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  1. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    Great photo taken during the Centre Back drills portion of the training session.
  2. Tayls

    Christian Purslow

    @tonyh29 what was your post the other day in relation to the current regime and there being bad stuff going on behind the scenes still, or something along those lines? Can you comment any further on that? Or can anyone else comment further for that matter...
  3. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    And stupid people. Bloody everywhere. Can’t escape them.
  4. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    Perhaps it’s Martinez AND Henry? Fwiw I honestly think Terry will be taking up a role with Chelsea. I don’t think he has ever been in our plans to bring him back here as a coach.
  5. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    Dem mate that’s a bit harsh. He hasn’t even joined yet!
  6. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    Sod it I say. Why not try something different and a little bit out there. Let’s face it, we have been an absolute joke for almost 10years (since MON left). The football has been awful. I just want us to actually have a style of play that is good to watch and a bit of direction. I want to see the players showing a bit of passion and drive to succeed. The previous appointments haven’t worked. Lets really mix things up. UTV.
  7. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    What’s this about a second appointment alongside the DOF? What role would that be?
  8. Tayls

    New Manager Speculation

    My sources tell me that he actually turned them down... i must stress that I don’t actually have any sources linked to Henry or Bordeaux... infact I have no idea where I got that from, read it somewhere. Could have been on this very forum even... so, yea, I haven’t actually contributed anything towards answering your question and we are pretty much at the beginning...
  9. Tayls

    Steve Bruce

    It’s not on the OS yet so how the fudge do the inventors of football know before Villa themselves do?
  10. Tayls

    Christian Purslow

    Has there been any mention as to who the potential candidates are for this DOF position? Has Purslow mentioned that there definitely will be one put in place?
  11. Tayls

    Ads on mobile site

    Had the same a few times today @limpid using guest WiFi at work (Zen). On an iPhone with latest update using safari browser.
  12. Tayls

    2018 Holiday Plans

    Yea I’m definitely keen on getting a guide and making sure I take full advantage of actually being there and learning. I’ve wanted to go for a while. I had a look on the site, but there were 2 options available which I couldn’t tell the difference between, but one was cheaper than the other by 5/10 zloty... so I panicked and didn’t book... I just need to try and figure out the best way to get there, but based on what @Rodders said, it might be possible to arrange that through the hotel. (Which we haven’t picked yet). I hadn’t thought about the salt mines - we were only going for 2 days, primarily for Auschwitz, but I might have to try and fit it in.
  13. Tayls

    2018 Holiday Plans

    Has anybody got any advice on the best way to tour around Auschwitz - booking tickets/guide etc. Would be staying in Kraków so need to get to Auschwitz from there....
  14. Tayls

    Jack Grealish

    I watched the game on sky last night, and I couldn’t help but thinking that he needs a kick up the ass. He gets ‘on the ball’ a fair bit, but doesn’t really do a lot with it. I think he might benefit from being benched for a half or so. If he has aspirations of playing at the very top (if him being disappointed that his move to Spurs didn’t go through are true), then he needs to be starting for a championship team, else it isn’t going to happen. Hourihane was far more effective overall last night. Hopefully he starts delivering sooner rather than later. We need our best players right now.
  15. Tayls

    The Apple Thread

    You get the headphone adapter with the phone so it’s no drama as far as the headphones are concerned. Or just use the new pods that come with it. i like the new phones. I’ve had my 6 for 3 years now, think it’s time for an updgrade. Tempted by either the 8 or the XR...