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  1. Crypto currency

    When you guys are talking about selling.... Who are you selling to?
  2. Crypto currency

    Can someone bullet point the correct/safest process for purchasing bitcoin? Just so I have it correct in my head.
  3. Constant ping check

    I could run that on cmd, but I want to run it on a single users surface first, because I want to see if they are losing connection to the network whilst being plugged into the floor. I don’t want to leave cmd open on their session all day because, well, users are users. So I ideally need to create a txt file so I can take a look through it and see if there are any drops. How should it look on the text doc? I want to be able to open it and be able to refresh it to see new lines. I definitely want the time and then the info that ping www.google.com -t would give next to each other.
  4. Constant ping check

    Hey IT people. I want to run a constant google ping check on a machine, but have it output to a text file, with the date and time. Esentially, I have a bunch of users who seem to be losing connection regularly on their surface pros and want to see what is going on - some of the users of which are wired in into the network. They mainly spot it when coming out of NAV and trying to go back into it - it asks to restart. Does anyone know th correct way to setup a batch file so it runs this constant ping? Eventually I’ll probably set one up on one of the main severs and have it archive at the end of each day before running a new one on a schedule.
  5. Fortnite

    You’ll start getting used to it. I’ve played hours of this game and I’m still very average. One thing I would recommend you start doing is building as quickly as possible. As soon as someone takes a shot at you, get some cover up. I’d also suggest doing some team games (and stick with them - not just go off on your own), you’ll learn quickly from others. Watch some of the other players as well when you get killed, so you can see how they do things (particularly useful in Solo). I often make to inside the final 10 players on solo before I get proper contact, then it is just a case of getting them before they get me!
  6. Crypto currency

    Where do you keep yours @PieFacE? So I get that my first step into this should be to get some Bitcoin from Coinbase. Do i then keep it on there before deciding to look at other coins, or?
  7. Crypto currency

    Right ok, good. No damage done to my understanding. Phew. What exchange do you use, just out of interest?
  8. Crypto currency

    What?! I thought you had to have a wallet on sites likes Coinbase? OMG I’m freaking out because I don’t understand what you mean. Ahhhhhhhhh
  9. Crypto currency

    Do you all use Coinbase? Just how secure/reliable is it? Small amount of paranoia kicking in....
  10. Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

    See, Cercei turning into the white walker queen crossed my mind at one point. But the only thing that ruins that is this notion of Bran controlling the white walker king...
  11. Monzo

    My boss became a member a few months ago, and told me about it. He showed me the app and the various things that you can do - such as splitting bill payments and sending it out to others who are with Monzo or have Apple Pay etc. He then got a golden ticket and passed it onto me. It just seemed like the sort of interaction that I, as a ‘tech minded’ person, like to have - looking at the site and their general approach, it’s just more fitting. Free to spend abroad, fairly decent withdrawal limit before fees. My wages still go into one of the main banks, I then pay x amount into another one which is where I pay my mortgage. Having this Monzo account as well means I can put a bit of cash in to spend on whatever whilst I save the rest!
  12. Monzo

    Just signed up for a Monzo account. Going to use it to transfer a few quid into which I can use for spending freely. Anyone else with these guys? What are your experiences etc etc....
  13. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Didn’t we have a horrendous December as well though?
  14. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    We are about 25 points away from automatic promotion, 39 to play for currently. We are now without our main threats, for god know how long for, and playing like we were at the beginning of the season. You don’t get promoted by drawing to Preston at home (just!), I don’t care how good they are at the moment.
  15. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    How quick were you?!