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  1. Also if free to play games are the future then it will be the end of my gaming life. Free to play games are not designed for great gameplay, or wonderful narrative, or even decent mechanics, they are designed to be addictive and to drive that compulsive behaviour into the games market place. I'm not saying that f2p games don't or can't have great gameplay etc, but that if they are included they are a biproduct of the main driving imperative £££.
  2. Digital only is a way to ensure that the cost of gaming goes up for everyone. Goodbye to the second hand market, goodbye to sharing games with friends. How many people subsidise their next purchase with the sale of an old game or a part exchange. I played last of us when I swapped it for black flag, can't do that with digital. Simple answer is that I will play less games and I will be less experimental with the games I choose because of it or I'll stumble upon less great games. I can totally get why Sony like the idea, as a consumer I think it sucks.
  3. Don't worry, if you leave everything to the last minute then everything only takes one minute to do.
  4. TBF the USA is going to need a lot more of the treatment as they are going to have the majority of cases world wide with the current trajectory. It's an odd strategy as the chances of them being able to deliver it to where it is needed and administer it on the scale required is virtually 0.
  5. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Ok so I went to Youtube to check out what Morgan Freeman, Charles Barkley and Denzel Washington have to say about BLM at the moment. I can find some footage of Barkley saying it is stressful being a black man right now. In other articles he states that he does not support defunding the police. Regards Freeman and Washington, I can find videos trending but they are from 3 or 4 years ago and totally out of context for the situation now. If you have something that actually backs up what you are saying please feel free to link it here because I don't think it even exists. It seems that you have had to dive into the archives to find some opinions that allow you to put a motive on the BLM protests that are not true. You know what, I do want to know what intelligent black people have to say about BLM at the moment. Even better than that I have been listening intently over the last few weeks. If it is celebrities that carry weight with you, I can give you Jamie Foxx, Michael B Jordan, John Boyega, Beyonce, Oprah. I've linked one, the others are easy to find. Actually it is quite the trick these days to find a prominent black celebrity / politician / religious leader who has not offered their opinion in the last few weeks. You know what none of them are saying? None of them are saying the things that you are attributing to the movement. Even better than this I can link you to the BLM website that states nice and clearly what the objectives are of the movement. No one there asking for any handouts, just equality. BLM BTW do you know who has been spreading the videos of Morgan Freeman and Denzel from years back? Far right and racist groups looking to discredit the BLM movement today. Can't think why they are the opinions that ended up in your feed. The Second World War was indeed a fight for freedom. Why not join the fight for those that have less?
  6. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Don't worry, you'll always be my first and you never forget your first. But right now I've got to move on. I hope you understand it's not you, it's me. I've met someone else and I owe it to us both to give it a chance.
  7. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    If you can't tell the difference between white power and black power then you are part of the problem. In good faith if you really don't know: Black power was a rallying cry of an oppressed minority fighting for equal rights that was mostly used in the 60's and 70's demanding power for the powerless. White power is a rallying cry of white supremacists and racists which was used as a direct response to and used in direct mockery of the black power chant. You see the difference? One is a cry for freedom, the other is a call to oppress and entire race on the basis of skin color.
  8. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    I think he will be looked back on as something quite exceptional in modern western democracies. I think he will be a President who eventually be remembered as a literal traitor. The leader of 'the greatest nation on earth' and a traitor to it is a story of infamy and will be studied for generations.
  9. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Well if you thought Kung flu was bad he only went and tweeted out some racists decked out in trump banners yelling white power. Oh yeah he thanked those fine people. This the same week he was found out doing nothing to prevent Putin awarding payment for the killing of US troops around the world. In 4 years he has done enough to go down in history as one of the worst leaders the world has ever known. His name will become synonymous with callous incompetence much like Nero.
  10. Ok it's a bad game and a bad time to be a Villa fan but. Sherwood was an awful manager and our last relegated team offered up a meek surrender the likes of which should be hard to forget but apparently has been already.
  11. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    You can get Fox news fans foaming at the mouth over almost anything. It's safer just to assume they are rabid.
  12. Straggler

    Gym Routine

    I'm probably way behind most of you here, but I've got back to training after years off basically to save myself from lockdown fat couch potato syndrome. I have a bench, two dumbbells and enough plates to max out at 17.5kg on each one. I'm doing press ups, chin ups, planking, body weight work to supplement. My problem is that for some parts of my routine I am using the max weight for my dumbbells and have no where left to go. As some of you mentioned new plates are stupid expensive at the moment. I'm not sure where to go next as I'm sure as hell not going to a gym. Because additional weight is so expensive it is beginning to price in something like this: IT is interesting to me because my 14 year old kid has been training with me and it seems a safer option than handling progressively bigger free weights. Interested if any of you have had experiences good or bad with home gyms?
  13. I'm beginning to feel like we are always set up for the last game rather than the one we are about to play.
  14. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Defund the police does not mean get rid of the police. It means take reallocate a chunk of police funding to other community services such as mental health so more appropriate people can be sent out to certain situations. For example cops going to school to deal with a difficult pupil is not helpful. A cop going to a school to deal with a shooter is helpful. At the moment they can turn up for both, are funded for both and are trained, equipped and funded like a branch of the military. That said it seems many police departments are incapable of change and may need to be switched off and switched on again to reboot their idea of what serving the community is supposed to mean.
  15. Straggler

    U.S. Politics

    Donald Trump is not a credible source.
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