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  1. Yep. I do find it strange that after the last two years, the same crowd want to dissect every mistake whenever we don't win a game.
  2. I can't think of a moment where one of our players did what Bamford did with El Ghazi or what Ayling did just last month.
  3. Pretty weak excuse. What about Ayling a couple of weeks ago? Or Bamford two years ago? Its starting to become a Leeds thing. Surprised a man of principles like Biesla, puts up with it.
  4. Great post Lots of pundits predicted this season to be more difficult than last to stay up but clearly not. I think they're pretty fortunate so far.
  5. 11 pts from 9 games. Thought these boys were going to take the prem by storm.
  6. I hope they get smashed today.
  7. Could it not be a player or two making an error? Yes, we clearly wanted to play a high line, which I think helped us look good going forward, but their first goal to me seemed far more of an error than the plan.
  8. If you want. But we aren't going to win every game so there will always be something to criticise with some of you. We did enough to win the game yesterday
  9. Its mad isn't it? A win would have taken us top of the league and Dean Smith needs to learn quickly and sort it out. After a game, where we created more than enough chances to win. We didn't even have a striker on the bench and lost Barkley after 1 minute. Some people just don't think.
  10. A Leeds fan against diving. Surprised given the antics of his team in recent years.
  11. I just can't get my head around the attitude from some towards traore. It started as soon as he signed. So strange.
  12. My feelings towards mcginn are really going off. I just can't help but keep thinking he's not good enough. But then he seems to have these games where he is great, followed by a spell of being shit. Needs some consistency. Today, nearly cost us 2 goals with passes you'd be ashamed at on a Sunday morning in the park.
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