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  1. You do when that team played 3 days ago. McGinn for Whelan and possibly Green for Adomah for me.
  2. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    We get worse every week. For all the talk of playing attractive, attacking football, I haven’t seen any since before Christmas. I don’t like constantly changing managers and I want to give him time but I just can’t see it getting any better when we carry on playing with no obvious style of play.
  3. Thought he was pretty poor when he came on but he got in the right position and took his goal well and that's something that no other winger is doing at the moment. Really hope that the goal gives him a bit of confidence and if he gets a run of games he can get provide another threat alongside Abraham.
  4. Feels strange, because it feels like we didn't really deserve a point with that performance, yet with the dodgy refereeing decisions it seems the least we deserve. Need to play with the intensity we did in the last 15 minutes and actually go out and attack teams. Even though we conceded 3 thought Elphick and particularly Mings played well.
  5. Problem is Smith is playing Bruceball and has been for about 6 weeks now.
  6. djdabush

    Dean Smith

    Thing that I hated about Bruce was that we didn't have a style or identity to our play. In the first month or two, I saw us press high up the pitch, play from the back and look to dominate possession. I don't see any identity or style to our play anymore. I can forgive us not winning every game and having off days, but the fact that we have reverted to type in the way that we play is what really frustrates me.
  7. Push the initial shot away from their player? Not fall on his backside with a slow looping header? It was offside and a foul, however he didn't deal with it well at all.
  8. Ref is absolutely diabolical, however it doesn't take away from the fact that Kalinic made a complete hash of that.
  9. I enjoyed Copenhagen, thought Malmo wasn't particularly interesting. It's fine but doubt you'd want to spend much more than a day there so travelling over to Copenhagen and pretending you're in a Scandi drama might be the order of the day.
  10. Poor bugger probably thought you were going to give him the lowdown of the u23 team
  11. Can't speak for the coffee or dining but presumably they are contract offers for next season as his contract runs out with Villa in July.
  12. djdabush

    General Chat

    My father in law passed away suddenly this evening. My grandparents died either before I was born or when I was young so haven't had a bereavement in the family since I was a kid. I was actually at their house earlier picking up my son and my mother in law was saying he'd been ill and she'd sent him to bed. Apparently, when she went up later he was lying there, unresponsive. I feel awful for my mother in law, for my son who used to love seeing him but will be too young to remember him and particularly for my wife who didn't have a proper opportunity to say goodbye as it was so out of the blue. Not sure if it's this is the best place to post this but I know I need to be supportive of my wife but deep down its really shaken me too.
  13. djdabush

    James Chester

    What I'm saying is that if a player is genuinely is such a bad state that they can't train and can barely walk after a game then the medical team should probably recommend that he's given some time to recover, even if have to play Hause or Bree. I imagine, however, that those reports are somewhat exaggerated.

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