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  1. DCJonah

    Jed Steer

    Same bloke who sent Elphick out while jedinak was starting at cb. Shocking decisions.
  2. Apart from the blues game. We have good depth in cm
  3. He has been out for so long. Of course he is going to be off the pace.
  4. Gone from smith out to worried about who we play in the playoff final in 1 week. Brilliant.
  5. Goals and assists. If he was better at other things he wouldn't be here and we wouldn't of signed him.
  6. That ref in the ajax game has made me so angry. So glad they just walked off
  7. Haha Proof that no matter what some have to channel that hate somewhere. Kodjia was fine. He ran the channels, nearly scored and a bit of creativity should have seen mcginn finish the game.
  8. DCJonah

    Kortney Hause

    Good signing. Can see he has the potential to develop into a good cb
  9. DCJonah

    Scott Hogan

    Wait....hang on.....you're telling me its not the system at villa? Its not the way Bruce played football. Well I am surprised. Didn't see that one coming.
  10. DCJonah

    Glenn Whelan

    He was not a calming influence at all today. He was awful and rightly subbed
  11. DCJonah

    Kortney Hause

    Wow some harsh comments. First game at cb. Playing right side. Brand new cb partnership. In a derby game. He did well overall and will be a good signing
  12. DCJonah

    Glenn Whelan

    He was very poor today.
  13. DCJonah

    Dean Smith

    Are you aware of the parody these posts have become? When we lose all you care about is the result to moan at smith. When we win, you analyse the game and everyone else is a joke. If this is all intentional you may be a comical genius
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