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  1. How many kids are harmed by a vegan diet vs. how many fed a diet consisting of fast food and high red meat consumption. When western society is dealing with record numbers of childhood obesity I'm not sure I agree that the significant risk we should be focused on is veganism.
  2. Essentially went over the incident at Elland Road again, moaned that Bamford got a ban and their act of sportsmanship wasn’t taken into account and then whinged that they got fined for failure to control their players and said that we were the protagonists of the situation.
  3. Leeds seemed to think they had that one in the bag. From the CEO using his programme notes to call us out to their fans weirdly obsessing over us you could tell that they were already thinking of the final. Losing to them would have been unbearable so I'm very happy they got done over.
  4. djdabush

    John Terry

    Loved the bit last night when Smith was having a moan at the fourth official and you can clearly see the fourth official is threatening to send Smith to the stands. A little nod and a wink to Terry and he takes up the role. Even gave him stick when he touched him.
  5. We were dreadful, played without any sort of cutting edge and our midfield trio which on paper has to be one of the best in the league was completely nullified. Really hope it gives them a kick up the backside before Wembley. Please show up for the final Villa, I can’t take another final where we just roll over.
  6. Just knew he was going to score his pen didn’t you? Actually think he could have done a job for us today. Desperately needed someone who can break up play and add height to set pieces. Hindsight and all that but genuinely don’t think we would have been any worse with him in there.
  7. I'm all over this being a veggie and a Percy pig connoisseur. From what I can tell they are considering bringing in a 'classic' edition back and keeping the rest of the range veggie. All this after The Sun had nothing better to report on its front page.
  8. See also bisto gravy as something you wouldn't expect to be veggie but actually is.
  9. That was Sheffield United.
  10. I think it’s the other way round. If he wasn’t already on a yellow I don’t think anyone would have batted an eyelid over him getting a booking for that.
  11. The whole 'he has a right to go for the ball' thing is very irritating. You have a right to go in for any challenge, but mistime the challenge and be prepared for a yellow.
  12. Not his sort of game. Had pretty much unlimited opportunities going forward but very little defending to do. His nosebleeds near the opposition box were evident
  13. Big issues when we've got Whelan ahead of Grealish on so many occasions. Get Hourihane on and get Grealish pushed on. I'd also put Kodjia on for Adomah sharpish too

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