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  1. Straggler

    Tony Xia

    I think you will be better off looking at the posts to likes ratio. Quality > quantity.
  2. Straggler

    Star Wars: Disney Era

    I agree in that they are making the movies that no one asked for. It does seem to be movie making by marketing people, picking the cult figures and assuming that they can make any movie featuring them and assume it will be a hit. Boba Fett is an interesting one as he has become a cult figure from the movies largely because he is a bit mysterious and looks cool. However he is also the guy that is ended by having Han chuckle brother him into the sarlacc, which does make him a bit of a figure of fun rather than an ultra cool assassin / bounty hunter. The idea of a movie based around him is one that I'm not sure I'm that bothered about. I think my main problem is going back in the timeline of characters that we already know. There is no peril when you know for a fact that half the people on screen have to survive of have to fit into a character arc further down the line. It makes all the events and responses predictable. I'd like them to be brave and try just writing a good script that relies on the laws of the universe, but takes a complete break from all the people and locations that we know. I'd like a compelling baddy story. Someone who can find their feet over a couple of movies to establish their baddy credentials. Then when a fully fledged bad ass you can drop the new baddy into the Rey and Kylo world and snap the pair of them in half. No effort, just snap, folded like a deck chair and discarded. The movies are only ever as good as the baddy and you need time to grow the threat to make the buzz of seeing them beaten work.
  3. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Well that didn't take long....
  4. Straggler

    Steve Bruce

    Yes there was one insightful comment that added real value to the debate, you should read back and work out which one i am referring to.
  5. Straggler

    Steve Bruce

    I wrote when Bruce joined that I have never seen a Bruce team that I have enjoyed watching, but he may be what we need. I was 50% correct. Personally I am done with him. Simply put I still don't like watching a Bruce team play football and match days, win, lose or draw were becoming a chore last season. Yes I celebrated the goals, I enjoyed winning more than we lost for a change, but on average I became less enthusiastic about going to games as even the wins were a bit turgid. It was not a surprise to me that this was the case, Bruce teams have always been the same, at best uninspired and effective, at worst uninspired and insipid. So even amongst the apparent chaos at the club and the with all the risk attached to it I would happily take the gamble and move on from the Bruce era. I will raise a point here that I think many of you won't like. I had a ticket for the play off final, I was due to go with my dad. We gave the tickets to other members of our supporters club as we could not face watching what we feared would be a truly miserable Bruce team performance. We ended up watching it in a pub with ex Villan Gary Parker (a happy coincidence I don't know the bloke), which was about as good a way of spending the day possible given the result. We have been to every Wembley outing since we beat Leeds with that Savo wonder goal. It was a tough decision, but we didn't want to go through all that hype and effort and heartbreak for a team that we were certain was going to utterly Bruce it up. I really shouldn't feel that way about my team, but I do. My Dad and I have been going together since the mid eighties so we have seen plenty of ups and downs, maybe we are just getting too old for this. Even so, we have renewed the season tickets again regardless, I'd just prefer a manager that produces teams that I like watching play.
  6. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Flipping heck
  7. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Or alternatively: Devin Nunes' staffers threatened to hold Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein in contempt of Congress during a closed-door meeting. Rosenstein responded by reminding them that if they did so, he would be able to call them as witnesses & subpoena their comm's to defend himself. Devin Nunes' staffers responded to this (entirely reasonable) reminder that Rosenstein, too, has due process rights by spinning a misleading story to Fox News, claiming that Rosenstein had threatened to launch a criminal investigation against them. Fox News ran w/ the story. A DOJ spox responded today: “The FBI Dir., the senior career ethics adviser for the [DOJ], & the Asst. AG for Legislative Affairs who were all present at this meeting are all quite clear that the characterization of events laid out here is false.” Now, Deputy AG Rosenstein plans to call on the House general counsel to investigate the conduct of Devin Nunes' staffers, who apparently not only leaked information about a closed-door meeting, but lied about it. And Rosenstein has multiple witnesses backing him up. Of course if you are only watching Fox news you may have missed the rest of the story.
  8. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Day one at the G7 and Trump gets straight to his highest priority item: Doing Russia's bidding.
  9. Straggler

    Jack Grealish

  10. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    No, it is not ironic. Literally. There is nothing ironic about it at all.. No you don't have the worst trade deals ever made, have a word with the native Americans about the deal they got selling their land. No, the people running the Russia investigation not Democrats, they are all Republican. Rosenstein, Mueller, Wray, Comey etc, all Republican. It was started by a Republican, and is being run by Republicans. No it is not a witch hunt, 17 indictments and 5 guilty pleas suggest otherwise. No you're not getting ready to go to the G-7 you are live tweeting Fox News from your bed. No you cannot meet with North Korea and & the Nuclear Problem. It is a problem not a person. (unless the Nuclear problem is a nickname for Kim, but it is a little understated for Trump)
  11. Straggler

    Going Under ?

    Whilst I don't expect the club to air its dirty laundry in public this is still very light in detail. That said it is mostly a good sign I suppose for the existence of the club. However for the health of the club they will have to explain a little more to keep the club healthy. We can't expect our bright prospects to want to remain, or to be able to recruit new players (should we be able to recruit) without an explanation of this particular s4!tstorm and clear proof that we are a stable team to come to. At the moment I can see players saying "I wouldn't go to that club if they paid me and they might not even do that".
  12. Straggler

    Tony Xia

  13. Straggler

    Keith Wyness

    FYI the James Bree is on £1,200 / week data comes from Football Manager 2017 courtesy of some staggering investigative journalism by the Daily Star. I'm not even going to quote or link it here, they don't deserve the hits.
  14. Straggler

    Going Under ?

    It will include transfer fees and interest on loans and other such things though. That is the bit I'm really not sure about. I suppose the point I'm at is that I don't trust the source of the information on numbers as it appears to come from Wyness with a narrative wrapped round it of how he is only trying to do the right thing and is being a responsible professional. It does not pass a simple smell test for me. His history with Everton, his associations with people like Samuelson encourages at least a healthy dose of skepticism and any evidence presented by him is worthy of fact checking. It's the fact checking that I'm struggling with though. I have little to no experience with understanding the accounts of any business, let alone a football club, I've no idea where to look for the skeletons, what the tell tale signs are of buried problems. I just know that the evidence on it's face does not seem logical, the bits I'm happy to evaluate (the journalistic work) I don't trust, the rest I'm not the right person to evaluate. I suppose the question I'm asking you guys is that is there a person here who is capable / willing to sense check the numbers against what is being banded around in the press at the moment so we can call BS or not?
  15. Straggler

    Going Under ?

    My gut is telling me to eat flaming hot Doritos for breakfast and to have a big block of dairy milk for desert. I'm not sure I can trust it either.