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  1. I'm not sure why there is such a lot of credit given to West Brom for their "strong defensive display". The tactic was to foul as early and as often and as hard as they could manage and hope that the ref doesn't give early yellow cards. The fact that the ref was totally complicit and allowed them to body check and kick their way through the game and only gave out the one red late in the game is not the result of a strong defense it is the result of a weak ref. Every pass had to be rushed because every Villa player new that if a West Brom player got near them they were getting kicked up in the air or pulled to the ground and there is a better than average chance the ref will give nothing therefore the chance of losing the ball in a dangerous situation goes up. If West Brom had been promoted this season they would have been worse than Cardiff. West Brom are an awful team and they got more than they deserved over the two legs, I'm glad to see the back of them and the Prem has no idea what a favor we have done them by taking out a team that no fan is going to want to pay to see play. The world has moved on from set pieces and long throws, they got everything their ambition merited.
  2. Poor Reek. He may have had his dick cut off, but he is still a person damn it.
  3. I'm still most bothered by the transformation of Cersei. She had planned, thought, back stabbed, schemed and assassinated her way through this show. We know there is no length she won't go to to protect herself and her family. So from the point she can see that she is up against dragons and that the army of the dead is real she prepares for it by hiring the Golden Company and building scorpions. A bit of a shag to get the Iron Fleet onside and that is it. Up to that point the scorpions had managed to hurt, but not kill one dragon so it was by no means a sure thing that they would work. So if the army of the dead win her plan fails as they surely overwhelm her. If the army of humans win, she loses because - Dragons. The only way she wins is a narrow victory for man kind where all the dragons are killed, which is a bit of a long shot to be banking on. Even after that, with the opposing army at her gates and a dragon killed by a scorpion, you could then maybe forgive her for getting a little cocky, but she also managed to get herself a useful prisoner in Missandei. So what does she do? She cuts the head off her only leverage. To what end? To piss off Dany? You want to kill a dragon you need to have a good shot at it, a good way of managing that is maneuvering said dragon into a place you can prepare a cross fire. Missandei was the only bait they had to make that work and she was given up for no gain at all. All of Cersie's logic and cunning deserted her when she had all the time in the world to prepare. She could have sent a company or two of her army up to fight in the north to pretend to ally and have them try and kill Danny and Jon during or after the battle. She could have sent her army up north in its entirety to wait until after the battle then sweep in and kill off the survivors before they have a chance to regroup. She could have fully committed her forces in the north (to ensure the survival of mankind and indeed herself), arrange a glorious victory parade in Kings Landing and line the parade with scorpions. Even if we assume she was arrogant enough to think that the dragons could be dealt with by scorpions, having her watch out of the window as the Dragon burns its way through the city was just pathetic. She didn't even have an escape plan. The pregnant born survivor who wants nothing more in the world than to see her baby born and to prosper had a bit of a cry and started looking around for someone to save her. Then she goes on about how the Red Keep has never fallen which is why she is safe from a fricking dragon! Never mind the fact that she is only sat in the Red Keep because her Dad (amongst others) took it by force. She can see the dragon destroying the city walls like a monster truck in a lego village and her reasoning is what? She went from one of the most compelling baddies ever to an imitation of Padme in Revenge of the Sith, staring out of windows and waiting to be rescued.
  4. Ok, I lied, I have to comment. Just the things that bothered me the most. Cersei has been reduced this season to 'woman who looks out of window'. She has been a bad ass baddy all the way through, cunning and resourceful. She like pretty much all of the main players in this season has been reduced to a feckless fool with no plan. In fact everyone is dumber now. Tyrion hasn't made a smart choice for ages, Varys, the arch manipulator of men and shadowy figure is sat there sort of shrugging it off that he lost this time. The Iron fleet has gone from mobile and elusive dragon killer to stationary target. They know a dragon is coming and the tactic is to park up, anchors down, sails tied up and try to look as much like Pearl Harbour as possible. These fricking boats teleport around the world like a tardis powered, Deus Ex Machina fleet of doom most of the time, just last episode they managed to catch a dragon by surprise and a couple of days later they are ALL in the harbor bobbing around like rubber ducks in a bath, which is a deliberate plan! Scorpions kill dragons until they don't, it turns out that the tactic of flying around and burning the boats and the scorpions works just fine so long as you remember to dodge the bolts. The Golden Company were stood outside the city walls in yet another GOT failure to understand why people built fortifications around cities. Maybe if they had stood inside the walls someone would have noticed the fricking massive dragon fly down and blow out the gates from the inside, because up to the point the gates exploded not a single alarm was raised or warning called. There is a bit of a rumble then boom! fire everywhere. Not a single person on the wall, or manning the scorpions of which there are dozens of the bloody things about manages to cry out until they are burning. Apparently they are so transfixed looking at the army in front of them no one noticed the bloody great dragon fly in. I suppose it is possible it went to the same assassin school that Arya did, but I must have missed the episode when Drogon got his stealth training from the faceless ones. The slow motion horse at the end, I thought I was watching a 1980s pop video for three minutes there and if Simply the Best had started playing I would not have been surprised.
  5. oh ffs. No point really commenting on the episode other than to say it was sh** for so many reasons I'm not going to waste my time logging any of them. Is it just me or does Grey worm remind you of Gabby?
  6. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    His losses were so big in 1991 that they accounted for 1% of all business losses declared that year by individual American taxpayers. How he didn't get investigated for this I can't fathom.
  7. I was concerned that I was the only one thinking this. One of the reasons I liked the TV show is that it cut out a lot of the really tedious stuff that padded out the books. I like an epic novel and all, but I gave up on this series as I got bored of reading pages and pages of nothing. I remember the moment I realised how bored I was as I read a description of a parade of knights I think at a tournament (can't remember the book). Each knight as they passed had a detailed description of the horse they were on, the armor the horse was wearing, a description of the rider, the armor, the sword, the shield, the cloak the embroidery, the crest and on and on for knight after knight. It was literal pages of nothing but a detailed description of what everyone was wearing, which is fine if you are giving direction to a wardrobe department on a TV show, but to keep a reader engaged was a massive fail. To give a single character the detail treatment is fine and dandy, but when I realised he was going to do it for the whole damn parade I started skipping forward, then eventually putting the book down never to return.
  8. In an episode that had an army of the dead, dragons, swords being magically set alight, giants, a lady who died because she aged a ton when she took a necklace off, the giant being killed by a junior school girl, a bloke in a wheel chair that can see through the eyes of other animals whilst taking control of them, storms being conjured by some sort of ice wizard king, it was a girl moving quietly that tipped you over the edge?
  9. For me the big test will be in trying to introduce new actors into already established roles.
  10. "your handy idiots guide" has never been more laced with double meaning.
  11. I can't believe there is talk of a 4th vote. On the same fricking thing. I don't want to test the word filter to breaking point so please just assume that the remainder of this post is a long string of expletives, punctuated with the occasional politicians name.
  12. Chasm of distrust In related news he also warned of the dangers of not shutting the stable door long after the horse has bolted.
  13. The biggest problem with a GE is that neither of the two main parties will have remain as part of their manifesto. Having half the country represented by the fricking Liberals is a joke. I live in a constituency that voted 54% remain in the referendum, but has and MP that voted in favor of No Deal in the indicative votes. A protest vote is as useful as broken glass bog roll so I may as well bin off voting for the current generation of politics.
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