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  1. Hev

    Dean Smith

    Great FFP waived just as we are likely to drop down. Had it been waived this season we cd have bought better players. Typical that will mean Newcastle's likely new mega rich owners will be able to spend like Man City.
  2. How can we still be a "big club" when we will be in the Championship though? Famous old club yes but not "big". We have already seen Leicester go past us and now Wolves too. I am so angry that getting our chance towards returning to being a "big club" in the Prem has just been thrown away without even a whimper. For years we were the only Prem club in the area. The biggest club in the Midlands by miles. What next - Albion likely to go up too. Them and Wolves in the Prem and us languishung in the EFL playing Blooz again and now Cov too. So sad that we haven't given it a proper go this season.
  3. As i said in the match thread at least if the season had been cancelled we could have claimed to have been unfairly relegated If we could only just once pull off a supposed shock result. How far have we fallen.
  4. As i said in the match thread at least if the season had been cancelled we could have claimed to have been unfairly relegated If we could only just once pull off a supposed shock result. How far have we fallen.
  5. At least if they had cancelled the season we could have claimed to have been unfairly relegated
  6. For me, no matter how much Sky etc try to hype it up, without the fans there it is just awful. I think with the Holte etc roaring them on today, we might just have scraped a point. As it is no fans etc , soulless. I wish they had just voided the season to be honest and waited until everything could have been as normal again. They could even have just picked this season up again next March .
  7. Talk Sport full of people calling in (mostly Sheff u or West Ham, Watford and other fans with a vested interest) ranting and saying the game should be replayed. Cant sleep and just heard a Presenter (Paul Ross i think) saying that it is a disgrace if Villa stay up by one point or Sheff U miss out on CL by one or two points. No mention of all the decisions that have gone against us.
  8. I don't really get why the subs etc have to sit 6ft apart and teams stand all at distance for pre match when they will be tackling regularly (hopefully) I thought they were all being tested twice a week for the virus. Some of it seems a bit OTT to me ?
  9. If it weren't for noney/tv etc it would have been an idea maybe to just freeze this season, pick it up exactly as it is now and restart the same weekend it stopped next year . No transfers this year etc. Just call it the 19-21 season. At least by next March crowds cd attend hopefully and our season tckts cd just be valid for the missing games etc. Radical maybe but money and tv will dictate i guess. Closed doors and neutral venues though, they may as well not bother for me.
  10. Isn't VAR going to be in Championship next season? I thought it was
  11. Watching BT score fir a change as Tim Sherwood is on there. Robbie Savage really hates us doesnt he. His sheer delight when Deeney scored was really annoying. Wish TS would put one on him.
  12. Danny Murphy in today's Mail on Sunday says he HAS to leave Villa at end of season for a CL club
  13. Why does Jack always seem to take so long to get over his injuries. It seemed fairly innocuous at the time . Hope he isnt going to be out for months again.
  14. Car Parks need attention. I come in via Brookvale Road. When we were last in the Prem, as well as the big main official car park, there was one opposite known as "Beau Crest" also the place on the left a little further down (just before the station entrance) used to operate as a car park on matchdays, then there was the School on the road to the left (past the Villa Chippy). None of these latter three operate any more and therefore the big main car park is so busy - after the Liverpool game, it took me 40 minutes to even get off the car park, never mind then queue in the traffic along Brookvale Road. The folks that man the main car park did mention that at one time there was talk of opening exit gates at the rear (leading on to Electric Avenue I think) - at least that would take some of the queue away to get out into Brookvale Road. It is so bad now that I may have to look for somewhere else to park which is a shame as the people that man the big main car park are all nice and friendly but the time to get out is just getting ridiculous now .
  15. How can this NOT be game of the day on Sky. Guess what is? Liverpool v Leicester.
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