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  1. Why is Nyland stood in front of James? the traitor!
  2. Weird that all the talk in the media states that they have been defeated. Howcome there is no mention of them regrouping and carrying out attacks?
  3. That’s because users are all pretty stupid! @limpid - am I right?!
  4. Think we know who has won the chess game today. Check mate.
  5. Well, I was thinking the Saudi oil facilities being blown to pieces at the time, but stuff has happened since. What’s your take on that and then the developing ‘escalations’
  6. @Awol - what’s your take on these recent events dude?
  7. Lols a 31 year old striker, that is unattached at this stage immediately sends alarm bells. Must be reasons for it.
  8. We still seem to be inviting pressure, and struggle to keep the ball in the middle. I didn’t watch all of the game yesterday, but from what I did see, we struggled, and that was at home. Unfortunately Arsenal are good at unlocking teams and passing in tight spaces. Think we’ll get a hammering here. 4-0.
  9. Been offered an IT role with the NHS. has anyone worked for the NHS before? What are the real benefits? What are the not so good stuff. Never worked in public sector before, so not overly sure on what I should expect. No idea what to do.
  10. We’ve got one result in four, true. Personally I think we have looked bad in the games we have lost. Haven’t seen today’s game but from the sounds of things we were atrocious. We just can’t afford to be, else we are down. Simple as. As I said, it doesn’t matter about other teams. We need to be in charge. Not thinking it’s all ok because other teams haven’t won a game yet. Im unhappy at the moment. It’s not what I was expecting. Was thinking very differently leading up to August 10th.
  11. Unfortunately showing enough doesn’t equate to results. We need results quickly. We aren’t getting any favours from officials, clearly (not that any team should get favours anyway). However, we need to be in control of our own destiny, and, unfortunately, I don’t think we are performance wise, at the moment anyway.
  12. Is there a way a complaint can be made against a match official. Clearly has some sort of personal issues with Villa. Shouldn’t be allowed to ref our games if so.
  13. Tayls

    Tyrone Mings

    Does that include Heaton? If he plays.
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