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  1. TB

    Kortney Hause

    Yes, I'd say that's fairly comparable. Possibly "with a weight on their shoulders" versus "without any weight on their shoulders". Thanks!
  2. TB

    Kortney Hause

    Yep, I have been caught in the same trap of doing a word-by--word translation of an idiom more than once, and I'm pretty sure that most speaking or writing in a second language have done the same. If not, they probably will, sooner or later... I'd say the opposite Norwegian idiom - literally translated as "to play with low shoulders" describes a 'no-stress, not too worried by the actual outcome, just going to do my best and enjoy the here and now no matter what' mindset. Then you've got the 'High shoulders' 180 degree turnaround... (A quick side-note: I'd really like to know why you chose that particular username. A former Nordic combined Japanese athlete?)
  3. TB

    Dean Smith

    No, it was his elbow.
  4. TB

    Dean Smith

    I suggest that you read what I actually wrote once again.
  5. TB

    Dean Smith

    I'd say Bruce had a far more balanced squad last season, possibly hindered by the manager's defensive mindset, but still able to grind out draws and wins (usually by individual skill). Isn't it reasonable to suggest that a more attack-oriented coach would miss one of the most talented talented/creative players in the squad more?
  6. TB

    Dean Smith

    I don't think he will need to get back to anywhere near those stats, if those in charge of the club really are in for the long term haul and want to stake out a new path for the future. They've seen what he can do with his best players available, so a decent uplift in form and playing style shold do it. And hopefully they'll bring in more players in the summer that will fit in. If (or when) he fails, I hope the club has the nous to bring in another coach that is able to develop the existing squad and not do a 180 degree turn in tactics and playing philosophy. IMO, that's what ruined Villa over the past decade.
  7. TB

    Dean Smith

    Smith would finish top 6 at least with last season's team provided he had a pre-season... I'm pretty certain of that. It still was a Steve Bruce team, but it was a much better and balanced Steve Bruce team. And I'm pretty certain that he'd make a much better fist of it in a playoff final. See? It's easy.
  8. TB

    Dean Smith

    Not too sure if there's any point in this as I don't think it's comparable - too many other variables involved, and any subset of stats can (and will) be twisted to suit the poster's POV. But for what it's worth - games this season with both Grealish and Tuanzebe in the match squad: Steve Bruce WDDDLDWLDD (WWDDDLLDWLDD incl cups) - 20 % win rate, 1.2 ppg, 25% win rate if you include the two cup games. Dean Smith WLLWWWDWD (no cup games) - 55.6% win rate, 1.89 ppg. Possibly ammo to all and sundry in those stats, even without me comparing their games without both Grealish and Tuanzebe available in the match squad this season - as Bruce's 100% win rate in one single game just cannot be improved upon. Lies, damned lies and statistics...
  9. TB

    Dean Smith

    Having a quick read through the last few days' umpteen pages in this thread, so apologies if this already has been mentioned, but I'd say you've pin-pointed the problem right there.
  10. TB

    Callum O'Hare

    Yes, that's true today. That still doesn't make 'soccer' an americanism. It's a term of British origin. The terms 'soccer' and 'rugger' were coined at Oxford in the 1870s in order to differentiate betweeen Association football and Rugby football. And I believe you'll find that 'soccer' was used in the UK in common parlance even after WWI.
  11. TB

    Jack Grealish

    "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted". William Bruce Cameron, (Informal Sociology: A Casual Introduction to Sociological Thinking). (Edit: For everyone out there that blindly and desperately resorts to statistics as their sole means of proving their point. No names mentioned.)
  12. TB

    Callum O'Hare

    So 'soccer' is an americanism? I thought that 'soccer' and 'rugger' originated in the UK in the 1870's - slang terms referencing Association football and Rugby football.
  13. TB

    Dean Smith

    So you're saying that football really hasn't moved on that much? Or that John Gregory was way ahead of his time?
  14. TB

    Totally useless information/trivia

    Sticking my neck out here, but anyway: that's probably pretty close to the number of stars in the observable universe. I've seen estimates ranging from 4 quadrillion to 3.5 quintillion grains of sand. Should you count every single person reading a printed copy of every book ever written, and every person having watched a dvd or a TV broadcast? And every person viewing a Hitler Downfall parody? Even so, I doubt you'd come close. (And yes, I know I've posted this in the Totally useless information thread.)