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  1. Aston Villa 1976/77 squad. Probably played the most exciting football I have ever seen at Villa Park.
  2. 60% is ok. https://cmr.asm.org/content/17/4/863.long
  3. It is hard to know what to say. I am exhausted by this. We are so shockingly bad.
  4. They are a yard faster than us to everything
  5. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Mings is part of the problem and not the amazing CB many claim. I haven’t seen such a poor Aston Villa defence as this. As for Reina *!*!*! disgraceful
  6. Hourihane? What is the ****** point. We are terrible everywhere but why is he on the pitch?
  7. Don’t know what to think about that line up. CH starting is a weird imo.
  8. Mark, the crazy thing is that even when it is brought under control, it could all happen again next winter until there is a vaccine.
  9. It depends on the company. There is no doubt we will take a hit with so many working from home.
  10. The next level of our contingency plan triggered this morning because we had several cases in the local area. We sent home four people first thing who were members of a gym which has been close down because one of the members has CV19. We are not taking any chances and ultimately everyone health is the most important thing. On the other hand we need to keep the business going to ensure everyone is paid as statutory sick pay is pitiful. Unlike the big corporations, government etc we don’t have very deep pockets.
  11. Spent all day today arranging homeworking for our staff with my operations and IT guys. By Wednesday we should have 60-70 able to work from home. As a result those who need to be in the offices will be ‘socially distanced’ (if there is such a phrase!) from their colleagues. However, as simple as it seems, there have been all kinds of gremlins!! All our warehouses and factories have been issued with PPE and hopefully we can keep going. Unfortunately new cases are popping up all over the place and the government is still sitting on the fence on containment issues. They should be cancelling major events and starting publicity campaigns to educate people about how to reduce the risks of onward transmission beyond standard hygiene procedures.
  12. While I wouldn’t claim there is a conspiracy, I do think it is very strange that the government is not taking any significant actions on containment. They have rightly put a lot of emphasis on hand hygiene etc but should also be encouraging people to minimise contact with others and avoiding concentrations of other people. While younger people are much less prone, I don’t think they want to start burying their parents and grandparents in droves. The number of confirmed infections is forecast to double every few days, so within 2 weeks the numbers will probably exceed Italy. A fundamental difference however is that the Italian cases are relatively confined in North, whereas in the UK they will be more widely distributed. Without major containment efforts, the cases in the UK will be greater than Italy, who may now be able to turn the tide. By next weekend, i wouldn’t be surprised if there are suddenly a bunch of containment actions in the UK, but they should have acted faster. In this instance the stats don’t lie.
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