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  1. Ah I love talking about transfers rather than them morons on villa view. Oh wait!
  2. Then this is the most we have spoke in 6 years.
  3. That goal against Tottenham was beautiful
  4. The game is available through the official Carabao Cup site https://carabaocup.live
  5. It was the away end at Blackburn, I was there.
  6. Very true but who on earth knows what Jack’s going to do? I don’t think he does until in the moment sometimes.
  7. I just want him to play tonight so I can form my own opinion of him as I’ve never seen him play.
  8. Half life 3 will never be confirmed
  9. Roitorb


    Hey all! Brummie born Villa fan here but living in Halesowen. Have been reading the forum for some years now and there’s been times I’ve loved to have posted to comments and remember I haven’t posted in the welcome thread. Been a Villa fanatic since 1992 after my Grandad had a stroke and I used to read him the villa scores when I visited him. My first match was Manchester United the following season which we lost 2-1, but still being in the holte for a midweek game got me hooked. Anyway looking forward to getting involved in some conversations with you guys.
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