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  1. He obviously never made any tackles in his career either.
  2. I think we've had a pretty decent window tbf. Massively improved on our goalkeeper and striker positions.
  3. Wait maybe I skim read too fast but... Half a pint of beer mixed with half bloody Mary and a chicken drumstick on top for good measure? I'm definitely getting confused somewhere aren't I?
  4. Is an attacking mid what we need?
  5. Absolutely ridiculous decision to cut him out. He's clearly good enough.
  6. That's the problem with buy back clauses. Basically a glorified loan.
  7. Aye it's become far more technical than it used to be. The purely physical PL has gone. Unless of course you think Jack is too small/slow/weak?
  8. Is that all anyone cares about these days? John Terry is arguably the best premier league CB.... ever.
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