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  1. Legitimately thought he would do better than Lukaku.
  2. Tammy isn't the player we thought he would be, hasn't been the same since the Wolves interest.
  3. That's a ridiculous expectation. We're in the playoffs which is exactly what we wanted. Finishing 3rd to 6th is virtually the same thing, and we can easily finish 6th even with a few losses.
  4. Hause is just the universe naturaly balancing out for Mings
  5. The perfect story! Shame we didn't have McGinn from the start.
  6. Kortney trying to replicate his debut performance.
  7. Tammy has been poor so far. Edit: really poor
  8. We didn't have monster Mings then
  9. I'm not sure if you know this but us Villa fans live in the past.
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