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  1. Awwwww Tammy! I was hoping for him to slot it in. Only wish the best for him and sad to see him be the only one to miss.
  2. Aah the subtle differences between the Hippocratic oath that Doctors take and the hypocritical oafs that are our politicians.
  3. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    I wonder what could possibly be motivating her? Could it be money (spoiler alert, it's the money)
  4. At the very least they will know you find it in a holy area.
  5. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    If Trump prevents his administration from going to war it will be the best thing he has ever done.
  6. It's like the captain and the first mate of the Titanic arguing if they should crash into the iceberg at 20 knots or 23 mph, but during the argument the iceberg melts due to global warming so they decide instead to run the ship aground, but find the oceans have covered the earth, but so determined are they to sink the ship they scuttle it leaving only a smug few on a life raft satisfied that they have delivered democratic will of the passengers. The passengers of course had purchased a ticket to New York and what they had been assured would be a better life in the new world. The survivors will then have to live in a post apocalyptic world made of water, where the memory of land becomes the things of myths and legends, but the burning desire to single out minorities and persecute them for their differences will endure, ensuring that any advancement of human kind (for example the ability to breathe in water) is mercilessly put down condemning human kind to a miserable existence bobbing around on the ocean like the last turd on earth that just won't flush. (disclaimer: It isn't really like this, but I started writing and quite enjoyed where I was going so kept on going #kevincostnerforthewin)
  7. But I hear they have been bracing themselves for a bid?
  8. I wonder what they think JC will do that is worse than breaking up the Union, ruining the country financially and destroying the Tory party?
  9. Villa players in international shirts is a double edged sword. They always seem to come back injured.
  10. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Hang on, that was real? I had already dismissed that news as parody. The complete lack of self awareness is breathtaking.

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