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  1. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Ridiculous decision by the club to rest everything on him. Signing him is fine but as the only forward brought in, it is starting to look like a terrible decision
  2. Worst he has ever played for us. He's allowed one
  3. We are top of our mini league. Let's not forget that yet
  4. Wesley's struggles are partly to do with the team and a lot to do with him. As said above, Tammy is much more developed and has much more premier league experience.
  5. If we'd got him over Wesley it would have been superb. Never really on the cards though.
  6. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Norwich was better IMO. I thought he was pretty shit yesterday.
  7. People wanted o'hare to start playing instead of him
  8. Racism? Because he wasn't paying a tax bill that nearly ended the club? Because he lied about owning companies he didn't? What a ridiculous claim. Same thick headed defence of him that was spouted when he came close to destroying us. At least he gave it a go. Thumbs up for Dr Tony. It doesn't take much to please some people.
  9. 18 months ago people blindly defender him and Steve Bruce and wanted both to be running the club. **** hell what a terrible shout. This guy was clearly a fraud.
  10. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    I've probably been a bit hard on him because for me he is the key to us staying up. Our failure to sign any competition for him means that there is an awful lot of pressure on the shoulders of a 22 year old, new to the league. No surprise that our 2 wins in the league are the 2 games he has played well. When he isn't playing well, we aren't taking chances or holding on to leads. He is vital to us. Hope this keeps pushing him.
  11. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Touched the ball 18 times Passed to a team mate 7 times In 87 minutes of football That's Scott Hogan type stats.
  12. DCJonah

    Wesley Moraes

    Wait. Its kodjia's fault?
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