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  1. A little late now but just realised this date is wrong. It should be Sunday 12th January 4.30pm Sky.
  2. I'm sat just behind the dugout. Yes he was definitely there.
  3. Couldn't get tickets for this so me & my brother have paid £85 each for hospitality with a meal included. Can't wait.
  4. Got my usual subscription email from Banggood this morning & couldn't believe what I saw. Think Banggood Is based in China so is this the doing of the good Dr Tony or maybe Nigel Kennedy. Interesting to say the least. http://www.banggood.com/Astonvilla-44-Solid-Electroacoustic-Violin-with-CaseAccessories-p-1035756.html?utm_design=39&utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=Mail_promotion161104_email&utm_campaign=newsletter-emarsys&utm_content=misue&sc_src=email_2078957&sc_eh=bade685177df972f1&sc_llid=240513&sc_lid=87707245&sc_uid=nn7K8lcKqP&emst=nn7K8lcKqP_240513_2078957_288
  5. Thank fook for that. Yesssssssssssssss
  6. Football is a drug and Villa is my fix. Roll on next Saturday.
  7. He needed to be registered by 12 noon Friday to play on Sunday, so no unfortunately.
  8. Absolutely delighted. I think this guy can take us places. Welcome PL
  9. Yes from me and I'm praying that it will be a yes on the future votes.
  10. Take no notice Julie. You keep posting.
  11. I'm lovin this. Keep it up matey
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