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  1. It's all very well "praising" strikers for "running", "creating chances", "work" "effort", but frankly you could have a dog do all that for £5 of Pedigree Chum a week. At some point, you actually have to put the ball in the net, that's the job. If I was no good at my job, but got the coffee's in a lot, and was always on time, that wouldn't be enough. Most of Oli's goals have come when we didn't really need them. He doesn't create match winners in games that matter. Not good enough. Always a fraction of a second behind where he needs to be to create end product.
  2. Bu in fairness, we are only a striker or three, anywhere in the squad who will ever score before the next ice age, from being a half decent team.
  3. If this is what happens when you shame a player on social media, I'm logging on to call them all "words removed" right now!
  4. Martinez 7? The only thing he didn't do yesterday, was dribble out of the penalty box, swerve past 10 outfield players and smash it in the net from 25 yards out! His quick distribution is excellent, and I love he catches balls, doesn't try punching them. One moment he's down to collect one low and fast to his side on the floor, the next, leaping like a cat to catch 2 handed across the goal like they do in Roy of the Rovers. Wasn't sure we needed a backup for Heaton when he was signed. Now, I can't see Heaton getting a game unless Martinez injures himself. Best keeper I've seen at Villa
  5. Juju

    Dean Smith

    The players are much fitter and it's a faster game, I grant you. But then the players got kicked around a lot more and played on worse pitches. All mitigate against continual match fitness fitness and towards injuries. It was still remarkable in 81, and it's remarkable to set out to do so in 2020. But there's evidence its working.
  6. Juju

    Dean Smith

    Its also how we won the league under Ron Saunders.
  7. Can someone just explain what the hell is happening today? I am perplexed, confused, bewildered......
  8. There's something wrong with my stream/feed tonight. Bayern Munich appear to be playing Fulham, whilst wearing a change strip of claret and blue.
  9. First thing I did was recreate my commute with the London to Brighton Pack to pull out of Redhill into East Croydon. I can't believe I spent so much time cursing the railway, just to then spend my free time doing the same bloody thing...
  10. I think a terrible transfer window will sink us.
  11. Well, I started logging in at 8:38. its now 21:18 and I'm 6693 in the queue, est 138m wait... They really messed up the launch.... First there were going to be 2 English European pvp servers. They added more frantically at character creation. Now theres I guess a dozen English pvp, and people are waiting hours to get in - all populations high already. The forums are in meltdown.... Same old same old. and I bet the servers laggy as well...
  12. Well, looks like a bunch of my old Guild-mates are rolling classic on the 27th, and I'll be there for a bit of nostalgia.... looks like Shazzrah has got the guild vote. Not going to buy playtime or roll a character til then, I'll post it's name here. - I think half the fun of the game was really it was just a glorified msn chat. It was my guild job to ensure the kids were playing nicely, sooth arguments, kick arseholes. Some weekends I'd get in from work at about 6:00pm, log in, and I;d be on more or less all weekend including too many overnights. Often never even moving the toon,
  13. We would have had all 3 points, but somebody let Nyland hold them for a few minutes.........
  14. Thought he was working really well with Hutton to service Grealish today.
  15. So is Gollini deserving of an apology yet? This clown is useless.
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