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  1. Worked hard and had a good impact. Brave in he tackle, but his physique means he can be be pushed of ball from time to time.
  2. Played with a lot of energy. Got round pitch and linked up well and tackled. Easily out muscled on a occasions
  3. We were the better team for 75 minutes. Lots of good performances throughout the team, but were tiring. I thought Smith's substitutes were the right ones, but Marvellous and Jacob added very little.
  4. A lot to be positive about. We bossed midfield. Defence need to cut out errors, Ings and Watkins need to learn to find each other
  5. Anyone know when the Everton tickets are going on sale?
  6. He's excellent. Brilliantly researched
  7. Does anyone know how many additional home match tickets a season ticket holder can buy? Thanks
  8. Think that that's a fair assessment. The only thing that puzzles me is why 2 days before new season
  9. If you've enjoyed the Wire, the Sopranos and Succession, I'd recommend the Le Bureau on stream via Amazon. It's a French spy thriller box set. Subtitled, but brilliant. A very different French series. Almost as good, is Call My Agent. on Netflix.
  10. Agree but I think there have been signs of a more forward looking approach from Nakamba in pre season games
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