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  1. Think it massively depends on how much the buyback is. I think we need to start thinking differently about our transfers now. With our focus on being young players with potential, any that start living up to that potential are likely to be bought off us at a significant profit. We can then reinvest that money sensibly. It’s a far cry from what we’ve been used to over the years but a much more sensible way of running the club.
  2. It's the strangest thing to go onto a Sheffield Wednesday forum and see them panicking about losing Steve Bruce. It would be a shame really because after that article in the lead up to the game at Hillsborough I really wanted to rub it in when they realised what dire football Bruce would eventually get them playing.
  3. I mean there's a simple way to sort this out. Anyone dare to count how many toes he has?
  4. I was just scrolling down this page, quickly scanning it and almost had a heart attack thinking Southampton had come in for him. Don't do that to me!
  5. He's good but he's no Adam Johnson.
  6. Never the most gifted and his positional sense costs us on several occasions. I would say, however, that given we've had so called Villa fans play for the club and seemingly not care, I always enjoyed that Hutton loved the club and clearly wants the best for the club and fans. It's rare these days in football and I'll remember him fondly for the connection he had to Villa.
  7. Looked to have lost a yard of pace this season and was clearly one of the weaker links in the squad towards the end, however even this year he scored some vital goals for us. Wish him well and expect to see him at a mid level championship club next season.
  8. djdabush

    Villa Podcasts

    Quoted on TVV podcast today, don’t think they were too offended
  9. djdabush

    Scott Hogan

    I notice he’s not even mentioned our promotion on social media. Former players who barely even played for us are celebrating our success and one our current players doesn’t even mention it. I hope Sheffield United come and take him off our hands because as well as being a pretty limited footballer, I think he probably resents us now
  10. djdabush

    Kortney Hause

    Props to him coming on in such a high pressure situation and winning a couple of massive headers. Sounds like he will definitely sign for us and should be a good squad option for us.
  11. Don't know about you, but I'm absolutely bricking it. Can we set up some kind of VT support group?
  12. It's not actually an interview, it's quotes from his press conference (you can see it in full on the villa YouTube channel) and he comes across quite differently in that, talking about his relationship with the fans etc
  13. To be fair i’m guessing that using your foreign quota of players to buy some absolute giants is probably a genuine strategy in the Chinese Super League

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