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  1. Yes! We’re going to win this football match! Victory to the team in claret and blue!!
  2. Tayls

    Wesley Moraes

    Not every pass has to be a direct assist...
  3. Tayls

    Wesley Moraes

    I said ages ago that this guy offered us something extra in attack, and that was quickly dismissed by many. He may not have scored every week but his holdup play and link with others moving forward was far better better than what we have at present. Samatta looks like he will score more goals, but we can’t create chances for him to do that. I don’t think his holdup play is anywhere near what Wesley can do. Funny that we have picked up less points without Wesley than we did with him. Imagine if Newcastle gave up on Joelinton - also someone who isn’t scoring many but offers more to the team in other areas. We have some serious learning to do about writing players off after 20 games or whatever it was.
  4. Liverpool looking like they will lose their first games as champions, they have struggled to score over their past four away games as well. They will be desperate to prove their might this season with a victory as soon as possible, and what better place to do it than at Anfield. I’d not want to be a part of whoever their next opponents at home are!
  5. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    Hi Mr Smith Hope all is well? Really quick one, please could you get us to win a game of football at some point? It would be really great. People have gone nuts and are asking for Allardyce to step-in in order to get the job done. I’m scared. Best Tayls
  6. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    We’re not aggressive enough in our play. I see us attacking and we don’t look like we are creating any real surprises for the opposition. They defend our attacks pretty easily. Its all a bit rubbish really.
  7. Yea we DBAN any work laptops we give to our electrical waste disposal people. For my old personal laptop I took out the HDD and shattered the discs. I then decided I wanted to take a proper look inside the machine and subsequently decided to break everything else as well for good measure... it’s actually quite satisfying...
  8. So for the sky ones - is it only free to air if you actually have Sky, or is it ‘accessible’ without having sky?
  9. Tayls

    General Chat

    Does anybody here have an oil central heating system? Just moved house to one that has one, and..... I have no clue what I am doing!!
  10. Yeah, we are going to ‘air’ the house for a few days before moving in properly. We are living with the in-laws currently (sold our house back in March), so have somewhere to come back to. We plan on getting there, opening all doors and windows and having a good clean and painting session. Still doesn’t feel like enough though. I’m not entirely convinced we should be doing this at all to be honest, doesn’t feel right!
  11. moving house tomorrow...no idea how to do this safely to ensure we don’t pick anything up. We have been in contact with the sellers over the past few weeks to try and orchestrate a moving date during this lockdown, that’s one reassuring thing. They have said they have been fine...
  12. Tayls

    Wesley Moraes

    Hit me with the numbers...
  13. Agreed. We don’t have to sell. And the owners don’t necessarily want to sell either. Pay rediculous money, or take a hike!
  14. Tayls

    Wesley Moraes

    I stand by my opinion that we have been a lot worse without him. I don’t know the true facts... haven’t been bothered to research it, but I think we look a lot weaker.
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