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  1. Tony Xia

    Bruce desperately needs Kodjia back. The only thing that will save him now.
  2. Callum O'Hare

    Think this is the first time I've seen him play and happy to say I'm very impressed. Keep it up son, the world is your oyster.
  3. Match Thread: Colchester v Villa

    Christ and I've been singing Sambas praises... yet was that?!... yes get in!
  4. Match Thread: Colchester v Villa

    Onomah has looked awful since arriving.
  5. Germany 23rd July

    When do villa play?
  6. Live Pre Season YouTube

    I must say the quality has improved drastically on past seasons.
  7. Jordan Amavi

    Tell them the priced just doubled...
  8. Scott Hogan

  9. John Terry

    So Terry has been offered a one year contract by both ourselves and SHA.
  10. Jordan Amavi

    Depends on the Market, Everton just spent £30m on a keeper who's only played 31 games for Sunderland.
  11. Ross McCormack

  12. Tony Xia

    Don't he reads this forum but I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  13. Chelsea

    In the heat of the moment we've all said something completely stupid, I've done it and I'm sure everyone reading this has to. We shouldn't let that cloud the fact JT is arguably the greatest English defender of his generation.
  14. Scott Hogan

    He didn't, you're thinking of the Lansbury miss.
  15. Match Thread: Villa v Brighton

    I've no idea how Brighton could be going up as champions, we must be really shit.