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  1. So, going to say, I was at the game too..... Difficult to tell about the goals from the doug Ellis upper level with the goal behind the Holte.... I thought he was quite smart with his distribution and was good to see he didn't fear coming off his line. Yes, he spilled some shots, but for a debut in a new country he did alright. The rest of the team however...
  2. They're a good bunch of lads, an honest bunch of lads and they work hard...
  3. How many times over the last 12 months has he said "Yeah it's my fault we lost, I picked players who weren't fit/tired" - It's been at least 3 times by my count now and seems to be a mistake he makes over and over again. It's all very well being honest but all you're doing is highlighting your own poor judgement, that coupled with the fact that he has allowed us to go into the season with 1 recognised centre back and poor goalkeeping options is tantamount to gross negligence. The sad thing is nothing will change either. Thanks Brucie, you steadied the ship but seem unable to take that step into the 21st century and appear to have lost the plot. Really needs to get gone now...
  4. DeadlyDirk

    John Terry

    I would love JT back, it would stabilise and calm the rearguard back to last season, take Mile Jedinak out of that bloomin' central defence position and give us a real chance at the top 6 again. Plus I'm guessing that last season JT gave his own teamtalks which weren't just variations of "Pull your sleeves and socks up lads, show 'em we mean business!".... 50/50 we'll pull it off again though, oh, and can we take Januzaj on loan?
  5. DeadlyDirk

    Thierry Henry

    Well sod a lot of you lot and your negativity. I for one am excited about the prospect of Henry. We know where Brucie's ceiling is, and it's with hoof ball and being a nearly team with some shocking winless runs, and some impressive runs of wins. For me, to get the furthest in anything you have to take gambles, sometimes they fall flat and sometimes they pay off... As a player Henry didn't really have a ceiling, he ended up banging the goals in for one of the biggest clubs in world football, playing under managers like Guardiola, Rijkaard and Wenger. He's clearly retained a lot from those days, you can tell just by the way he speaks about the game. He's a lover of the game, is well respected and could bring sexy back to Villa Park. If it doesn't work, fine, but at least we gave it a shot rather than sticking with Brucie and looking on with jealousy after someone like Monaco take him on and he turns out to be the next Deschamps. At least we gave it a shot.
  6. Imagine it'll be later on today, after training
  7. Well, it's simple anyway in my opinion. We keep hold of him and Chester, if it looks like we're on for promotion in January we keep hold of them. If that's not the case but we've found a way to negate FFP then try and keep hold of them. If it looks like we aren't going up and need to sell them then for FFP purposes then so be it. Important thing is, we're back in the driving seat.
  8. Hmm, loans with the obligation to buy if promoted.... Hmm, Snodgrass..... Me like.
  9. Well if we're going to be giving a manager their first step into management then why not King Olaf? Mellberg and his beard (which is an entity in itself) have that affinity with the club, comes with coaching badges and Martin Laursen could be his no 2. Two Villa stalwarts running the club they love (although it disturbs how close running and ruining are when typing this shizzle....)
  10. Speaks quite eloquently too, look him up on YouTube.....
  11. Quick google search shows Fernandes's net worth id $650 million. Absolute small fry compared to our new boys!
  12. Was just about to post the same thing. If this is true (and that's a massive IF) then we ought to snap their hands off. Although it seems a bit too good to be true because it not only goes a long way to sorting out our financial mess we also get to keep hold of Jack for the year, minimising the disruption to our playing squad allowing us to probably keep the players that we would need to were our financial issues non-existent, and thus giving us a massive chance of getting up next season. But like you say, when something's too good to be true it's normally because it's BS.
  13. I think this is just KW attacking as a form of defence. He got suspended so removed himself as a director (would have been at his own accord I think) to null any internal investigation into his conduct at the club, part 1 of saving face. Part 2, blame someone else, hence the constructive dismissal action, shifting the focus from him back onto Aston Villa as the naughty party, which will probably open a "behind-the-scenes" dialogue and agreement. That's just my take on it anyway.
  14. DeadlyDirk

    Going Under ?

    Look, the way I see it, long term we'll be fine, whether we go down the immediate takeover route or go the way of Rangers.. In 10 years time we'll still have a Football Club, it's too big a club to just be left to die and no longer exist, look at Rangers. Yes, they messed up and had to start again, but they're back in the (relative) big time now, they've shown a big club like our can rise from the ashes, we can only take hope from that if the ultimate worse case scenario is realised. If we go down to League One or League Two we'll be a massive pull for the players down there, we won't stick around down there for long. The only thing that angers me is how the clubs future has been gambled with no real good times to show for it... Leeds got a Champions League semi final, we got, erm, a play off final. This is what irks me, the general mismanagement and the idea of "throw enough money at it, it'll fix itself" - doesn't work like that. We'll be back, eventually. Peace.

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