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  1. At this rate I'd be tempted to replace one of the wingers with Elmo, just to help cover the full backs.
  2. Their neighbors occasionally get shot up too I can vouch for the incident because it was my house.
  3. You heard wrong. If a politician writes the lie themselves they are happy to promote it. In the words of Facebook are cool with lies in politics.
  4. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    I'm not sure he will ever go to jail. He deserves to, if there is any justice he will do, but I just can't see the USA jailing an ex President, even one as awful and criminal as Trump.
  5. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Trump is worried he might not get re-elected too, it is why he is prepared to raw dog the constitution to ensure that the election is neither free nor fair.
  6. Hang on, I've got something for them to help make them feel better....
  7. FFS we are talking about what an acceptable casualty rate is for Brexit now?! That is talk for times of war, but there is no war here, there is no enemy invading, no guns being fired, the government are committing murder by policy, declaring war effectively on it's own poor, it's own sick and using them as disposable front line troops. How many people pushing Brexit do you think would be willing to give their own lives in the cause? The people leading this charge are hypocritical law breaking ****, happy to casually toss away lives, send families spiraling into heart break and loss whilst risking nothing of their own. That they have the nerve to do this behind a facade of principle sickens me beyond words. They have no principle they have not demonstrably broken, no lie they will not knowing tell. Johnson, Mogg, Gove, Faragae, Cummings and the rest are unfathomable and transparently scum and I have a massive problem that people are seeing the same stuff I am seeing and are still happy to go along with them.
  8. Awwwww Tammy! I was hoping for him to slot it in. Only wish the best for him and sad to see him be the only one to miss.
  9. Aah the subtle differences between the Hippocratic oath that Doctors take and the hypocritical oafs that are our politicians.
  10. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    I wonder what could possibly be motivating her? Could it be money (spoiler alert, it's the money)
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