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  1. Maybe bring on Young for Ramsey? He would add a bit of calm and control.
  2. Brilliant - tremendous result and totally deserved!! UTV.
  3. We have played really well. I wish some fans would stop writing players off after less that 2 games. So boring and negative.
  4. Hahahahaha! Is Greedlick tired of winning yet?
  5. Albright Albrighton = Fox in the box! Greedlish = Cock in the box!
  6. Remember how Greedlick went to citeh to win things?
  7. Leicester should stick a proper Villa fan on their right. Marc Albrighton could kick Greedlick in the air.
  8. So does that mean we are going to field 13 players in future?
  9. Is that it? It really isn’t very inspiring.
  10. Confirming Grealish has gone and that a release clause was agreed last year for #100m if Champions league club came in for him
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