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  1. I think I found the offending "lady". I give you Mrs P Stewart...
  2. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    If you are not watching the Michael Flynn sentencing and enjoy a bit of theater, I'd get on it right now. The judge has gone off on one, suggesting that Flynn committed treason. He is walking those statements back a bit now, but Flynn has gone from confident to crapping himself, it's all a bit odd, but boy is it compelling.
  3. Straggler

    WAHEY! It's a JOKE thread : Enter at your own risk.

    I wish I didn't like that joke but I do.
  4. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Who could have known that the NRA was an immoral organisation?
  5. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Apparently in similar cases the amount of jail time given to the person who gave the order to commit the crime is significantly longer than the person who received the order and did the actual act. Trump should be very worried right now. In related news: Trump is screwed. All that remains to be seen is how fast he loses people who will stand with him.
  6. Straggler

    "That's Disgusting"

    Granted that is all pretty disgusting, but so is this:
  7. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Republicans on message as ever Representatives for Wellingborough like Hatch really do get my blood boiling. If the same thing happened to a Democrat President they would be screaming impeachment from the rooftops. This is awful in that he is blatant that he does not care about the standards inside his own party, totally and utterly self serving, but in these couple of short sentences he is trying to make this about pre president Trump therefore not really about politics. You know what the prosecutor had to say about this crime and it's influence on politics. Yes the crime was before Trump was President because it was committed to directly to help him get elected. The difference in messaging between the Federal Prosecutor and Hatch could not be more stark. The public cynicism that may arise because the political process belongs to the rich might have something to do with the reaction of people like Hatch who literally say "I don't care" and are apparently perfectly happy to allow a criminal (or unindicted co-conspirator if you prefer) to sit in the WH, with not only no consequences for his actions, but having profited massively from his crimes. And why are there no consequences? Because he is rich and powerful and other rich and powerful people are happy with the status quo.
  8. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    There is a significant difference now though that the author here has not taken into account. Because of the nature of the crimes and the possibility that many different laws have been broken, the power of the presidential pardon has been mitigated by the use of state led prosecution. All of the main players and certainly the Trump family have the possibility of significant jail time which cannot be influenced by a pardon. Iran Contra relied entirely on pardons, but this I can't help but feel that Mueller has accounted for this and has plans in place. Also Trump's broad criminality and to be blunt his stupidity makes it so much harder to get away with it. How can he and his cronies run an effective cover up when he can't get his story straight and keeps on crapping himself in public? Trump is breathtakingly dumb and he is attended to by the lowest quality of staff ever to have taken residence at the WH. The possibility of them strategizing a way out of this is vanishingly small. On top of all this Trump is a coward. He will try and chuck everyone under the bus to save his own sorry rear. Who in their right mind is going to help a man like that when it starts to get really messy? The GOP will eventually drop him like a flaming turd and the contest will be on to race as far away from him as possible. The GOP are well practiced at hypocrisy and will to a man happily wax lyrical about how they were never a Trump supporter and have tried to bravely carry on under very testing times.
  9. Straggler

    Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    Listening to the music, it sounded like it was inspired by the Westworld series. I had my headphones on when I hit play, but wasn't really looking at the screen (working from home/multi tasking) and I thought maybe I had hit play on a Westworld trailer by mistake.
  10. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Trump is about two things and two things only. His wallet and his mushroom cock. If you are not filling the first or emptying the other then he is not interested. It also seems there are no legal or moral boundaries in his pursuit of satisfying these two things. If the UK want a good trade deal with the USA, all we need to do is rent a floor in Trump Tower, maybe buy and apartment or two from him, invite him round for a burger or a well done steak and ketchup and then send in a couple of hookers. It's so painfully obvious that he is for sales that it is a wonder that we have not adjusted our foreign policy to account for it. It is all well and good pretending to having the moral high ground, but sooner or later you have to deal with the reality of it.
  11. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    The press have reported that the investigation is reaching it's end game monthly for the last year. They have been wrong every time and imo they are wrong again now, it is just a mechanism to get you to read the article. There will be many more months of the soap before it gets all Perry Mason.
  12. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    So Remembrance Day was about his hair and Thanksgiving is about how great he is and how great his family is. Last Christmas America celebrated how Trump made it OK to say happy Christmas again, would anyone here bet against Trump making a statement this Christmas that makes it all about him? His new years wish will be another 4 years of him as POTUS and I'd put money on that one.
  13. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    This shouldn't even be news. She got her seat by taking it from a white, moderate Democrat, whilst campaigning specifically against them and supporting other more progressive candidates against other sitting Democrats. This has been her position through her entire campaign. I suppose the surprise in the press is that she has campaigned on a number of specific issues and is sticking with them after having been elected. The normal practice is to get the seat and start grabbing fists full of cash from whoever will give it to you. Sticking to your principles in power is possibly so unusual that it could grab a headline or two.