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  1. Let’s just hit the 40 point mark and then start thinking about where we could go. It’s a weird season. It almost doesn’t seem completely real.
  2. Only if he is indeed parked safely... if he is driving, it’s illegal.
  3. Tayls

    U.S. Politics

    Surely they can’t just get anyone that was within a certain range of the White House though. They’d have to narrow it down further... the distance between the two is about 2miles.
  4. I can be free most evenings from about 21:30! Xbox One player will need to be added via rocket league itself..
  5. Captain as well - Today at least, don’t know if he is normally captain or not? Fairly certain he isn’t actually moving anywhere, but if he was I would expect the Bielsa pull would be far to great.
  6. Who’s the better of the two? Carney is held in pretty high regard isn’t he?
  7. It’s true... but the reasons are obvious. I like Bellerin though, good player. But we don’t need him as we have CASHYY... (for those who are unsure as to what the reasons are, Arsenal played away at West Brom the other day, and Bellerin posted a pic of himself on the frosty pitch).
  8. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    I’m a bit flat after the defeat yesterday. It just feels like an exact copy of the god knows how many years when it comes to playing Utd. I expected us to lose. We lost. I hope it’s not the beginning of a bad run, we have some tough games in a row in the league and could well end up with zero points come the end of the month. That will have a massive impact on confidence/morale etc. I don’t know what I was expecting really, maybe I was over confident we would get a result based on recent performances. But instead of feeling good about the fact we played well (we had more possession
  9. Oh I dunno... I get why you do that for some players, but not players of Ross’ calibre I reckon that it’s partly done anyway, we allowed Chelsea to earn a point the other day... must have been part of an arrangement...
  10. Anyone else reckon we have been able to thrash out a deal with Chelsea to convert to a perm signing?
  11. I’m still treating the current games remaining as though we need 15 points to be safe... Just can’t seem to get away from that way of thinking despite the obvious improvements in pretty much all departments.
  12. Future... Their squad lacks a bit of quality, particularly in the midfield. Based on the stats they’ll clicking eventually or if they add some extra quality they’ll probably get their sooner. Really not a bad side at all.
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