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  1. IT Infrastructure

    So I’m going to take Zen for example. Someone has a leased line through them, and obviously they have a POP somewhere which the line connects to. So from that point of presence, what happens - roughly.
  2. IT Infrastructure

    It’s purely educational purposes. I’m trying to learn this stuff but really could do with a simple outline in either a list or diagram to be able to ‘see’ it. Can’t find anything decent online that can answer it properly.
  3. IT Infrastructure

    Hi chaps. Im a bit of a thicko when it comes to networking. Would someone be able to list out how a typical company leased line would look starting from the LINX all the way to the premises? calling all IT people!! @limpid @Davkaus @choffer @PompeyVillan
  4. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I don’t know really, truth be told - I like all of the films. I could just sit and watch any one of them and be perfectly happy - particularly with 4/5/6. Can’t wait to watch the new one tomorrow!
  5. Star Wars: Disney Era

    ROTJ is the best so far in my opinion. Easily beats ESB. I’d even go as far as to say ANH is in second place. I like ESB, but it’s nowhere near my favourite. On a nerdy side note, I’ve started collecting vintage Star Wars figures again - so if anyone has any that they fancy shifting, let me know!
  6. X-moose 2k17 P-ART-EE TIE-M

    Your ideal world makes me sad! Get into the festive spirit you miserable sod!
  7. Match Thread: Leeds v Villa

    Struggling against another half decent side. No promotion again this season because we can’t win again sides in the top half of the table.
  8. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    I never played BF1, in all honesty. Don’t really know what other games they do. I only ever play Rocket League, COD (which I am ok at) and GTA whenever a new one comes out.
  9. Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I thought the adverts were supposed to be reflective of what I search on? I can confirm they absolutely are not...
  10. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Can’t get to grips with the multiplayer on this. Just finding my characters get killed too quickly - I could land a few hits myself but would always seem to end up losing. Really bloody annoying. Completed campaign - somewhat disappointing overall.
  11. X-moose 2k17 P-ART-EE TIE-M

    The Xmas decorations went up, and the Xmas radio station was put on in the office last week. There are a few younger ladies in the office who are getting rather excited by Christmas. Initially, I thought it was wayyyyyyy to early. But then I remembered I facken love Christmas, and I can’t wait. Gonna be a little bit different this year, wife and I are expecting our first child in March, so we are kinda getting prepared for that. Apparently I’m not allowed presents now and have to have stuff for the baby Heading up to Wolverhampton on Xmas day for dinner with some fam. Gonna be fun! How about you @lapal_fan? I think furbys went out of fash ages ago.
  12. Comic Books

    Went today. Was pretty good. First time going to one of these, so got to unleash my geeky side. Me and a couple of mates went along, each with different things that we were looking out for. Couple of us wanted a few Pokémon cards, I wanted Thor comics, etc. Wasn’t disappointed.
  13. Comic Books

    I’m starting to get into marvel quite a bit at the moment, particularly Thor, and I’m looking at getting myself a few comics to read and collect. I’m off to comic con tomorrow at the NEC, figured it’s a good place to start. Bit confused about where to begin though, with the Thor comics. I like the idea of starting with the really early versions, like when the character was first introduced. Any suggestions?
  14. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    Got the free DL code the other day. Had a go on campaign mode - seems to be quite good. Didnt enjoy the multiplayer that much. Probs because I’m not very good and kept getting killed too easily. Started to get on my nerves a bit actually. At the minute, I’m kind of thinking, “glad I didn’t pay for this”. I reckon I will come to like the game though. Big Star Wars fan, so it’s getting me well in the mood for the upcoming film.
  15. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

    On the Xbox website they have a draw thing you can enter into. Did it yesterday and got a code to DL battlefront 2 when it’s out. Think there are daily prizes to be won over next couple of days as well. (You need to enter, name, address and number each time you enter).