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  1. No Sclub argument about this lot Myleene, was best and it wasn't even close.
  2. Am I to treat them as hearsay or heresy? I'm not sure if I need to grab a pitchfork and a flaming torch or simply await further evidence. I'm up for either.
  3. How could anyone have seen this coming? Just because we all saw American Universities going back with exactly the same thing happening a few weeks in advance of our own... How we can claim to be following the science whilst ignoring the evidence is some classic doublespeak.
  4. Straggler

    Keinan Davis

    Agreed. He is not 100% consistent, however he does have decent close control, is able to shift the ball well between his feet and has a bit of a bag of tricks too. I do like that he is happy when 1 on 1 with a defender to drive at them and try to go past them. For me when his control goes wrong it is his brain being ahead of his body, he is trying to spin off a defender before completing they lay off or something like that. This can be coached and improved with experience and the calmness that comes with it.
  5. I'd love to see someone ask him the same question this week. Having been publicly humiliated for not reading a pamphlet sized document that is central to trade talks with both the EU and the USA, has he been professional enough to put it right? My money is on no.
  6. Straggler

    Keinan Davis

    I'm chuffed for him. I'm really glad the club sees the potential and have decided to keep him on. Good pace, decent technically, great in the air, strong and has good intelligence/awareness. He seems to be learning and improving which speaks well for his professionalism and he always works hard. Just waiting for the player to become at least the sum of his parts and I'm glad he will have the opportunity to do it with us.
  7. I think you give them too much credit. Aside from holding power there is no plan.
  8. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    4 more years! 4 more years!
  9. Straggler

    Keinan Davis

    So happy for him getting his goal. There is a player here if we have the patience to find him.
  10. The lad looks like he is running into a headwind the whole time. Just doesn't have the movement to play football at our level.
  11. I hear he is connected to Charlton.
  12. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    However both parts of your statement were red propaganda. Trump banning flights from China and the Pelosi stuff is Republican go to bs. Half truths and whataboutism that serves only Trump. If you don't want to be accused of supporting him you would be well served to stop parroting his propaganda.
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