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  1. I’m taking on some responsibilities that would normally perhaps sit with an eComm manager, but have landed with me as I have a technical background. Essentially I will be managing our UK site, driving sales on it. I’m very new to SEO/Analytics etc and just wanted to get some advice on best approaches, tips, all that kind of stuff - how to get people to stay on the site itself. to put it another way, I need to look the absolute nuts...
  2. Yo IT people. We have a bunch of Surface pros out in the field and users are experiencing regular disconnects to our network, for which we have configured Direct Access as a way of connecting to it. Has any one experienced anything like this happening with their end users? Cheers
  3. Hey folks Does anybody know anything about eCommerce/SEO/google analytics/search console etc?
  4. Look at the outcome of the poll - I wonder if there is a direct correlation between how you wipe your ass, and also those that voted for Leave in the referendum.
  5. Tayls


    @Villan_of_oz Based in England bud - so if we did play we’d need to figure out suitable times!
  6. Tayls


    Nice one @Skruff - thank you for the advice. Was it just Plitvice that you visited or was it part of a wider trip to Croatia? What else did you get up to there, any other suggestions?
  7. Tayls

    advert problem

    Same. Its not your phone or browsers though, so don’t worry about that - clearing browsers won’t do anything unfortunately. What it is is dodgy adverts with crappy JavaScript code that is performing the redirect to these crap sites with the pop up. It’s a bit of a ball ache. I imagine @limpid is already aware and is working with the ad networks to get it sorted.
  8. Erm,.... you’re not planning on becoming a fighter pilot anytime soon are you?
  9. Tayls


    I’m down. Villan_of_Oz mentioned it previously as well, I just never got round to following up! I play on Xbox one, so if you are a hardcore PC gamer - don’t judge me!
  10. Tayls


    Could do with some Croatia advice from those who have been. Wife and I are looking at having a week or so there this year - debating whether or not take the baba (1year old). We want to see a few of the main things there, so really that means visiting Dubrovnik and Split (plus Hvar). Really want to see the Plitvice Lakes as well, but it’s a good 2.5hrs away from Split. Read it’s 2hrs from Zadar, which also looks like a decent place to visit. Anybody managed to squeeze the lakes into a trip at all? If so, how did you go about it?
  11. Playing very well, can beat anybody when playing like this. The only thing that is stopping me from getting too excited at the moment are those games in hand that Middlesbrough, Derby and Bristol have. Once they have been played and we know our position based on those, then I will get excited if we remain in the top 6. Looks good though, especially as we were struggling for wins a couple of weeks back.
  12. Tayls


    I’m still a bit crap, played the best part of 2500 games now as well. I seem to always be one step behind the good players, where as before it was not building quick enough, now it seems to be not editing quick enough. Also, I can build to try and get high ground (often lose out), but I find that it gets broken down too easy. Really frustrating game. Enjoy it though.
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