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  1. It’s remarkable how superstitious some fans are!
  2. Is that the best ever for Villa
  3. Nah, not yet! Keep the faith!
  4. 9 win on the bounce. Best since 1910!!! I don’t want to tempt fate but this winning streak we are on deserves it’s on thread. 9 on the bounce is incredible whatever league it is in. Supposedly our best ever streak was in 1897 - 11 - but that was in all competitions.
  5. Best winning streak since 1910 - AMAZING!!!
  6. Happy days! Hopefully nothing serious for Tammy. No booking for McGinn. Bristol and Derby draw! Come Monday we could be in the playoffs!
  7. Hard to fathom out that half. We were dominant without really threatening. I hope Smith changes something for the better.
  8. Like many supporters I have mixed feelings about Hourihane and saw him as a one trick pony. He cannot play DM or be the playmaker as per Grealish, CH isnt comfortable at all with the ball under pressure. However, on Saturday he showed that he can be very effective getting into advanced positions - basically he had a free role and Bristol didn’t know what do about him. He was unlucky not to get 3/4 goals. All that said it is hard to see where he fits in when Grealish is fit. McGinn is a shoe-in, Al Ghazi likewise at the moment, Whelan must play DM and either Albert or Green on the wing.
  9. MikeMcKenna

    Keinan Davis

    In the next few years we will be raving about Davis. He is a strong, skillful and intelligent player who will go far with the right coaching,
  10. Travelling up for the Blackburn home game I was cock-a-hop and convinced that we were going to give them a hiding. However, as we know it ended up being much tighter than expected. So I am less optimistic for this game and hoping my pessimism does the trick. All talk of another win has been banned in my family. The old superstitions will hopefully work
  11. Give over Rob. In the 70s we did ‘comebacks’ for fun
  12. Indeed but the MU v SU game was exceptional with 7 minutes injury time. Nobody could explain why so much was played at the time. It was the ultimate ‘fergie time’
  13. True but it was a blow. At the time it felt like the wind had been taken from our sails. Had Man U drawn that game who knows? When we lost to Oldham at home 1-0 a few weeks later it looked like we’d given up! Terrible day!
  14. ***REVENGE*** It is incredibly sweet scoring two in Sheffield in injury time with Bruce as manager, albeit of Wednesday. As many of the older fans will remember, Bruce scored the winner for Man U v Sheffield Utd in 1993 in the 7th minute of extra time when we were challenging them for the first premiership title. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/birth-fergie-time-steve-bruce-10559309 It took a long time BUT REVENGE IS SWEET!

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