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  1. Got a company call in a few mins - sounds like we are going down the furlough route as we need to save on costs - sales are shit. Customers are having to close shops apart from those that sell online. Dont know if my role is directly affected, as IT support and e-commerce manager for UK, I’d probs expect to still be working, but, don’t know. Really annoying, and worrying
  2. if there are elements of truth in this, then, he needs to be stripped of the captaincy...
  3. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    Nahh. I was just trying to be funny whilst working at home, slightly bored. Wasn’t worth it though as I didn’t get a single laughing emoji. Next time I come up with comedy gold I’m keeping it to myself. Or will share it with the wife instead. Bastards.
  4. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    Well, another week without a win. The lad must be feeling the pressure now.
  5. My days start with me hoping for some positive news come 5pm when it comes to the Italy figures being announced. It’s just constantly getting worse and worse. Would love to understand why there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Freaking terrifying.
  6. A couple of well established village pubs close by to where I live have decided to close, having both only last week launched takeaway versions of their normal menu, and closed the restaurant and bar. We bought from one of them last night, and saw the announcement this morning, which is a shame because they offer a lot to the community as well. I wonder if the recent announcements by the government are making it easier for these places to just shut up shop completely as wages can be paid to staff, rather than fighting to remain semi-functional...
  7. Edit: tried to post a video but the damn thing didn’t embed due to an error. Sad face.... Here’s the link to it anyway, it’s Russel Brands view on what the coronavirus has revealed to us all...
  8. So where are we in terms of finding a proper treatment for this, has there been a defined concoction of drugs that seems to work in treating some of the serious cases? Guessing we are still years off a proper vaccine also....
  9. It’s very unsettling to say the least. We did quite well out of our sale (which was one of the main reasons we decided to go through with it in the first place), so we have been able to put down a decent deposit and keep some back for ‘stuff’. However, to reach a point where we have to spend that money because we are not working, worries the hell out of me... its just impossible to know what’s gonna happen. Massive gamble. Also don’t forget, can take months for a purchase to even get to the complete stage... so you can have your offer accepted and go with it for a bit... if you then need to pull out due to unforeseen circumstances, then you can with little (to zero) financial loss... sucks for the vendor, but, that’s the game...
  10. NB: purely selfish post... supposed to be completing on a house purchase either tomorrow or early next week. Kinda don’t want to now! Dreading what’s gonna happen a bit further down the line, especially if one or both of my wife or I lose our jobs. Weve already ‘completed’ on our house sale, we exchange next week. Living with the in-laws currently. **** knows what I want to do right now.
  11. Just on the WFH thing, was tasked end of last week with setting up 20 odd office staff so they can remote work - some already could as they have laptops, others use desktops and some have VDI boxes. Monday came and I had arranged for a number of the staff to bring their devices in on Wednesday (tomorrow) so I could set them up. However, after Boris Johnson’s update yesterday evening, it became apparent that I would need to get them all sorted today, which, I had booked off for my daughters 2nd birthday. Got in for 9 and was done by 12, teaching people how to remote connect to their work comp is a bit of a nightmare!
  12. Pretty much the same here. Completely doesn’t need to happen though if people shop less selfishly.The supply chain is good, plenty for everyone to lead their normal weekly shop routine. (For now, at least).
  13. yea, but that's the thing. Its not a catch it once and then never catch it again type of illness. Each time someone gets it fights it off, you are building up a defence, so the body becomes better at dealing with it, to the point where eventually it becomes a common virus/disease... I don't think it has ever been reported that it is a one-time thing... I might be wrong.
  14. its not a Flu though... its a different type of virus that presents with flu-like symptoms... Its much worse than a flu Its going to kill a lot more people in a short space of times than compared with a flu Governments all over the world are not treating it like a flu Hospitals are struggling to cope with the amount of sick people who have Covid19 than compared with the flu. Its not a Flu!!
  15. Howcome it’s upsetting you? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!
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