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  1. 17/18 Promotion Charge

    Bookies seem to like Wolves a bit don't they? Derby as well. Norwich I probably get at 12/1. Have wolves got bank or something?
  2. Steve Bruce

    There is indeed a big difference between actual possession football over sterile possession. So, why can't we play possession football and be creative? Why do we win all our matches without dominating? Also, I don't think we have done very well against the teams in the top 6 this season? Maybe someone has some quick stats that they can share to back this up... interesting that these are all teams who tend to dominate their matches, though. I think passing is important as well, I don't think we have made it over the 200 mark in many games this season, which suggests we try to be too quick and not really think about what we are going to do with an attack. Again, I don't know why we need to be like that but, we won't be going up anytime soon playing like this. I hate being negative, but, I was expecting a lot more from us by now.
  3. Steve Bruce

    We made 188 passes today, Fulham made 650 or so.... Better sides play possession football!!! We will struggle next season if we do not start playing proper football soon.
  4. Match Thread: Villa v Norwich

    We're being absolutely smashed at the moment. Need to start playing actual football...
  5. Jordan Veretout

    I don't understand
  6. The push for the Play offs ?

    I see it as though we are in our own mini league now from 10th - 15th place. I'd like us to finish above Derby. I think Preston and Norwich are too good for us to be able to catch at the moment. If we can finish 10th, I'd be pretty happy with that considering the changes we have made this season.
  7. IT Infrastructure

    It's all about cloud at the moment l I find. Everyone seems to want it. So if we ignored what was on the users session - and look more on the actual setup, what would that look like from an infrastructure perspective. Like my previous employers which was a rec company, for example, we had our thin clients and then we would log into our sessions via Citrix and then work off that for the day. I just want it clear in my head how that would have been put into place... so our IT provider were responsible for issues, but assuming they had a whole bunch of suppliers that did different bits.
  8. IT Infrastructure

    Cheers limpid so let's say I'm an entrepreneur (Im not, by any means) and I wanted to setup my own IT business. All it would be is to provide support for small businesses and give them a platform to work in - say through Citrix for ease. So ignoring applications for the moment - let's just pretend it's basics (office for business and internet access). What would the process be in setting this up?
  9. IT Infrastructure

    I was wondering if anyone could hit me with some info on IT infrastructure setups. There are a few bits I haven't got my head round yet whilst working in the IT world (partly because I'm mainly working on applications) but I am keen to learn this stuff properly. What does a typical infrastructure look like and what's needed to create a platform for a whole bunch of clients? (Whether it be physical or virtual). Plus let's face it - talking about this stuff is fun!
  10. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    Hah - howcome?
  11. Anyone Watching A Good Tv Show?

    What's the show that has the woman in it that people always post gifs of?
  12. The push for the Play offs ?

    Who else reckons we should start a 'what we need for next season' topic? Although we put two past him today, I quite like Westwood of Sheff Weds. Think he would be a decent addition for us and our promotion push next season. (That's if Sheff Weds don't get promoted of course).
  13. I'm afraid to say they are facts Stevo...
  14. Less than 100 passes completed that half, Huddersfield have 189. 38% possession as well. Jeeeesus wept.
  15. Steve Bruce

    Two games coming up that I am currently expecting us to lose, despite current form. I still don't think we are a good footballing side yet, Huddersfield and Sheff Weds are. (We were beat on possession and passes completed by the bottom team who have half the points of the team above them today). Lets see if we can get a surprise. Expectations set. I'd like to be proven wrong.