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  1. We lose when we are expected to lose. We don’t produce any surprises, unfortunately.
  2. Tayls


    Let’s play bihatches.....! Drop me your GT im shit and I’ll ruin it for everyone, but, it’s all part of the fun right? @AJ @Villan_of_oz @Daweii Anyone else??
  3. So you guys all have Disney+ then? Is it worth it? I’m tempted to get it so I can watch this. The wife loves Disney and we are getting our 18month old into the classics now, so might prove useful...?
  4. The first thing we see - if somebody rocked up half assed, we’d probably have told them that we wouldn’t be taking the interview any further.
  5. Absolutely - wear a suit. I know it sucks and suits just turn people into assholes generally, but unfortunately until there is a dramatic shift in society, then a suit is necessary. Some professions you can probably get away with it, but if you are going for an office job, then, yes, definitely wear one. Having been on interview panels before ‘smart’ appearance is literally the first thing we were checking for - which meant a suit.
  6. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    Slightly concerned with the fact that we still don’t look like we know what we are doing. We honestly look like we do not train all week. Any one of the teams we play in this league can embarrass us too easily. Not convinced at all now after 12 games.
  7. I still find it odd that even after all this time, we still look like the only team that doesn’t actually train during the week.
  8. Tayls

    UK Christmas Markets

    Yea Christmas markets are about being away from the UK...I just don’t think we have quite got it right compared with some places. Vienna was beautiful, went a couple of years back for two nights. Off to Goslar (Germany) next year. Supposed to be good. Sorry I realise I haven’t helped at all... here’s a cat gif instead:
  9. @Awol what you got for us dude
  10. Tayls

    Douglas Luiz

    Yea there’s more to this than what has been let out. He’s a quality player. Essentially I see it as though we are doing city a favour for a season, and we can make a few mill in the process. Money which, If we are relegated, would be welcome. Btw, I reckon he should start tomorrow ahead of Hourihane. Not saying Connor has played badly - I just think Luiz has something to prove with this game.
  11. Why is Nyland stood in front of James? the traitor!
  12. Weird that all the talk in the media states that they have been defeated. Howcome there is no mention of them regrouping and carrying out attacks?
  13. That’s because users are all pretty stupid! @limpid - am I right?!
  14. Think we know who has won the chess game today. Check mate.
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