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  1. Tayls

    Wesley Moraes

    He has only been here 5 minutes and you’ve already removed him?
  2. First and foremost, I don’t doubt that Butland is an excellent keeper, and I was envious when he went to Stoke initially due to all the talk of his talents. However, at the moment, reading all these posts and twitter ‘confirmations’, I can’t help but feel anything other than bad for Steer. He’d drop down to number 2, having not put a foot wrong since he has been playing regularly for us. Im not sure what that means really because I’m usually thrilled with a new signing. I just think it is somewhat.. unnecessary? Who knows, maybe it’s all bull like a lot of the rumours have been.
  3. Didnt someone say there was a medical booked in for Wednesday? Makes sense that negotiations were concluded yesterday. Cant remember who posted it...
  4. Haha! I really don’t think you have understood the game! Hahah! What an idiot!!! guys - check out this guys attempt! Right, I’ve Kosovo guys, see ya laters.
  5. I Kazakhstan this thread at the moment. I’m going to Czechia another thread to see if there are any more punathons I can Japan to. Im Hungary all of the Sudan. Hungary for more signings that is.
  6. The 40k was me putting a number out there that is likely to be exceeded. He was an exceptionally gifted footballer, that got injured far too often to be consistent. He wont be joining Villa, i'm almost certain of that. Doesn't fit the criteria already set out by Smith and Purslow.
  7. Is this happening or not? Goddddddd
  8. Why on earth would we give him his last hurrah on probably over 40k per week to play about 5 games? No, just, no. And I’m sorry but if his desire to play is being questioned by one of the best managers in the world, in a team that were fighting for the title and that went on to win the champs league, then what is his desire going to be like at a team just promoted? Literally makes no sense.
  9. Some people clearly don’t understand the approach we are going to be taking when it comes to adding to the squad - and instead want us to go down the same routes that got us into a mess in the first place.
  10. Tayls

    Tyrone Mings

    Do you work in marketing?...... For a porn company?
  11. Tayls

    Tyrone Mings

    3 days since there was a post in the Mings thread. Should we be concerned that he isn’t going to be coming back to us this saddens my soul.
  12. You’re a tree!! Welcome back Trent. I f**&*** hate gardening.
  13. It suggests there’s a weakness somewhere. Something we need to be wary of further down the line perhaps. Unless you know him personally of course, and you’re jealous of his bonsai bush collection.

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