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  1. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    The difference with Deano though is that, if he ‘loses the dressing room’, I’d rather sack the players than the manager. Dean stays for the long run in my view.
  2. A couple of people have put Grealish out wide on the left. I don't think this works. Grealish works best when he has the option of an LM overlapping or cutting in to give him an option or to take a defender away. He has to stay central, IMO.
  3. @BOF to the thread please - calling @BOF to the thread... @TheAuthority - you are my hero.
  4. The average spend per player was about £10millon. (Not sure if you heard the interview with purslow, but he confirmed that - 12 new players, about £120millon spent not including add-ons). So, when you look at it like that we have bought 12 x 10million pound players to replace the 12 that we released at the end of last season. You’d expect that some of those were better quality than what we had previously, maybe, but they weren’t premier league proven. So, actually, I don’t think our expectations should have been that we will ‘do a wolves’ this season, but instead survival was what we are aiming for.
  5. Sheff Utd’s first game was Bournemouth away. They got themselves 1 point there
  6. Both Norwich and Sheff Utd pretty much showing us how it is done. Got a horrible feeling we are this seasons whipping boys, again... points going to be very hard to come by. Not sure what the reason is though; player quality, tactics, too many new players, not retaining enough of last seasons players?
  7. That’s the spirit!! This is what we need, can we get more of this in the chat please - More of this...
  8. wahhhh I would never!! Who was it who managed that last season for our 12 cup finals or whatever it was?
  9. Anyway you can go into some more specifics on the concept of matched betting, particularly using tools such as you describe above? I’m interested, but I don’t like the idea of a monthly subscription...
  10. Can we cup final this thread please. 1 of 37!
  11. I honestly do not think we have any concerns with that...
  12. I know it was changed for 2019, but wasn’t sure it was changed permanently? Makes a lot of sense as far as English leagues are concerned!
  13. The next AFCON will make for an interesting squad when that comes around next... provided the nations all make it of course. Benrahma? Trezeguet Nakamba Kodjia Elmohamady?
  14. Personally, I think Augustin’s Gloop erm. Yea.
  15. Tayls

    Said Benrahma

    Absolutely. Rightly so. Whole window would be a farce!!

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