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  1. We'll see. Like others I don't see him starting but he may be brought on depending on how we are doing.
  2. Appreciate what Hourihane did for us in the Championship but imho he isnt a PL player.
  3. @Sidcow this is a picture I found of the Witton End supposedly from early 60s, as you can see it is terraced and has a grassy top!
  4. @sidcow great memories - up till I was 14/15 I also used to go to VP with my old man. In fairness I don’t remember much about the game, other than everybody being a bit shocked at the score and raving about Gerry Hitchens. It was called the Witton End. It was definitely terraced and think only the very top was a grassy/mud bank. I only went in it once for the Villa v Man U semi-final in December 1970 as I couldn’t get a ticket for the Holte. Me and my mate nearly got our heads kicked in by their Neanderthals when we jumped up for our second and winning goal but were saved by a copper! However we refused to leave and he just stood beside us I remember the rosettes but don’t think I ever had one. I did however, when I was 10/11, have a huge claret and blue rattle which made a right racket. Bit like the one below. Wish I still had it. Maybe some can recall but I have feeling they were banned at some point.
  5. This is my most treasured Aston Villa memento. Aston Villa 11 v Charlton Athletic 1 - as above my first game. Amazingly many years later, I subsequently met four of the forwards in this game; Bobby Thompson, Ron Wylie, Jimmy McEwan and the great Peter McParland who lives nearby me in Bournemouth and I now consider a friend. Sadly as many of you know Gerry Hitchens passed away at only 49 in 1983. Hopefully I have uploaded correctly!
  6. Jeez, do you think they will cost that much?
  7. I think this is the point. We are only 9 days after the PO final and I am sure DS, players we are interested in etc are just chilling for a few weeks. Agents and club executives will be looking at contract details in the background. In 2/3 weeks time I suspect there will be a flurry of activity and just a lot of talk between now and then. We all need to chill out and ignore the media for a while.
  8. MikeMcKenna

    The NSWE Board

    I am very impressed with the new owners so far. But let’s not get carried away, loads of people said the same about Lerner and even Xia.; We need ro reserve judgement for now imho.
  9. I am all for AVFC best team in the land but... we are nowhere near Spurs and Liverpool atm. Wise up!
  10. Good utility player, would keep him as back up. Puts in some good crosses.
  11. Be very happy when this chancer disappears from the Villa scene and this thread is OT
  12. Like all clubs we have our share of clearings in the woods as supporters
  13. I don’t know. I think DS likes attacking wing backs and still sees Hause as utility player coming off the bench. The players he buys in the close season will be very interesting and may tell us more about how he intends to ‘win every game’. He obviously doesn’t see us just making up the numbers in the PL.
  14. Absolutely fantastic interview and as others have said very professional. Interesting to hear they both thought Rotherham away was pivotal, which it undoubtedly was! This season reminded me a bit of 1974/5 season when we were promoted second to Man U. And Smith in some ways reminds me of Saunders. During the last 10 games of 74/75 we were unstoppable, winning 9 and losing only one. We scored 29 with only 4 against. Although our first season 1975/76 back wasnt great, (16th) even then we all knew Saunders was the man and was going to take us places. It was a amazing time to be a Villa fan as many here will recall. It is great to remember how we progressed. 1976/77 - 4th 1977/78 - 8th 1978/79 - 8th 1979/80 - 7th 1980/81 - League Champions 1981/82 - European Champions I know people will say times have changed but if Spurs can challenge, so can we EVENTUALLY! Up the Villa!!
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