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  1. I imagine they would have died when they crashed the planes into the towers.
  2. Does that mean Bamford's hatrick against Andorra is meaningless? Oh wait.
  3. Do you think half of Messi's goals should be struck from his records because how shit La Liga teams are?
  4. If his replacement does a good job against Chelsea then I think it's only fair Emi will need to wait his turn. I mean he's been a bit shaky of late anyways.
  5. We just play so much better with Ollie, I think we would have got the win if he had started the game.
  6. I was so angry for this. Absolute shithouse of a referee!
  7. Konsa injury is purely this god awful excuse for a referee's fault. How that was given as a corner instead of a foul I'll never know.
  8. Screw goals, keeping possession would've been an improvement.
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