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  1. Buying Barcelona tickets

    Hi all, Hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place but I was hoping for some advice regarding buying tickets to see a Barcelona match in April. I'm looking at going to the Barcelona v Osasuna game in April, and as I've never been to a Barcelona game before I'm not sure about when is the right time to buy the ticket. I understand that the tickets are all owned by season ticket holders and tend to get released in the run up to the game. Currently, each part of the ground has a handful of tickets available, few of which are together (I'm going with a mate so need two seats together). So, do I take the tickets that are available now on the assumption that what's left will sell out soon, or do I wait and assume that more tickets will become available over the next few weeks? The whole point of the trip is to watch a game so I don't really want to miss the opportunity. A further issue is that the date and time of the game haven't been confirmed yet, so if I do buy tickets now and the game gets moved I'll have to rebook flights. All of this makes me think I should wait for more tickets, but I really don't want to miss the boat and not see the game. Anyone have any advice?
  2. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Wigan

    Now within 3 points of the playoff spots, top work Steve Bruce!
  3. Charles N'Zogbia

    In terms of money spent, the single worst player we've ever had. Good riddance!
  4. Champions League Final 2016

    So this isn't on normal TV at all? What a farce!
  5. Leicester City

    I would love to see them win it. It would be good for football to see a smaller side who haven't spent a fortune win it. In fact, it would be the first time that has happened for thirty odd years! Come on Leicester!
  6. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Leicester

    Good point against the top side in the league but the gap to safety is one point bigger than it was a few hours ago!
  7. Lamine Sané

    Why are they letting their captain go out on loan?
  8. The Rémi Garde thread

    That would be a monumentally stupid decision. So exactly the sort that Randy would make?
  9. Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    That's all well and good, but 30 points has not been enough to stay up in any of the preceding 20 odd years of the premier league, why would you think it will be any different this year?
  10. Relegation Thread Version...99?!

    Remember that 2007/8 season when Derby were the worst team in Premier League history and went down on 11 points? After 13 games they had 6 points. We currently have 5.
  11. The ISIS threat to Europe

    Josh Homme doesn't travel with EODM, he only does the albums. The rest of the band are safe apparently
  12. Ratings and Reactions: Villa v Man City

    That is a big point, but it is a much bigger performance. Full marks all round. We've got two weeks now for Remi to work with the boys, onwards and (hopefully) upwards!
  13. Pre-Match Thread

    Guzan Richards Okore Clark Amavi Gana Sanchez Traore Gil Ayew Gestede Bench: Bunn, Hutton, Kozak, Grealish, Bacuna, Veretout, Sinclair
  14. Highlights/Full match

    *swans out*
  15. Highlights/Full match

    Thank you!!!!!