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  1. Have to say The Mirror and The Guardian have played this out beautifully. Only put out half the story, let them make their excuses and then don't allow the story to move on by following it up the next day.
  2. Worth pointing out that they haven't decided that the season is null and void, just that they won't be playing again. Every chance it will go down to average point per game or the table will stand as it is.
  3. So you have the same birthday as me and you live on the same road as I grew up on. Weird. As for the Rona, it's the same in Manchester, roads during the day are pretty much the same as they were before the lockdown.
  4. I couldn't even tell you how I did that. I could edit it but I think I'll leave it be.
  5. Although the numbers are clearly well underrwporfedy, It's also probably worth pointing out most of those people who have been feeling up unwell probably have another illness. If you look at the figures of people who they've tested the vast majority haven't had it.
  6. We are but nearly all the jobs are temporary and we are being inundated with applications. In my store we took on 6 temporary workers and in the first instance they were offered to friends and family of staff. We filled them within a few minutes.
  7. Does anyone know what the situation is if you find temporary employment elsewhere? My wife is going to help out for a few weeks at my workplace but obviously makes no sense to lose the protection of receiving 80% of her wages from her full time job when this is just for a few weeks.
  8. Realistically we might not see Jack in a Villa shirt again. A poor performance in a dismal game against Leicester was not how I envisaged it ending.
  9. To me it looked like Smith binned him off after that Leicester game, but given he seemed half fit and plenty of other players had similarly poor games it's one I've never understood.
  10. Really glad I'm not in the UK at the moment. All I can say is that if by some small miracle we ever rejoin I will be having a massive fireworks party and you are all invited, apart from Tony obvs
  11. People on Twitter who used to post on VillaTalk but can't be bothered anymore.
  12. Even though he screams of a Grant Holt, Simon Dawkins, Tom Carroll type of signing, there's still part of me that believes he's going to be some kind of inspired signing that will fire us to safety.
  13. I mean they spent £15.5m on him so he must be good, right? RIGHT?!
  14. Considering I thought we were going without a third striker, I'll take it. Having a look at his stats he did well in Spain so I'm hoping he suddenly clicks well with our team...
  15. It's still on the telegraph's transfer page. I think we'll have to accept that's it today
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