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  1. Look on the bright side of life!
  2. I don’t whether I am one of Desuses Disiples or just a Villa suporta!
  3. I think he will start or be on the bench. It’s not like we have much choice.
  4. Deleted must learn to read previous posts!
  5. Fair enough but every good run comes to an end and the match against us could be it for Watford. Based on form and our last game v them, they will be full of confidence - hopefully too much.
  6. Kause was terrible yesterday but it was imho a symptom of the stress throughout the team. I think it’s too early to write him off.
  7. We need 3 points against Watford Tuesday night and Bournemouth is absolutely another critical game. 4/6 points from these two, bring in a couple of players, squad gains in confidence, get some upward momentum, survive, keep Jack and have a great season next year Have lived down here for 18 years and have never been to their ground and really hope my first visit is an away win.
  8. We really need to get VP rocking Tuesday.. It is a huge game and could be a turning point. Troy Deeney’s mere presence will be enough to rouse the Holte End.
  9. Judging by his face on the line today, he is well stressed!
  10. I agree we were dire in the 1st but the stats suggest BHA weren’t all that and there was little in it overall. BHA shots 10, on target 2, AVFC 8, with 3 on target.
  11. I thought ref was average and that we were lucky not to get a few more cards. Agree Maupay should have been booked.
  12. They won the 1st we won the 2nd. We deserved a draw., nothing unfair about it. This was a huge result. A loss would have further damaged the teams already fragile confidence. ****** awful game to watch but onwards and upwards - we live to fight another day and have another point in the bag!
  13. We didn’t lose! I’ll take a point away given how dire we were in the 1st half. Now sign a couple of players and help calm my ****** stress!
  14. I have issues with DS, but if we replaced him with Allardyce, I would frankly consider giving up. Can’t stand the bloke, dodgy as ****! Even given the way football is nowadays for me he would be the limit. As for recruitment, I think it is widely agreed that DS didn’t pick the players that were brought in. It’s probably wishful thinking, but I still think if we can pull off an unexpected result and get a few players in, he can turn it around. Almost certainly DS is not being replaced, we have to dig in, support him and forget bringing in dross like Allardyce.
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