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  1. Jack clearly loves Villa but..... Here is the issue. I have known quite a few people over the years who supported a club because they hero worshipped a certain player. As an example my son-in-law is from Leeds but supports Blackburn because as a kid he loved Shearer. For me that idea corrupts the whole idea of supporting your club. My old man brought me up as a Villa fan and this song sums it up everything he taught me many decades ago. “When I was young my father said , son I have something to say, Son you’ll be a Villa fan, until your dying day, He said son you’ll be a Villa fan, And that's the way to stay, Happy to be a Villa fan until your dying day...” Players, managers, owners come and go but your club is for life.
  2. Have always been a big critic of CH but he has shown great heart since the return.
  3. As a Villa player I love Jack and think he has been brilliant for us. However, if we survive and he ****s off...... IMO he can **** right off. AVFC is all that matters.
  4. Apart from early on, our possession has been *****. CH after a reasonable start has disappeared again and midfield is exposed.
  5. This is very frustating. We now only get forward through long balls!
  6. Aston Villa 1976/77 squad. Probably played the most exciting football I have ever seen at Villa Park.
  7. 60% is ok. https://cmr.asm.org/content/17/4/863.long
  8. It is hard to know what to say. I am exhausted by this. We are so shockingly bad.
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