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  1. The software that they develop on for iOS is supposed to be top notch, which kinda helps and they only have to test that their app works on a handful of iOS gadgets, whereas with android there are thousands. Also, with the Play store (apparently) when you specify which devices your app works with, you have to exclude devices one by one manually, rather than just put in a list of stuff you've tested that it works with. You could, of course, just shove up your app and let users work it out, but then you'll get shitloads of one star reviews...
  2. Was just about to pre order the One plus One, but thought I'd drop in here first. So, does anybody have an invite I could have please? Not expecting a positive response, but thought I'd ask. Failing that, does anybody have experience of one. How do you find it?
  3. I'm coming up from the smoke for the Newcastle game and was looking for the right place to post. Didn't there used to be a 'travel to the game' section? Anyway, I'll probably be hanging out with Rob, if he's going to be there...
  4. MMV, it seems that although she knew she was paying for information from an 'ace military contact' there's no way of proving beyond reasonable doubt that she knew for certain that it was a serving member of the armed forces (crime - guilty); it could have been a retired colonel in a pub with a bit of inside gossip (not a crime - not guilty).
  5. Here's an excellent take on why Brooks walked free. It's important to understand that the charges against her were not proven 'beyond reasonable doubt' Something else to remember is that a whole bunch of other people who were charged... pleaded guilty.
  6. Just for the record: REMINDER There is a strict liability contempt rule for pending verdicts: criticism of either defendants, or the prosecution, not recommended That's from one of the journalists covering the trial.
  7. Touch and go, although his work is done I guess. Is it customary for the prosecution counsel to turn up for verdict and sentencing? I met him on Thursday night, and he seemed confident, not that he'd remember me. Respect to the name dropping though. What's the backstory?
  8. So Judge Saunders will finish his summing up next week, then the jury go out to consider their verdict. Rather than a sweepstake on who will go down, how about one on how long they'll take to come to a decision? Actually, it's lots of decisions; multiple people, multiple charges. I reckon 5 working days total.
  9. So, after having no benefits since the end of July last year, I go a phone call today to say that my application has been approved. They've sent me an advance of £300 today and the rest will arrive soon. Which is nice. So I now have some money in my account and it's been so long I actually don't know what to do with it.
  10. This. Who needs Jamie Redknapp now eh?
  11. You are Janet Street Porter and I claim my five pounds.
  12. I'm calling social services. Again. As for the class thing, it's partly about money, partly about who you know and a good chunk which often gets ignored is your attitude. People at the bottom have been shat on for so long they can often feel like the don't deserve any better. At the other extreme are the upper classes who have a sense of self confidence, some of whom are prepared to work for what they and some of whom believe they deserve it without effort.. For those of you who read Terry Pratchett, Lady Sybil is a good example of that cast iron self confidence.
  13. Remember kids, the warranty is *in addition to* your statutory rights, not instead of.
  14. I used to do a bad impression of Eric Morecambe, but now I've seen the error of my waheys! The new government website dedicated to the development of the individual will be hosted at gov.uk/yourself I might open a shop called "Pi". I don't know what it would sell but it would be open 22/7 Sometimes I genuinely don't care if my wife has had an orgasm or not. I just want her to get off the washing machine They're remaking the Tommy Steele classic "Half a Sixpence". It's 3d Doctor: "Your wife's in hospital". Me: "How is she?" Doctor: "I'm afraid she's critical". Me: "Ah, you get used to
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