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  1. See, I think you run the risk of it upsetting Luiz. Forget man city, he's a highly rated, Brazilian international who will want to play games.
  2. Amazing isn't it, that people not only question his in game management, they believe it holds us back.
  3. Was just coming to post this. Amazing stuff.
  4. But I have three Everton players in my FF team and used bench boost. My heart is torn.
  5. We beat Leeds and Paul Lambert gets sacked. What a weekend.
  6. Don't remember doing that. Of course we might have picked up points. Never disagreed with that, but as I said in my first post regarding this, the ones that seem to constantly question decisions never, ever contemplate the idea that it doesn't work or actually we might have dropped points in other games.
  7. I agree that Barkley hasn't been great and should rightly be dropped. I don't even disagree with the idea that we may have picked up points in other games. My point is, we can't just say all the good things that happened stay the same and then all bonus points get added on, if Smith had just done what VT wanted.
  8. Clearly they are. People are saying we'd have more points.
  9. I'm very open to the idea that this could have been the case. But people are making out like everything would have been perfect had we just dropped Barkley.
  10. Apart from he scored the winning goal in one of those games and we fairly comfortably beat arsenal in another. I think he deserved to be dropped but you can't just say we'd have done just as well without him in those games and better in others.
  11. I just can't see why. What is it that makes people like them so much? Even before the pandemic. I mean, all public services seem worse off thanks to their cuts. Life expectancy dropped due to their austerity measures. What the **** makes them so popular?
  12. Too many people, who have no concept that they hit the genetic lottery and the privilege they have. And I'm not talking just about the elite 1% types. And these same people, are way closer to those struggling than to those Elites, they aspire to be, but admitting that means they can't look down on others in their warped idea they're above where they truly are.
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