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  1. So, the wife has been feeling grotty for a few days. Yesterday she lost her sense of smell and taste. PCR done this morning, results awaited. Nervous time as she's 7 months pregnant.
  2. All absolutely correct. It is gambling, which is why I have no intention of staying in crypto. I think I saw it as a dabble to see if I could turn a quick buck in the buildup to SNL. I'm currently seeing it as a learning exercise about my own trading psychology - useful to learn how I respond when price goes up, down, crashes, surges etc. Once it rebounds, which fingers crossed it will, I'll be out and moving on to something with a bit more stability. If it doesn't rebound, it's not a huge loss as investment is so small
  3. I'm brand new to this investing/stock game. Trying to learn as I go by reading books like The Naked Trader, mucking about with virtual portfolios etc. Bought me some Doge and turned a nice profit, or at least I would have done had I not completely misunderstood how to set a trailing stop the night of the SNL Musk show So I'm now about 40% down on my initial investment, which hurts a touch but I'm hoping it will rebound when it goes live on coinbase in 6 weeks or so (He said sounding like an utter novice) Thankfully, I'm cautious by nature and not quite stupid enough to invest large sums as a novice, so my investments are with piddly amounts. Even if it all goes tits up, losses will be less than £200
  4. Fuming at the result. 15 seconds from a well deserved three points But...decent performance. We dominated the game start to finish. Just need a bit more quality going forwards and that could have been a cricket score. We go again...
  5. Nirvana - In Utero This is an album I come back to every now and then. It's not one to play regularly but once a year or so, I whack it on loud and listen start to finish. It is a beautiful, ugly, caustic, stunning record. 10/10
  6. Sacked (essentially). Seems to be falling further down the football pyramid.
  7. In a way, I'm a little disappointed. After the first 15 minutes, I thought we would give them a real hiding - revenge at last for cheating us out of our winning run in the championship. Obviously, I'm delighted with the 3 points but I'm a bit gutted we didn't give them a proper hammering.
  8. I disagree with this. I've lived in Hall Green for most of my 33 years and it feels just as nice, safe and secure now as it ever has. I suppose it depends on where in Hall Green you're referring to though. I'm on the Shirley end, which has always been nice. Over by the dog tracks has gone to pot though in recent years.
  9. As others have said, absolutely awful performance. Definitely a point gained! Fair play to Brighton, they were excellent from first whistle to last. Thank God for Martinez!
  10. I hope the lads take all the frustration and anger from the last two Manchester con jobs and unleash a righteous fury on Newcastle. 1-0
  11. Ding ding ding! ...is the correct answer Never a goal. Cheated again!
  12. I think the issue is the word 'received'. To me, that implies intercepting a pass from the defender, i.e. back to the keeper or to another player. This wasn't an interception. It was a tackle. From an offside position. No goal. **** Jon Moss. **** VAR. **** Citeh and their oil baron masters.
  13. Moss has joined Kevin Friend on my list of referees I'd like to see squished by a train. **** him, the corrupt fat ****. Two games in a row, we've been conned by shit officiating. What is the point in even playing when the people who enforce the rules are so incompetent and/or bent?
  14. From wiki: Being in an offside position is not an offence in itself, but a player so positioned when the ball is played by a team-mate can be judged guilty of an offside offence if they become "involved in active play", "interfere with an opponent", or "gain an advantage" by being in that position.
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