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  1. Mings as the LB would make sense if he's fit enough.
  2. Absolutely. I wanted VAR, I thought it was crazy we didn't have it but god I'd go back in a heartbeat now.
  3. They seem to be really proud that Tom Brady went to the real Madrid game. Couldn't be arsed to attend their actual game though.
  4. I was worried that we'd thrown away all that he'd done with the appointment of Gerrard. But now it's nice to see his good work laying the foundations for the incredible job Unai has done. Our key players are ones he brought to this club. He must feel some pride at that.
  5. He's been incredible. Should be POTY for the prem. He's added so much to his game.
  6. Good second half. I'm glad he's started picking up again.
  7. Like John Duran in the shorts department, that result is **** huge.
  8. Hopefully west brom rest a few now that playoffs are confirmed
  9. Wouldn't it be great if they got relegated next week. Come on Huddersfield, one game.
  10. First race in ages I didn't watch and I'm not sure I'll watch any others.
  11. Worried about today. I know Unai has a no excuse culture but it's frustrating that we don't have the players to properly rotate after Thursday. An absolute must not lose but if we can only draw then pressure on to beat Chelsea, which will also be tough. I don't care how we perform, points are all that matter today.
  12. Huddersfield are awful and that late pen last week has killed them.
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