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  1. How can this NOT be game of the day on Sky. Guess what is? Liverpool v Leicester.
  2. Will we appeal the yellow card for supposed Simulation ?
  3. What about the Tweets that said there was a Medical booked in for 5.00 one night earlier this week - and then another tweet said "successful medical"??
  4. We have Sky Sports but when I looked at this channel - it says "Upgrade your Subscription to view this Channel" - I think it's £11.99 per month so there's no chance of that - like above, can't we just make a one off payment or please put it on You Tube . Is this channel not part of Sky Sports then? As it says Sky Premier, I assumed it was part of the Sky Sports package !
  5. Hev

    Ticket Info

    Shame that, I was hoping to go - I had 9 aways last season but my friends only had 6 and as it drops from 9 right down to just ST Holders , I was waiting to we could all be together. Guess this will happen a lot this season. Still I suppose it is only fair that those that went to the most aways should get first priority but still a shame. !
  6. Hev


    Sorry deleted this cos I found the answer to my question in another thread
  7. Hev

    Douglas Luiz

    I didn't think we had a Player Liaison Officer now - I thought Lorna McClelland was "let go" when we got relegated?
  8. Whilst we are on music, please change the walk out music.
  9. The Ladies Loos in the Upper Witton really need a revamp. The large one in the loos on the side away from the stand has had dirty grit down it for at least two seasons. Also phone signal (O2)non existent and tannoy unintelligable in upper Witton
  10. The ref is just going to give everything to Albion tomorrow and they are going to kick shit out of Jack. I am so angry and nervous too.
  11. Very biased Anti Villa tonight on WM though
  12. Listening to WM. Everyone hates us dont they?
  13. Hev


    Correct. I am having the same problem. The option to load to card is just not there. Hopefully a glitch which they will sort soon. Hopefully
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