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  • Posts

    • Metal Gear Solid
      By lapal_fan · Posted
    • Football Manager 2015
      By adw95 · Posted
      Still no League titles though...
    • Star Wars Battlefront 3
      By lapal_fan · Posted
      I'm really enjoying it, went 64-6 earlier. But im no battlefront veteran, so can see why some may be dissapointed. Not sure i follow the "whoever shoots first wins" thing though, surely that would be the case in ANY fps, I'd be pretty miffed if i unloaded in the back of someones head and they could turn around and pop me back, it'd be shittiest mechanic ever [emoji38]. Battlefront, so far is just a very inoffensive, fun, easy to get into shooter. It looks great, plays great (esp for a BETA!!!!) & nicely balanced - Why is anyone who isn't a veteran of the old games moaning? I went in with absolutely no interest in it, and i think it's fantastic.
    • The Tim Sherwood Thread
      By Plastic Man · Posted
      That's fair enough.  This is the internet, and debates go in circles often, but I truly appreciate that you're not reducing anti-sacking arguments to one absurd phrase. I could say the same thing about the pro-sacking "he's a clueless buffoon" argument, which has been trotted out on almost every other page of this thread -- I mean, it's an internet forum, I know, I know. There's been plenty of reasoning against a summary sacking. Reasoning has a place in footballing decisions, but on the pitch and in the boardroom and in the stands, it's clear there's more to it. I have written, among other things, about everything from club reputation to issues of fairness and ethics to human management with respect to Tim. Those things are often about emotion and values and intuition as much as logic. Paul has posted about problems in the squad. MarkAVFC40 has written about the context of Tim's hiring -- the state of the "shambles" -- to quote him -- he inherited. People have proffered a variety of, I feel, decent reasons for being skeptical about sacking Tim. And on the other side, Tim has faced a hail of snide insults, name-calling, ad hominem attacks from day one. Go back to the beginning of this thread and you'll see! Not much reasoning in calling him a bell-end. So I feel glad that you're at least acknowledging that some posters are thinking in different ways in a respectful way. It's appreciated. I suppose we'll just have to see how it all works out. I have been skeptical of Tim from the beginning, and I really haven't changed my mind much. But we could have hired Felix Magath and I'd be saying the same. I just think new hires in management jobs -- apart from cases of corruption, violent behavior, etc --  should be granted a dignified number of months before they're jettisoned.  To me it's about the way club does things, not just whether we avoid the drop, as much as I care about that.  
    • Android: General Chat
      By Davkaus · Posted
      Does anyone have any password manager recommendations? I've used Lastpass for a couple of years, but they've been bought out by LogMeIn, and I don't trust those ****.
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