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  1. djdabush

    Kortney Hause

    Honestly, Davies looked like Maldini in he debut compared to that.
  2. djdabush

    Glenn Whelan

    Absolutely shocking player. A central midfielder who can’t defend and keeps getting games despite being dreadful in all of them.
  3. djdabush

    Match Thread: Wigan v Villa

    Worrying thing for me is that we are getting worse with each match. Most of us wanted Bruce gone because we had no style or system of play. I hate to say it, but after early promise I don’t see many signs of improvement under Smith.
  4. djdabush

    Crystal Palace

    Had a quick look on some Crystal Palace forums to see what the reaction has been. Full of ‘PC gone mad’ and ‘snowflakes getting offended’ type views. They seem a lovely bunch. Anyway, fairly obviously a pretty unfunny joke and a ridiculous response instead of holding his hands up and apologising.
  5. djdabush

    Kortney Hause

    It’s fine, we’ll just loan out Elphick and play Tuanzebe at right back. Should work out well.
  6. djdabush

    Kortney Hause

    I thought we were only allowed 5 loans? Its almost as if this correlates with one of those loans being recalled...
  7. djdabush

    Weekends Football FA Cup 3rd Rd

    I see Fulham have been knocked out at the hands of Oldham. I guess the clappers are back into storage until next year.
  8. djdabush

    Match Thread: Villa v Swansea FAC

    Like in the past couple of games it feels as if Bruce is still in charge. I know some of the players have played a lot recently but what’s happened to the high press or trying to play it out from the back?
  9. djdabush

    Jack Grealish

    Looks like he’s out for at least another month according to Smith. Here’s hoping we bring in a midfielder who can carry the ball forward soonish or I think we can forget promotion this season.
  10. djdabush

    Birkir Bjarnason

    He’s absolutely terrible at it. Hourihane also isn’t great in that 8 position.
  11. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    As opposed to what El Ghazi can do rather than what he has been doing?
  12. djdabush

    Glenn Whelan

    A defensive midfielder who isn’t a particularly good at tackling, doesn’t seem to mop up the ball and can’t pass very well. I actually think his best attribute at the moment is set pieces at the moment.
  13. djdabush

    Drones at Gatwick

    Got to be. I mean those 2 don’t look like vegan eco warriors, they almost look like normal people to me. Swampy has fitted them up.