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  1. Sanson very disappointing so far (rusty?). Can’t remember him making a successful pass; but then as others have said we are very disjointed anyway. Decent save from Zych a few minutes ago
  2. My Canadian fiancée, who knows a lot about football thanks to 8 years of watching Villa thought that Chuk1 and Chuk2 were decent and the ball from JPB as previously mentioned was filthy
  3. Interestingly I spent yesterday playing FIFA 21 Online as Villa to see if I’d come across anyone playing as a similar club. The answer? Spurs Liverpool United Liverpool Barca Juventus Spurs Liverpool The people I was playing against are who this whole thing was aimed at. Good riddance.
  4. Hoping against hope it’s not true but heave seen/heard rumours doing the rounds that the drink and possibly substances might be more of a problem for Jack than has been reported. Really hope it’s not true but I can’t think of any other reason that his return keeps being delayed :(
  5. Wikipedia reckons he’s Gareth Barry’s son? Is that correct?
  6. Embarrassing on MOTD there. Danny Murphy really doesn’t like us does he? Let’s keep making him miserable
  7. A win’s a win but I’d just like us to pull the trigger a bit more often in and around the box. I know they were hard to break down but there were a few opportunities to take a shot but people (e.g. Jack, DL) would cut back and look for a pass into the box rather than having a dig. Anyway, 3 points and positive goal difference, can’t ask for much more from the first game.
  8. Second half drinks break summed it up. Everyone has given up
  9. Expected nothing and was handsomely rewarded. If Jota is the answer, what is the question?
  10. JT is part of the problem. Not the solution
  11. Death. Taxes. Deeney. Although I would love to have him (or someone like him) in the team, even though he is a nose
  12. https://twitter.com/misterguilbert/status/1186739545649438731?s=21 well done Jack
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