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  1. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    We lost 6-0 at home to Liverpool.
  2. We do but those are the 3 that seem pretty much nailed on and if there are 4 that are close then I hope the fourth is a striker.
  3. Hung out to dry but if we were hoping to bring in a similar player to McGinn then we've backed the wrong horse.
  4. Vida, Louie Barry and hopefully a decent striker
  5. If Conor Hourihane falls in a forest and there's no one there to hear him, does he make a sound?
  6. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    Said in his replies it was Vassilev. Bit of a weird statement.
  7. Every time Leicester player has a chance one of our defenders has switched off. When we score 'it was always going to be difficult for Chilwell there'
  8. Yep and out of all the journos he's been the most reliable about our transfers. Time to move on I think.
  9. djdabush

    Kortney Hause

    Nice to have someone in the team who you back to win most of his headers. I dont feel like we are going to concede from every set piece when he's in the team
  10. djdabush

    Ørjan Nyland

    I don't think he was prepared for how much you need to command your area in leagues like the Championship either. For me he's generally been a good shotstopper with very good distribution but terrible command of his area. I'm hoping a combination of having someone with the leadership of Mings in defence and the right coaching will have helped him.
  11. I was one calling for him to get a chance but he looks like a player who knows he's already leaving. The need for a quality striker in this window has just increased massively.
  12. djdabush

    Ørjan Nyland

    I wonder how much effect Neil Cutler has had on that. Given how good Steer looked at the end of last season, he seems to be doing some excellent work with the keepers.
  13. Very happy to see him taking that free kick from just outside the box as I knew that was no chance he'd score that.
  14. He said it to Grealish and I suspect he was probably right.
  15. djdabush

    Ørjan Nyland

    I was certain he was going to flap at that corner at the end. Very happy he proved me wrong.
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