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  1. I dunno, the majority of the posts there seem level headed to me.
  2. Lets not do a Fulham and actually buy a new squad, the lads have just proven that they're too good for the Champsionship.
  3. It's embarrassing that you judge people purely on their name.
  4. Can't fault the ref too much as he gave Brunt that second yellow even though at first it looked like he wasn't going to give it. I wonder what persuaded him to finally show the card? Was he just debating in his head to ensure he was making the correct decision? If so then fair play to him. Though at the time I was going nuts at every decision XD
  5. Exactly, I honestly don't know what people expect these days.
  6. Imagine being scared to pass the ball to a player in space.
  7. That's more to do with them setting up to defend

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