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  1. We need to be careful, this winning thing is slowly starting to threaten to be a habit..... I can't quite take it!
  2. Think people forget that he's only 25 (26 in October), he's still a few years away from his peak so to write him off now would be a bit daft. Used as a squad option, deffo. We might have some player on our hands in a few years time.
  3. If we don't sign him, why not leave this thread in other football, and to maintain your user profile on VT you have to post something fish related in it, once a month. Failure to do so would cause an unrepairable rift in the space time continuum.
  4. I think for where we're at, at the moment, Barkley might turn out to be an inspired choice. However, I still remember us getting burnt by Man City with Stephen Ireland!
  5. Anyway, can't wait until the announcement video.... Anything other than Rashica either holding or eating a battered fish will be disappointing.
  6. Which equates to £150,200,000 transfers fees plus 1st year wages, not to mention agent fees and all the other silliness.... I think FFP will have something to say about the wage bill more than doubling in one hit, consider you're only allowed a £21,000,000 increase over a 3 year period! (I think them the rules, right?)
  7. Interesting thing on the Suso's appointment, and correct me if I'm wrong here, but wasn't Suso already in place working for the club in role for a while before he was announced?
  8. Yeah, I probably won't..... THey've really dropped off in terms of support. Back to Apple... Frustrating is the word!
  9. Got to be said I'm finding Apple quite frustrating at the moment..... So been away from Apple for a number of years, needed a tablet so bought a 7th Gen iPad the other day foor £340 (ish) via PC World. Great, get it home start setting it up, email and password entered after setting up the WiFi....... Two-Step verification sends a code, to my old number I hadn't used for a few years. Go about changing my number using their system (I've provided them with the full old number, my payment details which are still exactly the same) and I now have to wait a full 7 days from today to be able to access my account, despite being able to access it on iTunes with no issues. Can't do it through the apple website because again, it uses the two-step as I try to log in. I'm all for making things secure, but this is ridiculous and over the top and I'm half tempted to just return the device and try and find a reasonable Android tablet.
  10. See I'm torn with what I think the club should do. On one hand, I feel that Smith has failed to adapt to the demands and pace of the premier league, and has consistently used the "It's VAR's fault" line all too much, and whilst true that we have been dealt a crappy hand by it, so has every other club. That failure to take responsibility could doom us. On the other hand, he did get us promoted playing attractive attacking football, at times he's been refreshingly honest, and it would be a supreme lack of class to sack the manager during a pandemic, the likes this generation has never seen or experienced before, I just feel the guys at the top have a bit of class about them and they won't do it, as I think I have too. Decisions, decisions.
  11. Also, I think people are burying their heads in the sand, or as Nigel Pearson would say "are you an Ostrich?" if they think the league can just be suspended for a few weeks, or a month.... This could quite easily be going on into the summer months, so what happens then? Fixtures can't be played until May or June, then every one has about 10 games to catch up, etc. I really don't think it's plausible. The only plausible outcomes are carrying on behind closed doors or just binning off the season altogether.
  12. I can see the season being finished. Like a few have said, no relegations or promotions, just huge compensation for the two teams sitting in automatic promotion places based on likelihood of going up in each division. Liverpool crowned champions.
  13. I've listened to Talksport a lot in the car today..... They're still pushing Man Ure's failed bid for Josh King last night as hot news and a discussion point. Most anti-climatic deadline day ever. Really thought we'd see another player in, a bit of tomfoolery of Odemwingie to QPR proportions and a purple toy in a SSN reporters ear.... Instead the only interesting thing on telly is the reflection of my candles whilst I go nuts with a bottle of Malbec. Oh... and some quality doomsaying over Brexit.
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