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  1. djdabush

    Win tickets for the Blues game

    England 2-0 Croatia Attendance 81,307
  2. djdabush


    No, played the first few, then was dropped, think he might of had a game since and then got injured. Not that I’ve been keeping an eye out and hoping for the worst for him or anything...
  3. djdabush

    Jack Grealish

    Agree, it was a reasonably simple pass and whilst it was well weighted and found its target, do we think if the roles were reversed anyone would be congratulating Elmo and downplaying Grealish’s role in the goal?
  4. djdabush

    Jack Grealish

    Pretty much this. His retention of the ball, moving it into the final third is excellent and will be key if we want to achieve an attractive, possession based style of play. On the other hand, it’s pretty clear to me that Jack’s final ball and, in particular, his finishing is not of the same standard. Given the progress he made under Bruce last year and with a more progressive manager in place, I’m hopeful we’ll see a similar improvement in those areas this season.
  5. djdabush

    Saudi Arabia

    I can get behind this explanation, it makes a lot of sense to me. The Saudi hit squad wanted to brutally murder him and chop his fingers off with a bone saw and he didn’t want to be brutally murdered with his fingers being chopped off with a bone saw, hence the fight.
  6. djdabush

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    That's like asking Bruce Lee to do a couple of kung fu moves. You don't challenge a man in his specialist subject.
  7. djdabush

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Preston

    No doubt he will cling on to his job for another day, but if we want anything other than mid table this season we need to get rid of him now.
  8. djdabush

    Match Thread: Villa v Preston

    Where has this thing that Tuanzebe is a right back come from? Thought we were all criticising Bruce for thinking this?
  9. djdabush

    Ratings & Reactions: Villa v Rotherham

    Hard to assess as Rotherham were putting men behind the ball and playing on the break. Felt comfortable yet they could have easily have equalised at 1-0. Felt Kodjia, El Ghazi and Hourihane faded in the second half but McGinn and Grealish came into the game more. It was disjointed but that's no real surprise when every transfer window we seem to change half the team. I hope we can start to find a rhythm now but I'm not confident that we will.
  10. djdabush

    Axel Tuanzebe

    Hard to tell if he has potential because clearly he's not a right back and he was caught positionally on several occasions. Think he's worth a go in the centre but he's a liability playing as a full back.
  11. djdabush

    The Championship thread

    The other thing is that he was always going to have a honeymoon period just because he wasn’t Alan Pardew. I imagine going in after Pardew must be the best job a football manager can get, you are a hero from the off.
  12. djdabush

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Imagine my delight earlier when getting lost in a youtube labyrinth, I spot @The_Rev starring in a video. Not only that, I now know all there is to know about Polesworth station, win-win for me.
  13. djdabush

    Steve Bruce

    I wanted Bruce to go simply because I can’t see us competing at the top of the league with him in charge. We’ve lost 3 of our 5 best players last season with the other 2 heavily linked to moves away so a mid table finish with Bruce seems inenvitable. I would personally rather have taken a gamble and given Henry a go, at the very least he may have got the team playing with some attacking intent.
  14. djdabush

    Going Under ?

    Really looking forward to seeing Villa Park on next series of ‘Can’t pay? We’ll take it away’.
  15. djdabush

    Jlloyd Samuel killed in crash

    Awful news, RIP Jlloyd. Think this one hits home a bit more for me because he’s not far off my age and I drive down that road regularly. So sad that young kids have to deal with such a traumatic event, my thoughts are with his family.