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  1. You should know to ignore everyone from Liverpool.
  2. We played this way against Chelsea. Seems like we're a man down.
  3. It's basically the same as a headed clearance but with the advantage of the keepers reach. You'll find not many keepers punch away in situations that are easily catchable. They do it when it's safest to do so.
  4. Lol you got me good there, honestly no idea why I didn't think of that.
  5. Playing devil's advocate here but punching the ball away is an extremely useful skill.
  6. Ignore that this is a Peter Kay show, Reece Sheersmith has me in tears! https://twitter.com/RealBobMortimer/status/1261335650797748226?s=20
  7. A point against Liverpool is more impressive than a point against Chelsea. Just saying.
  8. How on earth has Nathaniel Phillips managed to con his way into being a footballer? And get into this Liverpool squad?
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