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  1. I don’t know if they are reliable or not, but others responding seem to think so based on what they have said… seem as confident in their ITKs as we we were with some of our better ones back in the day. It’s still a case of it’s more ‘news’ coming out of their (back)side than it is ours at the moment, though
  2. More indications that it is done on city forums now, just stepped up half a gear. Not good signs annoyingly. Just want something from our end to give some hope, but the absolute silence is deafening
  3. He’s still on his holiday, getting closer to being back home though….. to Manchester
  4. And why would they put their job on the line!
  5. Would anyone be up for creating a cross forum five-a-side footy match?
  6. Why are people so grumpy at others who think Grealish is leaving us?
  7. I know our owners are loaded but to only have cash available for purchase in our shop is just mental
  8. You can’t just go making stuff up.
  9. Ending up stronger is a possibility… for sure. But I think unlikely taking into account the position we would be in. We’d have to pay a fortune for any player and I just don’t think we will do that willingly at this stage. We’d be weaker in a few ways, not just on the pitch, but in terms of personalities around the club, morale, recognition, commercial benefits etc.
  10. I’d be wondering who on earth is getting ‘CHEESE’ on the back of their shirts. That’s three E’s right there. I don’t reckon there is another word that has that many Es in it.
  11. It’s going to suck once he does go. I was hoping it wouldn’t be so bad but… man… we are going to be so damn weak as a team. And losing another player to Man City… jeeez. @TrentVilla - heard anything positive relating to this? Anything at all?
  12. Things arn’t looking too grat with this on ar thy? Damnit @a m ole you stole my gag!
  13. But… the marketing materials?
  14. It’s true.. I’m joking. Im bored as hell with the rubbish negative chatter so I’m having some fun. All signs? Come on now.. you saw my list. (Although it is suspicious isn’t it?) LIGHTEN UP! We might actually win summat soon.
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