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  1. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Are we sure it isn't just the players? The amount of messages I have seen where people have said so and so is shit, it's making me wonder?!!
  2. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    Some Half Time stats - figures taken from Sky Sports App. Possession: Reading 77% Villa 23% Passes: Reading 354 Villa 73 Passes in final 3rd: Reading 80 Villa 11 Shots/On Target: Reading 9/3 Villa 1/1
  3. Match Thread: Reading v Villa

    7 passes achieved in the final 3rd of the pitch. 57 passes in total. 0 chances created. Please leave, Bruce. Thank you for last season but, we have targets that we must meet this season.
  4. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    We do need more support on the left though...
  5. Steve Bruce

    There's an article?
  6. Steve Bruce

    Change it up. Can't afford to not be promoted this season. Move fast.
  7. Match Thread: Colchester v Villa

    So both of our goals have come from individual errors on their part. If they hadn't have happened we'd currently find ourselves 1-0 down against a league 2 side. And if the penalty hadn't been saved - even further behind. The weather isn't great, pitch looking a little water-logged which makes life harder, but we still aren't playing with any real sense of urgency and determination to put the opposition to the sword, not to mention the lack of quality when in possession of the ball. I know this isn't the strongest 11 but I'd expect more, as the majority of these players are next in line should we need them in the team. Champions this season? Probably not.
  8. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    ALLLLLLL of the money... yes, we would. And it's a big IF as well...
  9. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    Hourihane for Bacuna Green for Agbonlahor i think these will be the first changes we will see.
  10. Match Thread: Villa v Hull

    I think Whelan has been our worst player this half. He's looked a little nervous imo. Hogan has looked brilliant. Desperate for him to score a goal just so he can get a bit of confidence going and hopefully push on. Lansbury has looked decent as well. Defence has been pretty solid. Johnston included. When Hernandez for Hull gets the ball by the box I'm a littlenervous, definitely their danger man. Could easily make something happen for them. Would quite like him in our team.
  11. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    We don't need any more signings. We just need to get rid of a couple more to help with finances and then crack on with playing and winning matches.
  12. Prague

    What touristy bits have you done already Tony? You staying in a hotel or AirBnB? Cheers for the the rest of your responses as well chaps, much appreciated.
  13. Post-update gremlins

    Just noticed some of the other chaps have mentioned it.. sooo. Yea.
  14. Post-update gremlins

    Got another issue with the site on iPhone @limpid - looks like it has gone from one extreme to the other (all post update). Before the site was quite zoomed out, you could see a border and had a margin from the edge of the screen and now it is too zoomed in - no margin. Visually, it's not quite right yet....
  15. Data security

    It's just in general really. I'm a bit para about my info being out there etc - for example, I shred my letters properly and won't throw anything with name/address into the bin. I see people just giving laptops/computers away all the time, and I ask if they have cleared out the data and they always respond with 'no'... I find it crazy. I need the space in my house now as well, so it is time to dispose of my old crap. But I need to do it properly. I've decided to use garden clippers on the platters and cut them into pieces. Should hopefully be enough?!!