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  1. Bet they still have Windows on their laptop, use office 365 for everything and shop at Walmart
  2. That might explain why I just mugged a granny for pocket change. Are dealers using contactless during Covid or do they take cash? Asking for a friend.
  3. Guess Im on crack then. I honestly thought that the high would have been more noticable. Maybe, just maybe the "wishy-washy centrist platform" wasn't what peaople really wanted. Lets face it Biden won because he isn't Trump not for anything he actually stood for. Sanders is also not Trump so he had that going for him too. Sanders also had a platform of medicare for all that polls ar around 70% popularity, tax the rich which polls at around 65% popularity, and cancelling student debt which polls at around 60%. It's a long shot, but campaigning on policies the vast majority want might
  4. Serious question, can Saka get goal of the month for an own goal?
  5. The lesser known sequal to Debbie Does Dallas.
  6. Ok. But I'm not doing it in that order.
  7. And Trump is currently third in that list and may finish up in second place when this thing is all done. He almost certainly will be shouting about it as a measuring stick of how popular he is, claiming if the election wasn't rigged he would be the most popular of all time. 70 million people just in teh USA think he is a good leader. 70 million clearings in the woods.
  8. Nancy is good at a bit of grandstanding and mocking of Trump, but an effective opposition she is not. There is no point ripping up the script if you don't stop any of the content from actually happening. Every significant moment she has had to actually stop some of the insanity happening she has caved. Every bit of leverage she has she gives away. Yeah her sarcastic clap got all the news, but it is the gentle wave as she ushers through all the awful Republican laws that is her real impact (or lack of impact). She is a paid to lose corporate shill and whilst she rules the party nothing of su
  9. This is because some of the teams that are in Europe irl are not in the game, so the spots that they are not in are filled by other teams at random. There was a bug last year that where you could get drawn against a team that didn't exist in the game and the whole competition would fail. This prevents the same thing happening again.
  10. I would like to blame angry typing, but truth is I'm crap at spelling.
  11. I'm fuming about all this. We are on here arguing about if the pub closing times are working or if our schools should be open or closed, or even if we should just go out an contract Covid and hope that we are not one of the unlucky ones so we can get on with normal life. We are all talking about what is the next sacrifice we should make as the public. We already did it. We shut down the whole country for moths, we followed the rules we brought the infection rates down, we saved the NHS, we saved each other. That time was hard won, people have suffered, jobs have been lost, families and in
  12. Turned it into a boring game and beat them with experience.
  13. I don't want Grealish to play today, I'd much rather see him rested, but that team is a shocker anyway. I can't for the life of me see how we retain possession with the players picked, I can't see how we transition without just launching the ball and I can't see how we can win the game if we don't have the ball. I'm gonna watch it because I can, but I'll be stunned if we get anything out of it.
  14. 20 ended my time as a pre order purchaser of FIFA. The gameplay for me was ok, but I am a career mode player and that experience pissed me off. The mode I almost exclusively play was bugged to hell and not patched satisfactorily for many months after release. I want to play the game I payed for not be a beta tester for an unfinished mode. Also for 21 when they took the scout future star out of the game and gated it behind pre-order purchases I was just f u EA. I hate it when features get stripped out for profit especially in full price games. I don't even care for the feature I just can'
  15. The best comment I've seen about Trump and his trustworthiness is from Alice Fraser. She said that she would not accept and IOU from Trump if he wrote it on the money he owed her. Sums the whole thing up for me. Is he sick, is he really on the drugs they claim, is he fine and recovering or worsening? The only thing you can 100% guarantee is that Trump will do whatever he believes is the best thing for him. Problem is Trump is an idiot so guessing what he thinks is the best for him is not simple if you use logic.
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