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  1. Can't believe the blowjob Jack's getting because he's a good player. Need to grow up lads.
  2. He'll be off to a bigger club soon enough so don't worry about him. He'll be somebody else's problem. It's a shame that this club has been used by a multitude of players over recent years.
  3. TreeVillan

    The NSWE Board

    Owners come in spend a small fortune on players... Everybody is happy. Those players turn out to not be good enough... Suddenly the owners are charlatans.
  4. That's not the case. Also someone pointed out somewhere that 75% of all fixtures have been played whether we're a game behind it not.
  5. I like the idea that the top two teams from the championship come up and make a 22 team premier league, kinda like the good old days.
  6. They'll postpone the season as soon as United get in the top four through some dodge var decisions
  7. Seems that bad decisions just follow our club around. Suppose we could've have Alan Pardew and 8 year contract, so could be worse.
  8. Shit commentators on Sky, any other team and they'd be outrage at that penalty decision. He literally just said "that's why Mings had to handle the ball".
  9. I've followed Villa for a life sentence it seems now and I've never known us keep possession from a throw in.
  10. Yes the defending is shit... But it's our game plan that's the issue. Nobody to pass to, nobody making runs. Our defence can only hold on for so long against constant pressure.
  11. I couldn't have put it better myself. It seems that every week one of the better teams loses points to our relegation rivals. It's a really crazy season for upsets, it's just a shame we can't seem to hold on for any.
  12. See the thing is though mate, he did make the mistake and it didn't finish 2-2.
  13. You do realise Mings makes blunders every game right?
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