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  1. For once I thought I was the smart one. Today was not that day.
  2. It's a great highlights real, but that last goal cutting in from the right and bending it in with the left foot wasn't him. It was scored by Reddin.
  3. I have been one of the mostly isolated / strict lockdown adherents for the last year. I got my first jab last week so I am staring down the reality of getting back out into the world. We’ve not been complete hermits, I have 2 kids so there is the walk to and from school every day and we have seen friends in the garden when permissible, but always with good social distancing practiced. We took social distancing very seriously from the start largely because my wife is in a couple of the more vulnerable categories and we don’t want to see her suffer or die from this disease if we can avoid it.
  4. This should be a bare minimum requirement. Neither the Premier League or UEFA can negotiate with these people in good faith. They should not have access to any of the confidential information discussed in any of the meetings as they have proven that they will use it to destroy the organisations that they are supposed to be a part of. They need to be considered and treated as hostile.
  5. It would be an odd product, referencing engaging billions of fans around the world but unable to fill a stadium. As and when Prem games are full again the lack of fans in the ground for ESL games will make it look inferior. Only works if people don't go though.
  6. The league table with the Goddamnmuthfookingreedy6 taken out Yay, we won 3 times.
  7. I wonder if they have considered not hiring so many expensive players on high wages?
  8. My wife with (48) with long diagnosed pretty heavy asthma hasn't been invited for her jab yet, some areas probably going faster than others...
  9. It is expected but I'm still not sure why. I know that I expect Fox to research the worst possible take on any given situation and then go at it hard regardless of facts or truth. I can see that they want to fight against their political enemies, but the they don't have to do the opposite to fight them. If they percieve the green new deal and fighting to save the planet to be a bad thing, they don't have to go all in on supporting heat death for all living things on earth. The logical end game to the environmental positions that Fox takes is that the world chokes to death on it's own pollu
  10. I think it's fair that anyone who is as good as Jack and worth as much to the team as Jack can have the same contract as Jack. I don't think that will cost us too much more money.
  11. It's the legal action that is catching up with the worst of them. Politically there has been very little in the way of consequences for all the lying, but as it got more unhinged it also became libellous against some big firms with deep pockets. Fox etc are perfectly happy to feed their base a diet of bs to feed their bs hungry viewers, but as soon as it starts costing them money they will run for the hills. Dobbs is not being dropped for what he said, he is being dropped for costing them money. It’s a shame it is the money motive that is fighting the fight, for it is not moral and it
  12. I'm stunned, that is an amazing effort, well done the NHS.
  13. I had a real problem finding something even approachable as affordable to work out on. I had a bench and some dumbbells (15kg per hand) but it simply was not enough weight for most of my exercises. I had a look at buying all sorts of stuff, hoping to stock up on a good set of free weights and a rack, but also found the pricing just stupidly high. Instead I invested in this: It has a 100kg stack and is relatively small in footprint so has helped move me on from the small dumbbells. It cost me £699 which I know is no small investment, but it was less than half of what I was looking
  14. I'm one of the people who was concerned about the longer gap between jabs, although certainly not an expert. I'm happy to see the news that there will likely not be a negative impact to pursuing this policy. When the evidence changes my opinion changes. We can add this to the very short list of the things the govt have got right in the last year. It seems like we are looking at the stopped clock at the right time of day here (there is still not enough evidence to convince me that the govt are competent).
  15. I only came in here because the thread keeps floating to the top of the list and it is all milk puns. I was hopeful but that mood just evaporated.
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