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  1. Crazy… just flicked through the entire chat. Suffice to say I never properly followed up my support of a team.. I have visited San Fran since choosing them and purchased a 49ers shirt whilst there… but I haven’t seen a game in years! I’ve kinda started following the NBA now and the Bucks!
  2. Then it loses validity, and as such we are back in the top 5.
  3. Weird that Bournemouth and Sheff Utd are on that list and not Leeds and Brentford!
  4. Pretty standard performance really after a miraculous win last week. Should have expected it really.
  5. It’s Southampton we’re playing now, not Tottenham. So, once you get down there just hang around St Mary’s for a bit. The Villa players will arrive at some point.
  6. Anyone else getting the feeling that Ollie is starting to panic about having not scored yet? I feel like he needs to calm down a little bit. Is there a little bit of jealousy or something where Ings is concerned? Hope playing them both works out. Really likeable characters, and both very talented.
  7. Dreadful result for my fantasy team. Captained Ronaldo as well. Why can’t we just have nice things for once? Jeez.
  8. I hope that when United get their penalty the Villa fans celebrate like crazy. Would be brilliant.
  9. It might be wise to start Young as he may know a trick or two to unsettle United, particularly down their right hand side, as Young will be on our left, I assume.
  10. All too predictable. The match will be 0-0 close to half time or just past it, and looking like we might get a point. United will get a penalty and then go on to win 3-0 (at least). We’ll finish with 10 men or an injury to one of our players that will go unpunished for United that should have blatantly been a red card. Next fixture.
  11. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    They are strong but we matched them last season and even got a win at their place so, if they are pushing on this season and we are struggling still then something isn't right somewhere… Howcome they would have been able to push on whilst we go backwards? Quite important that we get a result, to be honest.
  12. 1 Still going to struggle with picking up points like we have done after the first 4 games.
  13. Some individuals played well. But as a team it was miles away from where we need to be.
  14. We lost 3-0 having made defensive errors again and failed to score despite a large number of attempts. Please, I’m struggling to see why that is great and worth celebrating?
  15. Four points from 12… let’s face it it’s probably going to be four from 15… I’d say we are quite close. Teams are capable of looking great for certain periods of matches. However we still made mistakes which lead to conceding, and we failed to score despite all the attempts. Wins are going to be very few and far between this season. If Chelsea had put away two more of their attempts on target, making it a 5-0 score line, would people have been happy? I don’t think so.
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