. People have to be held accountable.
  4. Thoughts on wrestlemania? I'm surprised how many people loved undertaker v AJ Styles. Although being a bit of a hypocrite I really enjoyed Cena and Wyatt
  5. If it's the right thing to do for the economy and it's what the government want them to do, why are clubs like liverpool getting so heavily criticised for it? And if it is so the right thing to do, should man city be criticised for not doing it?
  6. I'm no accountant or have much knowledge on this. You seem to know more. In the case of liverpool, do Fenway have many shareholders? Could the shareholders not agree to pay these wages in such unprecedented circumstances?
  7. Drs and nurses who are dealing with this shit show have asked people to stay at home. 2 nurses in their 30's have died. A 13 yr old kid died. A 5 year old died. How **** self important must you feel to refuse to follow the requests of the people having to fight this thing. Too many privileged arse holes out there.
  8. Kozak has to be up there when it's just on ability. Seemed a great guy but so far off the pace of premier league football.
  9. He was stupidly overrated. People acted like we had messi in the squad. Wasn't there a call for Sherwood to be sacked in his first season because he didn't play Carles Gill?
  10. Exactly the same last week. Headache for a couple of days, the shits for 4/5 days and complete lack of energy. To be honest, I'm putting it down to anxiety. I'd love to have had a very mild version of it and get it out the way but I don't think I have.
  11. Funnily enough michael jordan is a prime example of shitty behaviour being ignored because of athletic brilliance.
  12. I agree with you. But I also agree with the original point. I don't think mocking a politician, that has nothing to do with this, as a way to defend the indefensible is right.
  13. My wife has had blazing arguments with her dad about it. It blows my mind that he votes tory when his daughter has spent the last 20 years working for the NHS. A friend of ours is a GP and I'm pretty sure her husband voted tory and she was contemplating it. Amazing.
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