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  1. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    I believe he is on loan from Man U.
  2. Tayls

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    We already have one of these https://www.villatalk.com/topic/17648-1819-promotion-charge/
  3. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Answered my own question!
  4. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Just straight in? Don’t need to use the link icon to paste the URL into?
  5. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Tell me tell me!
  6. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Why won’t the video embed?
  7. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    God this video makes me totes emosh...
  8. Tayls

    Pre-match chat

    Come kick off, I plan on turning my phone off, and staying away from the TV and the VT. Will go and do some gardening or something crap. As such, I won’t know the outcome until late and I don’t have to stress whilst following the game.
  9. Tayls

    Confirmation Agree With Terms & Conditions

    Exactly! We should change the name of this topic to ‘GDPR shiz’.... i’mweird when it comes to my data etc, so I don’t want any companies getting any info at all. So I go through and change the sliders to no. Just means I have to do each time I go onto the site, because I clear my browsing history after every time I finish using safari.
  10. Tayls

    Confirmation Agree With Terms & Conditions

    Ah sorry thought it might all fall under the same thing - related to GDPR etc. I clear my browsing history on my phone every time I have finished browsing. So, guess it means I am going to need to complete this form every time I come onto VT
  11. Tayls

    Confirmation Agree With Terms & Conditions

    What is the pop up that appears when first coming onto the site on a mobile device? (Apple). I go through it and turn off all the filters and hit save/exit. I don’t like it though. It says something about ‘Purposes’
  12. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    Ahh, I see. So it’s official speculation, it’s written down by some media source somewhere I assume. Got the link? Do we need a new manager before the play off final? Reckon we can get one in beforehand?
  13. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    Excellent news. Maybe we should mention this on the Villa social media channels, to make them aware, 4 days before we go into a play off final... Seriously though, what are you hoping for by posting that??
  14. Tayls

    Transfer Window Summer 2018

    Care to dream a little bigger?! Basically, no. He was part of the poison crew from what I recall? Might be wrong.
  15. Tayls

    2018 Holiday Plans

    Santorini is one of the most exceptional places on earth. If anybody is looking for things to do: - wine tasting at Santo Wines. - Explore Oia - walk along the coast st Thera (Fira) - lots of steps up and down. - grab a boat over to Thirasia. (Sunset cruise or something) - check out the Akrotiri Archeological site.