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  1. or that apart from a few sliding tackles and fist pumps hes been a factor in one of the worst defences in the division, so weve took the chance to improve I still think well sign a centre half this window as well
  2. Adbo9

    Sergio Romero

    my only ever bit of insider knowledge; we did try and sign Etheridge from Cardiff last summer but were quoted stupid money If hes up for grabs cheap it wouldnt surprise me at all if we go for him
  3. has JulieB murdered any prospective new signings yet?? I had a catch up on twitter and shes gone all "kiyotake" on the Rashica link............ shes now self-appointed transfer investigator
  4. Did JulieB ever get the horrific abduction and murder of Kiyotake pinned on her, or have they still not found his body ?
  5. Its gone mad; even JulieB has returned to her weird ways of trying to be a "transfer detective" Defo be some bodies under the patio by the time the window comes round All we need now is Shelley to raise her head and start abusing everyone who doesnt have a poster of Remi Garde hanging over their beds and itll be like normal villa social media service has resumed
  6. Top Class Player - think hed fit in a treat Think hes out with a long term injury though isnt he !
  7. Benrahma dunno why, just feel like hell have "epic flop" written all over it........... typical villa
  8. I fully aggree........... if we are to push ourselves higher up the division, then at least id be looking at two new fullbacks of quality Not saying we will, but its required as the two we have are bottom 4 material and I dont think theyve got enough in the locker to improve They would make as much a difference to our team as new forwards IMO
  9. Adbo9

    Milot Rashica

    JulieB - what a psychopath................. great days............ i just picture her kidnapping a villa player/manager/transfer target and tying them to her bed and keeping them hostage, and if they refuse to play ball, smashing there ankles with a lump hammer............ proper Kathy Bates I wonder if anyone ever saw Kiyotake again ??? Id be digging up her patio !
  10. Adbo9

    Milot Rashica

    and it looks as it was winter as well as theyre both in massive winter coats and hats
  11. We need Prince William as Ambassador
  12. what do women know about footy?
  13. Barry Bannan, Viktor Fischer and Harry Wilson Heard it here first !
  14. Agent Villa Looks like he should be on the register
  15. As for transfers As per the villa way we will end up with players non of us have even mentioned............... I think Smith will try and go for what his first choices last season were I know he wanted Barry Bannan last summer but Sheff Wed wouldnt play ball.............
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