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  1. You are the manager; the team are constantly on the back foot, getting hammered in the 2nd half, a new player Trezeguet is seeing very little of the ball. On the bench you have a player; Jota, that fans were raving about during the friendlies and were predicting would start. Do you stick or twist? The criticism Jota is receiving is pathetic. If Smith hadn’t made a change, he would have been slagged for not making a change.
  2. There really is a load of tosh about Hourihane being made a ‘scapegoat’. Long before yesterdays game I and many others on VT agreed he wasn’t a DM. In fact I don’t remember many claiming otherwise. We didn’t lose because of him v Spurs but that doesnt change the reality about his lack of ability as a DM. We lost because we are not yet good enough.
  3. Amazing how we see players so differently.
  4. CH is never a DM and I doubt even a PL player. Yes he is good a set pieces but in open play he has no confidence on the ball. We desperately needed strength in the middle today and he just hasn’t got it. When Luiz settles I reckon CH will be on the bench.
  5. In the first half I think he showed some touches of class, however we were just over-run in the 2nd and he like the rest of the midfield, had to play DM. We just couldn’t get out of our half. The stats tell you everything, it was real back to the wall stuff.
  6. Don’t understanding some of the criticism. Imho Grealish did very well, given the pressure we were under and that he couldn’t play his normal game in the 2nd. My Spurs mate texted after the game ‘Grealish is a tremendous talent, I reckon he will have a great season’.
  7. Always disappointed when we lose, however Spurs are a very strong and settled team. We on the other hand are very much an unknown quantity with so many new players and need time. In the first half we played well but in the 2nd our midfield was over-run. IMHO we will not get relegated and can only get better.
  8. I wouldn’t give Wesley stick. He is keeping their CBs occupied and creating space for others.
  9. Hourihane playing or not is a real enigma. When we are on the front foot he is an excellent player to have on the pitch. When it’s the reverse..... It will very much come down to who we are playing whether he starts or not.
  10. HI Andy I have met Leighton many times at Villa Park which he still visits occasionally. Think he was there at least once last season with one of his best mates, Frank Carrodus another Villa player from the 70s and one of my heroes. If you write to Ken McNaught who represents the former players at Aston Villa, I am sure he could put you in touch with Leighton. Saw Leighton play many times during the 70s and he was a very solid defender. He still has a great sense of humour and is a very nice guy.
  11. That is a very, very good result. Leipzig were definitely not playing a “friendly” and we were much better team in the 2nd,
  12. Whatever, I don’t need a ‘chill pill’ thanks. I am very relaxed.
  13. McGinn is staying. People need to calm down.
  14. When is the ****** paint going to dry in this thread?

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