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  1. I know it’s an IF, but saying it anyway. We see out the games where we’ve been leading and we are 3rd.
  2. Think I read somewhere he was due to come on loan to us at the start of last season then the deal got canned. Might have been in this month's FourFourTwo
  3. He’s a Villa fan. I was sat a couple of rows behind him and I think his Son at the Liverpool semi final a few years ago. He enjoyed it as much as the rest of us did when we scored
  4. Nice to see we sent GG over there with 2 tattoos on his knees. If you zoom in a lot, you can read them - they say “we paid for this knee” “...and this one”
  5. I vaguely recall it used to be the case that one of the promoted teams used to get us at their place. Certainly Portsmouth 03/04 and Bournemouth come to mind. So we probably will end up with something like Everton or West Ham at VP
  6. There’s a go fund me somewhere for it. Can’t find the original link but it’s somewhere on Twitter
  7. AstonMartyn88


    So will we. It’s called our end of Wembley
  8. AstonMartyn88


    Re: Beaconsfield, you can also go from High Wycombe (M40 J4), some trains start there on the Chiltern Line so you’ve a much better chance of a seat. although the council have now put the car park prices up at the multi-storey by the train station to bring it in to line with the station itself. Otherwise there are residential streets around that you can park on, or Railway Place which is cheaper. There’s also The Rye which is £5 for the day and about a 15 min walk to the train station. There is also a park and ride right by the motorway junction that takes you to the station.
  9. Reports going around that the hearing on FFP aid due to start today
  10. Preston’s Football Police Twitter saying no reports of acid attacks
  11. Yes - they showed it during the coverage last night. Speaking of that ‘coverage’ - special word for Andy Hinchcliffe. The man clearly hates us but I’ve never seen anyone swivel on their opinion so quickly, particularly with their second goal, and our penalty shout for Mings I think it was
  12. I’d argue it started here. Irony abound given who we brought on today. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/7905869.stm
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