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  1. That’s why then. But if I wanna watch the loading screen I should be able too. I’ve just paid £19.99
  2. Anyone got the link? I’ve paid and signed up but can’t get the match!!
  3. Or you’ve just got older and fatter since we were with Nike
  4. I was a cheap bastard and on Christmas morning gave her a card that said to my fiancée. She looked at me and said I’d got the wrong card I then produced the ring and asked her. Most expensive **** Christmas ever that I’m now paying for after 7 years
  5. If GS starts him he will be one of the top players in the tournament.
  6. Anyone know what this emoji means?
  7. I’d rather forfeit the match!
  8. Or get the bastard to play football.
  9. I’m the same but about Jennifer Anniston. To each there own though.
  10. Who’s the guy on the left?? I’ve never seen him play before but must of been good.
  11. Na it’s the Ollie hat trick you can feel trust me
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