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  1. I'm a GP. I'm currently spending my time phoning our palliative, housebound and life limited patients to discuss DNACPR with them. It is, quite frankly, a horrible task. Sadly, it is a necessity so more resources are available for those with a better chance of survival.
  2. If this is all true, and it's a big if, he deserves whatever comes his way and I'll have no sympathy for him whatsoever. If he really has broken quarantine, gone to a party, gotten himself pissed/coked up, wrecked a bunch of peoples cars and behaved like an arrogant bellend, he will need to be taught quite a harsh lesson. If this is all true, I would hope that at the very least he's stripped of the captaincy and given a massive fine - none of this piddly £5-10K bollocks that a premier league player can pay without a thought. If it's all true and he's driven under the influence - he should lose his driving licence and get a massive fine. And as he was so keen to get on YouTube to tell the rest of us to stay indoors and do what we're told, he can get straight back on YouTube, own up to it and apologise for being a massive bellend. Villa or not - he should be punished appropriately.
  3. I think it would be a real shame if Smith got the sack. Think back to where we were when he came in - drifting about, midtable in the championship and looking like having another write off of a season. He comes in, galvanises us and, before you know it, has us celebrating a big win at Wembley. Not only that, his team breaks an all time club winning record en route. That, ironically, is where I think it all went pear shaped. Had we lost that game, I think the consensus would have been that he did brilliantly to get us there and he should be given the opportunity to have a full season with us. At that point, he could have rebuilt the squad and had a year in the championship, with less pressure and at a lower standard, to get the team bedded in and ready for life in the premier league. But that's not what happened. By getting us promoted, he was suddenly in a situation where he had half a squad that drastically needed overhauling to survive in the prem. Think about that squad: - Three of our best players were loan players that went back to their parent club (Mings, Tuanzebe, Abraham). We also lost El Ghazi, who had a decent season. - We had three keepers who had never shown anything resembling premier league quality - We had a defence that included; Chester, who is never fit; Hutton, who retired; Elphick, who was nowhere near prem quality; Taylor, who is not prem quality, and Micah Richards, who spent the whole season injured and then retired - We had a midfield that included; Whelan, who now plays in league 1; Hourihane, who often does naff all apart from pop up with the odd goal; Jedinak, who is currently without a club; Bjarnason, who is nowhere near prem quality, and Adomah, who is nowhere near prem quality - Our forward line included Davis, who never scores, and Kodjia, who is currently plying his trade in Qatar Those are the players that needed replacing as a bare minimum, not to mention adding extra bodies to complete the squad. Yes, he had money to spend, but £140 million does not buy the 10-12 prem quality players we required. That's the reality of the modern football environment. Had we had an extra season in the championship, we would have at least had a team who knew each other well and knew how to play together. Despite all of that, Smith still managed to get us in touching distance of our first major trophy in 24 years, which is something that took MON four years. We also have to keep in mind that we've come up as the playoff side. In the last 25 years, the playoff team has only stayed up 4 or 5 times. We all knew relegation was a strong possibility this season. We all knew that 17th and above would be acceptable. Given all of the above, sacking Smith at this point seems incredibly harsh and unfair. He's not perfect, he's made mistakes, he's stubborn, he's still learning how to manage at this level. His players are competing against some of the best in the world. As a manager, he is competing against some of the best in the world. This constant hiring and firing of managers has gotten us nowhere. It's time we gave a manager real time and support, even if that means weathering the storm, including relegation if it came to it. I think he deserves our support and the chance to continue the good job he has done so far.
  4. I'm partial to a 4-2-3-1 as it provides flexibility and width without sacrificing midfield strength (and it's also my FIFA formation). So, with that in mind, I would go with... Reina Guilbert, Mings, Engels, Targett McGinn (when fit) Nakamba Trezegeut Grealish El Ghazi Samatta
  5. Will Baston be available for this game?
  6. I kind of forgot we had this guy. What actually happened? Was it an injury or was it just that he was rubbish?
  7. That was a McGrath-like performance from Mings. Absolutely fantastic! Overall, not a bad result but we'll be expected to be more attacking in the second leg, which I think will play straight into Leicester's hands.
  8. Can't see anything other than a loss. I don't think we offer much of a goal threat so the better teams won't be afraid to come at us
  9. Where the **** was VAR??? Friend is an absolute joke of an official. I mean, we were still shit and on balance deserved a loss but to have a goal cross off for no good reason in the 96th minute is absolutely disgusting. 3 losses in 4. Worrying
  10. It'll be a loss today I think. Champs league finalists will be too big an ask on day 1 with so many new players. For me, today is about the performance and seeing how the lads play as a unit. Season proper can start next week with Bournemouth. Hope I'm wrong though!
  11. Any copies of the full match available anywhere? Missed it on the TV
  12. Assuming we could manage his undoubtedly astronomical wages, thoughts on Sturridge on a free?
  13. LOL. Sure thing, what's your sort code, account number, address, date of birth, mums maiden name and name of your first pet? I wondered how long it would take before someone would say that. Thought I'd get at least one sympathetic comment first! Typical VT
  14. So it looks like I've been royally conned by an old friend. I get a message on Facebook last night from him saying he was depressed, tried to commit suicide, life falling apart etc. Now the bailiffs were looking for money he didn't have and he needed to borrow some until the new year. I was shocked as he was always so together - great job, loads of money, model looking girlfriend etc. We haven't seen each other in a few years, no bust up or anything but we gradually drifted apart, but had basically been best mates at one point. So I took pity on him and sent him £100, he'd helped me out plenty of times when I was a student so I figured it was no big deal. This morning I get a message saying it wasn't enough, he needed more, had to get it together quickly, so me being a soft touch sent him another £50. He's grateful, says he'll give me back £200 in the new year, no problem. A few hours later - another £50 needed. This time, alarm bells are ringing. I try and call him, no response. Now I figure I've been royally conned, probably some identity theft Facebook job you read about, maybe someone's hacked his account etc. So I phone my bank, report to fraud department, fuming the whole time, steam coming out of my ears. I always figured I was too clever to get caught by scams like that, guess I was wrong. I message him and say I've reported him. He messages back claiming it really is him and answers some questions only he could know, nothing he could get through trawling through Facebook pics. I finally get him on the phone, turns out it really is him and he sounds blasted out of his mind on drink and/or drugs. I get in contact with his brother and a mutual friend, turns out this has been going on for a few years and he's constantly trying to con people. I know I shouldn't be too mad - ultimately it's a (relatively) small sum and he's clearly fallen on hard times but I'm fuming that an old friend would do that to me. I'm still holding out a vague hope that if/when he's sober, he might see sense and give it back, or maybe his family can get through to him and get it back to me, or maybe the bank can sort it - but I'm not too hopeful I'll ever see it again. TLDR: old friend I've not seen for years, now addicted to God knows what and apparently homeless, has conned me out of £150. Rant over Merry f'n Christmas
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