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  1. Good article but not impressed by the last line ‘...a team looking to return to being the true villains of England.”
  2. As a few have said, Jack wasn’t quite on the money tonight. Some great dribbles but he should have passed it sooner a few times rather than take it on. However, we still won and imagine how well we will do when he does click.
  3. Pinch me!! Frustrating at times but we well deserved that. We are no flash in pan.
  4. It’s a bit scary when Villa fans start talking about golden boots for Villa players. FWIW I think he has great potential, but.... we’ve been here so many times before!
  5. Excellent post. Go back all the way to the 50s when Hungary were playing ‘total football’ and smashed England 7-1. English football was all about stamina back then and on into the 60s, 70s. Creativity was a dirty word and flair players were seen as luxuries. Now it is about players being ‘tactically and technically’ correct - in other words emulating the Germans. Creativity is still imo a dirty word for England managers like Southgate.
  6. As it is black history month and this story is Villa Park history, hopefully it is in the right place. Mods, if not please move accordingly. From 1911-1947 British Boxing operated a colour bar. To fight for a British Championship, the boxer had to have two white parents. When the ban was lifted in 1948, a guy from Leamington Spa, named Dick Turpin who had a British Guyanese father and an Irish mother became the first Black British boxing champion at Villa Park in front of a 40,000 crowd. In 1951 his brother Randolph beat Sugar Ray Robinson becoming world middleweight champion. (Man
  7. Interesting times. I always begin every season as an optimist, more in hope than anything else. However, this season, I am a bit more hopeful than I have been for over ten years. I’ll stick my neck out and say that our current midfield is the best since 2007/8 (with Grealish probably better) Goals have been a huge problem for years and Watkins could become one of our most prolific goal scorers in decades. I still have some worries about the defence, particularly Matt Targett and because Mings tries to be to too clever. While i am not daft enough to forecast we will attain a high positio
  8. I am glad Jack didn’t play. We don’t to waste his talent of such a sh*tty competition. It will also drive Jack to do his utmost for Villa to show what England is missing.
  9. FWIW I think Southgate is more egotistical than it would appear and Jacks success sticks in his craw. Southgate has build his position as England Manager as a pragmatist, playing solid if boring football while pretending to be a master technician. He was a solid, dependable, boring centre back who left Villa and went to M’Boro because they supposedly had ‘ambition’. He left because of the money! He subsequently failed them as a manager because he couldn’t look beyond the end of his big boring nose. Jack is everything that he isn’t. A massively talented player who loves football and looks
  10. Considering how devastating Liverpool can be, it is incredible that Dean went with such an attacking midfield; Grealish, Barkley, McGinn and Trez! And it worked!!!
  11. 40 years ago to the day in 1980 we beat Sunderland 4-0 at VP and went on to win the title
  12. Souness is absolute ****. Jack works hard EVERY week!!!
  13. Watkins was absolutely superb tonight. Hold up play, running, and three goals!
  14. I was there when we beat L’pool 5-1 in 1977. The first half of that game was the best I have ever seen. But tonight’s performance was definitely the best in the last 43 years. Absolutely destroyed the PL champions!!!
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