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  1. Yeah that was the one, he changed it back to a back 4 at half time, and then early in the 2nd half Stoke scored because Crespo was still positioned as if he was in a back 3 and left a massive gap between him and Richards.... Think that was also the game when it was clear, we where in serious trouble....
  2. I just wanted a platform to share the dream I had about Sean Connery coming in as an assistant coach for 6 months!!
  3. So my expectations for this season took a hit because of a dream...... So in my dream we had a coach come in halfway through last season, and they had a mrked improvement in the club, taking us from mid table to threatening for the top 6....Then the real stuff happened, an ex yoof player left us for £100 mil, and we signed some players. This season at the start there was an absence which the club was trying to resolve in the coaching ranks, and a "Will he? Won't he?" return... and then it was announced, he wasn't returning, and the not so maddest part was Sky reporting that a certain ex yoof player, who is now very expensive was involved in trying to get him to stay with us, but left Bodymoor in floods of tears when it was clear it wasn't happening.... And based on that, I'm thinking 12th tops..... This mystery saviour who wasn't coming back??
  4. Young Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in the first City Slickers film.....
  5. Bloomin' eck.... We were never going to be able to replace Grealish, unfortunatley without European football, it's not going to happen. End of story. I was surprised we got Leon Bailey to be honest, that's about the best we can hope for in that sort of position. Buendia is an upgrade on Barkley and Ings is a welcome addition. Yes it would have been nice to supplement the midfield with another body, but a bit of perspective is needed here, we're only into our 3rd season back at the top tier... It ain't going to happen overnight, the club have, in my eyes earned our trust with the steps forward it has taken over the last few years, they know what they're doing.
  6. I quite like Ibrahima Bakayoko.... He's quality.....
  7. Newcastle paid £40m for the Brazilian Geoff Horsfield...
  8. Arsenal TV is going to be hilarious later....
  9. And now you've made me pine for a kebab. Thanks for that.
  10. Sorry... What's going on here??
  11. I ain't going to be happy until I see Lange's creepy grin and his arms around Lionel Messi for the ultimate in trolling all the big clubs. Make it happen! Disclaimer: I know this will never happen and it's ridiculous... Still be hilarious.
  12. DWS Investments going well too.... Remember them? Looked like we COWS on our shirts.... Mooing when we got a corner never sadly caught on.
  13. Working in the Criminal Justice industry it was a very realistic ending, I just think people wanted a more bombastic climax with a super sexy reveal. It's always going to be somebodyl ike a Buckells because of two things, you don't want ot draw attention to yourself by being flash and you don't want people thinking that you're capable of having pull over people. I thought it was quite good and the fact that it seems to have annoyed more than half of the viewership makes it better...
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