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  1. Just so typical we lose our first game of the season to this lot. Disappointing really despite what has happened past four games.
  2. I don’t quite get how it will work - will they still play in the premier league as it is or would they just play in their little fairy land league that they have created? Are they expecting people to support a team in this league as well as their normal teams? This whole thing makes me mad and the thing that does the most is the fact that they feel they can determine who gets to play in it and who doesn’t - based on who sky have picked to be part of the ‘big 6’. Football should be about earning the right to play in the leagues that you are in and building to remain competitive - whi
  3. Is it wrong of me to see these 12 points earned so far as early steps towards safety? I still feel like we need to get to 40 points as quickly as possible to avoid relegation... should we dare to think that we might actually be quite comfortable this season?
  4. I’m on 10 years of service! Hah. I’ve been part of the slate everyone in sight crew many times over the past few seasons, but now, we actually look interested... everyone is working hard, some are finding it more difficult than others, but still, there is unity. Good to see. At last.
  5. Think we can be proud of the lads again tonight, no matter what the result ends up being. Hopefully the majority of fans can see what we are actually doing at the moment and just support the team properly, instead of getting on anyones back...
  6. I literally had no plan for it...
  7. Harry Maguire hasn’t changed a bit...
  8. Awesome. I want to ‘travel’ Norway with the wife and child once all this craziness goes away or improves, so want to visit the main sorts of places and do some of the activities you mentioned above. Certainly the sledding - sounds awesome. Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. McGinn doesn’t get tired, tired gets McGinn.
  10. Did you manage to visit these places? How’d you get on?
  11. Chaps, things are going quite nicely at the moment within the Villa camp, please don’t ruin it by suggesting we sign Welbeck...
  12. Reckon he is off to Rennes... ...or Brentford.
  13. I’m glad I panicked after we went 1-0 up and started watching Gossip Girl with the Mrs...
  14. Fair play. Hopefully there is one more surprise to cap off this great window. I thought we were done based on what Smith said the other day. But ending Jota’s contract the way we did yesterday made me think that something might be happening in terms of another incoming...
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