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  1. I dunno, Fowler, McManaman ,Owen, Gerrard...………… Liverpool have bought through some of the best players the premier has ever seen - up there with Man United I think a lot of the top flight sides do bring through good players, who go onto to have good professional careers, but it seems in the Prem era Liverpool/Man U have monopolised on bringing through top level legendary club players...……….. Id say Villa are one of the more successful clubs at bringing through good quality players who go onto have good careers, if not at Villa...…….. but we have yet to bring through an Owen/Fowler/Gerrard/Scholes/Becks level player - maybe Jack one day, but don't think hell hit there heights
  2. I think well sign, this is judging by players weve had serious interest in previously if you believe what you read ........... Nathaniel Chalobah Isaac Hayden Ezri Konsa Dunno why - i just think these are the sort well sign
  3. Best players ive seen this season............. Benrahma at Brentford, Tom Bayliss at Cov
  4. Thats the way it is, if villa have told him to stay away, then hes not in breach of contract. As long as he turns up when Villa ask, and does as Villa ask then hes not in any breach of contract......... Only when he doesn't do as the club ask, is he in breach of contract Im sure the club will have gone through the legal wranglings to attempt to find a way out of it, if they cant, then its cheaper and easier on the cash flow to just let him see out his deal and not show his face. A pay - off still means were paying him, as hell want his contract payed up in full to walk away, so were not saving anything - well just be paying him it all now upfront, rather than monthly.......... the club wont do that unless he would negotiate down a lot.......... but who would do that when you're legally entitled.............
  5. Unfortunately there are two parties in a contract, and unless he is doing something thats a sackable offence then hes entitled to sit on it.............. the fact is, why would he take a pay off now, as if he waits a week, it might be a completely different pay off if we win the golden egg on monday
  6. We apparantley were extremely keen to get Chalobah from Watford in January............ I think if promoted hell be the kind of guy we get to replace Whelo Dont rule out Ryan Woods as well if we go up
  7. I think we can all aggree - whatever the outcome of this season, next seasons squad is going to be much change............... I think very few of the out of contract lads will get kept on, in the championship we wont afford them with no parachute payments and in the premier they wont be good enough. The loan players - who knows? My gut feel is if we go up well sign El Ghazi, Hause and Mings as they wont cost massive money in prem terms...... its the rebuild from there on in...................... You'd like to think wed have a great shout of getting Abraham on loan again for a year if we go up........... After that we need at least - one centre back, one left back, two wide players and a couple of midfield players and another forward............. who?? my view is go and get some of the best younger players we can, that have a chance of staying up in prem, if we cant, at least we go back down with 3 years of parachute payments and a squad of lads we probably wont have to sell and can go championsip promotion ready eg; Maupay, Bowen, Hayden, Sawyers etc..................
  8. Is JulieB still doing the Villa rounds ??? What a lunatic she was - entertaining tho I once got a bit of ITK on here and she sent me a private message saying that she had evidence that I was Paul Lambert and that unless I met her privately at her house to, get to know each other that she would oust me on social media who I really was and that god would strike me down On a par with ShelleyOzzy for being absolute social media pyschotics who really need to return to the loony bin apart from that - welcome Yanick
  9. Polystyrene Ron !! ?? !! Most overhyped and overrated player to grace our shirt - absolute bottle job and totally made of glass.........
  10. I say, if Tone has got no cash left, I'm sure he can get some Lybians to break into a nuclear weapon site, steal some plutonium, get a crazed scientist to build a time machine out of a DeLorean and fly back to 1996 and bring back Alan Shearer, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Lilian Thuram, Tony Adams, Robert Jarni, Zinedine Zidane and Martin O'Connor........ Surely hes got enough cash about him to do that !!
  11. If what is believed pans out and were all freebies and loans then all is not lost....... In our positions id certainly be looking at Nedum Onuoha, James Collins and Robert Huth and i'd also look at Abel Hernandez - if leeds can afford him, im sure we can even still wonder if John Ruddy might be available cheap now that Wolves have signed a keeper for their no1 slot
  12. I didnt say thats what I want, i said thats what I thin will happen He wont change from Johnstone in nets, his two centre backs are shoe ins, hell stick with elmo - I think hell sign a new left back Snodder, Grealish and Adomah will all play if there - and a fit Kodjia will probably be his striker................ so i THINK that he will look at signing two quality midfield players and strengthen the squad behind them a bit
  13. If were in the premier league, I am certain well sign Sam Johnstone, Robert Snodgrass and Grabban permanently......... And I dont think too much will change..... I suspect a couple of squad players as cover/pressure on the pairing...... or with Jedinak filling in when required and maybe a full season on loan for Tuanzebe Sam will be no1 and probably a new no2 that doesnt have 23 operations per season Chester and JT will be first choice pair at the back........ Elmo/Hutton/Bree/Taylor and id assume a new left back would be the fullbacks........ I think well see the end of Lansbury and Bjarnason as they wont get in....... I think the major money spent will be on 2 quality midfield players to play with grealish My feeling is the rest will be pretty much as is........
  14. Adbo9

    Scott Hogan

    If I remember correctly we took the punt on him as his wages package came in significantly lower than Jordan Rhodes, so we went with him........ Rhodes would probably have been a better player for us though
  15. Everytime ive seen him, which granted is only a handful - Kasey Palmer has really impressed me............ hes at Derby now - I didnt know till I looked that he was a loanee from Chelsea...........
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