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  1. Reports going around that the hearing on FFP aid due to start today
  2. Preston’s Football Police Twitter saying no reports of acid attacks
  3. Yes - they showed it during the coverage last night. Speaking of that ‘coverage’ - special word for Andy Hinchcliffe. The man clearly hates us but I’ve never seen anyone swivel on their opinion so quickly, particularly with their second goal, and our penalty shout for Mings I think it was
  4. I’d argue it started here. Irony abound given who we brought on today. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_prem/7905869.stm
  5. It was interesting that Jansson in particular (and probably others but that’s who the cameras were focussed on) was regularly taking an energy supplement type thing during the game. I wonder if we do that? If not maybe we should as it might help us avoid being knackered after 70odd minutes.
  6. I’d argue Kodjia should have come off for Bolasie
  7. Him, and also (ironically) Whelan’s last minute equaliser (I think) for Stoke the game after Moscow away (I think)
  8. Who had 16 mins on the ‘Bruce knows the league’ sweepstake?
  9. Bruce’s reign just keeps going On And On And On... unfortunately
  10. Sounds like our fans are singing ’and we’re all singing over here BRUCE OUT’
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