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  1. I'm loving this season too, it is a thriller, but I want it to continue on the track. That race could have been a classic if Max had dropped in behind Lewis and just raced him. Lando was in front of Lewis, so there were all sorts of variables still to come into play that were cut short with an unnecessary crash. I can't remember exactly the race situation at the time of the incident, but it would only have been made more lively with the two fastest drivers battling each other whilst trying to reel in the slower (but still very competitive) drivers ahead. Lewis and Max have cars that are so close together in performance that overtaking at almost any track will not be a clear-cut thing. It will require a level of maturity and sportsmanship that is not apparent at the moment for almost any wheel to wheel race between the two to finish on the circuit. I'm already tired of having them bump into each other. In short, it's not intense battling if it only lasts for one corner.
  2. For Lewis to give Max enough space to take the corner at the speed he was going, he would have had to have turned right on a left-hander. It may even have been the thing to do. A sort of Top Gun manoeuvre, letting Max slide on through to the gravel then continue on with the race without the crash. Not that I think that it was a genuine possibility, it's just that turning left into the second part of the chicane with Max doing what he was, was also not an option regardless of the bumps. The thing for me is that we have seen this season that Lewis can race from behind with an aggressively defending opponent in Hungary with some of the most intense racing this season against Alonso. Max does seem far happier with the coin flip heads I win, tails you loose approach of forcing his opponent to let him through or accepting contact. It's not really racing at that point. I want to watch them race, but now I fear for both of them when they are in the same part of the track. If there was a third person even 20 points closer in the race for the title, they would be licking their lips at the thought of the lead two taking each other out race after race. To my mind Max really needs to dial down the aggression a notch. He is his own worst enemy this season. He has a really fast car, possibly the best car. All he needs to do is keep it on the road and he has a really good chance of the title. I don't see why you would invite all that contact from a position of strength. Well I can see why he does it, but it does not speak well of him.
  3. It blows my mind that the country keeps voting for centre and centre left parties in numbers that dwarf the conservative vote, yet time after time we end up with the Tories in charge. Labour and Lib Dem members and leadership have put their own agenda ahead of the benefit of the country for years. A coalition should be a no-brainer, but they are putting the term no-brainer to the test.
  4. I heard that the poor have chosen to be cold. Just like they decided not to get surgery during the pandemic.
  5. I have a friend who wants to know where he could get one of these....
  6. And if the rapist turns in his victim for having an abortion, he can make £10,000 profit on the rape.
  7. My eldest is in his GCSE year this year. It's like people are reading what I have written and hear me saying I want schools closed. I don't want that at all, I want them open, but safe. It is not a binary option of open with no safety measures or homeschooling. I want open with at least the same protections that we are giving adults. Covid is not only about how symptoms impair function and quality of life now. It’s also about what it means in terms of long-term organ function & development. We hope for the best, but we don’t know and no one can say that they do. Our children are part of a big old experiment by a government that does not listen to experts. Again, I want my kids in school. I want my kids to be safe whilst they are there. I can see all over the world governments doing different things to help kids in school be safe, from buying air scrubbers, to regulating ensuring fresh air is regularly circulated or simply allowing masks. We also need to be prepared for what happens if there is a school led spike in transmissions, which is not unlikely given we are going to be taking the largest group of unvaccinated people in the country and jamming them in rooms together for 8 hours a day. The plan as I see it at the moment is to pretend there is no pandemic and hope that it works out. I desperately don't want my eldest to have his exam year disrupted as his last 2 academic years have been, but I'm prepared to bet a pretty penny that the current plan will lead to more of the same. He finished last year with only 14 of his class of 30 in school with the rest at home isolating, with many teachers not there and next to nothing being achieved. 2 years this has been going on and the plan is still "fingers crossed it will all be alright".
  8. I do want my kids back at school, but I don't want the assumption to be that it's ok for them to catch covid. I'm not even asking for much, just the same mitigation that most other developed nations are doing like making sure that classrooms are well ventilated or letting teens get the vaccine. I just don't accept that doing nothing to prevent spread in schools is ok
  9. My youngest went back to school today. It feels wrong. My parenting instincts are torn between knowing that I'm sending my kids into an unsafe environment pretty much designed to give them covid and knowing that if I keep them out they will fall behind in their education and how hard it is to catch back up, never mind missing out social aspects. I wouldn't feel so bad if they had done something to mitigate against the spread in schools (masks, proper ventilation, bubbles etc) but all they have done is remove all the safety measures. Covid has so many long term possible consequences for health that are already proven to impact children I really don't understand why as a nation we are doing absolutely nothing to prevent the spread in anyone under 16.
  10. Don't know about this one. I saw him miss a penalty once so he's obviously no improvement AEG. Don't really see the point of getting him to sit on the bench.
  11. A story that I remember whilst I was there that sort of summed up for me a lot of what Australia was about, centered around Aussie rules. One of the players was witness to a bag snatching crime and he was interviewed afterwards by the news as he ran the criminal down and got the bag back. Said player (no name, way too long ago to remember) was basically having a laugh about how easy it was for him to keep up and that he was telling the guy he should just give up as he could run all day. Eventually after about 200 yards the criminal ran out of steam and handed the bag over. If there is one sport that has the perfect skill set for running down criminals it has to be Aussie rules it's basically a quick moving brawl held over a massive area. I loved the story because the player was so unruffled by the whole thing and having a laugh about it.
  12. I went to a game in 2001 when I was visiting family in Perth. My uncle got me loads of Fremantle Dockers clobber to wear to the game, so I was fully decked out in shirt hat and scarf as I watched them get absolutely smashed out of site by the visiting team (can't remember who). So now I still follow them, but not much has changed regarding the success of the team. Thanks very much uncle Phil.
  13. Every woman reading this thread has done the latter.
  14. We have had other not long term injuries be out for months and months, there is no solace in saying that anymore.
  15. Let's see how they vote when they have the opportunity to offer asylum to 10s of thousands of Afghan refugees. Bet a pound to a penny that none of these outraged Toriess will lift a finger.
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