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  1. As I said in my initial comment, the Doc was responsible for one of my best years as a Villa fan. Unless you were there it is hard to understand how utterly desperate it was in 1968. After playing 18 and winning just two on 9th November we faced Preston at home who hadn’t beaten us at VP for 48 years. I was on the Holte with my two brothers and it was desolate. I think the crowd was around 12,000 and there was zero atmosphere. We lost 0-1 which sent us to the bottom of the then division 2. Immediately after the game there was quite a large protest by fans as they invaded the Trinity
  2. Hope I have done this right. Very sad to say the Guardian is reporting the passing of former Villa Manager Tommy Docherty RIP Tommy you gave me one of the best years ever as a Villa fan “He’s up Mrs Brown.... “ https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/31/tommy-docherty-former-manchester-united-and-scotland-manager-dies-aged-92 PA Media Thu 31 Dec 2020 16.29 GMT
  3. small heath getting smaller by the day. (if that is possible) 0-3 in 25 minutes at home. Hopefully Derby can make it 0-6 or 0-8 would be even nicer.
  4. The club that I hate more than any other in the Premier League. If we could pull off a victory at Old Trafford it would be the sweetest of the season for me and help repair decades of humiliation.
  5. He didn’t mention specifics. Commentator said earlier he was ill
  6. Quite funny that Amazon could only find a female footballer who is a bluenose as a pundit for our game.
  7. In the reactions thread I said that Jack is the best Villa player I have seen during my 61 years watching the club and I stick by that despite my hero worship of Brian Little. However, unsurprisingly there are those that dispute this and credit Paul McGrath aka God as the best ever. Obviously it will not be possible to get a consensus but could Jack be the Son of God? After all like Jesus (and Brian Little) he walks on water and is working miracles at AVFC
  8. God was amazing and I know this will be considered blasphemous but imho Jack is even better.
  9. Incredible performance. Grealish is the best Villa player I have seen in my 61 years following the club. Hopefully some time this season we will get full credit rather than the constant claims that we won because our opponents were poor.
  10. Good article but not impressed by the last line ‘...a team looking to return to being the true villains of England.”
  11. As a few have said, Jack wasn’t quite on the money tonight. Some great dribbles but he should have passed it sooner a few times rather than take it on. However, we still won and imagine how well we will do when he does click.
  12. Pinch me!! Frustrating at times but we well deserved that. We are no flash in pan.
  13. It’s a bit scary when Villa fans start talking about golden boots for Villa players. FWIW I think he has great potential, but.... we’ve been here so many times before!
  14. Excellent post. Go back all the way to the 50s when Hungary were playing ‘total football’ and smashed England 7-1. English football was all about stamina back then and on into the 60s, 70s. Creativity was a dirty word and flair players were seen as luxuries. Now it is about players being ‘tactically and technically’ correct - in other words emulating the Germans. Creativity is still imo a dirty word for England managers like Southgate.
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