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  1. Tayls

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Get well soon chap! We’re all awaiting your speedy VT return!
  2. Tayls

    Tammy Abraham

    I believe that is the cut off point for Chelsea to be allowed to recall Tammy.
  3. Tayls

    Kortney Hause

    Hope this guy knows how to behave properly. Can’t afford to have him ending up in a Kort Hause.
  4. If no Maupay then we need to go for Roofe. He can finish. And is a Villa fan.
  5. That’s it. I only want to see links to players who’s names relate to either a) Property b) Structual engineering we’re Aston Villa - and we are building for the future.
  6. Tayls

    Tammy Abraham

    Yea - I think one of the really top newspapers mentioned £7m - so I was mainly taking the piss out of that... basically - I’m not sure I believe this breaking news... yet...
  7. Tayls

    Tammy Abraham

    £18m?! Hopefully the reported £7m we are paying Wolves for Hause is going straight towards this fee...
  8. Hold on hold on hold on, just processing this article for a second... so, based on how this article is written , Wolves are negotiating with us on Abraham and will only let us have their unused defender, if we let them have Abraham, who belongs to Chelsea, but Abraham has a clause which means he himself can trigger it so that he can end his loan early? Im not sure if the Daily Mail know how the football works...
  9. Tayls

    Match Thread: Villa v QPR

    Hull are only a point behind now. They look really good as well. Weird season.
  10. Tayls

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    That result is just so typical of Villa isn’t it. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. No chance we are going up though. There’s a reason why Leeds are top, and we aren’t even close.
  11. He used to post on here. He’s not welcome back after what he did to us. Traitor!
  12. Difficult to get him to adapt to our new style I reckon. Very much a Bruce man.
  13. It’s because he’s too afraid to hold the damn ball.