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  1. Is there a possibility he is struggling with effects from long covid? I don’t want to defend him after seeing that clip, but... it’s a possibility?
  2. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    But, why? Poor form for four months? Not beyond the realms of possibility obviously but, why? We were going so well, looked incredible going forward, defending brilliantly... now we look like we have won a competition to take part in the premier league for a season. This can’t just be because we haven’t had Grealish playing. What’s happened to Barkley all of the sudden? El Ghazi has gone backwards again despite being a standout for weeks on end. Summats up.
  3. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    The reality of this is, if we played the entire season like we have done across the past four months, I reckon we’d be in another relegation scrap... (if anyone has the math to confirm based on current form since Jan that would be awesome). Im still not convinced by what has gone on at the club since late December/early Jan has lead to this horrendous turn around in form. We have been pretty garbage since. Not a great footballing side at all, which is troubling.
  4. There’s definitely a decent player there, I’m just not 100% sure what his role is. I thought he was a goal getter, but I don’t think he has scored a premier league goal for us this season? Is he just an engine for the midfield? I’m not sure.
  5. I was going to try and watch this one, but as soon as they started bringing up the stats for Liverpool having not scored in the first half of game since December, and the six defeats in row thing, it became incredibly predictable as to what would happen.
  6. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    I like Dean and I can honestly say I won’t ever call for him to be sacked going forward (I think I did at times last season). He’s earned the right to remain as our manager for as long as needed to try and put the club where the owners want it to be. If they feel he is the right man then I will go with that. If they decide to go down a different path, then I will go with that also. What is very confusing to me at the moment is how different we are now compared to how we were before the new year. The last good game I remember seeing was the Palace game at home, where we were exceptional to
  7. I’m really struggling to understand why we have become so bad? We looked brilliant before the new year! Is it really the effects of covid? Incredible how bad we have become. Last good performance that I can remember was when we played Palace at home.
  8. How vital is it to pay attention to market cap? I have seen people discuss it and say that it is the most important thing to look at when it comes to making investments, however on the contrary I have seen other experienced investors say that paying too much attention to it is actually dangerous... I can see arguments for both sides, but would like to know more about it. Very new to crypto btw, only started last week by putting a couple of quid into Cardano - mainly to satisfy my curiosity I have been lurking for a while.
  9. This just made me really nervous. We’re going to sell all our best players aren’t we :(
  10. Apparently Leeds spent the best part of 300k for Spurs’ second pitch (they had two pitches on rotation). Had it installed five weeks ago, and it’s worse than the one they had before which was cutting up like crazy. Hybrid pitch as well.
  11. Pretty sure there is a Kenneth opportunity here somewhere
  12. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    What’s going on then do we reckon? We’ve definitely regressed since the turn of the year both in terms of team performance and (I think) points return. I’m expecting us to get beat on Saturday too, as Leeds are just playing better football than us, plain and simple. Really think we need to get to 40pts as soon as possible else we could easily be caught with an extended run of defeats.
  13. Tayls

    Dean Smith

    I reckon the no subs thing was done on purpose to save others for the midweek game. Let’s not forget we will have had six games in 18 days starting from the Man City game, so, rotation is going to be key. Three games down now, change things for the next batch of games to help us through it. I’ll be surprised if we play the exact same team on Wednesday.
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