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  1. TreeVillan

    Match Thread: Yeovil v Villa

    Doyle Hayes has been poor?! What on earth have you been smoking? Him and Andre have been my pick so far.
  2. TreeVillan

    Pre Match Thread

    First time in history? That can't be right can it?
  3. TreeVillan

    Steve Bruce

    Haha anyone else see Brucie tearing Nursey a new one? Brilliant!
  4. TreeVillan

    Gary Gardner

    The guy probably just wants to play football, can't blame him. Last chance for him really.
  5. TreeVillan

    Joe Bryan

    We're trying to sign Joe Bryan not Luke Shaw.
  6. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    Let's give them a discount because they're building a new stadium.
  7. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    Surely you mean preparing yourself?
  8. TreeVillan

    Ratings & Reactions: Hull v Villa

    Can we all agree Steer was fantastic yesterday? I don't think he did anything particularly wrong for their goal, he came forward and punched clear as far as he could, the goal was a partial fluke nothing he could've done. But after that he made some blinding saves, kept us in it and essentially won us the match.
  9. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    Top post mate!
  10. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    The guy changes nationality if it suits him. I wouldn't rely on his loyalty to the club and get your hopes. He's no Le Tissier or Shearer.
  11. TreeVillan

    Wes Edens

    Came to say the same. So let's show some love for Wes!
  12. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    Exactly, I've no idea how Marv managed to link this to FFP.
  13. TreeVillan

    Jack Grealish

    You know what? I've never actually looked at it like that before! Cheers for the insight!
  14. TreeVillan

    Steve Bruce

    It's amazing the amount of times people have had to say what you just posted, it's like they never listen?
  15. TreeVillan

    Steve Bruce

    I think the main issue was it became a thing, and teams would sense that and go for the kill and of course getting their rewards late on. Cost RDM his job and I think our chance to play in the prem.